Fear, Love, and Agoraphobia (2017)

An agoraphobic man becomes emotionally entangled with his new roommate, a volatile female Marine.

Run for Your Life (2015)

A high school student with a troubled past is stalked by a horrific creature after a near-death experience. His world becomes a mix of murder and self-mutilation as he digs into his mind to find out the truth.

Dos Mujeres y un Hombre (1971)

A woman tries to pass herself off as her sister to be able to be with a man, but things do not go as expected.

El rayo justiciero (1955)

In a mining town, the owner of a pub and her lover develop a plan to steal the gold vein that a man has found.

Good Manners (2017)

A mysterious and wealthy woman hires a lonely nurse named Clara to be the nanny of her soon-to-be born child. When a full moon brings about the birth of a werewolf, Clara makes it her mission to care for the monstrosity and protect it from others.

Rough Stuff (2017)

A rag-tag group of treasure hunters travels into the bush in search of a legendary stash of gold. The gang is soon roped into a world of danger, lies and betrayal.

Little Superman (2014)

A 12-year-old comic book fan discovers he has telekinesis and the power to fly.

The Last Revolutionary (2017)

Two old friends and revolutionaries clash over differences in ideology.

Grand Father (2016)

A Vietnam War veteran meets his granddaughter at his son's funeral and decides to take it upon himself to protect her from his son's unsavory companions.

Pinocchio (2012)

Carved by a lonely carpenter longing for a real son, playful Pinocchio is eager to do good and become a real human.

Who's Jenna...? (2018)

A financial advisor's world is turned upside down when his friends discover that his new girlfriend was once a famous adult film star.

Apuesta Mortal (1997)

A bull rider makes a bet with a mafioso boss.

Callejera (1949)

A composer helps a young, abused woman by offering her a role in his cabaret.

Sun Dogs (2017)

Following his third failed attempt to join the military, a misfit takes a Marine officer's advice to"protect the homefront" a little too seriously. He enlists the help of a young runaway, and, together, they form an unlikely anti-terrorism unit.

Cut Shoot Kill (2017)

Serena Brooks, an ambitious young actress, signs on as the star of a horror film with a crew of backwoods filmmakers. When the cast starts disappearing, Serena has to channel her character to survive.

Appu (2000)

Taxi driver Appu is haunted by his past when his sister was killed by a eunuch who was also a powerful pimp. While trying to find him, he comes across another girl who is about to meet the same fate.

Memoir of a Murderer (2017)

A former serial killer who has Alzheimer's disease must protect his beloved daughter from her psychotic boyfriend.

Puppet Master: Axis Termination (2017)

Lethal puppets face off for the fate of the world.

Boom for Real: The Late Teenage Years of Jean-Michel Basquiat (2017)

Never-before-seen works, writings and photographs offer insight into the life of Jean-Michel Basquiat as a teenager in New York in the late 1970s. The times, the people and the movements of the city help Basquiat form his artistic vision.

Sin norte (2015)

Esteban travels through Chile on the same path taken by Isabel.

Miss Kiet's Children (2016)

A documentary by Petra Lataster-Czisch & Peter Lataster.

Scotty and the Secret History of Hollywood (2017)

The deliciously scandalous story of Scotty Bowers, a former Marine who lands in Hollywood after World War II and becomes a legendary escort and sexual procurer to closeted gay celebrities.

Ye Mantram Vesave (2018)

A youngster, who is obsessed with gadgets, plays a game to pick up women. However, as the game progresses, things go awry when a woman's life is in danger.

The Judge (2017)

In a land where women rarely ascend to the ranks of governance, Kholoud Al-Faqih becomes the first woman judge appointed to any of the Middle East's Shari'a courts.

Hello & Goodbye (2018)

Former lovers decide to meet up for a quiet dinner to discuss their newly formed status as "just friends."

Claire's Camera (2017)

While visiting Cannes, France, a high school teacher develops a friendship with a woman who's just been fired from her job as a film sales assistant.

Chanoc en el Foso de las Serpientes (1975)

Chanoc faces a maniac killer in the jungles of Guatemala.

Yo soy gallo donde quiera (1953)

A traveling salesman arrives in rural Mexico to reclaim his parents' stolen property.

Menores de Edad (1951)

A provincial girl dons a disguise to win true love.

Dios Nos Manda Vivir (1954)

After a young girl tries to commit suicide, a nun with a sordid past of her own tries to make the girl change her mind.

Morir con estilo (2014)

Falling, dying and reviving is all that a man needs to get back what was taken from him. To achieve his goals, he must exact revenge on the his ex-partners.

El Gavilán Vengador (1955)

Mauricio Rosales puts on a black mask to protect the farmers and honest landowners from the thieves that steal their cattle and money.

El Fantasma de La Coca (1999)

The police are looking for a criminal known as El Fantasma, but nobody knows what he looks like, not even his accomplices.

El peor hombre del mundo (2016)

Juan Andrés is a real ladies' man, but a family loss makes him reconsider his whole life while in the middle of a 30-year crisis.

El fanfarrón: ¡Aquí llegó el valentón! (1940)

A landowner uses his power against the peasants to kidnap a noble girl, and he chases a native who is trying to help the indigenous people.

The Lion Sleeps Tonight (2017)

An aging movie actor who is preparing to shoot a death scene finds himself visited by the spirit of a dead, long-ago lover.

Custody (2017)

Miriam and Antoine Besson have divorced, and Miriam is seeking sole custody of their son Julien to protect him from a father she claims is violent. Antoine pleads his case as a scorned dad whose children have been turned against him by their vindictive mother. Unsure who is telling the truth, the appointed judge rules in favor of joint custody. A hostage to the escalating conflict between his parents, Julien is pushed to the edge to prevent the worst from happening.

Tomorrow and Thereafter (2017)

A young girl in Paris escapes into a fantastical world of her own imagination to deal with her mother's declining mental health.

Endangered Species (2017)

Josephine, a young newlywed, fearfully takes her first steps to escape from her abusive, possessive husband.

Orchestra Class (2017)

Simon, a classical violinist, finds himself way out of his element when he signs on to teach music to a class of unruly and generally apathetic middle school students on the multicultural outskirts of Paris.

Mary Jane: A Musical Potumentary (2016)

A pot farmer comes to terms with raising her son and her income in a black market economy.

Promised Land (2017)

Filmmaker Eugene Jarecki takes a musical road trip across the U.S. in Elvis Presley's 1963 Rolls Royce during the 2016 presidential election, comparing Elvis's transition from country boy to "The King" to America's transformation into an empire.

Best Friend From Heaven (2018)

A woman is forced to cancel her wedding after her dog is killed. With help from her dog's spirit, her small town rallies to give her the wedding of her dreams.

The Concessionaires Must Die! (2017)

When their beloved movie theater is threatened by a new multiplex, some misfit concessionaires refuse to give up, even though the owner wants to sell.

Hombres de honor (2001)

An officer's daughter is kidnapped by her father's enemies, and he is determined to go to the ends of the earth to get her back.

Santo en la frontera del terror (1965)

The workers at a ranch start to disappear one by one, and the owner of the ranch and a doctor are the ones to blame.

Bala de Plata (1960)

When a man is murdered soon after a mine is found, his son swears to wreak vengeance on the people responsible for the crime.

De Chivo los Tamales (1992)

A clumsy police officer causes more trouble than usual when he meddles in the marital problems of his friend.

Asalto Violento (1993)

A doctor, who also works as a university professor, suffers from a very strange illness that causes him to have twisted and violent sexual fantasies.

La Huella Macabra (1963)

A malevolent doctor with psychic powers tries to conquer the world, but he commits a scientific mistake and gets caught.

Chanoc contra el tigre y el vampiro (1972)

Chanoc is determined to find and kill a vampire that is terrorizing the inhabitants of a small and quiet town.

La Hija del Panadero (1950)

A baker abuses his pregnant wife, and their baby is born with a mental illness.

Manos Mágicas (1998)

A humble and honorable man possesses the powerful gift to heal all kinds of illnesses with his hands.

Chiflando en la Loma (1995)

Two good friends fight for the love of a beautiful young woman and are willing to do anything to win her heart.

Josephine King: Selfish Bitch Female Artist (2012)

After being diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Josephine King attempted suicide several times, until she started painting. She has found a new way of expressing herself through art.

Still Mine (1959)

A singer who is married to a pianist with an alcohol addiction struggles to help him overcome the problem.

Perseguido (1997)

Antonio and Joel throw a party for their friend Carlos and hire a hooker. After Carlos and the girl leave the party early and spend the night at her house, she is found dead.

Yatra - A Secret, Internal and External Trip (2014)

A group of travelers leaves Brazil to make a pilgrimage to the eight sacred sites of Buddhism.

Chasing Asylum (2016)

An exploration of Australia's controversial Pacific Solution policy as it relates to asylum seekers and refugees.

6:66 P.M. (2017)

A reality TV crew encounters the ghost of a serial killer while exploring an old house.

Love by Chance (2017)

Two South African actors meet in Hollywood while trying to break into the business. Between auditions, rejections and financial hardships, they start to find love.

Ramblin' Freak (2017)

Would-be filmmaker Parker Smith purchases a camcorder on eBay and discovers a revealing home video inside. He loads the camera and his cat into a minivan and drives across the country to find the camcorder's original owner.

Una piedra en el zapato (1956)

When a woman's body is found on the side of the road and all of the evidence points to a nightclub owner, it must be determined if he's guilty of the crime.

ADDicted (2017)

After getting suspended from the football team for plagiarizing, a college kid spirals out of control. Desperate to please his overbearing mother and get reinstated to the team, he becomes dangerously dependent on Adderall.

Winnie (2017)

While Nelson Mandela is serving a life sentence, his wife experiences the raw violence of apartheid and fights on the front lines and underground.

Trouble Is My Business (2017)

A detective falls in love with two sisters from the Montemar family.

Alpha Delta Zatan (2017)

A masked killer targets a fraternity.

A Leak in Paradise (2016)

Rudolf Elmer, a former banker in the Cayman Islands, crusades against tax havens and institutionalized secrecy.

El comando del diablo 3 (2013)

After losing his wife in the hands of the Cannibal, Damián is determined to wreak vengeance, so he quits his job as a police officer and starts the Devil's Commando.

Carré 35 (2017)

Director Eric Caravaca tackles a taboo subject that surrounds his family when he chooses to investigate the short life of his older sister, who died when she was three.

La Venganza del Gato de Michoacán (2004)

A man is being chased by two drug cartels and the police, and he could become the most wanted man of all time.

Misterios de la magia negra (1958)

A professor willing to investigate the mysteries of black magic starts experiencing strange events around him.

Bhadradri (2008)

Raghuram vows to make sure that his family would take care of the rehabilitation of the entire Bhadradri village after it is affected by a blow-out.

Beyond the World (2012)

Documentary examines the hippie dream and its ideals of a return to nature, community life and a sustainable economy.

American Valhalla (2017)

Iggy Pop and Josh Homme collaborate on Iggy's final album, "Post Pop Depression."

Home by Now (2016)

A man jeopardizes his perfect life and marriage by constantly trying to live in the past.

Eight Days Carlo (2016)

Carlo, a steel worker, has been laid off from his job. With a special needs son and a house going into foreclosure, Carlo makes the difficult decision to do whatever it takes to provide for his family.

The Tag-Along 2 (2017)

A mother searches for her missing daughter by tracking down the last person to see her.

Bloody Milk (2017)

A farmer fights to save his herd of cows when one of them becomes ill.

El cofre del tesoro (2015)

Aron pretends to have suffered a fracture so he doesn't have to tell his wife he got fired. While resting, he finds a magic treasure chest.

Aborto: Canto a la vida (1983)

A violent and authoritarian young man rapes the housekeeper, and when his mother discovers what happened, she decides to fire the woman.

Juventud de Juana Inés (1980)

Juana Inés's relationship with her family and how she makes her way into the viceroy's intimate circle. Due to Juana Inés' intelligence, the viceroy's wife supports her education financially until she decides to become a Catholic nun.

The Valley (2017)

Indian-American entrepreneur Neal Kumar, his wife Roopa and his daughters Monica and Maya reside in the high octane, technologically driven culture that is Silicon Valley. His ambitions and affluent life appear idyllic from the exterior, however, when daughter Maya tragically commits suicide, the fractured nature of his interior life becomes apparent to himself and to those around him.

Lonely Planet (2014)

A travel guide writer ventures to Barcelona, where she meets an intriguing stranger.

Ray Meets Helen (2017)

It's been said that relativity defines human experience -- who, where, when, yours, mine, theirs -- and by chance or design, it's all relative. Ray meets Helen during a random collision of altered fates. They are strangers, over 60, lonely, and luckless. He hit rock bottom in the big city, and she found it on a small farm. It's a struggle for both of them to not to give up. But then separately and without warning, they become overwhelmed by unrelated and extraordinary events.

I Meant to Tell You (2015)

Marijuana causes a serious problem in Carla's relationship.

The Depths (2017)

Desperate for a measure of success, two wannabe screenwriters decide to fully explore the depths of murder and crime within their story, only to discover their obsession with their work has made it all too real.

Jag älskar dig - en skilsmässokomedi (2016)

A neurotic husband struggles to win back the affections of his wife when she asks for a divorce from their conventional and sexless marriage.

Mango Dreams (2016)

A Hindu doctor and a Muslim rickshaw driver become friends during a journey across India.

Te amo y te odio (1995)

When Héctor and his secretary Lilia get married, she tries to make everyone else believe she is the perfect wife.

Mejores amigas por siempre (2015)

Marisol decides to move to the big city. In her building, she comes across an old school friend who is gay now.

One Shot: An Image and an Attitude (2017)

Surf photographer Russell Ord sets off to capture a single shot that speaks for his work.

Denounced (2017)

A man joins a murderous regime after his family disappears in a rapture-like event. Struggling to gain faith after being excommunicated from this group, he finds solace in surviving with some nomadic travelers.

Immortal Fist: The Legend of Wing Chun (2017)

A foster child learns that she is the last living descendant of legendary martial artist Wing Chun. Soon, she must cross into the immortal realm to restore her bloodline.

¡Viva mi desgracia! (1943)

A shy young man turns to an alcoholic potion in an attempt to gain the courage to fight for the woman he loves.

Caín, Abel y el otro (1970)

To prevent a friend from getting married, two young men hide the guy and come up with a plan to make it look like he has died.

Caperucita y sus tres amigos (1962)

A wolf, a dog and a skunk are now Little Red Riding Hood's friends, but incomprehension causes problems.

Bajo el cielo de Sonora (1948)

A wealthy rancher wants to seize control of an enormous piece of land that once belonged to the Yaquis tribe.

Las nenas del 7 (1955)

Luz Mara Aguilar and Rosa de Castilla use their charms to seduce men in a nightclub. Their next victims are Manoln and Shilinsky.

She Will Be Loved (2017)

A CIA officer battles to overcome PTSD after she survives an IED strike.