El pueblo del terror (1970)

Two men are sent to San Andrés to end the terror inspired by an evil local chief and his gang of thugs.

Hindustan Ki Kasam (1999)

A pair of twins are separated at birth, where one grows up as a Hindu in India, the other is raised a Muslim in Pakistan. However, due to the issues between the countries, they are forced to be against each other.

Los asesinos (1998)

Some reckless men who claim to have no friends at all have unleashed a bloody war, but somebody is determined to stop them.

Vivegam (2017)

An Indian Interpol agent clashes with high-profile gangsters in Malaysia.

The Ancient Law (1923)

A rabbi's son yearns to become an actor, against the wishes of his father.

Stories of Love That Cannot Belong to This World (2017)

After their long and passionate relationship ends, Claudia and Flavio have different ways of coming to terms with the loss.

Blind Date (2015)

A man and a woman confront the near misses of modern times while trying to meet each other.

El Pistolero (2012)

A powerful Mexican man comes to a new town in search of gunmen who want to team up. He recruits a humble man who accepts the job to avenge his father's death.

One Last Afternoon (2016)

Laura and Ramon spend one last afternoon together before signing their divorce papers.

Day of the Comet (2015)

After three losers in a small town make wishes that plunge their neighborhood into chaos, they must believe in themselves to save the town from disaster.

Mansfield 66/67 (2017)

An examination of the last two year's of movie star Jayne Mansfield's life include an alleged romantic dalliance with Anton LaVey, head of the Church of Satan.

Cloudboy (2017)

A 12-year-old city boy is sent to his mother's place in Swedish Lapland against his will. The only one that is able to make contact with him is his sister. She takes him on a journey into the magical world of the woods to overcomes his shyness.

Space Jam (1996)

Bugs Bunny recruits NBA star Michael Jordan to help the good Looney Tunes squad take on the bad Monstars in a basketball game.

Pedal the World (2015)

Felix Starck documents his 18,000-kilometer bicycle journey across 22 countries over the course of one adventure-filled year.

Cornbread Cosa Nostra (2018)

The Dixie mafia operates during the 1980s.

Kygo: Stole the Show (2015)

Charting the rise of Kygo, one of the first stars born in the streaming age. His success across streaming platforms, driven by his invention of the "tropical house" genre, changed the fundamental rules of how an artist succeeds.

Anchors Up (2017)

A young boat becomes a hero after he pulls off a daring rescue mission.

Ouaga Girls (2017)

Young women from Ouagadougou study at a girl's school to become car mechanics.

Trapped (2015)

A fragile woman is terrorized by an unknown person who seems to know everything about her.

The She Devil (1918)

A beautiful peasant woman falls for a French painter.

Valentine DayZ (2017)

The zombie apocalypse interrupts Sara and Max's whirlwind romance.

Paroled (2006)

An ex-convict lands a job caring for an elderly couple.

Aponi (2016)

A veteran police detective finds himself falling for an up-and-coming criminal defense lawyer who is almost 20 years his junior.

Are You Jealous? (2017)

An ambitious producer creates a reality TV show in which two participants must have sex on the air to get the jackpot.

À tout coeur à Tokyo pour OSS 117 (1966)

Agent OSS 117 is sent to Japan to investigate the destruction of an American navy base.

Four Against the Bank (2016)

Four men, betrayed by the bank, unite to take revenge.

Blueberry Pie (2017)

A writer goes on a blind date with a restaurant hostess.

Faithkeepers (2016)

Christians, Baha'i, Yazidis, Jews, and other minority refugees give testimony on their persecution in the Middle East.

Friends Forever (2007)

The unsuccessful actor and vagabond Johnny Mauser needs a change from the busy city, so he makes new friends and finds adventure in a little village with a cozy little farm.

With a Smile (1936)

A penniless vagrant becomes a theater manager and marries a chorus girl.

Alien Siege (2018)

After an alien space craft appears above Washington, D.C., a disparate band of residents in a small Connecticut town must fight off a unit of alien soldiers that is hunting for the president of the United States after his escape helicopter crashes.

While the Wolf's Away (2017)

A teenager and his misfit friends escape from their strict boarding school.

All In Good Fun (1955)

Bob Monkhouse introduces the golden age of slapstick comedy.

She Stoops to Conquer (2015)

A struggling talent-show performer stumbles upon the real-life doppelganger of the character she's created.

Sunny et l'éléphant (2007)

A young boy from the city dreams of becoming an elephant driver.

Dys- (2014)

A strange disease is plaguing the city. Hoping to escape contamination, Eva and Sam barricade themselves in their apartment.

Death and the Judge (2018)

An Iranian judge issues 4,500 death sentences over the course of his career.

Mumbai Pune Mumbai (2010)

Upon her mother's request, a young, modern woman travels alone from Mumbai to Pune to meet a prospective groom. When she is unable to find him, she ends up meeting another guy from Pune.

Godspeed (2016)

A drug smuggler chooses the wrong cab driver.

Charitraheen (1974)

Indra and Rama fall in love, but things take an unexpected turn when he marries another woman.

One After Another (1968)

A man comes to Canyon City and becomes involved with two feuding factions after a bank clerk gets killed during a botched holdup.

Furious (2017)

In the 13th century, as the unstoppable Mongols invade Eastern Europe, one warrior leads a small army against their overwhelming hordes.

Moonlight in Havana (1942)

A star baseball catcher gets a singing contract.

The Lucky Devil (1925)

A man has to win a car race to impress a girl.

La Risa en Vacaciones (1988)

Pedro (Pedro Romo), Pablo (Pablo Ferrer) y Paco (Paco Ibáñez) dedican la mayor parte de su tiempo a hacer bromas pesadas a los turistas.

Les vieux calibres (2013)

Four friends living in a retirement home break the rules as they try to recapture their youth.

Les pirogues des hautes terres (2013)

Railway workers in French West Africa strike to protest against their difficult working conditions.

Les bêtises (2015)

An awkward, dreamy young man disguises himself as a waiter and sneaks into a party at his biological mother's home when she refuses to meet him. He finds himself working for a family he knows nothing about: his own family.

Design Canada (2017)

The history of Canadian graphic design.

Le pari (1997)

Brothers challenge each other to quit smoking for 14 days.

The Whistler (2009)

A man turns to his dangerous brother to help him stop the mob from closing his favorite place to eat.

Les Bidasses au pensionnat (1978)

In 1978 young conscripts dig a tunnel to get to the all-female boarding school next door.

Coach Jake (2017)

A profile of Martin Jacobson, the winningest high school soccer coach in New York City history, at age 70.

Mogli pericolose (1958)

Four women hire a seductress to test their husbands.

Day Six (2016)

Carmen, a young actress, feels trapped between the love she feels for Pablo and her marriage with Joaquin, Pablo's best friend.

Common Ground (2008)

The environmental impact of the disappearance of the American family farm and the consequences of the resulting suburban sprawl.

Fighting for Death (2016)

Two aging inhabitants of a remote village lead a bitter fight over who dies first and gets the only remaining grave in the village.

From Hong Kong With Love (1975)

When the Queen of England is kidnapped, the British S.I.S. asks the French secret service for help.

El Camino de los Espantos (1967)

A violent storm forces travelers onto a haunted path.

Murder In Collioure (2015)

A woman's body is found in a barrel hurtling down a hill one night. Her death recalls the legend of Paracols, who rolled a witch down a ravine in a barrel of nails and glass. The prime suspect is the victim's husband.

Leap (2017)

A photographer from New Zealand follows her dreams to California.

El testimonio de un fracaso (2000)

Following his friend's bad advice, Fernando is dragged into a world of drinking and drug abuse, which makes him want to take his own life.

Girl in Red (2016)

A mystery writer crosses paths with an enigmatic woman.

El hijo de Juan Colorado (2002)

A man is determined to go to the ends of the earth to avenge his father's death and will not rest until he honors his promise.

Turn Around (2017)

Wang Cheng-chung is assigned to teach at a school in a rural area that lacks educational resources. When he leaves at the end of his internship, an earthquake strikes due to which he is stuck. Then, the students request that he return to teach them.

Diversion (2016)

Troubles arise when an eclectic crew taints a waterway in the Deep South.

Submerged (2014)

A man receives word that his son is dead.

The Last Days of Hustling (2015)

Haunted by the murder of his best friend, a man floats between dreams and reality.

Polyland (2017)

Three minority women in Poland discuss how it feels to be different in a homogenous country.

Vamp Bikers (2013)

Chaos erupts after vampires move into an abandoned factory in a town run by bikers.

Old Testament I, Sodam & Gomorrah (2014)

After leaving their land, Abraham and his family have to travel between two corrupt cities.

Zero Hour! (2016)

An artistic alien fanatic believes that an alien she met 20 years ago is coming back to take her to his planet.

Z.A.N. (2017)

A bizarre young man thinks people are out to kill him.

(Not) Perfect Human (2015)

Brothers fall in love with the same woman.

Jaja the Great (2015)

Commissioner Jaja returns to his homeland after a long career in the military. He learns that his fiancee has married his childhood friend.

Django, a Bullet for You (1966)

A wounded bounty hunter takes refuge in the home of a brother and sister who live on a small farm.

La Pandilla IV: los Detectives (1959)

When the gang starts investigating anyone who looks suspicious, it discovers a kidnapper.

Vazhakku Enn 18/9 (2012)

Dinesh makes an MMS of his girlfriend, Aarti, and shares it with his friends. When she discovers this, she threatens to go the police, but he tries to kill her.

Tomie (2013)

Critics, like Paulo Herkenhoff, Agnaldo Farias, and Miguel Chaia, talk about Tomie Ohtake, and different conversations reveal his personal life and career.

El cheque (2016)

Claudia is the only person who knows Dominga's secret, but when a check appears that is made payable to her, an intense debate starts.

Amores ratas (1990)

Pingo lives in poverty until he is offered the possibility of participating in illegal wrestling competitions.

A calzón quitado (2003)

When ambitious politicians driven by the greed for power forget the citizens' needs, brave men are determined to rise up against them.

Vuelven los García (1947)

When the grandmother of three brothers on bad terms dies, one of them suffers an emotional crisis.

El tigre de la sierra (2009)

A farmer decides to take the law into his own hands after being attacked by the town's chief.

The Prince of Dinosaurs (2003)

Prince Rakhal and his five dinosaur friends save Princess Aura from a wicked countess.

Purdah (2018)

An Indian Muslim woman causes controversy at home when she trades her burqa for a cricket uniform.

Thud Pilots (2018)

American pilots recount their experiences fighting in the skies over North Vietnam.

Man Mandir (1971)

Orphaned at an early age, a boy learns to provide for his sister.

Liquid Truth (2018)

Parents accuse a swimming teacher of abusing his students.

Chop Chop Chang: Operation C.H.I.M.P. (2019)

The CIA secretly trains a world-famous circus chimpanzee to become a deadly assassin.

Girl From Nowhere (2017)

A couple picks up a hitchhiker who may or not may not be the devil herself.

Sextape (2018)

A teenager tries to recover a compromising video before her sister can see it.

Fighting Belle (2017)

When she gets jilted at the altar, a sassy Southern belle climbs into the ring to settle the score with her former fiance.

Countrycide (2017)

A woman who has a bear trap stuck on her leg has to survive being hunted by two and four-legged predators in the woods.

Locos de amor 2 (2018)

An architect is reunited with the love of his life.

Thathi Thavadhu Manasu (2003)

Cast - Sona, Urvasi Patel, Sindhuri.

Restare Uniti (2011)

Thousands of Italian men find themselves in Australian interment camps during World War II.

GrassRoots: The Cannabis Revolution (2016)

Filmmaker Dale Beaumont-Brown addresses the cannabis movement within the United Kingdom.

The Future of Work and Death (2016)

Futurologists, anthropologists, neurologists and philosophers consider the effects new technologies will have on work and death.

Homecoming: Veterans, Wives and Mothers (2017)

After serving on the front lines, women warriors return home to face a new battlefield on the homefront.