Halleluja for Django (1967)

La più grande rapina del West (released as Halleluja for Django in the US and as The Greatest Kidnapping in the West in Great Britain) is a 1967 Italian Spaghetti Western film directed by Maurizio Lucidi. It was referred as a film with a great story and good tension but weak in its giallo part.

Brother Outlaw (1971)

A man is framed for bank robbery, prompting his brother to spring him from jail. Their search for the real culprits ends in a violent confrontation with a famed gunfighter.

My Night, Your Day (2016)

An insomniac spends his nights out on the streets of Budapest to let his girlfriend sleep in peace. he finds himself in increasingly weird, even deadly, situations.

Back to Awesome (2015)

An awkward, motormouthed college sophomore struggles to fit in with his roommates until he realizes that they're works in progress as well.

What No One Knows (2008)

What No One Knows (Danish: Det som ingen ved) is a 2008 Danish political thriller film written and directed by Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, and starring Anders W. Berthelsen, Maria Bonnevie, Ghita Nørby, and Lars Mikkelsen. The film was produced by Nimbus Film.

The Zoo Gang (1985)

The Zoo Gang is a 1985 American teen film.

Love and Dance (2009)

A young journalist is captivated by a rebellious dancer.

Princess Lillifee (2009)

A magical fairy princess has adventures in the land of Pinkovia.

Failing Better Now (2010)

Failing Better Now is a 2010 offbeat comedy film about a writer who teams up with an aspiring rock star in search of his sister's cat. This film stars Justin Allen, Gavin Bellour, Lindsay Burdge and Joyce DeWitt. It was written by Jennie Allen and Keren Atzmon and directed by Keren Atzmon.

3 Lads, an American Fool and One Night (2008)

A man (Pedro Pano) questions his sexuality.

Sinners (2004)

Two friends become embroiled in the Miami underworld.

The Monkey Mission (1981)

Second (out of three) made-for-TV Joe Dancer movie has the hard-boiled private eye teaming up with a chimpanzee, named Gregor, and the trainer Jimmy Papadopolous, who happens to be an expert sneak thief, against an electronics genisus of questionable reputs, named Stump Harris, to steal back a priceless vace looted from a family collection during World War II.

Barsaat (1949)

Barsaat (Hindi: बरसात, English: Rain) is a 1949 Bollywood film directed by Raj Kapoor. The film stars the famous duo of Kapoor and Nargis as well as Prem Nath. It was also the introduction of actress Nimmi in her first film role. Barsaat was one of the first major hit films directed by Kapoor. This success allowed Kapoor to buy RK Studios in 1950.

La llamada (1965)

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Circus Rosaire (2007)

A family of circus performers try to keep traditional values while adapting to modern entertainment.

Stand Alone (1985)

Stand Alone is a 1985 American action drama film directed by Alan Beattie and starring Charles Durning.

Sex in an Epidemic (2010)

Activist and filmmaker Jean Carlomusto examines the impact of AIDS on the gay community, including efforts to spread potentially lifesaving information about prevention in a rising tide of homophobia and conservatism.

Evil Angel (2009)

Evil Angel is a 2009 indie horror film starring Ving Rhames, Ava Gaudet, Kristopher Shepard, and Richard Dutcher, who also directed, wrote, edited, and produced the film.

House of Ghosts (2012)

Trapped in a mansion by a massive snowstorm, party guests experience a host of frightening events after a medium opens a portal to the spirit realm.

The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia (2012)

Filmmaker James Redford examines how dyslexia affects youths and their families through the experiences of four dyslexic students and the work of Drs. Salley and Bennett Shaywitz.

Remains (2011)

Based on the IDW Publishing graphic novel written by Steve Niles (30 Days Of Night), Remains is set in a chilling postapocalyptic Reno, Nevada, and follows the survivors of a bizarre accident that reduced most of the world's population to zombies. The group takes refuge in a vacant casino and fights a losing battle against the undead, who grow steadily stronger, smarter and more aggressive by the minute. The movie stars Grant Bowler (Killer Elite, True Blood), Lance Reddick (Fringe, Lost, The Wire), Miko Hughes (Pet Sematary) and Tawny Cypress (Rescue Me, Heroes).

Mirages (2011)

Five individuals competing for a place in a company become stranded in a desert after their bus wrecks.

Choke Canyon (1986)

Choke Canyon (titled On Dangerous Ground outside the United States) is a 1986 movie starring Stephen Collins as a "cowboy scientist" trying to develop an alternative energy source. It was filmed mostly in the vicinity of Moab, Utah.

Cyclone on Horseback (1941)

Cyclone on Horseback is a 1941 Western film. Tom Stempel thought the film "features a livelier heroine than is usual in B westerns."

Bluebeard (2009)

Bluebeard (French: Barbe Bleue) is a 2009 French drama fantasy film written and directed by Catherine Breillat and starring Lola Créton. It is based on the classic fairy tale Bluebeard, by Charles Perrault.

Mulligan (2000)

A mysterious beauty tempts four friends on the golf course.

Applause (2009)

Applause is a 2009 Danish film starring Paprika Steen from director/co-writer Martin Peter Zandvliet and Koncern Film. The story relates actress Thea Barfoed’s (Paprika Steen) journey to reclaim her life and her family from the ravages of alcoholism and divorce.

Pizzangrillo (2011)

A 65-year-old grandfather contemplates suicide.

Sawaal (1982)

Sawaal is a Hindi film produced by Yash Chopra and directed by Ramesh Talwar, released in 1982. The music was composed by Khayyam and the lyrics were written by Majrooh Sultanpuri. Despite an all-star cast, it did not succeed at the box office.

The Zero Hour (2010)

The Zero Hour (Spanish: La hora cero) is a 2010 Venezuelan action film directed by Diego Velasco and based on a true story.

Korea (1996)

Korea is a 1996 Irish feature film directed by Cathal Black and produced by Darryl Collins based on a short story by John McGahern. In 1996 Korea won the Asta Nielsen Best Film Award at the Copenhagen Film Festival and was runner-up for the Audience Prize at the Seattle Film Festival.

What Happened on Twenty-Third Street, New York City (1901)

What Happened on Twenty-third Street, New York City is a 1901 American short film depicting a woman walking over a grate, the hot air lifting her skirt.

The Highest Pass (2012)

A modern guru and a group of motorcyclists ride through northern India's Himalayas in search of Ladakh, the land known as the Little Tibet.

The Minutemen Movie (2010)

Vigilantes? Outlaws? Red-blooded patriots? Armed and tireless, the self-appointed watchdogs of the U.S./Mexico border are taking the illegal immigration issue into their own hands while attempting to maintain their own sanity along the way.

Hearts and Flowers (1919)

A musician flirts with two girls.

3 Acts of Murder (2009)

Three Acts of Murder is a 2009 Australian television film directed by Rowan Woods and starring Robert Menzies, Bille Brown, Luke Ford, and Emma Booth. It is based on the true life story of how author Arthur Upfield inadvertently inspired The Murchison Murders.

No Look Pass (2011)

Emily Tay, a Burmese immigrant, plays basketball at Harvard and strives for success on and off the court, while acknowledging her family, heritage and sexuality.

El Superstar: The Unlikely Rise of Juan Frances (2008)

Raised as a Mexican, a "norteamericano" has a talent for singing ranchero music. After he becomes famous, his music evolves, forcing him to choose between his ethnicity and his heart.

Galloping Bungalows (1924)

A 1924 short film.

Black Oxfords (1924)

A woman and her daughter need money to pay the mortgage.

The Return of the Whistler (1948)

The Return of the Whistler is a 1948 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama The Whistler. Directed by D. Ross Lederman, the production features Michael Duane, Lenore Aubert, and Dick Lane. This is the eighth and final entry in Columbia Pictures' "Whistler" series, produced in the 1940s. This was the only film in this series that did not star Richard Dix.

Drivers Wanted (2005)

Drivers Wanted is a 2005 comedy film written, directed and produced by T. Lee Beideck. Beideck also stars in the film, along with David Sirk, Amaury Batista, Dave Spiecher and Brian Osborne. The plot is centered on the pizza delivery drivers for a small town pizza shop.

The Wedding Video (2012)

The Wedding Video is a 2012 British comedy written by Tim Firth and directed by Nigel Cole. Presented in the "found footage" style, the film stars Rufus Hound, Lucy Punch and Robert Webb. It follows an engaged couple's best man as he creates a video documentary of their wedding.

Lads & Jockeys (2008)

A filmmaker chronicles three teenagers' efforts to complete a grueling training regimen and land jobs as professional jockeys.

Dark Nature (2010)

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Another Man (2009)

A young film reviewer falls for an older co-worker.

Sophiatown (2003)

Sophiatown is a 2003 documentary film. Sophiatown in the 1950s was a suburb of Johannesburg South Africa where all races mixed in defiance of apartheid. Sophiatown was famous for jazz and black gangsters heavily influenced by American film who spoke a slang called Tsotsitaal. This era is revisited by some of the artists who lived there and they call back the past in two concerts.

Separation City (2009)

Separation City is a 2009 New Zealand film starring Joel Edgerton, Rhona Mitra, Danielle Cormack, and Les Hill. It is directed by Paul Middleditch. Filming concluded in June, 2009, after 5 weeks of shooting. It is a comedy-drama, following the collapse of two marriages, set in Wellington.

Prince of the Sun (1990)

Bencheuk protects a Buddhist boy from villians who want to stop his ascension as Prince of the Sun.

Catalina, Here I Come (1927)

Two women compete in a swimming contest.

Broke in China (1927)

A 1927 short film.

The Secret of the Whistler (1946)

The Secret of the Whistler is a 1946 American mystery film noir based on the radio drama The Whistler. Directed by George Sherman, the production features Richard Dix, Leslie Brooks and Michael Duane. It is the sixth of Columbia Pictures' eight "Whistler" films produced in the 1940s, all but the last starring Dix.

Train (2008)

Touring Eastern Europe with her college wrestling team, Alex (Thora Birch) attends a debauched late-night party that causes Alex and several teammates to miss their train to Odessa. Her coach is furious, but a mysterious woman offers the coach and wrestlers a ride on an alternative train. The coach agrees, and the athletes, exhausted and hung over, gratefully climb aboard. But the train harbors a deadly secret, and for Alex and her fellow passengers, a blood-soaked nightmare is just beginning.

R.I.F. (2011)

During a vacation, the wife of a police captain in Paris disappears. Because evidence point to his guilt, he runs away to investigate and vindicate himself.

Haunted Changi (2010)

Young filmmakers investigate a reportedly haunted hospital in Singapore.

A Flirt's Mistake (1914)

A Flirt's Mistake is a 1914 American short comedy film featuring Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle.

The Collector: Allan Stone's Life In Art (2007)

The life and career of art collector Allan Stone.

No Matter What (2011)

Two poor teens undertake a life-changing journey to find one's missing mother.

Feisbum (2009)

The Facebook phenomenon changes the lives of numerous Europeans.

Hospital of the Transfiguration (1979)

Addicted to drugs, a writer enters a mental hospital in Poland shortly before a Nazi invasion.

Curtain Call (1940)

Curtain Call is a 1940 comedy, directed by Frank Woodruff and starring Alan Mowbray and Donald MacBride. The film was followed by a sequel, Footlight Fever, released in 1941.

The New York Hat (1912)

The New York Hat (1912) is a short silent film directed by D. W. Griffith from a screenplay by Anita Loos, and starring Mary Pickford, Lionel Barrymore, and Lillian Gish.

Green Guys (2011)

Four Wall Street hot shots create a Ponzi scheme and live the high life until they steal money from a ruthless drug lord.

Under Your Make-up (2009)

Nikki deals with running over a little girl.

Heaven Over the Marshes (1949)

Heaven over the Marshes (Italian:Cielo sulla palude) is a 1949 Italian historical drama film directed by Augusto Genina and starring Rubi D'Alma, Michele Malaspina, Inés Orsini and Domenico Viglione Borghese. The film portrays the life of the saint Maria Goretti. Augusto Genina was awarded the Nastro d'Argento for Best Director for the film. In 2008 the film was selected to enter the list of the 100 Italian films to be saved. The film's sets were designed by Virgilio Marchi.

Let's Try Again (1934)

Let's Try Again is a 1934 American melodrama film starring Clive Brook. It was known in Britain as Marriage Symphony. It earned $183,000 at the box office at a time when a film of its budget was expected to earn $250,000.

Shout for Joy (1983)

The story of champion surfer Rick Irons (Michael Cummings).

Cancel Christmas (2010)

Telling Santa (Judd Nelson) that children have become too selfish and greedy, the board of directors gives him a month to teach two boys the meaning of giving, or else the holiday will be canceled.

Shutterbug (2009)

A man sees visions of a woman and sets out to find her.

Charley's Aunt (1930)

Charley's Aunt is a 1930 American comedy film directed by Al Christie and starring Charles Ruggles, June Collyer and Hugh Williams. It was an adaptation of the play Charley's Aunt by Brandon Thomas. It marked the film debut of Williams, who then returned to Britain and became a major star.

Going Greek (2003)

Going Greek is a 2001 American comedy film written and directed by Justin Zackham.

Very Extremely Dangerous (2013)

With terminal cancer at the age of 70, Jerry McGill, a musician who turned to a life of crime, returns to recording and touring.

Strangers in the Night (1944)

Strangers in the Night is a 1944 American thriller film noir directed by Anthony Mann and starring William Terry, Virginia Grey and Helene Thimig.

Take Me Home (2011)

Take Me Home is a 2011 American romantic comedy film directed by and starring Sam Jaeger. The film also stars his wife Amber Jaeger, Lin Shaye, and Victor Garber. It premiered on April 19, 2011 at the Nashville Film Festival. Take Me Home was released to DVD on May 29, 2012.

Man-Eater Mountain 'Hitokui Yama ' (2010)

Haido meets Haruko in a village on a deadly mountain.

The Prince and the Pauper (1972)

Based on Mark Twain's story of a prince and a beggar boy who change clothes and identities in medieval England.

Diario di una siciliana ribelle (1997)

The murders of her father and brother inspire a Sicilian teenager to turn over evidence against the Mafia to a judge.

The Betrayed (2008)

The story follows a young woman as she's put through a psychological journey under the thumb of a mysterious figure who suspects her husband of stealing millions from a crime syndicate.

Biker Zombies from Detroit (2013)

A teenager (Tyrus Woodson) becomes a zombie army's newest recruit and sets out to take revenge on the punks who harassed him.

The Light Thief (2011)

The Light Thief (Kyrgyz: Свет-аке, Svet-Ake) is a 2010 drama film from Kyrgyzstan, directed by Aktan Arym Kubat. The film was Kyrgyzstan's submission for Best Foreign Language Film for the 83rd Academy Awards, but did not make the final shortlist.

Come Hell or Highwater (2009)

A cop embarks on a bloody path of vengeance after his father and brother are brutally murdered.

The Rally (2010)

The Rally is a gritty drama which follows several families living in a town riddled with crime and corruption. As the local church works to bring positive change to the town, they are confronted at every turn by those that desire to keep the city in bondage…until today. God has sent a team into the city to bring change. One Event… One Church… One God… The Rally.

Missing Link (1999)

A boy (Nick van Buiten) learns the identity of his father while tracking down a professor.

Echo Of Blue (1996)

A woman tries to catch an elusive serial killer before she becomes the next victim.

House Under Siege (2010)

A doctor and his family fight back when jewel thieves invade their home.

Taking the Plunge 2 (2009)

A teenager prepares to compete in a swimming competition.

Solarmax (2000)

The sun is the only star that we can study directly but it is so completely ubiquitous, so intrinsic to life and culture, that we are effectively blind to it. It's time for a new look. Just as the telescope made the universe conceivable so new satellite borne instruments are allowing us to look at a sun that we have never seen before. For the first time we really can study a star in full spate as it builds up to its next peak of violence - the solar maximum of the year 2000/2001.

Music in the Air (1934)

Music in the Air is a 1934 American romantic comedy musical film based on Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein II's Broadway musical of the same name. It was part of the popular subgenre of operetta films made during the era. The Broadway musical Music in the Air opened at the Alvin Theatre in New York City on November 8, 1932 and ran for 342 performances.

F*ckload of Scotch Tape (2012)

Set up to take the fall for a kidnapping that leads to murder, a man (Graham Jenkins) embarks on a personal mission of revenge.

A Divorce Before Marriage (2016)

Popular music in the 20th century championed the idea that musicians are special people – magical, untouchable. But this idea didn’t last.

An All-Colored Vaudeville Show (1935)

Acrobats, racketeers and musicians.

The Film Student Movie (2015)

After being expelled for a tasteless final assignment, a former film school student (Hayden Currie) decides to write, direct and act in his self-proclaimed epic war film.

Thirst (2015)

A blind 23-year-old woman and her cousin take their boyfriends for a weekend getaway in their family's country home. Once there, family secrets come to light as unexpected carnal desires develop.

Heaven and Hell (2012)

Surveillance tapes are the medium for terror in this anthology of 3 short horror films.

Chatô - The King of Brazil (2015)

A depiction of the life of media mogul Assis Chateaubriand (Marco Ricca), founder of the Associated Journals, the largest network of radio stations and newspapers in Latin America.

The Lost Highway (2014)

The Trans-Canada Highway was once the main route between Toronto and Ottawa, but now it is a black ribbon of shuttered businesses, derelict properties and failing gas stations.

Eva & Leon (2015)

Eva & Leon (French title: L'Echappée Belle) is a 2015 French drama film written and directed by Émilie Cherpitel.

Between Sea and Land (2016)

Between Sea and Land (Spanish: La ciénaga: Entre el mar y la tierra) is a 2016 Colombian drama film directed by Manolo Cruz and Carlos del Castillo. It was shown in the World Cinema Dramatic Competition section at the 2016 Sundance Film Festival and won the World Cinema Dramatic Special Jury Award for Acting (for Vicky Hernández and Manolo Cruz) and the World Cinema Audience Award: Dramatic.

Don't Get Nervous (1929)

A man uncomfortable with film sets and microphones reluctantly performs a few songs.

Escarface (2013)

Two grannies decide to rob a bank.