Mata Batin 2 (2019)

While living and working in an orphanage, Alia meets a girl who possesses inner eyes like hers.

A Man Named John (1965)

A profile of Pope John XXIII.

Love (2015)

An escort meets a mysterious masked customer.

El día de la unión (2018)

A taxi driver witnesses the earthquake on September 19, 1985.

Chasing Perfect (2019)

The work and life of automobile designer Frank Stephenson.

Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows (2017)

British artist Penny Slinger recounts the traumatic events in her life.

Unda (2019)

Policemen from Kerala travel to northern India for election duty.

Juvenile Liaison (1975)

A juvenile liason project in Blackburn, England, examines children and their run-ins with the law over minor transgressions.

Memory Games (2019)

A glimpse into the brain's vast potential for memorization through the eyes of four competitive memory athletes as they share techniques and insights.

Monopoly: The Bank of Luck (2017)

A fired bank employee, his former co-worker and a video gamer turn to robbery as a chance to fulfill their dreams.

Karlik Nos (2003)

To complete her sinister plans, an evil witch needs the help of a boy who has a pure heart. When he refuses, the witch turns him into a humpbacked, big-nosed dwarf.

The Player (2012)

To save his father's company, a spoiled playboy is forced to wed a no-nonsense woman who is just as unhappy to be marrying him.

In the Game (2018)

A rebellious teenager must travel the country with his sick grandpa to get to his basketball game.

Sinbad: The Magic Lamp and the Moving Islands (2016)

Sinbad and his crew go out in search of the comrades of Sana, the princess of a legendary sorcerer clan.

Peripheral (2018)

A young writer faces off against the intelligent software designed to help her write her new book and discovers a conspiracy of social control.

Antariksha Ke Rakhwale (2018)

Space villains have abducted all the superheroes; Bheem and his team must rescue them.

Convict (2014)

Sentenced to death for committing rape, a convict navigates his final trying days alongside his allies and enemies in prison.

Three-Quarters Decent (2010)

Determined to fight corruption in his country, a newspaper cartoonist debuts a new take-no-prisoners attitude.

Die in One Day (2018)

A man plays a deadly game after helping an aspiring actress.

Pindorama (2008)

The seven dwarves, who are brothers and sisters, are the children of the legendary Brazilian clown, Pindoba. They run their own circus in Brazil, and they are the clowns, the ticket sellers, the ringmasters and the owners.

An Upper Egyptian (2014)

A man is eager to get married, but the woman he loves doesn't feel the same way.

Blood Will Tell (2019)

A family patriarch begins to unravel after his wife dies.

Road to Hell (2018)

Some thieves rescue a boy from their rivals, but the child soon starts to transform into a beast. The gangsters soon seek revenge on the evil corporate scientists responsible and the boss that betrayed them.

Better Than Love (2019)

A teenage drug dealer becomes addicted to prescription OxyContin after landing in the hospital.

Reaction (2011)

Police search for a killer who may be connected to them.

El Cristo Ciego (2016)

A man living in a remote village in the Chilean desert believes he is Christ.

2:Hrs (2018)

A teenage slacker frantically tries to complete his bucket list after a mad scientist's latest invention predicts that he has only two hours left to live.

Soup For My Brother (2016)

Using the memories and words of his grandfather, Jimmy prepares a soup in memory of his brother who passed away.

Punnami Naagu (1980)

A man who has been forced to consume poison since childhood by his father, making him immune to snake bites, kills a woman during every full moon.

Broken (2013)

As he clings to life, a troubled teenager (Soren Fulton) recalls the events that led him to the bottom of a cliff.

Spring: The Return of Life (2014)

Filmmakers record the evolution of the fauna and flora of the Iberian Peninsula during a five-month span.

Your Romeo (2016)

When the budget gets cut for a production of "Romeo and Juliet," the drama geeks have to get creative to save their show.

Welcome To Hell (2018)

A terrifying coven of tales designed to take viewers into the nether reaches of insanity, shock and horror.

varikkuzhiyile kolapathakam (2019)

A look at the caring, loving and respectful relationship between a young parish priest and the 40 other families that live in his village.

Blackout (2019)

A man wakes up in a disgusting motel room, not knowing who he is, how he got there or why there are people trying to kill him.

Seeking Temporary Wife (2003)

When a man's pregnant girlfriend dumps him to marry her true love, a man's desire to be a father overwhelms him.

The Secret of the Mummy (1982)

A professor collects pieces of a map, leading him to the discovery of a mummy's tomb. Later, he brings the mummy to life.

Chain of Death (2019)

After he's diagnosed with a neurological disease, a man hires a company that arranges assisted suicides. He soon discovers that to participate, he must kill someone else first.

Menteur (2019)

A liar's lies become reality after he fails to tell the truth.

Con el Dedo en el Gatillo I (1958)

A detective, his grandmother and the police commander try to solve several murders.

Lord of Justice: City of Corruption (2008)

Justice Bao has to bring down a wealthy businessman with powerful allies.

The Swan Princess: Kingdom of Music (2019)

Princess Odette hosts a musical competition to celebrate Princess Alise's birthday, while Princess Mei Li tries to lift Chen's terrible curse of living as a dragon.

One Last Summer (2018)

The Ohio United Church of Christ decided to close their campsite at Pilgrim Hills in February of 2017. This story surrounds the final summer at Pilgrim Hills and how the camp affected so many lives.

El Hijo (2019)

A pregnant woman becomes increasingly erratic as her due date approaches, isolating herself from her husband. Her obsessive, overprotective behavior only worsens after the child is born, forcing her husband to make a desperate decision.

Silence of Death (2010)

When a 10-year-old girl becomes suspected of murder, her mother attempts to clear her name and begins to wonder if the culprits are actually characters that the imaginative child dreamed up.

Elevate (2018)

An overwhelmed woman tries to help people trapped in an elevator.

Un beau voyou (2019)

A police offer nearing retirement investigates an art theft.

American Holocaust 2000 (2015)

A man struggles to survive in a post-Y2K world where the people have become savages and the president is no longer in power.

The Cars That Eat People (1974)

After his brother dies in a car crash, Arthur Waldo (Terry Camilleri) is adopted by the mayor (John Meillon) of Paris, a small Australian town with a steep downhill road. The residents earn a living by causing accidents, then stripping the cars for parts to sell and using the few survivors as medical test subjects. Unable to escape, Arthur becomes a reluctant resident. Meanwhile, violent teens threaten to destroy the community with their menacing driving, which endangers citizens and property.

Yona Yona Penguin (2009)

A girl who dreams of becoming a bird tries to save a race of goblins from a powerful enemy.


Un reportero policiaco y un fotógrafo fingen ser presidiarios para conseguir una entrevistas con un famoso delincuente.

Kátia (2012)

Katia Tapety becomes the first transvestite elected to a political post in Brazil.

Strike Zion: Israel's Battle for Survival (1967)

On June 5, 1967, the Israeli air force attacks Arab air bases, and Israeli tanks overrun their enemies with total surprise.The Israeli plan, Strike Zion, nearly immobilizes opposition air power and destroys enemy forces.

Lino, una aventura con 7 vidas (2017)

A wizard transforms a man who wears a cat costume into an actual cat.

Pierre Jackson (2018)

In the midst of a divorce battle, a real estate tycoon opts for a life of partying and sex until feelings for his childhood friend surface.

Presente imperfecto (2015)

A man receives a confusing present that makes him wonder how others perceive him.

The Guard Of Auschwitz (2018)

Tasked with building a new gas chamber at Auschwitz, an SS officer begins to realize that he's contributing to an atrocity.

Last Base (2014)

A BASE jumper goes on one last adventure before fatherhood forces him to retire.

En amont du fleuve (2016)

Following his father's death, a man discovers that he has a half-brother. They set out on their father's trail in an old boat in Croatia. They meet an adventurer who claims to have information about their father's mysterious death.

Genesis: Fall of the Crime Empire (2017)

A crime lord seeks a powerful artifact that will give him godlike powers.

El Crazy Che (2015)

The life story of Guillermo Bill Gaede, an Argentine engineer who spied for Cuba and the FBI while working in Silicon Valley in the 1980s.

D/O Parvathamma (2019)

A challenging and sensational murder case that has many layers is presented to an investigative officer to explore.

Taste of Summer (2019)

A woman moves to Bright Shore, where she opens a restaurant and rediscovers her passion. Upon arrival, she encounters a former baseball player who has a competitive streak and owns his own restaurant.

Divine Love (2019)

A religious woman uses her position at work to help struggling couples save their marriage. While waiting for some praise, she is confronted with a personal crisis.

Legend of the Grail (2019)

The history of the wars and battles fought over an artifact.

The Glass House (2014)

Three people struggle to understand the meaning of having a child and what it could mean to each of them.

All the Colors of Giallo (2019)

A celebration of the horror genre includes interviews by contributors.

The Harvesters (2019)

A young man competes for his mother's love when she welcomes a hardened street orphan into their home in South Africa.

Bare Knuckle Brawler (2019)

In the underground world of no-holds-barred bare-knuckle brawling, there is only one rule: there are no rules.

Incorruptible (2015)

In the streets of Senegal, a youth movement rises up against a regime bent on retaining power in this chronicle of the nation's stormy 2012 elections.

El hombre de Paso Piedra (2015)

Martín decides to go to Choele Choel, a city in the province of Rio Negro, to meet a 63-year-old brickmaker.

The Call Back (2018)

Adelaide restaurateur Ronnie has her life thrown for a spin when a former lover, British movie star Henry, goes on a promotional tour in Australia; joined by his French girlfriend, Henry stays with Ronnie and her good-hearted boyfriend.

Best Bug Buddies (2019)

Bugs explore their habitats.

Bodkin Ras (2016)

A mysterious stranger attempting to escape his criminal past arrives in a small Scottish town where he tries his best to assimilate.

El factor Pilgrim (2001)

After an unemployed man buys a strange box from a friend, an executive offers the man a great amount of money for the box's contents. The man tries to discover the truth behind the box and its contents.

Dulcinea (2019)

A young American returns home and discovers that his girlfriend is cheating on him with his brother and that his mom has passed away. After attempting suicide, his therapist gives him a ring that will allow him to travel anywhere in the world.

Between Two Ferns: The Movie (2019)

Zach Galifianakis hits the road to do celebrity interviews to restore his reputation.

Secret Life of John Paul II (2014)

An unlikely friendship develops between a ski instructor named Lino Zani and Pope John Paul II during his stay at Lino's family ski lodge.

Doggy Style (2010)

The reasons behind a dog leash shortage can be explained by a curious fashion craze that has gripped New York City.

The Salted Egg 3 (2019)

Two chickens learn a mysterious martial art in the Salted Egg Temple.

The Edge of Democracy (2019)

The beleaguered leaders of Brazil are followed as they deal with their ideologically divided country.

Parole, l'hritage Dolto (2006)

Filmmaker Vincent Blanchet follows the lives of contemporary students at the Neuville School 30 years after Françoise Dolto helped to create this original and revolutionary pedagogical project.

Dog Town (2019)

A world-renowned dog trainer travels to Dogtown to help get the dogs to stop making noise.

Say It With Flowers (1934)

When two florists fall on hard times, their friends stage a variety show to raise funds for them.

Tomorrow Never Knows (2017)

A couple journeys towards a conscious death.

The Girls of Meru (2018)

Lawyer Fiona Sampson leads a multinational team for 11 Kenyan girls who were the victims of sexual violence.

Another Way: With Vegetables (2015)

Going from Brussels to Zagreb to explore the viability of a social experiment, community-supported agriculture, which aims to closely link farmers and consumers.

Dead Bird Don't Fly (2014)

An isolated foreign student becomes attracted to her only friend, her English tutor.

Frankie (2019)

Directed by Ira Sachs.

Rapid Response (2019)

Dr. Stephen Olvey and his team develop revolutionary procedures to make motor sports safer for the drivers.

Ruletero a Toda Marcha (1964)

A man from a province goes to the capital city to work as a taxi driver to make money, but things get complicated.

El color del camalon (2015)

War reporter Jorge Lbbert flees Chile's dictatorship to the GDR in the 1970s; years later, his son, raised in Belgium, begins a quest to learn more about his father's dark past.

Spotlight (2016)

Two musicians play Camille Saint-Saens' "Danse Macabre" amidst an unexpected light show.

Aishite imasu (Mahal kita) 1941 (2004)

A heroine of the Philippine resistance against the Japanese recalls events involving her husband and their childhood friend.

Wiretap Scars (2017)

Five bumbling cops try to stop a bomber.

Salvation Jane (2014)

A serial killer's plan to murder his date goes poorly.

What's Your Number (2018)

A Holocaust survivor shares his story with a black boy.

The God Chair (2016)

Three celestial beings try to guide humanity to peace.

Escape Room (2018)

Teenagers fight for their lives during a deadly game.

Lesser Cousin (2017)

A man comes to his estranged aunt's deathbed only to receive an uncomfortable dying wish.