Altitude (2017)

Gretchen Blair (Denise Richards) is a headstrong FBI agent who goes rogue on a hostage negotiation and is sent packing to a desk job back in D.C. By a stroke of luck, she's upgraded to business class on her flight — but as soon as the plane takes off, her seatmate (Kirk Barker) offers her millions of dollars if she can get him off the plane alive. As his ex-partners (Dolph Lundgren, Chuck Liddell & Greer Grammer) stage a brutal hijacking, Gretchen finds herself in the fight of her life — choosing sides between two factions of a criminal gang and trying to keep the plane from going down.

La folle histoire de Max et Léon (2016)

La folle histoire de Max et Léon is a 2016 French World War II comedy film directed by Jonathan Barré, written by Barré, and the two stars of the film, the comedy team of Grégoire Ludig, and David Marsais. The film was produced by Alain Goldman and Christopher Lambert who has a cameo as a French Army Captain.

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait (2017)

Julian Schnabel: A Private Portrait chronicles the personal life and public career of the celebrated artist and filmmaker Julian Schnabel. Written and directed by Italy’s Pappi Corsicato, the film details the Brooklyn-born Schnabel’s formative years in Brownsville, Texas; the beginning of his professional career in New York City in the late Seventies; and his Eighties rise to superstar status in Manhattan’s art scene as well as international acclaim as a leading figure in the Neo- Expressionism movement. As the film details, Schnabel came to be regularly acknowledged for his extroverted, excessive approach to his work and life (frequently seen in silk pajamas, he lives and works in Montauk, Long Island, and in a 170-foot tall pink Venetian-styled palazzo in Manhattan’s West Village) as he moved into filmmaking with 1995’s Basquiat. He has since directed four other features, including the award-winning Before Night Falls (2000) and The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (2007). With a kaleidoscopic blend of material from Schnabel’s personal archives, newly shot footage of the artist at work and play, and commentary from friends, family, actors and artists including Al Pacino, Mary Boone, Jeff Koons, Bono and Laurie Anderson—not to mention Schnabel, himself—Corisicato creates a fascinating and revealing portrait of the modern art world’s most boisterous and provocative maverick.

Jerico, the Infinite Flight of Days (2016)

Deep in the Andes lies a small Colombian village called Jericó. The people share their deepest secrets of love, loss, lust and motherhood.

Main Street On The March! (1942)

Main Street on the March! is a 1941 American short historical film directed by Edward Cahn. It won an Academy Award at the 14th Academy Awards for Best Short Subject (Two-Reel). The 20-minute film gives a brief history of events in Europe and the U.S. in the year and a half leading up to the attack on Pearl Harbor.

Dushman: A story of the enemy within (2017)

A young Indian man loses his family in an attack planned by Pakistani terrorists. He travels to Bangkok where he forges an unlikely friendship with a Pakistani security guard.

Scalps (1987)

In the aftermath of the Civil war, rogue Southern soldiers kidnap a woman and slaughter everyone in her village after her father refuses to sell her to them.

Divertimento (2002)

An insecure actor (Federico Luppi) seeks mentoring advice from a legendary performer (Francisco Rabal) who is unwilling to part with it.

Starlit Days at the Lido (1935)

Film stars from Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios visit Hollywood's Lido Lounge.

First Winter (1982)

When their father goes away, an Irish immigrant family struggles to survive the winter in Canada.

Peculiar Penguins (1934)

Peculiar Penguins is a Silly Symphonies animated Disney short film. It was released in 1934.

Over the Counter (1932)

The wild son of a store owner tries to impress his father by making radical changes.

The Nightless City (2014)

A woman finds herself completely unable to sleep after the Fukushima incident.

Lamb (2015)

Lamb is a 2015 Ethiopian drama film directed by Yared Zeleke. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2015 Cannes Film Festival. It was the first Ethiopian film to be included in the Official Selection. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section of the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival. The film was selected as the Ethiopian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 88th Academy Awards but it was not nominated.

The Swedish Theory of Love (2015)

The Swedish Theory of Love is a 2016 Swedish documentary film directed by Erik Gandini. The documentary offers a critical look into the ideas and practice of "state individualism". Most benefits of the welfare state are in Sweden connected with the individual and seeks to promote their individual autonomy, whereas in other countries the institutions of the welfare state are more focused on households. In Swedish this ideology is called statist individualism. The film examines at how this has affected Swedish society since the 1960s. The movie has been reviewed as "with great rhythm and without losing the audience along the way, Gandini shows us the other, darker side of progress, riches and independence." Another reviewer said that "It doesn’t really add up to much of an argument, jollied along as it is by stylised editing and jaunty ironic music."

Monumental (2016)

Two men embark on a journey across the country to honor one's mother by spreading her ashes at monuments she always dreamed of visiting.

Mama Africa (2002)

Powerful and wealthy elites in the military and civilian life take advantage of the helpless masses.

The Last Playlist (2014)

Told he has mere months until he'll be deaf, aging record producer Nick Silver sets out to prove that he's still relevant.

Amore tra le rovine (2015)

A long-lost Italian silent film is discovered.

7 Witches (2017)

As their big day approaches Aggie and Rose should be celebrating, they’ve got their family with them, they’ve rented an island for the big day, but unbeknownst to them their wedding falls on the day when a 100 yeah old curse comes to fruition. Instead of celebrating they find themselves fighting for their lives as a coven of witches rise for revenge.

In Their Room: London (2013)

This candid view into the lives and bedrooms of gay men living in London highlights the ways in which men in disparate cultures deal with connection, intimacy and loneliness in the modern world.

Victimized (2014)

Matt Miller has spent his entire life living in the shadows of his brother. He believes if his brother were to disappear then so would all his problems. So one deadly night Matt decides to take matters into his own hands.

Beyond Here (2015)

Basile and Léa cross a desolate mountain region, stopping only to rob shelters of food and ammo.

The View from Tall (2016)

A 17-year-old student finds an unlikely lifeline in her therapist after a sexual transgression. As the lines of propriety between two lonely souls are slowly broken, she has to navigate the thorny issues of age, lust, and leaving one's life behind.

Nila (2017)

Childhood sweethearts meet years later and must decide whether or not to pursue their unrequited love and unexplored desires.

This Small (2015)

The parents of premature babies walk a difficult path.

Bangkok Summer (2011)

Bangkok Summer is a 2011 Malayalam film directed by Pramod Pappan Team. It features Rahul Madhav, Unni Mukundan and Richa Panai. The main themes of the movie are love, betrayal, money and race.

Weeping for a Bandit (1964)

Weeping for a Bandit (Spanish: Llanto por un bandido) is a 1964 Spanish drama film directed by Carlos Saura. It was Saura's first film in color. It was co-produced with France and Italy, and starred Italian Lea Massari and French-Italian Lino Ventura. Thanks to his friendship with Saura, filmmaker Luis Buñuel has a small role. The film was entered into the 14th Berlin International Film Festival.

The End Is My Beginning (2010)

The End Is My Beginning is a 2010 German-Italian biographical drama film directed by Jo Baier. It is based on the posthumous autobiographical best-seller with the same name written by Tiziano Terzani.

The Tibetan Book of the Dead: The Great Liberation (1994)

An old lama and his novice monk guide a Himalayan villager into the afterlife using readings from "The Tibetan Book of the Dead."

Realive (2017)

Realive (Spanish: Proyecto Lázaro) is a 2016 Belgian-Spanish-French science fiction film written and directed by Mateo Gil.

Die Böhms: Architektur einer Familie (2014)

Germany's preeminent architecture family loses its emotional and inspirational center when wife and mother Elisabeth Bhm dies.

CopAholic (2017)

An undercover cop is pressured to turn against his partner when criminals kidnap his fiance.

Chupacabra Territory (2016)

Four campers travel to Lake Emerald, Calif., to find and document the dangerous chupacabra.

Set Free (2015)

A woman faces a crisis of faith when a past secret surfaces and entangles her son in a web of deception.

Wexford Plaza (2017)

Wexford Plaza is a 2016 Canadian comedy-drama film directed by Joyce Wong and starring Reid Asselstine and Darrel Gamotin.

Blind (1987)

The educational programs at the Alabama School for the Blind are organized around the effort to educate blind and visually impaired students to be in charge of their own lives.

Mosagadu (1980)

Mosagadu is a 1980 Telugu film directed by K. Raghavendra Rao. The film stars Sobhan Babu, Chiranjeevi and Sridevi Kapoor in important roles. This movie is loosely based on the Raj Kapoor, Shatrughan Sinha-starrer Khaan Dost.

Inside Out (2011)

Inside Out is a 2011 crime-drama film directed by Artie Mandelberg. The film features professional wrestler Triple H (credited as Paul "Triple H" Levesque), Michael Rapaport, Parker Posey, Julie White, Michael Cudlitz and Bruce Dern. The project was the cinematic feature film debut for director Artie Mandelberg,. The film was released on September 9, 2011.

Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar (2010)

Çok Filim Hareketler Bunlar is a 2010 Turkish comedy film, directed by tr:Ozan Açıktan and written and performed by the BKM theater players based on the group's theatre work and television series Çok Güzel Hareketler Bunlar, which consists of an assortment of sketches illustrating comic predicaments related to the summer holidays. The film, which went on nationwide general release across Turkey on March 26, 2010 (2010-03-26), was one of the highest-grossing Turkish films of 2010.

Asylum of Darkness (2017)

A patient in an insane asylum escapes the facility and finds a supernatural world on the outside.

Moth to a Flame (2016)

A woman becomes a cab driver to pay her father's bills.

No Dress Code Required (2017)

In this up-to-the-minute documentary, Victor and Fernando run a beauty salon in Baja California, Mexico. For many of their customers they were a lovely gay couple, until they decided to marry. They become the first ones in their state to fight for their rights in a place filled with homophobia and inequality, facing down the city council of Mexicali, which defies the Supreme Court ruling that allows gay marriage. Through their struggle, both in the courts and in the community, they manage to open the eyes of Mexican society, and affirm a love that fills every frame of this moving and eye opening new film.

Ascent to Hell (2017)

When a realtor shows an old New York factory building to a group of would-be investors, they are unwittingly caught in its tragic and sinister history.

Motorkite Dreaming (2016)

Amateur adventurers attempt to be the first to pilot microlight aircraft known as trikes across 5,000 kilometers of Australian Outback.

Night-Flowers (1979)

A young girl (Tamara van Sprundel) goes in search of her biological father and uncovers a shrouded and horrifying part of her past.

The Stars Heavenly Home (1974)

A woman slowly drinks herself to death while she is physically and emotionally used by multiple men.

Diverge (2016)

Diverge is a 2016 American sci-fi film written, directed, co-produced and co-edited by James Morrison in his directing debut.

The Kaos Brief (2016)

Top secret footage reveals the fates of four teens who vanish during a trip to the mountains.

The Dark Room of Damocles (1963)

Like Two Drops of Water is a 1963 Dutch drama film directed by Fons Rademakers. It is an adaptation of the 1958 novel The Darkroom of Damocles by Willem Frederik Hermans. It was entered into the 1963 Cannes Film Festival and was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 36th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Comment c'est loin (2015)

Comment c'est loin is a 2015 French quasi-autobiographical comedy film written by French rapper Orelsan and directed by Orelsan and Christophe Offenstein. The film stars Orelsan and fellow French rapper Gringe, both of whom form the rap duo Casseurs Flowters, and is based on their debut studio album Orelsan et Gringe sont les Casseurs Flowters, which was released on 15 November 2013. The film is set over a 24-hour period in the city of Caen, Normandy, and follows Aurélien, known as Orel (Orelsan, as he was formerly known), and Guillaume, known as Gringe (himself). They seek to finish recording their first song together at the request of their producers Skread (himself) and Ablaye (himself), but struggle to do so as they wander around the town with friends looking for quick ways to make money and a good time. Comment c'est loin was premiered at the Saint-Jean-de-Luz International Film Festival on October 10, 2015, as well as being shown at the Sarlat Film Festival on November 13, 2015, before being released to the French public on December 9, 2015. The film has received mixed-to-positive reviews from critics, and grossed $1,001,196 in the domestic box office within its first three weeks.

Nearsighted (2015)

When Miguel takes out his contacts to get ready for bed, through his blurred vision, he realizes there is something horrendous inside his apartment.

Jack the Ripper (2016)

Jack the Ripper goes out for a trip around the city.

Manifest Destiny: The Lewis & Clark Musical Adventure (2016)

Gruff explorer William Clark and his naturalist companion Meriwether Lewis blaze a trail to the West.

The Maladjusted (2013)

Three friends struggle to maintain their free-spirited lifestyles as they approach 30.

Bam (2016)

A young boxer struggles with the gulf between his shy, bookish nature and his extremely violent temper.

Their Purple Moment (1928)

Their Purple Moment is a 1928 short comedy silent film starring Laurel and Hardy and directed by James Parrott.

Stanley a Man of Variety (2016)

A middle-aged man who has been stuck in prison for far too long starts hallucinating.

Brakes (2017)

Nine couples experience breakups before meeting someone new.

By Any Name (2017)

By Any Name is a 2016 British action thriller film, that has won two awards at the 2016 North Wales International Film Festival and is based on the book of the same name by Catrin Collier. The film follows the story of John West who is admitted to a psychiatric ward suffering from trauma-induced amnesia after he was found half naked running down a motorway and covered in blood. He has no memory of who he is. All he can recall is a detailed knowledge of sophisticated weaponry and military techniques that indicates a background in terrorism. When two armed soldiers guarding his room are murdered and Dr Liz Santer Samira Mohamed Ali, the psychiatrist assigned to his case, is abducted at gunpoint, a desperate hunt begins for a dangerous killer. Liz attempts to help her capture recover his memory despite all the warnings of what she might find. Is Liz in the hands of a homicidal terrorist or an innocent pawn? Her life depends on the right answer.

Yesterday Is Still Gone (2014)

Three friends come face to face with their pasts, confronting long-buried secrets.

Dynamite Shaolin Heroes (1978)

Loyalists fight to restore the Ming dynasty to power after China is thrown into turmoil.

Hello Vietnam (2017)

A man sneaks away from a retirement home to celebrate his wife's death anniversary.

Outside the Law (1930)

Outside the Law is a 1930 American Pre-Code crime film directed by Tod Browning and starring Edward G. Robinson. The picture is a remake of the 1920 film of the same name, starring Lon Chaney and also directed by Browning.

Don't Bet on Love (1933)

Don't Bet on Love is a 1933 American comedy film directed by Murray Roth and written by Howard Emmett Rogers, Murray Roth and Ben Ryan. The film stars Lew Ayres, Ginger Rogers, Charley Grapewin, Shirley Grey, Tom Dugan and Merna Kennedy. The film was released on July 1, 1933, by Universal Pictures.

Tigers at the Top (1975)

Two people team up to defeat an evil warlord.

This Woman Is Mine (1935)

18 Minutes is a 1935 British drama film directed by Monty Banks and starring Gregory Ratoff, John Loder and Benita Hume. Its plot concerns a lion tamer who adopts an orphaned girl.

The Inquisition of Camilo Sanz (2014)

A desperate man seeks money from a loan shark to pay for a fraudulent marriage and avoid deportation.

Reminiscence: The Beginning (2014)

A couple have to face something beyond the human mind when they experiment with parallel time, time breaks and black holes.

Andrew W.K. Party Safari (2014)

Rock star and motivational speaker Andrew W.K. visits a wildlife park.

Radiopetti (2015)

Radiopetti is a 2015 Indian Tamil-language drama film directed by Hari Viswanath, starring Ramanujam TVV and Lakshmanan Koratur in lead roles.

Eagles of Death Metal: Nos Amis (Our Friends) (2017)

This HBO Documentary Film follows the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal as they recount their experiences before, during and after the tragic terrorist attack at their concert in Paris on November 13, 2015 – a heinous act of violence that claimed 89. The film spotlights the deep bond of friendship between band co-founders Jesse Hughes and Josh Homme as well as the intensely personal connection that the Eagles of Death Metal has always had with their devoted fans. That relationship, coupled with a profound sense of responsibility to help the Bataclan survivors cope with their physical and emotional wounds, inspired the band to return to Paris: first to perform with U2 at a rescheduled concert three weeks after the attacks, and later to finish the Paris show at the Olympia concert hall in front of their fans, many of whom were survivors of the earlier show.

Sliders of Ghost Town: Origins (2016)

The street-sliding ghouls of Knott's Berry Farm discuss the history of their craft.

Ninja Supremo (1979)

A fighter learns the Crippled Fist technique to avenge his master and stop Hunchback's posse.

The Horse Dancer (2017)

When Samantha is removed from the Olympic gymnastics team due to her attitude, she is sent to the Black River Horse Camp for the summer. While there, she learns the value of friendship as she discovers her love of vaulting on horseback!

Bad, Bad Men (2015)

After being taunted by a bully at a coffee shop, a man enlists his buddies to help him get his pride back and put the bully in his place.

En retard pour l'enterrement de ma mère (2013)

Family members attempt to gain understanding of their deceased mother's complicated life by re-enacting what they remember.

The Super Ninja (1984)

A maverick cop (Alexander Rei Lo) and his partner (Yau Jin Tomas) come up against an international conspiracy involving a scientist and a secret formula.

Kidnap Ding Ding Don (2016)

A kidnapped woman (Ivana Wong) finds herself embroiled in a quirky romance with a male amnesiac.

Bloody Destiny (2015)

A gangster kidnaps an underground boxer's lover to force him to fight.

The Bill Collector (2010)

The Bill Collector is a family drama film featuring Danny Trejo and written and directed by Cristobal Krusen.

Skeleton on Horseback (1939)

Skeleton on Horseback (Czech: Bílá nemoc) is a 1937 Czechoslovak drama film directed by and starring Hugo Haas. It revolves around an infectious disease which breaks out during a war. It is based on the play The White Disease by Karel Čapek.

Alien Convergence (2017)

A state of the art fighter jet is humanity's last hope against flying reptilian creatures.

Kick Ass Cops: The Colgate Case (2016)

Two incompetent detectives deal with an unstoppable luchador, a shotgun wielding woman and a deadly assassin in their quest to solve a series of murders.

Mixed Match (2016)

Mixed Match is a 2016 animated/live-action documentary film directed by Canadian director Jeff Chiba Stearns. The documentary explores the challenges multi-ethnic blood disease patients face when trying to find a bone marrow match for transplant.

Trabant Goes to Africa (2010)

Five Czech adventurers take one of the world's cheapest cars across Africa.

My Geeky Nerdy Buddies (2014)

My Geeky Nerdy Buddies is a 2014 romantic comedy film directed by Kevin Chu. It was released on July 10, 2014 in China but the film was withdrawn on the next day, citing "malicious competition" from the studio Bona Film Group. The film stars Jam Hsiao as A Zhai, and Jiang Shuying as Yaling.

Fascinating India 3D (2014)

Filmmakers spend months discovering the cities, royal residences, and temple precincts of India.

Veera Madakari (2009)

Veera Madakari is a 2009 Kannada action film directed by Sudeep. The film features Sudeep in a double role alongside Ragini Dwivedi in the lead roles. The film features background score and soundtrack compose by M. M. Keeravani and Produced by Dinesh Gandhi. The film released on 20 March 2009. This film is remake of Telugu blockbuster Vikramarkudu. The interval fight sequence of this movie was spoofed in the climax of 2015 Kannada movie Ram-Leela. The film was later dubbed in Hindi under the title Veer Madakari Iss Sadi Ka with Sudeep's voice dubbed by Ganesh Divekar.

My Friend's Rubber Ducky (2016)

A man enlists the help of his stoner roommate to kidnap an old friend who owes him $5,000.

Ten Little Indians (1987)

Desyat Negrityat (Ten Little Niggers, Russian: Десять негритят) is a 1987 Soviet film adaptation of Agatha Christie's novel And Then There Were None It was directed by Stanislav Govorukhin, who also penned the script. This version is unique in that virtually none of the novel is altered. Unlike the previous Hollywood/British adaptations of the story, none of the characters or their respective crimes are altered in any way and the film concludes with the grim finale from Agatha Christie's original novel, rather than the upbeat ending from the stage version that most other adaptations chose to follow.

Dark Skull (2016)

Dark Skull is a 2016 Bolivian drama film directed by Kiro Russo. It was selected as the Bolivian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Nelson (1926)

Nelson is a 1926 British historical film directed by Walter Summers and starring Cedric Hardwicke, Gertrude McCoy and Frank Perfitt. A biopic of Admiral Horatio Nelson, it is based on the biography by Robert Southey.

Sinister Minister (2017)

When a single mother falls for a charismatic minister, she believes that she and her teenage daughter will finally have the stable home life she has always wanted.

Actually Quite a Lot (2016)

A man at a crossroads in his life meets a beautiful, free-spirited woman.

Morning (2010)

A couple descend into alcoholism and infidelity after the death of their child.

Homecoming (2011)

An Army medic reveals hidden fears to her friends while searching for fun on leave.

2:22 (2017)

2:22 is an upcoming American-Australian thriller film directed by Paul Currie and written by Nathan Parker and Todd Stein. The film stars Michiel Huisman, Teresa Palmer and Sam Reid.

The 2nd Law (2016)

A brilliant young scientist is willing to risk it all to find out if there is life after death.

Breakdown Lane (2017)

After her car breaks down in the desert, a woman fights dehydration, coyotes and the living dead.