Stopover Tokyo (1957)

U.S. Intelligence Officer Mark Fannon (Robert Wagner) is dispatched to postwar Tokyo to protect a high-profile American diplomat from possible assassination. The routine assignment takes a hazardous turn for Fannon when he uncovers a deadly plot by double agent George Underwood (Edmond O'Brien) to not only murder the diplomat but also blow up the U.S. Embassy. Now Fannon, his partner and his receptionist, Tina Llewellyn (Joan Collins), must move quickly to thwart Underwood's diabolical plot.

West Point of the Air (1935)

Sgt. "Big Mike" Stone (Wallace Beery), a decorated veteran now serving as an instructor at an Army Air Corps flying school, presides over the budding military career of his son, "Little Mike" (Robert Young). Big Mike wants to make sure his son follows in his footsteps, learning to become a man and making the right choice between the nice girl (Maureen O'Sullivan) and the salacious divorce (Rosalind Russell). Little Mike is unsure about both matters of the heart and his military service.

Alex in Wonder (2001)

Growing up in the 1970s, aspiring dancer Alex Markov (Angela Gots) is challenged by the changing face of American culture. After her parents' divorce, she lives alone with her mom, Clarice (Ellen Greene). And while her dad, Dan (Robert Hays), avidly embraces the sexual revolution, Alex isn't so sure she wants to acquiesce to her boyfriend's advances, despite pressure from her female peers to do so. At the same time, she must decide whether or not to pursue a professional dancing career.

Patrick the Great (1945)

A Broadway star's (Donald Cook) son (Donald O'Connor) becomes his rival, with women involved, at a mountain lodge.

The Twelve Chairs (1962)

A merchant, a revolutionary and a priest search for a chair containing hidden jewels.

Chingaari (2006)

A scheming priest (Mithun Chakraborty) interferes with the love between a mailman (Anuj Sawhney) and a prostitute (Sushmita Sen).

Neville Rumble (2015)

A man struggles to fit into society and deal with life's problems. His life takes an odd turn when he meets a woman at a people skills training course.

Undercover Girl (1957)

A nightclub worker (Kay Callard) helps the brother (Paul Carpenter) of a slain journalist bust the drug ring responsible for his death.

Sherlock Holmes (1916)

With incriminating letters in his possession, and holding a woman captive, Moriarty plans on blackmailing the heir of a large empire.

Private Eyes (1953)

Now Slip can read minds; he and the gang (Bowery Boys) open a detective agency.

Scarred City (1998)

A rebellious, gun-happy policeman (Stephen Baldwin) is drafted into a ruthless secret vigilante police unit.

The Triumph of Sherlock Holmes (1935)

Sherlock Holmes (Arthur Wontner) puts his retirement on hold to investigate one last murder. With his trusty sidekick, Dr. Watson (Ian Fleming), in tow, Holmes uses his unique insights and techniques to find clues about the murderer. He soon discovers that the diabolical plot involves not only his arch rival, professor Moriarty (Lyn Harding), but also an international cabal including American gangsters and a secret society. Holmes must unravel the case before it's too late.

The Man Who Would Not Die (1975)

A boat captain in the Caribbean becomes part of a bond theft/murder cover-up.

Run, Angel, Run (1969)

An outlaw biker (William Smith) and his woman (Valerie Starrett) head for San Francisco, chased by his ex-gang.

Wild and Wonderful (1964)

A tippling French poodle movie star resents the American jazz musician (Tony Curtis) his mistress (Christine Kaufmann) marries.

Past Minutes (2013)

Two men, Alonso and Nildo, travel with their horse through a long, arid road with no direction home. Alonso talks while Nildo daydreams, and both men discover that living in the past is no substitute for building a future.

Niagara Falls (1941)

The nosy antics of a honeymooner (Slim Summerville) puts an unwed couple in the same room.

Red Meat (1996)

Three unattached males meet for an evening full of tasty food and juicy discussions about their sexual conquests.

Should Husbands Work? (1939)

Joe Higgins' (James Gleason) wife (Lucile Gleason) gets the job meant for him, so he stays home to do the housework.

Vendetta (1996)

Husband and wife detectives search for the serial killer responsible for their daughter's death and discover a fellow cop may be the culprit.

Movie Struck (1937)

An Iowa girl (Rosina Lawrence) with hopes of stardom heads to Hollywood for a screen test.

Where the Buffalo Roam (1938)

A singing marshal (Tex Ritter) avenges his mother and nabs buffalo skinners.

The Return of Wildfire (1948)

A cowboy drifter (Richard Arlen) defends the daughters (Patricia Morison, Mary Beth Hughes) of a rancher slain by a horse-grabber.

Slumber Party Massacre II (1987)

A teen (Crystal Bernard) and her friends are terrorized by a rock star (Atanas Ilitch) whose guitar is fitted with a drill bit.

This Savage Land (1968)

An Ohio widower (Barry Sullivan) and his family (Andrew Prine, Brenda Scott) face marauders in post-Civil War Kansas.

The Flame (1947)

Avaricious George MacAllister (John Carroll) convinces his girlfriend, Carlotta Novak (Vera Ralston), to marry his wealthy brother, Barry (Robert Paige), because he has been diagnosed with a terminal illness and hasn't long to live. Barry, who has long admired Carlotta, defies family advisers and, on his own, proposes to Carlotta. Delighted that his plan is in motion, George gets involved with a gangster's girlfriend, which throws a wrench into his plans to get the family fortune.

Bone Daddy (1998)

A medical examiner-turned-author hunts for a serial murderer who enjoys removing bones from his still-living victims.

Terminal Rush (1995)

A deputy sheriff faces terrorists who threaten to blow up Hoover Dam if they don't receive $25 million.

Queer Moxie (2015)

Comedians, drag kings and queens, spoken word artists, and burlesque dancers discuss queer performance art.

Hellbilly (2003)

Hell breaks loose when a disfigured hillbilly decides to dismember anyone who gets in his way.

Tony Draws a Horse (1951)

A British doctor (Cecil Parker) and his analyst wife (Anne Crawford) argue over their son's drawing of an anatomically correct horse.

Le Grand Chef (2007)

Seong-chan's retires from his job as a chef and moves back in with his grandfather. He is content with a quiet life until his long-time rival enters a national cooking competition, giving him a final chance to take him on.

The Showdown (1950)

A former Texas lawman, Shadrach Jones (William Elliott) sets out to discover who killed his brother and stole their combined savings. While at the saloon run by the beautiful Adelaide (Marie Windsor), Jones becomes convinced that the thieving murderer is one of a group of cowboys on a cattle drive led by Captain MacKellar (Walter Brennan). Determined to find justice, Jones joins the cattle drive and slowly gets closer to uncovering the identity of the killer.

Night Watch (2005)

A male prostitute (Gonzalo Heredia) encounters danger while working the streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Reggie's Prayer (1996)

A frustrated pro football player (Reggie White) retires to coach an Oregon high-school team, where he befriends a troubled student.

Open House (2004)

Visitors to a newly for-sale house include lovestruck police officers and a jewel thief.

Sailor Beware (1952)

At a Navy recruitment center, allergy-prone Melvin Jones (Jerry Lewis) and suave singer Al Crowthers (Dean Martin), who has bum knees, fret about being accepted. But both men pass and are sent to a San Diego training base, where Melvin's phobias and allergies antagonize Chief Petty Officer Lardoski (Robert Strauss). Dragged into a kissing contest with local girls -- which causes his allergies to flare up -- Melvin is put on the spot to win a kiss from film star Corinne Calvet (as herself).

One-Armed Boxer (1972)

A martial-arts student (Yu Wang) learns the iron-fist and death-grip techniques to avenge his teacher's death.

Tremors II: Aftershocks (1996)

After spending all the reward money from his first encounter with the giant man-eating worms called "Graboids," Earl Bassett (Fred Ward) agrees to hunt more of the deadly creatures at a Mexican oil refinery for $50,000 each. Knowing that he cannot face the monsters alone, Earl recruits Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), another veteran of the incident in Nevada, to supply the firepower. There is only one problem: The Graboids have now evolved to attack above ground.

Secret Sunshine (2007)

Tragedy follows a young Korean widow (Jeon Do-yeon) after she and her son move to another town to make a fresh start.

Steel Sharks (1996)

An elite team (Billy Dee Williams, Gary Busey) battles international terrorism in confrontations between nuclear submarines.

The White Sister (1933)

An Italian aristocrat (Helen Hayes) enters a nunnery, thinking her pilot lover (Clark Gable) has been killed in the war.

Power Play (1978)

A tank commander (Peter O'Toole) joins a colonel's (David Hemmings) plot to take over their mythical European country.

The Apostate (2015)

Leaving the church can be a real test of faith.

The Gendarme Takes Off (1970)

A retired gendarme dons his uniform once again to jar the memory of a friend who is suffering from amnesia.

Stone of Silver Creek (1935)

The proprietor (Buck Jones) of a respectable gambling/dance hall forms a mutually beneficial relationship with a young pastor (Niles Welch).

Control (2001)

A detective (Will Schaub) poses as a patient to learn why clients of a psychotherapist (Sean Young) have been disappearing.

Testimony (1987)

This drama is based on the true story of renowned Russian composer Dmitri Shostakovich (Ben Kingsley). While Shostakovich becomes one of the most lauded musical figures of his era, Soviet leader Joseph Stalin (Terence Rigby) denounces his work on various occasions, creating difficulties for the high-strung composer. The film also looks at Shostakovich's tempestuous relationship with his first wife, Nina (Sherry Baines), who was married to the musical legend during his initial success.

Night Beat (1948)

Two British commando buddies (Maxwell Reed, Ronald Howard) join opposite sides of the law after the war.

White Wolves III: Cry of the White Wolf (1998)

Two juvenile delinquents are left to fend for themselves after their plane crashes in the wilderness.

The Tomorrow Man (1996)

A computer expert and a time-traveling android contend with a deranged scientist while trying to save humanity.

Octavia (1984)

An escaped convict (Neil Kinsella) helps a blind teen (Susan Curtis) escape from her disturbed father's (Jake Foley) mansion on a white horse.

Of Human Bondage (1964)

Adapted from W. Somerset Maugham's novel, this saga of unrequited love follows club-footed English art student Philip Carey (Laurence Harvey) in his quest to win the love of slatternly waitress Mildred Rogers (Kim Novak), a vulgar beauty who holds Philip's deformity in contempt. Giving up art for medicine and vowing to shake his unhealthy obsession with Mildred, Philip romances a supportive writer -- but when pregnant and abandoned Mildred appears, Philip's self-destructive feelings return.

Old Mother Riley, Headmistress (1950)

Scrubwoman Riley (Arthur Lucan) fights a railroad to save a girls school.

Nightfall (1988)

An astronomer (David Birney) and a blind prophet (Alexis Kanner) lead opposite camps on a planet where nightfall is a phenomenon.

The Usual Children (1996)

When everything they say and do comes true, quarreling siblings (Luke Aikman, Laura Aikman) learn the value of rules.

El Robo Imposible (1980)

The adventures of two incompetent thieves who steal a valuable horse that likes to pose for pictures.

The Bright Day (2012)

Shiv goes on a journey to discover what he needs from the outside world.

Restless (1998)

A Beijing translator (Catherine Kellner) breaks up with her playboy lover and pursues a game instructor.

Safe Harbor (2006)

A detective (Tracey Gold) tracks a serial killer targeting former residents of a foster home for abused children.


A magistrate (Ross Hagen) sends a framed miner (Sandy Brooke) to a brutal women's prison ship in outer space.

Rent Control (2002)

Aspiring actors (Melissa Joan Hart, Ryan Browning) in New York try to keep the death of one's aunt a secret so they can stay in her cheap apartment.

Wut (2006)

A vicious cycle of anger and violence emerges between a young man (Oktay zdemir) and a family.

Neutron vs. the Amazing Dr. Caronte (1960)

A superhero (Wolf Ruvinskis) tries to stop a madman (Julio Alemn) who wants to take over the world with robotic monsters.

Never the Twain Shall Meet (1931)

A San Francisco importer (Leslie Howard) inherits custody of a Polynesian beauty (Conchita Montenegro).

Thieves (2007)

Released from an orphanage, a pickpocket (Juan Jos Ballesta) recruits a love interest (Mara Valverde) to help him steal.

Three Warriors (1977)

An Indian boy (McKee "Kiko" Redwing) discovers his heritage while spending the summer at his grandfather's (Charles White Eagle) reservation.

When Evil Calls (2006)

Mysterious accidents occur at a boarding school where text messages grant students their wishes.

Secret of the Dragon (1976)

A family tries to keep its secret kung-fu book safe.

Nobody's Perfect (1968)

A chief petty officer (Doug McClure) puts cockroaches in the captain's (James Whitmore) cabin to get on shore to woo a nisei nurse (Nancy Kwan).

The Ride to Hangman's Tree (1967)

Three Old West outlaws (Jack Lord, James Farentino, Don Galloway) cross paths in California during Wells Fargo stagecoach holdups.

Operation Oman (2014)

The history of Britain's secret war in Oman.

Monster Under Skin (2016)

A woman filled with paranoia and insecurities makes plans to wreak havoc on the people around her.

White Lies (1998)

An articulate student (Sarah Polley) becomes attracted to the rhetoric of white supremacists.

The Pad and How to Use It (1966)

Single classical music aficionado Bob Handman (Brian Bedford) meets a stranger named Doreen Marshall (Julie Sommars) at an orchestral performance. Though she says otherwise, Doreen isn't a music fan. But that doesn't stop her from agreeing to go out with Bob. Hoping to keep his nerves in check, clueless Bob asks his suave pal, Ted (James Farentino), to join the would-be couple for dinner at his apartment. For Bob, the night proves to be a painful lesson in the ways of romance.

Oliver Twist (1933)

Dickens' London waif (Dickie Moore) joins Fagin's (Irving Pichel) crime gang led by brutish Bill Sikes (William "Stage" Boyd) and the Artful Dodger.

The Stone Council (2006)

Strange events plague a Parisian interpreter (Monica Bellucci) when she adopts an Asian boy (Nicolas Thau) in Russia.

Night Has a Thousand Eyes (1948)

A mind reader (Edward G. Robinson) discovers he has been cursed with the gift of seeing the future.

Rock and Roll Fantasy (1994)

The party never stops when wild-and-woolly sorority sisters hold a famous rock star hostage.

The Case of Sergeant Grischa (1930)

During World War I, a Russian POW escapes from a prison camp and makes his way toward Russia.

Deepavali (2007)

The son of a respected and loved leader falls in love with a girl who comes to live in their locality.

The Romance of Rosy Ridge (1947)

In the divided state of Missouri after the Civil War, allegiances to the North and South separate many communities. When Southerner Gill MacBean (Thomas Mitchell) welcomes a stranger, Henry Carson (Van Johnson), into his home in Rosy Ridge, Gill is suspicious of Henry's loyalties. As Henry earns the family's trust -- and falls in love with Gill's daughter, Lissy Anne (Janet Leigh) -- he convinces the residents of Rosy Ridge to overcome their prejudices.

Three for One (1991)

Three close-knit friends are party to a shocking discovery when they learn they've all been dating the same woman.

The Cowboy (1954)

The evolution of the American cowboy is the subject, with songs.

The Glamour & the Squalor (2015)

Filmmaker Marq Evans examines the life and career of Seattle disc jockey Marco Collins.

The Woman Eater (1959)

A deranged scientist returns from the Amazon with a carnivorous plant that has the power to restore life to the dead.

South of Panama (1941)

The sister of a government chemist realizes she is being followed by some agents who are after her brother.

Fast Lane Fever (1984)

A factory worker (Terry Serio) goes all out to beat a drag racer whose girlfriend (Deborah Conway) he loves.

On the Banks of the Tigris: The Hidden Story of Iraqi Music (2015)

Majid Shokor discovers that the songs he loved as a child in Baghdad have a hidden history.

Secrets of Scotland Yard (1944)

A man sets out to trap the Nazis who killed his twin brother, an agent trained to decode wartime messages.

The Show Off (1926)

In this silent feature, Aubrey (Ford Sterling) is a born braggart, forever boasting of fortunes he doesn't have. Everyone can see right through him -- everyone except the mooning girl next door, Amy (Lois Wilson). The two marry, but Aubrey struggles to pay the bills, so he leans on her family. Her brother, the struggling inventor Joe (Gregory Kelly), is Aubrey's opposite: gifted and humble. When the family bankrolls Joe's latest invention, Aubrey intervenes. Will he save the day, or ruin it?

Sleeping Beauty (1955)

Cursed by a witch, a princess falls asleep on her sixteenth birthday.

Hood Copz (2004)

A ghost haunts an undercover DEA agent, but it might be only a figment of his guilty conscience.

Timber Terrors (1935)

A Mountie (John Preston) with a dog tracks the killers of his partner.

The Goat (1921)

Police embark on a frantic chase to nab a drifter (Buster Keaton).

The Rites of Magick (2011)

The Order of the Temple of Astarte practices its ceremonies, meditations and magic in Southern California.

The Kid Brother (1927)

Harold Hickory (Harold Lloyd), a feeble boy in an otherwise brawny family, is known for being clever -- and getting into trouble. After inviting the lovely carnival worker Mary Powers (Jobyna Ralston) into his home, Hickory discovers that a large sum of money entrusted to his father, the sheriff (Walter James), has gone missing. In this slapstick tale of mystery, Hickory must think fast in order to clear his family name, even if it means facing the strongman Sandoni (Constantine Romanoff).

Sanjog (1971)

When a woman takes a new job, she discovers that she has become the boss of a man she married years earlier in a secret ceremony.

Phantom (1922)

Lorenz (Alfred Abel), an office worker of meager means, lives in a tiny apartment with his mother and two siblings and harbors artistic aspirations. But when Lorenz spies the mysteriously alluring Veronika (Anton Edthofer) riding in a carriage, he begins neglecting all his responsibilities in his relentless pursuit of the unattainable beauty. He later meets Mellitta (also De Putti), a conniving woman who resembles Veronika, and she dupes him into doing her bidding, with devastating results.

The Bachelor's Daughters (1946)

To help four salesgirls lure men, a floorwalker (Adolphe Menjou) poses as their father in a rented Long Island mansion.