City of Rock (2017)

A young man and a music agent organize a charity rock concert to save a treasured park from a real estate agent who wants to redevelop it.

Crimson Pig (1992)

In Italy in the 1930s, sky pirates in biplanes terrorize wealthy cruise ships as they sail the Adriatic Sea. The only pilot brave enough to stop the scourge is the mysterious Porco Rosso (Shuichiro Moriyama), a former World War I flying ace who was somehow turned into a pig during the war. As he prepares to battle the pirate crew's American ace, Porco Rosso enlists the help of spunky girl mechanic Fio Piccolo (Akemi Okamura) and his longtime friend Madame Gina (Tokiko Kato).

Between a Frock and a Hard Place (2015)

This is the story behind "The Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert," one of the world's most cherished films. It delves into how an unlikely film changed the course of history and brought a celebration of gay culture to the world.

The Denunciation (1962)

Michel Jussieur tries to solve a murder in a strip club.

Spaceship (2016)

A girl fakes her own alien abduction and disappears, leaving her father to search for her in a strange teenage world of unicorns and black holes.

Stockholm, My Love (2016)

A woman travels through Stockholm on a journey of recovery to find peace and understanding from something bad that happened to her a year earlier.

Asathal (2001)

Three spoiled young men who do nothing but have fun all the time have their lives altered when they encounter a pregnant woman.

Everything Beautiful Is Far Away (2017)

On an isolated desert planet, a man who is looking for parts to fix his robotic companion teams up with a young woman who is searching for a mythic lake.

Everyday Heroes (2016)

Five children go about their lives while staying in a hospital.

I Kill Giants (2017)

A teen must face her fears in increasingly dangerous ways when horrible giants threaten to destroy her small town.

Before Summer Ends (2017)

After five years of study in Paris, Arash still hasn't adapted to French life and decides to return to Iran.

The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales... (2017)

The countryside isn't always as calm and peaceful as it's made out to be, and the animals on this farm are particularly agitated: a fox who mothers a family of chicks, a rabbit who plays the stork, and a duck who wants to be Santa Claus.

My Husband's Secret Life (2017)

After suffering a miscarriage, Jennifer Jones begins to question her marriage and catches her husband in a few unassuming lies. When a sudden accident throws him into a coma, Jennifer begins to wonder if she ever really knew him.

Mistress Hunter (2018)

Jackie hires a mistress hunter to come between her husband and his mistress. But when the mistress and her husband wind up dead, Jackie becomes the number one suspect.

GI Jews: Jewish Americans in World War II (2017)

The history of the 550,000 Jewish men and women who served in World War II.

Fourplay (2018)

Secrets and lies between two couples threaten to disrupt their lives forever.

Pharisee (2018)

A vampire feeds on the people of a gloomy metropolis.

Waru (2017)

A community comes together for the funeral of Waru, a small boy who died at the hands of his caregiver.

Looking for Yara (2014)

The true story of guerrilla Yara Yavelberg, a cultured and beautiful woman who left behind a comfortable family life, opting to engage in an armed struggle against the military dictatorship in Brazil in the 1960s.

Sin & Illy Still Alive (2015)

Sin and Illy want to get clean on a Greek island, but their plans for sobriety fail when they drive to the airport.

Espejismo (2014)

Daniel, a disturbed painter who cannot find his place in the world, will be guided by his subconscious through a journey of madness and illusion, in which he will have to deal with his childhood traumas to take back control over his life.

Faces of Harassment (2016)

Featuring the testimony of women who are victims of abuse in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, during Women's Week.

Ekaj (2015)

Mecca takes in a teenage drifter and becomes the voice of reason in his life.

Carving a Life (2017)

An aspiring woodcarving artist must confront the haunting memories of his mother's tragic death and overcome his alcohol abuse.

Somebody's Mother (2016)

Two sisters struggle with what it means to be a mother when one loses her baby and the other is unable to care for her child.

Micky Flanagan: An' Another Fing (2017)

Micky Flanagan talks about Saga holidays and his passion for Mary Berry.

Clancy Once Again (2017)

Rejoin the lives of Nick, Walter, Avery, Chief Payne, Kelly, and a few new players.

Revolting Rhymes (2016)

The Big Bad Wolf recalls his meeting with Little Red Riding Hood.

Kids of Carnaval (2016)

The lives of kids who attend samba schools are shown, together with the Afro-Brazilian dance which is known worldwide.

A Woman Captured (2017)

A European woman has been kept by a family as a domestic slave for 10 years. Drawing courage from the filmmaker's presence, she decides to take steps to escape the oppression and become a free person.

The Eleven O'Clock (2016)

The delusional patient of a psychiatrist believes he is actually the doctor. As they each attempt to treat each other the session spirals out of control.

The Silent Child (2017)

A deaf 4-year-old girl named Libby lives in a world of silence until a caring social worker teaches her to use sign language to communicate.

Watu Wote: All of Us (2017)

For almost a decade Kenya has been targeted by terrorist attacks of the al-Shabab. In December 2015, Muslim bus passengers showed that solidarity can prevail.

Garden Party (2017)

Amphibians explore a luxurious house.

Edith+Eddie (2017)

Edith and Eddie, ages 96 and 95, are America's oldest interracial newlyweds. A family feud threatens to disrupt the couple's happiness.

Heaven Is a Traffic Jam on the 405 (2016)

A brilliant but tortured 56-year-old artist channels her depression and anxiety into her work.

Blockbuster (2017)

Dumped over a video he made to amuse his ailing dad, a heartsick man hatches an elaborate scheme to win back his superhero-loving girlfriend.

Cancer Can Be Killed (2017)

Filmmaker Jeff Witzeman tries to find out why his wife was cured of cancer in 30 days using natural remedies in Germany. (2017)

Brothers switch identities under supernatural circumstances.

L.A. Beat (2016)

A vigilante disguises himself as a police officer and prowls the streets of Los Angeles. He hunts drug dealers, vandals and pimps as he executes his own twisted brand of justice.

The Straun House (2005)

Two doctors discover the head of the Straun Foundation is using a study on rage disorders for his own agenda.

Clint the Stranger (1967)

A gunslinger returns home to make amends with his family. He soon finds himself caught up in a war between farmers and a greedy rancher.

3 Minutes (2014)

The life of boxing trainer Antonio Fernández, who, for over 30 years, has used boxing to turn the lives of kids around.

The Chamber (2016)

A special ops unit commandeers a research vessel and its submersible to locate an item at the bottom of the Yellow Sea. When an explosion causes the sub to take on water, the crew members quickly realize that not all of them are going to survive.

Souvenir (2016)

A former European song contest singer, fading away in a pâté factory, falls in love with a young, aspiring boxer. Together, they decide she should attempt a comeback.

Green (2016)

A security guard realizes he can make off with the fortune he transports every day after he discovers a flaw in his company's system.

Hashtag Realityhigh (2017)

Dani does well in school, volunteers at the animal clinic, and is focused on getting into U.C. Davis. When she is befriended by Alexa Medina, the meanest girl at the school, she begins to enjoy the attention. However, Alexa is not to be trusted.

No Resolution (2016)

A relationship unravels over the course of a particularly rocky New Year's Eve.

Resurface (2017)

Veterans use surf therapy to recover from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Gaga: Five Foot Two (2017)

Filmmaker Chris Moukarbel introduces the woman behind the performer, the costumes, the glitz and the glamour.

1922 (2017)

A rancher conspires to murder his wife for financial gain and convinces his teenage son to participate.

A Song for You: The Austin City Limits Story (2016)

A behind-the-scenes look at the evolution of "Austin City Limits," the longest running music show in television history.

Survivors (1997)

Filmmaker Sheila Sofian explores the experience of domestic violence from all sides.

Dead Bullet (2016)

When a desperate gambler tries to buy a second chance with a former lover by selling stolen casino chips to ruthless criminals, the stakes quickly rise, and he discovers that he has just made the worst bet of his life.

Human Traces (2017)

The arrival of a mysterious young man to a remote Sub-Antarctic research station threatens the relationship of a married couple who are working on the island.

72 Hours: A Brooklyn Love Story? (2016)

A restless and ambitious 18-year-old crew leader has his confidence shattered right before he leaves for college. He and his friends spend their last three days together rambling up and down the streets in search of the perfect ending.

Mind and Machine (2017)

Set in 2024 where humanoid robots are common in society, the mob reprograms a female android to think and feel so it can be used as a contract killer.

Dystopia (2018)

In 2037 humanity is slowly dying from a virus that has rendered mankind infertile. Two scientists create the world's first time machine to travel back to 2017 to change the events of their past and prevent the virus from coming into existence.

Creamers (2017)

A woman's fantasies take over when she pulls an all-nighter.

Drat (2010)

A woman living alone in the countryside suspects that a wild creature has invaded her home.

Junction (2016)

A young girl from a family of "face changers" takes a journey to a mountain to alter the direction of the wind.

Apartment 212 (2017)

A small-town girl who is hoping for a fresh start in the big city is plagued by a hungry nocturnal visitor.

Absolute Vow (2017)

In 1000 B.C., a virgin ponders life as she prepares to be sacrificed.

Lucky (2011)

A South African orphan leaves his Zulu village to start over in the city. He quickly learns no one will help him except for a formidable Indian woman.

The Babysitter (2013)

Emilio, a teenager, falls in love with Sol, the hot new girl in the neighborhood. He will do anything just to be with her and decides to become a baby sitter to see if he can make her fall in love with him.

Beyond the Woods (2018)

A fiery sinkhole opens near a secluded holiday home.

Love & the Art of Frisbee Flight (2014)

A young boy and girl become fast friends while on a quest to find the boy's lost frisbee.

Alladdin Ka Chirag (1957)

A boy finds a magical lamp that contains a genie who can make any of his wishes come true.

Shadow of Suspicion (1944)

A brash ladies' man and his wisecracking partner safeguard a famous necklace from jewel thieves.

Bhaagamathie (2018)

A woman is framed for her lover's murder.

The Rink (2011)

A neglected young boy seeks the attention of his father and older brothers by learning to play hockey.

The Devil and Father Amorth (2017)

Filmmaker William Friedkin follows the Rev. Gabriele Amorth as he performs an exorcism on a woman in Italy.

The Boy of the Yard Gate (2009)

Rodrigo is a boy who dreams of becoming a great cowboy. He makes friends with Diogo, a farmhand who constantly experiences the injustice in the area caused by the greedy intentions of Batista, the owner of Fazenda Ouro Fino.

Anasuya (2007)

A journalist investigates a series of murders; although she identifies the killer, he is soon released. But after he is presumed dead, she is even more determined to solve the mystery.

Anarkali (1953)

Prince Salim and Anarkali, a dancer in his court, fall in love. His father, Emperor Akbar, is against the match and the otherwise humane ruler's justice is tested by their love.

Anbe Anbe (2003)

Cheenu and Shiva are cousins who live in a joint family. Trouble brews in their lives when their relative arrives with their daughter, Vaishali, and both the men fall in love with her.

The Anderssons Rock the Mountains (2014)

A family tries to survive its ski-vacation during the winter holidays.

Depth Two (2016)

Filmmaker Ognjen Glavonic recounts the discovery of mass graves in a suburb of Belgrade.

Cold Hell (2017)

A woman witnesses a murder and is stalked by the killer who wants to silence her.

Treasure Hunters (2015)

Treasure hunters scour the Philippines for gold buried by the Japanese during WWII.

They Remain (2017)

Scientists Keith and Jessica investigate a horrific incident that occurred at a cult's remote encampment. Soon, the discovery of a mysterious artifact leads Keith to experience paranoia and strange visions as he slowly loses his grip on reality.

Coffin 2 (2017)

Trick is among five hostages who are trapped together and paralyzed from the neck down. An FBI agent and a former detective race against the clock to find them before their promised execution is carried out.

30-Love (2017)

When his wife dies giving birth to their child, a man starts playing tennis in an effort to hold on to her memory.

Verónica (2017)

A female psychologist who has stopped practicing medicine decides to take the case of Veronica de la Serna, a young woman whose previous therapist has mysteriously disappeared.

A River Below (2017)

Marine biologist Fernando Trujillo and TV host Richard Rasmussen try to use the media to save the endangered pink river dolphin in the Amazon.

Makala (2017)

In Congo, a young peasant dreams of a better future for his loved ones. His only wealth lies in the strength of his arms, the bushland around him and his strong will. As he sets out on dangerous and exhausting adventures to trade the fruit of his work, he discovers the value of his effort and the price he must pay for his dreams.

Once Upon a Date (2017)

Real estate developers try to buy a struggling family-owned theater.

The Kids Are Back (2017)

A retired couple prepare to defend their home against an unthinkable menace: Their grown children are moving back in.

Szeressétek Odor Emíliát! (1970)

Emilia Odor is a young, seventeen year old girl. She end up in a rural girl institute, which has strict rules, a hypocrite faculty and she soon starts to rebel against it.

El chacal de Nahueltoro (1969)

Convicted of murder, Jos del Carmen Valenzuela Torres reflects upon his acts before facing a firing squad.

Do Dil (1965)

Manu, a prince, notices that women in his society are facing several atrocities. As he tries to safeguard them, he finds that the culprits are behind his life, and they want to kill the people close to him.

Annai (1962)

Kanagamahalakshmi is a career-oriented woman and has time for nothing else but her work. In her past she has had two miscarriages, so she and her husband decide to adopt a child.

A Patriotic Man (2013)

Toivo's miraculous blood is used for the Finnish national ski team.

The Crossing (2012)

Eight-year-old girl Lola Arendt vanishes while on vacations on a Scottish island with her parents. Incapable of overcoming the drama, the couple end up divorcing. Two years later, Lola appears on the same spot, but unable to utter a single word.

Max Saves the World (2013)

After Sean's mother's priceless diamond goes missing, Sean and his dog, Max, want to become detectives. When Sean and Max connect the dots, they realize that they've stumbled upon a shocking conspiracy of intergalactic dimensions.

Les premiers, les derniers (2016)

Two grouchy bounty hunters (Albert Dupontel, Bouli Lanners) who are looking for a mobile phone in the French countryside meet up with cowboys, fools and Jesus.

The Verdict (2016)

When terrorists hijack a plane containing 164 passengers and aim it at a football arena, a military officer must make the difficult decision to shoot the plane down.

I Go Crazy (2017)

The biography of the Brazilian YouTuber Christian Figueiredo.

Pipe Dream (2015)

Two teens stumble on a stash of weed during a statewide crackdown on drugs. As they are pursued by a passionate police chief, they come under the misguidance of an older brother.

Time Sweep (2016)

A grieving man's quest to be reunited with his dead wife comes at a huge cost.