The Land of Many Palaces (2015)

In Ordos, China, a government official has to convince thousands of farmers to relocate to cities to modernize the region.

Divided by Diversity (2016)

Five young men from the Bronx are met with community resistance after being accepted as students and star players on a high school basketball team.

Crazy Legs Conti: Zen And The Art Of Competitive Eating (2004)

After winning an oyster eating contest, a man decides to dedicate himself to fulfilling his dream of becoming a professional competitive eater.

Oriental Evil (1951)

A woman (Martha Hyer) goes looking for her brother, who disappeared while operating a small export business in Japan.

Chasing Bubbles (2016)

Alex Rust abandons his life in Chicago to sail around the world.

Dr. Cheapskate (2016)

A lonely doctor (Ray Rosales), fresh off a divorce from a gold-digging ex-wife, takes penny-pinching to the extreme until a former classmate (Scott Dean) forces him to get back in the dating game.

Devils, Angels & Dating (2012)

Cupid, Devil and Death antagonize mortals and find themselves in a love triangle.

Committed (2012)

Howie Mandel points a camera at his friend Vic Cohen for 13 years, documenting his dogged determination to make it in showbiz.

Search and Rescue (2014)

Estranged half brothers search the wilderness for their missing father.

Nanha Farishta (1969)

Criminals Govind (Pran), Joseph (Ajit) and Nazir (Anwar Hussain) break into a house, kill the head of the household and kidnap a young girl, Gita (Baby Rani). With the police on their trail, the trio tries to remain inconspicuous. Gita soon wins the gang over with charm, but then she grows seriously sick and convinces the men to summon her governess, Gauri (Padmini). Fearing for Gita's life, Gauri begs the men to find a doctor, but the murderers are reluctant to risk being arrested.

Samurai The Warrior (2010)

A young man relocates to a village, where he falls in love with a girl who is tormented by her father. Soon, a landlord decides to help the young man in his quest for love.

Moonstalker (1989)

A family of crazed killers hunts a group of young campers.

The Speak (2011)

A crew that films paranormal occurrences tries to create a web series by performing a ritual in a haunted hotel but it isn't prepared for the spirits that are unleashed.

Finding John Smith (2012)

A young Iraqi girl escapes to America with two journalists after her mother is killed in a bombing. The reporters help her search for her father, whom she has never met, but they have only his name -- John Smith.

The Girl (2011)

A girl barely survives her mother's attempt to murder her, then several years later, she is raped. Her painful childhood memories turn her into a murderous freak who kills everyone she comes across.

Padatik (1973)

A Naxalite revolutionary escapes police custody and begins to question his beliefs whilst hiding out in a luxury apartment.

Fort Osage (1952)

A scout (Rod Cameron) leads a wagon train through territory made hostile by a violated treaty.

Wakaliwood: The Documentary (2012)

Isaac Godfrey Geoffrey Nabwana single-handedly creates action films at his home in the slums of Wakaliga, Uganda.

The Spaniard's Curse (1958)

A wrongly convicted man invokes a deadly curse on the judge (Michael Hordern) and jury who sent him to prison.

Pass the Gravy (1928)

Feuding neighbors Schultz and Davidson make peace when their children become engaged, but the rivalry is sure to revive once Schultz discovers thatDavidson's son killed his prized rooster for supper.

Accident On Hill Road (2009)

After Sonam ends up killing Prakash, a pedestrian, in a car accident, she brings his body home. She takes her boyfriend's help to dispose of the body, but they face some challenges.

The Secret of Nikola Tesla (1980)

Based on the life of the Yugoslavian electrical engineer who introduced the concept of alternating current.

Telethon (1977)

A fading comic (Red Buttons) puts his career on the line as the host of a lavish TV fundraiser, subject to Las Vegas intrigue.

Superclásico (2011)

Christian travels to Buenos Aires to win his wife back from a younger and buffer man.

Diving Into the Unknown (2016)

After an accident in an underwater cave, the survivors risk their own lives to bring the bodies of their friends to the surface.

Poisonous Women (1993)

The chaotic life of a sex therapist, including his nymphomaniac sister-in-law.

Herencia asesina (2007)

Two police officers are commissioned to catch brothers who intend to move a substantial shipment of diamonds on the border with Guatemala.

Un lío en dólares (2014)

A bachata singer travels to New York for a better life, and ends up impersonating a famous painter.

Basic Sanitation: The Movie (2007)

Brazilian villagers make a sci-fi movie about their sewage problems.

5 Ways 2 Die (2014)

A man considers the different ways to die and tries to find the ideal method.

China's 3Dreams (2014)

A parable of China in the 21st century.

Hunting Flies (2017)

After losing his job on the first day of school, an idealistic teacher attempts to get rehired by locking his students in the classroom and forcing them to resolve a long-standing feud between their villages.

Generation Revolution (2016)

Black and brown activists work to change the political landscape in London.

Miss Kicki (2009)

A mother and son have conflicts during a visit to Taiwan.

Hiraasat (1987)

A police officer has two sons - one who follows in his footsteps, the other who leads a life of crime.

The Day of the Cat (2010)

A statesman must overcome plots and intrigue during his last two days in office.

Kuchhe Dhaage (1973)

After a man is sentenced to be hanged, his wife swears she will raise their child to hunt down and kill the man who betrayed him.

Anna in Kung Fu Land (2003)

A martial artist (Miriam Yeung) discovers that the advertising agent (Ekin Cheng) she has been dating already has a girlfriend.

Viktor und Viktoria (1933)

Susanne impersonates men on stage and is discovered by an agent who thinks she really is a man.

Weekend with My Mother (2009)

A woman (Medeea Marinescu) tries to reconnect with her daughter (Adela Popescu) after moving away years earlier.

Heart Breaks Open (2011)

The world of an activist and advocate implodes after he tests positive for HIV.

Candyman: The David Klein Story (2011)

The story of David Klein, who invented the Jelly Belly brand of jelly beans.

White of Winter (2003)

A troubled woman tracks down her former high-school sweetheart and convinces him to return to Montana with her and search for a child they may have had.

Zanzabuku (1956)

In this adventure documentary, filmmaker Lewis Cotlow takes a crew of cameramen to Africa where they experience the thrills and dangers of safari. Cotlow spends time with hunter Carl Hartley, who catches exotic animals for zoos around the world. Hartley shows the skill and patience required to capture wild species such as zebras, leopards, pythons and lions. Additionally, Cotlow and his crew frequently work closely with African tribesmen and other native peoples to film the elusive animals.

Adalen 31 (1969)

Kjell (Peter Schildt) works at a lumber mill in the town of dalen, Sweden. It's a sleepy, uneventful place until a strike is instated. Strike-breakers brought in from out of town are attacked by the local workers. The military is called in, and the strikers decide to stage a peaceful protest. But when troops open fire on the unarmed civilians, it sets off a string of events that will eventually lead to the overthrow of Sweden's Conservative government.

Burnface (2010)

Ramon Vila Capdevila wages a one-man war against a Franco regime.

Adorable Liar (1962)

Two carefree sisters flirt around Paris playing little games with others' feelings until love's meaning dawns on them.

The Adventures of Jane (1949)

A cartoon character comes to life and gets involved with smugglers.

P.O.V. (2009)

As bodies pile up, people search a damaged tape to find a killer.

The Herb of the Rat (2008)

A man has a strange relationship with animals and reacts to death.

Whatever Happened to Pink Floyd? The Strange Case of Waters and Gilmour (2011)

Interviews and archival footage give the history of the band.

One More Time (1970)

Charles Salt (Sammy Davis Jr.) and Christopher Pepper (Peter Lawford) are owners of a nightclub that is about to go under. The two seek help from Pepper's wealthy twin brother, Lord Sydney Pepper, who promptly denies them a loan. Undaunted, Pepper returns once more and finds his brother murdered. He chooses to view the untimely death as an opportunity, posing as his sibling to keep the club afloat -- except his brother was a diamond smuggler, and his accomplices are still after him.

The Cure (1917)

An alcoholic throws a health spa into chaos.

Convict 13 (1920)

A young golfer is mugged and foils a jailbreak.

The Presence (1992)

Mr. Moto is pressed into service by the government to halt a Puerto Rican diamond-smuggling operation.

Aballay (2010)

A man (Nazareno Casero) seeks revenge against the gang of gauchos that killed his father (Lautaro Delgado) 10 years earlier.

The American Soldier (1970)

A soldier returns home from Vietnam and is hired by crooked cops to kill a few crooks but things get complicated when one of the cop's girlfriend falls for him.

Makin' Baby (2002)

Michael and Alicia are newlyweds and life gets complicated when she wants to get pregnant and he gets discovered by a famous rapper.

Moloch Tropical (2009)

A ruler lives his final moments in Haiti as violence erupts.

Empires: Martin Luther (2002)

The life and work of the father of Protestantism.

Earth & Water (1999)

A young woman has an affair with a shepherd and decides not to tell him when she ends up pregnant.

Hare Conditioned (1945)

A department store manager tries to have Bugs stuffed for the taxidermy department.

Hysterical (1983)

A horror-movie spoof featuring a novelist in a haunted house and the vengeful ghost of a sea captain's mistress.

Home Movies (1980)

A cult guru (Kirk Douglas) urges a shy disciple (Keith Gordon) to make life a movie and be its star.

Las Manzanas de Dorotea (1957)

A rich man is hiding in his brother's ranch where he tries to discover the true feelings of his wife.

La india blanca (1982)

An Indian woman gives birth to a white girl, she grows up as a blonde and is despised because they don't believe that she's the daughter of her husband.

The Train (1970)

A policeman (Rajesh Khanna) investigates a crime syndicate that swindles jewelers.

Necropolis Awakened (2002)

A war veteran (Duke White) battles mutants that are taking over a town.

Watch Your Left (1936)

An untrained man fills in as a sparring partner for a boxer.

Love Is Colder Than Death (1970)

An independent hoodlum (Ulli Lommel) is ordered to kill his friend (Rainer Werner Fassbinder) by a crime syndicate.

Onechanbara: Bikini Samurai Squad (2008)

A sword-wielding woman (Eri Otoguro) slashes her way through a horde of zombies.

Mama/M.A.M.A. (2003)

Doctors accuse three mothers of deliberately hurting their children to garner attention.

Subotika: Land of Wonders (2015)

A commissioned promotional film on Subotika labels the little-known island as enchanting, with extraordinary sights, grand visions and a couple of minor problems.

The Duel of the Century (1981)

Liu Yung and Korean Venom Sun Chien team up to investigate the murder of a rival swordsman, unearthing a tangled deception, double-dealings and impostors along the way.

Murders in Batz (2015)

A crime scene cleaner is sent to an island in Brittany where the first murder in a century has been committed. When she becomes stranded with the gendarme of the island, they don't have a clue what will happen next.

Misguided Behavior (2017)

Kids cope with being teased, abused and dismissed daily by their so-called classmates.

Everything Is Falling (2013)

A young man faces a complex and painful decision when his childhood sweetheart unexpectedly develops schizophrenia.

The Emperor's New Clothes (1993)

A man and a boy make an imaginary suit for a vain emperor and say that it can be seen only by the wise.

The Emperor's New Clothes (1991)

Emperor Louis decides to celebrate his birthday by holding a competition, and offers a reward to the tailor who can design the finest outfit for him to wear during celebrations.

The Push (2018)

Two years after a debilitating accident, Grant Korgan becomes the first spinal cord injured athlete to actually push himself 100 miles to the geographic South Pole.

Kim Swims (2017)

A woman attempts a record-breaking 30-mile swim off the coast of San Francisco.

The Wild Pacific (2016)

The Pacific Ocean is the largest body of water on Earth. It is a vast ecosystem that is home to a stunning menagerie of creatures.

Logan's Syndrome (2016)

An artist who has an incredibly rare genetic disorder comes to terms with his disability through his bold art.

Sleep No More (2018)

Five graduate students try to prove that once a person goes 200 hours without sleep, sleep is not necessary. But as disturbing visions and violent impulses take hold, the experiment turns into a desperate fight for survival.

The Human Element (2019)

Photographer James Balog uses his camera to reveal how environmental change is affecting the lives of everyday Americans.

Family Life (2017)

In order to gain the sympathy of the single mother he has just met, a lonely man fabricates the existence of a vindictive ex-wife who is keeping his daughter away from him.

The First of Many (2017)

It's 1971 in Ann Arbor, Mich., Pamela, a bespectacled, student actress, goes to her first movie audition.

O Estacionamento (2016)

A parking lot attendant discovers that following a routine can be maddening.

Island (2017)

Four individuals experience the last year of their lives on an island. As the year unfolds, illness progresses, relationships gently shift, and viewers witness rarely seen and intensely private moments.

A Troubled City (2016)

After a boy is wrongfully accused of theft and murdered by a neighborhood store owner, the city is outraged and comes together to make a change that every hood in America would love to see.

Clara's Ultimate Christmas (2017)

A little girl's plans for a perfect Christmas go off the rails when her dad leaves on business and her dog runs away.

The Conductor (2017)

A French woman moves to London to work with a world-renowned conductor.

Night Thoughts (2015)

A drowning man has thoughts of life, death, love, anguish and despair.

The Cactus Kid (2000)

A boy fantasizes about robbing a bank in the style of his comic-book hero.

After the Dance (2015)

Filmmaker Daisy Asquith uncovers a family secret that is still causing shame and outrage in an insulated village in County Clare, Ireland.

Land Legs (2015)

Dom has to choose between being a commercial fisherman or keeping custody of his two children.

The Brooklyn Heist (2009)

Three criminal teams live in different movie genres.

Bridging The Gap (2013)

Members of the immensely popular Vienna Boys Choir perform and discuss what music and singing mean to them and others.

Murder in Soho (1939)

A London nightclub hostess (Sandra Storme) pretends to fall for the mobster (Jack LaRue) who killed her husband.

We Are the Indians (2005)

Filmmakers Philip Cox and Valeria Mapelman examine the culture of the Guaraní people of Argentina.