Come Fill The Cup (1951)

A recovered alcoholic (James Gleason) helps a down-and-out newsman (James Cagney) quit drinking and work his way up to city editor.

Search for the Great Sharks (1995)

"Search for the Great Sharks" takes viewers on a round-the-globe expedition to encounter the most notorious creature of the sea. From the coast of California to the remote reefs off Western Australia, the film pursues blue sharks, whale sharks, and the most-well-known of all, the white shark.

The Mysterious Affair at Styles (1990)

Detective Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) works with Capt. Hastings (Hugh Fraser) to solve a crime at a mansion in 1917 England.

Green Grow the Rushes (1951)

Ship Capt. Cedric Biddle (Roger Livesey) and his partner, Robert (Richard Burton), run a bootlegging scheme to sneak booze into England by boat. A young journalist named Meg (Honor Blackman) catches the con men in the act, but Robert convinces her to look the other way. Customs officials catch on to the plot when Robert and Biddle bungle their next attempt to unload a shipment of liquor, but the agents quickly reveal themselves to be even more bumbling than the scammers.

14 Days with Victor (2010)

Victor tries to find meaning in his life, and his luck changes when he meets Martin, an artist who enjoys exploring the limits of violence and torture.

Tyrant of Lydia Against the Son of Hercules (1963)

Hercules' son tries to rescue a princess from a malevolent despot.

Skyward (1985)

A conservationist's efforts to restore nature's ecological balance at Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary in St. Petersburg, Fla., focus on the development of a family of Canada geese and explore the relationship between people, birds and the environment.

To Fly! (1976)

A brief summary of the history of flight begins with 19th-century balloons and continues to 21st-century space probes.

A Woman of Mystery (1958)

A reporter (Dermot Walsh) finds a suicide was murder, having to do with counterfeiters.

Hollywood Thrillmakers (1953)

A retired stuntman returns to take on the dangerous job that killed his friend and left behind a penniless widow.

Death of a Schoolboy (1990)

In 1914 Sarajevo, a student radical touches off World War I by assassinating Austria's archduke.

Stand Ins (1997)

Dysfunctional, disappointed actresses (Daphne Zuniga, Missy Crider) congregate in a Hollywood bar circa 1937.

Johnny Frenchman (1945)

An English harbor master (Tom Walls) cannot seem to catch a French fisherwoman (Francoise Rosay) who poaches in Cornwall.

I Will Survive (1999)

A woman (Emma Surez) whose husband died during her pregnancy bonds with a gay man (Juan Diego Botto) she met while looking to reinvent her life.

Chaos (1999)

A man and the wife of a wealthy businessman devise a kidnapping scheme.

The Anna Cabrini Chronicles (2005)

A young woman (Leigh Hope Phillips) tries to understand her mother's suicide by studying others who try to take their own lives.

Beep: A Documentary History of Game Sound (2016)

A history of game sounds from the Victorian penny arcades through pinball and the video games.

Red : The Dark Side (2007)

A billionaire who has a serious heart condition and is in need of a heart meets a woman and falls in love with her.

Algie, the Miner (1912)

Algie has a year to prove he is a man so he can marry.

Masquerade in Vienna (1934)

A doctor (Paula Wessely) becomes jealous when his wife poses nude for a painter.

Salt and Gold (1983)

After a grave misunderstanding with her father, a princess must find her true love when he is transformed into a pillar of salt.

Praying With Lior (2008)

A rabbi's son, who has Down syndrome, has an extraordinary love of prayer.

Coming Back to the Hoop (2014)

Jane Pittman returns to the basketball court after 43 years to play in a senior women's league.

Young Indiana Jones and the Hollywood Follies (1994)

A studio president hires 21-year-old Indy (Sean Patrick Flanery) to handle a headstrong director (Dana Gladstone) in 1920 Hollywood.

Goddess of Love (1988)

At a bachelor party, the bridegroom puts a ring on the finger of a statue of Venus (Vanna White), who comes to life.

Show Business (1944)

Two guys (Eddie Cantor, George Murphy) and two girls work their way up in vaudeville to the Ziegfeld Follies.

The Very Private Life of Mister Sim (2015)

A man takes a job to bring meaning to his life.

Poison Berry in My Brain (2015)

Five characters in Ichiko's brain govern her actions.

P3nd3j05 (2013)

Two love stories and a mafia story set among skateboarders in a Buenos Aires suburb.

Close To My Heart (1951)

A childless couple (Ray Milland, Gene Tierney) take steps to adopt a foundling being held at police headquarters.

Christine at the Crossroads (2014)

Christine becomes attracted to another woman.

Cazuza: Time Doesn't Stop (2004)

In Rio de Janeiro in 1981, Cazuza (Daniel de Oliveira), the talented but unmotivated son of a major record industry executive (Reginaldo Faria) is given a menial job in the mail room of his father's company. While there, his talents get discovered and he becomes the leader of one of Brazil's most popular rock bands, but his self-destructive habits lead to his decline. This biopic is based on a biography written by the late singer's mother following his 1990 death.

Revenge of the Virgins (1959)

A group of treasure-hunting cowboys falls prey to young Indian maidens.

Claudelle Inglish (1961)

A Georgia tenant farmer's (Arthur Kennedy) daughter (Diane McBain) sinks low after her boyfriend (Chad Everett) gets drafted.

Outlaw of the Plains (1946)

An impressionable cowpoke, Fuzzy Q. Jones (Al "Fuzzy" St. John), hears a voice claiming to be that of an old Native American, telling him the location of some hidden gold. Fuzzy does find gold, but the land has already been claimed by Nord Finner (Charles King Jr.). Finner offers to sell his claim, and Fuzzy is eager to buy. Then Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe), a friend of Fuzzy's, shows up and discovers that a gang of outlaws is behind a scheme to rob everyone in the area.

Portrait Of A Showgirl (1982)

Broadway dance veterans (Lesley Ann Warren, Rita Moreno) and a newcomer (Dianne Kay) meet as Las Vegas chorus girls.

Legend of the Dinosaurs (1977)

A Japanese geologist discovers that dinosaurs still exist in caves beneath the surface of a volcanic lake.

Unruly Friends (2012)

When unexpected events surprise her, Mona discovers that family problems and past traumas can be difficult to leave behind.

The Holly and the Ivy (1952)

Martin (Ralph Richardson) is a widowed British reverend who knows his parishioners better than his own children. Martin's detachment from his family is never more evident than at Christmas, when the family comes together to celebrate. While Martin's daughter Jenny (Celia Johnson) lives at home out of devotion, she doesn't have the heart to tell him that she wants to move out. Martin's children struggle to hide family secrets during the emotional reunion that brings back memories of World War II.

Fires of Kuwait (1992)

Shot on location, "Fires of Kuwait" takes viewers to the center of blazing fields of out-of-control oil fires. The film highlights the massive international firefighting effort launched after more than 600 oil wells were sabotaged.

Police Story: The Watch Commander (1988)

Paranoia, attempted suicide and internal affairs demand the attention of an officer in charge (Jack Warden).

Tobias Totz (1999)

A good-natured attendant (Jrgen von der Lippe) wants to procure lions for the zoo.

The Yellow House (2007)

Artists Vincent van Gogh (John Simm) and Paul Gauguin (John Lynch) briefly share a home in France in 1888.

Having It All (1982)

A bicoastal fashion designer (Dyan Cannon) has a husband (Barry Newman) in New York and a husband (Hart Bochner) in Los Angeles.

Antony And Cleopatra (1972)

Shakespeare's Mark Antony (Charlton Heston) neglects his duties and is tragically undone by his mistress, queen of Egypt (Hildegard Neil).

Gobshite (2005)

A gangster (Andy Curtis) lands in trouble when he tries to take over a pub and double-crosses a crime boss (Brendan Dempsey).

Il Corriere Dello Zar (1999)

For the chance to avenge the brutal murder of his family, an official (Paolo Seganti) agrees to rescue a person kidnapped by the killers.

Import/Export (2007)

Olga (Ekateryna Rak) is a single mother whose low-paying hospital nursing job isn't enough to support her baby. With few options in her small Ukrainian town, she starts working as a nude model and soon finds herself in increasingly desperate situations. Thousands of miles away, Pauli (Paul Hofmann), who has just lost his job as a mall security guard, begins working with his sleazy stepfather. As they travel to Austria, Pauli grows distant and searches for a way out.

I Aim at the Stars (1960)

This drama takes a look at the controversial life of Dr. Wenher von Braun (Curt Jurgens). During World War II, von Braun developed the deadly V-2 rocket, which was a key weapon for Germany in the strikes against London. But after the war, he defected to the United States to help them develop their Cold War satellite program. Accusations of Nazi sympathies and angry attacks by those who suffered from his rockets plague the doctor, who repeatedly claims he was forced to work for the Nazi party.

Minnie and Moskowitz (1971)

Depressed and jaded after being dumped by her married boyfriend, aging beauty Minnie Moore (Gena Rowlands) wonders if she'll ever find love. After shaggy-haired parking lot attendant Seymour Moskowitz (Seymour Cassel) comes to her defense from an angry and rebuffed blind date, he falls hopelessly in love with her despite their myriad differences. Minnie reluctantly agrees to a date with Moskowitz, and, slowly but surely, an unlikely romance blossoms between the two.

Autumn Ball (2007)

People living in old Soviet-era buildings struggle with solitude.

Free Fall (2012)

As a woman seeks refuge from a relationship, and her brother seeks refuge from life, their lives tumble out of control when they fail to connect.

The Miracle (1959)

A novice (Carroll Baker) leaves a Spanish convent to follow a 19th-century British soldier (Roger Moore) she loves.

Mindstorm (2001)

A psychic discovers a dangerous cult when she investigates the disappearance of a senator's daughter.

A Perfect Life (2010)

A married executive has a passionate affair with deadly repercussions.

The Brave Archer 2 (1978)

A 1978 action movie starring Sheng Fu and Niu Niu.

Daughter of Dr. Jekyll (1957)

The late Dr. Jekyll's innocent daughter (Gloria Talbott) is blamed for a new reign of werewolf terror.

Blaze (1989)

This bawdy comedy is loosely based on the real-life relationship between Earl Long (Paul Newman), the governor of Louisiana, and burlesque performer Blaze Starr (Lolita Davidovich). While Long and his lovely lady carry on their scandalous affair, the politician also has his mind on more serious matters, including the right for local black citizens to vote. Although Long's opponents try to use his many eccentricities against him, the feisty public figure won't go down without a fight.

The Adventures of Gerard (1970)

Conan Doyle's Hussar hero, Col. Gerard (Peter McEnery), woos a countess (Claudia Cardinale) spying for the British against Napoleon (Eli Wallach).

A Prison on Earth (2016)

Systems are put in place to ensure that people have no choice but to comply by unseen beings that manipulate and control the Earth.

Up the Creek (1958)

A daffy British officer (David Tomlinson) takes command of an old destroyer whose bosun (Peter Sellers) runs scams on the side.

Prehysteria 2 (1994)

Miniature dinosaurs help a boy outwit a malevolent governess who wants to pack him off to a military boarding school.

A Scream in the Dark (1943)

A detective (Robert Lowery) tries to prove that a woman is killing her spouses with a spiked umbrella.

Next Year Jerusalem (2013)

Eight nursing-home residents, all from different backgrounds and personal theologies, embark on a 10-day pilgrimage across Israel.

The Shepherd of the Hills (1941)

In the Ozark Mountains a stranger, Daniel Howitt (Harry Carey), inexplicably helps several locals experiencing difficulties. Grateful, Sammy Lane (Betty Field) suggests that Daniel, who wants to settle in the area, buy land next to the Matthews family. Young Matt Matthews (John Wayne) is embittered over the stranger's suspicions concerning the mysterious death of his mother years ago. Mistrustful of Daniel, Young Matt soon learns that the older man is no stranger to his family.

Weapons of the Spirit (1987)

In 1944, Pierre Sauvage was born in a small village in France. He and his parents were among the nearly 5000 Jews there, hidden from occupying Nazis by the kindly residents. As an adult, Sauvage created this documentary to understand the almost otherworldly goodness of the village's inhabitants. Archival footage reveals collaborationist activities throughout the rest of France, while interviews with surviving villagers reveal their matter-of-fact attitude toward their acts of resistance.

Call Me Genius (1961)

A London clerk (Tony Hancock) quits his dull office job and goes to Paris to be an avant-garde artist on the Left Bank.

Trouble for Two (1936)

On the cusp of entering into an arranged marriage, Prince Florizel (Robert Montgomery) travels to England to gather his thoughts. In transit, Florizel encounters Miss Vandeleur (Rosalind Russell) who, unknown to him, is his intended wife. Things get considerably stranger in London when the prince hears of a "suicide club" where wealthy people who want to end their lives but lack the courage select their killer at random. Curious, Florizel decides he must attend, and Miss Vandeleur follows.

Night of the Witches (1971)

A California witch (Kathryn Loder) and her coven have plans for revenge upon a killer preacher (Keith Erik Burt).

The King of Friday Night (1985)

Twenty years after their first brush with success, a since-disbanded Nova Scotia singing group reunites for a concert.

Thrillkill (1984)

A woman (Gina Massey) seeks the key to a computerized heist her sister was involved in before she was killed.

Pope Dreams (2006)

A 19-year-old (Phillip Vaden) tries to fulfill his dying mother's (Julie Hagerty) wish to meet the pope.

Le dep (2015)

Lydia, a young Innu woman, works in her father's store until she is held up at gunpoint one night. The traumatic experience becomes more complicated when she recognizes her assailant and has to make a life-changing decision.

China Girl (1942)

Just prior to the bombing of Pearl Harbor, American news cameraman Johnny Williams (George Montgomery) is kidnapped in occupied China by Japanese military officers. He escapes custody with the help of Bull Weed (Victor McLaglen) and Captain Fifi (Lynn Bari), westerners working with the Chinese rebel forces. His love for Chinese-American beauty Haoli (Gene Tierney) causes him to throw in his lot with the rebels, but he soon suspects that some of his new compatriots may be double agents.

Sweet Music (1935)

A crooning bandleader (Rudy Vallee) woos a nightclub singer/dancer (Ann Dvorak) but cannot stop arguing with her.

Like a Turtle on Its Back (1978)

A writer's anxieties are heard as he continually bangs on his typewriter.

Coming Out (2013)

Yo, a gay university student, grapples with the attraction he feels for his friend Noboru. He fears the reaction he'll get from his friends and family if he comes out and searches for his own form of courage.

Amne Samne (1967)

After being acquitted of his wife's murder, a man becomes entangled in a web of lies when he moves to Bombay to start a new life.

The Dinner (2014)

Tensions between the families of two brothers rise when a video of their children beating a homeless woman to death shows up.

The Finger (2014)

Three siblings attend the funeral of their father.

Shoot First, Die Later (1974)

An honest cop seeks revenge when mobsters try to put him on the payroll.

Snowden's Great Escape (2015)

NSA analyst-turned whistle blower Edward Snowden escapes from American authorities to Hong Kong and later to Russia.

No One Could Protect Her (1996)

When security systems cannot keep a serial rapist out of a past victim's (Joanna Kerns) home, she decides to help police trap him.

The Surface (2014)

When his boat collides with the wreckage of a small plane, a man (Sean Astin) and the pilot (Chris Mulkey) find themselves adrift in the middle of Lake Michigan.

Absolutely Positive (1991)

Men and women of different races, ages and backgrounds talk about their lives as HIV-positive people. The 11 interviewees are at different stages of the disease and are coping with their illnesses in different ways, but all have in common a frankness about their condition and a determination to live their lives in a meaningful way. They discuss how they contracted the virus, their tumultuous emotions upon learning of their diagnosis and the impact of the disease on their close relationships.

Horror Rises from the Tomb (1973)

A French knight rises after two of his descendants (Paul Naschy, Vic Winner) dig up his decapitated head.

Hélio Oiticica (2012)

The life and work of artist Hélio Oiticica.

Three Evenings (2010)

Two broken souls reignite memories leading to difficult choices.

Deadly Vows (1994)

A younger woman (Josie Bissett) weds a married man (Gerald McRaney) who uses her in a plot to murder his other wife.

O Último Cine Drive-in (2015)

When he returns to his hometown with his ill mother, Marlombrando is reunited with his father at his drive-in.

Silent Night, Deadly Night Part II (1987)

The younger sibling of the teenager who killed while dressed as Santa carries on in his brother's bloody footsteps.

Macross II (1996)

An ancient war machine and an alien priestess are key elements in a battle to save Earth from invaders.

Doomed: The Untold Story of Roger Corman's “The Fantastic Four” (2016)

An exploration into the ill-fated "Fantastic Four" movie version by executive producer Roger Corman.

Paris Playboys (1954)

A man is sent to Paris to pose as a scientist and uncover those attempting to steal a secret formula.

Dish: Women, Waitressing & the Art of Service (2010)

Former waitress Maya Gallus eats at classic diners and converses with the staff and owners.

The Woman They Almost Lynched (1952)

A newcomer (Joan Leslie) risks her life for a Confederate spy (John Lund) in a neutral Arkansas-Missouri border town.

Ocean Men: Extreme Dive (2001)

Pipin Ferreras and Umberto Pelizzari dive as deep as they can on a single breath of air.

Cries from the Heart (1994)

An autistic boy's mother (Patty Duke) and teacher (Melissa Gilbert) learn a dark secret from a technique known as facilitated communication.

Snowboard Academy (1997)

A ski-resort owner's son challenges his younger brother (Corey Haim) to turn novice snowboarders into professionals in two weeks.

The Storm Rider (1957)

Smaller ranchers hire a gunman (Scott Brady) to lead them against the big ranchers.