Love's Labor Won (1933)

The Oily American (1954)

Sleepy-Time Squirrel (1954)

Sleepy-Time Squirrel is a 1954 MGM cartoon featuring Barney Bear.

Spiel der Wellen (1926)

Tramp, Tramp, Tramp the Boys Are Marching (1926)

The Tail of the Monkey (1926)

Tashkafa: Stories of the Street (2013)

Främmande hamn (1948)

Foreign Harbour (Swedish: Främmande hamn) is a 1948 Swedish drama film directed by Hampe Faustman. It was entered into the 1949 Cannes Film Festival.

Dalam Botol (2011)

Overview (2012)

The Deader the Better (2005)

Canoe Man (2010)

Inauguration de l'exposition universelle (1900)

Coast of Death (2013)

Bat sap yee ga fong hak (1982)

An Audience with Al Murray (2005)

Passing Days (1969)

Study No. 7 (1931)

1942 (2005)

Temptation of Eve: Angel (2007)

Ada: Zombilerin Dügünü (2010)

Island: Wedding of the Zombies (Turkish: Ada: Zombilerin Düğünü) is a 2010 Turkish horror-comedy film, directed by Talip Ertürk and Murat Emir Eren. The film was released nationwide on January 4, 2010.

Chlorine: A Pool Skating Documentary (2003)

Roy Chubby Brown: You Fat Bastard! (1999)

Rainbow Dance (1936)

Rainbow Dance is a 1936 British animated film, created by New Zealand-born animation pioneer Len Lye and released by the GPO Film Unit. Lye's second film to be viewed by the public, it uses the Gasparcolor process. Credits also list Australian music pioneer Jack Ellitt ("Synchronization") and Frank Jones ("Camera").

The Return (1994)

Le Petit Bonhomme Vert (2013)

I Was a Teenage Feminist (2005)

I Was A Teenage Feminist is an American/Canadian documentary film directed by Therese Shechter, produced by UpFront Productions and distributed by Women Make Movies. The title is a play on that of the 1957 horror movie, I Was a Teenage Werewolf. The film explores the marked discomfort among many young, progressive women to identify themselves as feminists and how that discomfort came to be. Through personal narrative as well as interviews with feminist icons and everyday women and men, Shechter’s film documents a complex, multi-generational look at feminist identity in today’s world. The film had its television premiere on March 8, 2005 (International Women's Day) Canada's W Network, and it won Best Film at the National Council of Jewish Women Film Festival and Special Mention at the Karachi International Film Festival in 2006.

Nuptiae (1971)

Our Daily Bread (1949)

Unser täglich Brot is an East German film. It was released in 1949.

Paatti (2013)

El milagro del Papa (2009)

Bhotu Shah Ji Kuttange (2004)

Ragasiya Police 115 (1968)

Nallavan Vazhvan (1961)

Kanavan (1968)

Ocean Butterfly (2006)

Letters of Service (2004)

Kiraathaka (2011)

Nobody Wants Your Film (2005)

No Other Possibility (1989)

Ghost Algebra (2009)

Double Fixation (1987)

Jesse James Rides Again (1947)

Jesse James Rides Again (1947) is a Republic film serial.

Mamori (2010)

Las Niñas (2009)

Forbidden Fruit (2001)

Forbidden Fruit is a 2000 German/Zimbabwean short documentary film written and directed by Sue Maluwa-Bruce. Filmed in Zimbabwe, the film depicts the romantic relationship between two women, and the aftermath of the discovery of their relationship.

Firefall (2012)

Enter Hamlet (1965)

Kaldalon (1971)

Iron Heart (1992)

La Creacion (2009)

Signes de vie (2004)

Sàngó: The Legendary African King (1997)

Hamlet at Elsinore (1964)

White Lite (1968)

Super Mario Movie (2005)

BeFreier und BeFreite (1992)

Archive 361 (2013)

Ana (1982)

Ana is a 1982 Portuguese independent docufictional and ethnofictional feature film, written, directed and edited by António Reis and Margarida Cordeiro. It was filmed in Trás-os-Montes like António Reis' previous film, Trás-os-Montes. The film was selected as the Portuguese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 58th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Culture Shock (1969)

Freefalling: A Love Story (2014)

Meera (1992)

Meera is a 1992 Tamil romance film directed by P. C. Sreeram. It was also his directorial debut. The film stars Vikram and Aishwarya while Poornam Viswanathan, Gandhimathi, Janagaraj, Chinni Jayanth, Tarun played supporting roles. Nassar and Sarath Kumar make friendly appearances. The latter has an extended cameo appearance.

Mimi-Trottin (1922)

Neil Diamond: Greatest Hits Live (1988)

One Point O (2004)

Paranoia: 1.0 (originally One Point O, also known as 1.0, One Point Zero, Version 1.0, and Virus 1.0) is a 2004 cyberpunk science fiction film written and directed by Jeff Renfroe and Marteinn Thorsson. The film is a Kafkaesque nightmare in which a young computer programmer is an unwitting guinea pig in a corporate experiment to test a new advertising scheme. The film stars Jeremy Sisto and Deborah Unger and features Lance Henriksen, Eugene Byrd, Bruce Payne and Udo Kier.

Kwagga Strikes Back (1990)

Oh Shucks! Here Comes U.N.T.A.G! (Kwagga Strikes Back in Germany) is a South African comedy film and Leon Schuster's big screen debut about a rugged farmer named Kwagga 'The Lion-Killer' Robertse having to deal with a corrupt major in the UN peace corps.

Perfect moment - L'aventure continue (2003)

La Silla (2006)

Lenin in Paris (1981)

Lenin in Paris (Russian: Ленин в Париже, translit. Lenin v Parizhe) is a Soviet biopic directed by Sergei Yutkevich in 1981 on Mosfilm.

Schools Falling Apart (1981)

Le bahut va craquer (Schools Falling Apart) is a film directed by Michel Nerval released in 1981 . A Parisian School: The young girl Beatrice (Fanny Bastien), who lives alone with her mother (Dany Carrel) is pregnant. The school's headmaster (Michel Galabru) decides to decriut Bea at the door. The other Students unite to sequesting the headmaster in company of the tutor in math (Darry Cowl) and the teacher of philosophy (Claude Jade) ... The principal, the math teacher and the teacher of philosophy will become the hostages of students and pay for their misunderstanding.

Vuxna människor (1999)

Adult Behavior (Swedish: Vuxna människor) is a 1999 Swedish comedy film directed by Felix Herngren and Fredrik Lindström.

Hierankl (2003)

Hierankl is a German award-winning family drama which premiered on 1 July 2003 at the Munich Film Festival. The modern Heimatfilm, named after a district in Surberg, Germany, is the film debut of writer and director Hans Steinbichler.It received several nominations and awards, among them the 2006 Adolf Grimme Award for acting, cinematography, writing and direction.

Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera (2008)

With a Little Help from Myself (French: Aide-toi, le ciel t'aidera) is a 2008 French comedy-drama film written and directed by François Dupeyron. The film received four nominations at the 14th Lumières Awards and won Best Director for Dupeyron.

Malaga (2010)

The Journey (Spanish: El viaje) is a 1992 Argentine drama film directed by Fernando Solanas. It was entered into the 1992 Cannes Film Festival.

Offside (2005)

Offside (German: Eine andere Liga) is a 2005 German drama film directed by Buket Alakuş.

Real Men Don't Eat Gummi Bears (1989)

Gummibärchen küßt man nicht (English title – Real men don't eat gummy bears) is a 1989 West German comedy film. Despite featuring mainly American actors, the film was never released outside of Germany.

WrestleMania V (1989)

WrestleMania V was the fifth annual WrestleMania professional wrestling pay-per-view (PPV) event and closed-circuit TV event produced by the World Wrestling Federation. It took place on April 2, 1989, at the Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Daniel the Wizard (2004)

Daniel – Der Zauberer (translated: Daniel – The Wizard) is a German comedy-drama about the pop singer Daniel Küblböck, starring as himself. This movie is often considered one of the worst movies ever made.

Little Sharks (1992)

Little Sharks (German: Kleine Haie) is a 1992 German comedy film directed by Sönke Wortmann.

Off Ways (2009)

Vicious (2003)

A normal camping trip becomes a fight for survival for four friends when they encounter a mysterious stranger named Kane (horror legend, Tom Savini). Kane, a government operative is charged with the task of containing a rogue military experiment loose in the wild. Kane’s primary objective is to capture unsuspecting campers and feed them to the ravenous beast. In the end the survivors are faced with a fight to the death with a vicious monster and the man who controls it.

Es geht um Alles (2008)

Independent's Day (1998)

In letzter Sekunde (2008)

Danny (1987)

Man Without Pigs (1990)

Delicious Dishes (1950)

Urbanissimo (1967)

Gorio & Tekla (1989)

Geheimnis des blauen Zimmers (1932)

The Great Devotion (1960)

Miao tan shuang long (1989)

Burn (2002)

Vertov in Blum. An Investigation (2010)

The Fifth-Column Mouse (1943)

The Fifth-Column Mouse (later reissued as Fifth Column Mouse) is a 1943 Warner Bros. animated cartoon in the Merrie Melodies series. Directed by Friz Freleng, the cartoon features a band of humble mice who engage in war against a cat. The short was given a Blue Ribbon reissue, released on April 22, 1950.

Rânia (2012)

Rânia is a 2012 Brazilian drama film directed by Roberta Marques. The film premiered in the official competition of the 2012 International Film Festival Rotterdam, and was the winner of the Première Brazil - "New Paths" in the 2011 Festival do Rio.

Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land (1931)

Hittin' the Trail for Hallelujah Land is a Merrie Melodies animated cartoon directed by Rudy Ising (uncredited), produced by Harman-Ising Pictures, Warner Bros. Pictures and The Vitaphone Corporation, and released to theatres on November 28, 1931. The minimal storyline centers on the plucky Piggy's efforts to rescue his girlfriend and a doglike Uncle Tom from perilous predicaments and villains. The short's use of the racial epithet "Uncle Tom" prompted United Artists to withhold it from syndication in 1968, making it one of the infamous Censored Eleven.

Esta Rua Tão Augusta (1968)

Don't Expect Praises (2012)

Felix the Cat as Romeeow (1927)