Houston, We Have a Problem (2016)

In March of 1961, Yugoslavia sold its secret space program to the United States. Two months later, Kennedy announced that the United States was ready to go to the Moon.

Muertes Violentas (1998)

Confessions, dangerous games, hallucinations, and paranoia tangle up in a disturbed mind that may provoke violent deaths.

And the Same to You (1960)

The boxing-mad nephew of a pious clergyman embarks on an elaborate plan to keep his boxing career a secret.

Las momias de Guanajuato, santo y mil mascaras (1970)

Santo and Mil Caras must fight against the living mummies of Guanajuato.

Aborto matanza de inocentes (2007)

Abortion has always been a complex issue to address. Throughout history, the Catholic Church has been its long-term opponent, condemning all abortion methods.

Beyond the Brink (2018)

Farmers in California's San Joaquin Valley face dwindling water supplies.

El Gallero de Rancho Grande (2004)

A family's terrible secret changes a man's fate forever. Now, no one can stop him from seeking revenge.

Hierro al rojo vivo (2002)

Two men fight over a woman, oblivious to the fact that they are brothers.

Mundo mágico (1980)

Three fascinating stories about an artisan and two Native Americans taken from the book "El Diosero."

El vengador callejero (1987)

When a man finds out his wife has been killed by a gang, he becomes an avenger.

Vidas perdidas (1996)

Family members immersed in extreme poverty lose their few personal belongings and sink into the depths of despair.

El somni d'una nit d'estiu (Rovelló) (2010)

The small Rovelló has problems with Paloma, his girlfriend, since this one has to marry his eternal rival, the Great Dane. To avoid it, Rovelló will do anything, but a magic flower will force him to change his plans during the night of San Juan.

20 Weeks (2017)

A couple must decide on how to move forward when their baby is diagnosed with a serious health condition at the 20-week scan.

The Bachelors (2017)

After the death of his wife, Bill and his 17-year-old son, Wes, move from a small town to a big city for a fresh start. As they begin to adjust to life in the city and seek ways to heal their wounds, they both find comfort in newfound romances. Although circumstances contribute to Bill and Wes growing apart, they come back together and rediscover their true selves in the process.

Tawai: A Voice From the Forest (2017)

Explorer Bruce Parry spends time with indigenous people around the world.

Juan de la Sierra (2005)

Juan de la Sierra has always been regarded as an exceptional man, but very few know his true intentions.

Despedida de soltero (2013)

Gabriel, future-husband-and-wife Jorge and Mariana's friend, hires a stripper for Jorge's bachelor party, but things get out of control and Jorge leaves Mariana at the altar.

Manhunt (2017)

After he is framed for a vile crime, a Chinese pharmaceutical lawyer teams up with a Japanese detective to stop a dangerous plot.

Body Blow (2010)

Interpol tracks down a kidnapping victim.

Megaconda (2010)

A local sheriff and a band of volunteers have to stop a giant anaconda when volcanic activity awakens the beast.

Garry Winogrand: All Things Are Photographable (2018)

A film by Sasha Waters Freyer.

The Other Side of Everything (2017)

Filmmaker Mila Turajli? discusses her family's history with her mother, a harsh critic of Slobodan Milosevic during his reign.

The Price of Everything (2018)

Filmmaker Nathaniel Kahn delves into the contemporary art world, where everything can be bought and sold.

Tigre (2017)

A mother tries to reconnect with her estranged son during a trip to an island.

Ronnie Coleman: The King (2018)

Ronnie Coleman wins the Mr. Olympia title eight times to become one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time.

I Lost My Mind (2017)

A fledgling filmmaker joins a directing workshop and becomes fascinated by the teacher.

Sollers Point (2017)

Keith is a 24-year-old drug dealer who is newly released from prison and living with his father under house arrest in Baltimore. He struggles to re-establish himself in a community scarred by unemployment, neglect and segregation.

Jet Trash (2016)

Lee and Sol are hiding out on a beach in India living a slacker life of sex, drugs and parties. Trouble comes to paradise when Vix, a beautiful girl from Lee's past, turns up.

Ojalá que te mueras (2005)

A young criminal manages to escape from prison and continues committing crimes, but the police immediately try to track him down.

Vitti Dandu (2014)

During the time of Indian independence, a grandfather and his grandson question whether one's love of country should supersede love of family.

Teesri Ankh (1982)

Malti's husband is killed by the son of a criminal. However, before dying, her husband tells her that Ashok is his son from his first wife; Malti tries to love Ashok, but after her son, Amar, goes missing, she blames Ashok and starts hating him.

Vida después de la muerte (2007)

Every time Mario leaves the museum, he runs into a beautiful woman whose face seems vaguely familiar. Eventually, they get to talk and end up falling in love with each other, but Mario learns something shocking about her.

Triunfa la Pandilla (1959)

A dangerous criminal is caught by surprise at a séance by a gang of young people, who try to catch him.

Indu Sarkar (2017)

During the Emergency, Indu's husband, a government employee, plans to use the situation to his advantage and move ahead in his career. However, Indu's sense of morality sets her on a different path.

La Palomilla al Rescate (1976)

A group of kids desperately try to save their teacher, who has been kidnapped by criminals.

Sea Sorrow (2017)

Filmmakers examine the current migrant crisis.

Accident (2017)

Teenagers suffer a violent car crash during a joy ride and get trapped at the bottom of a ravine.

Este cuerpo no es mio (2015)

Millionaire Osvaldo lives off of the inheritance his father left him. He devotes his entire life to partying and doing nothing.

Un cura sin cura (2015)

After being evicted from his house because he was behind on the rent, a man looks for his brother, who is a priest. Before meeting with him, he spies on the man to see if he has any money.

Se les peló Camelia (La Burrera) (2006)

A powerful drug lord commands his men to kill Camelia because she failed to make a delivery, but things go wrong. After surviving the attack and losing her memory, she begins to rebuild her past.

Beqabu (1996)

Raja is killed by a terrorist, but his girlfriend comes across his look-alike in Nepal.

La mataviejitas: Asesina serial (2006)

A man has no idea his girlfriend is a serial killer. Due to the strength required to commit the murders, the police believe the person responsible for the crimes is a transvestite.

Fiancé Killer (2018)

A woman is stunned when her daughter returns from a vacation in Mexico and is engaged to a handsome man. As time goes on, she can't help but feel that there is something wrong with her daughter's new fiancé.

An Ornament of Faith (2017)

Released on parole after doing time for attacking his father in defense of his half sister Yaz, Manny is given a second chance under the paternal guidance of a meddling parole officer.

10 Horas Para Morir (2005)

After getting into serious debt, a man and a woman must kill a relative but soon find themselves involved in other murders.

De Mi Rancho A Zu-Rancho (2000)

Three sisters seize control of a town to try and stop a tribal chief who is spreading terror in the local population.

Tres balas perdidas (1961)

Three sisters must get married to receive their father's inheritance, so they start dressing girly to find boyfriends.

Cuchillo (1978)

A native tribe believes that a newborn baby has been sent by the gods to protect them all when it grows up.

Nocturno de Amor (1948)

Piano students who are in love with each other compete for the same scholarship.

Amar fue su pecado (1950)

A woman becomes the victim of her own senses and, without realizing it, she gets into a world of passion.

Escorpión negro (1998)

An anti-narcotics agent is investigating a dangerous drug cartel, but the criminals find out about his intentions and butcher his family.

A los cuatro vientos (1955)

A poor young woman meets a businessman who decides to make her a famous singer, which provokes intense feelings of jealousy in her boyfriend.

La Alacrana (1986)

A policewoman has only 24 hours to find and catch a merciless serial killer.

Qué bravas son las costeñas (1955)

A young woman moves from the United States to a port town in Mexico, where she fights with a friend over the love of a millionaire.

Divorciadas (1943)

After many years without seeing each other, two friends meet by chance in court, where both of them are filing for divorce.

Mi canción eres tú (1955)

A young singer is given his big break, and his family members must uproot their lives to support him in his quest for fame.

Con el poder en la mano (1999)

A husband catches his wife in the arms of another man, so he decides to kill him with his machete. Now, the lover's brothers are out for revenge.

La Ley del Cholo III (2003)

The son of a mobster is adopted by a good Samaritan. When he becomes an adult, he makes her his wife and lives by her rules.

Clave Cholo (1999)

A group of criminals work in large-scale theft. A secret agent manages to go under cover to expose the criminals' crimes.

Arma Letal 5 (1999)

When the strongest man on Earth gets into trouble, he must call for help and be saved by seven beautiful women.

El Jinete de la Muerte (1981)

When a child made a promise in a moment of desperation, he never thought that, years later, he would have to keep his vow.

Dos hermanos murieron (1980)

Two undocumented Mexicans go through all kinds of abuse and humiliations during their stay in the United States.

El Último de los Cholos (2000)

After the band of the cholos is vanquished, the only person left wreaks vengeance on the people responsible.

Una joven de 16 años (1962)

A father sends his teen daughter a bunch of flowers, but a poor student pretends to be the messenger, and the two youngsters fall in love.

La Fiera (1954)

A man looks for the person responsible for the deaths of his father and sister.

María (1972)

Efraín travels to Bogotá to undertake new projects, leaving behind his family and his beloved María, who dies before he returns to town.

Vaanavil (2000)

Surya and Priya are in love. However, Prakash, who is in love with Priya, devises a plot to separate the two lovers.

Quinto Piso (2014)

The story of three couples and two singles lodged in a hotel, where emotional and social problems arise one night.

Furry Nights (2016)

What begins as a carefree weekend for a group of camping teens soon takes a tragic turn when one of the campers shoots a grizzly bear. When the other furries realize what has happened, they will stop at nothing to make the teens pay.

Getaway Plan (2016)

A professional burglar with welding experience is recruited by the Russian Mafia to help pull off an elaborate bank heist.

The Aliens (2017)

Jacob waits in the Mojave Desert every Saturday night believing that extraterrestrials will land. One night, a woman limps into his campsite, bringing along travelers seeking to cross the border to make a new life in America.

El fantasma canta ópera (2013)

Federico finds his father dead and calls his brother, who decides to hire a medium to get in touch with the dead man. However, their father now seems to love opera.

Santo y Blue Demon contra las bestias del terror (1972)

Renowned wrestler "El Santo" must confront a psychopathic doctor who brings dead women back to life.

Un fin de semana de locos (2013)

When a father asks his two sons, who will be home alone for the weekend, to behave during his absence, they are not willing to listen to the request.

In Memoriam: Alexander Litvinenko (2007)

Former KBG agent Alexander Litvinenko shares his life story from his deathbed.

Freedom for the Wolf (2017)

Students from Hong Kong, a rapper from Tunisia and comedians from India discuss global politics.

Can't Take It Back (2017)

Two teenage girls bring a dark curse upon themselves when they leave hateful comments on a dead classmate's Facebook page.

Falsos militares (2007)

Some criminals pretend to be soldiers to kill, steal and rape mercilessly, but two police officers are behind them.

Bachelor Mother (1932)

A man has to spend time with an older woman in an old age home.

Ranbhool (2010)

Childhood trauma transforms a guitar-loving man into a psychotic killer who believes he is God's personal messenger.

The Cobbler (1923)

A cobbler receives his back pension and invites the gang to celebrate with him at a picnic.

All I Want (2017)

Andrew and Mel invite their family and closest friends over to celebrate their 10th wedding anniversary. As the night moves on, Mel reveals some surprising news that will forever alter all of their relationships.

Color Me You (2017)

A young woman's family pressures her to attend law school and join their practice, but she continues to follow her dream to become a painter.

Nosotros los Jodidos (2004)

The poor people sink more and more into a misery that is surrounded by corruption and death.

La Venganza del Diablo (1955)

"El Diablo" Fernando finds out his name is being used to do wrong, and the whole town is against him.

La Malnacida (2004)

A woman who leads a very miserable life stands to inherit a huge fortune, but her outraged siblings come up with a plan to kill her and keep her money.

Vamos a ver de qué lado masca la iguana (2002)

The American Mafia wants to get rid of the most dangerous Mexican drug lord, but he is willing to fight tooth and nail for his territory.

Men With Guns (1997)

A wealthy doctor (Federico Luppi) has a political awakening when traveling companions (Damin Delgado, Dan Rivera Gonzlez) help him learn the distressing fate of former students.

Valentín Armienta (1964)

After a man is brutally murdered, his merciless son Valentn is determined to wreak revenge on the killers.

La Duda (1954)

Rosana loves her husband, Dr. Emilio, but his daughter does not accept her stepmother and tells her father that she has a lover. Emilio lies to his wife by telling her he suffers from cancer.

La Gitana Blanca (1954)

When a gypsy and a violinist fall in love with the same woman, only a deadly fight will be able to solve the problem.

Los hijos del condenado (1965)

When a man gets accused of fraud, a criminal pretends to help the man's children rescue him, so he can lead them to join his criminal organization.

El Chavo Banda (1998)

A young gang member is used to breaking the rules, but he suddenly meets a woman who is willing to help him.

Nuestros Buenos Vecinos de Yucatán (1967)

A hairstylist helps his protegs and organizes a fair to raise money for a young man who suffered an accident.

El hombre cine mexicano (1997)

The professional and personal life of Pedro Infante, a good man considered a legend in Mexican cinema.

Los Pistoleros de Río Bravo (2004)

When Mauricio is released from jail after being charged for a crime he did not commit, he learns that a man named Roberto is the real murderer. Roberto now wants to kill Mauricio's father, but the latter will try to thwart the killer's plan.

Polis Drogos (2003)

Perversion has no limits for a corrupt police officer who takes advantage of his power and position to allow robbery and drug trafficking.

At Home in Mitford (2017)

Cynthia, an author, leaves Boston to spend some time in her late uncle's small town in hopes of alleviating writer's block. She soon meets a man, and as the pair work together to help a boy, they find solace, comfort, and even romance.

Ach spij kochanie (2017)

A young detective investigates the disappearance of 67 people.

Amor robado (2015)

As Federico's wedding day approaches, he waits impatiently for his brother to get to the city, but a series of setbacks could delay his arrival.