The Slasher (2009)

Whipping Boy (2014)

K9 Patrol-Unleashed (1998)

Reluctant Hitman (2001)

Deep 6 (2016)

Kraftwerk - Minimum Maximum (2005)

Wild Wild World (1965)

Teddy Bears are for Lovers (2016)

I Love That Man (1933)

I Love That Man is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Harry Joe Brown and written by C. Graham Baker, Casey Robinson and Gene Towne. The film stars Edmund Lowe, Nancy Carroll, Robert Armstrong, Lew Cody, Warren Hymer, Grant Mitchell and Dorothy Burgess. The film was released on June 9, 1933, by Paramount Pictures.

Quiet as Kept (2007)

Northern Patrol (1953)

Northern Patrol is a 1953 American western film directed by Rex Bailey and starring Kirby Grant, Marian Carr and William Phipps. The film was part of a series of ten films featuring Kirby Grant as a Canadian Mountie.

Çakallarla Dans 4 (2016)

Limite (Deadline) (2005)

The Honeymooners: Valentine Special (1978)

Elvis In Hollywood (1993)

Flying the Secret Sky: The Story of the RAF Ferry Command (2008)

The Adventures of Ricardo (1993)

The Residents - Eskimo DVD (2003)

The Return of Musketeers or the Treasure of Cardinal Mazarini (2009)

The Return of the Musketeers, or The Treasures of Cardinal Mazarin (Russian: Возвращение мушкетёров, или Сокровища кардинала Мазарини, translit. Vozvrashenie mushketerov, ili Sokrovischa kardinala Mazarini) is a 2009 Russian musical film directed by Georgi Yungvald-Khilkevich.

Landscape with the Fall of Icarus (1994)

Swimming Stone (1969)

The End of Cruising (2015)

Redemption of a Broken Mind (2017)

Hold Me While I'm Naked (1973)

Hold Me While I'm Naked, also known as Color Me Lurid, is a 1966 American underground short 16 mm film directed by George Kuchar. It stars Kuchar, Donna Kerness, Stella Kuchar, and Andrea Lunin. The most popular and acclaimed of Kuchar's filmography of over 200 films – it was voted 52nd in Village Voice's Critics' Poll of the 100 Best Films of the 20th Century.

Sweet Light (1977)

History Channel: Jefferson (2010)

MMXII (2016)

Anonymous Celebrities: Animatic (2005)

Reencuentros: 2501 migrantes (2009)

Putting It Together (2001)

Putting It Together: Direct from Broadway is a 2001 film of the Broadway production of the musical revue Putting It Together as captured live in performance on Broadway featuring the show's original Broadway cast. The show was captured at Broadway’s Barrymore Theatre in New York City February 20, 2000 utilizing multiple high definition cameras by Broadway Worldwide. The film was released October 14, 2001 on cable and satellite pay-per-view channels in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America. The program was released on DVD and VHS February 26, 2002 by Good Times Video, with a DVD re-release December 12, 2006 by Image Entertainment. HBO bought the program in December 2002 for a two-year contract on the network.

Die Ludolfs: Dankeschon Fur Italien! (2009)

Bold & Fresh Tour 2010 (2010)

Storia di una donna (1970)

Physical Pinball (1998)

Flower of Night (1925)

Flower of Night is a lost 1925 silent film drama directed by Paul Bern. Famous Players-Lasky produced the film with Paramount Pictures releasing. Joseph Hergesheimer provided an original story for the screen.

Drums of Cupid (1962)

How to be a Prince (2003)

X-Ray Men from Mars (1978)

Empires: Peter & Paul and the Christian Revolution (2003)

National Geographic Explorer: King Tut's Final Secrets (2005)

Frisions in Distress (1935)

Friesennot is a 1935 German film directed by Peter Hagen. The film is also known as Dorf im roten Sturm (German reissue title) and Frisions in Distress (USA).

Black Button (2011)

A Love of Blueness (2001)

The Riverdance (1995)

Hagop Hovnatanian (1967)

Comedy Central Roast Of Larry The Cable Guy (2009)

Voice Of Jerusalem (2009)

Conversations with Roy DeCarava (1983)

Sappho and Jerry (Parts I - III) (1978)

Young Americans (2014)

Mouse Heaven (2004)

Strange Aeons (2005)

Gino Vannelli Live in LA (2013)

Passion and Romance: Double or Nothing (1997)

Pretty But Wicked (1963)

Last Stand at Lang Mei (1989)

Spring Night, Summer Night (1967)

Multi-Handicapped (1986)

The Most Beautiful Night (1984)

La noche más hermosa is a 1983 film directed by Manuel Gutiérrez Aragón and starring José M. Sacristán, Victoria Abril, and Bibi Andersen. A reviewer for All Movie Guide called an "ostensible comedy" and said it was "almost as hard to believe as director Manuel Gutiérrez-Aragón's previous effort Feroz."

Ozone: The Attack of the Redneck Mutants (1989)

The Immortal Heart (1939)

The Immortal Heart (German: Das Unsterbliche Herz) is a 1939 German drama film directed by Veit Harlan and starring Heinrich George. It was based on Walter Harlan's play The Nuremberg Egg.

Reasons For Knocking at an Empty House (1983)

Superdyke Meets Madame X (1976)

The History Channel Presents: The Civil War (2007)

Blindsided (2016)

Bon Jovi: Lost Highway - The Concert (2008)

2007 John Bon Jovi Lost Highway Concert

The Seven Wonders of the World (1994)

Believe It or Not #12 (1931)

The King Boxer (1972)

The Mutineers (1949)

The Mutineers is a 1949 American adventure film starring Adele Jergens, George Reeves and Jon Hall.

Sesame Street: Elmo's World: Penguins and Friends (2011)

Jim Jefferies: Fully Functional (2012)

Bette Midler: The Showgirl Must Go On (2010)

Paul Mooney: A Piece of My Mind - God Bless America (2014)

Parallel (2015)

Charlie Trotter: After Love, There Is Only Cuisine (2019)

Renowned chef and restaurateur Charlie Trotter didn’t come from a food-focused family, attend culinary school, or start working in kitchens when he was 14. It wasn’t until college that Trotter discovered his passion for fine cuisine with the help of a roommate who loved to cook. He taught himself the craft of cooking through practice, reading cookbooks, eating in the best restaurants, working under great chefs, and traveling. Touted as the first celebrity chef, Charlie Trotterpioneered fine dining as a culinary artist whose fare was famous for its ability to “hit the head before the stomach.” Born and raised in Chicago, Trotter had a serious case of dyslexia, but never masked this challenge -- often giving it credit for helping him see food in a different light. He came to recognize cooking as a boundaryless art and famously compared cooking to an improvisational jazz piece in that as two riffs will never be the same, so too with food.He had no signature dishes as other chefs did, in fact one of Trotter’s most loyal customers famously dined at the restaurant over 400 times and was never served the same dish twice. The juxtaposition of his ingredients were astonishing, and his non-traditional method of pairing food to the wine -- versus pairing wine to the food -- is still considered revolutionary today. Trotter opened his namesake restaurant, CharlieTrotters, in 1987. During its 25-year tenure, he ruled his restaurant with exacting standards. Ever the artiste, the customer was not always right. Stories abound of Trotter emerging from the kitchen to confront customers who had failed to finish everything on their plate. The kitchen welcomed over 800 aspiring cooks, and many cite Trotter for cultivating the discipline, skill and curiosity integral to their culinary careers. A 10-time recipient of the James Beard Award, Trotter was also the host of the 1999 PBS cooking show, The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter, wrote over 14 cookbooks and promoted a line of organic and all-natural gourmet foods distributed nationally. The documentary short Charlie Trotter: After Love, There Is Only Cuisine gives viewers a backstage pass to this extraordinary kitchen. The film deftly highlights his unique connection between music and cooking, and provides intimate insight into the mind of this creative genius. With commentary from many who knew him, including Dave Stewart of the Eurythmics and Charlie’s best friend, Chef Norman Van Aken, the many layers of Charlie Trotter unfurl.

Tibet: A Buddhist Trilogy (1984)

Bing Crosby and the Sounds of Christmas (1971)

Kateri (2015)

Race to the Bottom of the Earth (2010)

The Lost JFK Tapes: The Assassination (2009)

The Kennedy Assassination: 24 Hours After (2009)

Spooks & Creeps: A Collection Of Horrific Shorts (2001)

Muhammad Ali: Through The Eyes Of The World (2001)

Muhammad Ali - Through the Eyes of the World presents an unparalleled, celebrity-filled tribute to one of the most extraordinary personalities ever to capture the public's imagination! Discover the powerfully moving story of how Ali's fight for glory in the ring transformed him into an international hero whose achievements resonate with millions around the world.

Lewis Black: Taxed Beyond Belief (2002)

Celia Cruz & Friends: A Night of Salsa (1999)

Greetings from Out Here (1993)

Greetings from Out Here is a 1993 road trip documentary film which captures the people, places and politics of gay America in the Deep South. It was the first Independent Television Service (ITVS) program to be broadcast nationally. It received an invitation to the Sundance Film Festival and was acquired for international broadcasts by the BBC, Channel Four, and the Canadian Broadcasting Company.

Phoenix (1978)

Lightning in a Bottle (1993)

Mr Wrong (1986)

Striking Resemblance (1997)

Project 74 (2018)

Karma (2017)

No Love Lost (2018)

The Passenger (2020)

Ancient Code: Are You Ready for the Real 2012? (2009)

W.A. Mozart: The Magic Flute (2001)

Daylight Saga (2012)

Cannibals (1989)

Little Playdates: Little Friends (2005)