Souvenir (1986)

Kizhakku Cheemayile (1993)

Condannato a nozze (1993)

Condannato a nozze (also known as Diary of a Man Condemned to Marriage) is a 1993 Italian comedy film directed by Giuseppe Piccioni. It entered the Panorama section at the 50th Venice International Film Festival.

The Happy Life (2009)

Death Visits the Living (1988)

Galawgaw (1954)

Suci Dalam Debu (1992)

Sundo (2009)

Sundo is a 2009 Filipino suspense-thriller film from director Topel Lee, with screenplay written by his Ouija screenwriter Aloy Adlawan. The film stars Robin Padilla, Katrina Halili, Rhian Ramos, Hero Angeles, Mark Bautista and Sunshine Dizon. The film was released on March 18, 2009.

Drifting School (1995)

Drifting School is a 1995 film starring Drake Bell in his film debut. The film is about aliens coming to earth and a drifting school student Kenny Smith (Drake Bell) who has to save the world before everybody on earth dies.

Daengbyeot (1985)

Daengbyeot is a 1985 South Korean drama film directed by Hah Myung-joong. It was entered into the 35th Berlin International Film Festival.

Emergency Calls (2013)

Orpheus' Lyre (2013)

Mahadhevi (1957)

A Sketch on Abigayl's Belly (1968)

Mr. J (2010)

Hollywood Daffy (1946)

Hollywood Daffy is a 1946 Warner Bros. Merrie Melodies cartoon, directed by an uncredited Friz Freleng, written by Michael Maltese, and starring Daffy Duck.

The Demilitarized Zone (1965)

Nice Day for a Picnic (2008)

Groucho: A Life in Revue (2001)

Hopper's Silence (1981)

Midnight Conjure (1991)

Scuola di ladri - Parte seconda (1987)

Scuola di ladri - Parte seconda is a 1987 Italian comedy film directed by Neri Parenti starring Enrico Maria Salerno, who reprised his role of thief Aliprando, with Paolo Villaggio and Massimo Boldi. It is the sequel to the 1986 film Scuola di ladri

Un mundo cuadrado (2012)

Blaavand melder storm (1938)

Blaavand melder storm is a 1938 Danish thriller film directed by Lau Lauritzen, Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks.

Iskateli priklyucheniy (2012)

Cirkus Fandango (1954)

Circus Fandango (Norwegian: Cirkus Fandango) is a 1954 Norwegian drama film directed by Arne Skouen. It was entered into the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

The End of the World (1993)

The End of the World (Portuguese: O Fim do Mundo) is a 1992 Portuguese drama film directed by João Mário Grilo. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 1993 Cannes Film Festival.

Uncut Family (2004)

Trailer War (2012)

Demon of the Lute (1983)

I Hate You Now (1985)

Congo Jazz (1930)

Congo Jazz is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Warner Bros.' first cartoon star, Bosko. The cartoon was released in September 1930. It was distributed by Warner Bros. and the Vitaphone Corporation. Congo Jazz was the first cartoon to feature Bosko's falsetto voice that he would use for the bulk of the series' run (the previous Bosko short, Sinkin' in the Bathtub, had used a stereotypical Negro dialect). It has the earliest instance of a "trombone gobble" in animation.

La Commune (1914)

The Birth of a Flower (1911)

Deichking (2007)

The Fast Show Live (1998)

Catherine (2012)

Bérénice (1954)

The Big Bang Machine (2008)

Dead Men Talking (2011)

El hombre que vivió en un zapato (2011)

Dear Wife (1977)

Cara sposa (Dear Wife) is a 1977 Italian comedy film directed by Pasquale Festa Campanile.

Found Footage Festival Volume 2: Live in Minneapolis (2007)

A Wrong Way to Love (1969)

A Wrong Way to Love (Italian: Amarsi male) is a 1969 Italian drama film. It was directed by Fernando Di Leo. It stars Nieves Navarro, Gianni Macchia, Micaela Pignatelli, Lucio Dalla, and Lea Lander.

Memories (2007)

Address Is Approximate (2011)

Ciudadano Villanueva (2012)

The Mystery of Flying Kicks (2010)

Wu Xun zhuan (1952)

The Life of Wu Xun (simplified Chinese: 武训传; traditional Chinese: 武訓傳; pinyin: Wǔ Xùn Zhuàn) is a 1950 Chinese film directed by Sun Yu and starring Zhao Dan. A black and white movie, it was produced by Kunlun Film Studio. It deals with a true story of a figure in Chinese history, Wu Xun, who spent years collecting money as a beggar to eventually found a school for indigent children free of charge. It was initially well received as one of the ten best films of the year, but was soon severely criticized by Chinese authorities. It was rehabilitated in 1986.

Porky's Midnight Matinee (1941)

Porky's Midnight Matinee is a 1941 American animated cartoon in the Looney Tunes series starring Porky Pig. It was directed by Chuck Jones, with musical direction by Carl Stalling.

Sexteens (2006)

La Fiesta (1926)

The Small Stranger (1962)

The Fighting Redhead (1949)

The Fighting Redhead is a 1949 American film directed by Lewis D. Collins starring Jim Bannon in the role of Red Ryder.

Oasis (2013)

Flying Lotus: Until the Quiet Comes (2012)

The Voice Behind the Mouse (2004)

Pelé, Garrincha, Dieux du Brésil (2002)

Behind the Mascot (2004)

Ashes of Doom (1970)

Zeit (1992)

Hors-jeu (1977)

Il segreto dell'uomo solitario (1988)

Louis Theroux: Law and Disorder in Johannesburg (2008)

San Francisco Disaster (1906)

It's Nifty to Be Thrifty (1944)

The Lone Star State (1948)

The Teacher's Lounge (2011)

Hotel Pacific (1975)

Hotel Pacific (Polish: Zaklęte rewiry) is a 1975 Polish drama film directed by Janusz Majewski. It was entered into the 26th Berlin International Film Festival.

Little Audrey Riding Hood (1955)

Behind the Make-Up (1930)

Behind the Make-Up (1930) is an American Pre-Code drama film starring Hal Skelly, William Powell, Kay Francis, and Fay Wray, and based on the short story "The Feeder" by Mildred Cram. This was the first of seven in which Powell and Francis co-starred, the others being Street of Chance (1930), Paramount on Parade (1930), For the Defense (1930), Ladies' Man (1931), Jewel Robbery (1932), and One Way Passage (1932).

The Electro Wars (2010)

Szkoda twoich lez (1985)

Naked Making Lunch (1992)

Rabbit Romeo (1957)

Rabbit Romeo is a Merrie Melodies cartoon starring Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd. The film is one of the few pairings of Bugs and Elmer in which Bugs is not hunted throughout the entire picture (despite Elmer using his hunting rifle every time Bugs tries to escape throughout the entire cartoon), and also notable as a cartoon in which Bugs has a romantic encounter.

Menu (1933)

Menu is a 1933 American pre-Code short comedy film directed by Nick Grinde, produced by Pete Smith, and filmed in Technicolor. The film was nominated for an Academy Award at the 6th Academy Awards in 1933 for Best Short Subject (Novelty). This could be considered a "prequel" to the MGM short film Penny Wisdom (1937), also produced by Pete Smith.

Merbabies (1938)

Merbabies is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film. It was released on December 9, 1938. It is a collaboration between Walt Disney and Harman and Ising, the latter studio having donated artists to Disney to work on the production of Snow White. It is one of the very last shorts of the Silly Symphonies series.

Berth Marks (1929)

Berth Marks is the second sound film starring Laurel and Hardy, released on June 1, 1929.

Blood Orgy At Beaver Lake (2012)

Terror nsues hen group riends rrive t amp eaver ake or weekend f un n he un nd ex n he each ut nstead ind hemselves n fight or heir ives n his orrific nd ilarious right ilm rom he irector f roma’s eavy ental. ake psychedelic rip nto he izarre t amp eaver ake!

A Day at Santa Anita (1937)

The orphaned daughter (Sybil Jason) of a horse trainer (Emmett Vogan) is willed a racehorse that requires her presence at the racetrack to win.

Free CeCe! (2016)

Filmmaker Jacqueline Gares confronts the culture of violence surrounding trans women of color.

Rose of the Rio Grande (1938)

Rose of the Rio Grande is a 1938 American western drama film directed by William Nigh and starring Movita Castaneda as Rosita de la Torre. When killers come after her wealthy brother Don Jose (Alvarado), she narrowly escapes with Sebastian (Renaldo) and hides out under the guise of a cabaret singer. After her ruse is discovered by the real cabaret singer Anita (Basquette), Rosita is rescued by El Gato (Carroll).

After Romeo & Juliet (2012)

A feud between families begins when a woman is found dead and her lover goes missing.

Neapolitan (2015)

Teens out for a night of fun make a fateful decision.

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan (1978)

Arvind Desai Ki Ajeeb Dastaan is a 1978 Hindi Language film, directed by Saeed Akhtar Mirza and starring Dilip Dhawan, Anjali Paigankar, Sriram Lagoo, Rohini Hattangadi, Satish Shah and Om Puri. The Film explores the life of a guy born with a silver spoon, but no talent as his businessman father.

Igor & the Cranes' Journey (2013)

An estranged father and son are brought closer as they trace a family of birds from Russia to Africa.

Three Rooms in Manhattan (1965)

Three Rooms in Manhattan (French: Trois chambres à Manhattan) is a black-and-white 1965 French drama film filmed in New York City. It is based on the 1946 novel "Trois Chambres à Manhattan" (which has been translated into English as "Three Rooms in Manhattan" and "Three Bedrooms in Manhattan") by Belgian writer Georges Simenon, about a romance between François, a French actor, and Kay, an American woman.

Cinco vezes Favela (1962)

Five stories of people living in the slums on the hills of Rio de Janeiro.

The Gay Deceivers (1969)

The Gay Deceivers is a 1969 gay-themed comedy film with a twist ending. The film derives much of its humor through the use of stereotypes. According to gay film historian Vito Russo in his book The Celluloid Closet, co-star Michael Greer, who played the flamboyantly gay Malcolm and who was himself gay, tried to work with the screenwriter and director to minimize the negativity of the characterization and present Malcolm in a positive light.[citation needed]

Stalin's Wife (2005)

Filmmaker Slava Tsukerman examines the life and ultimate fate of Nadezhda Alliluyeva, the Soviet dictator's second spouse.

Deadbeat at Dawn (1988)

Deadbeat at Dawn is a low-budget film written and directed by Jim Van Bebber and starring Paul Harper, Megan Murphy, and Marc Pitman. The film depicts a street gang leader setting out for revenge against a rival street gang.

Off and Running (2009)

The focus of this film rests on Avery Klein-Cloud, a teenage African-American girl living in Brooklyn, N.Y., with her Caucasian Jewish lesbian mothers and two brothers who are also of other races. When Avery decides to contact her birth mother, this development triggers a major identity crisis for the college-bound teen, leading to troubling behavior that threatens her promising academic career and her relationship with her adoptive family. Can Avery reconcile her roots with her everyday life?

The Secret (1955)

The Secret is a 1955 British crime drama directed by Cy Endfield and starring Sam Wanamaker, Mandy Miller, and André Morell.

I'm Dangerous With Love (2010)

Dimitri Mugianis advocates the use of the drug ibogaine to help addicts detoxify.

The Final Terror (1983)

A group of young campers out for what they hope will be a fun-filled weekend find their plans spoiled by a disguised, merciless killer who stalks the forest in search of new victims. Soon they are caught in a terrifying web of bloodshed and murder. It is up to the remaining few to defend themselves and put an end to the terror-filled weekend. Featuring a great cast including Rachel Ward (The Thornbirds), Daryl Hannah (Kill Bill, Blade Runner), Adrian Zmed (Bachelor Party), Mark Metcalf (Zero Dark Thirty), Lewis Smith (Django Unchained) and Joe Pantoliano (The Matrix, The Fugitive) and directed by Andrew Davis (The Fugitive, Under Siege) this pulse-pounding film is the final word in backwoods horror.

1313: Actor Slash Model (2011)

A bitter actor goes crazy after he loses a role and decides to cut up a few models to vent his anger.

Picture This: The Times of Peter Bogdanovich in Archer City, Texas (1991)

A filmmaker documents the director's nervous breakdown while shooting "The Last Picture Show."

Pájaros volando (2010)

A one-time rock star (Diego Capusotto) encounters strange characters in his cousin's (Luis Luque) village.

Shatter Dead (1994)

Shatter Dead is a 1994 zombie film directed by Scooter McCrae. It is set in an unknown area following a woman named Susan's (Stark Raven) attempt to return to the apartment of her boyfriend (Daniel 'Smalls' Johnson) in the midst of the return of the dead to a semblance of life. On her way, she is harassed by a preacher (Robert Wells) and a dead woman named Mary (Flora Fauna) intent on convincing her that being undead is preferable to life.

Sex and the College Girl (1964)

Sex and the College Girl (also known as The Fun Lovers) is a 1964 American comedy film directed by Joseph Adler and starring John Gabriel, Luana Anders and Charles Grodin.