Santa Claws (2014)

Santa is allergic to cats, but Tommy has been so good this year he decides to bring him a kitten for Christmas. When Santa has an allergic attack, the kitties have to take over the sleigh to deliver all the presents.

Ainthu Ainthu Ainthu (2013)

Aravind is convinced his girlfriend died in his arms in a terrible crash, but no one can find any evidence that the girl was in the car, or that she ever existed.

The Juggler (1953)

In post--World War II Israel, German entertainer Hans Muller (Kirk Douglas) is trying to start a new life after surviving the Holocaust. Fighting demons and survivor's guilt, Muller has a sudden outburst and assaults a police officer. After a narrow escape, he begins to wander the country, eventually arriving at a kibbutz. There, he falls for local woman Ya'El (Milly Vitale). But on Muller's trail is Detective Karni (Paul Stewart), who threatens to disrupt the newly blossoming love.

Beyond Fear (1993)

A wilderness tour guide (Mimi Lesseos) uses her martial-arts skills to defend her group from killers who are trying to retrieve an incriminating videotape.

The Flaw (1955)

An auto racer (John Bentley) plans to kill his heiress wife (Rona Anderson) ; then her lawyer (Donald Houston) finds out.

Odongo (1956)

A trapper (Macdonald Carey) and a veterinarian (Rhonda Fleming) team up to find Odongo (Juma), a friendly African boy taken hostage.

The Housekeeper's Daughter (1939)

Hilda (Joan Bennett), tired of being a gun moll, decides to go live with her mother, Olga (Peggy Wood). Olga is a housekeeper for the Randall family, but all the Randalls, except for Robert (John Hubbard), are away on vacation when Hilda arrives. Meanwhile, Robert learns that Hilda's former lover, Floyd (Marc Lawrence), was involved in the death of a young model (Lilian Bond), and he teams up with two reporters (Adolphe Menjou, William Gargan) to investigate the crime.

Porcile (1969)

Two interconnected tales display humanity sinking to its darkest depths.

The Boys (1997)

Grim, gut-wrenching domestic drama follows a family's descent into chaos when two siblings are reunited with their psychopathic, recently paroled brother. Impeccably filmed, with a dark, grimy, foreboding and noirish atmosphere, the film boasts a bravura performance from Wenham, who is masterful at being on the verge of exploding with rage.

Four Play (2001)

An actress falls hard for a new scriptwriter while the makeup girl she set him up with turns her husband's head instead.

Pobres Millonarios (1959)

A comedian escapes from some bandits and finds a man who goes to his grandmother's ranch to find a treasure.

Sweet Revenge (2001)

A drug addict who was once married to a wealthy doctor searches for the dealer who betrayed her.

La Vraie Nature De Bernadette (1972)

Bored Montreal housewife Bernadette (Micheline Lanctt) decides to trade her comfortable bourgeois life in the city for a simpler existence in the Quebec countryside. So Bernadette and her son move into a dilapidated farmhouse where they begin communing with nature and making their living off the land. When the newcomers' arrival coincides with positive changes in the community, Bernadette's neighbors bestow on her the dubious title of "miracle worker."

And the Angels Sing (1944)

Four sisters seek success as singers, aided by a saxophone player (Fred MacMurray) two of them (Dorothy Lamour, Betty Hutton) want to marry.

The Wandering Image (1920)

A tormented woman trudges through the Swiss Alps to escape the grasp of various men.

Spirit of '76 (1905)

Two guys (David Cassidy, Geoff Hoyle) and a girl (Olivia d'Abo) from the future go by time machine back to 1776; they miss it by 200 years.

La máscara de carne (1956)

A couple tries to get away from some traffickers after suffering an accident in which he is left disfigured and she blind.

Three Men and a Leg (1997)

Three store clerks (Aldo Baglio, Giovanni Storti, Giacomo) travel by car from Milan carrying their boss's dog and a valuable sculpture.

The Old Mill (1937)

Animals and insects make an old mill and pond their home.

Thunder Birds: Soldiers of the Air (1942)

During World War II, British medic Peter Stackhouse (John Sutton) follows in his late father's footsteps by joining the Royal Air Force, in spite of his crippling fear of heights. Stackhouse finds a friend and willing mentor in flight instructor Steve Britt (Preston Foster), who helps him to overcome his fears. But when Stackhouse falls for the gorgeous Kay Saunders (Gene Tierney) -- Britt's old flame -- Britt must struggle to put his feelings aside and do his job.

Stripped To Kill (1987)

A Los Angeles policewoman's (Kay Lenz) partner (Greg Evigan) has her pose as a stripper to lure a killer of strippers.

Hidden in the Woods (2014)

When two sisters report their abusive and drug-dealing father, he is sent to prison. They think the worst is over until their psychotic uncle arrives looking for his brother and some missing merchandise.

The Fighting Deputy (1937)

Sheriff Bentley (Frank LaRue) and his son, Deputy Tom Bentley (Fred Scott), come up with a plan to capture notorious outlaw Scar Adams (Charles King). Scar shoots and gravely wounds Sheriff Bentley, leaving Tom in charge. But Tom's fiance, Alice (Phoebe Logan), who is also Scar's estranged sister, won't marry Tom if he becomes sheriff. Alice changes her mind when Scar kills Tom's father. Tom, with help from his partner, Fuzzy (Al St. John), sets out to get Scar once and for all.

Miss V from Moscow (1942)

A Soviet spy (Lola Lane) tricks the Gestapo in Paris because she looks like a Nazi spy.

The Marriage of Corbal (1936)

A nobleman (Hugh Sinclair) and a leader of the people (Nils Asther) each love a noblewoman (Hazel Terry) during the French Revolution.

Where The Devil Dwells (2014)

When the schizophrenic son of an allegedly-dead serial killer begins to have visions of his father, he struggles to determine what is real and how he'll survive.

Cassino to Korea (1950)

Rare film footage highlights a chronicle of U.S. troops and their battles in World War II Italy.

The Great Alligator (1979)

Tourists (Barbara Bach, Claudio Cassinelli) flee from a tribally significant alligator at an entrepreneur's (Mel Ferrer) African resort.

The Outer Gate (1937)

Bob Terry (Ben Alexander) works for John Borden (Ralph Morgan), the father of his girlfriend (Kay Linaker). Someone embezzles a large sum of money, and John blames Bob. So Bob is sent to prison, where he stays for five years before he is exonerated. When he gets out, John, feeling guilty, trusts Bob with his safe. But Bob plots revenge and shows his former cellmate, Todd (Edward Acuff), and a gangster named Carmody (Charles Brokaw) how to break into the safe, framing John for embezzlement.

Regeneration (1923)

The survivors of a shipwreck find themselves on an uninhabited island in the Pacific. It seems to be a paradise until a discovered treasure lead to tension and violence.

The Face at the Window (1939)

A cackling mad chevalier (Tod Slaughter) and his half brother keep the police guessing in 1880s Paris.

Timelock (1998)

A pilot (Maryam D'Abo) and a petty thief (Arye Gross) try to stop prisoners at a 23rd-century space jail from releasing cryogenically preserved criminals.

Bruce Lee vs. the Supermen (1975)

When a brilliant scientist is kidnapped by a sinister organization, a renowned crime fighter is called in to rescue him. When he realizes he can't take them all down alone, he enlists the help of two heroic friends.

The Black Marble (1980)

When tough-guy Los Angeles police detective A.M. Valnikov (Robert Foxworth) is paired up with comely fellow cop Natalie Zimmerman (Paula Prentiss), the two investigate the abduction of an aristocrat's cherished pet dog. As the case pushes the partners toward romance, they get closer to tracking down the canine's hapless kidnapper, Philo Skinner (Harry Dean Stanton). While Valnikov and Zimmerman are on the job, strange circumstances lead to plenty of ridiculous situations.

Portrait of Alison (1955)

An actress (Terry Moore) and an artist (Robert Beatty) are linked by his brother (William Sylvester) to deadly smugglers sought by Scotland Yard.

Just for You (1952)

In this romantic musical, widowed producer Jordan Blake (Bing Crosby) readies his latest show with star Carolina (Jane Wyman), and they confess a mutual attraction. However, Jordan's son, Jerry (Bob Arthur), has developed a crush on Carolina as well, unaware of his father's intent. Meanwhile, Barbara (Natalie Wood), Jordan's teen daughter, seeks admittance to an elite girls school. Meaning well but lacking parenting savvy, Jordan tries to help both children with the transition to adulthood.

The Pad and How to Use It (1966)

Single classical music aficionado Bob Handman (Brian Bedford) meets a stranger named Doreen Marshall (Julie Sommars) at an orchestral performance. Though she says otherwise, Doreen isn't a music fan. But that doesn't stop her from agreeing to go out with Bob. Hoping to keep his nerves in check, clueless Bob asks his suave pal, Ted (James Farentino), to join the would-be couple for dinner at his apartment. For Bob, the night proves to be a painful lesson in the ways of romance.

The Seven Dwarfs to the Rescue (1965)

The tricky dwarfs save Snow White (Rossana Podesta) and Prince Charming (Roberto Risco) from the Prince of Darkness (Georges Marchal).

North Korea: The Great Illusion (2015)

A four-year journey of filmmakers trying to discover how North Korean people live.

Witchcraft 13: Blood of the Chosen (2008)

Will Spanner, the reluctant heir of a dark legacy, battles the forces of evil after a series of gruesome murders.

The Peacemaker (1956)

An ex-gunslinger (James Mitchell) settles a war between ranchers and farmers, in his new role as parson.

Don Juan Quilligan (1945)

In Brooklyn, N.Y., barge captain Patrick Michael Quilligan (William Bendix) falls for barmaid Margie Mossrock (Joan Blondell) because her charm reminds him of his beloved, deceased mother. Quilligan soon proposes, and Margie accepts. On a trip to Utica, N.Y., Quilligan defends shy Lucy Blake (Mary Treen) and is smitten by her home cooking. Through misunderstandings and plotting by Lucy's family, Quilligan finds himself married to both women and must concoct an outlandish tale as a cover.

The Face on the Bar Room Floor (1914)

A painter courts a woman and loses her to a wealthy client.

Mark of the Witch (2014)

On Jordyn's (Ana Paula Redding) 18th birthday, dark secrets come to light, and her demonic doppelganger emerges.

Pioniere in Ingolstadt (1971)

A young woman, Berta, looks for love within a group of Army engineers building a bridge.

The Other Side of Hell (1978)

A patient (Alan Arkin) regains sanity and tries to escape from a brutal hospital for the criminally insane.

Zhazhda (2013)

Kostya lives alone and drinks vodka to dull the pain and memories from being severely burned in a tank during the Chechen conflict. He comes back to life and reality when Serega, his war friend, goes missing.

Gentlemen (2014)

A judge returns home to find his good friend dead and the woman he loves employed by a criminal organization.

More Than Anything in the World (2006)

A girl and her mother have a very special relationship, but changes in her mother make her suspect that something strange has happened to her mother.

The Bride Comes Home (1935)

A Chicago editor (Fred MacMurray) hires and woos a socialite (Claudette Colbert), then almost loses her to a writer (Robert Young) for his magazine.

Prisoner 13 (1933)

A corrupt Colonel during the Mexican Revolution inadvertently sets up his sons execution.

West of the Law (1942)

The Rough Riders (Buck Jones, Tim McCoy, Raymond Hatton) link a town leader to a gold-theft gang.

Offerings (1989)

A boy tormented by bullies returns 10 years later as a twisted adult (G. Michael Smith) bent on revenge.

Children Without Parents (2013)

Four siblings cope with their father's passing.

Daddy (2011)

A dark family secret emerges when two sisters reunite with their estranged father at a remote house in the mountains.

Daughter of Shanghai (1937)

A Chinese-American (Anna May Wong) avenges her father, slain by smugglers led by a San Francisco socialite.

Sangre costeña (2005)

Tragedy looms when a powerful politician falls under the spell of his sultry maid.

Dating Games People Play (2007)

After his engagement ends abruptly, a man (Austin Peck) becomes unsure about committing to another woman (Leslie Bega).

Brave Men's Blood (2014)

New to internal affairs, a lawman (Darri Ingolfsson) investigates a police chief (Sigurður Sigurjónsson) after receiving a tip from an imprisoned drug dealer (Ingvar Eggert Sigurðsson).

Iran: A Cinematographic Revolution (2006)

Iranian films reflect the contemporaneous society and often pre-date social change.

College Holiday (1936)

A hotel manager (Jack Benny) lures college students for his boss's experiments with controlled breeding.

Gangway (1937)

While tracking an international jewel thief, Inspector Bob Deering begins dating Pat, a reporter. She is fired after her first date and she steals a necklace belonging to Bob's friend. When Bob begins to suspect Pat is the thief, he faces a dilemma.

Weekend with Kate (1990)

A British rock star (Jerome Ehlers) visits a couple (Colin Friels, Catherine McClements) at a time when the wife wants a baby, and the husband wants out.

Haunters (2014)

A Michigan family sets out to create the scariest haunted house in the state.

The Man Inside (1990)

Investigative reporter Gunter Wallraff (Jrgen Prochnow) makes enemies in the media when his reports reveal a disturbing connection between the West German government and Portuguese fascists. When his reputation is threatened by a newspaper's smear campaign, the intrepid reporter decides to go under cover as one of its journalists. But Wallraff begins to buckle under the pressure of the paper's megalomaniacal editor, Leonard Schroeter (Dieter Laser).

Rapture (2014)

Mystery writer Luis Vega wants to base his next book on the murder of a well-known dentist. He befriends Laura, the dentist's wife and the prime suspect, and facts quickly blur with fiction.

Jackie Robinson: My Story (2010)

The life and career of Jackie Robinson told through footage and photos from his time playing baseball.

Serra Pelada - A Lenda Da Montanha De Ouro (2013)

After gold is discovered, miners flock to Serra Pelada to make their fortunes.

Mummy's Boys (1936)

Two layabouts, Stanley Wright (Bert Wheeler) and Aloysius C. Whittaker (Robert Woolsey), are hired to assist an archaeologist, Dr. Edward Sterling (Moroni Olsen), who is bent on returning objects to an excavated Egyptian tomb before the curse of a mummy gets him. When the archaeologist disappears, Stanley and Alysius, with the help of a stowaway, Catfish (Willie Best), take charge of the dig, but they're hampered by Stanley's inability to remember anything unless he continually takes naps.

Rock You Sinners (1957)

Friends try to put together a rock band.

I Survived a Zombie Holocaust (2014)

Wesley's first day as a low-budget film's runner gets really bad when something in the local water supply turns the extras into zombies.

Psycho Sisters (1998)

An investigation into an auto-accident death reveals that several people may have staged the mishap.

Breaking the Wave (2014)

Surfers in Panama's Santa Catalina area struggle to achieve the same recognition their Anglo counterparts enjoy.

A Girls' Night Out (2012)

A retiree and her roommate have an adventure in Hamburg's red-light district.

Chronicle of the End of the World (2012)

A retired teacher fears the world is coming to an end when his jobless son is abandoned by his wife after having a baby.

Mickey One (1965)

Stand-up comic Mickey One (Warren Beatty) is fearful that the gambling debts he amassed have made him a marked man in the Detroit clubs that he frequents. Assuming a false identity, Mickey flees to Chicago, where he cautiously resumes his career at the upscale Club Xanadu. When club owner Ed Castle (Hurd Hatfield) offers Mickey a shot at auditioning for an unknown man with reputed connections in the Midwest, the increasingly paranoid Mickey fears that the mob has finally closed in on him.

Heer Ranjha (1970)

Family differences tear apart childhood sweethearts Heer and Deedho, so Heer takes off to live an anonymous life as a farmer.

Paper Cannot Wrap Up Ember (2007)

Asian women tell of being forced into prostitution.

Parachute Jumper (1933)

A Marine pilot (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.), his buddy and their girlfriend (Bette Davis) go to work for a gangster (Leo Carrillo).

Dead Stop (2011)

A group of teens, miles from civilization and hopelessly off course, is pursued across the desert by a creature that craves their flesh.

The Helter Skelter Murders (1970)

Based on events leading up to the Tate-LoBianco murders and Charles Manson's trial for the crime.

Thirumalai (2003)

A chance meeting on New Year's Day leads a young mechanic to a romance, but the father of his new girlfriend is not pleased.

Two for Tonight (1935)

A writer desperately searches for a plot on which to base his newest story.

Tejaswini (1962)

A police superintendent is forced to face many challenges when she swears to put an end to corruption.

Freighters of Destiny (1931)

The son (Tom Keene) of a freighter defends a wagon train against a banker's (Mitchell Harris) henchmen.

They're Always Caught (1938)

A doctor (Stanley Ridges) investigates crimes in his lab.

Veiled Aristocrats (1932)

A black man who passes for white and became a successful lawyer returns to his hometown for a family reunion.

Somewhere Beyond Love (1974)

A transplanted Sicilian woman and a Milanese worker find love despite their different backgrounds and upbringings.

Small Wonders (1995)

When single mother Roberta Guaspari had funding for her public school violin teacher position eliminated, she set up a nonprofit foundation to continue her work. This documentary follows Guaspari as she teaches at three different East Harlem schools, where her students range from the youngest beginners to teenage veterans. The acclaimed teacher uses her reputation to help motivate her students with high-profile rewards, climaxing with a concert at Carnegie Hall.

Colma: The Musical (2006)

Three friends (Jake Moreno, H.P. Mendoza, L.A. Renigen), all recent high-school graduates, wonder what to do with the rest of their lives.

They Knew What They Wanted (1940)

Immigrant Tony Patucci (Charles Laughton) may be the successful owner of a vineyard in California, but he's self-conscious about his poor English and lacks social grace. So when he spies fetching waitress Amy (Carole Lombard), he decides to pursue her by letter and tosses in a photo of his handsome foreman Joe (William Gargan) for good measure. When Amy comes to visit, she's furious at the deception. Tony eventually wins her over, but she can't ignore her growing feelings for Joe.

Savage Fury (1935)

A boy raised deep in the jungle has his share of many exciting adventures.

Head Against the Wall (1959)

A family deals with a son's commitment for mental health treatment.

Mara Maru (1952)

A yachtsman (Raymond Burr) hires a deep-sea diver (Errol Flynn) to find a jeweled cross in a PT boat in postwar Manila.

Altered by Elvis (2006)

A yearlong journey from coast to coast reveals a world that Elvis left behind.

The Mad Monk (1993)

The gods in heaven complain to the Jade Emperor about the malicious practical jokes played on them by Dragon Fighter Lohan.

Blood Type (2018)

A thief lands several people in an emergency room during his getaway and they join emotional forces against their unknown assailant.

Keep My Grave Open (1976)

Thinking she is her brother, a young woman (Camilla Carr) stabs chummy men as he might do to protect her.