Small Talk (1929)

Small Talk is a 1929 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 86th entry in the Our Gang series to be released, and the first to be made with sound.

The Sap Takes a Wrap (1939)

The Joy Of Disco (2012)

Once Upon a Potty (2004)

Romeo and Juliet (1965)

Taxi 656 (2008)

The Joseph Smith Story (1988)

Rocket Dog (2013)

Escape (1989)

Broken Angels (2015)

Fear Itself (2010)

Echo (2008)

Death Faces IV (1988)

Death Faces, also released as Death Faces IV, also 'Dying: Last seconds of Life', and (in a re edited version) 'Beyond Reality', is a mockumentary about cannibalism released directly to video originally in 1988. Narrated by "Prof. Bizarro Blackstone", the film is actually footage from various horror films about cannibalism, and newsreel footage of Bonnie and Clyde, John Dillinger, Adolf Hitler. One sequence involves the Kikuyu tribes people of Kenya, (the film incorrectly says that they are from Papua New Guinea) as well as various stock car crashes, and the John F. Kennedy assassination. The direction is credited to "Countess Victoria Bloodhart" and Steve White, the writing to "S. Sebastian Shock", the direction and production to "Damian B. Gravenhorse PhD.", with one segment credited to producer "Mink De Ronda". It was re edited and re released as Beyond Reality, which is credited to Steve White. There are no other technical credits given to the film. With the exception of a few brief scenes, the entire video is in black and white. Footage from this video was later edited into Banned from Facez, parts 3 and 4. A sequel was also released straight to video: 'Dying: Last Seconds of Life, Part II', also in 1988.

Deer Season (2015)

Decision at Midnight (1965)

Decision at Midnight is a 1963 American-British drama film directed by Lewis Allen and starring Martin Landau, Nora Swinburne and Walter Fitzgerald. It is also known by the alternative title of Music at Midnight.

Trop jolies pour être honnêtes (1972)

Trop jolies pour être honnêtes (French pronunciation: ​[tʁo jɔli puʁ ɛtʁ ɔnɛt], Too Pretty to Be Honest), or 4 Souris pour un hold-up (IPA: [katʁ suʁi puʁ œ̃n‿oldœp], Four Mice for a Holdup, subtitled by the English VHS as "Four Chicks for a Holdup") is a 1972 French film directed by Richard Balducci. In 1985 International Home Video Corp. of Wilmington, Los Angeles, California released an English subtitled version of the film, under the series La Vidéo Française. In the film four female roommates who live in the French Riviera, Bernadette (Bernadette Lafont), Christine (Jane Birkin), Frédérique (Elisabeth Wiener), and Martine (Emma Cohen), discover that a group of thieves who committed a robbery are keeping their stolen goods in the building across from them. The women decide to steal the goods from the men.

Run with Fear (2005)

Correct Change (2002)

Life Begins Anew (1945)

Life Begins Anew (Italian: La vita ricomincia) is a 1945 Italian drama film directed by Mario Mattoli and starring Alida Valli, Fosco Giachetti and Eduardo De Filippo. It was the second most popular Italian film during 1945-46 after Roberto Rossellini's Paisan.

Kinuyo Tanaka's New Departure (2009)

The Closet (2008)

The King of the Kongo (1929)

The King of the Kongo (1929) is a Mascot film serial, and was the first serial to have sound, although only partial sound ("Part Talking") rather than the later (and now standard) "All-Talking" productions with complete sound.

Nickelback: The Videos (2003)

Ruta Destroy (2002)

Anthrax War (2009)

Anthrax War is a 2009 documentary film about the 2001 anthrax attacks and the rise of today's biomilitary industrial complex that was co-produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and ARTE-France. Broadcast internationally, it was nominated for the 2009 Prix Europa for Outstanding Current Affairs Broadcast. It also screened at the Frontline Club in London, the IDFA Fest in Amsterdam, the Tri-Continental Film Fest in Johannesburg, and the 9/11 Film Festival in Oakland, California, among other venues. Filmmakers Bob Coen and Eric Nadler also wrote the accompanying book Dead Silence that discusses, in greater detail, the investigation that the documentary examines. Shortly after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, anthrax-laced letters were mailed to offices of media outlets in New York City and Florida, and to the U. S. Senate in Washington DC, creating an atmosphere of fear across the United States and beyond. The filmmakers question the official story surrounding the FBI investigation of this instance of biological terrorism.

Rushers (2007)

Oberwachtmeister Schwenke (1935)

Sergeant Schwenke (German:Oberwachtmeister Schwenke) is a 1935 German drama film directed by Carl Froelich and starring Gustav Fröhlich, Marianne Hoppe and Karl Dannemann. It is based on a novel of the same title by Hans Joachim Freiherr von Reizenstein. It was remade in 1955 as Sergeant Borck..

Ein irres Feeling (1984)

Gou hun yan qu (1952)

Terapia al desnudo (1975)

Naked Therapy (Spanish:Terapia al desnudo) is a 1975 Spanish comedy film directed by Pedro Lazaga and starring Carmen Sevilla, José María Íñigo and Ramiro Oliveros.

The Warrens of Virginia (1915)

The Warrens of Virginia is a 1915 American drama film directed by Cecil B. DeMille. Prints of the film survive.

Mechubeset (2012)

Laura Is Alone (2003)

The Day I Vanished (1959)

The Fox Affair (1978)

The Making of 'Amadeus' (2002)

The Sunshine State (2012)

The Last Girl (2002)

The Checkered Coat (1948)

The Checkered Coat is a 1948 American drama film directed by Edward L. Cahn and written by John C. Higgins. The film stars Tom Conway, Noreen Nash, Hurd Hatfield, James Seay, Garry Owen and Marten Lamont. The film was released on July 16, 1948, by 20th Century Fox.

Bitter Lake (2011)

The Romance of Betty Boop (1985)

The Romance of Betty Boop is a 1985 CBS animated television special featuring Betty Boop.

The Big Hustle (1999)

The Firebird (1952)

The Firebird (Swedish: Eldfågeln, Italian: L'uccello di fuoco) is a 1952 Swedish-Italian film directed by Hasse Ekman. The film is inspired by The Red Shoes by Powell and Pressburger.

Croft (2013)

The Summer of My Deflowering (2000)

Der Mörder mit dem Seidenschal (1966)

The Murderer with the Silk Scarf (German: Der Mörder mit dem Seidenschal) is a 1966 German-Italian crime film directed by Adrian Hoven and starring Carl Möhner, Folco Lulli and Harald Juhnke.

29 and Holding (2004)

Her Name Was (2015)

Bowy Is Inside (2012)

Schöner Leben (2007)

Hobo Bobo (1947)

Hobo Bobo is a Merrie Melodies cartoon short released by Warner Bros. on May 17, 1947, written by Warren Foster and directed by Robert McKimson, with narration by Robert C. Bruce, and Bobo's only line delivered by Stan Freberg.

Rat-Man - Il segreto del supereroe (2007)

Aurélia Steiner (Vancouver) (1979)

Bah Wilderness (1943)

Bah Wilderness is an MGM cartoon, featuring Barney Bear, who goes camping out in the forest, similar to his debut cartoon, The Bear That Couldn't Sleep. It is the 9th Barney Bear cartoon.

The Greatest is the Least (1997)

The Awful Tooth (1938)

The Awful Tooth is a 1938 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Nate Watt. It was the 167th Our Gang short (168th episode, 79th talking short, and the 80th talking episode) that was released.

Stooge for a Mouse (1950)

Pests for Guests (1955)

Pappy's Puppy (1955)

Pappy's Puppy is a 1955 Merrie Melodies short starring Sylvester, Butch, and his newborn son. It was animated entirely by Gerry Chiniquy. Mel Blanc provides the vocals; however, aside from whistling, Sylvester doesn't speak in this short.

The Eternal Three (1923)

The Eternal Three is a 1923 American silent film drama produced and distributed by Goldwyn Pictures. It was directed by both Marshall Neilan and Frank Urson. Hobart Bosworth, Claire Windsor and Bessie Love star. The film was made from a screen story by Neilan and is now a lost film, although a brief production scene of director Marshall Neilan with stars Raymond Griffith, Hobart Bosworth, and Claire Windsor appear in the restored film Souls for Sale.

Españolear (1969)

Hold That Rock (1956)

Pigeon Holed (1956)

The Fat Albert Easter Special (1982)

The Night Overtake Me (1986)

Feather Bluster (1958)

Feather Bluster is a 1958 Merrie Melodies animated short starring Foghorn Leghorn and Barnyard Dawg. The short is essentially a clip show, in that the majority of the footage is reused from earlier cartoons.

Outer Space Visitor (1959)

What's My Lion? (1961)

What's My Lion? is a 1961 Warner Bros. Looney Tunes theatrical cartoon starring Elmer Fudd. This cartoon short is directed by Robert McKimson and written by David Detiege. That is Elmer Fudd's final speaking appearance in the original theatrical Looney Tunes shorts; he appeared in 1962's Crow's Feat but did not have any dialogue. The premise for What's My Lion? is very similar to an earlier Disney cartoon called Rugged Bear, also written by David Detiege.

Phoney Express (1932)

Careless Caretaker (1962)

Crowin' Pains (1962)

I Was a Teenage Thumb (1963)

Salmon Loafer (1963)

Coming Out Party (1963)

Tepee for Two (1963)

Tepee for Two is the 130th Woody Woodpecker cartoon that was released in theaters on October 4, 1963.

Deep Freeze Squeeze (1964)

Pesty Guest (1965)

Janie Get Your Gun (1965)

The Astroduck (1966)

Astro Duck or The Astroduck is a 1966 Looney Tunes cartoon featuring Daffy Duck and Speedy Gonzales. It was directed by Robert McKimson and was released on January 1, 1966.

Woody and the Beanstalk (1966)

Lonesome Ranger (1966)

The Wedding Tape (2011)

Danchizuma: Kanki no yoru (1973)

Joshi daisei: Sex kaki seminar (1973)

Moan & Groan, Inc. (1929)

Moan and Groan, Inc. is a 1929 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Robert F. McGowan. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 94th Our Gang short to be released.

The Haunted Village (1997)

In the Grip of Alcohol (1911)

Hulihin Si... Nardong Toothpick (1990)

The Women of SNL (2010)

Fashion News (1928)

Una Movida Chueca (1956)

How To Time Travel (2014)

Nikutai no hankô (1957)

Maafa Legacy (2008)

Josefa's Loot (1963)

Lulu the Tool (1971)

The Working Class Goes to Heaven (Italian: La classe operaia va in paradiso) is a 1971 film directed by Elio Petri. It depicts a factory worker's realisation of his own condition as a simple "tool" in the process of production and, implicitly, his struggle with the trade unions. The worker in question, Lulu, is described in the first part of the film as a Stakhanovite.

I leoni di Pietroburgo (1972)

Brutti di notte (1968)

Brutti di notte (literally "Ugly by night") is a 1968 Italian comedy film written and directed by Giovanni Grimaldi and starring the comedy duo Franco Franchi and Ciccio Ingrassia. It is a parody of Luis Buñuel's film Belle de Jour.

Casta diva (1954)

Casta Diva is a 1954 Italian-French biographical melodrama film directed by Carmine Gallone. It is a remake of the Gallone's 1935 film with the same name.

Gli infermieri della mutua (1969)