Royal Matchmaker (2018)

A struggling matchmaker is hired by a king to find his son a suitable wife in time for a national celebration. As the clock ticks toward the deadline, the matchmaker finds him the perfect wife -- only to realize that she's fallen in love with him.

Scaffolding (2017)

17-year- old ASHER has always been the impulsive troublemaker, from primary school, all through junior high and high school. It’s hard for him to concentrate in class, and he is compelled by a lot of rage and violence; yet he is also endowed with a considerable amount of charm and street wisdom. While his strict father sees him as a natural successor to the family’s scaffolding business, Asher finds a different masculine role model in his gentle literature teacher Rami and forges a special connection with him. Torn between the two worlds, Asher looks for a chance for a new life and new identity. When a sudden tragedy occurs, he has to take the ultimate test of maturity.

To The Beat! (2018)

When their favorite pop star launches a competition to find talent for his next video, teenage twins Mia and Mackie Castillo enlist their friends and family to form a dance group.

Assimilate (2019)

Best friends Zach (Joel Courtney, THE KISSING BOOTH), Randy (Calum Worthy), and Kayla (Andi Matichak, HALLOWEEN) discover that their neighbors are being killed and replaced by perfect copies of their victims. Their only chance to survive is to covertly record the invasion in a desperate attempt to warn the world.

Maria (2019)

An ex-assassin tries to leave her dark past behind until a power-hungry gang targets her and her family, forcing her to summon her killer instincts.

Doug Stanhope's the Unbookables (2012)

Ride with the Unbookables on an insane stand-up comedy road trip across the Midwest. Executive Producer Doug Stanhope (The Man Show, Louie) showcases some of our eras’ most fearless and challenging comics as they unite in this ground-breaking and hilarious documentary that tests what is “too far” in comedy clubs today. The van tour hits a major speed bump when the gang runs headlong into a club owner in Kansas City that tells them to clean up their acts or get out. Now, comics James Inman (SF Comedy Competition winner) and Andy Andrist (The Man Show) face off as the group decides whether to finally compromise or get fired. This instant underground comedy classic is now available for the first time On Demand with a new soundtrack featuring music from Mishka Shubaly. Get in the van with stand-ups including Sean Rouse (MIB 2, Premium Blend), Kristine Levine (Portlandia, Levine Large) and Brandon Walsh (Drunk History, Pickle & Peanut) as as they serve up comedy that is unsafe at any speed.

Parker's Anchor (2017)

When Krystal Parker discovers she cannot have children, her life is turned upside down. However, motherhood doesn't always follow a plan.

Good After Bad (2017)

A wealthy and eccentric man offers to become a bullied student's guardian.

Blind & Ugly (2017)

An ugly guy cannot get a girlfriend until he meets a blind woman. He has no idea that the woman is not really blind, she is just pretending so she can live in a special home.

Circus Kane (2017)

A reclusive circus master invites a group of social media stars to his house of haunts. Anyone who can make it out before being scared into submission will earn $250,000 — but the social media stars soon learn they are not only competing for money, but also fighting for their lives.

You Get Me (2017)

After a one-night stand, Holly develops a dangerous obsession with Tyler and transfers to his high school, desperate to keep their "romance" alive.

Body Electric (2017)

A 23-year-old gay man works in a garment factory and dreams of the sea.

Back to Burgundy (2017)

Back to Burgundy is a 2017 French drama film directed by Cédric Klapisch, starring Pio Marmaï, Ana Girardot and François Civil.

Red Trees (2017)

Marina Willer creates an impressionistic visual essay as she traces her father’s family journey as one of only twelve Jewish families to survive the Nazi occupation of Prague during World War II. The film travels from war-torn Eastern Europe to the color and light of South America and is told through the voice of Willer’s father Alfred, who witnessed bureaucratic nightmares, transportation and suicides but survived to build a post-war life as an architect in Brazil. As the world struggles with the current refugee crisis, Red Trees is a timely look at a family besieged by war who finds peace across an ocean.

Imitation Girl (2017)

A young woman materializes in the southwestern desert, and every step she takes teaches her about her new world and body. As she starts her new life, she learns she has a twin with whom she shares more than an outward appearance.

Children Of The Corn: Runaway (2018)

CHILDREN OF THE CORN: RUNAWAY tells the story of young, pregnant Ruth, who escapes a murderous child cult in a small Midwestern town. She spends the next decade living anonymously in an attempt to spare her son the horrors that she experienced as a child. Ruth and her son end up in a small Oklahoma town, but something is following her. Now, she must confront this evil or lose her child.

Dillagi (1999)

Dillagi is a 1999 Indian Hindi drama film co-produced and directed by Sunny Deol and also starring Sunny Deol alongside his real-life brother Bobby Deol and Urmila Matondkar. The film was a box office flop but Deol's first attempt at directing was appreciated.

Pork Pie (2017)

In quirky, endearing adventure/comedy, PORK PIE, a trio of young misfits, with nothing to lose, chase lost love in a yellow, stolen Mini Cooper S across the length of the country, becoming folk heroes and most wanted criminals along the way with a posse of a cops in hot pursuit.

Easy Money (2018)

A struggling artist joins an innovative money counterfeiting scheme.

Rip Tide (2017)

When fashion model Cora (Debby Ryan, Disney’s JESSIE, Radio Rebel) suffers an embarrassing “fashion faux pas” there is nothing else for it but to head down under to Australia for some peace and tranquillity. However, life out of the spotlight is not what it is cracked up to be. Expecting a five star holiday with her Aunt Margot (Genevieve Hegney, The Kettering Incident), Cora realises all too late that her idylic beachside retreat has no internet access and is a long way from the nearest city. With the thought of the vicious world awaiting her back home, Cora feels trapped, but as time goes by, friendships bloom and romance sparks between Cora and local Tom (Andrew Creer, Tomorrow When The War Began). Still keen to return home and resume the career she left behind, Cora is torn between her welcoming community and the bright future and potential fame that awaits her back in America.

This Giant Papier-Mâché Boulder Is Actually Really Heavy (2016)

For three ordinary guys Tom, Jeffrey and Gavin, this just became a reality. One minute they were watching an old b-grade movie, the next they’ve been thrust inside the movie itself and at the helm of a rickety old spaceship. Panic ridden they stumble into a space battle. and make a mortal enemy of the evil Lord Froth while unwittingly saving the space princess Lady Emmanor. Then suddenly Jeffrey starts to change into a sci-fi character called Kasimir. They must adapt quickly if they are to survive long enough to find a way home. For all they know they could be next. If that happens they will be lost in this world forever. They embark on a quest to find a cure for Jeffrey and a way back home. This is an action-packed comedy adventure of giant lizards, space battles, robots, aliens, warlords and amazons that has to be seen to be believed.

Before We Vanish (2017)

Before We Vanish is a 2017 Japanese science fiction film directed by Kiyoshi Kurosawa. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2017 Cannes Film Festival.

Actors of Sound (2016)

From footsteps to bone cracks, Foley artists bring films to life with their imaginative sound effects, but as digital technology goes full speed ahead in 21st century moviemaking, can Hollywood’s low tech Foley artist survive in this high tech age?

Bruce!!!! (2019)

Charlie is a frustrated, struggling artist who is dragging himself through an office job he hates. When Charlie reaches his breaking point, he meets an eccentric stranger who helps him rediscover his true passion and calling in life.

Cop and a Half: New Recruit (2017)

Grizzled veteran detective Mark Simmons (Lou Diamond Phillips) can't seem to catch the "Badge Bandit" – the city's serial prankster who's causing mischief and embarrassing the police. Karina Foley (Lulu Wilson) is a spunky 12-year-old who dreams of being a cop. She stumbles on Simmons' stakeout where she proves she's got serious detective skills and tech-savvy smarts. While Simmons wants to ignore Karina, the police captain does the unthinkable and teams them up. While on their mission to stop the "Badge Bandit," the unlikely duo goes on a hilarious, action-filled adventure!

The 5th Kind (2017)

Best friends try to get "internet famous" by filming their own survival show out in the woods, but their weekend filming trip turns deadly when an unexpected visitor shows up.

As Far as the Eye Can See (2016)

Jack Ridge (Jason London, Dazed and Confused) is stuck, 40 years old, living on a North Texas farm he has let go to seed. In the land of Van Cliburn, where classical piano holds pride of place, Jack is a former prodigy who has withdrawn to his family’s land.

Human Traces (2017)

Soon after the arrival of a mysterious young man, contact with the outside world is cut off for a husband and wife trying to return a remote island in the Southern Ocean, 1000 kilometres from human life, to its natural state.

Prodigy (2018)

A psychologist engages a dangerous, young genius in a battle of wits — unaware of the supernatural power the girl possesses, or that her life hangs in the balance.

Hostage (2012)

Junction is a 2012 American thriller film written and directed by Tony Glazer. The film stars Neal Bledsoe, Summer Crockett Moore, Tom Pelphrey and Harris Doran with David Zayas, Michael O'Keefe and Anthony Ruivivar in supporting roles. Desperate to score drugs, four strung out meth-addicts - Donald (Bledsoe), Kari (Moore), David (Pelphrey) and Spot (Doran) – break into an upscale suburban home looking for a flat screen television that was requested by their dealer (Ruivivar). During the burglary, Spot and Donald discover a dark secret about the homeowners, which pits the four meth-addicts against each other and the police (Zayas and O’Keefe). The film was released in the United States on July 14, 2012.

Pecking Order (2017)

Join members of the 148-year-old Christchurch Poultry, Bantam and Pigeon Club in the lead up to the NZ National Show, as they battle history (and each other) in their quest for glory. Audiences will be introduced to an endearing and eclectic group of ‘chick fanciers’, each hoping to take away the top prize, including Doug the determined Club President, Rhys the young upstart, Sarah the chicken whisperer, Ian the exacting judge, Mark the voice of reason and Brian the lovable champion. ‘Pecking Order’ is a hilarious, unique, and heart-warming slice of Kiwiana which is sure to delight and surprise audiences of all ages.

Sniff!!! (2017)

Little Sunny Gill, coming from a family of pickle manufacturers, is a misfit. Although he can't smell, an accident enhances his olfactory abilities, and he transforms into one-of-a-kind super hero.

No estamos solos (2016)

After moving to the outskirts of Lima, a family is terrorized by a dark presence in their new home, forcing them to seek the help of an exorcist.

Vanish (2015)

A man launches a desperate search into the heart of the Amazon to find his missing girlfriend amid a rash of mysterious disappearances.

Bad Tutor (2018)

Single mom Karen is focused on getting daughter Emily graduated and off to college. When she hires Devin to boost Emily's grades, the tutor becomes dangerously obsessed.

The Good Postman (2017)

Postman Ivan has a new political vision: he decides to run for mayor in order to bring his dying village to life by welcoming refugees. His opponents are only interested in closing their eyes to the refugees, shutting the border and reintroducing communism. While on the campaign trail -- his delivery route -- Ivan learns that good intentions are not enough, and that even the smallest deeds matter.

833 (2016)

Running late for work, a man begins his journey toward enlightenment.

Long Shot (2017)

When Juan Catalan is arrested for a murder he didn't commit, he builds his case for innocence around raw footage from a popular TV show. A documentary.

Anjala (2016)

Anjala is a 2016 Tamil-language comedy-drama film directed by Thangam Saravanan and produced by Dhilip Subbarayan. Vimal and Nandita feature in the leading roles, while Gopi Sunder composes the film's music.

To the Mountain (2018)

Five hikers find meaning in their lives after the beautiful surroundings force them to connect.

Timbiriche: La misma piedra (2008)

An entertaining look at the last Timibiriche reunion, 25 years after its first public appearance, and the members' lives amid rehearsals, tours, problems and children.

A Life in Waves (2017)

If you watched TV, went to the movies, or listened to the radio in the 80s and 90s, you heard Suzanne Ciani's work. A five-time Grammy nominated composer, recording artist, and electronic music pioneer, whose sounds have been featured in countless commercials, video games, and feature films. A LIFE IN WAVES is the story of a woman who changed the sound of music and film.

Nude Area (2014)

In a series of fifteen dialogue-free vignettes, NUDE AREA, from director Urszula Antoniak (Beyond Words) tells the sensual and seductive story of a forbidden love between two young women living in Amsterdam. Dutch teenager Naomi (Sammy Boonstra) hails from posh Amsterdam South. Fama (Imaan Hammam) is a beautiful Middle Eastern girl from the poor quarters of Amsterdam East. Over the course of one summer, the two play a game of emotional chess while meeting in the nude area of a female-only sauna.

Baden Baden (2016)

Baden Baden is a 2016 French-Belgian dramedy film written and directed by Rachel Lang.

First Kiss (2018)

Kayce Thaxton is looking forward to spending the evening with her new crush, maybe even enjoying their first kiss, but first, he is going to have to survive dinner with her crazy family.

Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution (2017)

Each year thousands of college students from around the globe flock to popular resort beaches for the generational rite of passage known as spring break. Over the course of a week filled with booze and casual hookups, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution follows the journey of college students during these spring break revelries, offering an insightful look into their attitudes and behaviors regarding sex. It is an honest and raw depiction of this casual sex environment where sexual violation has become normal, and sexual assault is customary. Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution widens the view of today's hookup culture by examining the role of pop culture in shaping conceptions of gender and sexuality that underlie this new sexual revolution. At a time when the mighty #MeToo and #TimesUp movements have brought us to a cultural tipping point, Liberated: The New Sexual Revolution aims to reinforce the empowering anti-sexual assault crusade by creating and encouraging brutally honest conversations among the vulnerable young men and women directly affected by this toxic environment.

The Long Goodbye-The Kara Tippetts Story (2019)

A married mother who has terminal breast cancer shares her experience about dying.

The Grey Matter (2014)

An office worker wakes up in an alley, covered in blood. In the aftermath, he attracts the attention of his beautiful co-worker, granting him a new lease on life.

Mirage (2018)

A space-time continuum glitch allows Vera to save a boy's life 25 years earlier, but results in the loss of her daughter, whom she fights to get back.

Leeches (2019)

In the chaotic old city of Hyderabad, 18-year-old Raisa hatches a dangerous and improbable plan to save her younger sister from becoming a one-day bride.

Bardo Blues (2017)

Set in Thailand, BARDO BLUES follows Jack as he struggles to learn the truth about the mother that abandoned him and his own reason for existing. Weaving spiritual awakenings and soulful struggle, BARDO BLUES will leave you questioning everything you think you know about who you are, where you came from and where you're going.

Saving Flora (2018)

Flora is a circus elephant who can no longer perform her tricks. The night before she’s scheduled to be euthanized, the circus owner’s 14-year old daughter, Dawn, sneaks Flora from the circus. All that stands between them and the safety of the elephant preserve is two hundred kilometers of woods, one raging river, two elephant hunters and the fear of not making it.

Shoot Me in the Heart (2015)

Shoot Me in the Heart is a 2015 South Korean drama film directed by Mun Che-yong, and starring Lee Min-ki and Yeo Jin-goo. It is based on the bestselling novel of the same name by Jeong Yu-jeong, which won the Segye Literature Award in 2009.

Cash Nexus (2019)

The reunion of two brothers, one of them a drug addict, reawakens old demons.

How to Meet a Mermaid (2016)

The sea becomes a haven for mankind.

Just Don't Think I'll Scream (2019)

Frank Beauvais’s intimate essay film assembles excerpts from the 400-plus films the French director watched over a four-month period of seclusion in 2016. On the soundtrack, Beauvais speaks of the breakup that led to his retreat, the estranged father with whom he bonded over cinema just before his death, and the symptoms of our current cultural climate that make pressing on an act of resistance. Beauvais’s montage—composed of both international classics and obscurities—alights upon small but specific details, reframing otherwise incidental images into an indelible and immensely moving reflection on life, love, and loss.

Hellmington (2018)

In 1999, outside the sleepy town of Hellmington, troubled high school senior Katie Owens mysteriously vanished. Nine years later, Detective Samantha Woodhouse, a former classmate of Katie’s, returns to Hellmington for the first time since graduation to deal with the unexpected death of her father. His passing just another tragedy in an already devastating year for Sam: her own daughter was murdered, resulting in a downward spiral of anguish and guilt that has slowly destroyed her marriage and career. Sam soon discovers that her father’s demise is one in a series of suspicious deaths over the last several years, and it appears that the grisly fatalities are becoming more frequent. Even more alarming, every victim circles back to the troubled Katie Owens. Battling hallucinations, insomnia and her own personal demons, Sam struggles to uncover the disturbing truth of what really happened to Katie Owens; a mystery that will lead her to a secretive, centuries-old cult of revenge.

Au grand balcon (1949)

Au grand balcon is a 1949 French drama film directed by Henri Decoin. It was entered into the 1949 Cannes Film Festival.

Wackersdorf (2018)

Residents express concern over the plans to build a nuclear reprocessing plant in their small, but financially strapped, community.

Ville Neuve (2018)

Ville Neuve is a Canadian animated drama film, directed by Félix Dufour-Laperrière and released in 2018. Using ink on paper animation, the film stars Robert Lalonde and Johanne-Marie Tremblay as Joseph and Emma, a divorced couple who reconnect during the 1995 Quebec referendum campaign.

Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease (2000)

Life as a Fatal Sexually Transmitted Disease (Polish: Życie jako śmiertelna choroba przenoszona drogą płciową) is a 2000 Polish drama film directed by Krzysztof Zanussi. It was Poland's submission to the 73rd Academy Awards for the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film. The film won the Golden St. George at the 22nd Moscow International Film Festival.

My Rebound Girl (2016)

A young woman who is tired of being the rebound girl makes rules for herself to avoid that situation. She is immediately challenged when she makes a connection with another heartbroken young man.

Finding Joy (2011)

A frustrated writer feels trapped by the expectations of his ambitious wife. Then, he meets a Korean dance student who completely changes the way he thinks about life.

Exorcism of the Dead (2017)

Candace is a deeply troubled young woman who is possessed by a demon. As a last resort, her family reaches out to the church for help, unaware that the priest who arrives to deal with the situation has dark secrets of his own.

Despite Everything (2019)

After their mother's death, four sisters learn a shocking family secret and embark on an adventure to discover the truth about their genealogy.

Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride! (2016)

Filed under stranger than fiction, Uncle Gloria: One Helluva Ride! tells the astonishing true story of how a 67-year-old macho owner of a South Florida auto-wrecking company named Butch, who undergoes a nasty second divorce and needs a place to hide. But the last place anyone would think to find him is in a dress, wig and heels, living as a woman. What starts out as a trick to beat the system ends up changing Butch forever. Featuring risky surgeries, sex work, family dysfunction, activism and falling in love, Gloria's life is one that must be seen to be believed. Fasten your seatbelt. This is most definitely one helluva ride!

Blood Will Tell (2019)

Family patriarch Elías begins to unravel after the death of his wife -- which casts a suspicious light on her tragic accident.

Teacher (2019)

TEACHER is an unflinching portrayal of trauma as a contagion passed between people and generations, all set within the prism of modern suburbia. The film follows the downward spiral of a high school English teacher (Dastmalchian) as he goes to disturbing lengths to protect his favorite students from bullies and challenge the power of a wealthy patron (Pollak) within the community.

Staged Killer (2019)

Naomi Spencer is a popular local television morning talk show host. When her former co-host from a college show years ago, Jake Everett, works his way back into her professional life, the show’s success skyrockets, but Naomi’s personal life begins to fall apart…

End Trip (2018)

In one timeline, Brandon, a likable rideshare driver, spends an evening charming a passenger, Judd, for a 5-star rating and a hefty tip. In the other timeline, Brandon arrives home after his long shift and climbs into bed with girlfriend, Stef. Stef screams. He’s not Brandon! The rideshare with Judd continues, growing creepier by the mile, as Brandon forces Stef to play his girlfriend. The two timelines come together in a shocking twist, and Stef must fight for her life against a ruthless serial killer preying upon a city full of people who ride with strangers.

La Leyenda Del Diamante (2018)

Elena undertakes a dangerous search for her kidnapped sister.

Elevate (2019)

An overwhelmed woman tries to help people trapped in an elevator.

The Banana Splits (2019)

A maniac dressed in a dog costume wreaks bloody havoc during the taping of a popular children's television show.

Boogie Man (2019)

A London teen falls for a beautiful young model while struggling with his cultural heritage.

Pentagram (2019)

Teens must fight for their lives when they become trapped within the confines of a giant pentagram.

The Guard of Auschwitz (2018)

Tasked with building a new gas chamber at Auschwitz, an SS officer begins to realize that he's contributing to an atrocity.

Beats (2019)

In this coming-of-age drama, a reclusive teenage musical prodigy forms an unlikely friendship with a down-on-his-luck high school security guard. United by their mutual love of hip hop, they try to free each other from the demons of their past and break into the city's music scene. Directed by Chris Robinson, BEATS features Everage in his feature film debut and co-stars Uzo Aduba and Emayatzy Corinealdi. BEATS is the ultimate ode to Chicago's South Side, and its long history of creating music that forms the city's beating heart.

Worlds Most Dangerous Paper Route (2018)

Deliverymen risk their lives to bring the Stars and Stripes newspaper to soldiers in Afghanistan.

Fluidity (2019)

Ten millennials search for love in the age of social media.

Amexica (2010)

Amexica is a 2010 American short film starring AnnaLynne McCord. It was written and directed by Ron Krauss. It has been screened at several festivals, such as the Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, Mexico International Film Festival, the Hawaii International Film Festival in Honolulu, and the Malibu International Film Festival.

Norm of the North: King Sized Adventure (2019)

Norm learns the importance of keeping his word despite how difficult that can sometimes be. When a lost, priceless Chinese artifact is found in the Arctic it is up to Norm to return it to its rightful owner in Beijing. However, just when Norm thinks the artifact is safe, his nemesis Dexter, a notorious treasure hunter, breaks in and steals it. Norm, true to his word, teams up with his new friend, Professor Chen, to recover the artifact just in time for its use in a sacred ceremony that happens once every 100 years.

Regatta (2015)

Things go wrong for a man after his brother falls to his death and his sister-in-law steals all of his money.

The Stolen Princess (2018)

The Stolen Princess is a 2018 Ukrainian 3D animated fantasy film directed by Oleg Malamuzh and based on the fairy tale Ruslan and Ludmila by Russian poet Aleksandr Pushkin. The film premiere in Ukraine took place on March 7, 2018.

Hanni & Nanni: Mehr als beste Freunde (2017)

The twins Hanni (Laila Meinecke) and Nanni (Rosa Meinecke) find it more than uncool the idea of ​​spending the rest of the school year at the boarding school instead of at home in Berlin. But their mother Susanne (Jessica Schwarz) remains steadfast: she herself is on the road, and when Hannis and Nannis father Charlie (Sascha Vollmer) has to take care of the twins alone, only chaos comes ensues. So the two girls end up in the boarding school Lindenhof. The twins decide to put up as much nonsense as possible so they can fly back from school during the probationary period. But then Nanni finds new friends among the riding schoolmates and a task in the horse Pegasus, while Hanni continues to work on her sacking. For the first time in their lives the twins go separate ways. When Hanni meets the grumpy Godehard (Henry Hübchen) with his dog Lochness in the forest, she does not realize that in Godehard's house the key to a secret is hidden, which can save the Lindenhof from the threatened sale ... Will the twins reconnect? And can they save the boarding school?

Skin Creepers (2018)

Two unsuccessful film producers, desperately in need of money and always in bad luck, think that making a pornographic film is their last and only hope. Assuming porn films are a pure goldmine they hope for cash big time and thus the possibility of making movies for the more demanding consumer. With meager camera equipment and a huge amount of debt they start shooting. Shortly afterwards while filming on the set of a cursed estate a demon brings everything into uproar taking possession of the leading actresses body. Supernatural events follow, unceasingly growing which climax in blood feast splatter scenes.

Penny Slinger: Out of the Shadows (2017)

British artist Penny Slinger recounts the traumatic events in her life.

Unda (2019)

Unda is a 2019 Indian Malayalam-language action comedy film co-written and directed by Khalid Rahman and produced by Moviee Mill and distributed by Gemini Studios. The film stars Mammootty, Shine Tom Chacko, Jacob Gregory and Arjun Ashokan. The music was composed by Prashant Pillai. Harshad co-wrote the screenplay. It tells the story of a nine man police unit from Kerala led by Sub-inspector Manikandan C.P. which is sent to a Maoist affected area of Chhattisgarh as part of election duty.

House of Salem (2016)

Kidnappers become a child's unlikely protectors when demonic forces attack their safe house, emerging from the walls in search of human sacrifice.

Heroes (2008)

Heroes is a 2008 Indian Hindi film directed by Samir Karnik and starring Sunny Deol, Mithun Chakraborty, Bobby Deol, Salman Khan, Preity Zinta, Sohail Khan, Vatsal Sheth and Dino Morea. The film is written by Aseem Arora. Although initially set to be released on 6 June 2008, it was pushed to 24 October 2008, the opening weekend of the holiday Diwali. On 22 November 2008 the script of Heroes was asked to be part of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

The One And Only (2002)

The One and Only is a 2002 British romantic comedy film directed by Simon Cellan Jones, and starring Richard Roxburgh, Justine Waddell and Sharon Scurfield. The film is a remake of Susanne Bier's 1999 Danish box-office hit Den Eneste Ene. Supported by the Newcastle City Council to promote a positive image of the city, the story was reset in Newcastle and Gateshead.

Above the Best (2019)

Based on the best-selling book, South of Heaven, featuring authentic footage giving viewers an unprecedented and immersive documentary-narrative film experience. The film tells the stunning story of Apache Fighter Pilot, Dan Flores following his year deployment to the most dangerous valley in Afghanistan. Through aerial combat footage and corresponding video from soldiers on the ground, the film will bring the audience in the cockpit and on the ground like never before. See why Army Aviators say they fly “above the best” and the lengths they will go to protect each other in the most dangerous place on Earth.

Petmalu (2018)

Seven friends face their problems when they join a talent competition.

Kismet (1920)

Kismet (1920) is an American silent film version of the 1911 play Kismet by Edward Knoblock, starring Otis Skinner and Elinor Fair, and directed by Louis J. Gasnier. Skinner's daughter, author Cornelia Otis Skinner, plays a small role. This version was released by Robertson-Cole Distributing Company, and was released on VHS by Grapevine Video. In New England the distribution of the film was handled by Joseph P. Kennedy who organized a successful premiere in Boston.Skinner filmed the play again in a 1930 talkie. This film is lost but its Vitaphone soundtrack survives.

Paranormal Demons (2018)

Film students set up cameras in an old sanitarium, hoping to capture evidence of the supernatural.

Stiffed (2012)

A saucy stripper raises three crooks from the dead.

Linie 41 (2015)

During the Holocaust, there was no other city in Europe where Germans, Poles and Jews lived so closely together and yet worlds apart as Lodz. Several times a day for four years, the Line 41 streetcar passed through the Lodz Ghetto, but would never stop, making the suffering of the Jewish people abundantly clear to its indifferent riders. LINE 41 documents the return of Lodz Ghetto survivor Natan Grossmann to Poland after seventy years. Looking to discover the fate of his brother, with whom he had lost contact in 1942, he instead crosses paths with Jens-Jurgen Ventzki, the son of the former Nazi Head Mayor of Lodz. In tracing their family histories, Grossman and Ventzki discover a unique mix of victims, perpetrator and bystanders as they confront their feelings about the past and each other.

Bender (2017)

It's 1870s Kansas, and people have started to mysteriously vanish on the plains. When the troubled Doctor York goes searching for answers, he stumbles upon the Benders, a homesteading family with an unnatural way of living off the land. And when the good doctor also disappears, the locals sense that the Benders may be farming more than wheat. With the sheriff circling and insanity afoot, America's first serial killing family must decide what to do with their latest harvest in a 19th century thriller that'll make your blood run cold.