Found Footage Festival Volume 3: Live in San Francisco (2008)

The New Medicine (2006)

Mathilde's Misses (2012)

Youp van 't Hek: Tunnel zonder vluchtstrook (1986)

Magic Bricks (1908)

Nederdood (2012)

A Dream Comes True (1935)

The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather's Porridge? (1930)

The Limejuice Mystery or Who Spat in Grandfather's Porridge? is a 1930 British marionette film directed by Jack Harrison.

Fedra, the devil's daughter (1956)

Fedra is a 1956 Spanish drama film directed by Manuel Mur Oti and starring Emma Penella, Enrique Diosdado and Vicente Parra.

Pencil Mania (1932)

Pencil Mania is a 1932 animated cartoon in the Van Beuren Studios Tom and Jerry series that breaks the fourth wall of theatre and film. The two main characters become animators in the film, and draw various cartoon scenarios against the blank background, and interact with them. The short was created by John Foster and Vernon Stallings (credited as Geo. Stallings), with synchronization by Gene Rodemich, released through Library Films. The opening credits are played over the song "I'm Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover". Run time is 6:54. It is believed to be in the public domain.

Meu Nome é Tonho (1969)

Elsie and the Brown Bunny (1921)

No olho da rua (2010)

The Dirty Dolls (1973)

Fly Frolic (1932)

The King of Bugs (1930)

Dark Illness (1990)

Il male oscuro (internationally released as Dark Illness and The Obscure Illness) is a 1990 Italian drama film directed by Mario Monicelli. It is based on the novel with the same name written by Giuseppe Berto. For this film Monicelli was awarded with a David di Donatello for Best Director.

The Power of Hypnosis (1908)

Tango-Hasapiko, O Horos Ton Limanion (2012)

Anti Gas Skin (2010)

San Francisco: Aftermath of Earthquake (1906)

Another Night on Earth (2012)

Chub Chaser (2010)

My Neighbourhood (2012)

History of Iron Maiden: Part 2 (2008)

Over Coffee (2010)

Jungle Raiders (1945)

Jungle Raiders (1945) is a Columbia film serial.

Incognito - Leverkusener Jazztage (2008)

Happy Days (1980)

Moral (1982)

Vampire of Quezon City (2006)

The Doppelganger (2010)

scissere (1982)

Formalin Man (2004)

Pio XI e Marconi (1933)

The Mad Maestro (1939)

Lucas, the Ear of Corn (1977)

1+1=100 oder Die Schule des Lebens (2012)

Bolívar, a Tropical Symphony (1981)

Frk. Møllers jubilæum (1937)

Frøken Møllers jubilæum is a 1937 Danish comedy film directed and written by Lau Lauritzen Jr. and Alice O'Fredericks. The film stars Liva Weel and Victor Borge .

Contemporary Gladiator (1989)

Philippino Story (2013)

Boob (2009)

Boobheads (2009)

AAA Championships at Fartown, Huddersfield (1901)

Walter Finds a Father (1921)

My Career as a Jerk (2012)

The Beach (1992)

A Tin Tale (2011)

Cudoviste iz Tamisa (2006)

Amor, Vida de Mi Vida (2007)

Todas me aman a mí (2012)

Sign Them Papers (1927)

Hulmerist (1991)


Die Martinsklause (1951)

The Cloister of Martins (German: Die Martinsklause) is a 1951 West German drama film directed by Richard Häussler and starring Willy Rösner, Gisela Fackeldey and Heinz Engelmann. It is based on the novel of the same title by Ludwig Ganghofer. The film is part of the postwar tradition of heimatfilm in German cinema. The film's sets were designed by the art directors Willi Horn and Carl Ludwig Kirmse.

Stand Up (2008)

Stand Up is 2008 British film about stand up comedy, written and directed by Joseph Pierce. It featured Paul Putner and Daniel Rigby.

On vous parle de Prague: Le deuxième procès d'Artur London (1971)

Babyroussa the Babiroussa (1993)

Tu dios y mi infierno (1976)

The Man Who Invented Gold (1957)

Sinong lumikha ng yoyo? Sinong lumikha ng moon buggy? (1982)

Linnutee tuuled (1978)

Med 'Maud' over Polhavet (1926)

Med Maud over Polhavet is a Norwegian documentary film from 1926, directed by Odd Dahl. The film photographer and air force officer Odd Dahl followed «Maud» for two years from 1922 and filmed the crew on board as they travelled through the unknown Arctic. Roald Amundsen had at this point left the ship for his venture to the North Pole. Odd Dahl filmed the scientific work and many critical situation the crew faced alone on the ice. The crew consisted of: Oscar Wisting, Captain Harald Ulrik Sverdrup, oceanographer Odd Dahl, airman, photographer Finn Malmgren, meteorologist Gennady Olonkin, telegraphist Søren Syvertsen, machinist (died 1923) Karl Hansen, handyman Kakot, handyman from SibiriaThe film had its premiere at Victoria teater on 17 Mai 1926, but was previewed the day before with a lecture at the Universitetet i Oslo.

The Wet Season (2002)

The Wet Season is a 2002 Canadian short film directed and written by Martha Ferguson, and produced by Laura Clunie. The Wet Season stars Ellen Page and Maury Chaykin, and follows Jocelyn, a young girl working at her uncle's crying booths in the countryside, in a world where crying is forbidden in the cities. The film debuted on September 8, 2002, at the Montreal World Film Festival.

Taro's Monster Hunt (1936)

Waiting for Gorgo (2010)

Doroga k zvezdam (1958)

Road to the Stars (Russian: Дорога к звёздам /dərɐɡˈa ɡ_zvʲˈɵzdəm/) is a 1958 Soviet film directed by Pavel Klushantsev. It combines elements of science education films and speculative science fiction. The film was groundbreaking for its use of special effects to depict life in space.

Just Before Dawn: Lions, Tigers and Inbred Twins (2005)

My Dinner with Abbie (1990)

Von Trapped (2004)

Sangandaan (2013)

Kinder (2011)

The Years of the Big Heat (1992)

Teachers of Sexual Play: Modelling Urns with the Female Body (2000)

Morrissey: Live at the Hollywood Bowl (2008)

Vasilyok (1973)

Kino-pravda no. 4 (1922)

Fo tiao qiang (1977)

Dai e qun ci (1984)

Fim (2013)

Parrotville Fire Department (1934)

Dromómanos (2012)

The Delhi Durbar (1903)

Floor Flusher (1954)

Ghost Trip (2000)

Redskin Blues (1932)

Ben Elton: Very Live (1993)

The Game Store (2012)

Drama on the Volga (1913)

João Ratão (1940)

João Ratão is a 1940 Portuguese film directed by Jorge Brum do Canto and starring Óscar de Lemos, Maria Domingas and António Silva. It was released on 29 April 1940.

Miniaturen (1983)

Sally Swing (1938)

Sally Swing is a 1938 Fleischer Studios animated short film starring Rose Marie as Sally Swing and Margie Hines as Betty Boop.

Welcome to Nowhere (Bullet Hole Road) (2012)

The Last Flesh & Blood Show (2012)

Zi jin biao (1969)

Living in a Reversed World (1958)

The Midnight Party (1938)

Vite (1969)

In the Land of the Gold Mines (1908)