Planes With Brains (2018)

Two airplanes meet a genius robot high above the clouds.

The Sound of Bells (2016)

A visual representation of religious experience in everyday life.

Conny Plank: The Potential of Noise (2017)

Influential West German musician and record producer Konrad "Conny" Plank is profiled.

Behind the Curve (2018)

The internet has revived the conspiracy theory that the earth is flat -- and America's flat-Earth movement appears to be growing -- despite its detractors in the scientific community.


Una monja española va a América y vive como hombre, pero ello le trae problemas amorosos y se regresa a Europa.

Cheer Up (2016)

A team of teenage cheerleaders from Finland's Arctic Circle struggles to come to terms with losing a competition.

The Glass Tower (1957)

A business tycoon's wife turns grows tired of being her husband's possession.

Butterfly Caught (2017)

Three aspiring actresses go to Los Angeles to break into the cutthroat world of acting. As each woman is forced to face her deepest fears and insecurities, they all discover the lengths to which they will go to avoid failure.

Darwins Law (2018)

A special agent finds himself transported into a deadly video game.

The Naked Eye (1956)

This history of photography and cameras, from Leonardo da Vinci to Edward Weston.

Momento (2015)

A woman surprises her husband on their anniversary.

Dawn of the Felines (2017)

Three escort girls living in Tokyo experience loneliness.

Becoming Iconic (2018)

Jodie Foster, Jonathan Baker, Taylor Hackford, Adrian Lyne, John Badham, Michael Bay, Nicolas Cage, Faye Dunaway and Warren Beatty discuss their experiences of directing a movie for the first time.

Gimme Skelter (2007)

A man who believes he's Charles Manson's son goes on a killing spree to get his father's attention.

Edge of Obedience (2017)

Artist Ahmad Zakii Anwar raises eyebrows for painting nude figures and other taboo subjects in his homeland of Malaysia.

Alien Exp. (2018)

After a deep space exploration vessel discovers a potentially habitable planet, a scouting team is dispatched to investigate the planet's resources. Once on the ground, the team's mission turns into a battle for survival against alien life forms.

The Witness (2018)

A man witnesses a cruel murder and becomes entangled in circumstances out of his control.

Under the Autumn Moon (2018)

While scouting a dude ranch for the outdoor adventure company that employs her, a woman rediscovers her passion for the great outdoors and becomes smitten with the ranch's owner.

Young Romance (1915)

Workers at a big department store fall in love.

Spoof: Based on a True Movie (2017)

A parody of famous movies and movie characters.

The Dead and the Damned 3: Ravaged (2018)

The residents of the last survivor camp face severe attacks from the undead and groups of ex-military soldiers.

Wasted Talent (2018)

Once considered the next Robert De Niro, actor Lillo Brancato succumbs to the temptations of stardom and becomes a drug addict. After eight years in prison, he struggles to redeem himself and reclaim his career.

The Best of All Worlds (2017)

A young mother in Salzburg, Austria, struggles to give her 7-year-old son a happy childhood despite her soul-crushing drug addiction.

Man On Mission Fauladi (2004)

Living his life as an orphan, Sivaji's life turns around after he gets adopted by a mafia don, Sonbhadri. However, trouble starts brewing after Sonbhadri plans to make Sivaji his heir instead of his biological son.

Aaj Ki Pukaar (2010)

Five youngsters get caught by the police before they can begin their fight against terrorism. However, lady luck soon shines on them as the police decide to support them instead.

The Christmas Pact (2018)

As childhood friends and neighbors, Sadie and Ben planted a scrawny Christmas tree and promised to always keep the spirit of Christmas alive in their hearts.

A Christmas Arrangement (2018)

A struggling flower shop owner joins a holiday floral show in an effort to keep her store afloat. She starts to fall for her competitor, the handsome protege of a legendary florist.

Sultanat (1986)

Sultan, a brave warrior, tries to win the affections of Yasmin, a beautiful woman. However, his life turns upside down when his father is killed by a general, who he then swears revenge against.

Everything Is Wonderful (2017)

A wealthy woman and a waitress become friends as they drink and carouse. When they finally retreat to the Hamptons, their friendship takes an unexpected turn as they deal with their issues.

Dead Squad: Temple of the Undead (2018)

Young people on a vacation in a tropical paradise happen upon ancient ruins filled with unimaginable horrors.

Agreement (1980)

Mala, a rich woman, seeks a husband who will look after the house while she takes care of her business empire. She marries Shekher but also gets him to sign a one-year employment contract.

Climate Hustle (2017)

Filmmaker Christopher Rogers reveals the history of climate change and examines the science on both sides of the debate.

High Jack (2018)

In a desperate attempt to seek revenge on the owner of an airline, some dissatisfied employees hijack a flight. However, things take a crazy turn when a DJ flying with them accidentally gets everyone, including the hijackers, high on drugs.

The Red Land (2015)

Pierre's job as a foreman for a company clearing the jungle and planting pines for paper brings him into conflict with local activists and his conscience.

Dear Renzo (2016)

Two young Argentines wander the streets of New York City, increasingly lost in a maze of currency exchange, translation problems, and nocturnal flirtation.

A Rough Draft (2018)

A mysterious force strips a video game designer of his identity.

El abogado (2016)

A lawyer plans a kidnapping for a client.

Assault to Freedom (2016)

In 1963 five young Cubans take part in a plan to steal a boat full of passengers to find their freedom.

Above Ground (2017)

When the local sheriff refuses to search for her missing ex-husband, a woman hires a private investigator to help find him and solve the murder of two people.

The Noon Whistle (1923)

A clumsy construction worker blunders his way around the job site.

Calla Lily (2015)

A chance encounter with someone from her past prompts a woman to examine her current abusive relationship.

Bluest Moon (2017)

Friends must lean on one another for relationship advice to find peace within their individual relationships.

The First Date (2014)

Two people relive their first date over and over again until they get it right.

Double Locked (2011)

Equipped with his metal detector, a man finds a chest in the sand. A little farther on, his rival finds the key.

Chicas Day (2013)

On a girls' day out, everything is allowed as long as everyone can remember that this is just a game.

Crazy Me (1993)

A man believes his recent misfortunes are omens of death.

Polar Outpost (1957)

Radar stations in Alaska and Canada defend North America.

The Silent Revolution (2018)

Several sixth-grade students show their solidarity with the victims of the 1956 Hungarian uprising by staging a minute's silence during lessons.

Don't Let the Light In (2015)

Jack tries to convince his baby sitter that there are monsters hiding in his room.

Manifesto (2017)

A young man in a domestic terrorist cell runs into an ex-girlfriend the day before he's supposed to plant a bomb in a stadium.

Death Live S. (2014)

Ayumi receives a strange link from her old friend Yoriko.

Borderland (2016)

A woman tries to pay off her debt to a dangerous cartel.

Villa Estrella (2009)

The restless spirit of a murdered woman terrorizes a dilapidated resort in a quest for revenge.

Cyprien (2009)

A 35-year-old geek transforms into a total lady-killer thanks to magic deodorant.

Taneycomo (2016)

Recently divorced, decorated Afghan veteran, Dagon, does the best he can to finish raising his 13-year-old son Leo. But with both of them dealing with PTSD, it's not an easy task.

Emma (2017)

A lifelong womanizer has a fling with a blind woman.

The Other Woman (2018)

A man fantasizes about his best friend's new girlfriend. He is willing to throw caution to the wind to fulfill his wildest dreams.

Men Don't Cry (2017)

With the end of the Yugoslav Wars less than 20 years in the past, a diverse group of veterans meets in a mountain hotel for days of therapy.

Made in Korea: A One Way Ticket Seoul-Amsterdam? (2006)

Adopted as a baby by a Dutch couple, filmmaker In-Soo Radstake embarks on a journey back to Seoul to search for answers to his past.

Paranormal Fears (2018)

Three ghost stories from beyond the grave.

Demonoids (2007)

Two college friends battle an army of demons after they lose a bet with the devil.

Cacería de braceros (2000)

Major Leiva must unravel the mind of a dangerous serial killer in order to solve the case of several bodies found severely mutilated.

7, Roshan Villa (2016)

After the death of her businessman father, Renu lives in Mahabaleshwar with her husband Rajas in a bungalow named 7, Roshan Villa. Dealing with a mental condition, she finds herself entangled in a series of strange incidents.

Outrage Coda (2017)

A ferocious power struggle erupts in the top echelons of two crime families.

Shanghaied (1915)

A tramp is asked to help a ship owner sink a ship to collect insurance money.

Eugenia (2018)

Longing for a more interesting life, a middle-class Bolivian woman divorces her husband, quits her job and moves to a new city.

Siva Manasula Sakthi (2009)

During a chance encounter on a train, Siva and Sakthi lie to each other about their professions. After the truth comes out, a series of hilarious incidents ensue because of the duo's efforts to exact revenge upon each other.

Weightless (2017)

After his ex-wife goes missing, a reclusive man must raise his estranged and obese son, attracting unwelcome attention from his small-town community while disrupting his own quiet existence.

Christmas at Graceland (2018)

A working Chicago mom brings her kids with her on a business trip to Memphis so they can all visit Graceland during the week before Christmas. But she is thrown for a loop when she bumps into an old flame from her days as a singer in college.

Peanut Gallery (2015)

An exploration of one family's tragic loss and its attempts to heal after decades of silence.

Playground (2016)

On the last day of school, a 12-year-old girl sets up a secret meeting with a boy. The intimate talk quickly spins out of control, leading to an unexpected ending.

Kartha Karma Kriya (2018)

A young man helps a pretty woman search for her sister's killer.

The Untouchables vs Al Catone (1998)

A brave mouse and his fellow agents free Cheesecago from the clutches of a racketeering cat.

In a Colt's Shadow (1965)

Conflict arises between two gunfighters when one falls in love with the other's daughter.

Gusto (2007)

Exploring the life stories of several people who have gone on to become iconoclasts in the field of extreme sports.

Savage (2009)

Forest rangers, scientists and others try to capture or kill Bigfoot when a forest fire forces the bloodthirsty beast out of the wilderness.

Doppelgänger II: The Red Box (2016)

Anna finds a note inside a red box near her bed. After finding it, her life changes. At the same time, in 1817, a policeman investigates the suicide of a girl who looks just alike Anna.

My Stretch of Texas Ground (2019)

Radical Islamic terrorists descend on a small Texas town, intent on assassinating a visiting Texas senator, but Sheriff Joe Haladin is standing in their way.

Brothers (2015)

Filmmaker Aslaug Holm follows the everyday life of her two young sons.

More (2017)

Gaza, a 14-year-old Turkish boy, is pushed by his overbearing father to help smuggle refugees from the war-torn Middle East. As they give the refugees temporary lodgings and food until they can attempt to cross, Gaza dreams of escaping this life.

Purdah (2018)

An Indian Muslim woman causes controversy at home when she trades her burqa for a cricket uniform.

Thud Pilots (2018)

American pilots recount their experiences fighting in the skies over North Vietnam.

Man Mandir (1971)

Orphaned at an early age, a boy learns to provide for his sister.

Liquid Truth (2018)

Parents accuse a swimming teacher of abusing his students.

Chop Chop Chang: Operation C.H.I.M.P. (2019)

The CIA secretly trains a world-famous circus chimpanzee to become a deadly assassin.

Girl From Nowhere (2017)

A couple picks up a hitchhiker who may or not may not be the devil herself.

Sextape (2018)

A teenager tries to recover a compromising video before her sister can see it.

Fighting Belle (2017)

When she gets jilted at the altar, a sassy Southern belle climbs into the ring to settle the score with her former fiance.

Countrycide (2017)

A woman who has a bear trap stuck on her leg has to survive being hunted by two and four-legged predators in the woods.

Locos de amor 2 (2018)

An architect is reunited with the love of his life.

Thathi Thavadhu Manasu (2003)

Cast - Sona, Urvasi Patel, Sindhuri.

Restare Uniti (2011)

Thousands of Italian men find themselves in Australian interment camps during World War II.

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution (2016)

Filmmaker Dale Beaumont-Brown addresses the cannabis movement within the United Kingdom.

The Future of Work and Death (2016)

Futurologists, anthropologists, neurologists and philosophers consider the effects new technologies will have on work and death.

Homecoming: Veterans, Wives and Mothers (2017)

After serving on the front lines, women warriors return home to face a new battlefield on the homefront.

Leaps of Faiths (2019)

Catholic and Jewish families raise their kids side by side in Chicago.

Diálogo Interno (2015)

A financial investigator interrogates an employee suspected of internal fraud.

Life Changes Everything: Discover Zac Ryan (2017)

A research oncologist is searching for a cure for cancer when he discovers that one of his trial patients is his biological father.

Destination: Dewsbury (2018)

Five friends reunite when they learn the leader of their old gang of pals is dying.

Aspirin for the Masses (2017)

Unconventional people fall in love in Washington, D.C.