9 (2016)

Nine stories become intertwined.

Storm Catcher (1999)

A renegade general (Robert Miano) plots to bomb Washington using a new top secret jet called the Storm Catcher. The only trouble is only one man (Dolph Lundgren) is capable of flying it. So they seek to put him on the run in a conspiracy that makes him appear to have murdered several men and stolen the plane. Then try to murder his wife and take his daughter prisoner. Threatening to kill his daughter if he doesn't help, he appears trapped. However, his best friend (Mystro Clark) who is the plane's computer specialist has a few tricks up his sleeve.

Sometimes They Come Back... Again (1996)

Sometimes They Come Back... Again is the 1996 straight-to-video sequel to the 1991 horror film Sometimes They Come Back. It was directed by Adam Grossman. It stars Michael Gross, Alexis Arquette, and Hilary Swank.

Sci Fighters (1996)

Sci-Fighters is a 1996 action film starring Roddy Piper. It was directed by Peter Svatek.

Sioux City (1994)

A Native American doctor living in California, Jesse Rainfeather Goldman (Lou Diamond Phillips) travels to an Iowa Indian reservation in the hope of seeing his biological mother. Upon his arrival, he learns that she's just died -- and under strange circumstances. His effort to get more information about the incident is blocked by the police. But, with help from fellow Lakota Sioux Jolene Buckley (Salli Richardson), Jesse delves into both his mother's death and his own heritage.

The B-Side: Elsa Dorfman's Portrait Photography (2017)

Portrait photographer Elsa Dorfman found her medium in 1980: the larger-than-life Polaroid Land 20x24 camera. For the next thirty-five years she captured the "surfaces" of those who visit her Cambridge, Massachusetts studio: families, Beat poets, rock stars, and Harvard notables. As pictures begin to fade and her retirement looms, Dorfman gives Errol Morris an inside tour of her backyard archive.

Friends Never Die (2012)

A shy loner (Natcha Juntapan) learns the true meaning of friendship after becoming involved with the leader (Mario Maurer) of a youth gang.

The Hybrids Family (2015)

Teenage siblings Blaz (Mojean Aria, The Bronx Bull) and Velana (Leanne Agmon, Blue Bloods) have a secret—they’re the world’s first vampire/witch hybrids! Their vampire father (Philip Willingham, Cargo) and witch mother (Anne Leighton, Grimm) have kept them hidden away for years, but when they fly the coup to start a new normal life, a supernatural family-filled adventure ensues. Their irate parents are determined to put the kabbash on their filmmaking and singing career dreams, and to make matters worse, a scheming warlock (Charles Noland, Blow) and his henchman are hot on their trail. But with the ages-old Vampire vs. Witch battle still going strong, it looks like their paternal grandfather The Count (Paul Sorvino, Goodfellas) and matriarch witch grandmother (Carolyn Hennesy, General Hospital) will have to make peace in order to help these spunky hybrids out of their otherworldly conundrum!

Original Copy (2015)

In the heart of Mumbai lives Sheikh Rehman, the city's last painter of film posters. He runs his studio in the old masters' style -- behind the screen of an old Hindi-Film cinema. There, Rehman is both artist and guru, comedian and philosopher. The slow decline of the art form puts Rehman's world at risk. With modern film posters being printed on plastic and his audience kept away by new high-rise buildings, Rehman refuses to give up his struggle.

The Truth Beneath (2016)

The Truth Beneath is a 2016 South Korean thriller film directed by Lee Kyoung-mi, her second directorial outing after 2008's Crush and Blush. The film stars Son Ye-jin and Kim Joo-hyuk.

Cock of the Air (1932)

Cock of the Air is a 1932 American Pre-Code aviation comedy film directed by Tom Buckingham and written by Charles Lederer and Robert E. Sherwood. The film stars Chester Morris, Billie Dove, Matt Moore, Walter Catlett and Luis Alberni. Cock of the Air was released on January 23, 1932, by United Artists.

Hollywood Party (1937)

An East Asian-themed garden tea party in Hollywood includes stars and a number of musical and dance performances.

Northward, Ho! (1940)

A promotional featurette to publicize the epic outdoor adventure film "Northwest Passage."

Of Dogs and Men (2016)

Law enforcement officers and pet owners discuss the rising rates of pet deaths during domestic incidents with police.

Merbabies (1938)

Merbabies is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film. It was released on December 9, 1938. It is a collaboration between Walt Disney and Harman and Ising, the latter studio having donated artists to Disney to work on the production of Snow White. It is one of the very last shorts of the Silly Symphonies series.

Master Will Shakespeare (1936)

A retelling of the life of the English poet, playwright, and actor William Shakespeare begins and ends in Stratford-upon- Avon.

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (1948)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer is a 1948 animated short film by Max Fleischer based on the 1939 Robert L. May poem Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer about the reindeer with the same name.

Bad Romance (2013)

A woman's (Mercedes Cabral) obsession with a soap opera star turns tragic when she meets him, and he doesn't appear to return her affection.

Let's Do Things (1931)

Two idiots take Thelma and Zasu to a nightclub.

Neet Election (2015)

A jobless young man, with equally unsuccessful friends, runs for a local office.

The Grotto (2014)

A woman discovers an ancient book of demons and the ghost of a 10-year-old boy, who's been dead for 40 years, in a seaside villa. She becomes possessed and it's up to her partner, with the help of a professor on demonology, to stop a ritual.

Manhole (2014)

Manhole is a 2014 South Korean thriller directed by Shin Jae-young.

Hotel Deluxe (2013)

Hotel Deluxe (百星酒店) is a 2013 Hong Kong comedy film released in commemoration with the Lunar New Year of 2013. The film was directed by Vincent Kok, his thirteenth as a director, and written by him along with Chan Mou Yin Anselm, Steven Fung, and Poon Jun Lam. Produced by Raymond Wong, Hotel Deluxe features many of the recurring cast from his All's Well, Ends Well film series.

Hija de la laguna (2015)

An Andean woman uses her powers to communicate with water spirits to stop a mining corporation from destroying a lake.

After Romeo & Juliet (2012)

A feud between families begins when a woman is found dead and her lover goes missing.

Neapolitan (2015)

Teens out for a night of fun make a fateful decision.

Men, Money, & Gold Diggers (2014)

A man who seemingly has it all proposes to his girlfriend, a former model. Everything's going smoothly until she refuses to sign the prenuptial agreement.

Our Gang (1922)

Our Gang (1922) is an American Our Gang silent short film that was the third entry in the series to be released. It was directed by Charley Chase, Robert F. McGowan, Tom McNamara, and Fred Newmeyer. The two-reeler was released into theaters on November 5, 1922 by Pathé.

The Green Fairy (2015)

The history of absinthe from 1730 to 1915.

Underfire: The Untold Story of Pfc. Tony Vaccaro (2016)

A WWII infantry man smuggles a portable camera into battle and creates an intimate, comprehensive record of life on the front lines.

Rigoberta Menchu: Daughter of the Maya (2016)

Rigoberta Menchu, winner of the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize, came from a remote section of Guatemala, survived a genocide and eventually became the voice of her people around the world.

Time to Die (1966)

Tiempo de Morir (Time to Die) is a 1966 Mexican Western film directed by Arturo Ripstein and starring Marga López and Jorge Martínez de Hoyos. Screenplay was written by Nobel Prize winner Gabriel García Marquez and novelist Carlos Fuentes, their first realized film.

Soledad's Shawl (1952)

Soledad's Shawl (Spanish:El rebozo de Soledad) is a 1952 Mexican western film directed by Roberto Gavaldón and starring Arturo de Córdova, Pedro Armendáriz and Estela Inda. The film's sets were designed by the art director Salvador Lozano Mena. A Doctor moves to a poor rural area where he falls in love with a peasant girl.

Nimantran (1971)

Nimantran is a 1971 Bengali film directed by Tarun Majumdar, based on a story by Bibhutibhushan Bandyopadhyay, and starring Sandhya Roy and Anup Kumar in the lead roles. At the 19th National Film Awards, it won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Bengali.

Killing Girls (2009)

Russian women are followed as they go to abortion clinics.

10th July (2014)

Akro and Titas fall in love with each other and decide to get married. However, their lives change when they realize that they are homosexual.

Cold Storage (1951)

An ice fisherman discovers his prehistoric counterpart frozen beneath the lake's surface.

Beyond the Heights (2015)

Beyond the Heights is a 2015 Pakistani documentary film directed by Jawad Sharif, produced and written by Mirza Ali Baig under the banner Bipolar Films. The film is about 21 aged mountaineer Samina Baig who became first Pakistani woman reaching the summit of Mount Everest. The film stars Samina Baig herself accompanied by her brother Mirza Ali Baig who also became the youngest Pakistani man to conquer the Mount Everest at 29. The film is about the struggle of a young woman who overcomes all challenges to accomplish her dream. It gives insight to the life of small town girl who bravely faces all hardships and touches new horizons with strong will power and motivation.

36 Vues Du Pic Saint Loup (2009)

A wanderer (Sergio Castellitto) joins a woman's (Jane Birkin) small traveling circus and helps her overcome her tortured past.

Madonna of the Seven Moons (1945)

A lurid tale of sex and psychosis, Madonna of the Seven Moons, directed by Arthur Crabtree, is among the wildest of the Gainsborough melodramas. Set in Italy, it begins as a comparatively sedate tale about a respectable, convent-raised woman (Phyllis Calvert) who is haunted by the memory of being raped as a teenager. But when her grown daughter returns from school, her life begins to unravel in monumentally surprising ways.

A Man to Kill (1967)

In 1967 an anti-fascist death squad targets Hans, a German-born architect. Members of the squad believe Hans is actually Schmidt, an SS officer responsible for atrocities during World War II, and they lure him to an abandoned house.

The Bed You Sleep In (1993)

An Oregon timber-mill owner (Tom Blair) with business problems denies his Seattle daughter's accusation of incest.

The Seekers (1954)

The Seekers (released in the United States as Land of Fury) is a 1954 British adventure film produced by the Universal-International studio syndicate from Hollywood in Los Angeles, California, directed by Ken Annakin. It starred Jack Hawkins, Glynis Johns, Noel Purcell, and Kenneth Williams. It was the first major international studio film shot in New Zealand. The film was adapted from the novel "The Seekers" by New Zealander John Guthrie (real name John Brodie).

Hell Canyon Outlaws (1957)

Hell Canyon Outlaws is a 1957 American Western film directed by Paul Landres and written by Allan Kaufman and Max Glandbard. The film stars Dale Robertson, Brian Keith, Rossana Rory, Dick Kallman, Don Megowan and Mike Lane. The film was released on October 6, 1957, by Republic Pictures.

Hooch (1977)

Three inept New York hoods arrive in Clayton, N.C., with plans to organize the local moonshining operations.

The Fall Of The Essex Boys (2012)

The Fall of the Essex Boys is a 2013 British gangster thriller film based on the true story of the Rettendon murders in 1995. It follows the rise and ultimate fall of the feared criminal gang The Essex Boys.

Hello, Annapolis (1942)

Hello, Annapolis is a 1942 American film. Filming started January 1942.

The Juche Idea (2008)

Inspired by the real-life story of the South Korean director kidnapped in the 70's to invigorate the North Korean film industry, the film follows Yoon Jung Lee, a young video artist invited to work at a Juche art residency on a North Korean collective farm. The story is told through the films she made at the residency as well as interviews with a Bulgarian filmmaker and even a brief sci-fi movie.

Lucky Bastard (2009)

Lucky Bastard is a 2009 drama film written and directed by Everett Lewis. The film premiered as an Official Selection of the 27th annual Outfest LGBT film festival.

The Stunt Woman (1996)

After moving to Hong Kong from China, a young martial artist starts a promising career as a stunt woman. Her bravery and athleticism make her a natural for the job, and her friendship with a supportive director named Thunderbolt helps her feel accepted in the business. But a passionate affair with a philandering playboy ends up breaking her heart and unleashing her wild side.

Trails of the Wild (1935)

The death of a close friend leads a Canadian Mountie into the wilderness and face to face with gold-seeking outlaws.

Wolves of the Sea (1936)

Mutineers complicate a captain's efforts to rescue a woman stranded in the tropics with a shipload of wild animals.

A Tenderfoot Goes West (1936)

A New York novelist (Russell Gleason) heads out to see the rough land he writes about.

The Girl on the Boat (1961)

The Girl on the Boat is a 1961 British comedy film directed by Henry Kaplan and starring Norman Wisdom, Millicent Martin and Richard Briers. It is based on the novel of the same name by P.G. Wodehouse.

My Decisions (2012)

Fisher Stevens and Mark Monroe document five people around the world as they make decisions that impact them, their communities and the world.

Let's Talk About Sex (2009)

The filmmaker investigates adolescent sexual trends and the rates of infection teens experience.

The Boy She Met Online (2010)

A teenager (Tracy Spiridakos) endangers her own welfare when she falls for an ex-convict (Jon Cor) who returns to his criminal ways.

Here Come the Jets (1959)

Here Come the Jets is a 1959 American drama film directed by Gene Fowler, Jr. and written by Louis Vittes. The film stars Steve Brodie, Lyn Thomas, Mark Dana, John Doucette, Jean Carson and Carleton Young.The film was released in June 1959, by API, the B picture unit of 20th Century Fox.

High Tech, Low Life (2012)

Two Chinese bloggers are a contrast in styles; one uses the medium for self-promotion, the other seeks justice for the poor.

Lucky And Zorba (1998)

Lucky and Zorba (Italian: La gabbianella e il gatto; literally "The Little Seagull and The Cat") is a 1998 Italian traditional animation film directed by Enzo D'Alò, based on The Story of A Seagull and The Cat Who Taught Her To Fly by Luis Sepúlveda. The movie was dubbed in English and aired on Toon Disney during the early 2000s.

Raiders from Beneath the Sea (1964)

Raiders from Beneath the Sea is a 1964 drama film directed by Maury Dexter, starring Ken Scott and Merry Anders.

Crossed Swords (1954)

Crossed Swords is a 1954 Italian made swashbuckler film starring Errol Flynn and Gina Lollobrigida. It was also known as Il Maestro di Don Giovanni ("The Teacher of Don Juan") and The Golden Blade.

Dracula Rising (1993)

An art historian (Stacey Travis) discovers her new Romanian employer (Christopher Atkins) is the infamous vampire count.

Blackjack Ketchum Desperado (1956)

Blackjack Ketchum, Desperado (Howard Duff), the most daring gunslinger of them all, joins his fiancee, Nita Riordan (Maggie Mahoney), in outlaw-ruled Oxhorn, hoping to live down his deadly reputation. Jared Tetlow (Victor Jory), his brothers and hired killers control the territory; embittered, ranchers persuade Blackjack to again take up guns, this time on the side of the law.

Jan-Gel 3: Hillbilly Monster (2003)

A freak show monster escapes his life of humiliation. He is injured by a bear trap and taken in by a friendly psychologist who helps him live a free and better life.

Court Martial (1959)

Court Martial (German: Kriegsgericht) is a 1959 West German drama film directed by Kurt Meisel. It was entered into the 1959 Cannes Film Festival.

Zubeidaa (2001)

Zubeidaa is a 2001 Indian film directed by Shyam Benegal and written by Khalid Mohammed. It stars Karisma Kapoor, Rekha, Manoj Bajpayee, Surekha Sikri, Rajit Kapoor, Lillete Dubey, Amrish Puri, Farida Jalal, and Shakti Kapoor. Renowned musician A.R.Rahman has scored the background music and soundtrack for the movie.

Last Winter (2012)

In the remote countryside of France, a proud farmer is determined to keep his heritage and way of life against modern pressures.

Crazy Baby (1966)

After his girlfriend is killed in a gang-related incident, a Liverpool guitarist flees to Rome and seeks a new beginning with his wealthy father.

Crazy Wild and Crazy (1964)

A filmmaker assembles a group of naked women for his first big feature, but multiple camera mishaps end up turning his nude epic into a comedy.

My Childhood (1972)

A Scottish boy (Stephen Archibald) befriends a German prisoner of war during World War II.

Red Big Fire Truck (2015)

A young man, an orphan for most of his life, recounts stories from his childhood and the foster homes, halfway houses and orphanages he passed through.

Star Night at the Cocoanut Grove (1934)

Famous faces attend a music and fashion show.

The Land of Many Palaces (2015)

In Ordos, China, a government official has to convince thousands of farmers to relocate to cities to modernize the region.

Oriental Evil (1951)

Oriental Evil is a 1951 American film directed and produced by George Breakston.

Devils, Angels & Dating (2012)

Cupid, Devil and Death antagonize mortals and find themselves in a love triangle.

The Gates of Vanity (2015)

A man (Eric Colvin) regrets his decision to offer sanctuary to a homeless man when he is taken captive and tortured.

Amorcito corazón (1961)

A young rancher's wife refuses to live with him. He wants to have a child, and she claims to be pregnant.

Still Alive (2015)

Carson Empman, a famed contract killer, takes vengeance on a powerful drug cartel after his lover is murdered.

Mummy Dearest (2014)

Mummy Dearest is a Nollywood movie which tells a story of a woman who has five kids who wants to keep constantly in touch with her kids and has difficulties in getting in touch with the youngest child who is her one and only son. The reason why she is not getting good quality time with her kid is because he is busy with work and friends.

Home (2005)

A miniszter félrelép (1997)

Out of Order (Hungarian: A miniszter félrelép) is a 1997 Hungarian comedy film directed by András Kern and Róbert Koltai.

The Cult Of The Suicide Bomber (2005)

The Equation Of Life (2014)

Loafing and Camouflage: I-4 (2008)

Mummies Alive! (1998)

Scontro di Civilta per un Ascensore a Piazza Vittorio (2010)

Tim And Harvey In The Great Outdoors (1998)

The Work Of Director Chris Cunningham (2003)

Watch Chris Cunningham's Trailer The Directors Label Series highlights the work of the filmmakers who have helped to redefine music videos and filmmaking over the last decade. Each volume in the Directors Label compiles music videos, shorts, commercials, documentaries, as well as a variety of exclusive features, never-before-seen rare footage, and unreleased audio and video commentary. Each release includes a 56 page book created by the Director and full of personal photos, notes, drawings, storyboards and personal insights. British director Chris Cunningham has drawn acclaim for groundbreaking music videos for the likes of Autechre, Aphex Twin, Squarepusher, Bjork, and Portishead, his award-winning commercials, and his risky short films. The Work of Director Chris Cunningham is the second release in Palm's Directors Label Series.

The Green Archer (1940)

The Green Archer is the 12th serial released by Columbia Pictures. It was based on Edgar Wallace's 1923 novel The Green Archer, which had previously been adapted into the silent serial of the same name in 1925 by Pathé Exchange.

E. S. O. Entitat Supernatural Oculta (2010)

Pimps Up Hos Down (1998)

Pimps Up, Ho's Down is a 1998 television documentary about pimping in the United States as part of the HBO documentary anthology series America Undercover. The film features interviews with American pimps and explores the modern pimping lifestyle. The film has received some controversy over some pimps using the documentary as an instructional video for their prostitutes, as well as over concerns over HBO paying the pimps for rights to film their businesses and the Players Ball.

Plymptoons: The Complete Early Works Of Bill Plympton (1992)

The Metropolitan Opera Live: La Fille du Régiment (2019)

Bel canto stars Pretty Yende and Javier Camarena team up for a feast of vocal fireworks on the Met stage. Maurizio Muraro is Sergeant Sulplice, with Stephanie Blythe as the outlandish Marquise of Berkenfield. Enrique Mazzola conducts.

Ayrton Senna: Racing Is in My Blood (1992)

Others may have won more races or more titles, but no driver can claim more devotion from fans of Formula One than Ayrton Senna da Silva. His passion, commitment and sheer intensity helped to elevate F1 from elite sport to the level of a calling.

Angelina Jolie: Bad Girl Gone Good (2012)

American Gangwars (2014)

Colors: Bangin' in South Carolina is a 2014 documentary film directed by Terry Davis. The documentary explores the gang epidemic that plagued the state's capital city, Columbia, SC for years. The film details the 15 year gang feud between the Crips, Bloods, and Gangster Disciples. In 2014, "COLORS: Bangin' in South Carolina" was presented with the Film Heals award at the Manhattan Film Festival at the Quad City Cinema in New York City.

André Rieu's 2015 Maastricht Concert (2015)

Alien Signs: Undeniable Evidence - The Message (2003)

My Best Friend's Wife (1998)

My Best Friend's Wife (Italian: L'amico del cuore) is a 1998 Italian comedy film written and directed by Vincenzo Salemme. It marked the directorial film debut of Salemme, and enjoyed a considerable commercial success.