The Phantom Stage (1939)

A gun-toting duo rides in to save the day when a woman is threatened with the loss of her stagecoach line.

Memory of Love (2009)

After a woman and her lover have a car accident, she awakes and realizes that both of them have been taken to the hospital where her husband works as a surgeon.

Red Lion (1969)

A samurai becomes a pawn in a political power struggle when he's sent to announce the emperor's latest tax cuts.

Miles Electric: A Different Kind of Blue (2004)

In 1970, legendary jazz composer and trumpeter Miles Davis performed a set using electrified instruments with a group of musicians at the Isle of Wight music festival. This documentary presents the entire concert, along with context about Davis' controversial decision to move away from acoustic instrumentation in 1968. Guitarist Carlos Santana is among those testifying to the musician's influence, while scholar and jazz critic Stanley Crouch argues that going electric ruined Davis' music.

Magnificent Butcher (1979)

With help from his brother, a martial-arts master (Sammo Hung) tries to save his sister-in-law from kidnappers.

Suddenly (2006)

A man finds a way to move on with life with his teenage son after they survive a car accident that killed his wife and young son.

The Killer Inside Me (1976)

A small-town lawman becomes increasingly psychotic as flashbacks force him to relive childhood traumas.

The Passionate Plumber (1932)

A woman of Paris (Irene Purcell) poses a plumber (Buster Keaton) as her lover to make her boyfriend jealous.

Lone Wolf & Cub 6: White Heaven in Hell (1974)

The samurai Ogami (Tomisaburô Wakayama) confronts his archenemy Retsudo in a final confrontation.

Insaaf: The Final Justice (1997)

Vikram is an honest police inspector on the trail of Chimanbhai and his group of gangsters. Little does he know that people behind the crimes are none other than politicians who will do anything to protect the criminals.

Singles (1992)

A group of young South Korean professionals must make decisions about their relationships and futures. Na-nan (Jang Jin-yeong), who is nearing 30, starts dating Su-heon (Kim Ju-hyuk), while her best friend, Dong-mi (Eom Jeong-hwa), lives a carefree single life. Things start to get complicated, however, when Su-heon's job transfers him to the United States, and Na-nan must decide whether to also move there. Meanwhile, Dong-mi's relationship with her shy platonic roommate takes a romantic turn.

Taoism Drunkard (1983)

An incorrigible kung fu expert with a drinking problem spouts words of wisdom.

Enemigos (1956)

Two brothers whose parents separated during their childhood and received totally different education, are confronted by fate.

Immortal Love (1961)

A woman marries an impaired man against her will and problems soon develop when her estranged lover returns.

The Queen of Babylon (1956)

Goatherd Semiramis (Rhonda Fleming) becomes the king's (Roldano Lupi) concubine but loves a Chaldean rebel (Ricardo Montalban) in ninth-century B.C. Assyria.

The Escape (1939)

A family is torn between loyalty and a code of justice when it's discovered one of them is a murderer.

Girlfriends (2000)

A teenage hairdresser looking to lose her virginity befriends classmates who can give her advice on sex. When she falls for one of the guys in school, she starts learning how relationships and sex work.

Gangster (1994)

Gangster revolves around the love story of bar girl, Simran and a dreaded Gangster, Daya.

Just Neighbors (1919)

Two hapless neighbors (Harold Lloyd, Snub Pollard) try to build a shed but wind up ruining laundry, a garden and a chicken coop.

The Mummy's Ghost (1944)

A 3000-year-old limping mummy (Lon Chaney) seeks his reincarnated princess (Ramsay Ames) in a Midwestern college town.

Black Lizard (1968)

A detective (Isao Kimura) tries to outwit a jewel thief (Akihiro Maruyama) who has kidnapped the daughter (Kikko Matsuoka) of a jeweler to get to an exquisite diamond.

Sensation Seekers (1927)

A free-spirited flapper (Billie Dove) falls in love with a staid minister (Raymond Bloomer), but fear of ruining his reputation causes her to marry another man (Huntley Gordon).

Goin' to Town (1944)

The owners of a general store and their neighbors become the butt of a phony oil promoter's expensive practical joke.

Time Masters (1982)

A young boy is the lone survivor of a giant hornet attack on the desert planet Perdide.

Feeding Grounds (2006)

A mysterious creature stalks a group of friends in the desert.

Love Possible (2012)

A secretary (Srishti Sharma) tries to get her playboy boss (Karan Mehra) interested in running his company, and also tries to prevent others from taking advantage of him.

War of the Buttons (2011)

In World War II France, the leader (Jean Texier) of a children's gang falls for a Jewish girl, leading his gang and their rivals to consider putting aside their differences in order to protect her from the Nazis.

Brooklyn Boheme (2011)

Spike Lee, Chris Rock, Branford Marsalis, Rosie Perez and others discuss the black arts movement that exploded in Fort Greene, Brooklyn, from the mid-1980s through the '90s.

Pulgasari (1985)

The blood of an evil king's daughter brings a monster to life to overthrow his corrupt regime.

Ardeshir Mohasses: The Rebellious Artist (2012)

The life and work of Iran's foremost political cartoonist, satirist, painter and illustrator.

From Nashville With Music (1969)

A New York City couple on vacation in Tennessee gets involved in the star-studded world of the Grand Ole Opry.

Horsey (1997)

Giving in to the charms of a perennial bad boy, young painter Delilah Miller (Holly Ferguson) becomes involved with aspiring rock musician Ryland Yale (Todd Kerns). Coming from a rich background, Ryland is used to getting want he wants, and, unfortunately for Delilah, he desires heroin more than he does her. With that relationship leaving her in an emotional tailspin, she looks to religion as a source of stability, also reconnecting with her old flame, Lily Hiroshima (Victoria Deschanel).

Scientists Under Attack (2009)

Agro-Chemical corporations victimize international scientists to prevent them from publishing scary findings.

The Vengeance of She (1968)

The immortal king (John Richardson) of Kuma thinks a beauty (Olinka Brov) in the South of France is Ayesha, queen of his lost city.

Rock 'n' Roll (1978)

A clothing-factory worker seeks relief from the hassles of everyday life at the local dance hall.

100th Street Haunting: The Ghost of Richard Speck (2012)

Terror strikes a group of paranormal investigators at the site of a killing spree.

Sexsquatch: The Legend of Blood Stool Creek (2013)

A horny Bigfoot interrupts teenage revelers who are trying to get their friend deflowered.

Ghanchakkar (2013)

A safecracker (Emraan Hashmi) claims that an accident erased his memory of where he hid the loot from his gang's latest heist.

Private Property (1960)

A hoodlum (Corey Allen) plots to seduce a lonely housewife (Kate Manx) and turn her over to his virginal friend (Warren Oates).

Araya (1959)

A chronicle of how people use an old salt mine.

Professor Creeps (1942)

Down-on-their-luck private eyes (Mantan Moreland, F.E. Miller) probe the case of a Harlem socialite (Florence O'Brien) whose suitors mysteriously vanish.

Goth (2003)

A savage but charismatic woman (Phoebe Dollar) leads two Goth teens on a dark journey fueled by drugs, violence and depravity.

Hour of the Assassin (1987)

A CIA agent (Robert Vaughn) tries to stop the son (Erik Estrada) of a slain South American leader from seeking revenge.

The Commander and the Stork (2012)

A working-class widower (Pierfrancesco Favino) with two teenage offspring meets and falls in love with a destitute artist (Alba Rohrwacher).

Counterfeit (1936)

To gain access to a gang of counterfeiters, a federal agent goes under cover as a killer.

Chacha Bhatija (1977)

After having been wrongfully ousted from their home, Shankar and Sunder decide to expose the real face of Teja's new wife, Sonia.

Immaculate (2009)

Stephen, about to become chairman of the group, wants to unburden himself of a bad choice he made early in his career.

Deputy Droopy (1955)

Droopy (Bill Thompson) comes to the rescue when two villains try to steal gold from a safe.

Die Standing Up (2011)

The son of Mexican militants promotes socialism and the Cuban Revolution.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010)

A young boy named Pietari (Onni Tommila) and his friend Juuso (Ilmari Jrvenp) think a secret mountain drilling project near their home in northern Finland has uncovered the tomb of Santa Claus. However, this a monstrous, evil Santa, much unlike the cheery St. Nick of legend. When Pietari's father (Jorma Tommila) captures a feral old man (Peeter Jakobi) in his wolf trap, the man may hold the key to why reindeer are being slaughtered and children are disappearing.

Carrier (2011)

A contagious virus turns people into killers.

A Sporting Chance (1945)

A pampered girl learns that she will receive her inheritance only after she earns her own living.

Maman (2012)

Sisters are kidnapped to force their mother to love.

Pooltime (2010)

A long-single gay bachelor invites several friends over for a party to see if romance develops with one of them.

Fraternity Massacre at Hell Island (2007)

The pledges of Zeta Alpha Rho fraternity are left on an island with a killer clown.

Aliens Gone Wild! (2005)

A compilation of science-fiction scenes from Full Moon Features.

One-Eyed Horse (2008)

The daughters of two men embroiled in a deadly feud are endangered by plots of revenge.

Woman-Wise (1937)

A crusading sportswriter exposes racketeers involved in paying off fighters to throw their matches.

I Heart U (2012)

A marriage is all fun and games until people start to lose body parts.

20,000 Cheers for the Chain Gang (1933)

Four convicts escape from a prison before changes are made for a blue ribbon commission inspection. When the escapees learn prisoners eat steak every night and have stage shows, they beg the warden to take them back in.

Westward Passage (1932)

Nick Allen (Laurence Olivier) is an idealistic writer who refuses to give in to the commercial advice of his editor. His loving wife, Olivia (Ann Harding), supports his artistic integrity, but, after the birth of their daughter, she begs Nick to be practical. The resulting strain leads to divorce. Six years later, Olivia, who has since remarried, and Nick, now a successful author, cross paths on a fateful trip to Switzerland. Still in love, Nick strives to win back Olivia's heart.

Dead Pet (1997)

A college student (Kevin Cotteleer) returns home and discovers that his parents have spent the rest of his tuition money on veterinary care for their poodle.

The LoveMaster (1997)

A stand-up comic (Craig Shoemaker) bemoans his lack of success with women (Farrah Fawcett, Courtney Thorne-Smith) to a therapist.

Comedy Warriors: Healing Through Humor (2013)

Comics Lewis Black, Zach Galifianakis, B.J. Novak and Bob Saget help injured veterans perfect their stand-up routines.

Miss B's Hair Salon (2008)

Neighborhood gangster Mr. Big (Tommy "Tiny" Lister) has his sexy attorney deliver an eviction notice to Miss B's place of business.

Alien Lockdown (2004)

A team of commandos are sent to a genetic lab under the Rocky Mountains after an experiment with an alien goes wrong.

This Is Not a Film (2010)

Iranian filmmaker Jafar Panahi makes a video diary with his phone in response to his government's threats against him.

Dear Jesse (1997)

Filmmaker Tim Kirkman examines Sen. Jesse Helms' views on homosexuality and his impact on North Carolinians.

Wolfhound (2007)

A skilled warrior (Aleksandr Bukharov) embarks on a quest to avenge the slaughter of his family and his tribe.

Dinner at Fred's (1997)

A businessman (Gil Bellows) heading to his fiancee's for Christmas dinner becomes stranded in a house of eccentrics (Parker Posey, Kevin McDonald).

Raj Tilak (1984)

The local King surrounds himself with enemies, which include his own trusted men: Bhavani Singh, and Ranjeet, who plot to overthrow him, in vain.

Stockholm Marathon (1994)

A homicide chief (Gsta Ekman) and his men track a vengeful man who plans to kill a pop star during a long-distance race.

Police Murderer (1993)

A homicide chief (Gsta Ekman) investigates a strangling that seems connected to a policeman's death 100 miles away.

The Pink Phink (1964)

A house painter uses blue as his color of choice, while the Pink Panther has a different selection in mind.

Philbert (1963)

A cartoonist (William Schallert) has his hands full when his comic-strip creation jumps off the drawing board and tries to wreck his relationship with an attractive neighbor.

Bewitched (1945)

During her engagement party, Joan Ellis (Phyllis Thaxter) hears the voice of another personality called Karen within her. Karen forces Joan to leave her fianc, Bob Arnold (Henry H. Daniels Jr.), and move to New York. There she meets lawyer Eric Russell (Stephen McNally), whom she falls for, but again Karen compels her to flee. When she returns to Bob, Karen takes control and murders him. Joan's fate then hinges upon Dr. Bergson (Edmund Gwenn) being able to uncover her illness.

Bruce's Deadly Fingers (1976)

Malicious gangsters capture Bruce's ex-girlfriend, then a young martial artist (Bruce Le) attempts to rescue her and the late master's book containing lethal techniques for killing with a finger.

Mountbatten: The Last Viceroy (1986)

A British aristocrat (Nicol Williamson) supervises the return of government to India after 200 years of British rule.

Plan for Destruction (1943)

Karl Haushofer (Frank Reicher) emerges as a leading proponent of the use of geopolitics in Nazi Germany.

The Bigamist (1955)

A happily married salesman (Marcello Mastroianni) suffers legal and domestic woes after learning he was allegedly wed to another woman seven years earlier.

Black Lightning (2009)

A young man uses a flying car to defend Moscow from criminals.

Arizona Badman (1935)

A man (Reb Russell) on horseback single-handedly rounds up an outlaw (Edmund Cobb) and his gang, and wins a woman's (Lois January) heart in the process.

Sky Patrol (1939)

A government trainer (John Trent) sends cadets to guard the Mexican border, where one is shot down and captured by smugglers.

Animalympics (1979)

Obnoxious announcers and egotistical athletes prepare for a gala sporting event in an animated parody of the Olympics.

Singing Outlaw (1937)

A roving cowpoke (Bob Baker) witnesses a marshal's death, stops cattle rustlers and woos a rancher's daughter.

Mr. Universe (1951)

A manager (Jack Carson) grooms a naive bodybuilding champion (Vincent Edwards) to be a professional wrestler.

Champion Without a Crown (1945)

A young man wants to improve his standard of living through boxing and succeeds, but discovers that his past haunts him.

It's a Great Day (1956)

A builder recruits a dubious character to help him finish a job on a new housing estate before the official opening.

Uncertainty (2008)

A coin flip decides whether a young couple (Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Lynn Collins) attends a Fourth of July bash or has a wild adventure in the city.

Lost Angels (2010)

Filmmaker Thomas Napper focuses on eight individuals who have found a way to make a life for themselves in Los Angeles' Skid Row.

Stick to Your Guns (1941)

A cattle rancher has trouble with rustlers until he calls in his friends to help him round up the outlaws.

Hombre de negro (2011)

Javier Huerta, the man in black, returns from the grave to avenge his murder.

Sisters (2009)

A blonde girl in a family of brunettes dreams of meeting her father.

General Spanky (1936)

Orphaned shoeshine boy Spanky (Spanky McFarland) is working on a Mississippi riverboat during the Civil War. There he befriends young runaway slave Buckwheat (William "Buckwheat' Thomas). After wronging a vicious gambler (Irving Pichel), Spanky and Buckwheat are forced to jump ship. Finding solace at a nearby house, the two are picked by Marshall Valiant (Phillips Holmes) for an important mission. This inspires Spanky to organize the local kids to form a small army of their own.

Dark Awakening (2007)

Visions of his abusive father drive a man to violence and lead to an investigation by an aging detective with a connected past.

Hiroshima (2009)

A young Uruguayan man has trouble communicating and interacts with the world through his music.

The Inn on the Dartmoor (1964)

A young artist aids a policeman in discovering what became of six prison escapees who disappeared without a trace.

Cryptz (2002)

Three rap artists are lured into a nightclub populated by female vampires who want to add them to their menu.

Peer Gynt (1942)

A young man (Charlton Heston) proves that he can make his way in the world without the support of wealth.

Van Veeteren: The Swallow, the Cat, the Rose and Death (2006)

A serial killer finds inspiration from 19th-century crime novels.