How 2 Build A Rapper (2008)

Conducting a musical experiment in how to launch an artist from the ground up, two producers put a young rapper through the paces.

Hotel Chevalier (2007)

A man (Jason Schwartzman) and a woman (Natalie Portman) converse in a hotel room.

Hana (2006)

A troubled young samurai seeks revenge for his father's death.

A Hero Never Dies (1998)

Jack (Leon Lai) and Martin (Ching-Wan Lau) are gunmen who work for two rival kingpins. Jack and Martin have been fighting on their bosses behalf for close to a year. When a truce is made both Jack and Martin are cut loose. The two men then decide to join forces and take on the gangsters who used them.

How I Got Into College (1989)

High school senior Marlon Bowne (Corey Parker) is smitten with overachieving classmate Jessica Kailo (Lara Flynn Boyle). But, if he wants to have a shot with her, he'll have to find a way to get into Ramsey College, Jessica's top choice of schools. It won't be easy, since the college is highly selective and Marlon's grades are hardly impressive. That means the lovelorn teen will have to find a way to score high on the SATs and win over the college admissions committee.

Hide and Go Shriek (1988)

A teenager (Annette Sinclair) talks her boyfriend and three other couples into playing hide-and-seek in a furniture store.

High Season (1987)

A photographer (Jacqueline Bisset) reunites with her husband (James Fox) and gets involved with a spy on the island of Rhodes.

Here Comes the Littles (1985)

Mouselike humans who live in the walls of a house aid a boy whose parents have vanished.

Malibu Beach (1978)

A beach bum (James Daughton) and a bodybuilder fight over a new lifeguard (Kim Lankford), with time out for horseplay.

Al Capone: The Untouchable Legend (1998)

This is a historical documentary film that chronicles the life of one the most notorious crime bosses in the history of the United States. The film uses expert testimony and exclusive interviews to bring the audience up close and personal with a man that few would ever defy. The movie covers unique details about the life of Capone, and strives to separate fact from fiction with stunning clarity.

The Last Hunt (1956)

Sandy McKenzie (Stewart Granger) has a long history of hunting buffalo, but now that the herds have been so dramatically thinned out, he's come to regret it. Nevertheless, he partners up with Charles Gilson (Robert Taylor) for one last hunt that proves to be the worst of them all. Charles is a twisted, insensate killer of both buffalo and Indians -- and when he kidnaps and abuses a young Indian girl (Debra Paget), Sandy is pushed to the breaking point.

The Horseman of Mount Everest (2009)

Gurmen, a Sherpa widely respected for his high-altitude expertise, lives at 13,000 feet in the Himalayan valleys of Nepal. Every day he faces the dangers of the mountain and its treacherous climate. With dreams of a better future, he has a bold idea: to buy a trained horse and rent it to tourists. First he has to travel across the country, buy a horse (named Karma) and bring it back to his village in good health. During their travel, Karma and Gurmen meet the people who live, work and explore at high altitudes, where mistakes and missteps can have serious consequences. We discover the unique destiny of a man who, through his enterprising spirit, has benefited from the trekking and tourism business in this region of Nepal.

My Favorite Martian (1999)

Ambitious television reporter Tim O'Hara (Jeff Daniels) stumbles upon a martian (Christopher Lloyd) whose spaceship has accidentally crashed on Earth. Thinking this is his ticket to a Pulitzer Prize, Tim makes plans to expose the martian, who, posing as Tim's Uncle Martin, takes human form and has plans of his own. In fact, all of Tim's efforts to divulge the truth are systematically thwarted by the resourceful alien, who ultimately recruits Tim to help him repair his ship for a return to Mars.

John Pinette: I'm Starvin'! (2007)

John Pinette is a wonderful stand-up comedian, who was one of the true original voices on the club scene. His act is perfectly captured in the concert film “I’m Starvin.” Pinette’s onstage facial expressions are priceless, and he’s best known for his physical impressions of Ewoks and babies. He’s one of the few comedians that could get a laugh without the use of profanity, which is rare for today’s stand-up comedians. His routine is filled with personal stories that offer precision comedic timing, and audiences come away feeling that Pinette is a one of a kind entertainer.


With I'm Going To Tell You A Secret, which documents her Re-Invention World Tour, Madonna turns the world into one big dancefloor. With a staggering 43 #1 dance hits during her unparalleled career, Madonna is the Queen of the Dance Floor, with an unrivaled reputation for astonishing stage spectacles. I'm Going To Tell You A Secret reveals all.

Car's Life 3: The Royal Heist (2013)

Every vehicle becomes a suspect when Queen Limousine's crown jewels are stolen at a charity drag race.

Dracula: The Dark Prince (2013)

Vampire hunter Van Helsing (Jon Voight) tries to rescue a woman (Kelly Wenham) from the clutches of Dracula (Luke Roberts).

Kung Fu Invaders (1974)

Martial artists seek revenge for the burning of a temple.

Rocky Mountain Highball (2010)

Climbers scale boulders without ropes or safety measures.

Red Stallion In The Rockies (1949)

Stranded circus men save a mare-happy trick horse hunted by Colorado ranchers.

We Loved Each Other So Much (2003)

WE LOVED EACH OTHER SO MUCH portrays the love of diverse Beirut inhabitants for this diva. Through the music, and the myths that grew around Fairuz, they tell their life stories, and narrate the tragic, stirring history of their city. Their reminiscences, combined with Fairuz' songs and her story, provide a moving commentary on Lebanon's tumultuous history, traces of which are still visible in Beirut's devastated cityscape and bullet-scared building.

Promise Her Anything (1966)

Michele O'Brien (Leslie Caron) recently lost her husband, so she moves, along with her infant son, from her suburban home to a New York City apartment. After contemplating her son's fatherless future, she decides to remarry and thinks her boss, child psychologist Philip Brock (Bob Cummings), would be a perfect mate. While she pursues Philip, she develops a love-hate relationship with her upstairs neighbor, an amateur porn director (Warren Beatty) who harbors a crush of his own.

Her Mad Night (1932)

A woman (Irene Rich) takes the rap when her daughter apparently commits murder.

The Beach Boys: An American Band (1985)

A profile of the '60s group includes "Surfin' U.S.A.," "Good Vibrations," "Wouldn't It Be Nice."

Finding Me: Truth (2011)

Jersey City friends who are obsessed with sex and love navigate the treacherous waters of relationships.

The Irrefutable Truth About Demons (2000)

The Irrefutable Truth about Demons is a fantasy film about the unknown evils of the world. A spokesman against demons and devil worshippers is soon haunted by a cult. The spokesman realizes that devils really do exist, and he must do everything he can to survive. The cult chases after him, and demons plague his dreams.

One Man's Journey to Truth (2011)

"One Man's Journey To Truth" is a story about destruction and rebirth, discovery and truth. Denie Hiestand's journey from obscurity as a farmer and family man into the limitless life as a world-renowned energy healer did not come without tremendous sacrifice, personal loss and sorrow. The film unfolds through poignant interviews with his family and in his own words as he sits perched on the cliffs of New Zealand, majestic mountains rising up behind him. Denie talks about his despair and his discovery of a force so powerful that he could not ignore it. He followed a persistent, compelling voice that urged him to jump from security into obscurity and ultimately allowed him to fly. The words of this modern-day prophet gives hope to the lost and offers a road map to those seeking meaning in life and the strength to pursue dreams. Under a pile of debt, feeling worthless, Denie was emotional bereft. No one had taught him how to deal with his feelings or his emotions. No one taught him how to work through his problems or to know his heart. He did not know that it is acceptable for men to be fallible, to be less than perfect. He did not know that it is OK to ask for help or to reach out for love. Instead, he lashed out to everyone around him and lived an angry life. He was depressed and he pushed away the people that loved him most. One day on a trip to nowhere in the mountains of New Zealand, he discovered his gift. He discovered his own inner energy and strength. Suddenly Denie was awakened to his personal possibilities. He was alert. He began to feel happy. He was alive! He knew that he could not go back to the death that was his former life. To make the final step, he had to let go of everything. He sold his farms, paid his debts, left his wife and children, and left New Zealand in search of his true self. He went alone. This is a film that shares his journey to discovery.

The Last Continent (2007)

A group of scientists studies the impact of global warming on the only uninhabited continent.

Mission Accomplished: Langan in Iraq (2007)

This beautifully made motion picture looks into the life of a young woman from the Shandong province, during the late 1920's and early 1930's. This young woman is on her way to marrying a man through a prearranged circumstances. The man she is marrying is the wealthy owner of a wine distillery. Through her incredible journey, this young woman is abducted, raped, and essentially left for dead. After these unfortunate circumstances, her husband mysteriously dies. The young lady has now become the sole owner of her now deceased husband's valuable asset. However, despite her recent fortune there is an ominous dark cloud making its way towards her future.

Thunder Ninja Kids: Wonderful Mission (1990)

The highest spiritual symbol of the Capa Ninja Clan, the Buddha statue, resurfaces after being stolen from them years ago. Three groups set out to get the statue...let the battles begin!

Elephant Walk (1954)

When John Wiley (Peter Finch), an affluent plantation owner, brings his new wife, Ruth (Elizabeth Taylor), to his estate in the jungles of Ceylon, she's overjoyed by the exotic location and luxurious accommodations, until it becomes clear her new husband is more interested in palling around with his friends than spending time with her. Left alone on the plantation, Ruth strikes up a friendship with the foreman, Dick Carver (Dana Andrews), and it isn't long before a love triangle develops.

Alien Opponent (2011)

Bounty hunters and townspeople pursue an extraterrestrial that crash-lands in a junkyard.

Advance to Contact (2013)

True story about a soldier, Ben Thompson who returns home from Afghanistan to find a man spying on his family. Believing he's the target of local Radicals he takes himself and his family into a world of paranoia and terror.

Sketch Artist (1992)

Struggling artist Jack Whitfield (Jeff Fahey) has just joined the Los Angeles Police Department as a sketch artist. When a famous fashion designer is killed, Jack interviews a witness named Daisy (Drew Barrymore). She describes a woman leaving the crime scene who is unmistakably Jack's wife, Rayanne (Sean Young). Scared, Jack draws an entirely different woman and tries to find the murderer on his own. But when Daisy is killed, Jack becomes a suspect.

Doomsday (2015)

In the year 2410, Achilles, a man infected with a disease that can bring down the world's human/machine hybrid rulers, goes back in time to the present day. If he can avoid the hybrid that followed him, he plans to stop their rise to power.

Flight Angels (1940)

Bad eyesight threatens a pilot's (Dennis Morgan) career but not his pursuit of a stewardess (Virginia Bruce).

Shock Waves (1977)

An old Nazi's (Peter Cushing) sunken battalion rises from the sea as a death corps of begoggled zombies.

A Conversation About Race (2009)

This controversial documentary by Craig Bodeker challenges the conventional wisdom on the subjects of race and "racism."

Missing You (2012)

Missing You, starring Lauren Myers, Spencer Wright, Merritt C. Glover, and Phil Duran, is the comical story of Laura, an intelligent and beautiful young woman with a plan for her life. Laura is painfully aware of her fast approaching 30th birthday and the fact that her dream of finding the one is still just a dream. Meanwhile, Rick, a handsome and successful young man struggles to understand women, as he too, seeks to find that special someone. Laura and Rick share similar interests, goals, and desires. They live in the same city, frequent some of the same establishments, and even know some of the same people. Their paths have crossed, but they have never met. Will they continue to miss each other? Or will they eventually find one another? And if they meet, what will happen?

Drivers Wanted (2012)

Filmmakers explore the colorful lives of cabdrivers in New York City.

Most Valuable Players (2009)

A high-school musical theater gets one night of the year to shine in a Pennsylvania town.

[email protected] (2013)

From PBS - How the telegraph helped Abraham Lincoln to reshape America. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proved himself a master of a new frontier--not on the battlefields of the Civil War, but in his "high-tech" command center, the War Department Telegraph Office. The telegraph was the "Internet" of the nineteenth century, and it gave Lincoln powers of command, communications, and control never before exercised by a commander-in-chief. He used this new technology to connect the country to him--receiving nearly live dispatches via telegraph from his generals in the field and sending out his plans for the nation faster and with more clarity than ever before. The results of Lincoln's pioneering experiment in electronic leadership would ultimately lead to the fields of Gettysburg. There, one battle turned the tide of the Civil War--and became the setting for the 272 words of Lincoln's Gettysburg Address, the speech that recast the American ideal as a national creed. [email protected] unfolds the greatest turning point in American history, the rebirth of a nation, and the dawn of the information age.

H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds (2005)

"Scrupulously faithful to the book." -Lou Lumenick, NEW YORK POST "The extraterrestrial killers and their awesome machines of destruction are startling to behold."--Tom Keogh, AMAZON.COM, SEATTLE TIMES "Hines deserves praise for sticking to his conviction that Wells' novel as written deserves dramatization, and he proves his point."-Brian Thomas, CINESCAPE The Classic War Of The Worlds. Special final edition of H.G. Wells' The War of the Worlds, a movie that has received worldwide attention and sold over a half million video's in the U.S. and Canada alone. This, the only authentic movie adaptation of the H. G. Wells classic novel, follows the story of humanity at the turn of the 20th century as a large cylinder from space falls on the English countryside. A young writer is among those who witness the event. As the cylinder opens, horrifying tentacled creatures from Mars appear and it soon becomes apparent the Martians intend to attack. The quickly mushrooming war separates the writer and his beloved wife. He journeys to reunite with her while fighting for his own survival as the military launches counter attacks to stop the Martians. The writer is forced to bare witness as society collapses and the human race uses all of its knowledge and strength to win the war of the worlds.

Brooklyn Castle (2012)

Chess helps transforms a New York school into one of the city's best, but recession-driven budget cuts threaten to undermine the school's championship chess team.

Horror Castle (1963)

A series of mutilation murders greets an American bride when she moves into her German husband's ancestral estate.

Hero And The Terror (1988)

A Los Angeles policeman (Chuck Norris) searches an old theater for an escaped killer hulk called the Terror (Jack O'Halloran).

The Viking Serpent: Secrets of the Celtic Church of Norway, Their Serpent Worship and Sacred Pentagram Geometry (2008)

What do the three most evil symbols for Christianity - 666, the pentagram and the snake - have in common? Quite possibly one of the most amazing discoveries of all time, The Viking Serpent reveals an ancient and incredible legacy placed upon the landscape of Norway. In this film, best selling author Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered this amazing mystery in the land of the Norse.

The Deadly Affair (1966)

English secret agent Charles Dobbs (James Mason) is shocked to discover that a government official whom he knew has committed suicide. Suspicious circumstances soon point to the death being a murder, and Dobbs investigates further, contacting the victim's wife, Elsa Fennan (Simone Signoret), a survivor of a concentration camp. Despite pressures from senior officials to leave the case, Dobbs continues, hiring veteran cop Inspector Mendel to dig deeper.

Tupac Assassination: Conspiracy or Revenge (2011)

TUPAC: ASSASSINATION - CONSPIRACY OR REVENGE is an intense and controversial documentary that takes a hard look at the circumstances surrounding the death of Hip Hop's best selling artist of all time. New theories and evidence are raised as the film looks at the investigation by the authorities into his killing and the fact that the killer has never been caught.

Moms Mabley: I Got Somethin' to Tell You (2013)

Filmmaker Whoopi Goldberg examines the life and work of stand-up comic Moms Mabley.

Budo: The Art of Killing (1978)

A survey of martial arts includes the history and philosophy of judo, karate, aikido.

The Diamond Wizard (1954)

A federal agent (Dennis O'Keefe) and a Scotland Yard inspector (Philip Friend) nab U.S. crooks and British makers of fake diamonds.

Predatory Instinct (2011)

Three friends attend a party in a remote house but clash with the hosts, and when making their departure, they contend with humanoid creatures roaming the desert.

Fisherman's Wharf (1939)

Breen is an orphan adopted by a San Francisco fisherman, Carillo. The trouble starts when Carillo's widowed sister-in-law moves in with her bratty son. (1939; B&W)

Butterfly Crush (2010)

Moana risks involvement with a cult to save her group member Eva.

Diary of a Bachelor (1964)

A swinging New York bachelor's (William Traylor) fiancee (Dagne Crane) reads his diary of romantic adventures.

Rivals of the Dragon (1980)

A well liked but trouble making martial arts student accidentally wishes some criminal activity. When the gangsters who committed the crime catch up with him, they kidnap him and his well meaning and loving trainer, Dr. Chen. When the student escapes the warehouse he is being held in, he decides to forego his selfish past and learn the meaning of altruism, by going back and attempting to rescue his trainer.

Frontier Gambler (1956)

After many years away, Deputy Marshal Curt Darrow (John Bromfield) comes back to a small frontier town to investigate the disappearance and possible murder of Sylvia Melbourne (Coleen Gray), a powerful saloon owner. Many wanted Sylvia dead, and her foster father, Roger (Kent Taylor), and her quick-draw, philandering boyfriend, Tony (Jim Davis), are the main suspects. Curt, who's become obsessed with the dead woman, arrests Tony. But the mystery only thickens when Sylvia returns.

Prairie Pioneers (1941)

The Three Mesquiteers (Bob Livingston, Bob Steele, Rufe Davis) save a family ranch and clear a young man framed for murder.

Spare Parts (1979)

A honeymooning couple stay at a hotel in New Mexico. It all seems normal until an ambulance pulls up and takes the husband away. The wife, with the help of a truck driver, finds the awful secret to the hotel and the ambulance service.

Prelude to Fame (1950)

Based on a short story by Aldous Huxley, this British drama chronicles the rise of a young man named Guido (Jeremy Spenser) who has an exceptional ear for music. When his neighbor, well-to-do music patron Signora Bondini (Kathleen Byron), discovers Guido's gift, she takes him under her wing, providing lessons and exploiting his talents as an orchestra leader. After Bondini severs Guido's ties to his impoverished family, he must decide whether to remain in the spotlight or return to his roots.

Knight Chills (2001)

Knight Chills is a horror film set within the subculture of tabletop role-playing gamers. After one of their fellow players commits suicide, a group of role-playing enthusiasts are stalked and menaced by a sinister, seemingly supernatural medieval knight bent on their destruction.

Triumph of Hercules (1964)

The muscular hero (Dan Vadis) offends Jove and must face seven bald bronze warriors as a mortal.

Hercules the Avenger (1965)

Hercules rises to the defense of his son, whose power is threatened by an evil Earth goddess.

The Census Taker (1984)

Fed up with his intrusiveness, members of a family shoot a census taker and try to hide his body from a detective.

Brooklyn Girls Fight Club (2013)

In Brooklyn's Brownsville, people gather in a windowless garage to watch women fight in underground fighting rings.

Dead Heat on a Merry-Go-Round (1966)

Con artist Eli Kotch (James Coburn) schemes his way to parole by seducing the prison's female psychologist. Once free, he seduces many women, sometimes using disguises and accents to steal what he wants from them. With a hefty sum of stolen finances set up, he begins planning his biggest heist yet: robbing the Los Angeles International Airport bank when the Soviet Union premier arrives. But his sham marriage to the secretary (Camilla Sparv) of a millionaire may put a wrench in his plan.

The Killing Grounds (1997)

Drug dealers pursue hikers who found a stash of gold on a desolate mountain.

Black Legion (1937)

Frank Taylor (Humphrey Bogart) believes he is about to be made foreman of the factory he works in. When the job goes to a Polish-born worker instead, Frank is enraged and decides to join a local organization that persecutes immigrants. Known as the Black Legion, the clandestine hate group uses scare tactics to help Frank get his promotion. However, his involvement with the Legion has dire effects on his marriage and jeopardizes the life of his best friend, Ed (Dick Foran).

Along the Navajo Trail (1945)

Gypsies help a U.S. deputy marshal (Roy Rogers) pose as a singing drifter and bust an oil syndicate.

The Better Angels (2014)

Abraham Lincoln's childhood in the harsh wilderness, and the hardships that shaped him.

Matter of Heart (1986)

Interviews and archival footage recall the life and work of Swiss psychologist Carl Gustav Jung.

The Astonished Heart (1950)

Prominent psychiatrist Dr. Christian Faber (Noel Coward) is content in his marriage to his wife, Barbara (Celia Johnson). Barbara reunites with an old friend, a young woman named Leonora Vail (Margaret Leighton), and invites her to meet Christian. At first, the reticent doctor is irritated by Leonora's presence, but, when Barbara is called out of town to attend to her ailing mother, an unlikely romance begins between Christian and Leonora, leading to tragic consequences for Christian.

I Heart Monster Movies (2012)

Filmmaker Tyler Benjamin looks into the obsessions, fears and philosophies of horror fans.

Gaslight (1960)

A British production taking place in London. An hieress is driven to madness by her husband

Light Of Mine (2011)

Owen, a photographer with an incurable eye disease, goes on a photography expedition to Yellowstone National Park, but his life changes forever when he loses his sight.

Return of the Ape Man (1944)

The discovery of a perfectly preserved caveman prompts a mad scientist to attempt a daring brain transplant.

Town Without Pity (1961)

Army attorney Maj. Steve Garrett (Kirk Douglas) must defend four American soldiers -- part of the forces occupying a small town in Germany -- who drunkenly raped a 19-year-old girl (Christine Kaufmann). The girl's enraged father demands the soldiers receive the death penalty. Determined to defend the men's lives, Garrett demolishes the girl on the witness stand. When she faints before completing testimony, the defendants are spared, but tragedy follows.

International Crime (1938)

The Shadow (Rod La Rocque) solves a financier's murder ahead of the police.

Destination Inner Space (1966)

Scuba-diving oceanographers (Scott Brady, Sheree North) find an alien object and an amphibious monster.

The Odd Couple (1968)

When fussy Felix (Jack Lemmon) becomes suicidal over his impending divorce, he accepts an offer to move in with his best friend, messy Oscar (Walter Matthau). Felix drives Oscar crazy with his obsession over his soon-to-be ex. Oscar tries to get him out of his funk by arranging a double date with two wacky British neighbors, Cecily (Monica Evans) and Gwendolyn (Carole Shelley). When the plan backfires and Felix grows even more despondent, his friendship with Oscar is put to the test.

Change of Heart (1943)

A songwriter (Susan Hayward) falls in love with a two-timing nightclub singer (John Carroll) who steals her hits.

Invasion Of The Star Creatures (1962)

A pair of soldiers find romance an antidote for the unusual passions of two beautiful aliens bent on conquering Earth.

Street of Sinners (1957)

A police rookie (George Montgomery) has trouble after confronting a well-connected bar owner (Nehemiah Persoff) on his first day.

Scarlet Street (1945)

Cashier and part-time starving artist Christopher Cross (Edward G. Robinson) is absolutely smitten with the beautiful Kitty March (Joan Bennett). Kitty plays along, but she's really only interested in Johnny (Dan Duryea), a two-bit crook. When Kitty and Dan find out that art dealers are interested in Chris' work, they con him into letting Kitty take credit for the paintings. Cross allows it because he is in love with Kitty, but his love will only let her get away with so much.

Danger Street (1947)

Magazine owners (Jane Withers, Robert Lowery) sell a revealing photo, then play detective when the deal leads to murder.

Murder with Pictures (1936)

A cameraman (Lew Ayres) for a daily newspaper exposes a gangland killer's method.

Doctor At Sea (1955)

British Dr. Sparrow (Dirk Bogarde) accepts a position on a cargo ship with two French beauties (Brigitte Bardot, Brenda de Banzie) on board.

The Daughter (2012)

In this gripping suspense thriller, the daughter of a wealthy mayoral candidate and her friends are held for ransom by a group of daring criminals. Soon, as tempers flare and tensions mount, secret rise to the surface revealing that these kidnappers are after much more than money.

Googoosh: Iran's Daughter (2000)

A filmmaker attempts to locate Iran's legendary pop star.

South of Santa Fe (1942)

Roy is blamed for the disappearance of three industrialists brought to town to finance the opening of a gold mine.

Emergency Hospital (1956)

A woman doctor (Margaret Lindsay) and a police detective (Walter Reed) face personal crises one night in a Los Angeles hospital.

Bank Alarm (1937)

A G-man (Conrad Nagel) and his girlfriend (Eleanor Hunt) follow a trail of clues left by bank robbers.

Pioneers of the West (1940)

The Three Mesquiteers (Robert Livingston, Raymond Hatton, Duncan Renaldo) save a group of settlers from land sharks.

West of Cimarron (1941)

The Three Mesquiteers (Tom Tyler, Bob Steele, Rufe Davis) send carpetbaggers packing in Texas.

Mister Ten Per Cent (1967)

A construction worker submits a play to a scheming impresario eager to stage a flop and capitalize on the financial loss.

Flat Top (1952)

An aircraft carrier flight-group commander (Sterling Hayden) pits his pilots against Japanese Zeros.

Gentle Giant (1967)

An Everglades wildlife officer (Dennis Weaver) and his wife (Vera Miles) and son (Clint Howard) keep a pet bear named Ben.

Pop Punk Zombies (2011)

A music agent brings three deceased rockers back from the grave to form the first zombie punk band.

Redwood Highway (2013)

An unhappy retiree (Shirley Knight) decides to walk 80 miles to the Oregon coast to see the ocean and attend her granddaughter's wedding.