The Oak (1992)

The Oak (Romanian: Balanţa) is a 1992 Romanian drama film directed by Lucian Pintilie. It was screened out of competition at the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

One-Trick Pony (1980)

Jonah Levin knows what it's like to sit atop the world of pop music. But chart-topping hits (as well as enduring marriages) are harder to come by--and nothing he ever knew could prepare him for the skid to the bottom. Playing Jonah, the enduringly talented Paul Simon knows the musical terrain--but scores in acting and screenwriting areas as well in this sometimes funny, always probing look at the intriguing starmaking machinery of the recording industry. Blair Brown, Rip Torn, Joan Hackett and Mare Winningham also score among the movie's performances. Among the ten soundtrack Simon songs are "Ace in the Hole," "Late in the Evening," the title tune and "That’s Why God Made the Movies." Offering a showcase to a master musician like Simon is another divine reason to carry this cinematic tune. Also features a cast of real-life musicians including Lou Reed and the B-52s.

Libel (1959)

With a lovely wife and a resplendent manor that’s a de rigueur stop on tours of England’s stately homes, Sir Mark Loddon leads an enviable life. Then a newspaper charges that Loddon was killed during a wartime escape from a POW camp and a look-alike has since ruled the baronet’s realm. Outraged, Loddon sues for libel, setting in motion revelations of war, memory, trauma and deception that causes Lady Loddon (Olivia de Havilland) and Sir Mark (Dirk Bogarde) himself to question his identity. Anthony Asquith (The Browning Version, The VIPs) guides this star-infused courtroom drama based on a Broadway hit and enhanced by the maneuvering of Robert Morley and Wilfrid Hyde-White in the roles of collegial yet cunning rival barristers.

Home Alone da Riber (2002)

Imprisoned for a crime he did not commit, a man gets another chance to win back his family.

The Adventures Of Mark Twain (1985)

The Adventures of Mark Twain is an amazing journey of imagination, humour and heart, and a must for fans of Aardman Studios.The film features a series of vignettes extracted from several of Mark Twain’s works, built around a plot that features Twain’s attempts to keep his “appointment” with Halley’s Comet. Tom Sawyer, Becky Thatcher, and Huck Finn stow away with Mark Twain on an incredible journey in Twain’s airship.The journey introduces the three friends to a variety of the author’s characters from; The Diary of Adam and Eve, Huckleberry Finn, The Mysterious Stranger, The Famous Jumping Frog of Caliverous County and Captain Stormfield’s Visit to Heaven. The sequence based on The Mysterious Stranger reportedly received over ten million views upon being posted on YouTube. The sequence was allegedly banned from TV due to its ‘disturbing content’.The Adventures of Mark Twain was the first full length feature film in the magic of Claymation, directed by Will Vinton (best known for The California Raisins animation).

Ananda Ashram (1977)

Anand Ashram is a 1977 Indian drama film written and directed by Shakti Samanta, based on a story by film director and novelist, Sailajananda Mukhopadhyay. It starred Ashok Kumar, Uttam Kumar and Sharmila Tagore in lead roles. This film has a Bengali version too with the same title released in the same day, Samanta has previously made another double version, Amanush (1975) with the same lead actors, however this film didn't do well at the box office.

The Reckoning (1970)

The Reckoning is a 1969 British drama film released by Columbia Pictures directed by Jack Gold and starring Nicol Williamson, Ann Bell, Rachel Roberts and Zena Walker. Music by Malcolm Arnold.

Qila (1998)

Qila is a 1998 Bollywood Hindi language film directed by Umesh Mehra and starring Dilip Kumar, Rekha, Mukul Dev, Mamta Kulkarni, Smita Jaykar and Gulshan Grover. This film marked the final film appearance of veteran actor Dilip Kumar. The movie rights is now owned by Red Chillies Entertainment.

Blue Fin (1978)

Blue Fin is a 1978 family movie that stars Hardy Krüger, Greg Rowe and Elspeth Ballantyne. It is based on an Australian novel written by Colin Thiele and published in 1969.

Portrait of a Sinner (1959)

The Rough and the Smooth (alternative title: Portrait of a Sinner) is a 1959 British drama film directed by Robert Siodmak and starring Nadja Tiller, Tony Britton, William Bendix and Edward Chapman. The screenplay concerns an archaeologist who has an affair with a German woman putting his engagement to another woman in jeopardy. It was based on a novel by Robin Maugham.

Waiting For Angels (2012)

Jack lies dying in a hospital bed, but his family is more concerned with the money he will leave behind than caring for him. As the family falls apart only one thing can save it.

Between the Lines (1977)

Between the Lines is a 1977 film from Midwest Films directed by Joan Micklin Silver and produced by her husband Raphael D. Silver. The film won two out of the three awards it was nominated for at the 27th Berlin International Film Festival.

Go Naked In The World (1961)

Gina Lollobrigida, Anthony Franciosa and Ernest Borgnine star in this engrossing drama about a young man's love for a call girl. The son of a domineering businessman (Borgnine), Nick Stratton (Franciosa) boasts he "could make love in 12 languages," but nothing prepares him for Julie Cameron (Lollobrigida), the woman who steals his heart. Seeing her as beautiful and innocent, Nick is shocked to discover that Julie is a high-priced hooker and that his father is one of her clients. Unable to stay away, Nick continues to see her as his father tries to protect his son's future from a woman with a notorious past. An example of the explicit themes that would soon put an end to the Production Code, Go Naked in the World was directed by writer Ranald MacDougall, whose screenplay credits include We're No Angels, The Naked Jungle and the Oscar-nominated Mildred Pierce (Writing, 1945). 

This Is What Love in Action Looks Like (2011)

When Zack Stark came out to his parents, he had no idea that his life was about to change forever. Stuck inside “Love In Action”–the ex-gay rehabilitation program–the quiet teenager blogged about their draconian practices, sparking an impassioned, nationwide protest to rescue the teen. Filmmaker Morgan Jon Fox captures the stirring, inspirational true-story of how religious intolerance’s quest to bully queer teens, lead to one of the first examples of social media inspiring change…and hope, for a new generation of activism. Winner of The Derek Oyston CHE Film Prize (runner-up), London Lesbian and Gay Film Festival 2012

Kochadaiyaan (2013)

Rana, a ruthless warrior, returns to his homeland to avenge the death of his father, who was unjustly put to death by the reigning king of Kotaipattinam.

Family Instinct (2010)

Zanda struggles as a social outcast after having an incestuous relationship with her brother.

I Travel Because I Have to, I Come Back Because I Love You (2009)

I Travel Because I Have to, I Come Back Because I Love You is a 2009 Brazilian drama film, directed by Marcelo Gomes and Karim Aïnouz.

The Daltons Ride Again (1945)

The Daltons Ride Again is a 1945 American Western film directed by Ray Taylor. It stars Lon Chaney Jr, Alan Curtis and Kent Taylor. It was made by Universal Pictures.

Return Of The Seven (1966)

Yul Brynner returns as the good guy dressed in black who calls on five gunfighters (including Robert Fuller, Warren Oates and Claude Akins) to defend a town under siege by vicious outlaws.

The Outcasts of Poker Flat (1937)

The Outcasts of Poker Flat is a 1937 American Western film directed by Christy Cabanne and written by John Twist and Harry Segall. The film stars Preston Foster, Jean Muir, Van Heflin, Virginia Weidler and Margaret Irving. The film was released on April 16, 1937, by RKO Pictures. The screenplay is based on a short story of the same name by Bret Harte, which has been brought to film at least five times, including in 1919 with Harry Carey and in 1952 with Dale Robertson.

Criminal Lawyer (1937)

Criminal Lawyer is a 1937 American drama film directed by Christy Cabanne from a screenplay by G. V. Atwater and Thomas Lennon, based on a story by Louis Stevens. The film stars Lee Tracy, Margot Grahame and Eduardo Cianelli. RKO produced the film and premiered it on January 26, 1937 in New York City, with a national release a few days later on January 29. It was the second time Stevens' story had been used for a film, the first being 1932's State's Attorney, starring John Barrymore and Helen Twelvetrees, directed by George Archainbaud, and also produced and released by RKO.

City of Women (1980)

City of Women (Italian: La città delle donne) is a 1980 film written and directed by Federico Fellini. Amid Fellini's characteristic combination of dreamlike, outrageous, and artistic imagery, Marcello Mastroianni plays Snàporaz, a man who voyages through male and female spaces toward a confrontation with his own attitudes toward women and his wife.

Nailbiter (2013)

Nailbiter is a 2013 horror film directed by Patrick Rea. The movie was first released onto DVD in Japan on January 25, 2013 and received its American debut on April 5, 2013 at the Phoenix Film Festival. It stars Erin McGrane as a mother who defends herself and her children against a dangerous foe. Rea intends to film a sequel to the film, which is tentatively titled Nailbiter 2.

A Dog's Best Friend (1959)

A Dog's Best Friend is a 1959 American drama western film directed by Edward L. Cahn and written by Orville H. Hampton. The film stars Bill Williams, Marcia Henderson, Roger Mobley, Roy Engel, Charles Cooper and Harry Dean Stanton. The film was released on December 20, 1959, by United Artists.

Six Gun (2008)

A retired bounty hunter saddles up one last time to catch a killer.

Let's Fall in Love (1933)

Let's Fall in Love is a 1933 American Pre-Code romantic musical film starring Edmund Lowe and Ann Sothern. Released by Columbia Pictures, the film was directed by David Burton and written by Herbert Fields. The songs Let's Fall in Love (not to be confused with the Cole Porter song sometimes called Let's Do It, Let's Fall in Love) and Love Is Love Anywhere, both written by Harold Arlen and Ted Koehler, were introduced by Ann Sothern in this film.

Storm Over Jamaica (1958)

Passionate Summer is a 1958 British drama film directed by Rudolph Cartier and starring Virginia McKenna, Bill Travers and Yvonne Mitchell. It is also known by the alternative title Storm Over Jamaica. It was based on a 1949 novel by Richard Mason called The Shadow and the Peak. The screenplay concerns a British schoolteacher who moves to Jamaica to teach after a tumultuous divorce, but meets an exciting new woman.

Soundbreaker (2012)

The life and work of Finnish musician Kimmo Pohjonen.

Hard Core Logo 2 (2010)

Hard Core Logo 2 is a 2010 Canadian drama film written and directed by Bruce McDonald. It is a sequel to McDonald's 1996 film, Hard Core Logo. Hard Core Logo 2 assumes the same filmmaking style as McDonald’s latter-mentioned cult classic Hard Core Logo. It is a faux-documentary that follows Bruce the filmmaker (Bruce McDonald) as he investigates a claim made by Care Failure of the band Die Mannequin. She claims to be possessed by the spirit of rock star Joe Dick (Hugh Dillon), a principal character in the original movie, who was shown to commit suicide near the close of the film. This sequel follows tensions between the principal characters, and the progression of Bruce the filmmaker’s investigation into Care Failure’s channeling of the deceased rocker’s spirit.

Stateline Motel (1973)

Stateline Motel (Italian: L'ultima chance, also known as Last Chance, Motel of Fear and Last Chance for a Born Loser) is a 1973 Italian crime film directed by Maurizio Lucidi. It is based on the novel with the same name written by Franco Enna.

Strangers Online (2009)

Hollis hosts a web show for sexual misfits and enjoys a comfortable distance with people until a new intern shows an unhealthy obsession with him.

Drive-In Horrorshow (2009)

People meet gruesome and gory deaths at an old outdoor theater.

The Gerber Syndrome: il contagio (2011)

A doctor, an infected girl and a young security agent discuss the outbreak of a highly contagious virus.

Whispering Whoopee (1930)

Whispering Whoopee is a 1930 American Pre-Code short film directed by James W. Horne. It is in the public domain.

Detention (2010)

Detention is a 2010 horror film starring David Carradine.

Touchdown, Army (1938)

Touchdown, Army is a 1938 American comedy film directed by Kurt Neumann and written by Lloyd Corrigan and Erwin S. Gelsey. The film stars John Howard, Mary Carlisle, Robert Cummings, William Frawley, Owen Davis Jr. and Benny Baker. The film was released on October 7, 1938, by Paramount Pictures.

Joysticks (1983)

When a local businessman (Joe Don Baker) finds out his daughter, Patsy, is hang- ing out at the video arcade run by Jefferson Bailey (Scott McGinnis), they team up with Jefferson's archenemy King Vidiot (Jon Gries, Real Genius) to try and shut it down. The arcade's employees and patrons fight back, climaxing in an exciting video game showdown!

Another Fine Mess (1930)

Another Fine Mess is a 1930 short comedy film starring Laurel and Hardy. It is based on the 1908 play Home from the Honeymoon by Arthur J. Jefferson, Stan Laurel's father, and is a remake of their earlier silent film, Duck Soup.

The Counterfeit Plan (1957)

A reformed forger runs into an acquaintance from his past, now an escaped murderer, who blackmails him into resuming his criminal career.

Easy Skanking (2006)

Fidibus is a Danish film by Hella Joof from 2006. First presented at the Roskilde Festival, summer of 2006 but not in cinemas until 13. oct.

Stagknight (2007)

Brian and his estranged paintball team reunite for a final match and accidentally summon a vengeful Templar Knight.

Tilt (2011)

Tilt is a 2011 Bulgarian drama film directed by Viktor Chouchkov. The film was selected as the Bulgarian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 84th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

Reversion (2008)

Mutated humans (Leslie Silva, Jason Olive, Tom Maden) live without any concept of the past, present or future.

Bear (2010)

Bear is a natural horror Z movie directed by John Rebel and stars Patrick Scott Lewis and Katie Lowes. The film was released on June 4, 2010 in the United Kingdom.

Sons O' Guns (1936)

Sons o' Guns is a 1936 American comedy film directed by Lloyd Bacon and written by Jerry Wald and Julius J. Epstein. The film stars Joe E. Brown, Joan Blondell, Beverly Roberts, Eric Blore, Craig Reynolds and Wini Shaw. The film was released by Warner Bros. on May 30, 1936.

Curse of the Crystal Eye (1991)

A gunrunner romances an ambassador's daughter while searching for Ali Baba's treasure.

Woman Obsessed (1959)

Woman Obsessed is a 1959 romantic DeLuxe Color drama film in CinemaScope about the hardships faced by a widow and her eight-year-old son on a rugged Canadian ranch. The film stars Susan Hayward and Stephen Boyd with Barbara Nichols, Theodore Bikel, and James Philbrook.

God's Country (1985)

God's Country is a 1985 documentary film about Glencoe, Minnesota, by French filmmaker Louis Malle. Original footage of a farming community, 60 miles west of Minneapolis, Minnesota was filmed in 1979 for a PBS documentary. But for the next six years Malle was too busy with other projects to finish this work. He returned in 1985 for a follow-up and found the community reacting to the mid eighties crisis of overproduction in farm country. Malle documented a sense of frustration and apprehension from the same participants he had befriended in better times half a decade earlier. The film is occasionally shown on Turner Classic Movies, and is available on DVD from the Criterion Collection. The name of the film comes from the widespread belief in American folklore that the United States of America has an exceptional status in the world as 'God's country' or 'the promised land' because, metaphorically, early European settlers such as the Puritans of Massachusetts Bay believed they were founding at God's behest a shining city upon a hill.

Das Blaue Vom Himmel (2011)

A young woman's identity begins to unravel when she joins her emotionally-distant mother on a trip.

Draw! (1984)

Draw! is a 1984 American/Canadian comedy-western film by Steven Hilliard Stern. It stars Kirk Douglas, James Coburn and Alexandra Bastedo.

Three Is a Family (1944)

Three Is a Family is a 1944 American comedy film directed by Edward Ludwig. The film was nominated for an Academy Award for Sound Recording (W. V. Wolfe).

Le glaive et la balance (1963)

Le glaive et la balance (AKA Two are Guilty) is a 1963 French-Italian drama film directed by André Cayatte. It was written by Cayatte, Henri Jeanson and Charles Spaak. It stars the American actor, Anthony Perkins as the protagonist.

Power (1934)

Jew Süss (in the US retitled Power – Jew Suss) is a 1934 British historical romantic drama film based on Lion Feuchtwanger's 1925 novel Jud Süß, about Joseph Süß Oppenheimer. Directed by Lothar Mendes, the film stars German actor Conrad Veidt in the role of Oppenheimer. The screenplay was written by Dorothy Farnum and Arthur Rawlinson. Unlike the Nazis' antisemitic film Jud Süß (1940), the British film is sympathetic to Jews, and generally considered to be a faithful adaptation of Feuchtwanger's novel. It was intended to be a condemnation of antisemitism, not a justification of it. The German version is considered by some to be an antisemitic response to Mendes' philo-semitic film.

Cousin Angelica (1974)

Cousin Angelica (Spanish: La prima Angélica ) is a 1974 Spanish drama film directed by Carlos Saura. Starring José Luis López Vázquez as a middle-aged man whose memories of his childhood during the Spanish Civil War make him reenact his past as the mature man he is today. The film was entered into the 1974 Cannes Film Festival and was highly controversial in Spain.

Play Girl (1941)

Play Girl is a 1941 romantic comedy film, starring Kay Francis as an aging gold digger who decides to pass on her skills to a young protegée, and featuring James Ellison, Mildred Coles, Nigel Bruce, Margaret Hamilton and Katherine Alexander.

Over the Ocean (1991)

Beyond the Sea is a 1991 Israeli drama film directed by Jacob Goldwasser. It stars Aryeh Moskona, Dafna Rechter, Moti Giladi. The film, a family drama set in the 1960s, was critically acclaimed, and won the Ophir Award for Best Film. The film was selected as the Israeli entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 64th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Teenage Rebel (1956)

A sour teenager (Betty Lou Keim) moves in with her mother (Ginger Rogers) and stepfather (Michael Rennie) after living with her father for years.

The Heart is a Rebel (1958)

Trouble ripples through a marriage when a man has difficulty accepting his wife's newfound Christianity.

Love In Pawn (1953)

Love in Pawn is a 1953 British comedy film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Bernard Braden and Barbara Kelly.

I Think I Do (2013)

A dream wedding becomes a disaster for a bride (Mia Kirshner).

Nine Miles Down (2009)

Nine Miles Down is a 2009 horror film based on the widespread urban myth (started in the early '90s) surrounding the claim that Russian scientists in Siberia had drilled so deep that they had broken through into 'hell' and recorded the 'screams of the damned' emanating from the borehole. This claim turned out to be a hoax spread by a Scandinavian prankster who wanted to demonstrate human gullibility. However, by the time he owned up to the prank, the myth had fueled such a following, that his retraction was interpreted as an attempt to cover up 'the truth'. It was the last feature film credit for renowned writer Everett de Roche.

The Honeymoon's Over (1939)

The Honeymoon's Over is a 1939 American comedy film directed by Eugene Forde and written by Leonard Hoffman, Hamilton MacFadden and Clay Williams. The film stars Stuart Erwin, Marjorie Weaver, Patric Knowles, Russell Hicks, Jack Carson and Hobart Cavanaugh. The film was released on December 14, 1939, by 20th Century Fox.

Two A Penny (1968)

Two a Penny is a 1967 British film, released nationally in 1968, featuring singer Cliff Richard. The film was directed by James F. Collier and produced by Frank R. Jacobson for Billy Graham's film distribution and production company World Wide Pictures. The original story and screenplay was written by Stella Linden. The cast included Ann Holloway, Dora Bryan, Avril Angers, Geoffrey Bayldon, Peter Barkworth, Mona Washbourne, Earl Cameron, Charles Lloyd-Pack, and Billy Graham himself, filmed at his "London Crusade" in 1967.

The Hidden Hand (1942)

The Hidden Hand is a 1942 drama film directed by Benjamin Stoloff, starring Craig Stevens, Elisabeth Fraser and Julie Bishop.

I Hired a Contract Killer (1990)

I Hired a Contract Killer is a film directed, produced and written by the Finnish auteur Aki Kaurismäki in 1990. It is a Finnish-British-German-Swedish co-production and stars the renowned French actor Jean-Pierre Léaud. The film also features cameo appearances by Joe Strummer as a guitar player and by Kaurismäki as a sunglasses salesman.

Mary Jane's Pa (1935)

Mary Jane's Pa is a 1935 American drama film directed by William Keighley and written by Tom Reed and Peter Milne. The film stars Aline MacMahon, Guy Kibbee, Tom Brown, Robert McWade, Minor Watson and Nan Grey. The film was released by Warner Bros. on April 27, 1935.

The Deflowering of Eva van End (2012)

Eva (Vivian Dierickx) is ignored by her busy family until she offers to host a handsome German exchange student. His arrival causes everyone in Eva's house to reflect on their lives with disastrous consequences.

The Great Jewel Robber (1950)

The Great Jewel Robber is a 1950 American drama film directed by Peter Godfrey and written by Borden Chase. The film stars David Brian, Marjorie Reynolds, John Archer, Jacqueline deWit, Perdita Chandler and Stanley Church. The film was released by Warner Bros. on July 15, 1950.

Master Spy (1964)

Master Spy is a 1963 British spy film directed by Montgomery Tully and starring Stephen Murray, June Thorburn and Alan Wheatley.

Double Blast (1994)

Brother-and-sister kickboxers help their father (Dale "Apollo" Cook) fight killers and find hidden treasure.

Unwed Mother (1958)

Unwed Mother is a 1958 American drama film directed by Walter A. Doniger. It starred Norma Moore, Robert Vaughn, Billie Bird, Diana Darrin and Jeanne Cooper.

Fly Away Baby (1937)

Fly-Away Baby is a 1937 American comedy-adventure film featuring Glenda Farrell as Torchy Blane, solving a murder and smuggling case during a round-the-world flight. This is the second film in the "Torchy Blane" movie series by Warner Bros. The film was released on June 19, 1937.

Jet Attack (1958)

Jet Attack (also known as Jet Alert and released in the UK as Through Hell to Glory) is a 1958 American aviation war film set in the Korean War, featuring United States Air Force (USAF) aircraft.

Midnight Phantom (1935)

Midnight Phantom is a 1935 American film directed by Bernard B. Ray.

Chaurahen (2007)

Chaurahen is an Indian drama film directed by Rajshree Ojha, starring Zeenat Aman, Roopa Ganguly, Soha Ali Khan and Kiera Chaplin in the leading roles. The film was based on four short stories of eminent Hindi novelist Nirmal Verma. Shooting was completed in 2007 but the film was shelved due to financial problems. The movie was finally released on 16 March 2012 through PVR Pictures, receiving mixed reviews.

The Great Divide (2012)

At a monthly gathering of her friends, a student (Tichina Arnold) of the Tantra and Kama Sutra introduces an unusual game designed to elicit the feelings and impressions men and women have about one another.

Handle with Care (1932)

Handle with Care is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by David Butler and starring James Dunn, Boots Mallory and El Brendel. Victor Jory appears in a supporting role.

A View from the Bridge (1962)

A View from the Bridge (French: Vu du pont, Italian: Uno sguardo dal ponte) is a 1962 French-Italian drama film directed by Sidney Lumet with a screenplay by Norman Rosten based on the play of the same name written by Arthur Miller.

Harlem on the Prairie (1937)

Harlem on the Prairie (1937) is a race movie, billed as the first "all-colored" western musical. The movie reminded audiences that there were black cowboys and corrected a popular Hollywood image of an all-white Old West. It was produced by Associated Features, which was organized in 1937. The picture premiered at the Paramount Theatre in Hollywood and was first shown in New York City at the Rialto Theatre on Broadway. The company had offices at 937 N. Sycamore Ave., Hollywood, California, and the officers of the company were Jed Buell, president; Bert Sternbach, vice president; and Sabin W. Carr, secretary-treasurer. Harlem on the Prairie was filmed on location at Murray's Dude Ranch, Apple Valley, California. The ranch was founded by N.B. Murray, a black businessman from Los Angeles. President and chief producer Jed Buell, spent less than $50,000 on this picture.

Harvard, Here I Come! (1941)

Harvard, Here I Come! is a 1941 American comedy film directed by Lew Landers and stars Max 'Slapsie Maxie' Rosenbloom, Arline Judge, Stanley Brown, Don Beddoe, Marie Wilson, and Virginia Sale.

The Mighty Macs (2009)

From the inspiring true story comes the tale of one woman who just wanted to make a difference and wound up making history! When Coach Cathy Rush (Carla Gugino, MR. POPPER’S PENGUINS) arrives at tiny Immaculata College, the women’s basketball team has no budget, no uniforms and no gym. Refusing to give up, Cathy finds help from a young nun named Sister Sunday (Marley Shelton, NEVER BEEN KISSED). Together, their relentless drive reignites the team's spirit and the Mighty Macs start conquering bigger and better-funded schools. As financial troubles rock Immaculata, the Macs charge into the championships against all odds. Can the Mighty Macs save their school with one last long shot at victory? You'll stand up and cheer for the heartwarming, incredible season that made the real Cathy Rush a Basketball Hall of Fame legend!

An Actor's Revenge (1963)

An Actor's Revenge (雪之丞変化, Yukinojō Henge), also known as Revenge of a Kabuki Actor, is a 1963 film directed by Kon Ichikawa. It was produced in Eastmancolor and Daieiscope for Daiei Film. An Actor's Revenge is a remake of the 1935 film of the same title (distributed in English-speaking countries as The Revenge of Yukinojō), which also starred Kazuo Hasegawa. The 1963 remake was Hasegawa's 300th role as a film actor. The screenplay, written by Ichikawa's wife, Natto Wada, was based on the adaptation by Daisuke Itō and Teinosuke Kinugasa of a newspaper serial originally written by Otokichi Mikami that was used for the 1935 version. There is an opera, An Actor's Revenge, with music by Minoru Miki and libretto by James Kirkup and a 2008 NHK production of the same story, with Yukinojō and Yamitaro played by Hideaki Takizawa.

Half Angel (1951)

Half Angel is a 1951 Technicolor comedy directed by Richard Sale, starring Loretta Young, Joseph Cotten, and Cecil Kellaway. Nora Gilpin (Young), a prim and proper nurse, is engaged to the stuffy Tim (John Ridgely). Unknown to both, Nora is a sleepwalker; during her nocturnal forays, the less-inhibited side of her personality takes over.

Soldier Jane (2013)

Fanni and Anna abandon their lives and come together on their distinct journeys.

Hidden Guns (1956)

Hidden Guns is a 1956 American Western film directed by Albert C. Gannaway and written by Samuel Roeca and Albert C. Gannaway. The film stars Bruce Bennett, Richard Arlen, John Carradine, Faron Young, Lloyd Corrigan and Angie Dickinson. The film was released on January 30, 1956, by Republic Pictures.

The Woman from Tangier (1948)

The Woman from Tangier is a 1948 American crime film directed by Harold Daniels and starring Adele Jergens, Stephen Dunne and Ian MacDonald. It was one of a number of films set in Tangier during the era. The film's art direction was by Walter Holscher.

Parasite Eve (1997)

Parasite Eve is a 1997 Japanese science fiction film directed by Masayuki Ochiai.

The Cowboy Counsellor (1932)

Cowboy Counsellor is a 1932 American Pre-Code Western film starring Hoot Gibson and directed by George Melford. It mixed in strong elements of comedy with courtroom drama. One reviewer deemed it "the best of Gibson's films for Allied."

Law and Lead (1936)

Law and Lead is a 1936 American film directed by Robert F. Hill.

Aladdin and His Magic Lamp (1967)

Aladdin's Magic Lamp (Russian: Волшебная лампа Аладдина, translit. Volshebnaya lampa Aladdina) is a 1966 Soviet fantasy film directed by Boris Rytsarev based on the tale Aladdin from One Thousand and One Nights.

The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time (1982)

The Weavers: Wasn't That a Time! is a 1982 documentary film about the folk group The Weavers and the events leading up to their 1980 reunion concert at Carnegie Hall. The film was the inspiration for the 2003 mockumentary film A Mighty Wind.

The Darkening (1995)

A psychic investigator (Jeff Rector) visits a woman's seemingly idyllic inn where demons lurk.

Young Daniel Boone (1950)

Young Daniel Boone is a 1950 American Western film directed by Reginald Le Borg and written by Clint Johnston and Reginald Le Borg. The film stars David Bruce, Kristine Miller, Damian O'Flynn, Don Beddoe, Mary Treen and John Mylong. The film was released on March 5, 1950, by Monogram Pictures.

Butterfly Lovers (2008)

The Butterfly Lovers, also known as The Assassin's Blade or Jiandie, is a 2008 Hong Kong film directed by Jingle Ma and starring Wu Chun, Charlene Choi and Hu Ge. It is based on the Chinese legend of the Butterfly Lovers, but in a wuxia setting.

Raquel's Shoeshiner (1957)

El bolero de Raquel (English: Raquel's Shoeshiner) is a 1957 Mexican comedy film directed by Miguel M. Delgado and starring Cantinflas, Manola Saavedra, Flor Silvestre, and child actor Paquito Fernández who was nominated for a 1958 Silver Ariel for Best Performance by a Child Actor for the role of Chavita. This is Cantinflas' first Mexican color film (it was filmed in Eastmancolor, also considered as Mexico's Technicolor).

Sentimental Journey (1946)

Sentimental Journey is a 1946 film directed by Walter Lang. It stars John Payne and Maureen O'Hara. Sentimental Journey was remade in 1958 as The Gift of Love, with Lauren Bacall and Robert Stack.

You're the One (1941)

You're the One is a 1941 American comedy film directed by Ralph Murphy and written by Gene Markey. The film stars Bonnie Baker, Orrin Tucker, Albert Dekker, Edward Everett Horton, Lillian Cornell, Renie Riano and Jerry Colonna. The film was released on February 19, 1941, by Paramount Pictures.

Johnny Comes Flying Home (1946)

Johnny Comes Flying Home is a 1946 film directed by Benjamin Stoloff and starring Richard Crane and Faye Marlowe; the supporting cast features Harry Morgan. The plot involves postwar pilots starting a small aviation company.