How Much Does Your Building Weigh, Mr. Foster? (2010)

Premier architect Norman Foster pursues his quest to improve life through design.

More Than Blue (2009)

A terminally ill man (Kwon Sang-Woo) tries to find a suitable husband for the friend (Bo-young Lee) he has loved since childhood.

Our Magic (2014)

An honest, passionate and revealing glimpse behind the curtain revealing the world of magic.

America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth (2014)

America's sexualization of children and its effects on youth and society.

Rubbadubbers: Tubb's Pirate Treasure (2004)

TUBB THE PIRATE: Tubb wishes he were brave. If only he were a pirate, he wouldn't be afraid! But when Tubb the Pirate and Sploshybeard get blasted by cannonballs while searching for treasure. Tubb finds pirates aren't always brave after all. TERENCE OF ARABIA: Terence does not like being splashed! If only he were someplace dry like the desert - it's perfect for Terence of Arabia! But while Queen Sploshilla and the others cool off at their oasis, things heat up for Terence. SPLOSHY OF THE ARCTIC: Cooling off in the bathroom on a hot day sounds great to everyone except Sploshy! Discover what happens when Sploshy the Explorer travels to the imaginary world of the Arctic and meets up with some hungry polar bears! SUPER AMELIA: Wishing for superpowers, Amelia finds herself training to be a superhero, competing against Fintastic Finbar! Will her red cape, super sense of smell and stick string-shooting help her pass the most important test of being a superhero? DEEP SEA REG: Reg wants to play underwater games with his friends. If only he could get wet without short circuiting! Imagining that he's Deep Sea Reg guarding undersea treasures from a monster shark, he soon wishes he were back on dry land.

Another Time, Another Place (1958)

A U.S. newswoman (Lana Turner) has a wartime affair with a British newsman, then seeks out his widow (Glynis Johns) and child.

Superman 75th Anniversary Animated Short (2013)

The quality of keyboardist/composer/bandleader Joe Zawinul's music remained unparalleled to the very end. This titan of the jazz world - whose innovative and genre-bending sensibilities gave rise to such visionary musical entities as Weather Report and the Zawinul Syndicate - took his final bow on September 11, 2007, at age 75 after a battle with cancer. Recorded in concert at a festival date in Lugano, Switzerland, on July 7, 2007, this aptly titled concert video is unwavering proof that Zawinul, like so many great artists, clearly saved some of his best work for last. This is a perfect companion piece to the 75 audio CD, which garnered a GRAMMY in 2010 for Best Contemporary Jazz Album.

The Crowd Roars (1932)

Convinced that car racing will ruin his family, race driver Joe Greer (James Cagney) struggles to turn his younger brother, Eddie (Eric Linden), from the sport. When Eddie proves to be a good driver, Joe reluctantly takes him on the road but shelters him from his mistress, Lee (Ann Dvorak). Her friend Anne (Joan Blondell) falls for Eddie, causing the brothers to quarrel and part. Distressed, Joe drunkenly causes a mishap on the track and falls into despair, until Lee comes to his rescue.

First Family (1980)

The president (Bob Newhart) and his boozing wife (Madeline Kahn) go to Africa to bargain for their abducted daughter's (Gilda Radner) return.

The Adventures of Charlotte and Henry (2008)

Two best friends confront a local bully and attempt to rescue their dog in this family-friendly adventure based on the beloved book series.

Living Dead Lock Up (2005)

When a petty car thief is sentenced to prison, he encounters more than he expected. Now he and his cell mate Miguel must find a way to break out of prison and rescue his girlfriend before they become one of the living dead.

Butterfly Kiss (1995)

Deeply mentally unbalanced drifter Eunice (Amanda Plummer) roams grim northern Britain committing psychosexual serial murders of both men and women while ostensibly searching for an unknown woman named Judith. She spares the life of lonely but kind-hearted gas station cashier Miriam (Saskia Reeves), who abandons her dismal life to follow her damaged new lover. While attempting to hide the evidence of her multiple crimes, Miriam tries to understand Eunice's bizarre quest.

All Hallows' Eve (2007)

Friends tell each other terrifying tales on Halloween.

Death of a Scoundrel (1956)

Czech refugee Clementi Sabourin (George Sanders), heartbroken and betrayed by his lover and his brother, sails to New York City, intent on changing his luck. Sabourin does manage to become wealthy and successful, but he does it by robbing, lying and cheating everyone he meets. Therefore, it's no big surprise when Sabourin turns up murdered. But, since nearly everyone in his life wanted him dead, it's going to be that much that trickier to find the real killer.

Heidi Fleiss: The Would-be Madam of Crystal (2008)

Once upon a time, Heidi Fleiss had a dream: to make millions running a high-price escort service in Hollywood. Ten years and one jail sentence after that dream died, Heidi has another one: to open the first and only legal brothel catering exclusively to women, filled with a stable of studs willing and eager to satisfy every girl's fantasies.

Thank God It's Friday (2013)

"Some have the idea that religious settlers are aggressive and dangerous and don't smile", says Tehiya Diteshiam. "But we're human, OK? Normal." Tehiya lives in the West Bank settlement of Halamish. With its well-swept roads, shaded parking spaces and neat rows of whitewashed houses, it's a direct contrast to the impoverished dry Palestinian village just across the valley. "We want our land back but they don't want to give it to us", explains one very young Palestinian boy to his mother. "Until they give it back, we will keep throwing rocks." Such is the military presence in this region, opportunities for rock-throwing are plentiful. Minor acts of aggression against the nearby settlement are viewed more as a wholesome pastime than ill-advised trouble-making. Young pre-teen brothers gaily speed past their mother to the front-line to roll burning tyres down the hillside into Israeli troops. As the Friday violence reaches its climax the Palestinian protesters try to reach the settlement and the army fights them back. Inside the settlement teenagers watch the ritual playing out; "You can see, they're trying to tell us something but we don't pay attention". But their initial confidence falters as the Palestinian determination and the violence escalates; "They should come and talk to us...We don't want to live like this every Friday. And I hope they don't " In uniquely reflexive sequences, both communities are given the opportunity to watch the troubling footage of the Friday battles. The Palestinian community is there to watch, offering loud applause. But only a handful of the settlers bother to attend their own screening. Their reaction is scornful, describing the film as overly negative; "There is no hope here if you look at this film", says Tahiya. But the documentary has troubled her and it's written across her face. With the status quo there can certainly be no hope.

An Evening with Kevin Smith (2002)

Acclaimed director Kevin Smith (Chasing Amy, Clerks, Dogma) discusses his films, his influences anda variety of other topics in a Q&A format at various college campuses throughout the country.

Voyagers: The First Hawaiians (2009)

Following defeat in battle a group of island people take to the sea after the chief dreams of a guiding bird in the hope of finding a new home.

Uncle Sam Magoo (1970)

In this special, Mr. Magoo plays the role of Uncle Sam and witnesses the great moments in American History.

American Storytellers (2003)

Filmmaker Kevin Mukherji takes the viewer on a philosophical journey into the minds of four American Storytellers, giving the public an inside look into the thoughts and views of successful directors of motion pictures. John McNaughton (Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer, Wild Things), Harold Ramis (Animal House, Analyze This), Forest Whitaker (Waiting to Exhale, Last Kind of Scotland) and John Sayles (Lone Star, The HoneyDrippers) discuss what life, art, their starts and the process of filmmaking.

Los Angeles Kings: 2012 Stanley Cup Champions (2012)

The cup has finally come to LA! Experience every historic moment of the 2012 Stanley Cup Champion Los Angeles Kings.

Trapped (2012)

During an expedition in an unexplored wilderness, two zoology students encounter a strange young woman.

Road 2 Smoke Out (2013)

The experiences of the original garage-built chopper rally and the culture of the infamous biker magazine "The Horse Backstreet Choppers."

Monster High: New Ghoul At School (2010)

It's an eerie-sistible collection that includes a scary special edition movie and 10 creeptastic shorts! The first week of school can be a total torture chamber, but Frankie Stein is about to discover how to survive her first day at Monster High with sinister style! But when she gets on the wrong side of reigning fearleading queen Cleo de Nile, Frankie will discover that being her freaky fabulous self might just be the best way to plug in with her new drop-dead monstrous classmates. Then, join in the ferocious fun with 10 shorts that show what school is really like -- from surviving "Home Ick" to cheering on the "Student Disembodied President!"

Bugs Bunny's Bustin' Out All Over (1980)

Bugs Bunny encounters Marvin the Martian, and Wile E. Coyote catches the Road Runner after a 30-year chase.

Eric Clapton's Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010 (2010)

Rhino Entertainment captured every epic note from that blistering summer day in Chicago and will release over four hours of Crossroads Guitar Festival 2010. Fans around the world will have the chance to experience many of the festival's greatest moments including performances by Clapton, ZZ Top, Steve Winwood, B.B. King, Jeff Beck, Vince Gill, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy, John Mayer, Bill Murray and many others as well as behind-the-scenes footage and candid interviews with the performers.

What My Husband Doesn't Know (2012)

Lena Summer has the perfect life...or so it seems. But with her husband's demanding career, the other side of her bed is too cold too often. When a handsome young foreman is hired to work on their home, the spark she's been missing quickly rages into a wildfire that could cost her everything.

Follow Me, Boys! (1966)

A 1930s saxophonist (Fred MacMurray) finds happiness with his bride (Vera Miles) and as the leader of a Boy Scout troop.

The Bride Goes Wild (1948)

Boozing children's author Greg Rawlings (Van Johnson), known as Uncle Bump, enlists the help of illustrator Martha Terryton (June Allyson), who is appalled by his womanizing ways and seeming hatred for kids. She threatens to tell the world he's a fraud, so he pretends to be a widower and the father of a troubled son (Butch Jenkins) in a scheme cooked up by his publisher (Hume Cronyn). Martha believes the story and tries to help him -- until she finds out the truth.

Lorna Doone (1922)

As a young girl, aristocrat Lorna (Madge Bellamy) meets and befriends John Ridd (John Bowers), a sweet farm boy whom she immediately adores. Soon after, Lorna is kidnapped by Sir Ensor Doone (Frank Keenan) and raised among his band of outlaws, unaware of her royal lineage. Good-natured Sir Ensor protects Lorna from the others -- but when he becomes gravely ill, a young, violent outlaw decides to claim Lorna as his own. She soon realizes that she must somehow contact John, so he can rescue her.

Django (1966)

Stranger Django (Franco Nero) rides into the middle of a border fray between Mexican bandits and the Ku Klux Klan.

Blood + Roses (2010)

Martin (Kane John Scott) and his wife Jane (Marysia Kay) are taking some time off, trying to put the past behind them, trying to appreciate each other again. But when they get to their holiday cottage, they find that they've got little love left for each other. Jane attracts the attention of another man, Seth (Benjamin Green), a vampire who sees something that he wants in Jane. Jane wants it too, but be careful what you wish for... After one night with Seth Jane undergoes a painful transformation. A change that gives her more than she ever thought possible. A change that opens her eyes to a conspiracy that has been kept secret from her. But to finalise this transformation Jane must feed. Can she take a life to secure her own? And how about that delightful husband of hers?

Mostly Dead (2014)

Residents of Fairlawn fight to survive when vampires overrun their town.

Molly: An American Girl on the Home Front (2006)

World War II affects the lives of a girl (Maya Ritter) and her close-knit family.

Core (2010)

Core goes to the heart of climbing. Join an international cast of the sport's most dedicated athletes as they stick it when it matters most. Shot in 35mm Ultra High Definition, get ready to see every detail of some of the nastiest pieces of rock ever climbed. A close examination of each character offers perspective beyond just their achievements on the stone. From Helsinki to Hueco, Africa to Italy, the enclosed forests of Tuscany to the vast open space of the American West, this film is a study in the landscapes and lifestyles that define our sport. Be there, in the moment, as a 5.14 traditional route gets its first ascent. See the mind-bending footage from Livin Large, Nalle Hukkataival's monster 8C. Watch as Fred Nicole polishes off his multi-year project in Switzerland - his hardest ever. All these achievements and more are brought to you here in Chuck Fryberger's followup to the hit bouldering flick PURE. These are the moments and the athletes that define our sport, documented here with a unique style that will leave the viewer feeling like they experienced the film right along with the climbers themselves. Featuring Nalle Hukkataival, Matt Wilder, Fred Nicole, Kilian Fischhuber, Kevin Jorgeson, BJ Tilden, Lucas Preti, Cody Roth, Michele Caminati, Jamie Emerson, Sarah and Steph Marvez, Berni Fiedler, and many more.

Too Many Girls (1940)

After being deported from Europe for troublemaking, impulsive heiress Connie Casey (Lucille Ball) enrolls in her father's alma mater in Stop Gap, New Mexico, to be near a British playwright on whom she has a crush. Connie's father hires four Ivy League football players to act as Connie's bodyguards; each must sign a contract with an anti-romance clause. Upon arriving at the college, the men, led by Clint Kelly (Richard Carlson), show more interest in football than in Connie, rousing her wrath.

Meeting Venus (1991)

An opera star (Glenn Close) falls for a married Hungarian conductor (Niels Arestrup) trying to do Wagner's "Tannhauser."

The Blood of Jesus (1941)

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is a movie about an anthropologist by the name of Dr. Hess Green, who becomes plagued by a suspicious old African artifact. Although Green isn't a vampire, he falls in love with a woman named Ganja Hightower. Soon, he begins to question his new menacing relationship.

Bleach: The DiamondDust Rebellion (2007)

After the treasured Ouin is stolen, Toshiro Hitsugaya disappears and becomes suspected of treason. When the Soul Society calls for his capture and execution, Substitute Soul Reaper Ichigo Kurosaki vows to prove Hitsugaya's innocence. Will the secret of the Ouin and Captain Hitsugaya's motives be revealed before his honor, his life, and the Soul Society are destroyed?

The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II (2013)

The Majestic Life of Queen Elizabeth II made in 2013 is a documentary about her life. It has footage about the death of her father King George VI. This biography covers her childhood, her marriage to Philip, her relationship with her children and Princess Diana, and changes during her reign. It is a well documented historical documentary that shows the ceremonies, formality, and duties of being a Queen for 60 years. This film offers an intimate look into the life of a woman with power. It has commentary from known experts and journalists.

Leslie Jordan: My Trip Down the Pink Carpet (2010)

With his signature southern drawl and self-deprecating humor, Leslie recounts the trials of being a gay, southern man with aspirations of entering show business.

Firecreek (1968)

Johnny Cobb (James Stewart) is the part-time sheriff in a small, rundown town, trying to stretch his meager salary to provide for his growing family. Poor Cobb isn't much of a gunman, and he isn't particularly suited for fighting, but he's the man in charge when a gang of bandits led by Bob Larkin (Henry Fonda) rides into town. The tension rises as the bandits make themselves at home in Cobb's town, but when a gunfight breaks out, Cobb finds himself pushed to the limit.

Ricky Gervais: Out of England - The Stand-Up Special (2008)

Ricky Gervais has risen from relative obscurity in England to become one of the world's biggest multi-media superstars. The award-winning actor and co-creator of 'The Office' and 'Extras' returns to HBO for his first-ever stand-up special on the network. Taped live before a sold-out audience at the WaMu Theater at New York City's Madison Square Garden, the special is a high-spirited hour of Gervais' offbeat observations and understated humor. Topics include his unique takes on such disparate (and often politically incorrect) issues as fund-raising, autism, fame, nursery rhymes, Nazis, moronic friends, obesity and more.

When The Boys Meet The Girls (1965)

A playboy (Harve Presnell) helps a young woman (Connie Francis) turn her father's Nevada ranch into a haven for divorcees.

For Your Height Only (1981)

A diminutive secret agent (Weng Wang) uses his skills with guns and gun molls to rescue a kidnapped scientist.

The Girl (2012)

The Girl explores the relationship between director Alfred Hitchcock and one of his leading ladies, Tippi Hedren. Tippi Hedren is a single mother working as a model when she is first discovered by Hitchcock to star as the lead in his next motion picture. Tippi accepts, viewing this opportunity as the promising beginning of an acting career. She soon realizes that the beloved director isn't as well-meaning as she first thought when he begins harassing her sexually and psychologically.

Norma (2007)

Norman is the story of a teenage boy who is just trying to deal with his daily high school existence. He is self aware and has a dark sense of humor. Norman is soon to find his world spun upside down when a series of life altering events take place. Luckily he meets Emily who is there to help guide him with affection, humbleness, and a serious dose of reality. With her by his side he just may be able to emerge with more strength than he realized he had in order to confront challenges not usually intended for a young man his age.

Dora the Explorer: Dora's Christmas Carol Adventure (2009)

¡Feliz Navidad! It's Christmas time, but Swiper is up to no good! After he lands on Santa's naughty list, Dora must help the sneaky fox discover the true spirit of Christmas. You can help too as you join Dora in this retelling of a holiday classic!

Frank Sinatra: Concert for the Americas (1982)

This first-ever U.S. release of this spectacular 1982 concert proves that even at age 66, Francis Albert Sinatra was still the undisputed Chairman Of The Board. Recorded at the Altos De Chavón Amphitheatre in La Romana, the Dominican Republic, this 90-minute epic performance features the legendary Buddy Rich on drums and a special guest appearance by guitarist Tony Mottola on a memorable rendition of "Send In The Clowns."

Frank Sinatra: A Man and His Music + Ella + Jobim (1967)

A truly memorable television event, the third annual special finds Frank joined by the dazzling Ella Fitzgerald in an historic pairing of the two preeminent vocal talents of the era. As if that weren't enough, Antonio Carlos Jobim accompanies Frank for an intimate medley of classics, including "The Girl From Ipanema."

Bigfoot (2008)

Percy Caldwell is the target of bullies after he professes his love for a popular school cheerleader, leading him into a bicycle accident at the edge of the forest. There he encounters an 8-foot tall creature named Bigfoot escaping from a forest fire. Percy befriends the gentle creature, who is then captured by the bullies to sell as an oddity. Percy must then rally his friends to help rescue Bigfoot and return him to the forest.

Bono - God's Favorite Son Unauthorized (2004)

As lead singer with one of the worlds biggest Rock bands, Bono has exemplified the roles of consummate performer and extraordinary songwriter. As the most infuential and proactive artist to link pop and politics he has achieved the unthinkable; regularly holding court with world leaders and, stranger still, being taken seriously by them. Now, for the first time, this documentary traces the extraordinary life of Bono, from his humble beginnings and the formation of U2, to his role as philanthropist and spokesperson for educating and improving the lives of many. Bono: God's Favourite Son tells the complete unauthorized story of how one of the most extraordinary and benevolent figures in Pop music, has changed the face of modern music whilst maintaining his integrity and fighting to improve the lives of others.

Suburban Commando (1991)

Problems with his rocket compel space-traveling vigilante Shep Ramsey (Hulk Hogan) to spend some time on Earth. Plunking himself down in the middle of suburbia, he rents a room from Charlie (Christopher Lloyd) and Jenny Wilcox (Shelley Duvall). Shep attempts to acclimate himself -- he skateboards, he accosts a mail carrier -- but he's destined to be a fish out of water. But when his outer space enemies arrive and pick a fight with his new friends, Shep is ready to prove his mettle.

Alien Crash at Roswell: The UFO Truth Lost in Time (2013)

The most enigmatic UFO incident in history exposed. Join Philip Coppens, star of History Channel's "Ancient Aliens" series in this and unprecedented expose on the Roswell Incident revealing that there is much more to this case than previously believed.

Kenny Chesney: Summer In 3D (2010)

Beyond the unparalleled performances filmed over 6 nights, captured from onstage, the front row, the wings and even the Goodyear blimp, this film includes extensive archival footage, behind-the-scenes moments and photographs held together by Chesney's own narrative, taking people inside the life, the love, and the reasons for his unprecedented success. This spectacular release contains both the Theatrical version and the Director's Cut. Songs: Live Those Songs, Summertime, Beer in Mexico, Keg in The Closet, Out Last Night, Big Star, No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems, I Go Back, Anything But Mine, Down the Road, Back Where I Come From, There Goes My Life, Old Blue Chair, Living In Fast Forward, Young, Boston, Everybody Wants To Go To Heaven, When the Sun Goes Down, Don't Happen Twice, She Thinks My Tractor's Sexy, Better As A Memory, Ain't Back Yet (Credit Theme), Be As You Are (Credit Theme)

Paul Mooney: Analyzing White America (2002)

Paul Mooney is angry, fearless and very funny. Here he takes direct aim at racism and White America and hits his targets with dead-on accuracy - and humor. Whether pondering chubby white women's attraction to skinny brothers, or examining the "N" word, Paul Mooney is unafraid of the truth - or the humor that is at the heart of controversy. Mooney's stand-up is legendary. Grammy-nominated for his comedy album Race, he has spent years writing for other comedians as well. He started out as a writer for Richard Pryor, Redd Foxx and Eddy Murphy and was the head writer for In Living Color, where he created "Homie, The Clown." Recently he'd been a regular on the critically acclaimed Chappelle Show, most notably as the character "Negrodamus".

The Girl Who Shagged Me (2005)

When Dr. Unsound and his evil henchwoman steal the Goddess of Lust, frozen in ice for centuries to prevent her reign of erotic chaos, it's up to super-sexy international espionage agent Johnson (Misty Mundae) to track her down and save the world - at whatever cost!

Jogwa - The Awakening (2009)

An Indian woman struggles to free herself from an archaic system of servitude.

On Dangerous Ground (1996)

A former IRA terrorist (Rob Lowe), now a hired marksman, becomes a pawn in a plot to extend Britain's lease on Hong Kong.

Just A Little Harmless Sex (1999)

A woman (Alison Eastwood) decides to get revenge after she receives a 3 a.m. call from the police because her husband (Robert Mailhouse) picked up a prostitute.

Joshua Then and Now (1985)

Joshua Shapiro (James Woods) is a respected writer in England, but his public success masks a troubled upbringing in Montreal's Jewish ghetto. His family was, to say the least, unusual: His mother, Esther (Linda Sorenson), was an exotic dancer, and his father, Reuben (Alan Arkin) a small-time criminal. Using wit and cunning, Joshua climbed the social ladder. But the turmoil of his old life comes rushing back when Joshua returns to Canada with his upper-crust wife, Pauline (Gabrielle Lazure).

Journey Into Fear (1975)

A U.S. geologist (Sam Waterston) tries to get out of Turkey alive with the secret of a natural resource.

Journey to the Center of Time (1967)

A time machine takes a scientist, his helpers (Anthony Eisley, Gigi Perreau) and a villain (Scott Brady) to the future, then to the Stone Age.

Justine (1969)

Darley (Michael York) is a young British schoolteacher living in the Egyptian city of Alexandria. His life changes forever when he meets Justine (Anouk Aime), the beautiful and mysterious wife of a financial minister, Nessim (John Vernon). He is smitten with Justine, but he soon discovers that there is more to her than meets the eye. Justine is actually working against the British government to send weapons to Jews in Palestine, and she is not above using her sexuality to do it.

Hanussen (1988)

Austrian soldier Klaus Schneider (Klaus Maria Brandauer) is shot in the head during combat in World War I. As he recovers under the watch of Dr. Bettleheim (Erland Josephson), Schneider discovers he has the ability to read minds and see the future. Renaming himself Erik Jan Hanussen, he uses his new abilities to make money in Germany as a mind reader. Soon, Hanussen predicts the rise of Hitler and World War II, which raises his profile while also endangering his life.

The Heavenly Kid (1985)

A fearless and suave greaser, Bobby Fantana (Lewis Smith) dies in a drag-racing accident and finds himself in a limbo realm. Advised by a guide named Rafferty (Richard Mulligan), Bobby eventually must go back to Earth and serve as a guardian angel. Bobby's assigned teen is Lenny Barnes (Jason Gedrick), a bright but nerdy kid who is lacking self-confidence and too shy to ask out his dream girl. As Bobby teaches Lenny how to be cool and confident, the two form a close bond.

X-Ray (1982)

Mad Harold searches a hospital to find the patient (Barbi Benton) who refused to be his valentine 19 years before.

Heat and Dust (1983)

When Anne (Julie Christie) discovers a long-forgotten family scandal involving her deceased grandmother, Olivia (Greta Scacchi), she decides to investigate further by traveling to the scene of the crime: India. In the 1920s, Olivia had been married to an official in the colonial government, but had an affair with an Indian man that resulted in an abortion and disgrace. By coincidence, Anne also finds herself conducting an affair with an Indian man, and faces similar social prejudice.

Hawmps! (1976)

An Army bumpkin (James Hampton) and his aide (Christopher Connelly) are sent to Texas to convert the cavalry from horses to camels.

Heat (1972)

Former child star Joe Davis (Joe Dallesandro), reduced to living in a cheap Hollywood motel while struggling for acting jobs, is lusted after by nearly every woman he meets, including Jessica Todd (Andrea Feldman), a tightlywound feminist who has recently come out as a lesbian. When Jessica's mother, Sally (Sylvia Miles), an emotionally needy has-been actress, meets Joe, she moves him into her enormous, tacky mansion as her new boy toy and attempts to get him acting work.

Hook, Line and Sinker (1969)

With a terminal diagnosis that has left him with just months to live, insurance salesman Peter (Jerry Lewis) decides to take an extravagant, around-the-world fishing tour. Mid-trip, Peter is informed by his doctor, Scott (Peter Lawford), that a malfunctioning electrocardiograph had caused a misdiagnosis and he will live. Now, faced with crippling debt from his travels, Peter resolves to fake his own death to secure a life insurance claim for his wife, Nancy (Anne Francis).

Harum Scarum (1965)

Singer and movie star Johnny Tyronne (Elvis Presley) is promoting his newest film in the Middle East when he is kidnapped by a bumbling group of would-be assassins. They have mistaken Johnny's swashbuckling screen persona for the real thing and want him to use his powerful karate skills to kill their king. With the help of thief Zacha (Jay Novello) and his dwarf pal, Baba (Billy Barty), Johnny attempts to escape his captors while also wooing the beautiful Princess Shalimar (Mary Ann Mobley).

The Intern (2000)

An overworked, underpaid magazine intern (Dominique Swain) goes from the mailroom to the boardroom, while searching for a spy within the company.

Invisible Dad (1998)

Young Doug Bailey (William Meyers) has to save his father after a strange machine in the garage makes the man invisible.

I Hope They Serve Beer In Hell (2009)

A selfish cad (Matt Czuchry) jeopardizes his relationship with two close friends after throwing one of them a particularly decadent bachelor party.

Kounterfeit (1996)

Police, mobsters and a vengeful woman pursue hoodlums whose failed counterfeit scheme killed innocent victims.

Klondike Fever (1980)

Writer Jack London (Jeff East) has a sled dog for a friend and a renegade priest (Rod Steiger) for an enemy in gold-rush Alaska.

Clown (2010)

A man takes his girlfriend's son on a canoe trip to prove to her that he's dad material, but the man's buddy wants to use the opportunity to bed as many women as he can find.

Kansas (1988)

Two teenage guys (Matt Dillon, Andrew McCarthy) rob a Kansas bank and flee, then cross paths later as fugitive and hero.

Koshish (1972)

A deaf and mute couple chisel out a niche for themselves in a desensitized society.

Lone Wolf And Cub: Baby Cart To Hades (1972)

"Lone Wolf and Cub: Baby Cart to Hades" (1973) is the third film in the "Lone Wolf and Cub" series. It is also a Japanese anime based on the manga series of the same name. The title characters are the assassin Ogami Itt? and his son young Daigoro. Ogami battles mercenaries and saves a young woman from life as a prostitute.

Kanoon (1960)

A lawyer (Rajendra Kumar) faces a moral dilemma during a murder trial.

I, The Jury (1982)

Mike Hammer (Armand Assante) is a hard-boiled private investigator in New York City. After his best friend is murdered, Hammer hits the streets to find the killer, with the help of his beautiful secretary, Velda (Laurene Landon). As he narrows in on the murderer, Hammer pays a visit to a sex clinic operator (Barbara Carrera) to gain insight into the case. But Hammer may be in too deep when he uncovers a government secret involving mind-control technology.

Is There Life Out There? (1994)

A husband (Keith Carradine) and wife (Reba McEntire) deal with the pressures involved with her going back to school.

I Downloaded A Ghost (2004)

A 12-year-old (Ellen Page) accidentally releases a spirit while surfing the Internet.

The Incredible Sarah (1976)

The legendary actress Sarah Bernhardt's (Glenda Jackson) unconventional life and career are examined in this biopic. At an audition in 1860, the teenage Bernhardt proclaims herself the greatest actress of her time. Her career blossoms, as does her private life. But art and life don't stay balanced, much to the frustration of her lovers. The eccentric Bernhardt eventually does marry another actor (John Castle), but it's her life on stage that ultimately gives her the most satisfaction.

Loving the Bad Man (2012)

Loving the Bad Man is about a young Christian woman who is brutally raped. Afterwards she finds out that a child has been conceived. She decides to keep the child, despite her conflicted emotions. In an effort to come to grips with her situation she goes into therapy, and eventually forms a bond with the man who raped her, who is now incarcerated.

The Giants (2011)

Seth and Zak spend a summer in the house of their dead grandfather and wait for their mother to return with money. The brothers decide to rent the house to a drug dealer to make some cash, but things do not go as planned.

Lady Frankenstein (1971)

Baron Frankenstein (Joseph Cotten) is hard at work trying to reanimate human tissue when his daughter, Tania (Rosalba Neri), comes home from university with a medical degree and announces that it has always been her intention to carry on her father's work. The baron is thrilled, but no sooner does he successfully reanimate his creature than it kills him and stalks off. Shocked but undaunted, Tania vows to create an even greater monster to destroy the first in revenge.

The Last Flight of the Champion (2013)

Neddie finds an ancient warship and forms a crew of his childhood friends to take to the stars to bring Warlord Gen. Disdain to justice and end an intergalactic war.

A Gang Story (2011)

Edmond and Serge form the Gang des Lyonnais, a gang responsible for numerous armed robberies in the 1970s.

Long Shot: The Kevin Laue Story (2012)

A filmmaker chronicles teenager Kevin Laue's struggle to become the first one-armed player in the history of college basketball.

Little Black Dress (2011)

Four pampered college graduates try to figure out what direction their lives should take.

Living Will... (2011)

This comedy that was released in 2011 directed by Matthew Lauyer, is one where you may look at your best friend and or roommate in a different way. It all starts out with Will’s messy and disgusting roommate, as well as best friend, Belcher played by Ryan Dunn. Belcher just happens to pass away in a very awkward situation and comes out haunting into Will’s life again as an annoying, nagging ghost. Of course when Belcher comes back as a ghost, he comes back in full vengeance as a perverted and mischievous one. Haunting Will’s every move throughout the day and night, no matter what situation he may be in at the time. After Belcher’s passing, Will played by Gerard Haitz moved in with Belcher’s cousin, Krista played by April Scott. This sends Belcher over the top as a ghost, he does everything he can to ruin the relationship between Krista and Will.

Little Heroes (2017)

Townsfolk make fun of a poor Western farm girl (Raeanin Simpson) until she and her fuzzy dog have their day.