Neben den Gleisen (2017)

Versailles (2008)

Invisible Young (2012)

Natale A Rio (2008)

Natale a Rio (Christmas in Rio) is a 2008 Italian cinepanettone directed by Neri Parenti with Christian De Sica. In Italy this film has grossed 24.678.792 €. This is the third film starring De Sica without mate Massimo Boldi, his shoulder of honor in these films that make up the saga of Italian "cinepanettoni". In fact, in 2006 they were separated in film roles following a dispute.

Het Doet Zo Zeer (2017)

The Last Of Us (2017)

The Last of Us is a 2016 Tunisian drama film directed by Ala Eddine Slim. It was selected as the Tunisian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 90th Academy Awards, but it was not nominated.

Bambou (2009)

De Zevende Hemel (2016)

Another Forever (2016)

The 40-year-old Alice (Daniela Escobar) has already suffered some bitter disappointments in her life. After a rough patch, her life seems to be falling apart and so she decides to take a long journey to re-arrange her life.

Rocky Mental (2017)

Rocky Mental is a non linear action/thriller about the rise of a boxing phenom who aspires for international glory but at the threshold of sporting stardom encounters infamy. It is the story of a star athlete whose belief in his own invincibility makes him disregard the lurking threats posed by his own abrasive personality. A series of targeted attacks on Rocky leave the once indomitable fighter in a deep depressive, semi delusional state. The perpetrators responsible for his losses, once revealed, ignite an unimaginable wrath in him. Rocky commits to retribution in characteristic flair, all along protecting those he has still left, and those he had once cared for.

Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey (2017)

Liza, Liza, Skies Are Grey is a coming-of-age, California motorcycle road trip teenage love story set in the tense summer of 1966. Against a backdrop of fear of the Bomb, the escalation of the War in Vietnam, Civil Rights protests and the Sexual Revolution, Liza and Brett escape up the Pacific coast to Big Sur and Monterrey to be alone and make love for the first time.

Elli Makra - 42277 Wuppertal (2008)

Robert Zimmermann Is Tangled Up In Love (2008)

Robert Zimmermann Is Tangled Up in Love (German: Robert Zimmermann wundert sich über die Liebe) is a 2008 German comedy film directed by Leander Haußmann.

Hitmakers: The Changing Face of the Music Industry (2014)

After Autumn (2007)

John Denver: Country Boy (2013)

Kingston Paradise (2013)

Rocksy, a small-time hustler, journeys into chaos stealing a car while his lady friend Rosie hangs a watercolor painting in their modest room and dreams of peace. The fight for their dreams and aspirations forces them to commit a crime that changes their lives forever. Shot on the streets of Kingston, where poverty, beauty and desperation collide, this Jamaican story transcends its island locale to become a universal story of people whose hardships seems to trap them in a life where reckless acts appear the only road to an elusive better life.

Massacre Mafia Style (1974)

Italian-American actor and nightclub singer Duke Mitchell wrote, produced, directed and starred in this homemade answer to THE GODFATHER, self-financed with earnings from his career as the self-proclaimed "Mr. Palm Springs." Previously known for his Martin and Lewis act with Sammy Petrillo as seen in BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA, Duke plays the ruthless son of a Mafia kingpin who blasts his way through Hollywood on a bloody crime spree. Promising "more guts, more action, more dynamite" than the Mario Puzo gangster classic, MASSACRE MAFIA STYLE delivers an onslaught of low-budget mayhem unlike anything you've ever seen. Grindhouse Releasing proudly presents the definitive release of the most violent movie ever made!

Body Strokes (1995)

O Ultimo Voo Do Flamingo (2010)

JLS - Eyes Wide Open (2011)

Tiresia (2003)

Tiresia is a 2003 French film directed by Bertrand Bonello and written by Bonello and Luca Fazzi. Based on the legend of Tiresias, it tells of a transsexual who is kidnapped by a man and left to die in the woods. She is then saved by a family and receives the gift of telling the future. The film stars Laurent Lucas, Clara Choveaux, Thiago Telès and Célia Catalifo. Tiresia was nominated for the Palme d'Or at the 2003 Cannes Film Festival.

bestefreunde (2015)

Les Têtes de l'emploi (2016)

Stéphane, Cathy and Thierry are the best employees at the unemployment agency in their city. But their results are so good that the agency will have to close! The three colleagues then have the crazy idea of creating unemployment to save their jobs.

Fuori Mira (2014)

The Treasure of Lake Kaban (2013)

Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter (2015)

Boonie Bears: Mystical Winter is a 2015 Chinese animated family adventure comedy film directed by Ding Liang and Liu Fuyuan. It was released on January 30, 2015.Though being criticized by some Chinese for its similarity to Walt Disney's Frozen.

Rip Van Winkle (1978)

Maria Mafiosi (2017)

Duck Dreams: The Duck Dynasty Story (2013)

Ciel Rouge (2017)

Vietnam - 1946. Philippe is committed to pacifying an unknown country made of dense forests and spectacular mountains. His ideals collapse when he realizes that he must torture and kill a Vietnamese youth who is fighting for her independence. He decides to flee with her on an unpredictable journey to the heart of the jungle. Left to their own devices, they will discover who they are. This film is the story of their love.

My Lai Four (2010)

Proteger Et Servir (2010)

Bennett's War (2019)

After surviving an IED explosion in combat overseas, Marshall Bennett, played by Michael Roark, a young soldier in the Army Ranger Motorcycle Unit is medically discharged and told that one more accident could mean he may never walk again. When he gets home to his family farm, he discovers that his dad, played by Trace Adkins, is behind in the mortgage and may lose the farm. Against all odds, Bennett pledges to help his family by the only means he knows get back on his bike and do what he does best.

Bolshoi Ballet: The Nutcracker (2016)

As the clock strikes midnight on Christmas Eve, Marie’s wooden nutcracker doll comes to life and transforms into a prince! Soon joined by her other toys that have also come to life, Marie and her prince embark on a dreamy unforgettable adventure. A holiday tradition for the whole family, The Nutcracker enchants the Bolshoi stage for two hours of enchantment and magic. Along with Tchaikovsky’s cherished score and and some of the Bolshoi’s greatest artists, The Nutcracker remains a treasure not to be missed!

VeggieTales: Twas the Night Before Easter (2011)

Fantastic Fungi (2018)

Fantastic Fungi, directed by Louie Schwartzberg, is a consciousness-shifting film that takes us on an immersive journey through time and scale into the magical earth beneath our feet, an underground network that can heal and save our planet. Through the eyes of renowned scientists and mycologists like Paul Stamets, best-selling authors Michael Pollan, Eugenia Bone, Andrew Weil and others, we become aware of the beauty, intelligence and solutions the fungi kingdom offer us in response to some of our most pressing medical, therapeutic, and environmental challenges.

The Fly (1967)

The Fly is a 1980 Hungarian animated short film. It is unrelated to the 1958 film of the same name or to its 1986 remake.

Pinfall: A Professional Wrestling Documentary (2011)

Stella and the Star of the Orient (2008)

50 Million Frenchmen (1931)

The melodies of “You’ve Got That Thing” and “You Do Something to Me” lace the soundtrack; but Hollywood did something to the screen version of the Cole Porter musical Fifty Million Frenchmen: It dropped the songs! At the time; moviegoers frowned on song-and-dance vehicles; so the studio-tinkered result was a frantic contraption of nonstop jokes; sassy pre-Code double entendres and the antics of vaudeville/radio stars Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson. The slender plot concerns a $50,000 bet that love-struck American-in-Paris Jack Forbes (William Gaxton repeating his Broadway role) can woo and wed the alluring LuLu (Claudia Dell) without his wealth. But the sidebars are more fun: Helen Broderick as a randy tourist who wants to be “insulted’; the mischief of Olsen and Johnson (leading the Paris police on a madcap Keystone Kops-like finale chase) and a briefly seen Bela Lugosi as a magician mystic denied his chance to perform. Not to worry for Bela: Fifty Million Frenchmen shared its 1931 opening day with another opus called Dracula; and the rest is history. Vive le Hollywood!

Que baje Dios y lo vea (2018)

GOD DOWN AND SEE YOU tells the story of a bankrupt monastery, whose only chance of salvation lies in winning the "Champion Clerum", a European football tournament for the religious only. The problem is the congregation does not play football "nor does God" and this unexpected team will need more than the blessing of the Archbishop of the diocese to save it’s house.

Lausbubengeschichten (1964)

A Very Very Beautiful Love Story (2010)

Ho Ucciso Napoleone (2015)

I Killed Napoléon (Italian: Ho ucciso Napoleone) is a 2015 black comedy film written and directed by Giorgia Farina and starring Micaela Ramazzotti.

Maybe, Baby! (2018)

The Mystery of the Third Planet (1981)

The Mystery of the Third Planet, aka The Secret of the Third Planet is a 1981 Soviet traditionally animated feature film directed by Roman Kachanov and produced by the Soyuzmultfilm studio in Moscow. It is based on a children's science fiction novella "Alice's Travel" by Kir Bulychev, from Alisa (Alice) Selezneva book series.

Der Freischütz (1999)

Dispatches From The Gulf (2016)

Happy Burnout (2017)

Italians (2009)

Italians is a 2009 Italian comedy film written and directed by Giovanni Veronesi. For this film Paolo Buonvino won the Silver Ribbon for best score. the film also received three nominations at David di Donatello for best score, best sound and best special effects.

Die Eisbombe (2008)

Harissa Mon Amour (2013)

Real Ghosts UK (2010)

Ediths Glocken - Der Film (2016)

Unsettled Land (1987)

Unsettled Land (Hebrew: החולמים‎, lit. The Dreamers; also known as Once We Were Dreamers) is a 1987 Israeli drama directed by Uri Barbash. The film premiered in the International Competition at the Tokyo International Film Festival and was selected to be shown at the Israel Film Festival in New York. It also won awards for Best Cinematography (Amnon Salomon) and Best Art Direction (Eitan Levy) at the Israel Film Center.

Friede Freude Eierkuchen (2012)

Luks Gluck (2012)

Wintergast (2015)

National Theatre Live: A Streetcar Named Desire (2014)

Monkey King (2016)

Espiritismo (1962)

Sushi In Suhl (2012)

Room 314 (2008)

Par instinct (2017)

At the height of her career as a lawyer, Lucie goes on a business trip to Morocco, away from her husband. Arriving in Tangier, she is struck by the chaotic bubbling of this city where everything seems to be able to happen. When, from nowhere, a Nigerian teenager entrusts her baby and asks her to protect him, she is completely confused. In the slums of the city, Lucie will however seek to save this girl.

Day (2009)

Une histoire banale (2014)

Une histoire banale is a 2014 French drama film written, produced and directed by Audrey Estrougo. It tells the story of Nathalie, a young woman who works in the health care industry and whose life takes an abrupt turn during an encounter with a co-worker on a fateful evening. The film was made on a €8,000 budget which was raised through crowdfunding. Filming took place in Estrougo's flat over a period of three weeks.

Jargo (2004)

Jargo is a 2004 coming of age film about a young man who experiences culture shock from moving from Saudi Arabia to Germany. The film premiered at the Berlin International Film Festival and won two awards at the Sarajevo Film Festival. It was directed by Maria Solrun.

A Thousand Fools (2011)

Delibal (2015)

The Smashing Pumpkins Oceania: Live in NYC (2013)

Lil Jon: Unauthorized (2005)

Patterns of Evidence: The Moses Controversy (2019)

Rocked by questions about his faith, award-winning investigative filmmaker Timothy Mahoney seeks scientific evidence that Moses actually wrote the first books of the Bible—despite the skepticism of mainstream scholars. Since the Bible claims that Moses was the author of one of the greatest stories in the entire Bible—the Israelites’ Exodus out of Egypt and their journey to Mt Sinai where Moses received the Ten Commandments from God—Mahoney realizes that the question of Moses’ ability to write its first books impacts the credibility of the entire Bible. The Patterns of Evidence team returns with a brand-new examination: The Moses Controversy. This nationwide cinema event also includes an exclusive panel discussion hosted by Todd Starnes, who is joined by Michael Medved, Os Guinness, A. R. Bernard, and Mahoney.

Home in the Ice (2013)

Alone With You (2013)

Brooklyn Sonnet (2000)

Take a walk on the seamy side of town, where you can't tell the difference between the bad cops and the crooks. Bob Holt (Chris Penn), a corrupt detective knee deep in kickbacks, has an uneasy partnership with a drug-addicted cop (SHAFT'S Jeffrey Wright) and an even shakier alliance with a notorious mob syndicate. When Holt pours the youngest mob brother (Anthony De Sando) into a cement freeway structure, it sets in motion a twisted tale of revenge.

Blood Predator (2007)

Big Apple Circus: Metamorphosis (2014)

WWII From Space (2012)

Willkommen Bei Habib (2014)

Das Dunkle Gen (2015)

Sputnik Mania (2007)

Lessons from a School Shooting: Notes from Dunblane (2018)

Two priests -- one from Dunblane, Scotland, the other from Newtown, Connecticut -- bond over school tragedies that occurred 16 years apart.

Dexter the Dragon & Bumble the Bear (1983)

The Dragon That Wasn't is a 1983 Dutch film written and directed by Harrie Geelen, Bjørn Frank Jensen and Bert Kroon. Based on the comic strip Tom Poes, created by Marten Toonder, this was the first animated feature produced in the Netherlands.

Behind Closed Doors (2016)

The Double Steps (2011)

Blow Horn (2010)

Dario Argento's Phantom of the Opera (1998)

The Phantom of the Opera (Italian: Il fantasma dell'opera) is a 1998 Italian horror film directed by Dario Argento, adapted from the novel Le Fantôme de l'Opéra by Gaston Leroux. However, there are many differences between the book and the film (the biggest being that the Phantom is not disfigured).

Spirit of Love: The Mike Glenn Story (2014)

Between Two Worlds (2016)

Inbred Rednecks (2001)

Eloise (2009)

Eloïse's Lover (original Catalan title: Eloïse) is a 2009 Catalan-language Spanish film directed by Jesús Garay.

Trevor Noah: Son Of Patricia (2018)

'Daily Show' host Trevor Noah touches on tacos, runaway snakes, camping, racism immunity and lessons he learned from his mother in this comedy special.

Outside The Box (2016)

Alter Und Schonheit (2009)

Once a Year (2012)

Piet Piraat En Het Zeemonster (2013)

County Kilburn (2000)

County Kilburn is a 2000 British comedy film directed by Elliot Hegarty and starring Ciarán McMenamin, Rick Warden and John Bowe.

You Are the Apple of My Eye (2011)

You Are the Apple of My Eye (Chinese: 那些年,我們一起追的女孩, literally "Those Years, The Girl We Went After Together") is a 2011 Taiwanese romance film. It is based on the semi-autobiographical novel of the same name by Taiwanese author Giddens Ko, who also made his directorial debut with the film. The film stars Ko Chen-tung as Ko Ching-teng, a prankster and a mischievous student who eventually becomes a writer. Michelle Chen stars as Shen Chia-yi, an honor student who is very popular amongst the boys in her class. You Are the Apple of My Eye was filmed almost entirely on location in Changhua County, including at the high school which Giddens attended. The lyrics of "Those Years", the film's main theme, were written by Giddens. The song, which was well received by the public, was nominated for Best Original Film Song at the 48th Golden Horse Awards. The film's world premiere was at the 13th Taipei Film Festival on 25 June 2011, and it was subsequently released in Taiwanese cinemas on 19 August. Well received by film critics, the movie set box-office records in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Ko Chen-tung won the Best New Performer award at the Golden Horse Awards for his role in the film.

Carl Jackson's Strong Black Woman (2013)