In Therapy (2009)

A dissatisfied housewife (Llia Cabral) discusses her problems with a therapist.

House of a Thousand Candles (1936)

An English diplomat's (Phillips Holmes) girlfriend (Mae Clarke) tags along as he takes a coded message to Geneva.

The Duel (2000)

Two swordsmen (Andy Lau, Dior Cheng Yee-Kin) must battle at a palace after a failed coup against the emperor.

In Your Image (2004)

Mathilde has never fully recovered from the loss of her child but eventually marries Thomas in the hope of starting a new life. She has no idea the daughter that she and Thomas are raising is actually a genetic clone of herself.

Twist (1992)

Filmmaker Ron Mann chronicles the '50s and '60s dance craze and its stars, like singer Chubby Checker.

Give Out, Sisters (1942)

Three singing sisters lead everyone to believe that they're high-class society girls.

Desert Kickboxer (1992)

An Indian lawman (John Haymes Newton) retreats to the desert and fights border drug dealers with his martial arts.

It Rains on Our Love (1946)

After they miss a train, Maggi and David spend the night together and soon move into a rental home to fend off meddling neighbors and authorities.

Pleure pas la bouche pleine (1973)

A 16-year-old girl feels detached from her family, which consists of a grumpy father, a loving mother, a 12-year-old sister and a 19-year-old brother.

Kill Cruise (1990)

Two British beauties (Patsy Kensit, Elizabeth Hurley) go to Barbados with a yacht captain (Jrgen Prochnow) who does not know what he's in for.

Girl From Mandalay (1936)

An English planter (Conrad Nagel) in Burma marries a cabaret performer (Kay Linaker) in tiger country.

Haunted Office (2002)

In three interconnected stories, a mysterious woman in white heralds strange occurrences in a Hong Kong office building.

Forged Passport (1939)

An undercover avenger (Paul Kelly) busts smugglers of aliens on the Tijuana border.

The Gay Vagabond (1941)

A meek little man finds that people are confusing him with his sophisticated, world-traveling twin brother.

Go Get 'Em, Haines (1936)

A journalist (William Boyd) finds intrigue while investigating a story aboard a ship.

Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939)

Angry about newspaper articles by Torchy Blane (Glenda Farrell) accusing him of taking bribes in collusion with the mayor, Dr. Dolan (John Miljan) withdraws advertising revenue from her paper. Undaunted, Torchy convinces Hubert Ward (Irving Bacon), the editor of an independent paper, to publish them. When Ward, who is running as a reform mayoral candidate, is murdered, Torchy's fianc, detective Steve McBride (Barton MacLane), nominates Torchy to run for mayor, and she accepts the challenge.

Business and Pleasure (1932)

A Midwestern businessman (Will Rogers) and his family encounter a shifty psychic and dangerous locals while on a vacation to the Middle East.

Funny Man (1994)

In a poker game, a record producer (Benny Young) wins a haunted house from a mysterious man (Christopher Lee).

Caldonia (1945)

Singer Louis Jordan and his band perform "Buzz Me," the title tune and other numbers in the story of an entertainer who is tempted by the promise of a film career.

Stuck to Your Pillow (2012)

After dying in a tragic accident, a man comes back as a ghost and vows to win back his now-remarried wife.

Call It Luck (1934)

A London cabbie who won the sweepstakes is tricked into buying an old cavalry horse that he mistakenly believes is the blood brother of a racing champion.

Rain or Shine (1930)

Mary Rainey (Joan Peers) inherits the slumping Rainey Circus from her late father and faces an uphill battle to keep the show on the road. She's aided endlessly by the circus's manager, "Smiley" Johnson (Joe Cook), a vaudevillian talker whose verbiage is matched only by his endless enthusiasm. When workers conspire to take over the circus themselves and stage a strike, Smiley puts on a one-man circus hoping to make enough cash so that Mary won't go broke.

Camera Shy (1930)

A rambunctious visitor (Lloyd Hamilton) to a movie set regales the crew with personal stories that he believes would make good films.

Modern Girls (1986)

Clifford (Clayton Rohner) manages to score a date with beautiful party girl Kelly (Virginia Madsen) despite his lack of social skills. But, when he drives over to her place, she's a no-show. Clifford does not have long to lament this development, as Kelly's roommates (Cynthia Gibb, Daphne Zuniga) convince him to drive them through Los Angeles. Ostensibly a search for Kelly, their journey becomes transformed into a wild joyride through the city's nightlife.

Mariana, Mariana (1987)

A young student falls in love with the best friend of her mother, feeling that is discovered by his teachers.

Don Quintin the Bitter (1935)

A businessman abandons his family and reunites with his daughter on his deathbed.

The Fighting Code (1934)

The death of a young woman's father puts a cowboy on the trail of a killer.

Fighting Fury (1934)

An extraordinary dog and a lovely white stallion help trap outlaws.

Love Story (1981)

Two young lovers (Vijayata Pandit, Kumar Gaurav) run away to elope after their parents decide to oppose their relationship.

Ganga Zumba (1963)

In 17th-century South America, plantation slaves revolt against their cruel owners in a bid for freedom.

Frog Song (2005)

Akemi (Konatsu) leaves her cheating husband and befriends Kyoko (Rinako Hirasawa), a sexually unbridled woman who hooks for extra cash, and is introduced to a new world of sensual experiences.

Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World (2010)

An underwater journey through the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous periods.

Dracula's Fiancee (2002)

A professor and his protege track Dracula through parallel universes and find an odd order of nuns, which is holding a young woman captive so she can marry the vampire.

The Fighting Ranger (1948)

A bold Texas Ranger sets off on the trail of a band of ruthless outlaws.

Twice a Judas (1969)

A wealthy amnesiac becomes aware of a con man's attempts to kill off his family and separate him from his estate.

The Rats of Tobruk (1944)

Anzacs wage a long and courageous resistance to Nazi invasion during World War II.

Gilda (1980)

Directed by acclaimed filmmaker Mike Nichols, this documentary presents beloved comedienne Gilda Radner in a live performance. Exuding manic energy, Radner launches into routines that feature her renowned characters from "Saturday Night Live," most notably the wacky Roseanne Roseannadanna. The concert also includes other amusing comedic bits by Radner such as "Honey (Touch Me with My Clothes On)" as well as a guest appearance by Father Guido Sarducci (Don Novello).

Satan in High Heels (1962)

A married stripper flees to New York and has an affair with her boss and his son.

Wrestling for Jesus: The Tale of T-Money (2011)

A man from rural South Carolina tries to overcome the demons from his past by starting a Christian professional wrestling league.

The Fighting Rookie (1934)

A condemned cop redeems himself by exposing a gang of underworld crooks.

All About Women (2008)

A doctor (Zhou Xun), a beautiful executive (Kitty Zhang) and a rock singer (Kwai Lun-mei) search for love in Beijing.

The Wolves (1972)

In 1923, Japanese mobsters Seiji Iwahashi (Tatsuya Nakadai) and Gunjiro Ozeki (Noboru And) are arrested in the midst of a violent gang battle. Four years after their conviction, there is a regime change in Japan, and the new emperor pardons many prisoners, including Iwahashi and Ozeki. When they reunite with their former associates, they find that the criminal codes they live by have been abolished. Worse, their gang has deadly new leaders who don't take kindly to Iwahashi's mistrust of change.

The Dream and the Silence (2012)

After a couple have a terrible car accident that kills their daughter, the father awakes from a coma with no memory of his deceased daughter.

Fighting Thoroughbreds (1939)

A simple stableboy works long and hard to become a very wealthy man.

Space Dogs (2010)

A circus dog and a stray become the world's most famous canine cosmonauts.

Land (2010)

Three American men set up a business in Nicaragua and get into trouble when the Sandinistas come to power.

Sirocco (1938)

A reformed prostitute (Viviane Romance) ditches her irresponsible husband and becomes involved with a wealthy archaeologist.

Heart of Arizona (1938)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) helps an ex-convict rancher guard her cattle from rustlers.

The Fascist (1965)

A staunch fascist soldier, Primo Arcovazzi (Ugo Tognazzi) is charged with escorting captured dissident professor Erminio Bonafe (Georges Wilson) from the Italian countryside back to Rome. Their journey, however, does not go as planned, particularly when a mischievous girl named Lisa (Stefania Sandrelli) causes Arcovazzi's motorcycle to crash. As their situation goes from bad to worse, Arcovazzi and Bonafe develop a sense of mutual respect, despite their vast ideological differences.

Pourvu que ça dure (1995)

Two motorcyclists from the police force try to protect a deputy mayor.

2012: Mayan Prophecy and the Shift of the Ages (2009)

An investigation of the doomsday prophecy and the predicted beginning of a new historical cycle.

Madame X (1920)

A French diplomat's (William Courtleigh) fallen wife (Pauline Frederick) stands trial for murder, defended by her son (Casson Ferguson) who does not know her.

Daal Mein Kuch Kaala Hai (2012)

The ambition of a budding actress (Veena Malik) to become a star attracts the attention of a newly rich man.

The Best Things in the World (2010)

Together with friends, a paulistan teenager lives situations where fears, pressure to succeed, and family relationship are manifested intensely.

Puzzle (2006)

Criminals regroup after a botched bank heist to figure out what went wrong.

Affairs of a Model (1946)

A woman (Maj-Britt Nilsson) who poses for artists falls for a talented sculptor (Alf Kjellin) who sees her only as the perfect model.

White Trash (1992)

Young male hustlers (John Hartman, Sean Christiansen) and a pregnant hooker (Periel Marr) try to survive on the streets of Hollywood.

Alabama's Ghost (1973)

A nightclub employee contends with vampires, Nazis and a robot doppelganger after he assumes the mantle of a master magician.

All Men Are Apes (1965)

A promiscuous young woman finds success as a professional stripper and goes bananas for her hairy erotic-dance partner.

Leap of Faith (2009)

Four families take a leap of faith and start the process of converting into Orthodox Jews. Some of their friends and family think they are courageous and others think it is absurd.

In and Out of Planet Earth (2008)

Thinking he killed someone, a man (Mark Joseph) jumps into a river to drown himself but instead has a surreal underwater experience.

Mardock Scramble: Second Combustion (2011)

Dr. Easter rescues Rune Balot, and she recovers in Paradise, a high-tech laboratory where the Scramble 09 protocol originated. After a fierce battle, Rune and the doctor decide that it's time to take the fight to the enemy.

A Guerra dos Rocha (2008)

Three siblings are constantly fighting over who should care for their elderly mother.

Time Bomb (1984)

A terrorist (Morgan Fairchild) and her gang target an armored truck taking weapons-grade plutonium across Texas.

The Idiot (1951)

In post-World War II Japan, childlike veteran Kinji (Masayuki Mori) suffers from post-traumatic stress-induced seizures, and, after treatment at a mental health institution in Okinawa, he returns to his hometown. There he meets and becomes romantically caught up with two women -- Taeko (Setsuko Hara) and Ayako (Yoshiko Kuga). Another man, Denkichi (Toshir Mifune), is passionately in love with Taeko, too. So when Kinji begins favoring Taeko, a violent conflict erupts between the two men.

Father's Wild Game (1950)

An irate citizen decides to trap his own game rather than pay outrageous store prices for meat.

Wonderwall (1969)

Absent-minded professor Oscar Collins (Jack MacGowran), studying in his charmless apartment, is bothered by loud music from the flat next door. Peeking through a tiny crack in the wall, he discovers a gorgeous young model, Penny Lane (Jane Birkin), and becomes obsessed with her and her swinging hippie lifestyle. In surreal fantasy sequences, he imagines doing battle with Penny's gauche photographer boyfriend (Iain Quarrier) for her hand. George Harrison provides the period soundtrack.

Pseudo: Blood of Our Own (2012)

A veteran detective takes the law into his own hands and conducts a series of raids with his friends. Trouble arises when they turn on one another and begin a game of cat and mouse.

King Arthur: The Young Warlord (1975)

Brave Arthur (Oliver Tobias) unites ancient tribes of Britons against sixth-century Saxon invaders.

Van Veeteren: Münsters Fall (2005)

A lawman (Sven Wollter) investigates the stabbing death of a wealthy wine merchant.

It Shouldn't Happen to a Dog (1946)

An editorial prank puts a newsman (Allyn Joslyn) on a case with a detective (Carole Landis) and her Doberman pinscher.

Alter Egos (2004)

Documentary filmmaker Laurence Green goes behind the scenes to show the making of Chris Landreth's "Ryan," a computer-animated short film based on the life of acclaimed Canadian animator Ryan Larkin, who went from being nominated for an Academy Award in 1969 to being a homeless alcoholic addicted to drugs. Interviews with Landreth show the process behind the creation of "Ryan," and interviews with Larkin himself shine light on the troubles he faced, and on his road to redemption.

Finnegans Wake (1965)

In this inventive attempt to bring to the big screen James Joyce's "unfilmable" final masterpiece, which circles through the dreams and subconscious of a man over the course of one night, characters read passages from the novel itself. With visual and other stylistic devices -- some readings are accompanied by subtitles and occasionally the film switches into animation -- this experimental work offers an accessible entry point into a difficult text.

Gun Crazy: Traitor's Rhapsody (2003)

A policewoman (Kasumi Nakane) seeks revenge against the terrorists who killed her partner.

At the End of the Rainbow (1965)

After playing hooky from school and getting lost in the woods, a boy uses a leprechaun's magic gold coins to bestow good fortune upon the many strange characters he meets.

Hard Revenge Milly (2008)

A grieving woman (Miki Mizuno) uses a sword to dispatch the vicious gangsters who killed her family.

Attack of the Jungle Women (1959)

Land developers looking to build a highway through the wilds of Central America encounter fierce opposition from a tribe of savage female natives.


When a crime reporter witnesses a murder, she attempts to find out why it happened.

Babes in the Goods (1934)

Two women (Thelma Todd, Patsy Kelly) hired to demonstrate washing machines in a department-store window get locked in overnight.

My Wild Irish Rose (1947)

In this musical, Chauncey Olcott (Dennis Morgan) -- a character based on the real-life 19th-century singer-songwriter -- starts off as a minstrel show performer, but his life and career completely change when singer Lillian Russell (Andrea King) gives him a starring role in a Broadway show. Olcott's girlfriend, Rose (Arlene Dahl), gets jealous, suspecting an affair. But in spite of his relationship battles, Olcott's star rises with a series of ballads, including the title track.

One (1998)

One is the dramatic story of two young men whose friendship deteriorates as their lives take different directions. Following his release from prison, Charlie moves in with his best friend, Nick, a once promising baseball player, whose career was unexpectedly cut short when he assaulted his manager. As Charlie discovers his inherent self-worth by committing to a job, college and even love, Nick descends on a path that leads to frustration and failure.

Fired Wife (1943)

A woman at a radio station hides her marriage from the boss, but her husband decides to tell all.


Star-crossed lovers are meant to be together despite being promised to other people.

Bad Luck Blackie (1949)

A black cat with the ability to bestow bad luck protects a small kitten from a mean-spirited bulldog.

Balkan Powder Keg (1944)

Romania, Bulgaria and other Balkan nations undergo political and social upheaval during World War II.

The Ballad of Paducah Jail (1934)

Kentucky humorist Irvin S. Cobb hunts for an escaped felon, but the tables are turned when the criminal nabs him instead.

Going Down in LA-LA Land (2011)

Friendships sustain people living in Hollywood and help them deal with the celebrity-obsessed culture.

Chinese Midnight Express II (1999)

A rookie prison guard and an inmate band together against a brutal jailer who raped the inmate's sister.

Billy the Kid Outlawed (1940)

He's (Bob Steele) a good-guy six-shooter who must catch an outlaw to clear himself.

Merce Cunningham: A Lifetime of Dance (2000)

The work of Merce Cunningham in the dance world.

Flame of the West (1945)

A civic-minded physician from a small town in the West helps uproot crooked town officials.

All Our Desires (2011)

A young magistrate fights for justice in a corrupt system while losing a battle against brain cancer.

The Missing Juror (1944)

A newsman (Jim Bannon) tracks down a phantom killer of murder-trial jurors.

The Nativity (1978)

The biblical story of Mary (Madeleine Stowe) and Joseph (John Shea) is retold from the months leading up to the first Christmas.

Black Fury (1953)

A naturalist leads a group of hunters as they pursue a rogue bear through Georgia's Okefenokee Swamp.

The Lost Romance (1921)

A couple with a rocky marriage reconcile after the kidnapping of their child.

Black Starlet (1974)

An aspiring actress (Juanita Brown) from Gary, Ind., must first navigate Hollywood's sleazy streets before achieving fame and fortune.

Painless (2012)

An asylum tries to rehabilitate children who feel no pain by teaching them physical suffering.

Sons of the Clouds (2012)

A history of Western Sahara's colonization shows its effects on the 200,000 people forced to live in refugee camps.

Get Hep to Love (1942)

A hired detective must locate a musical prodigy who has left her aunt to take a much-needed vacation.