The Very Very Big Company (2008)

Four friends take on a chemical company that is polluting the environment in their region.

The Ripening Seed (1990)

In a story of the impatience of youth, an innocent friendship and adolescent love, a French girl and boy grow in their relationship.

The Alley Cats (1966)

A woman gets revenge on her cheating fiance by having affairs with women.

Avenger of Venice (1965)

The greedy lords of 16th-century Venice hatch a plot to overthrow their ruler and his son.

The Nutcracker (1977)

Mikhail Baryshnikov enters the realm of toy soldiers and dancing snowflakes.


A sensitive and poignant love affair develops between a sea captain and a lonely unwed mother.

Psycho Shark (2010)

Busty Japanese women (Nonami Takizawa, Airi Nakajima) find terror at the beach.

Death at Broadcasting House (1934)

Scotland Yard investigates the murder of an actor during a radio broadcast.

Mugamoodi (2009)

A man can no longer tolerate injustice and corruption and he becomes a vigilante to fight for a batter society.

Hong Kong 1941 (1984)

The Japanese invade Hong Kong during World War II.

Arthur and the Great Adventure (2009)

Arthur (Freddie Highmore) receives a distress call from Princess Selenia (Selena Gomez) and flies to her rescue, but Emperor Maltazard (Lou Reed) has a nefarious plan to ensnare the young hero.

Davy (1957)

The star (Harry Secombe) of a British vaudeville family act gets a chance to sing opera at Covent Garden.

Love Carrot 3 (2011)

Golubev's in-laws visit unexpectedly and have a hard time getting along -- mostly due to a mutual hatred that dates back to the wedding 15 years earlier.

Endings (2010)

The lives of three strangers change forever.

This Is Not a Film (2003)

A man (Michael Leydon Campbell) tries to win back his ex-girlfriend by making a movie about their relationship.

Karakara (2012)

People at a crossroads in life run away to discover themselves.

Farewell (2010)

A sailor with a fatal disease moves away from his family and friends.

Forbidden Music (1936)

A U.S. newsman (Jimmy Durante) prompts a singer (Richard Tauber) to lead a revolt against a princess's (Diana Napier) ban on music.

Jade Tiger (1977)

A brutal murder and the theft of a priceless statue send a man on a quest for vengeance.

Sherlock Holmes (1922)

Sherlock Holmes (John Barrymore) is a master at solving the most impenetrable mysteries, but he has his work cut out for him on his latest case. Prince Alexis (Reginald Denny) is accused of a theft that he insists he didn't commit. The evidence is stacked against him, but Holmes' trusted friend, Dr. Watson (Roland Young), vouches for the prince. As the famed detective investigates, he's brought face to face with his most devious adversary yet -- Professor Moriarty (Gustav von Seyffertitz).

The Keyhole (1933)

Ann (Kay Francis), currently married to wealthy Schuyler Brooks (Henry Kolker), suddenly hears from her ex-husband, Maurice (Monroe Owsley), that he never completed the divorce proceedings and now wants hush money. Schuyler's sister (Helen Ware) advises Ann to sail to Cuba, thinking that Maurice will follow and then, since he is not American, be unable to re-enter the United States. However, Schuyler, jealous that Ann is traveling without him, sends detective Neil (George Brent) to follow her.

Perfection (2011)

A mother obsessed with plastic surgery and a daughter who likes to cut herself find love that is more than skin deep.

California State of Mind: The Legacy of Pat Brown (2011)

The life and political work of Pat Brown, a man who overcame seemingly insurmountable obstacles to help shape the future of California.

Goodbye Uncle Tom (1971)

Filmmakers travel back in time to film the American slave trade in the antebellum South.

Where There's a Will (1936)

American thieves use an unsuspecting bloke (Will Hay) to launch their plan.

Dave (2012)

A coach uses basketball to help a mentally impaired teen, which helps him reconcile with his estranged father.

Mia Moglie è Una Strega (1981)

After the Inquisition condemns her, a witch is reborn in modern times.

Dead Air (2009)

Employees at a radio station fight for survival after terrorists unleash a biological weapon that makes people violent.

Consultation (2006)

Helene de Crecy documents the daily consultations within the office of a small-town general physician in France.

Chronos (1985)

A journey through time begins with the birthplace of Western civilization and proceeds to contemporary France.

Syncopation (1942)

In New Orleans, young Kit Latimer (Bonita Granville), who loves and plays the African-American music of the city, moves to Chicago with her architect father, George (Adolphe Menjou). Over the next several years Kit discovers that the ragtime of her childhood has developed into jazz and continues performing. Struggling coronet player Johnny Schumacher (Jackie Cooper) befriends Kit, who is then arrested after her music incites a riot at a club. Upon her release, Kit forms a band with Johnny.

Weapons of Death (1982)

San Francisco thugs mess with the wrong martial-arts expert (Eric Lee).

One Nation Under God (2009)

Friends travel across the country asking people about God.

Different From the Others (1919)

Two male musicians fall in love in 1920s Germany, until blackmail and scandal makes the affair take a tragic turn.

Look for a Star (2009)

Ladies' man Sam Ching (Andy Lau) is a successful businessman with a golden touch in everything but his romantic life. With several divorces behind him, he's eager to find the right woman, but cautious. When he encounters Milan (Shu Qi) at a Macau casino, he falls for her hard, but there are obstacles. She's a cabaret dancer and a croupier, which doesn't mesh with his social status. When he proposes a prenuptial agreement to protect his assets, he may drive her away for good.

Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2011)

Filmmaker Pip Chodorov pays tribute to some of the 20th-century's leading figures of experimental cinema, including Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs and Jonas Mekas.

The Making of West Side Story (1985)

Leonard Bernstein's composing of "West Side Story."

In the Beginning There Was Light (2010)

Filmmaker P.A. Straubinger interviews people who claim they do not need food or drink and gain sustenance from light.

A Certain Kind of Death (2003)

Through interviews with various Los Angeles County morgue employees who calmly confront death on a daily basis, as well as actual scenes of corpses being worked on, this documentary examines what happens to the bodies of people who do not have family or friends to manage a funeral or cremation. The movie unflinchingly and starkly details how bodies are found and processed at the coroner's office, and shows what happens to a person's belongings afterward and how corpses are cremated.

Men Are Not Gods (1936)

Ann (Miriam Hopkins), a secretary, is convinced by actress Barbara (Gertrude Lawrence) to alter a scathing review penned by her boss that's critical of a new production of "Othello" and its lead actor, Edmund Davey (Sebastian Shaw), who is Barbara's husband. The play becomes a hit, Davey becomes a star and Ann wins a place in his heart, much to the annoyance of her boyfriend. As the women vie for the actor's affections, "Othello" becomes more real, as life begins to imitate art.

Fake Orgasm (2010)

An investigation of people who feign sexual pleasure.

Reggaeton (2008)

Salsa icons and popular reggaeton artists discuss the similarities between their styles of music and how they blend together.

Fatherland (2011)

Argentinian history is explored in excerpts of novels, memoirs and poems read aloud beside the tombs of those who wrote the words.

The Suitor (1962)

After his mother prods him to get married, a naive and bookish young man (Pierre Etaix) sets out to learn the art of wooing women.

Mariage à Mendoza (2012)

Marcus and Antoine travel to Argentina to attend their cousin's wedding and discover the many pleasures of Buenos Aires.

From the Clouds to the Resistance (1979)

Two segments from Cesare Pavese's stories.

Tortillas Again? (2006)

After playing the same lottery numbers for a decade, a young man (Anthony Flores) finally wins -- but loses his ticket.

Terror of the Black Mask (1963)

A masked cavalier defends the people of a 17th-century Spanish settlement against the tyranny of the ruling don.

Pompeya (2011)

Pompeya hides secret of the Russian and Korean mafia.

The Daughter of Dawn (1920)

Native Americans go on a buffalo hunt and a young man goes on a test of courage.

The Turin Horse (2011)

A monumental windstorm and an abused horse's refusal to work or eat signals the beginning of the end for a poor farmer and his daughter.

Red Eye (2005)

Mi-sun's first day as a rail attendant turns into a nightmare as the train travels by a route of an accident 16 years earlier. As it nears the site of the crash that killed 100 people, the train takes on aspects of a living -- but deadly -- thing.

Hot Ice (2010)

Four friends get involved in a diamond heist gone bad and have to run from the mob and the police. Their earlier bonds of trust and allegiance break when money is on the line.

Running Turtle (2009)

An escaped convict (Jeong Gyeong-ho) makes off with a cop's (Kim Yun-seok) gambling winnings.

Remember Pearl Harbor (1942)

A disgraced American soldier makes a heroic sacrifice during the sneak Japanese attack.

Storm Tide (2006)

A presumed-dead man returns in time to save his family from a flood.

Million Dollar Mermaid (1952)

A musical romantic drama, this biopic tells the story of influential Australian swimmer Annette Kellerman (Esther Williams), who broke gender barriers while becoming a pioneer of synchronized swimming. Following her father (Walter Pidgeon) from Australia to London, Kellerman combines her passion for dance with her talents as a swimmer, coming of age while learning about love and show business, and working against the inherent repression of female expression in the early 20th century.

Hamrahi (1974)

A man, who forces a woman to marry him, hopes she will fall in love with him later.

Quiet Weekend (1946)

A man (Derek Farr) and his relatives go hunting, but a ramshackle cabin and stringent game laws put a damper on events.

Wok The Kasbah (2011)

Two immigrant families in Paris confront each other in a war of restaurants. The Zi family are the owners of a Chinese restaurant, while the Chouffry family own an Arabic food business.

The Naked Venus (1959)

A French nudist (Patricia Conelle) must fight for custody of her daughter after her husband (Don Roberts) caves in to his mother's demands and files for divorce.

Twist (1994)

A policeman (Danny Lee) and his team interrogate a bank robber (Simon Yam) and his gang, using torture when necessary.

Leaf (2004)

The romantic relationship of a Chinese artist and French photographer meets with disapproval from their families, friends and society.

The Creeps (1997)

A mad scientist animates Dracula, Frankenstein and other movie monsters, but they're only three feet tall.

Los cómplices del infierno (1995)

Trying to overcome the death of her friend, a young woman is haunted by strange people and her life is at risk.

Big Joy: The Adventures of James Broughton (2013)

The twists and turns in the life of James Broughton, a pioneer filmmaker.

West Is West (1987)

An Indian emigrant (Ashutosh Gowariker) meets a punk rocker (Heidi Carpenter) and a hotel (Pearl Padamsee) owner while dodging U.S. immigration officials.

Instant Justice (1987)

When word reaches Marine Scott Youngblood (Michael Par) that his sister Kim (Lynda Bridges) is in trouble in Madrid, he immediately departs to help, only to find she's been murdered. What's more, the local authorities don't seem to be particularly concerned with finding her killer. With the help of Kim's friend Virginia (Tawny Kitaen), Scott decides to avenge her death himself, but quickly discovers the extent of Kim's involvement with Madrid's criminal underground.

Passkey to Danger (1946)

An advertising man's (Kane Richmond) new campaign for a fashion designer (Gerald Mohr) attracts the attention of mysterious characters.

A Time for Giving (1969)

A pregnant newlywed panics her father when she announces her intent to deliver the baby at home.

The Lion of St. Mark (1963)

Doge's son crosses swords and destinies with an adventuress as Usok pirates terrorize the Adriatic in 1620.

Raat (1992)

The Sharma move to a semi-urban location to a house which has a reputation. When strange things start happening in the house, the family begin to wonder if what is happening is supernatural.

El Solitario (1964)

A gunman defends a rancher who is threatened with death because he does not want to sell his land to some cruel brothers.

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp (1942)

Ineligible for the draft, two wacky barbers do their own bit for patriotism by forming a defense squad.

The House In Marsh Road (1960)

An adulterer's plot to murder his wife is foiled by a watchful poltergeist.

Desenrola (2011)

When her mother has to spend three weeks traveling for work, 16-year-old Priscilla is left home alone and discovers that a school trip with friends can result in big changes.

Baba Yaga (1972)

Twins are lured into the the woods to save a stag that has golden horns.

Serie Noire (1979)

A Paris mob flunky (Patrick Dewaere) falls for a girl (Marie Trintignant) who lures him into robbery and murder.

Invisible Enemy (1938)

An international crook attempts to gain control of important British oil fields.

Pardon Our Nerve (1939)

A boxer receives financial assistance from two girls who have cooked up an unusual scheme.

Project A-ko (1986)

In the wake of a massive asteroid impact, two new students arrive for their first day at Graviton Academy: red-headed A-ko (Miki It), a young girl with psychokinetic abilities, who is skilled in the martial arts, and her tiny blonde sidekick C-ko (Michie Tomizawa). But when rich-girl B-ko (Emi Shinohara) decides she wants the adorable C-ko to ditch A-ko and join her clique, a heated rivalry between B-ko and A-ko ensues. Meanwhile, a bizarre alien ship arrives on the outskirts of Graviton City.

Service Entrance (2010)

The behavior of two Spanish maids changes the lives of a conservative couple.

The Melody Lingers On (1935)

A piano virtuoso abandons her career in order to locate the war-baby she deserted years ago.

Me and You (2012)

A teenager tells his parents he is going on a ski trip and spends the time alone in the basement.

Cyrus: Mind of a Serial Killer (2010)

While investigating unexplained disappearances in a small Midwestern town, an independent news crew interviews a man who has intimate knowledge of the County Line Cannibal.

Magdalena: Released From Shame (2006)

Mary Magdalene narrates the story of four women whose lives were transformed after coming into contact with a man named Jesus.

Passport to Alcatraz (1940)

A police detective attempts to infiltrate a ring of saboteurs in order to gather damaging evidence against them.

The Path of Hope (1950)

After the shuttering of a local mine, villagers in a tiny Sicilian town are desperate for work. Widower Saro (Raf Vallone) decides to try his luck in France with his three children. He buys passage abroad from Ciccio (Saro Urz), a guide who is to accompany him, his family and several others on their trek. Along for the ride are Barbara (Elena Varzi), and her boyfriend, Vanni (Franco Navarra). While the group travels across Italy, perils, as well as new relationships, are unavoidable.

The Devil's Money (1953)

A textile factory worker is offered a chance to make money by planning a robbery.

She Fell Among Thieves (1980)

A French policeman (Michael Jayston) and a detective (Malcolm McDowell) seek to convict a villainess (Eileen Atkins) for murder in 1924.

The New Gulliver (1935)

In a boy's daydream, the working people of Lilliput revolt against their despotic king.

Dynamite Pass (1950)

Cowboys (Tim Holt, Richard Martin) pave the way for an open road opposed by the owner of a toll road.

Blind Date (1959)

An artist (Hardy Kruger) accused of murdering his lover finds she was the mistress of a high-ranking diplomat.

Zzyzx (2006)

Three people bake in a desert of murder, mystery and manipulation after they become stranded along Zzyzx Road.

Stablemates (1938)

An alcoholic veterinarian (Wallace Beery) helps a jockey (Mickey Rooney) whose future is riding on a race.

Unholy Rollers (1972)

A roller-derby newcomer (Claudia Jennings) soon makes enemies for refusing to play by the unwritten rules.

Footrot Flats (1986)

A dog (Peter Rowley) guards his master (John Clarke) and their house from the evil inhabitants across the river.

The Perfect Clue (1935)

Investigators tackle a case that appears to offer rather dubious leads.

The Kiss (1929)

Irene (Greta Garbo) is stuck in a passionless marriage with her husband, Charles Guarry (Anders Randolf). She strays and falls for lawyer Andr Dubail (Conrad Nagel), but their secret relationship doesn't last. Irene then starts hanging around love-struck 18-year-old Pierre (Lew Ayres). Pierre kisses Irene farewell as he departs for school, but Charles walks in on the innocent embrace, leading to a scuffle. Charles is killed, Irene takes the blame and a murder trial full of twists ensues.

Good News (1930)

A shy coed tutors a college football star when bad grades threaten to make him ineligible to play in the big game.