When The Legends Die (1972)

When The Legends Die is both a 1963 novel, by Hal Borland, and a DeLuxe Color film released in 1972 by Twentieth Century-Fox.

The Laughing Woman (1969)

The Laughing Woman, also known as Femina ridens (Latin for "laughing woman") is a 1969 Italian thriller film directed by Piero Schivazappa.

L.A. Takedown (1989)

L.A. Takedown, also called L.A. Crimewave and Made in L.A., is a 1989 crime thriller. Originally filmed as an unsuccessful pilot for an NBC television series, it was reworked and aired as a stand-alone TV film. The film was later released on VHS and, in Region 2, on DVD. L.A. Takedown was written and directed by Michael Mann and its ensemble cast includes Scott Plank, Alex McArthur, Michael Rooker, Daniel Baldwin, and Xander Berkeley. Scott Plank starred as Vincent Hanna, a detective on the hunt for professional criminal Patrick McLaren, played by McArthur; the story was based on the real-life investigation of Chicago criminal Neil McCauley. The film is best known as the basis for the 1995 film Heat. The film was moderately well received in retrospective reviews, but remains overshadowed by its remake.

They Call Me Mister Tibbs! (1970)

They Call Me Mister Tibbs!, stylized with emphasis (an underline) on "Mister", is a 1970 DeLuxe Color film. The second installment in a trilogy, the release was preceded by In the Heat of the Night (1967) and followed by The Organization (1971). The movie title was taken from a line in the first film. Sidney Poitier reprised his role of police detective Virgil Tibbs, though in this sequel, Tibbs is working for the San Francisco Police rather than the Philadelphia Police (as in the original film) or the Pasadena Police (as in the novels).

Delta Of Venus (1995)

Delta of Venus is a 1994 American erotic drama film—though it was released in 1995—inspired by the erotic story collection of the same name by Anaïs Nin. The book is not autobiographical, nor does it have a frame narrative. The movie has one, about a Nin-like American who begins an affair with another expatriate American in pre–World War II Paris, and who writes erotic stories, representing her fantasies. Some of these stories/fantasies, based on those of Nin, are explored on-screen.The film was directed by Zalman King, and stars Audie England, Costas Mandylor, and Marek Vašut. NC-17 and R-rated versions of the film exist. The NC-17 rating is due to explicit sex. The DVD release contains both versions.

The Call of the Wild (1997)

Call of the Wild: Dog of the Yukon is a 1997 movie. The screenplay by Graham Ludlow is based on Jack London's classic novel The Call of the Wild (1903), is narrated by Richard Dreyfuss, and stars Rutger Hauer. The Hollywood Reporter said it was, "... a pleasant surprise. Much more faithful to Jack London's 1903 classic than the two Hollywood versions." The New York Post claimed Ludlow's adaptation was the "best version yet of Jack London's classic story of survival."

The Fargo Kid (1940)

The Fargo Kid is a 1940 American film directed by Edward Killy starring Tim Holt. It was the second in Holt's series of Westerns for RKO. The script was based on a story which had been previously filmed as Man in the Rough (1928) and The Cheyenne Kid (1935).

Escaflowne: The Movie (2000)

Escaflowne , also released under the title Escaflowne: A Girl in Gaea, is a 2000 anime fantasy film produced by Sunrise and animated by studio Bones. Directed by Kazuki Akane, the film is a re-telling of the 26-episode anime television series The Vision of Escaflowne. While the plot of the film has some similar elements to the original television series, the characters differ in varying degrees from the television counterparts, with many completely redesigned and bearing little resemblance to the originals. The world of Gaea has a more Asian design than the heavily European influenced television series.

Thicker than Water (2005)

Thicker than Water is a 2005 American made-for-television drama film starring Melissa Gilbert and Lindsay Wagner. It premiered on Hallmark Channel on March 12, 2005.

Thagaraaru (2013)

Thagaraaru is a 2013 Indian Tamil action mystery drama film written and directed by newcomer Ganesh Vinaayac and produced by Cloud Nine Movies. The film stars Arulnithi and Poorna in the lead roles while Jayaprakash, Pawan, Sulile Kumar, and Aadukalam Murugadoss appear in supporting roles. The soundtrack was composed by Dharan, while Praveen Sathya composed the score. Dillraj was the cinematographer, and T. S. Suresh edited the film. The film released on 6 December 2013 and received positive reviews from critics.The film did average business at the box office.

We're in the Money (1935)

We're in the Money is an American romantic comedy film released by Warner Bros. on August 17, 1935. The film stars Joan Blondell and Glenda Farrell and is one of five Warner Bros. films, in which they were paired as blonde bombshell comedy duo. The other films include Havana Widows (1933), Kansas City Princess (1934), Traveling Saleslady (1935) and Miss Pacific Fleet (1935). Ginger and Dixie are two process servers, who serve legal papers to a playboy, a racketeer, a wrestler and a singer.

Clockin' Green (2000)

Two best friends (Joyce Sylvester, Ella Joyce) become worst enemies after robbing a bank of $5 million, then one turns in the other to escape with the money.

Torture Dungeon (1970)

The new Dutchess of Norfolk learns that her husband is sadistically killing off the heirs to his kingdom.

The Property Man (1914)

The Property Man is a short 1914 American comedy silent film made by Keystone Studios starring Charlie Chaplin.

Gamera: Guardian of the Universe (1995)

Gamera the Guardian of the Universe (ガメラ 大怪獣空中決戦, Gamera: Daikaijū Kūchū Kessen, Gamera: Giant Monster Midair Battle), is a 1995 Japanese science fiction kaiju film directed by Shusuke Kaneko and written by Kazunori Itō. It is a reboot of the Gamera film franchise, the first in the Heisei trilogy, and the 9th film in the franchise. It was a co-production of Hakuhodo, Daiei Film and Nippon Television, and was the first Gamera film not to be released by Daiei Film. The film was followed by Gamera 2: Attack of Legion (1996) and Gamera 3: The Revenge of Iris (1999).

The Devil's Tattoo (2003)

An evil ghost possesses environmental activists on an oil rig.

Alligator II: The Mutation (1991)

Alligator II: The Mutation is a 1991 American direct-to-video horror film directed by Jon Hess. It is a sequel to the 1980 film Alligator.

The Passion of Darkly Noon (1995)

The Passion of Darkly Noon is a 1995 psychological drama-suspense film written and directed by Philip Ridley and starring Brendan Fraser in the title role, and co-starring Ashley Judd and Viggo Mortensen. The protagonist's name and film title come both from a passage in the Bible, 1 Corinthians 13: "Now we see through a glass, darkly...". For the film Ridley was awarded the Best Director Prize at the Porto Film festival.

Find the Blackmailer (1943)

Find the Blackmailer is a 1943 American crime film directed by D. Ross Lederman.

I've Got Your Number (1934)

I've Got Your Number is a 1934 American Pre-Code romantic comedy film directed by Ray Enright. Starring Joan Blondell, Pat O'Brien, Allen Jenkins and Glenda Farrell. The film was released by Warner Bros. on February 24, 1934. Two telephone repairmen romance a pair of blondes with many adventures.

Hair (2015)

A documentary exploring how hair (or the lack thereof) shapes our identity. When a young woman finds that the state of her hair is having too drastic an effect on her daily moods, she decides to shave her head. After that decision leads to a complete transformation of her life – losing 30 pounds, focusing on her career, becoming vegetarian – she throws a fund-raising event in LA to empower women by shaving off their locks. Is your hair an extension of you? Or are you an extension of your hair?

The Dark Sea (2006)

An Italian cop (Luigi Lo Cascio) feels the pull of his own kinky desires as he investigates the murder of a student who preferred rough sex.

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman (1981)

Return of the Sentimental Swordsman, also known as The Flying Blade, is a 1981 Hong Kong wuxia film written and directed by Chor Yuen and produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, based on Gu Long's Xiaoli Feidao series of novels. It stars Ti Lung, Alexander Fu Sheng and Derek Yee.

Happiness C.O.D. (1935)

Happiness C.O.D. is a 1935 American romantic comedy film directed by Charles Lamont and starring Maude Eburne, Donald Meek and Irene Ware.

Alien Nation: Body and Soul (1995)

Alien Nation: Body and Soul was the second television movie produced to continue the story after the cancellation of Alien Nation.

The Cisco Kid Returns (1945)

The Cisco Kid Returns is a 1945 American western drama film. Released on April 3, 1945, it was the first of three Cisco Kid films made that year with Duncan Renaldo as Cisco and Martin Garralaga as Pancho. In this release, Cisco's real name is Juan Francisco Hernandez. Cisco must clear himself of murder charges, while preventing his girlfriend Rosita (Callejo) from eloping with his rival John Harris (Pryor). The film was followed by the May 15 release of In Old New Mexico, which revealed Cisco's name to be Juan Carlos Francisco Antonio, and South of the Rio Grande on September 15 falling back to Cisco's name being Juan Francisco Hernandez. Martin Garralaga appears in both as Pancho.

Wonderful to Be Young! (1962)

For the Luis Buñuel English language film, see The Young One. The Young Ones (US title: It's Wonderful to Be Young!) is a 1961 British film musical, directed by Sidney J. Furie and featuring Cliff Richard, Robert Morley as his character's father, Carole Gray as his love interest, and The Shadows as his band. The screenplay was written by Peter Myers and Ronald Cass, who also wrote most of the songs. Herbert Ross choreographed the dance scenes. The film was produced by the Associated British Picture Corporation and shot at their Elstree Studios. It had its World Premiere on December 13, 1961 at the Warner Theatre in London's West End.

Stardust on the Sage (1942)

Stardust on the Sage is a 1942 American Western film directed by William Morgan and starring Gene Autry, Smiley Burnette, William Henry, and Edith Fellows. Written by Betty Burbridge, based on a story by Dorrell and Stuart E. McGowan, the film is about a singing cowboy who helps his fellow ranchers against a corrupt mine superintendent looking to steal the mine in which they've invested. The film soundtrack features two duets by Autry and Fellows, "When the Roses Bloom Again" and "I'll Never Let You Go, Little Darlin'". The final scene includes an innovative audience sing-along medley of the classics "You Are My Sunshine", "Home on the Range", and "Deep in the Heart of Texas", with Burnette conducting and the words appearing at the bottom of the screen.

We Are Together (Thina Simunye) (2006)

We Are Together (Thina Simunye) is a British documentary film about the orphanage "Agape" in South Africa. Children, who live here, lost their parents to AIDS. The film is full of songs, both native and English. Eventually the children get a chance to visit New York City and raise money by singing for the public. The film has won eight awards.

A Dog of Flanders (1935)

A Dog of Flanders is a 1935 American drama film directed by Edward Sloman, based on a screenplay by Ainsworth Morgan from the story by Dorothy Yost, which she adapted from the 1872 novel of the same name by Ouida. The film stars Frankie Thomas, appearing in only his second film (the first being Wednesday's Child).

Forlorn River (1937)

Forlorn River is a 1937 American film directed by Charles Barton and starring Buster Crabbe, June Martel, and Harvey Stephens. Based on the novel by Zane Grey, the film is about a cowboy name Nevada who takes a job on a ranch rounding up horses. He comes into conflict with a powerful cattleman andformer bankrobber.

Guns of Diablo (1965)

Guns of Diablo is a Metrocolor 1965 Western directed by Boris Sagal, starring Charles Bronson, Susan Oliver and Kurt Russell. Charles Bronson is a wagon scout (Linc Murdock), who runs into difficulties when he meets old flame Maria (Susan Oliver), now married to corrupt lawman Rance Macklin (Jan Merlin). This was actually an expanded version of the last episode of MGM-TV's brief series The Travels of Jaimie McPheeters ("The Day of the Reckoning"), originally telecast in black and white over ABC on March 15, 1964. Russ Conway refilmed Dan O'Herlihy's original scenes as Kurt Russell's father for this adaptation.

Johnny Tiger (1966)

Johnny Tiger (1966) is a Florida Western film directed by Paul Wendkos, starring Robert Taylor, Chad Everett, and Geraldine Brooks. The Universal Studios film was shot in Central Florida in 1965, with the city of Longwood, Florida substituting for a fictional town in southern Florida adjacent to a Seminole Indian reservation, with additional filming at nearby Sanlando Springs.

The Inhuman Woman (1924)

L'Inhumaine ("the inhuman woman") is a 1924 French drama-science fiction film directed by Marcel L'Herbier; it has the subtitle histoire féerique ("fairy story", "story of enchantment"). It was notable for its experimental techniques and for the collaboration of many leading practitioners in the decorative arts, architecture and music. The film gave rise to much controversy on its release.

The Last Train from Madrid (1937)

The Last Train from Madrid is a 1937 film set during the Spanish Civil War.

Arcane Sorcerer (1996)

L'arcano incantatore, internationally released as The Mysterious Enchanter, is a 1996 Italian horror film directed by Pupi Avati and set in the 18th century.

The Last Road to Cambodia (2014)

A freelance journalist gets an assignment to photograph former Khmer Rouge executioners.

The Perfect Specimen (1937)

The Perfect Specimen is a 1937 film directed by Michael Curtiz and starring Errol Flynn and Joan Blondell. The picture is based on a novel by Samuel Hopkins Adams.

Bernie (1996)

Bernie is a 1996 French film directed by Albert Dupontel.

A Judgment in Stone (1986)

A wealthy family's new housemaid (Sandrine Bonnaire) befriends a mercurial postmistress (Isabelle Huppert), with dire consequences.

In the Money (1933)

In the Money is a 1933 American pre-Code comedy film directed by Frank Strayer from an original screenplay by Robert Ellis. Starring Richard "Skeets" Gallagher, Lois Wilson, and Warren Hymer, the film was produced and distributed by the common tandem duo of Poverty Row studios, Invincible Corp. and Chesterfield Motion Pictures. It premiered on November 7, 1933.

Nostradamus (2000)

A homicide detective (Rob Estes) teams with an unorthodox FBI psychic (Joely Fisher) in destroying the cataclysmic vision of the Sixth Order.

Silver Stallion (1941)

A stallion protects its mare and foal from a horse thief (David Sharpe), wild dogs and snakes.

Ceiling Zero (1936)

Ceiling Zero is a 1936 adventure/drama film directed by Howard Hawks and starring James Cagney and Pat O'Brien. The picture stars Cagney as daredevil womanizing pilot "Dizzy" Davis and O'Brien as Jake Lee, his war veteran buddy and the operations manager of an airline company. Based on a stage play of the same name, the film blends drama with some light comedy. The title, as defined at the beginning of the picture, is an insider term referring to those moments when the sky is so thick with fog that navigating an aircraft is nearly impossible.

Swingtime in the Movies (1938)

Swingtime in the Movies is a 1938 American short comedy–musical film directed and written by Crane Wilbur. In 1939, it was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film, Two-Reel at the 11th Academy Awards.

Till the End of Time (1946)

Till the End of Time is a 1946 drama film directed by Edward Dmytryk and starring Dorothy McGuire, Guy Madison, Robert Mitchum, and Bill Williams. Released the same year as but preceding the better known The Best Years of Our Lives, it covers much the same topic: the adjustment of World War II veterans to civilian life. It was based on the novel They Dream of Home by Niven Busch. Unlike the soldier, sailor and airman of The Best Years of Our Lives, the male leads in this film are all U.S. Marines. Frédéric Chopin's Polonaise Op. 53 is played throughout the film; it was given lyrics and became a major hit at the time.

The Sentimentalists (2014)

Two hit men fall in love with forbidden women, a prostitute and the daughter of their boss.

The Call of the Wild (1935)

A pair of unscrupulous prospectors establish a claim with the help of a stolen map and an assumed-lost prospector's wife - but they pay for it.

The Revenger (1989)

Set-up for manslaughter and sentenced to hard time, Michael Keller returns from prison to find his wife held hostage for $500,000 of drug money. Armed with only his wits and brute strength, Michael takes on the drug lords.

Bloodline (2013)

Bloodline is a feature film written, produced and directed by Matt Thompson starring Thompson himself, in addition to Kimberly Alexander and Jesse Kristofferson. It follows his debut long feature Listen to Your Heart and is shot mainly on location in El Dorado, Placer and Sacramento counties.

The Woodsman (2012)

What happened to Mauro in the forest during that three day period has remained a mystery until the recent discovery of this footage - footage that was likely stolen from a government office in Belize. This is the terrifying story of a man searching for a dream, only to find a living, breathing nightmare. This is the story of Mr. Bosque's ill-fated, final adventure. Some things should remain a mystery.

Virtuous (2015)

Virtuous is a 2014 American Christian drama film Produced by Christian film company JCFILMS. Directed and produced by Bill Rahn, written by Jason Campbell & Tara Lynn Marcelle, based upon an original story by Jason Campbell, and starring Erik Estrada, Erin Bethea, Ben Davies, and Jessica Lynch.

The Blue Bird (1918)

The Blue Bird is a 1918 silent fantasy film directed by Maurice Tourneur in the United States, under the auspices of producer Adolph Zukor. In 2004, this film was deemed "culturally, historically, or aesthetically significant" by the United States Library of Congress and selected for preservation in its National Film Registry.

Exit (2014)

A Taiwanese woman struggles with middle age and early-onset menopause while balancing her repressed desire against conforming to social expectations.

Wallflower (1948)

Wallflower is a 1948 American comedy film directed by Frederick de Cordova and written by Henry Ephron and Phoebe Ephron. The film stars Robert Hutton, Joyce Reynolds, Janis Paige, Edward Arnold, Barbara Brown and Jerome Cowan. The film was released by Warner Bros. on June 13, 1948.

Blessed Stranger: After Flight 111 (2000)

A plane crash off the coast of Nova Scotia brings together a grieving mother (Kate Nelligan) and a fisherman (Hugh Thompson).

Cry of the Winged Serpent (2005)

Cry of the Winged Serpent is a 2007 American television film directed by Jim Wynorski.

Living Dolls (2013)

Filmmaker Maureen Judge follows adults who dedicate their lives to collecting dolls.

Eastern Drift (2010)

Eastern Drift is a 2010 Lithuanian crime film directed by Šarūnas Bartas, starring Bartas and Klavdiya Korshunova. Its Lithuanian title is Eurazijos aborigenas and its French title is Indigène d'Eurasie, which means "Eurasian native". It tells the story of a drug smuggler who wants to quit, but is betrayed and tries to flee, together with his prostitute ex-girlfriend, from Moscow to France through Belarus and Lithuania. The film premiered in the Forum section of the 60th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Passionate Thief (1960)

The Passionate Thief (Italian: Risate di gioia) is a 1960 Italian comedy film directed by Mario Monicelli, starring Anna Magnani and Totò.

The Living Fire (2015)

Three Carpathian shepherds from different generations struggle to keep their trade alive.

The Killing Time (1987)

The Killing Time is a 1987 thriller film directed by Rick King, starring Kiefer Sutherland, Beau Bridges, and Michael Madsen. This is Sutherland's first central character in an US film. It also features Kiefer's first wife, Camelia Kath. The film has the distinction of being one of the few times Beau Bridges is seen smoking on-camera.

Those We Love (1932)

Those We Love is a 1932 American Pre-Code film directed by Robert Florey. Kenneth MacKenna plays a young author who marries the woman (Mary Astor) who bought the first copy of his book. Their happy married life is later threatened by another woman (Lilyan Tashman). The film was independently produced and distributed.

Illegal in Blue (1995)

Illegal in Blue is a 1995 direct-to-video crime film directed by Stu Segall and starring Stacey Dash. and Dan Gauthier

War Comes to America (1945)

Part of the "Why We Fight" series, Frank Capra's propaganda film argues that the United States is resilient and its population diverse, and that the initial settlements and the Revolutionary War have given way to a nation of many ethnic groups. It examines popular opinion prior to World War II -- when Americans favored isolationism -- and its shift after the attack on Pearl Harbor. It also makes the case that national security interests require America to help defeat the Axis powers.

Nothing Personal (1996)

A searing and powerful drama brutally portraying 24 hours in Belfast. Set against the backdrop of the unstable ceasefire negotiated between Loyalist and Republican factions in 1975, Nothing Personal is a story of religious intolerance, violence and human conflict.

Kings of Nowhere (2015)

Three families refuse to leave a village in Northwestern Mexico that is partially flooded.

One Small Hero (1999)

Although told he is unqualified to join a wilderness club, a boy (Nathan Kiley) becomes a hero when his friends run into trouble on a camping trip.

Operation Corned Beef (1991)

L'Opération Corned Beef is a French film directed by Jean-Marie Poiré. It was filmed during the summer of 1990 and was released on February 6th, 1991. It was the fifth collaboration between screenwriters Jean-Marie Poiré and Christian Clavier. The film also brought actors Christian Clavier and Jean Reno together, before their appearance in Les Visiteurs.

Nalla Theerpu (1959)

Nalla Theerpu is a 1959 Indian, Tamil-language legal drama film directed by T. Prakash Rao. The film featured Gemini Ganesan and Jamuna in the lead roles.

Mike (2014)

Mike, a sulky teenager, is tasked with taking his little brother, Jack, for a haircut. Waiting in the car, Mike begins to worry when it takes too long for Jack to return.

Melody Trail (1935)

Melody Trail is a 1935 American Western film directed by Joseph Kane and starring Gene Autry, Ann Rutherford, and Smiley Burnette. Written by Sherman L. Lowe and Betty Burbridge, the film is about a singing cowboy who goes after the men who kidnapped the baby he should have been babysitting. The film features the songs "On the Melody Trail", "A Lone Cowboy on the Lone Prairie", and "Western Lullaby".

The Heist (1989)

The Heist is a 1989 HBO made-for-TV movie, starring Pierce Brosnan.

Young and Wild (1958)

Young and Wild is a 1958 American crime film directed by William Witney and written by Arthur T. Horman. The film stars Gene Evans, Scott Marlowe, Carolyn Kearney, Robert Arthur, Weston Gavin and Tom Gilson. The film was released on April 24, 1958, by Republic Pictures.

Los Ángeles (2015)

Mateo prepares to migrate to Los Angeles to support his family, but first, a local gang leader demands that he commit murder to become a member.

Wyvern (2009)

Wyvern is a 2009 Canadian-American made-for-television horror film produced by RHI Entertainment that premiered in the United States on the Syfy Channel on January 1, 2009. Written by Jason Bourque and directed by Steven R. Monroe, the film is the 15th of the Maneater Series produced under an agreement with Sci Fi Pictures. The film stars Nick Chinlund as Jake Suttner, a trucker who must stop a wyvern from eating the residents in the small town of Beaver Mills, Alaska. It was released in Region 1 on DVD on August 18, 2009. It was also released under the alternative title Dragon. In Japan, it is titled Jurassic Predator.

Red Salute (1935)

Red Salute is a 1935 American comedy film directed by Sidney Lanfield and starring Barbara Stanwyck and Robert Young. Based on a story by Humphrey Pearson, the film is about the daughter of an US Army general who becomes involved with a Communist agitator in order to annoy her father. The general has his daughter kidnapped and taken to Mexico, where he hopes she will forget her radical boyfriend and become attracted to a young handsome soldier.

The People Across the Lake (1988)

A couple (Valerie Harper, Gerald McRaney) and their children move to the country, where they open a shop and find dead bodies.

Down to Earth (1917)

Down to Earth, also known as The Optimist, is a 1917 American comedy romance film starring Douglas Fairbanks and Eileen Percy, and directed by John Emerson. Most of the principal photography was filmed in Yosemite National Park.

The Kids from 62-F (2016)

Kids work to get an object back to its rightful owners.

Dead Punkz (1999)

In the tough inner-city where drugs and violence reign, survival on the streets is the only way of life. But when young street thug Samson escapes from prison, he becomes trapped in the world of a drug dealer who thrives on beating up rivals and eliminating anyone who stands in his way. Now, Samson will discover the very neighborhood he wants to escape is rapidly closing in on him.

The Curse Of Inferno (1996)

In an effort to escape their dusty backwater Texas town, a pair of mismatched losers rob a local bank. There is only one problem: Another set of thieves breaks in during the Hold-up] Now, no one knows who's got the money, and one of the young hooligans falls madlt in love with the sexy policewoman investigating the case. In an unexpected twist, it turns out that both the mayor and the police chief in this crooked town have been laundering money through the local bank. Out of loualty to her newfound love, the policewoman nabs the real crooks and escapes to the Caribbean with the boys and the cash.

Quebekoisie (2014)

Mélanie Carrier and Olivier Higgins travel along the north shore of the St. Lawrence River to connect with the aboriginal people.

Liberace (1988)

Flamboyant pianist Liberace (Andrew Robinson) rises from humble roots to longtime fame in show business.

The Night Before Christmas (1933)

The Night Before Christmas, also known as Santa's Toys, is a 1933 American Pre-Code animated short film produced by Walt Disney Productions and released by United Artists. Part of the Silly Symphony series, the film is an adaptation of Clement Clarke Moore's poem A Visit from St. Nicholas, popularly called The Night Before Christmas. The film was directed by Disney animator Wilfred Jackson.

The Journey Of August King (1995)

The Journey of August King is a 1995 American drama film directed by John Duigan based on the novel of the same name by John Ehle, who also wrote the screenplay. It stars Jason Patric and Thandie Newton. The film premiered at the Toronto International Film Festival on September 14, 1995, before later showing at the Chicago International Film Festival on October 13, 1995. It was released in theaters in the United States on November 10, 1995.

Always Leave Them Laughing (1949)

Always Leave Them Laughing is a 1949 musical comedy-drama film directed by Roy Del Ruth and starring Milton Berle and Virginia Mayo.

Robot Ninja (1989)

A comic-strip artist (Michael Todd) dons the guise of his silver-masked hero to fight crime in his hometown.

The Tuche Family (2011)

Les Tuche is a 2011 French comedy film directed by Olivier Baroux. A sequel, Les Tuche 2, was released on 3 February 2016.

Scarlet River (1933)

Scarlet River is a 1933 American Pre-Code Western film directed by Otto Brower and written by Harold Shumate. The film stars Tom Keene, Dorothy Wilson, Roscoe Ates, Lon Chaney Jr. and Edgar Kennedy. The film was released on March 10, 1933, by RKO Pictures.

Finger of Guilt (1956)

The Intimate Stranger is a 1956 British drama film directed by Joseph Losey, under the pseudonym Joseph Walton, and starring Richard Basehart, Mary Murphy, Constance Cummings and Roger Livesey. It was also released as Finger of Guilt.

Brimstone and Treacle (1987)

Brimstone and Treacle is a 1976 BBC television play by Dennis Potter. Originally intended for broadcast as an episode of the Play for Today series, it remained untransmitted until 1987. The play, featuring Denholm Elliott, was made into a film version (released in 1982) co-starring Sting. The play features a middle-aged middle-class couple living in a north London suburb whose life has been catastrophically affected by a hit-and-run accident which has left their beautiful undergraduate daughter totally dependent upon them, but their lives are dramatically changed by the arrival of a mysterious young stranger.

The Rice Bomber (2014)

A farmer takes a stand against government policies that are destroying Taiwan's agriculture.

Under Mexicali Stars (1950)

Under Mexicali Stars is a 1950 American Western film directed by George Blair and written by Robert Creighton Williams. The film stars Rex Allen, Dorothy Patrick, Roy Barcroft, Buddy Ebsen, Percy Helton and Walter Coy. The film was released on November 20, 1950, by Republic Pictures.

The Weekend Murders (1970)

The Weekend Murders (Italian: Concerto per pistola solista, also known as The Story of a Crime) is a 1970 Italian giallo film directed by Michele Lupo.

Murder on the Campus (1933)

Murder on the Campus is a 1933 American Pre-Code mystery film directed by Richard Thorpe. The film is also known as On the Stroke of Nine in the United Kingdom. It is based on the novel The Campanile Murders, by Whitman Chambers (Appleton, 1933).

The Cowboy and the Indians (1949)

The Cowboy and the Indians is a 1949 American Western film directed by John English and written by Dwight Cummins and Dorothy Yost. The film stars Gene Autry, Sheila Ryan, Frank Richards, Hank Patterson, Jay Silverheels and Claudia Drake. The film was released on September 15, 1949, by Columbia Pictures.

The Good Bad Girl (1931)

The Good Bad Girl is a 1931 American romance film based on a novel by Winifred Van Duzer.

OrAngeLove (2007)

Two young lovers are drawn into a passionate and destructive romance.