Je suis frigide... pourquoi? (1973)

I Am Frigid... Why? (French: Je suis frigide... pourquoi ?) is a 1972 French erotic film directed by Max Pécas.

Sitting on the Moon (1936)

Sitting on the Moon (1936) is an American musical film directed by Ralph Staub and released by Republic Pictures.

Ghost Light (2013)

Actors sneak into a theater at night to experience a ghost sighting.

Bob the Builder: Race to the Finish Movie (2008)

Bob the Builder and his crew build a sports stadium in an hour long movie.

Stage to Thunder Rock (1964)

Stage to Thunder Rock is a 1964 American Western film directed by William F. Claxton and written by Charles A. Wallace. The film stars Barry Sullivan, Marilyn Maxwell, Scott Brady, Lon Chaney Jr., Anne Seymour, John Agar and Wanda Hendrix. The film was released on November 10, 1964, by Paramount Pictures.

Tell It To A Star (1945)

Tell It to a Star is a 1945 American musical film directed by Frank McDonald and written by John K. Butler. The film stars Ruth Terry, Robert Livingston, Alan Mowbray, Franklin Pangborn, Isabel Randolph and Eddie Marr. The film was released on August 16, 1945, by Republic Pictures.

Capri You Love? (2007)

Hugo inherits the villa from his godfather, and Babette, another godchild, arrives to claim her inheritance. Along for the ride is Hugo's best friend Nestor (who attracts a female companion for the stay) who thinks Hugo would be crazy to sell the villa to fulfill his dream of owning a book store. Hugo's struggle to determine if he could live such a simple life is at the heart of the film, but the relationship between the four inadvertent roommates is really the focus. How they each try to make the other view the situation from their point of view allows the others to take a more compassionate approach to their decisions.

Thomas & Friends: Muddy Matters (2013)

This episode of Thomas & Friends tells the story of a train that must travel through the mud to complete a job. James, a train which has just been cleaned, needs to transport sheep to the fair for Farmer McColl's, while keeping the sheep clean and must take the fast track per the Farmer's request. James must choose between taking the clean or muddy track. This episode is rated G and the run times is about 10 minutes. The target age for this series is five and under. This episode was released in the United States on January 15th, 2013 and it was released on a DVD titled Thomas and Friends: Muddy Matters, including other short episodes.

Sins of the Father (1985)

A beautiful, young lawyer goes to work for a prestigious law firm and becomes involved with the philandering senior partner and his idealistic son.

Dark Power (2013)

FBI Agents John Archer (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Mila Driver (Kristanna Loken) work together to solve the murder of a crime-ridden city's mayor.

Summer City (1977)

Summer City also known as Coast of Terror is a 1977 Australian surfer film, filmed in Newcastle, Australia. The film also features (a then-unknown) Mel Gibson in his debut role.

Port City (2009)

The temperature is rising in Wilmington when a hit man is finding a new target in a trailer park, where secrets, lies, infidelities and betrayals boil to the surface.

Silver City Bonanza (1951)

Silver City Bonanza is a 1951 American Western film directed by George Blair and written by Robert Creighton Williams. The film stars Rex Allen, Buddy Ebsen, Mary Ellen Kay, Billy Kimbley, Alix Ebsen and Bill Kennedy. The film was released on March 1, 1951, by Republic Pictures.

White Creek (2014)

Family members, separated by class, try to remain together amid their valley being plunged into complete chaos.

Billy The Kid (2013)

A lone bounty hunter kills an outlaw gang member, and all hell breaks loose. When soon-to-be-legendary Billy the Kid’s mother is killed in the gang’s bloody retaliation, he is forced to team up with the mysterious bounty hunter to avenge the death of his mother. Soon, he’ll discover that his and the bounty hunter’s lives are fatefully entwined in this shoot-‘em-up tale of gun smoke and justice in the Old West.

April Morning (1988)

An adaptation of Howard Fast's 1961 novel about a teenage boy's coming of age on the eve of the American Revolution, when the Colonists made their stand on the Lexington green.

The Twilight Girls (1957)

A beautiful and sophisticated teenager tries to marry a composer, but her teachers try to stop her.

Career Girl (1944)

Career Girl is a 1944 American musical film directed by Wallace Fox and starring Frances Langford. It was PRC's answer to Columbia's Cover Girl.

The Lost Moment (1947)

The Lost Moment is a 1947 film noir psychological thriller film with elements of horror directed by Martin Gabel and starring Robert Cummings, Susan Hayward and Agnes Moorehead.

The Good Soldier (2009)

The Good Soldier is a 2009 documentary film directed and produced by American filmmakers Lexy Lovell and Michael Uys. Using interviews with five veterans from different generations of American wars, the film explores the definition of what being a 'good soldier' really means. Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States and a former bombardier in World War II, served as an advisor to the filmmakers.

The Goose Woman (1925)

The Goose Woman is a 1925 silent film drama directed by Clarence Brown and starring Louise Dresser with Jack Pickford as her son. The film was released by Universal Pictures. The Rex Beach short story is based in part on the then already sensational Hall-Mills murder case in which a woman named Jane Gibson is described as a pig woman because of the pigs she raised on her property.Both critics and audiences favorably received the film. The Goose Woman was remade in 1933 as The Past of Mary Holmes featuring Helen MacKellar and Jean Arthur.

Jesse James' Women (1954)

Jesse James' Women is a 1954 American film starring as well as directed, co-produced and co-written by Don "Red" Barry, who portrays Jesse James. The supporting cast features Peggie Castle and Jack Buetel. Filmed in Silver Creek Mississippi.

Night Catches Us (2010)

Night Catches Us is a 2010 drama film directed and written by Tanya Hamilton and stars Kerry Washington, Anthony Mackie, Jamie Hector, Wendell Pierce and Novella Nelson.

666 the Devil's Child (2014)

666 the Devil's Child, stylized as 666: the Devil's Child (aka: Millennium) is a 2012 United States horror film starring Nadya Suleman in her feature film debut. Nadya was originally cast for name recognition but producers were surprised by her acting talent. The movie was originally released in 2012 but re-released in 2014.

Angelina Ballerina: Dance Around the World (2013)

Angelina and her friends explore dances from near and far as they boogie, bop, skip and hop around the world in these exciting adventures. In step with a lively Irish Jig, the festive Chinese Dragon Dance, the smooth Cheddar Cheese Slide with a French flair, and more, the mouselings teach each other -- and themselves -- about the power of dance...and friendship. Step to some new beats with great friends and global grooves that every young mouseling will love! Episodes include: Angelina and the Irish Jig Angelina and the Cheddar Cheese Slide Angelina and the Windy Children's Day Angelina and the Smelly Cheese Angelina and the Dragon Dance.

The Party Is Over (2015)

Three college roommates have bizarre and obsessive relationships.

The Diary of a High School Bride (1959)

Diary of a High School Bride is a 1959 film directed by Burt Topper about a seventeen-year-old high school student who gets married. American International Pictures released the film as a double feature with Ghost of Dragstrip Hollow. The lead actor, Anita Sands, had never acted before. The movie was shot over seven days. Contemporary reviews were poor. Leftover sets for the film were used by Roger Corman to shoot A Bucket of Blood (1959).

The Kid's Last Ride (1941)

The Range Busters ride to the rescue when crooks force a young man to reveal the whereabouts of honest ranchers' money.

Three Came to Kill (1960)

Three Came to Kill is a 1960 American crime thriller film about an assassination attempt on a foreign prime minister.

High Octane 2 (2001)

High Octane 2 highlights New Zealand's car culture. Car fanatics and enthusiasts contribute to this film combining action and comedy aspects along with informational interviews. This film is the sequel to High Octane which was New Zealand's first video magazine about high performance car culture.

Vampira (1998)

In this spoof of the Transylvanian legend, David Niven stars as Count Dracula, who sinks his fangs into a bevy of Playboy Bunnies in order to find the right blood type to resurrect his dear-departed wife.

Thomas & Friends: The Great Discovery - The Movie (2008)

Thomas the Tank Engine™ stars in an all-new movie guest starring Pierce Brosnan as the narrator! Sodor Day is coming and all the engines are busy preparing. When Thomas gets lost in the mountains, he discovers the old town of Great Waterton! Soon the whole island is buzzing with the news of Thomas' discovery and restoring the town in time for the big day. Join the fun and meet a new engine friend named Stanley!

The Great Granny Revolution (2007)

The Great Granny Revolution (2008) is a documentary that highlights a Canadian group of grandmothers known as the Wakefield Grannies that offer moral support, help, and guidance to other grandmothers. The documentary follows a specific trip where the Wakefield Grannies go to South Africa and offer their grandmotherly wisdom to grandmothers facing unique and challenging modern day problems like raising a grandchild with AIDs. The documentary is a heart warming tale of the good side of the human spirit and is a compelling story that will be sure to inspire you.

Yankee Stadium: The Golden Age (2012)

Baseball Hall of Famer Reggie Jackson provides the commentary for the greatest moments at the "old Yankee Stadium." His reverent, nostalgic commentary is accompanied by rare footage of baseball immortals playing the game at the original Yankee Stadium including Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, Yogi Berra, Phil Rizzuto; more.

Fenway Park: The Golden Age (2012)

Honoring the 100th anniversary of Fenway Park, this is a look at America's # 1 baseball shrine

The Human Trace (2008)

An undercover county cop investigates a trail of murders where the victims died without a cause of death. As he gets deeper into the mystery he realizes something sinister is gripping the town.

A Brush with Death (2007)

Five cheerleaders spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse that has a horrific past.

Cocktails in the Kitchen (1954)

For Better, for Worse is a 1954 British comedy film directed by J. Lee Thompson. It was based on Arthur Watkyn's play which had run for over 500 performances in the West End starring Leslie Phillips and Geraldine McEwan. It was also known as Cocktails in the Kitchen.

Storied Streets (2014)

One of the largest problems that has been facing the entire United States for the past several years has been the ever increasing homeless population. It is impossible to walk the streets of any major metropolis across the country and not witness a homeless person who appears as though they are clinging to whatever hope they can muster. This film takes audiences on a journey across the country, covering thirteen cities, starting from Los Angeles and ending in New York City. People tend to have a negative perception of those who are homeless, and this film aims to end the stereotypical thoughts.

Street of Sinners (1957)

Rookie New York cop has to deal with juvenile delinquents, his superiors, and blame for the suicide of a woman who jumped to her death while he was in her apartment.

Smoke N Lightnin (1995)

Two Miami car mechanics borrow a luxury car for a night, unaware that it contains classified documents.

Pop Punk Zombies (2011)

Pop Punk Zombies is a 2011 American horror film directed by Steve Dayton and written by Brian Leis. Adam Hatfield stars as a greedy manager who brings back a punk band as zombies.

Ingredients (2009)

Ingredients: The Local Food Movement Takes Root is a 2009 documentary film about the shortcomings of America's industrialized food system against a rising local food movement, whose proponents are shrinking the gap between farmland and dinner table. The film is directed by Robert Bates, produced by Brian Kimmel (The Kitchen Sessions with Charlie Trotter) and narrated by actress Bebe Neuwirth. Chefs Alice Waters, Peter Hoffman, Kathy Whims, and Greg Higgins share their views as growers, restaurateurs, and consumers around the country, from Willamette Valley, Oregon to the urban food desert Harlem, New York, discuss their methods for bringing food production back home. Other participants from the Portland, Oregon area include Will Newman (Oregon Sustainable Agriculture Land Trust co-founder) and wife Susan Clark of Natural Harvest Farm, Ken Gordon of Kenny & Zuke's Delicatessen, and his wife permaculturist Leslee Lewis. Ingredients posits that concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) are causing worse and more frequent outbreaks of disease; the film also covers community-supported agriculture (CSA), biodynamic wine, and organic farming. Ingredients was shown at the 2010 Cleveland International Film Festival (and features interviews with the Jones family of Chef's Garden farm in Huron, Ohio) and at the 2010 Farm Aid. In 2011, the sequel Ingredients Hawaii was filmed in Hawaii and was released in 2012. The sequel focuses on Hawaii's unique solutions and challenges faced in growing and selling their food.

Riot On Sunset Strip (1967)

Riot on Sunset Strip is a 1967 counterculture-era exploitation movie, released by American International Pictures. It was filmed and released within six weeks of the late-1966 Sunset Strip curfew riots. The film stars Frank Alesia, Aldo Ray, Mimsy Farmer, Michael Evans, Anna Strasberg, Laurie Mock, Gene Kirkwood, Tim Rooney, and features musical appearances by The Standells and The Chocolate Watch Band. Earlier that year, Farmer, Mock and Kirkwood appeared in Hot Rods to Hell, where Farmer portrayed the bad girl and Mock a vulnerable virgin. In this film, they switched characters. The film attempts to capture the essence of the period around the Sunset Strip riot, and also adds a subplot that revolves around a young girl's troubled relationship with her divorced parents. Her dosage with LSD by a would-be seductor, the subsequent 'acid trip' she experiences, and her later discovery by a police sergeant as the victim of gang rape, are among the movie's peak moments. The film is now available on DVD through the MGM Limited Edition Collection.

Dirty Driving: Thundercars of Indiana (2008)

Auto racing is an obsession in Anderson, Indiana. Even with local auto factories closing down and jobs being lost, the town's residents continue to flock to the local speedway every Friday night--and its drivers continue to pour their dwindling resources into their Thundercars. Emmy(R)-winning filmmaker Jon Alpert presents this look at this passion for racing in rust-belt America. Since the closing of a GM plant and the loss of 33,000 jobs, the once-thriving town of Anderson now stands witness to empty factories, shuttered stores and abandoned home--but also to packed houses at Anderson Speedway where people put their troubles on hold to watch the cacophony of screeching tires and crashing metal as drivers vie for Thundercar supremacy.

By God's Grace (2014)

By God's Grace is a 2014 American family drama film starring Cameron Deane Stewart and Savannah McReynolds.

God's Comic (2012)

Named "God's Comic" by The New Yorker, stand-up comedian Brad Stine has combined humor with religion to become the world's most influential Christian comedian. Check out Stine's blend of faith and funny with this stand-up set.

Apollo 12 (1996)

This film tells the true story of the disastrous Apollo 12, unveiling new details NASA never told us. It includes interviews with all three crewmembers and top officials, as well as other rare and never-before-seen footage.

Seven Days of Sin (2012)

Seven Days of Sin is a 2012 Czech historical drama film directed by Jiří Chlumský.

Apache Rose (1947)

Apache Rose is a 1947 American Trucolor Western film directed by William Witney and starring Roy Rogers. It was the first Roy Rogers Western shot in the process though most copies on DVD are in monochrome.

Magia nuda (1975)

MONDO MAGIC - more daring than MONDO CANE, more shockingthan AFRICA BLOOD AND GUTS. Journey into a world of primitive African tribes, Indian faith healers, and Amazonian hunters. Witness their barbaric rituals and brutal sexual rites. Enter civilizations where gruesome acts of "magic" are the cornerstones of their cultures. MONDO MAGIC is a horrifying testimonial to the brutality of man, black and white. Not even your bloodiest nightmares can prepare you for MONDO MAGIC, because MONDO MAGIC is real!

The March Hare (1956)

The March Hare is a 1956 British comedy film directed by George More O'Ferrall and starring Peggy Cummins, Terence Morgan, Martita Hunt and Cyril Cusack. The film follows the efforts in Ireland to turn a seemingly useless racing horse into a Derby-winner. It is based on a novel by T. H. Bird with the screenplay by Gordon Wellesley and others.

Deadly Duo (1962)

Deadly Duo is a 1962 neo noir film.

The Lawyer (1970)

The Lawyer is a 1970 courtroom drama film loosely based on the Sam Sheppard murder case, in which a physician is charged with killing his wife following a highly publicized and sloppy investigation. The film was directed by Sidney J. Furie and starred Barry Newman as the energetic, opportunistic defense attorney Tony Petrocelli. Diana Muldaur co-starred as Ruth Petrocelli. The film is the source of the role Newman reprised in the TV series Petrocelli.

Angelina Ballerina: Superstar Sisters (2012)

Angelina, the fun ballerina that children know and love, is now in a movie with her sister, Polly. The disc contains five episodes. Angelina breaks her sister's music box, and it is hard for Polly to forgive her. Later, Polly ends up missing, and Angelina ends up searching for her through the city. Angelina has to finish a paper for a teacher at school, and her sister is the one who inspires her to write a paper that is superb enough to impress her teacher. There is plenty of dancing, twirling and pink colors on this disc. Join the sisters as they share their love for each other while learning about lessons in life that bring them closer together. There are also bonus features in the movie including a matching game of Polly's pictures and a music video that you can sing along to that features Angelina, her sister and other friends.

Crime of Passion (1957)

Crime of Passion is a 1957 American crime film noir directed by Gerd Oswald and written by Jo Eisinger. The drama features Barbara Stanwyck, Sterling Hayden and Raymond Burr.

Maries Lied: Ich war, ich weiß nicht wo (1994)

In 1813 Prussia, Marie, an adolescent young woman living with her mother in a palace, watches history pass her by.

Marvin's Song (2011)

A surreal request pushes a widowed musician (Leon Florentine) to come to terms with his grief and figure out the next stage of his life.

Claim (2002)

When a ship sinks off the coast of Argentina, Ellen Brachman, a clever and ambitious claims assessor for the Rotterdam marine-insurance company European Hayward, suspects a 'sinker'. In an attempt to prove the 58 million dollar claim on the ship is false, she flies to Argentina and becomes embroiled in a dangerous web of deceit, lies, murder and lost love.

Fatal Memories (1992)

Eileen Franklin (Shelley Long) is a woman who experiences a flood of repressed memories from decades earlier. These disturbing recollections implicate her father in her own rape as a child and bring about accusations that he also committed a murder in her youth. Franklin enlists Detective Robert Morse (Dean Stockwell) to investigate the case, and she also receives legal help from attorney Elaine Tipton (Helen Shaver), her representative in court.

Secret of Deep Harbor (1961)

A reporter learns that his girlfriend's father, an old sea captain, is being paid by the mob to transport gangsters out of the country.

The Unknown Soldier (2006)

In the late 1990s, the traveling Wehrmacht exhibition indicated that ordinary German soldiers were in fact culpable for widespread atrocities. This documentary catalogs the German people's reactions to the exhibit, including Wehrmacht veterans, neo-Nazis, historians, sociologists, writers and many others. Hundreds of voices weave together to discuss and debate the country's collective guilt about what its population allowed during some of modern history's darkest hours.

Outrage: Born in Terror (2009)

A young woman is forced to re-live a traumatic childhood event, when a vacation in the woods turns into a nightmare with an ex-military sniper hunting them down. She now has to confront her inner demons to come out alive.

Titanic: A Legend Born in Belfast (2012)

The definitive story of the building of this magnificent ship.

Global Addiction (2002)

It's Friday night, and the 'cool' thing to do is 'get high'. Drugs have caused 50% of America's prison inmates and 20 million drug addicts, the highest addiction rate in the world. A Thai father holds his 2 year old daughter hostage after taking metamphetamine. This chemical, called 'yaa baa' or 'mad medicine', is just one of the new and more lethal drugs being developed every day. In Colombia, guerrillas protect the coca growers and drug cartels buy off politicians. How successful has the war on drugs been here? The world's major opium producing area is emerging at the nexus of Afghanistan, Iran and Pakistan, known as the 'Golden Crescent'.

Love In A Goldfish Bowl (1961)

Love in a Goldfish Bowl is a 1961 teen film directed by Jack Sher starring singing idols Tommy Sands and Fabian.

Telephone Operator (1937)

Telephone Operator is a 1937 American film directed by Scott Pembroke. It is not related to the similarly-titled "Operator!" (1938 and 1969) AT&T archive films.

Beer (1985)

A Madison Avenue ad-agency executive devises a highly successful commercial campaign to sell beer.

Incident in an Alley (1962)

Incident in an Alley is a 1962 film.

The Escape (1998)

The Escape is a 1994 Canadian action TV movie directed by Stuart Gillard starring Patrick Dempsey.

Silent Conquest (2013)

The end of freedom of speech in the West.

Desert Sands (1955)

Legionnaires at a Saharan outpost become captivated by an Arabian princess who rides and fights with her brother in battle. Her heart softens for one of her prisoners, possibly costing her life.

Grand Ole Opry (1940)

Grand Ole Opry is a 1940 American comedy film directed by Frank McDonald and written by Dorrell McGowan and Stuart E. McGowan. The film stars Leon Weaver, Frank Weaver, June Weaver, Lois Ranson, Allan Lane and Henry Kolker. The film was released on June 25, 1940, by Republic Pictures.

VeggieTales: Pistachio (2010)

A VeggieTales twist on the beloved story of Pinocchio. Once upon a time, a lonely toymaker named Gelato decided to carve a little boy out of wood. Imagine his surprise when he learned that this little toy boy could walk ... and talk ... and definitely had a mind of his own! When Pistachio tries to do things his way he lands in a "whale" of a situation! Will he decide to listen to the wisdom of a loving father in time to save his whole family from becoming fish food?"

King of the Newsboys (1938)

King of the Newsboys is a 1938 American film directed by Bernard Vorhaus.

Tomato Republic (2014)

Three people in a small Texas town compete for the unpaid position of mayor.

Uphill Battle (2013)

A single mother struggles to raise two teenagers after a nasty divorce.

Luna Park (2013)

An actress named Alexia decides to become a producer towards the end of her acting career. She ends up producing gay cinema. However, things start to turn weird when she has to send someone to help her brother who is in trouble.

Lost Woods (2012)

An impromptu camping trip with some friends and an awkward reunion give rise to a man's (Joey Brown) battle with his inner beast.

The Savage Wild (1970)

A nature photographer and his crew film the wild land just below the Arctic Circle. The photographer then begins rasing timber wold cubs from infancy, intending to set them free after gaining their confidence.

Cry Vengeance (1954)

Cry Vengeance is a 1954 American film noir directed by Mark Stevens, starring himself.

George Harrison: The Quiet One (2002)

This informative documentary chronicles the life of George Harrison, the youngest member of The Beatles. Rare film footage, interviews with Harrison and his band members and music experts from across the globe shed light on this fascinating icon of rock 'n' roll.

Johnny Cool (1963)

Johnny Cool is a 1963 crime film directed by William Asher based on the novel The Kingdom of Johnny Cool by John McPartland which stars Henry Silva and Elizabeth Montgomery. Produced in part by Peter Lawford, Johnny Cool features a cast that also includes Mort Sahl, Telly Savalas, Jim Backus, Joey Bishop, and Sammy Davis, Jr., who also sings the theme song.

The Inner Circle (2009)

Set against the backdrop of a 1964 New England Catholic boarding school, five teenage girls uncover a secretive and violent practice that is being performed by a group of the older, tenured nuns. Already dealing with their own coming-of-age demons, the young women are forever changed as their beliefs are challenged by this unsettling and potentially dangerous discovery.

The R.M. (2003)

The R.M. is a 2003 comedy film about the experiences of an LDS returned missionary. "RM" is an LDS initialism for "returned missionary." It was written by Kurt Hale and John E. Moyer and directed by Kurt Hale.

Restraining Order (1999)

Restraining Order is a 1999 crime thriller film directed by Lee H. Katzin. It stars Eric Roberts and Hannes Jaenicke.

Rust (2010)

In the midst of a midlife crisis of faith, a man finds hope where he least expects it – his hometown. James Moore (Golden Globe nominee Corbin Bernsen) is a former pastor who returns home to discover a family new to the area has been killed in a mysterious fire, and his childhood friend is implicated in the murder. Convinced of his friend’s innocence, James sets out on a mission to find the truth… and in the process, rediscovers his own lost faith. An uplifting drama about faith, family, and the powerful ties that bind a community together.

Storefront Hitchcock (1998)

Filmmaker Jonathan Demme showcases the music of British singer- songwriter Robyn Hitchcock in a New York storefront setting with a live audience.

The Rage (2007)

The Rage is a 2007 horror film about a mad scientist who injects people with a rage virus in his laboratory in the woods. The film stars Andrew Divoff and Erin Brown and was directed by Robert Kurtzman. It was first shown at the Fantasia Festival in Canada on July 13, 2007 and released on DVD by the independent company Screen Media Films on February 26, 2008. The entire film is filmed in and around the town of Crestline, Ohio in the United States. The music videos for Mushroomhead's "12 Hundred" and "Damage Done" were filmed on the set, and are featured in the film's DVD.

Returning Mickey Stern (2003)

Returning Mickey Stern is a 2002 comedy film written and directed by Michael Prywes. It stars Joseph Bologna, Tom Bosley, Renée Taylor, Connie Stevens, and Joshua Fishbein and was shot almost entirely on Fire Island, off the coast of Long Island, NY. It is the story of a former professional baseball player who discovers a second chance at life and love on the island. The film opened in theaters in New York, Los Angeles, and Massachusetts in 2003, and was released by Pathfinder Home Entertainment on DVD in 2006. Returning Mickey Stern was the first film ever to have four of its stars chosen by the worldwide Internet audience. Through the CastOurMovie web portal, web users could view audition video, peruse headshots and resumes, and discuss their opinions about the actors. The web site garnered the attention of Time magazine, Entertainment Weekly, Industry Standard, the U.S. News & World Report, and many other media outlets. Two million people participated in the online voting, and the winners were: Kylie Delre, Michael Oberlander, Sarah Schoenberg, and John Sloan.

Raining Hell (2015)

Underneath the surface of a sleepy country town, a brutal drug war rages as rival crime syndicates battle to control the heroin supply that's fueling a rural epidemic. When Sandra, a young documentary filmmaker, arrives in town committed to exposing the town's dark secrets, an unstable situation turns explosive. For Sandra is the long lost daughter of Devon Green, a savage enforcer for a drug kingpin as powerful as he is cruel. As she delves deeper into the desperate underworld of addiction, greed, and power, Sandra becomes a pawn in the violent drug war. Will Devon stay loyal to his bosses or defend the daughter he never knew? Are blood ties stronger than the lust for money and power? Starring: Juliana Aiden (The Mysteries of Laura), Stefanie Bari (The Sopranos), John Christian (Hangmen), Paul Darren (Red Rum), Michael Halliday (The Disposables), George Katt (Blue Bloods) Director: J. Christian Ingvordsen (Hangmen starring Sandra Bullock; Shock Troop starring Danny Aiello) Producer/Director of Photography/Screenwriter: Matthew Howe (Cyber Vengeance starring Robert Davi)

Orphan of the Pecos (1937)

Orphan of the Pecos is a 1937 American Western film produced and directed by Sam Katzman and starring Tom Tyler, Jeanne Martel, Howard Bryant, and Forrest Taylor. Written by Basil Dickey, the film is about a cowboy who is falsely accused of murdering a rancher whose body he discovers. Before the sheriff arrives, he escapes and tries to find evidence to clear his name and help the rancher's daughter save her ranch. The film was released in the United States on December 30, 1937 by Victor Pictures.


This "compilacion del video de la musica" features world renowned Latin performers Julio Iglesias, Jon Secada, Ana Gabriel and many more. Featured here are 14 Latin love ballads on one music video collection. Highlights include Julio Iglesias El Amor Que Te Hace Falta, Jon Secada Solo Otra Dia, Ana Gabriel Soledad, Veronica Castro Oye Tu, and Philip Michael Thomas & Lucia Galan Por Siempre.

Narcotic (1934)

Narcotic is the story of an idealistic physician (Harry Cording) whose personal journey leads him through opium dens, carnival tents, sex-crazed drug parties, skid-row brothels, and eventually the halls of madness.

Finding God: The Enlightenment (2011)

How do we find God in a senseless world where we are overloaded with information and technology, distraught by the futility of politics and are constantly being controlled by the machines of progress? In a world obsessed with power and control, many are finding the inner peace we all seek by taking a step back instead of "forward" to identify with nature and common sense, back to the Garden of Eden in a sense. God has a far deeper and more personal meaning beyond the increasing complications of world religions and the rapid "progress" that mankind claims to be experiencing. To be enlightened had a more meaningful significance to our ancient ancestors. This serves as a guide for those who are searching to connect with something greater than all of us, the indefinable presence of God. From quantum theory, to lost secrets of the ages, unlock for yourself the true key to the laws of attraction and self-empowerment and discover what the Gnostics, Freemasons, Shamans and other wisdom keepers have known for millennia.

Unspeakable (2000)

Unspeakable is a 2000 exploitation film written and directed by Chad Ferrin.

The Sexy Adventures of Van Helsing (2004)

From Seduction Cinema Studios, creators of the classic erotic spoofs Erotic Survivor, Play-Mate of the Apes and Lord of the G-Strings, comes a new and hilarious parody with plenty of bite and a lot at stake! It's a battle to save the hearts, minds, bodies and souls of the beautiful women of Ellinville University when dashing and beautiful monster-hunter Wilhelmina Van Helsing - great-great-granddaughter of the legendary vampire killer - battles it out with the nocturnal seductress Countess Dracula.

Franklin's Magic Christmas (2001)

Franklin's Magic Christmas was the second Franklin movie, released direct-to-video and DVD in 2000. It is somewhat shorter than Franklin and the Green Knight and Franklin and the Turtle Lake Treasure. It has since aired on Nick Jr. In the United States, Canada's Family Channel and on Comcast Video on Demand. This movie was loosely based on the book Franklin and Harriet.

Turbo (2008)

Turning it up a notch once again Level 1 followed their crew of dedicated skiers throughout North America in the unforgettable season of 2008.

Papa's Delicate Condition (1963)

Papa's Delicate Condition is a 1963 comedy film starring Jackie Gleason and Glynis Johns. It was an adaptation of the Corinne Griffith memoir of the same name, about her father and growing up in Texarkana, Texas. Jimmy Van Heusen (music) and Sammy Cahn (lyrics) won an Academy Award for Best Song for "Call Me Irresponsible". Another Cahn/Van Heusen song, "Walking Happy," was used in a scene with Gleason and his on-screen daughter Linda Bruhl walking down a street while he sings about the people they meet along the way, but the scene was cut before the film's release. The song was later used in a Broadway musical of the same name.