Start of Something (2014)

Revolution in Toyland (1946)

Homo Promo (1993)

Smoke Like a Turk (2012)

How to Live in the German Federal Republic (1990)

For Better or Nurse (1945)

The Sentimental Bloke (1919)

The Sentimental Bloke (1919) is an Australian silent film based on the 1915 poem The Songs of a Sentimental Bloke by C. J. Dennis. It is generally considered the greatest Australian silent film, and one of the best Australian movies of all time.

Viennese Women (1952)

El edificio de los Chilenos (2010)

I Love Karditsa (2010)

The Art of the Dynamic Handgun (2010)

Muchachas en vacaciones (1958)

Pito Perez (1957)

Las aventuras de Pito Pérez ("The Adventures of Pito Pérez") is a 1957 Mexican film. It was produced by Fernando de Fuentes. Based on Pito Perez and José Rubén Romero's useless lives. Film 52 of the 59 movies on Mexican director Juan Bustillo Oro (1904-1988). Bustillo wanted to bring to life José Rubén Romero's famous novel La vida inútil de Pito Pérez (1938) in collaboration with is good friend and colleague Fernando de Fuentes as the producer and writer and incarnating the main character Germán Valdés “Tin Tan”

Before the Mountain Was Moved (1970)

Before the Mountain Was Moved is a 1970 American documentary film produced by Robert K. Sharpe. The film portrays the struggle by the inhabitants of Raleigh County, West Virginia, to preserve their land from the ravages of strip mining, and their efforts to pass state legislation to this end. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Doing Impossikible Stunts (1940)

Poopdeck Pappy (1940)

Abdul the Bulbul Ameer (1941)

Hobby Horse-Laffs (1942)

Eyeblink (1966)

Waiting in the Dark (2006)

The Questioning (2013)

KastleVania 4: Vanian Legenda (2012)

Magnesium (2012)

The Aztec Box (2013)

The Incident (2011)

Cerro Negro (2012)

Fandom (2004)

Baldevins bryllup (1926)

Baldevins bryllup (English: Baldevin's wedding) is a 1926 Norwegian comedy film directed by George Schnéevoigt, starring Einar Sissener and Victor Bernau. The film is based on a play by Vilhelm Krag, and tells the story of how Simen Sørensen (Bernau) manages to get his friend Baldevin Jonassen (Sissener) married to the lady next door. The film was renovated in 2006, for the 100-years anniversary of Kristiansand Cinema.

Lazy Little Beaver (1947)

The Big Flame Up (1949)

Looking Back at the Future (2006)

One-Room Schoolhouses (1935)

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name (1935)

Mr. and Mrs. Is the Name is a 1935 animated Merrie Melodies cartoon, starring Buddy and Cookie (as two mermaid kids), and is noted to be the only Buddy cartoon in Technicolor. This is directed by Friz Freleng.

Dizzy Divers (1935)

Love's Routine (2013)

Messies, ein schönes Chaos (2012)

Imago... (2005)

Ek Nao Do Kinare (1973)

Half-Fare Hare (1956)

Half-Fare Hare is a 1956 animated Merrie Melodies cartoon featuring Bugs Bunny.

Shangoul & Mangoul (2000)

Shangoul And Mangoul (Persian: Shangoul O Mangoul) is a 2000 Iranian animated film directed by Farkhondeh Torabi and Merteza Ahadi. Its runtime is 18 minutes and it is based on a Persian folktale. The Big Bad Wolf takes advantage of the mother goat being out. But the kids defend themselves.

Who Was the Culprit? (1910)

Baby Vickie (1969)

The Laughing Samoans: Prettyfull Woman (2009)

Thanks for the Ride (2013)

The Sea Calls (1933)

The Lake Calls (German:Das Meer ruft) is a 1933 German film directed by Hans Hinrich and starring Heinrich George, Erika Helmke and Hans Mierendorff. It is based on the poem "Terje Vigen" by Henrik Ibsen. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Ernö Metzner and Erich Zander.

Take a Chance (1933)

Take a Chance is a 1937 British comedy sports film directed by Sinclair Hill and starring Claude Hulbert, Binnie Hale and Henry Kendall. It depicts farcical events in the horse racing world.

The Pigeon Fairy (1906)

I'm in Love (2003)

The Book of Manning (2013)

A Robot Named Robot (2013)

Double or Mutton (1955)

Double or Mutton is a 1955 Looney Tunes cartoon directed by Chuck Jones and released by Warner Bros. Pictures featuring Ralph Wolf and Sam Sheepdog. Mel Blanc provided for the voices of all the characters in this cartoon, however, like all Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf shorts, this short is mostly composed of visual gags. That is the third short featuring Sam Sheepdog and Ralph Wolf. The title is a play on the gambling wager double or nothing. That is the first episode where it is clearly established that Sam and Ralph are coworkers, as well as the first episode where their names are consistent.

All Fowled Up (1955)

All Fowled Up is a 1955 Looney Tunes animated short film starring Foghorn Leghorn.

Ko-Ko's Haunted House (1928)

Krueger: A Tale from Elm Street (2011)

Ladies Photographer (1978)

Fotógrafo de señoras is a 1978 Argentine comedy film directed by Hugo Moser.

Saint Death (2007)

Minotaur and Little Nerkin (1999)

Minotaur and Little Nerkin is a 1999 British animated short film created by Aardman Animations. Its full name appears, according to the film itself, to be Minotaur and Little Nerkin in Bait, suggesting that its name is in fact "Bait", as an episode of a suggested series of films called Minotaur and Little Nerkin, of which no other episodes were made, or that the name of the film is Bait and is merely stating it stars Minotaur and Little Nerkin. Regardless, Minotaur and Little Nerkin is the name used on the packaging for the Aardman Classics DVD.

Carmita (2013)

Duel at Fort Ezo (1970)

KL Zombi (2013)

The Lyin' Mouse (1937)

The Lyin' Mouse is a 1937 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Friz Freleng. It is the first to give story credit, in this case, to Tedd Pierce.

Tres Mexicanos ardientes (1986)

Deathly Love (2013)

They Didn't Make it (2009)

Easy Years (1953)

Easy Years (Italian: Anni facili) is a 1953 drama film directed by Luigi Zampa and starring Nino Taranto.

Zombies Reborn (2012)

Serenal (1959)

Imagined Landscape (2012)

Gitana (1965)

Night Highway (1990)

González: The False Prophet (2015)

Koibone (2005)

Grandpa 005 (2013)

Anne Truitt, Working (2010)

Clean Pastures (1937)

Clean Pastures is a Merrie Melodies animated cartoon directed by I. Freleng, produced by Leon Schlesinger, and released to theatres on May 22, 1937 by Warner Bros. and Vitaphone. The cartoon is a parody of Warner Bros.' 1936 film The Green Pastures. It tells of an ersatz Heaven called "Pair-O-Dice" and its angels' efforts to win souls from "Hades Inc." A Stepin Fetchit caricature fails to recruit any souls in Harlem, New York City. However, jazz-singing angels incorporate "rhythm" into the pitch, and Harlem's African Americans follow them as they dance their way to Heaven. Schlesinger and Warner Bros. had problems with Clean Pastures from the start. Hollywood censors alleged that the film ran afoul of the Hays Production Code because it burlesqued religion. Later commentators surmise that the censors also objected to the portrayal of a Heaven run by African Americans. In 1968, the short's stereotypical portrayal of black characters prompted United Artists to withhold it from distribution as one of the infamous Censored Eleven. Modern critics have been no kinder to the film and cite its portrayal of black characters as offensive and reliant on negative stereotypes. Musicologist Daniel Goldmark interprets the film as a send-up of black religion and culture and the increasing identification of 1930s white audiences of jazz music with black culture. Religion scholar Judith Weisenfeld sees Clean Pastures as a metaphor for the replacement of rural, minstrel show stereotypes of blacks for modern, urban ones.

Sun in Your Head (1963)

The Inherited (2009)

Les Métamorphoses Comiques (1912)

Brace for Impact: The Chesley B. Sullenberger Story (2010)

Knee Deep (2007)

Summer Place Wanted (1957)

Summer Place Wanted (Swedish: Sommarnöje sökes) is a 1957 Swedish comedy film directed by Hasse Ekman. It was entered into the 1st Moscow International Film Festival.

Non-Love Song (2009)

Superflat Monogram (2003)

Andy Panda Goes Fishing (1940)

The Strike (1947)

The Strike (Czech: Siréna) is a 1947 Czechoslovakian film about striking miners directed by Karel Steklý. It is based on the novel of the same title by Marie Majerová.

Ambra - Honour & Glory (2002)

Ambra - Child of the Universe (2003)

Lines: Vertical (1960)

Gila-Gila Remaja (1985)

Yah Nark (2004)

Parallel Lines: Darkroom (2010)

A Noite Saiu à Rua (1987)

Samoure (2005)

Jefferson Circus Songs (1975)

Breeze (2000)

The Revenge of Pancho Villa (1936)

The Revenge of Pancho Villa (1930–36)—Spanish title La Venganza de Pancho Villa—is a compilation film made by the Padilla family in El Paso, Texas, USA, from dozens of fact-based and fictional films about the celebrated Mexican revolutionary Pancho Villa (1878–1923). The films were stitched together with original bilingual title cards and dramatic re-enactments of Villa’s assassination were added to the revised print. The Revenge of Pancho Villa provides stirring evidence of a vital Mexican American film presence during the 1910s-1930s. In 2009, it was named to the National Film Registry by the Library of Congress for being “culturally, historically or aesthetically” significant and will be preserved for all time.

The Adventures of Young Indiana Jones: Passion for Life (2000)

President Roosevelt at the Army-Navy Game (1901)

Fooling Casper (1928)

Johnny Cash: London 1981 (1981)