Country Teachers (1993)

A teacher in a small Chinese village tries to attract more faculty by seeking national financing for his school.

Manhattan Parade (1931)

Producer brothers hire a European director who goes on to ruin their Broadway show.

The Mommy Returns (2012)

A ghost tries to break up her still-living husband's new romance.

The Gleiwitz Affair (1961)

Nazis stage an attack on a Polish radio station in the summer of 1939.

Love (1919)

A man (Fatty Arbuckle) tries to stop the wedding of the woman that he loves.

Death Weekend (1977)

A warped man (Don Stroud) and his buddies terrorize a woman (Brenda Vaccaro) and her doctor boyfriend (Chuck Shamata) at a lake house.

Dreamworld (2011)

Oliver Hayes, an aspiring animator, meets the impulsive Lily Blush who convinces him to drop everything and go with her to Northern California to get a job with Pixar Animation.

Bowery at Midnight (1942)

Criminology Professor Brenner (Bela Lugosi) uses his soup kitchen as a front for a gang committing robberies and murders.

They Dare Not Love (1941)

A young Austrian couple encounters wartime difficulties.

The Wogboy (2000)

A jobless Australian loafer (Nick Giannopoulos) inadvertently becomes a spokesman for the unemployed.

Daylight (2010)

Things die. New things are born.

Monster From Bikini Beach (2008)

A crooked cop and a man battle a primordial fiend from the depths with an insatiable appetite for bikini-clad beauties.

La Loca de la Casa (1950)

A nun reevaluates her life and decides to give up her vows to marry and help his father.

Cotton Queen (1937)

A mill owner's (Mary Lawson) daughter gets tangled in romance while working under cover at a rival operation.

Leaves From Satan's Book (1921)

The devil influences history throughout the ages.

Saaya (2003)

After his wife (Tara Sharma) dies, a doctor (John Abraham) keeps seeing her image and refuses to believe she is dead.

Courage for Every Day (1964)

A young factory worker (Jan Kacer) jeopardizes his relationship with his lover by constantly spouting socialist dogma.

Sleep (2012)

Rashad (Gregory Barnes) manipulates his younger brother into leaving for school early on the day their lives are changed forever.

The Live Wire (1934)

Two professors (James Aubrey, Ben Hall) hire a sailor (Richard Talmadge) to lead them on a treasure hunt.

Men, Men, Men (1995)

Four middle-aged homosexuals (Christian De Sica, Massimo Ghini, Leo Gullotta) deal with problems while pondering their futures.

Pussy Riot - A Punk Prayer (2013)

Three Russian women face a seven year prison term for a satirical performance in a Moscow cathedral.

The Forty First (1956)

An unexpected romance develops for a female Red Army sniper and a male officer of the White Army.

Gonin 2 (1996)

A man (Ken Ogata) fashions a samurai sword to avenge the rape of his wife by a gang.

Daddy Can't Dance (2010)

In need of money to pay for his sick daughter's medical treatments, a man (Pete Vinal) calls upon some old friends to help him win the cash prize in an upcoming dance contest.

Rocky (1981)

A carefree young man (Sanjay Dutt) learns the truth about his tragic past and sets out to avenge his true father's murder.

Thunder Over Texas (1934)

Two crooked men, banker Bruce Laird (Claude Payton) and Sheriff Tom Collier (Philo McCullough), kill a man named Norton because they suspect him of having valuable maps to a new railroad line. Now orphaned, Norton's daughter, Tiny (Helen Westcott), finds herself in grave danger from the same greedy duo. Enter Ted Wright (Big Boy Williams), a righteous cowboy who takes Tiny under his wing and protects her from Laird and Collier, who think she has her father's maps.

Words and Music (1929)

Two college men stage a fierce rivalry over a campus queen and the top prize money in a musical competition.

The High-Powered Rifle (1960)

A private detective (Willard Parker) falls for the girlfriend (Allison Hayes) of a racketeer whom he believes has targeted him for death.

Mama Drink Your Soup (2011)

Vincent is in his 40s and leading a comfortable life next to Berta, his mother. With the arrival of Cristina, the new owner of the salon in the neighborhood, his life changes, unleashing the wrath of the parent.

The World in My Pocket (1962)

Unplanned events foil a scheme involving the heist of a U.S. Army payroll in France.

High Tide (1947)

A private detective (Don Castle) becomes ensnared in the escalating conflict between a gambling syndicate leader and a crusading newspaper editor (Lee Tracy).

The Treasure Map (1999)

Two boys learn valuable lessons when they become the target of a plot.

The Range Busters (1940)

The Range Busters (Ray Corrigan, John King, Max Terhune) make their cowboy-trio debut, hunting a phantom killer.

Karen Cries on the Bus (2011)

A frustrated woman (ngela Carrizosa) leaves her husband, rents a room and tries to find a job.

Saga of Mulan (1994)

In this big screen adaptation of a Beijing opera, directors Xiao Lang and Qiu Lili stage a visually captivating performance of the Chinese tale of Mulan. The legend follows that with the seemingly unstoppable Mongol horde fast approaching China, the nation's people are in great need of a leader to save them from imminent death and destruction. Finding herself in the role of hero, Mulan (Bai Shuxian), a young girl, rises to the occasion to stop the cunning and powerful invaders.

Oklahoma Blues (1948)

A deputy sheriff (Jimmy Wakely) pursues robbers and their boss.

Young Turks (2013)

From 1977 to 1981, artist Stephen Seemayer recorded his friends as they explored the deserted industrial and commercial buildings of downtown Los Angeles.

The Devil With Seven Faces (1971)

A woman (Carroll Baker) is mistaken for her identical twin, who double-crossed jewel thieves and made off with an extremely valuable diamond.


A band of soldiers is ordered to protect a key strategic vantage point from advancing forces at all costs.

Zanzibar (1940)

An adventuress and her companions scour the African jungle for a sacred skull.

Craig's Wife (1928)

A domineering woman (Irene Rich) thinks more of material possessions than of her husband (Warner Baxter).

Legend of the Lone Ranger (1949)

A masked rider (Clayton Moore) and an American Indian named Tonto (Jay Silverheels) team up to fight crime on horseback.

In Search of Peace: Part One: 1948-1967 (2001)

Filmmaker Richard Trank documents the nation of Israel and its conflict with Arabs. Narrated by Michael Douglas.

Boys Life 4: Four Play (2003)

Four short films revolve around homosexual men.

Angel's Ladies (2000)

Filmmaker Douglas Lindeman profiles a married couple, Christian fundamentalists who own a brothel in Nevada.

The Rook (1994)

A 19th-century police detective (Martin Donovan) investigates the murder of a young woman.

Gentle Art of Murder (1962)

A Frenchman sees a movie about deadly women (Edwige Feuillre, Michle Morgan, Annie Girardot) in history, then stars in his own movie when he leaves the theater.

Desire (1936)

A French jewel thief (Marlene Dietrich) speeds to Spain with pearls, which she drops in the pocket of a U.S. engineer (Gary Cooper).

What Price Murder? (1957)

Seeing a chance to secure his future, bank clerk Philippe Delaroche (Henri Vidal) curries favor with middle-aged heiress Betty Farnwell (Isa Miranda) in Nice, Italy. Happy to have the attentions of an attractive younger man, Betty marries him. Soon after, however, Philippe finds himself captivated by the sultry Eva Dollan (Mylne Demongeot) and begins an affair. Quickly growing obsessed with Eva, Philippe is distraught when she makes plans to marry another and decides to rid himself of Betty.

Looking for an Angel (2008)

A wrong number intertwines the lives of three strangers who have the same name.

The Law in Her Hands (1936)

A defense lawyer (Margaret Lindsay) sets her career goals aside to marry a district attorney (Warren Hull).

Forever and a Day (2011)

A young man (Sam Milby) falls in love with his new friend (K.C. Concepcion), but she pushes him away.

Hoop Soldiers (2001)

While investigating her brother's death, a lawyer uncovers an illegal basketball league where the games are often fatal.

The Headless Horseman (1934)

Superstitious schoolteacher Ichabod Crane battles rival Brom Bones for a young maiden's hand in an adaptation of Washington Irving's "The Legend of Sleepy Hollow."

Caught Short (1930)

Two boarding-house landladies (Marie Dressler, Polly Moran) compete in the stock market and marry off their children.

El Secreto de Romelia (1988)

An old woman visits a small town with her daughter and grandchildren, where her daughter's curiosity is awakened by her father.

Delicious (1931)

A pretty Scot (Janet Gaynor) in steerage meets Russian stowaways and a rich American (Charles Farrell) on a ship bound for New York.

Last Rites (1980)

A rural clan of bloodsuckers plies its trade on the deserted byways of upstate New York.

Ne mozhet byt! (1975)

A cheating husband tries to survive his unwise love triangle in one of three stories.

Who Are You, Mr. Sorge? (1961)

Based on the real-life exploits of a Soviet spy who used his post in Japan to pass military secrets to the Allies.

Lure of the Wilderness (1952)

Zack Tyler (Tom Tully) and his son, Ben (Jeffrey Hunter), are fur trappers living near Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp. In the swamp, the two discover Jim Harper (Walter Brennan), a fugitive who has been unjustly accused of a killing, and his daughter, Laurie (Jean Peters), who has developed very few social skills due to her years spent living in the wild. Zack becomes convinced of Jim's innocence and attempts to set up a proper criminal defense, while Ben and Laurie begin to fall in love.

Himala (1982)

A Filipina villager (Nora Aunor) seems to exhibit miraculous healing powers after her claim of a visitation from the Virgin Mary.

The Mollycoddle (1920)

An American dandy (Douglas Fairbanks) who was educated in England gets an unexpected chance to prove his true mettle.

The War of the Buttons (2011)

In 1960 France, two rival groups of children from neighboring villages use taunts and slingshots to wage war.

El Chupes (1992)

A man begins to have problems at work and with his family when he falls under the spell of alcohol.

She's Got Everything (1938)

After Carol (Ann Sothern) inherits her father's debts, her aunt convinces her to take a job as Fuller's secretary. Carol and Fuller fall in love, but neither can admit it until her aunt sets them up at a resort.

Familia (2010)

Generations of a Peruvian family survive years of poverty.

Ha' Penny Breeze (1950)

An ex-serviceman brings new vitality to a small town when he promotes sailing activities.

Hard Guy (1941)

Investigators crack down on a gang of nightclub con artists that has been victimizing wealthy bachelors.

Arizona Colt (1965)

An outlaw (Giuliano Gemma) protects a town from the gang of raiders who broke him out of jail.

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1966)

When his wife dies in childbirth, R.N. Sharma blames his daughter Neeta for her death and leaves her to be raised by the servants of the house; Neeta finds his will, stating that she must marry within three months or lose her entire inheritance.

Billy the Kid's Roundup (1941)

Sheriff Hanley (Slim Whitaker) sends Billy the Kid (Buster Crabbe) an urgent summons but is killed by notorious outlaw Ed Slade (Charles King) before Billy and his friends -- Jeff (Carleton Young) and Fuzzy (Al St. John) -- arrive. Slade assumes the sheriff's post and harasses Dan (John Webster), the local newspaper editor who refuses to listen to his demands. When Slade and his henchman, Vic (Glenn Strange), kidnap Dan's daughter, Billy organizes a rescue party and vows to confront Slade.

Hawaiian Nights (1939)

In defiance of his father's wishes, a young man travels to Hawaii in search of fame and fortune.

Vaastav-The Reality (1999)

The world of corruption is exciting when there is money to be made.

La daga de Rasputín (2011)

In ancient Egypt, the Dagger is a legendary jewel that gives great power to whoever possesses it. People like Julius Caesar, Atilla, and Napoleon have had it, but after the death of Rasputin, the jewel disappears from Russia.

Kid From Kokomo (1939)

A fight manager (Pat O'Brien) hires some parents for an Indiana orphan (Wayne Morris) as a way to keep him boxing.

Time Barbarians: The Magic Crystal (1992)

The ancient king (Deron McBee) of Armana seeks his crystal amulet, the stolen source of his warrior power.

Rejoice & Shout (2010)

Through the words of clergy members and musicians, this documentary shows the deep connection between faith and gospel music. But this film is more than just a Christian testimonial; with insight provided by music legends like Smokey Robinson and Mavis Staples and copious doses of archival footage, it explores the history of gospel. Chronicling the genre from its early 20th-century beginnings up to the present day, the documentary also shows that the art form isn't strictly meant for the pious.

Head of the Family (1967)

A housewife finds her responsibilities as a wife and mother are sapping too much of her spirit as an individual.

Tumbleweed Trail (1942)

The Cowboy Rambler (Bill Boyd) sings and works for justice in the west.

The New Monsters (1977)

A collection of dark-humored vignettes, including tales of a cardinal with a liberal congregation and a conniving husband.

Heart of Virginia (1948)

A young girl befriends a horse jockey and helps him win recognition.

Midnight Fear (1990)

A sheriff's (David Carradine) search for a homicidal maniac leads to two brothers who are holding a woman hostage.

Corky of Gasoline Alley (1951)

A black-sheep cousin of Corky's wife causes nothing but trouble for the Wallet family, as they try to devise a way to send him packing.

The Costume Designer (1950)

Edith Head and other motion-picture costume designers create outfits that capture the appropriate mood for the necessary scene.

McGuire, Go Home! (1965)

A British major (Dirk Bogarde) protects an American archaeology student (Susan Strasberg) from a terrorist (George Chakiris) in 1957 Cyprus.

Blonde in the Blue Movie (1971)

A Sicilian businessman (Lando Buzzanca) falls in love with a beautiful Dutch woman (Pamela Tiffin). After they marry, he discovers she appeared in Danish sex films.

Heir to Trouble (1936)

An underhanded rival makes it difficult for a cowboy to keep his lady and his mine.

Country Boy (1966)

An unscrupulous agent thinks up a gimmick for an amateur musician (Randy Boone) trying to succeed in Nashville.

The Giant of Metropolis (1962)

Obro the muscleman (Gordon Mitchell) goes to Atlantis and sinks a death-ray king (Bella Cortez) who knows the secret of immortality.

Country Western Hoedown (1967)

Pee Wee King, Redd Stewart and other country stars perform their hits at the Grand Ole Opry, Renfro Valley and other major barn-dance stages.

The Red Circle (1960)

Scotland Yard searches for a killer whose calling card is a peculiar crimson mark left on the bodies of his victims.

Guards of Shaolin (1984)

Monks must protect a priceless artifact from a band of deadly ninja.

Soy Charro de Rancho Grande (1947)

A simple cowboy travels to the capital and meets a beautiful woman that interrupts his marriage plans.

Three Faces West (1940)

A Viennese doctor and his daughter join the Dakota farmers in their trek from the dust bowl to Oregon.

The Spirit of Salsa (2010)

New Yorkers assemble at the dance studio of Tomas Guerrero in Spanish Harlem to learn the art of salsa dancing.

Había una Vez una Estrella (1989)

A young man is forced to take care of his younger siblings after their parents die.

Crystal Fairy (2013)

Jamie invites an eccentric woman on a road trip with his friends. His devil-may-care journey becomes a battle of wills, as the two lock horns before they try a hallucinogenic concoction.

El Rey de los Taxistas (1989)

A womanizer and a model for erotic photographs get married, each one unaware of what the other does.

Anita (2013)

In 1991, Anita Hill endures attacks on her own character and credibility after she accuses Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas of lewd conduct.