Seven Women (1966)

In 1935 China, a group of American missionaries must tolerate the obsessive, self-righteous leader of the mission, Agatha Andrews (Margaret Leighton). However, when the forthright Dr. D.R. Cartwright (Anne Bancroft) joins the mission, she is not afraid to come into direct conflict with the humorless Andrews, which earns her the respect of the other missionaries. Apart from the mounting tension within, the group must put aside their differences when Mongolian bandits attack.

Operation Conspiracy (1957)

A secret agent matches wits with a deadly group of spies out to gather vital nuclear information.

The Oregon Trail (1936)

A cowboy who is bitter over his father's murder sets out after a gang of renegade outlaws.

Over My Dead Body (1942)

A would-be crime writer gathering material for his literary ventures becomes a prime suspect for murder.

Red Tears (2011)

Copious amounts of blood characterize two Tokyo detectives' hunt for a serial killer.

It's a Dog's Life (2012)

Fifi the dog finds himself stuck under the dinner table, surrounded by quite a ruckus.

Spotlight on a Murderer (1961)

An old count hides just before he dies to annoy his heirs. The heirs search a manor for the count's body and are killed off one by one. Jean-Marie, his fiance Micheline and Edwige investigate the deaths and search for the count's body.

For the Love of Ada (1972)

An elderly gravedigger and his wife celebrate their first wedding anniversary.

Patthar Ke Phool (1991)

A man and a woman find love at first sight.

The Easy Life (2011)

A quack doctor with phony charitable impulses turns up in an African field hospital.

Joe the Busybody (1971)

A French writer (Louis De Funs) tries to hide the body of a blackmailer he has accidentally shot.

People in White (2011)

The filmmaker explores the relationship between mental-health patients and their doctors.

Paper Gallows (1950)

A detective novelist, jealous over his secretary's affection for his brother, decides to murder her.

Shreeman Ashique (1993)

A man (Rishi Kapoor) and his mentor fall in love with the same woman (Urmila Matondkar).

Spoilers of the Forest (1957)

A lumber tycoon's (Ray Collins) foreman (Rod Cameron) woos a Montanan (Vera Ralston) who owns 64,000 acres with her stepfather.

Drive by Chronicles: Ghostown (2010)

Christian Mrquez is the son of the most prolific drug dealer in Ghostown. After the murder of his mother, Christian is rescued by his friend, Sombra, and must live with his uncle, Gabriel, who has taken over the drug business.

Genio y Figura (1952)

Two brothers have to help each other mutually in order to remain faithful during a trip to Mexico City.

Lost in Africa (2010)

Simon loves soccer and he travels to Kenya with his family. his prized autographed soccer ball is stolen by kids and he gets lost in a shantytown looking for it.

(A)Sexual (2011)

People who experience no sexual attraction face a sex-obsessed culture, a mountain of stereotypes and misconceptions as they struggle to claim their identity.

Walk the Dark Street (1956)

An Army officer (Don Ross) and a hunter (Chuck Connors) engage in a simulated manhunt with one using real bullets in Los Angeles.

Tomorrow's Child (1982)

A scientist's (William Atherton) wife (Stephanie Zimbalist) reluctantly takes part in Project Genesis, the first full-term in-vitro baby.

Phunny Business: A Black Comedy (2010)

A history of Chicago's All Jokes Aside shows how one of the nation's pre-eminent comedy clubs gave young comics exposure and paychecks.

Dry Rot (1956)

Three bookies attempt to recoup their losses by substituting a heavily drugged nag for the favored horse.

Born Under Libra (2000)

Two Iranian lovers (Mohammad Reza Forutan, Mitra Hajjar) recall the events that force them to live in exile.

Strangeheart (2003)

Pub patrons spoof the 1995 Oscar-winning film, "Braveheart."

Yearning (1964)

A grocer's widow (Hideko Takamine) faces outside pressure to sell her store and learns of her brother-in-law's (Yûzô Kayama) unrequited love for her.

The New Life (2011)

A man (Germn Palacios) returns home when a fight leaves his nephew (Nicols Goldschmidt) badly injured.

Marked Trails (1944)

Hoot and Bob try to round up the gang responsible for an oil swindle, and find a woman in cahoots with the bad guys.

Pals (1987)

Two old Army buddies (George C. Scott, Don Ameche) and one's mother (Sylvia Sidney) decide to keep $3.6 million found in the trunk of a car.

Color Me Obsessed: A Film About the Replacements (2011)

The filmmaker chronicles the career of the influential '80s indie rock band.

The Day Mars Invaded Earth (1963)

A Cape Canaveral scientist (Kent Taylor) finds martians reducing people to ashes and taking their places.

24 Eyes (1954)

A teacher (Hideko Takamine) reaches out to a dozen children living on a small island during wartime.

Heathcliff: The Movie (1986)

While stuck inside on a rainy day, the comic-strip cat regales his nephews with tales of his many adventures.

Hell Bent (1994)

Three juvenile delinquents (Danial Sprintz, Kevin Doerksen, Alison Northcott) continue on a downhill path committing violent crimes.

The Karma Killer (2010)

Connor Phillips (Scott Frederick Duns) has a great life, then his wife is brutally murdered. His desire for retribution grows, and the line between right and wrong blurs, until a deadly mistake forces him to face the truth.

The Iron Ladies (2000)

Based on a true story, "The Iron Ladies" describes the inexorable march of a volleyball team composed mostly of transsexuals, transvestites, and some rather effeminate gay guys to the Thai male national championships in 1996. An entire team of gays, transvestites and transsexuals is a practically unheard of situation in Thailand.

The Quiet Ones (2010)

After years of abuse by his father, Michael Rose finds himself traveling down the path to madness when nightmares begin manifesting in his day-to-day life.

Muqabala (1979)

Two gang leaders agree to become friends and go straight, but criminal boss Banwanri doesn't approve of the alliance and threatens revenge.

The Marcorelle Affair (2000)

A sneaky lawyer tries to incriminate a magistrate (Jean-Pierre Laud) who finds himself around dead people wherever he goes.

Don't Drink the Water (1994)

An inept U.S. diplomat (Michael J. Fox) romances the daughter (Mayim Bialik) of a New Jersey caterer (Woody Allen) trapped in an embassy behind the Iron Curtain.

Me and the Colonel (1958)

Nazis are about to overrun France, and a Jewish man named Jacobowsky (Danny Kaye) is stranded in Paris. He hitches a ride with reluctant Polish serviceman Colonel Prokoszny (Curt Jurgens), who harbors a bias against Jews. They are soon joined by Prokoszny's bride-to-be, Suzanne (Nicole Maurey), who takes an immediate liking to the engaging Jacobowsky. This furthers the hostility between Jacobowsky and Prokoszny, but they must put their differences aside to evade the Nazis trailing them.

Married and in Love (1940)

A doctor's (Alan Marshal) wife (Barbara Read) resents his married ex-girlfriend.

Under the Red Sea (1952)

An expedition studying the mysteries and dangers of the sea is documented. Narrated by Les Tremayne.

Where Is the Chesterfield King? (2001)

A rock band tries to save its drummer after a power-hungry alien kidnaps him.

The Great Plane Robbery (1940)

Assigned to keep watch over a recently released gangster, an insurance investigator must keep the client alive after he is taken hostage by former henchmen.

The Great Wall (2016)

China's first emperor uses brutality to unite his nation and begins construction on his country's most impressive man-made achievement.

5 X Favela, Now by Ourselves (2010)

Five short films show the slums of Rio de Janeiro.

Greenwich Village Story (1963)

Bad reviews drive a struggling novelist (Robert Hogan) away from his dancer girlfriend (Melinda Plank) and into the arms of a spoiled society girl.

Breakaway (1957)

A formula designed to overcome fatigue in supersonic flight becomes the object of contention between competing groups.

Below Zero (2012)

Jack, a once successful screenwriter, locks himself inside of a meat locker with vegetarian meals to overcome his writer's block. As the temperature drops, the line between reality and fiction blurs and Jacks's script comes to life.

Groovie Movie (1944)

Arthur Walsh and fellow dancers make with the toes, swing the wing, whip the hip, and perform other jitterbug fundamentals.

Kammath & Kammath (2013)

Raja Raja (Mammootty) and Deva Raja (Dileep) try to open a new restaurant in a renovated hotel.

Mater and the Ghostlight (2006)

Mater the tow truck investigates a scary mystery.

Go! Go! Go! World (1964)

An exposition of mankind's stranger customs spotlights mud wrestlers, snake charmers and Japanese pachinko parlors.

Robot Holocaust (1986)

Survivors of devastation regroup after robots revolt against their human masters on New Terra.

Heroes 3 (1984)

Three U.S. soldiers tackle Hong Kong's street gangs and corrupt businessmen to avenge their buddy's death.

Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2003)

Based on the novella by Robert Louis Stevenson, a London doctor experiments and in the process brings forth his evil alter-ego.

Fighting Frontier (1943)

An agent (Tim Holt) goes undercover as an outlaw and almost gets lynched.

The Trial of Mary Dugan (1941)

A lawyer (Robert Young) loves a stenographer (Laraine Day) he's defending for murder.

Zorro (1960)

A masked avenger in Old California battles a corrupt commandant by night, while living as an aristocrat by day.

The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974)

Strange visions plague Sylvia after her mother commits suicide.

La Boheme (1926)

Poet Rodolphe (John Gilbert) loves dying Mimi (Lillian Gish) in this non-Puccini version of the opera.

Within the River, Among the Trees (2009)

Brazilian Indians use recently acquired technology to record their lives in the Amazon region.

Un hombre vino a matar (1967)

An unjustly condemned soldier escapes and seeks justice as an outlaw.

Tell Me Something (1999)

Detectives (Han Suk-kyu, Hang-Seon Jang) seek a murderer who scatters victims' limbs around Seoul in plastic bags.

Kucch Luv Jaisaa (2011)

After getting bored with her loveless marriage, a wife decides to get a breath of fresh air and meets a hit man.

Paratroop Command (1959)

Charlie (Richard Bakalyan) becomes a paratrooper, but, while serving in North Africa, he mistakenly kills one of his fellow U.S. soldiers, who is masquerading as a Nazi in order to wipe out a nest of the enemy. The action moves to Sicily and then to Salerno. Shunned by his fellow soldiers, including his childhood friend Ace (Jack Hogan), Charlie is forced to prove himself when it is left up to him to transport a generator across an open road in full view of Nazi attackers.

El Misterio de Huracán Ramírez (1962)

A wrestler pretends to be lame and attends an inn with his family to get rid of a villain who pursues him.

What! No Beer? (1935)

Thinking Prohibition is over, a schemer (Jimmy Durante), his backer (Buster Keaton) and his brewmaster (Roscoe Ates) push beer.

Taxi! (1932)

An independent cabby (James Cagney) courts another cabby's daughter (Loretta Young) during a strong-arm taxi war.

Final Solution (2001)

A white South African (Jan Ellis) changes his views and tries to make peace between races in his homeland.

Shivers (1981)

After his father (Wladyslaw Kolwalski) is apprehended by Stalinist authorities, young Tomek (Tomasz Hudziec) is sent to a re-education camp. Tomek acquiesces to their brainwashing regimen, partially to court the favor of a pretty female counselor (Teresa Marczewska). But what started as lip service to the ideals of the state slowly turns into something very real. In time, Tomek has been transformed into a hot-blooded Stanlinist -- which poses some problems when his father returns home.

The Violent and the Damned (1962)

A bloody riot provides a cunning inmate with the opportunity to break out of his South American prison.

Vanished: Girl in the Woods (2011)

Two young girls vanish inside a forest. Mana, the mother of one of the girls, searches to find out what exactly happened to her daughter.

Cri-Cri el Grillito Cantor (1963)

A young shepherd is sent by his grandmother to study music and becomes a great a composer of books for children.

The Woman Disputed (1928)

One of an orphan's (Norma Talmadge) two adoptive fathers lusts after her.

El Perdón de la Hija de Nadie (1980)

A young woman loses her husband and her brothers, then she decides to find her father and finds him in a gypsy camp.

Seven Angry Men (1955)

Abolitionist John Brown's (Raymond Massey) fight against slavery ends with his 1859 arsenal raid at Harpers Ferry.

The Bride of Glomdal (1926)

The daughter of a wealthy landowner loves a destitute farmer.

Too Hot to Handle (1960)

A French journalist writing about strippers in Soho's underground becomes embroiled in blackmail.

Mansion of the Doomed (1976)

A mad scientist fills his basement dungeon with victims in an insane attempt to restore his daughter's eyesight.

Uncle Tom's Cabin (1927)

In 1856, slave Eliza (Margarita Fischer) plans to marry George (Arthur Edmund Carew) with the consent of the Shelbys, her masters, but George's owner prevents the wedding. A few years later, Eliza flees with her son, Harry (Lassie Lou Ahern), after learning the Shelbys plan to hand them over to a crooked creditor to prevent foreclosure. George also escapes and goes on the run while Eliza and Harry are captured and brought back home. Mother and son are separated as George tries to find them both.

Mera Gaon Mera Desh (1971)

A petty thief (Dharmendra) joins a gang of bandits, then betrays them.

Gunmen From Laredo (1959)

A framed Texas rancher (Robert Knapp) escapes from prison for a showdown with a saloonkeeper (Walter Coy).

Breed of the Border (1933)

Murderer Joe (Ernie Adams) escapes from jail and hires Speed Brent (Bob Steele), a famous race car driver, to take him across the Mexican border. On the way, Joe knocks out Brent, then goes to the ranch of a wealthy judge and robs and seriously wounds him. When they recover, Brent and the judge, with help from the judge's assistant, Chuck Wiggins (George "Gabby" Hayes), and a beautiful government agent, Sonia (Marion Byron), travel to Mexico to track Joe down.

Home in San Antone (1949)

An innkeeper tries to keep his struggling establishment afloat, unaware that a famous country singer (Roy Acuff) and diamond thieves are staying under his roof.

The Return of Draw Egan (1916)

A bandit (William S. Hart) becomes a marshal in a lawless town and has a showdown with his former partner.

Home Work (1935)

An "answer man" (Leon Errol) for a newspaper comes up empty when he gets home.

Fantômas: In the Shadow of the Guillotine (1913)

Fantmas (Ren Navarre) is arrested and faces death by beheading.

Death Kiss (1977)

A frustrated man hires a hit man to murder his wife.

Fantômas vs. Fantômas (1914)

The press accuses Inspector Juve of being Fantmas.

Hot Car Girl (1958)

A teenager (Richard Bakalyan) who steals auto parts bristles at the efforts of his squeaky-clean girlfriend (June Kenney) to lead him down the straight and narrow.

Beatdown (2010)

A former mixed-martial-arts champion (Michael Bisping) and a street fighter (Rudy Youngblood) devise a scheme to get rich.

The Other Woman (1989)

A woman knows of her author husband's infidelity, especially after his live-in assistant falls in love with him.

Angora Love (1929)

A goat escapes from a pet shop and follows Stan and Ollie to their apartment.

Por Querer a una Mujer (1951)

An assassin kills one of three men competing for the same woman (Rita Macedo).

The Roots (1955)

A quartet of stories is the format to draw analogies between Indian life and the hustle and bustle of modern Mexico.

Slaughter in San Francisco (1974)

A former policeman (Don Wong) avenges his partner, killed by a gang whose leader (Chuck Norris) he fights.

Santo vs. the Evil Brain (1960)

Santo and El Incognito (Fernando Oss) foil a mad scientist's plot to create an army of zombies by zapping people with electric shocks.

A Simple Story (1960)

The leader of a collective farm in Soviet Russia finds that love makes her life happy but difficult.