Code Yellow: Hospital at Ground Zero (2002)

Made in the months following 9/11, Code Yellow: Hospital at Ground Zero, narrated by Brian Dennehy, relives the response of the hospital nearest to the World Trade Center attack from the moment the Code Yellow was sounded.

Nic & Tristan Go Mega Dega (2010)

Twin brothers (Nic Puehse, Tristan Puehse) must compete in a skateboard competition on the same day of their parents' anniversary.

Rethink Afghanistan (2009)

Rethink Afghanistan is a 2009 documentary by Robert Greenwald and Brave New Films, about the US military presence in Afghanistan following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001. Produced and released eight years into the war, at a time when Congress was considering sending tens of thousands of new troops to Afghanistan, the film asks the American public to reconsider basic questions about the conflict, such as how much will it cost, in lives and money? How long will Americans troops be there? How do we know if we’ve won? What is our exit strategy? The film was initially made available for free, online, in six consecutive chapters. This staggered release allowed the filmmakers to stay atop an ever-changing news cycle. Greenwald characterized it as “the first real-time documentary.”

Brothers of War (2015)

A rivalry tears apart two brothers, one of whom -- poetry lover Greg -- enlists and is sent to the front lines in war-torn France, where he discovers a world of brutality and uncertainty.

Bruce Bruce: Losin' It (2011)

The larger than life comic Bruce Bruce takes the stage for his second hilarious one-hour comedy special. Best known for hosting Comic View on BET, Comedy Central Presents and headlining comedy shows across the nation, Bruce loses it.

Chitchor (1976)

Chitchor is a 1976 Indian Hindi romantic musical film, written and directed by Basu Chatterjee. The film's title means "Heart Stealer" in Hindi. The film is a Rajshri Productions film produced by Tarachand Barjatya. It is based on a Bengali story, Chittachakor by Subodh Ghosh. K. J. Yesudas and Master Raju won the National Film Awards 1976 for Best Male Playback Singer and Best Child Artist respectively.

Barney: The Land of Make Believe (2005)

When a puzzled young princess from a storybook magically appears, the group begins a quest to help her find her way home. On the journey, they swim with dolphins, see a beautiful mermaid and even meet a magician! But will the princess ever find her kingdom? Will Barney and his friends make it home? Find out in THE LAND OF MAKE BELIEVE! Filled with fairy tale characters and familiar friends, it's a story as big as your imagination!

Silence: In Search of Black Female Sexuality in America (2005)

Why have black women been 'mute' about their sexuality? What has prevented them from expressing their feelings about this important subject within their own families and with each other? In this provocative documentary, filmmaker Mya B. explores the reasons for sexual silence in the black community. She also aims to destroy misconceptions about black women and reveal the truth about their sexuality. Experts from the medical, academic, cultural, and religious communities weigh in on this "forbidden" topic, but more importantly, everyday women express uncensored views about what black female sexuality means to them. Fifteen women--from all ages, backgrounds, and professions--speak out for the very first time about their sexual wants, needs, and desires. They share all-too common stories of hushed households where the subject of sex was never brought up--unless they were simply told: "Don't do it. Save yourself for the right man." The filmmaker also examines the distorted depictions of black women--through film, media, popular culture, and marketing--which have contributed to their repression. Black women have been portrayed as shame-filled stoics or branded as sexual freaks. The video 'ho in the age of misogynist hip-hop, for instance, is addressed by two music video directors who discuss the impact of such stereotypes. This collection of film clips, personal accounts, and expert insights takes us on a journey throughout American history, exposing skeletons that lie deep in the bedroom--as the filmmaker addresses the continued violence and exploitation perpetrated on black women. In this call for action, Mya B. wants to see all black women liberated from their bonds, so that they can embrace their sexuality without fear or shame. WARNING: Graphic language and images; material not suitable for high school use.

Searching for the 4th Nail (2009)

An American gypsy turns his camera on the secret life of his Romani culture.

He's Way More Famous Than You (2013)

In the daring and hilarious HE'S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU, actress and writer Halley Feiffer (Bored to Death) turns her up and down life in the movies into a madcap black comedy. Halley plays an exaggerated version of herself, a manic alcoholic living off the fumes of fame generated by her performance in The Squid and the Whale (2005). Desperate for attention, she decides to apply for a grant at an independent film festival. Thinking only of stardom, she spends her time begging celebrities to act in her unwritten drama, pestering Natasha Lyonne (American Pie), Mamie Gummer (Side Effects), and the Karate Kid himself Ralph Macchio. As she drunkenly chases fame, her personal relationships disintegrate, and when the camera starts rolling she begins to realize how alone she really is. Feiffer bursts out of the screen with screwball energy, making HE'S WAY MORE FAMOUS THAN YOU one of the funniest Hollywood satires in ages.

Detective Kitty O'Day (1944)

Kitty O'Day and her boyfriend try to clear themselves when they're suspected of murdering her employer.

Native New Yorker (2005)

Native New Yorker (2005) is the title of the 2006 Tribeca Film Festival Best Documentary Short by Steve Bilich.

Portrait of a Hitman (1979)

Portrait of a Hitman is a 1979 film directed by Allan A. Buckhantz and written by Yabo Yablonsky. Although the film was shot in 1977 and featured actors such as Jack Palance and Rod Steiger, it did not receive domestic distribution until 1984. The soundtrack features songs by Pages (covering Bob Marley), Julie Inouye, Linda Little and Debbie James.

The Fugue (2009)

Nora's recovery from a childhood trauma takes a bad turn when she has visions of a long dead friend.

2014 Fly Fishing Film Tour (2014)

Compilation of the best Short Films on Fly fishing in 2014. All Aspect of Fly Fishing are covered from Alaska Salmon to Florida Tarpon.

Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha and Potter Palmer (2013)

"Love Under Fire: The Story of Bertha and Potter Palmer" tells the inspirational true story of Chicago's first power couple, Bertha and Potter Palmer. From inventing the modern day department store and inspiring Harry Gordon Selfridge (of the PBS Masterpiece series "Mr. Selfridge"), to their instrumental roles in rebuilding Chicago after The Great Fire and bringing The Columbian Exposition to their adopted hometown (the backdrop for "Devil in the White City"), Bertha and Potter Palmer's epic tale will surprise and inspire even the most ardent history buff.

Terri (2011)

Terri is a 2011 independent comedy-drama film about the friendship that develops between an oversized teen misfit and the garrulous but well-meaning school principal who takes an interest in him. Filming took place in Los Angeles, California.

Tactical Force (2011)

Tactical Force is 2011 Canadian action film written and directed by Adamo Paolo Cultraro, and starring Steve Austin, Michael Jai White, Candace Elaine, Keith Jardine, Michael Shanks, Michael Eklund, Darren Shahlavi, and Lexa Doig. It was released on August 9, 2011 in North America by Vivendi Entertainment, and went on to become #10 in the top ten best selling DVDs in the United States for the month of August 2011. It was released by Entertainment One in the United Kingdom and other foreign territories beginning October 31, 2011.

China Heavyweight (2012)

China Heavyweight is a 2012 documentary film by the Chinese-Canadian documentary film director Yung Chang and released by EyeSteelFilm. It is Yung Chang's second long feature documentary film after Up the Yangtze from 2007.

Comes A Bright Day (2012)

Comes A Bright Day is a British film. The film was written and directed by Simon Aboud, and stars Craig Roberts, Imogen Poots, Kevin McKidd and Timothy Spall. Comes A Bright Day is Aboud's directorial debut. The film is a mix of genres: a darkly comic thriller, involving a romance set within a heist, and a story about searching for the hidden gems that make life infinitely richer.

Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation (2007)

Bill Engvall is passing the torch on to a new group of Blue Collar comedians. Filmed live during The Comedy Festival at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, NV, Blue Collar Comedy: The Next Generation features comedians Jamie Kaler, Juston McKinney, John Caparulo, and Reno Collier. Watch as these up-and-comers take the stage and show that they have what it takes to carry on one of America's favorite comedy franchises.

Trail of the Pink Panther (1982)

This tribute to the late Peter Sellers contains unused scenes from the previous "Pink Panther" films interspersed with new footage and features a great comic cast including David Niven and Herbert Lom.

Home with Robin (2014)

HOME WITH ROBIN is a documentary short originally conceived as a web series, until the footage showed a rich tapestry of a woman in transition - marriage, mommy and mogul (early stages!) with the Robin Wilson home brand launched at Bed Bath & Beyond. An official selection of the Hoboken Intl Film Festival and an Honorable Mention Documentary Short at the Womens Intl Film Festival. The downloadable DVD includes trailer, video and directors notes. Director: Ali Muhammad

Angel, Alien and UFO Encounters from Another Dimension (2012)

Have you ever wondered if something is alive in the sky, observing us? Alien Angels and UFOs takes that momentary inkling and explores the endless possibilities of other-worldly intelligence. With first hand accounts and real footage, host Ken Klein makes his case for life beyond what humanity can comprehend.

On The Wings of The Monarch (2001)

"On the Wings of the Monarch" is an exciting nature documentary that follows host Libby Graham on an amazing journey into the life of the monarch butterfly. We travel to an incredible monarch over-wintering site in Mexico where we find close to 40 million monarchs. This documentary provides the viewer with an in-depth look at the enigmatic monarch butterfly, tracing its incredible long distance migration and its fantastic life cycle. "On the Wings of the Monarch" will fascinate children and adults alike. Shot on location in Mexico, Santa Barbara, San Diego, and Kansas, this documentary uses stunning slow-motion photography and brilliant macro photography to capture the beauty and strength of the monarch. It includes informative interviews with monarch expert, Dr. Lincoln Brower. Host Libby Graham and narrator Bernie Alan, PBS voice-over talent, fill the viewers in on all of the interesting facts about the monarch butterfly.

Battle at Shiloh: The Devil's Own Two Days (2012)

Our Emmy award-winning production team takes you on a cinematic adventure into the legendary Battle of Shiloh. Seven characters, based on real-life accounts, weave a narrative thread of their own personal experiences during the Battle of Shiloh s vicious two-day brawl, while our objective narrator unfolds one of the bloodiest fights of the American Civil War. These stories reveal the dramatic and haunting effects of Shiloh, which resulted in almost 24,000 maimed, missing or just two days. The 1862 Battle of Shiloh marked a turning point in our nation s history, opening our nation s eyes, North and South, to the true cost of Civil War. Shot in breath-taking 1080p High Definition and with immersive animated maps, and dazzling visual effects, this film is unparalleled in the Wide Awake Films collection.

Latter-Day Night Biscuit (2005)

Stand-up comedian Johnny Biscuit stars in this feature-length comedy film, bringing his trademark wit and searing insight to LDS culture!The Biscuit riffs on everything from handcarts to handicrafts to everyday oddities found in Mormon culture.Replete with laugh-out-loud moments, Latter-day Night Biscuit will leave you in stitches!

The Cross and the Towers (2006)

Seven people spread the word of hope after they discover four perfect crosses at Ground Zero.

Lecciones para un beso (2011)

When a young boy falls for a girl, three men try to help him win her heart.

The Allman Brothers Band: Live at Great Woods (1992)

Recorded in 1991, The Allman Brothers Band’s beloved Live At Great Woods showcases one of the most powerful lineups in the group’s history performing a top-notch set of fan favorites, including a fiery acoustic mini-set.

Brief Interviews With Hideous Men (2009)

Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is a 2009 American comedy-drama film written, produced, and directed by John Krasinski, based on a short story collection of the same name by David Foster Wallace.

The Final Prophecies (2010)

Historian Ronnie Cohen and others examine biblical prophecies and tie them into possible evidence that Earth's days are numbered.

Fall To Grace (2013)

Fall to Grace is a 2013 documentary film produced, filmed and directed by Alexandra Pelosi.

The Dead Sleep (2010)

The Dead Sleep

Lorenzo (2004)

Lorenzo is a 2004 American animated short film produced by Walt Disney Feature Animation about a cat, Lorenzo, who is "dismayed to discover that his tail has developed a personality of its own." The short was directed by Mike Gabriel and produced by Baker Bloodworth. It premiered at the Florida Film Festival on March 6, 2004, and later appeared as a feature before the film Raising Helen; however, it did not appear on the DVD release of the film. It is based on an original idea by Joe Grant, who started working on the film in 1949, but it was eventually shelved. It was later found along with Destino. The short was intended to be one of the segments for the proposed but never completed Fantasia 2006. It was included on the Walt Disney Animation Studios Short Films Collection Blu-ray/DVD set released on August 18, 2015.

West of Ventura (2015)

Thieves, lovers, families and mob men are on the hunt for a package filled with diamonds. In the midst of finding the package, human love and passion are exploited through sin.

Bushisms (2004)

Based on the New York Times best-selling "BUSHISMS" books, this laugh-out-loud video features the accidental wit and wisdom of President George W. Bush as he makes statements like "There's no question that the minute I got elected, the storm clouds on the horizon were getting nearly directly overhead." Hosted by comedian/satirist Brian Unger (The Daily Show).

Turtle Diary (1985)

Turtle Diary is a 1985 British film about "people rediscovering the joys of life and love," based on a screenplay adapted by Harold Pinter from Russell Hoban's novel Turtle Diary, directed by John Irvin, and starring Glenda Jackson, Ben Kingsley, and Michael Gambon. The film contains elements of romance, comedy, and drama and has been described as a romantic comedy.[citation needed]

They Came From Beyond Space (1967)

They Came from Beyond Space is a 1967 British Eastman Color science fiction film directed by Freddie Francis, written by Milton Subotsky and based on the book The Gods Hate Kansas by Joseph Millard. It was produced by Amicus Productions. The production came after Daleks – Invasion Earth: 2150 A.D. (1966) and used many of the sets and props from the former film as a cost-cutting measure.

Thief of Hearts (1984)

Thief of Hearts is a 1984 film drama produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. It was written and directed by Douglas Day Stewart. It stars Steven Bauer, Barbara Williams, David Caruso and John Getz. The film was nominated for a Razzie Awards including Worst Musical Score for Moroder.

Time Changer (2003)

Time Changer is an independent science fiction Christian seriocomic film written and directed by Rich Christiano, released by Five & Two Pictures in 2002. In the movie, Dr. Norris Anderson (Gavin MacLeod) uses his late father's time machine to send his colleague, Bible professor Russell Carlisle (D. David Morin), from 1890 into the early 21st century. The film had a limited nationwide release, and was made available on VHS, DVD and video-on-demand.

Boot Polish (1954)

Boot Polish is a 1954 Hindi film directed by Prakash Arora and produced by Raj Kapoor. It won Best Film at the Filmfare Awards.

Born Rich (2003)

Born Rich is a 2003 documentary film about the experience of growing up as a child in one of the world's richest families. It was created by Jamie Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune.

Bound by Sea (2013)

Jack Viorel and his young daughter visit four oceans and teach poor children the value of surfing and transcending the hardships in their lives.

Budz House (2011)

A stoner (Wesley Jonathan) and his buddies hit the jackpot when the giant bag of weed they stashed under a house becomes even more potent after a serendipitous bathroom mishap.

Burning Secret (1988)

Burning Secret is a 1988 drama film, based on the short story Brennendes Geheimnis by Stefan Zweig, about an American diplomat's son who befriends a mysterious baron while staying at an Austrian spa during the 1920s. This symbol-filled story, filmed with sensuous detail and nuance, is set in Austria in the 1920s. While being treated for asthma at a country spa, an American diplomat's lonely 12-year-old son is befriended and infatuated by a suave, mysterious baron. During a story of his war experiences, the baron reveals the scar of a wound from an American soldier and thrusts a pin through it, saying "see-- no feeling." Little does the boy realize that it is his turn to be wounded. But soon his adored friend heartlessly brushes him aside and turns his seductive attentions to his mother. The boy's jealousy and feelings of betrayal become uncontrollable. The film was written and directed by Andrew Birkin, and stars Klaus Maria Brandauer, Faye Dunaway, and David Eberts. The film won the Young Jury Prize at the Brussels Film Festival in 1989, and David Eberts won the Special Jury Prize at the Venice Film Festival in the same year. Lions Gate Home Entertainment has released the film onto DVD.

California Collection (2015)

California Collection is the ultimate compilation of four HD and 4K surf films on California starring John John Florence and Dane Reynolds. The best parts of A Wedge To Remember, Uprising, California Republic and California Unfiltered.

California Unfiltered (2015)

California Unfiltered is a vintage American style surf action film, a throwback to timeless cool that never dies. Bubbling over with epic surf filmed in HD and 4K detail, these rides are a modern twist on today's best surfing.

Can You Dig This (2015)

Filmmaker Delila Vallot explores the urban gardening revolution taking place in South Central Los Angeles.

Cavedigger (2013)

Cavedigger is a 2013 documentary film by Jeffrey Karoff.

Celestial Hunt (2013)

Due to Adam's fall, Lucifer's dark angels are now able to attack creation. A battle of angels takes place as time begins and perverts eternity. Lucifer sends GOG, a demon prince, along with a special class of dark celestials called the Four Horse Riders, to hunt for a powerful weapon beyond imagining which has been secretly kept hidden for six millennia. As the battle rages and the darkness is prevailing, Stephen (Shammah), after six years of peace is pulled into the war again trying to stop Lucifer's search, all the while trying to keep his own whereabouts unknown to the Archangel Michael.

Celluloid Bloodbath: More Prevues from Hell (2012)

Horror stars discuss clips from the golden era of grind-house films.

Chuka (1967)

Chuka is a 1967 American western film starring Rod Taylor who also produced and worked on the screenplay. The film began a series of tough guy roles for Taylor. A story of honor, debt, and personal redemption, it was directed by Gordon Douglas and is based on 1961 novel by Richard Jessup, who also wrote the screenplay.

Clash: The Joe Strummer Story (2006)

Joe died young. But his and "The Clash's" memory live on in the programme as it seeks to explore and identify the music and the reasons behind the split of one of the most iconic punk rock groups of the day. We follow the life of one of the original members of "The Clash". Told through interviews of Joe's involvement in the ground breaking group from other band members including Mick Jones and 'Topper' Headon, we tell the story as it was. Revealed is just how the feelings and memories of one of rock's musical legends are still as raw and as reverential now as they ever were. This incisive detail merged with rare music footage of the band performing a selection of their chart busting hits together in concert, including among other, 'White Riot' and 'London Calling', guarantees this title to rate as one of the best to be presented of the group. They travelled a long way to provide a waiting audience of rock elitists a refreshing and outrageous vision on how rock should sound and just how the message should be conveyed.

Contrecoeur (1983)

Contrecoeur est un film qui utilise le réalisme fantastique pour parler de psychologie, de dérive et d'amour. Trois personnages doivent se définir dans un espace clos: un camion pris au piège dans une tempête de neige. Ils rêvent d'un ailleurs pour se retrouver!

Cook County (2009)

Cook County is a 2008-2009 American independent drama film written, directed, and produced by the Houston based filmmaker David Pomes. The film stars Anson Mount, Xander Berkeley, and Ryan Donowho and deals with the effects of the addiction to the drug methamphetamine on a Texas family. In an interview appearing on, Pomes stated: "The story began about people who I have been around, living outside of civilization, out in the woods, down a dirt road with all the old stereotypes: the roof caving in and the tires in the front yard. The story is about that group of people, and the family trying to be a family in the backwoods environment. Crystal meth was always out there. I was never at any crystal meth parties or anything like that, but there were always people where I lived outside of Houston. Those are the characters in the film, but crystal meth really drives the story. It's the vehicle." Not having direct contact with crystal meth addicts, Pomes read widely on the subject of drug addiction. Explained Pomes in an interview for Filmmaker Magazine: "I did a ton of research. Mostly just through the Internet, through magazine articles and things of that nature. I did a lot. There is so much out there. People on meth like to talk about it. They like to take [sic] about the process of making it, the problems they have with it. There are tons of blogs out there, websites, people write songs and poetry about it [laughs]. Not in a good way necessarily, or a glorifying way, but just how it’s affected there [sic] lives. There’s recipes out there, you don’t just have to make it one way. There’s a bunch of different ways to do it. We found lots of pictures of people on meth and meth labs and used those to inspire us a bit for wardrobe, makeup, art direction, the general aesthetic of the movie."

Alexander The Last (2009)

Alexander the Last is a 2009 American drama film directed by Joe Swanberg. The film is a drama about a married actress and her sister.

Applesauce (2015)

From the director of TIFF 2016 hit CATFIGHT . Every Tuesday night, radio talk show host Stevie Bricks invites his listeners to call in and share their stories. And tonight, Ron Welz is ready to share his. But it doesn’t take long for Ron’s past to catch up with him. And when someone starts sending him body parts, his life begins to fall apart. Who is tormenting him? His insolent high school student? His best friend? His wife? There are eight million people in New York, and everyone’s a suspect. Take dark comedy, mix it with noir, add a dash of horror and stir in some melodrama, and you have the recipe for one of the most original and unusual movies of the year.

Archon Defender (2009)

An orphan (Katie Uhlmann) learns how to tap into inner powers and face down her feelings of despair to wage battle with an evil empress.

Art Of Darkness (2012)

An unhinged photographer captures a young woman and plans to make her his latest blood-splattered masterpiece.

Arthur's Missing Pal (2006)

When Arthur's dog Pal disappears, Arthur must enlist the help of his friends to track him down. While Pal discovers his newfound freedom, Arthur discovers how much he misses his dog. Good thing Arthur has the gang to turn to-especially his best friend, Buster Baxter who dusts off his old detective gear to get on the case. This canine quest leads Arthur and Buster across Elwood city, deep into the bowels of an ice cream factory, past a giant cow on ice skates, and right up to the point where all hope seems lost. Could thesolution to this caper, though, be right in front of Arthur's eyes? And why has D.W. been acting so funny lately? One thing's for certain, Arthur is determined to get to the bottom of this case. Follow Arthur, Buster and all their friends through the streets of Elwood City as they sniff out clues and chase after leads...and learn a valuable lesson about friendship, teamwork and responsibility.

Ayn Rand: In Her Own Words (2011)

The renowned author discusses her inspirations and influences through recollections and reflections.

B.A. Pass (2013)

B.A. Pass is a 2013 Hindi neo noir erotic thriller film, produced by Narendra Singh and directed by Ajay Bahl, and starring Shilpa Shukla, Shadab Kamal, Rajesh Sharma, and Dibyendu Bhattacharya in lead roles. It is distributed by Bharat Shah's VIP films banner. The film is based on the 2009 short story "The Railway Aunty" by Mohan Sikka.

Back in Trouble (1997)

Back in Trouble is a 1997 Luxembourgish comedy film directed by Andy Bausch. The film was selected as the Luxembourgish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 71st Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Backstage At Budz House (2012)

Faizon Love and other comedians perform their routines in front of a studio audience.

Ballin' at The Graveyard (2012)

Filmmakers Basil Anastassiou and Paul Kentoffio experience the culture and community of pickup basketball to see how street ballers live and play.

Being Canadian (2015)

Rob Cohen tries to find out what it really means to be Canadian.

Bhoothnath (2008)

Bhoothnath is a 2008 Indian Hindi horror comedy film directed by Vivek Sharma, starring Amitabh Bachchan, Juhi Chawla, Aman Siddiqui, Priyanshu Chatterjee and Rajpal Yadav in lead roles and features Shah Rukh Khan in a very special and important cameo role. The film is an adaptation of Oscar Wilde's "The Canterville Ghost". A sequel titled Bhoothnath Returns was released on 11 April 2014. It was released on 9 May 2008, receiving generally positive reviews from critics and was well received by audiences, thus becoming a success at the box office. Moreover, it was a very popular movie among children and the performances of the main trio were praised by critics and audiences alike.

Bill Burr: Let It Go (2010)

Bill Burr: Let It Go is the stand up comedy special by Burr released in 2010. Bill Burr has appeared in classic shows such as Chappelle's Show and Breaking Bad. In this special Burr's hilarious Boston born and bred anger is on full display. In one particularly funny bit Burr rails against self checkout lanes at the grocery store. Burr's unique view of the world is relayed to the audience in a way that is hysterically funny but also simple. The special will have you saying, "I've thought the exact same thing but have never been able to articulate it."

A Shepherd of Pure Heart (2005)

Evenside Church is an upstanding and venerable institution that has served African-American families in rural Maryland for 200 years. Minister Karl Upton is proud to be its young, up-and-coming assistant pastor. Karl takes the Gospel and his calling very seriously, so when God calls him to reach out to at-risk young people in his community, Karl can't say no. The world of the poor, however, is not nearly as simple as Karl had imagined. As he brings their world into contact with his own, sparks of conflict and controversy ignite into a scandal that threatens his family, his faith, and the integrity of Evenside Church. Trapped in a web of secrets, accusations and temptations, Karl must face the shadows that haunt not only the poor, but his own family and church as well. It is a struggle he seems destined to lose - unless his faith in God's greatness can dispel the doubts that have befallen his soul and the good people of Evenside.

ZZ Top: Live at Montreux 2013 (2014)

With an unchanged line-up stretching back to 1969 and global album sales in excess of 50 million, ZZ Top continue to delight fans around the world with brilliant live concerts and great music. The band has made a number of visits to Montreux over the years and this concert from the 2013 Festival is undoubtedly one of their finest live performances. The set list blends tracks from early seventies albums such as "Tres Hombres" and "Fandango" through their eighties blockbuster period with "Eliminator" and "Afterburner" and up to their most recent release and return to their blues roots with "La Futura". The middle section of the concert features a jazz-blues tribute to the late Montreux Festival founder Claude Nobs with guest appearances by Mike Flanigin on Hammond Organ and Van Wilks on guitar. ZZ Top, the "lil' ol' band from Texas", are rocking the blues as strongly as ever!

Tell Me and I Will Forget (2010)

Paramedics experience firsthand the wave of violent crime that puts pressure on South Africa's medical system 15 years after apartheid.

Choppertown: The Sinners (2005)

Every now and then something happens that thrust custom motorcycling, and its associated lifestyle blinking into the glare of the spotlight. Life magazine started the ball rolling in 1947 with their Hollister cover story, it was picked up by The Wild One in '53, and then Easy Rider in 1969. There has been a myriad selection of others with lurid titles and plotlines since, the majority has been commercially, and shamelessly exploiting the genre, or the fears of an impressionable public, with few breaking the surface and establishing a fan base. Choppertown, the independently produced film by One World Studios, is up there with the giants as a potentially life-changing classic that will find a broad audience, not least among men, and could re-establish a grass-roots motorcycle culture. Strangely compulsive viewing, it is a frank, intimate and disarming look at the relationships of a group of exclusively male riders - the Sinners of the title - centered around the story of one member, Kutty Noteboom, building his first ground-up bike with the help of fellow Sinner, Rico, and his workshop. ~from American V-twin Magazine, July 2006

The Jodorowsky Constellation (1994)

Fascinating and challenging, Alexandro Jodorowsky is a multi-talented person: director of cult-movies (EL TOPO, THE HOLY MOUNTAIN, SANTA SANGRE... ), founder of the "Panique" movement, performer of provocative happenings, mime artist, successful comic strip writer (the INCAL, ALEPH TAU, THE WHITE LAMA...), animator of the "Mystical Cabaret", Tarot card master, launcher of the "psycho-magic".... This is the quest of the multiple facets of Jodorowsky and includes views of those who have been closely connected to him (Fernando Arrabal, Peter Gabriel, Marcel Marceau, Jean "Moebius" Giraud, the karate champion Jean-Pierre Vignau). They appear like mirrors in this quest and reveal that the only important search is for oneself. The film ends with a unique experience: a live performance of a "psycho-magic" act.

Disciple Of Death (1972)

An 18th-century demon (Mike Raven) rises from his grave and goes looking for a special someone.

Saturn Returns (2009)

Saturn Returns is a 2009 film directed by Lior Shamriz, starring Chloe Griffin, Tal Meiri and Joshua Bogle. It was written and produced by Lior Shamriz and Imri Kahn.

Fall Into Me (2007)

The lives of two people, Maria (Heidi Fellner) and Steve (Ron Menzel), change when their fabrications collide.

All Inclusive (2008)

All Inclusive is a 2008 Chilean-Mexican movie. The focus is a Chilean family staying at a Mexican resort. During their time at the resort, they each have experiences affecting their lives, and their problems become apparent.

Seven Hours to Judgment (1988)

Seven Hours to Judgment is a 1988 film directed by and starring Beau Bridges. It was produced by Mort Abrahams and written by Walter Davis and Elliot Stephens. The film also stars Ron Leibman and Julianne Phillips.

Wolves in the Snow (2002)

After discovering that her husband has cheated, a woman violently confronts him and kills the man. After his death, the woman discovers that not only did he cheat, but the criminal had several associations with gangsters in the past. With her husband gone, the woman has to confront the gangsters herself and find a way to survive and restart her life as soon as possible.

To Educate a Girl (2010)

GlobalGirl Media Network Presents: What does it take to educate a girl in a world where 72 million children are not in school - most of them female? Filmmakers Frederick Rendina and Oren Rudavsky set out to find the answer.

My Name Is Nobody (2005)

When a drifter returns home after 10 years, he discovers that something terrible has happened to his family.

Legend of Lead Belly (2013)

Huddie Ledbetter was born into poverty, battled racism, and did time, but in spite of his early hardships, or perhaps because of them, he became one of the great musicians of the 20th century. We trace the life and career of Lead Belly, a man praised by critics and revered by artists, whose unique music crossed a host of genres and influenced countless industry legends, from The Beatles to Led Zeppelin to Nirvana and beyond. See how his talent, humanity, and determination defeated all that stood in his way to make his voice heard, then and now.

Specials for United Artists: Ten Seconds That Shook the World (1963)

This film is a factual and chronological account of the events preceding the atomic bombing of Hiroshima during World War II. It is a historical overview of the atomic process that began with the scientific developments of Einstein and Madame Curie, and Fermi's successful splitting of the atom. Due to the atomic threat posed by Nazi Germany, the United States government began its highly secretive Manhattan Project. The film discusses how the sites for atomic research, development, and testing were chosen. It hails the achievements of the scientists involved, and acknowledges the significant effect of the atomic bomb on peacetime projects and events of the atomic age. Originally produced as a television special and motion picture in 1963 by award-winning David Wolper, the film is part of the display at the National Atomic Museum of the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

Haunted House On Sorority Row (2014)

After a fledgling sorority moves into an old house, something evil begins to affect the minds and bodies of its members.

Brussels (2010)

The leading figure on America's West Coast gangsta rap scene and recognized as one of the world's foremost rappers, Snoop Dogg's highly controversial lifestyle frequently blurs the line between fantasy and reality. His 1993 album 'Doggystyle' became the first debut album to enter the American charts at number one where it stayed for several weeks, achieving quadruple platinum status. Snoop's flamboyant image and cutting edge music has gained him a host of fans around the world and have made him a living legend. During his tour of England in 1994 he was the subject of a high profile campaign by press and politicians to have him deported. Always one of the most controversial figures in popular music, he is frequently accused of using excessively sexist and violent language in the lyrics to his songs. Snoop has notched up a string of hit singles and albums since he took the pop world by storm in 1993. Deliberately playing down the early violent element in both his music and his public image, he has become one of rap music's most successful crossover artists and its principal superstar. This spectacular Snoop Dogg concert, filmed during his 2005 European Tour, includes many of his biggest hits, including 'What's My Name?', 'Gin & Juice' and a couple of his most recent chart busters, 'Drop It Like It's Hot' and 'Get Blown'. It also features a special guest appearance by The Game, one of the hottest rising stars in Rap.

The Girl from Missouri (1934)

The Girl from Missouri (originally called Born to Be Kissed) is a 1934 American romantic comedy-drama film starring Jean Harlow and Franchot Tone. The movie was written by Anita Loos and directed by Jack Conway.

Thais (1917)

Thaïs is a 1917 silent film directed by Anton Giulio Bragaglia. The movie is the only surviving Italian futurist film and currently kept at the Cinémathèque Française. It is not based on the novel of the same name by Anatole France.

Steel of Fire Warriors 2010 A.D. (2008)

"First the world was normal, everyone was happy. Then, the apocalypse happened and everything changed. Politics failed. Civilization fell into disarray. Out of the muck of this primordial devastation rose the hideous, deformed and evil Mutantzoids destroying everything in sight with their horrible mutant powers and appearances. None would stand in their swath of destruction, with the possible execption of... STEEL OF FIRE WARRIORS 2010 A.D.!" Thus begins the most hilarious no-budget, post-apoclyptic sci-fi/fantasy/action/adventure/comedy epic ever made. Kevin Clarke and Travis Vogt star as Kevin and Travis, two Steel of Fire Warriors who must fight against the evil Lord Gilgazorg and his Mutantzoid horde, in order to regain peace in New World. Along the way they are joined in their battles by many strange allies including a robot, a magical "Waracle", a weird little monster, "shadow people", and even A Girl!

Out in the Open (2013)

Many celebrities and politicians, as well as ordinary people, embrace the LGBT community to help at-risk youth.

Devil's Diary (2007)

Devil's Diary is a Canadian horror television film directed by Farhad Mann and written by John Benjamin Martin. It stars Alexz Johnson, Magda Apanowicz, Deanna Casaluce, and Miriam McDonald.

Captive (2008)

Captive was a Russian-Bulgarian film by Alexei Uchitel on the novel by Vladimir Makanin Caucasian Captive. The working title of the film was also Caucasian Captive.

Hans and the Silver Skates (1991)

For ten years, poor Hans and Gretel have been living in poverty with their mother and very ill father. Their luck finally reverses when they rescue a rich lady's dog which has fallen through the ice She rewards them each with a new pair of skates and finds a physician for their father. All live happily ever after....

The Digital Dead: Rise of the Zombies (2014)

Eight young girls with the help of a rogue Vampire and a coven of Witches do battle with a horde of flesh eating Zombies.

Splash Area (2012)

Halloween Night. A gang of killer clowns are on the rampage and after seeing their friend killed, 3 friends decide to stop the red nosed crazies. But in an old asylum, they become the hunted in the bizaare fun house. No Trick, No Treat, Just Guts!

Pizza Shop: The Movie (2013)

Cole O'Barts Entertainment proudly presents "Pizza Shop: The Movie", written and directed by George O'Barts. Starring Robert Bielfelt, Cian Patrick O'Dowd and Brett Buzek, this raunchy, off color comedy delves into the drama that goes on in a pizza delivery driver's life. Whether it's the battles that take place in the restaurant to be King Salami, or dealing with a host of bizarre customers, life at the Pizza Shop is never boring! When veteran company man "Pete" (Robert Bielfelt) is pushed beyond the limit by rival slacker "Jason" (Cian Patrick O'Dowd), it ignites a no-holds-barred battle to the end! Who will come out on top and who will leave Pizza Shop forever? One thing is certain, after sampling this twisted little slice of cinema, you just might have to think twice the next time you consider ordering up.

That Touch Of Mink (1962)

That Touch of Mink is a 1962 romantic comedy starring Cary Grant and Doris Day, and directed by Delbert Mann. The film co-stars Gig Young, John Astin, Audrey Meadows, and Dick Sargent. In addition, baseball stars Mickey Mantle, Roger Maris, and Yogi Berra make cameo appearances.

Gallagher: Messin' Up Texas (1998)

The 80s prop comic is back in the 1998 special, "Messin' Up Texas". In this special, Gallagher brings his unique brand of comedy and his Sledge-O-Matic to Texas in another outstanding comedy performance.

The McMasters (1970)

The McMasters is a 1970 Western directed by Alf Kjellin, and starring Brock Peters, Nancy Kwan and Burl Ives. Producer Monroe Sachson had made The Incident with Brock Peters and the two were looking around for another film to make together. The budget was around $2 million. The film was shot in New Mexico. The film was cut by the US distributors, Chevron Pictures, and Peters, the writer and producer asked to have their names removed from the film.

Murderers Club of Brooklyn (1967)

Murderers Club of Brooklyn (German: Der Mörderclub von Brooklyn) is a 1967 German thriller film directed by Werner Jacobs and starring George Nader, Heinz Weiss and Karel Stepanek. It was part of the Jerry Cotton series of films.The film was shot at the Wandsbek Studios. Location shooting took place in Hamburg and New York City.