Tom the Cat (2002)

Gonzales' Tamales (1957)

Gonzales' Tamales is a Looney Tunes animated film.

Illicit Desire (1973)

Porcelain (2013)

The Nutcracker: A Fantasy on Ice (1983)

Stories About the Space (1973)

The Bread of Love (1953)

Bread of Love (Swedish: Kärlekens bröd) is a 1953 Swedish drama film directed by Arne Mattsson. It was entered into the 1954 Cannes Film Festival.

Vikingar (2013)

The Marihuana Story (1950)

The Marihuana Story (Spanish: Marihuana) is a 1950 Argentine film directed by León Klimovsky. It was entered into the 1951 Cannes Film Festival.

The A-Word (2010)

Panic (1978)

A Language All My Own (1935)

A Language All My Own is a 1935 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Betty Boop.

The Making of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' (1993)

Re-Entry: Grey Zone (2013)

A Good Man (2009)

The Jazz Channel Presents Chaka Khan (2000)

Among Snakes and Ladders, Missing Persons (2013)

Tugboat Granny (1956)

Tugboat Granny is a "Merrie Melodies" cartoon animated short starring Tweety and Sylvester. Released June 23, 1956, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. The voices were performed by Mel Blanc and June Foray. The cartoon's title is a play on Tugboat Annie, and is the only cartoon in the Warner Bros. series to bear Granny's name. It joined Guided Muscle and The Grey Hounded Hare as the cartoons featured on the final episode of ABC's The Bugs Bunny & Tweety Show on September 2, 2000.

The Color of Love (1994)

Who Killed Rover? (1930)

How the Cossacks Bought Salt (1975)

Evo Pueblo (2007)

Joy (2008)

The Medic and the Duchess (1984)

KaBoom! (2004)

Pietà (1998)

King in the Box (2007)

Emilia Pardo Bazán, la condesa rebelde (2012)

The History Of Grand Theft Auto (2013)

Office Lady Diary: Poaching (1973)

The Ghost Train (1901)

Hunslet v Leeds (1901)

Adieu au TNS (1998)

Evacuation (2010)

Minyak Dagu (2013)

Corta (2012)

Roy Chubby Brown: Saturday Night Beaver (1996)

Sebastian Kneipp (1958)

Sebastian Kneipp is a 1958 Austrian historical film directed by Wolfgang Liebeneiner and starring Carl Wery, Paul Hörbiger and Gerlinde Locker. It is also sometimes known as Wasserdoktor. The film is a biopic of the Bavarian Sebastian Kneipp one of the pioneers of Naturopathic medicine.

Moonlight Sonata (1979)

Paula Poundstone: Look What The Cat Dragged In (2006)

So You Want To Be In Pictures (1947)

So You Want to Be in Pictures is a 1947 one-reel short film in the Joe McDoakes series. It is written and directed by Richard L. Bare.

Buddy's Circus (1934)

Buddy's Circus is an American animated short film. It is a Looney Tunes cartoon, featuring Buddy, the second star of the series. It was released on November 8, 1934, although one source suggests as a date August 25 of the same year. It was supervised by Jack King; musical direction was by Norman Spencer.

Madame Death (1969)

Family Light Affair (1984)

Die Wüstenärztin (2012)

Everybody's an Actor, Shakespeare Said (1968)

A Movie (1958)

A Movie is a 1958 experimental collage film in which Bruce Conner put together snippets of found footage, taken from B-movies, newsreels, soft-core pornography, novelty short films, and other sources, to a musical score featuring Respighi's Pines of Rome. The film is associational, in which a number of narrative and spatially unrelated shots from a number of sources are edited together to evoke emotions and make thematic points. A Movie consists of many shots of animals and people moving quickly, precariously balanced objects, cars and people crashing, and, perhaps most importantly, violence and war. The word 'movie' keeps showing up on the screen. In 1994, A Movie was selected for preservation in the United States National Film Registry by the Library of Congress as being "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant". Since 2013 the work is a part of permanent exposition in Centre Pompidou in Paris.

Insanity Complex (1992)

Night Club (2011)

Night Club is a 2011 American comedy film starring Ernest Borgnine and Mickey Rooney. It is the directorial debut of Sam Borowski.

Tankman Begins (2005)

Buddy the Detective (1934)

Buddy the Detective is an American animated short film. It is a Looney Tunes cartoon, featuring Buddy, the second star of the series. The short was released on October 17, 1934, though the date would seem to be in dispute as one source gives the date as September 15. The short was supervised by Jack King. Musical direction was by Bernard Brown.

Here I Am (1962)

A Dizzy Day (1933)

A Backbone Tale (2004)

Un cine como tú en un país como éste (2010)

Petering-Out (1927)

Os Sete Gatinhos (1980)

I Take These Truths (1995)

Bang the Machine (2002)

Valentin de las Sierras (1968)

I don't know what your eyes have done to me (2003)

Uma Pulga na Balança (1953)

A Flea on the Scales (Portuguese: Uma Pulga na Balança) is a 1953 Brazilian comedy film directed by Luciano Salce and starring Waldemar Wey, Gilda Nery and Geraldo José de Almeida.

Sea Spies (2003)

Primera Comunión (1969)

The Rumble in the Air: Conditioned Auditorium (2012)

Long live the mistress (1947)

Jordi Dauder, la revolució pendent (2012)

Feast of a Rich Family (1959)

Females Is Fickle (1940)

Horror Hotline... Big Head Monster (2001)

Chaplin Today: The Gold Rush (2003)

The Potted Psalm (1946)

The Einstein Theory of Relativity (1923)

The Einstein Theory of Relativity (1923) is a silent short film directed by Dave Fleischer and released by Fleischer Studios.

See A Little Light: A Celebration of the Music and Legacy of Bob Mould (2012)

Warsaw Ghetto (1942)

Master of the Shadows (1991)

Jalousie (1991)

Destruction, Inc. (1942)

Destruction Inc. (1942) is the 13th of 17 animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character of Superman. It was released on Christmas Day 1942.

Eleventh Hour (1942)

Eleventh Hour (1942) is the twelfth of seventeen animated Technicolor short films based upon the DC Comics character Superman. Produced by Famous Studios, the cartoon was originally released to theaters by Paramount Pictures on November 20, 1942.

Associations (1975)

Pays revé (2012)

She Said Boom: The Story of Fifth Column (2012)

The Black Stuff (1980)

Chaplin Today: The Circus (2003)

Suddenly Sami (2009)

The Life of an American Policeman (1905)

I'm Not Single (2008)

Roslyn Romance (1976)

Tina Turner - Celebrate! (1999)

Frankie Howerd on Campus (1990)

Girl Shaped Love Drug (2012)

The Asphalt Kings (1996)

Brooklyn Dodgers: The Ghosts of Flatbush (2007)

Brooklyn Dodgers: Ghosts of Flatbush is a 2007 documentary film produced by HBO sports chronicling the last ten years of the Brooklyn Dodgers tenure in the borough of churches. The film documents how in 1947 Jackie Robinson broke the baseball racial barrier in previously segregated major league, the struggles to win what seemed an unreachable World Series title in 1955, and the issues and community feelings involved in the team's sudden departure to Los Angeles after the 1957 campaign. The documentary focuses on the Brooklyn community's identification with the ball club, and with the perennial "wait until next year" attitude of both players and fans associated with the Dodgers' repeated inability to defeat the "upper class" New York Yankees for the World Series title, despite winning several pennants. The Brooklyn players, many of whom lived within and held off-season jobs in the community, were identified with the working-class people. The film portrays the countless agonies, defeats, prayers and tension leading finally to the World Series title in 1955. President and general manager Branch Rickey is attributed with the development of the club through his baseball acumen and experience, and several of his innovations, such as the farm system, pitching machines, batting cages, and his decision to integrate the team. Rickey manages some Brooklyn players' resistance to integration and prepares Jackie Robinson for the portrayed shocking reactions from other teams and fans. Jackie's wife Rachel Robinson also discusses these trying times from the Robinsons' point of view. Robinson must pass through a period of isolation prior to being accepted. Walter O'Malley gains majority ownership of the team and then, following Rickey's departure, total control. With the mass movement of paying fans to the suburbs, inadequate parking and the outdated and dilapidated Ebbets Field leads to O'Malley's failed attempts to convince the power broker Robert Moses, New York City Construction Coordinator, to condemn an O'Malley's chosen Brooklyn property, nearer to transportation infrastructure, for the purpose of building a new geodesic domed stadium. Moses planned to build a stadium at an alternative location in Queens, that eventually came to fruition in the form of Shea Stadium. The failure to reach an agreement, and offers from the municipality of Los Angeles, leads to New York's loss not only of the Dodgers. O'Malley convinces majority owner, Horace Stoneham of their perennial rival New York Giants, to also move to the west coast. The film records several of Brooklyn's old fans demonizing O'Malley, whose decision to move the team gains him a free grant of 350 acres within the city of Los Angeles, where he finally builds his dream stadium & prospers. Former players, front office personnel and Brooklyn residents (including Larry King and Louis Gossett Jr.) provide commentary on the times and what it was like to be alive in the borough during New York's "Golden Age" of baseball. The film was dedicated to former Dodgers pitcher Clem Labine, who died shortly after production of the film was completed.

Inventory (1989)

Inventory (Polish: Stan posiadania) is a 1989 Polish drama film directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. It was entered into the 16th Moscow International Film Festival.

Outside These Walls (1939)

Outside These Walls is a 1939 film starring Michael Whalen, Dolores Costello, Virginia Weidler, Selmer Jackson, and Don Beddoe. The film was directed by Ray McCarey.

Chimère (1989)

Chimère is a 1989 French drama film directed by Claire Devers. It was entered into the 1989 Cannes Film Festival.

The Secret Life of Bob Monkhouse (2011)

Fiat Empire (2006)

Violin Power (1978)

The Wildhearts - Live At Scarborough Castle (2006)