Holiday from Rules? (1958)

Eccezzziunale... veramente (1982)

Eccezzziunale... veramente is a 1982 Italian comedy film directed by Carlo Vanzina. It was shown as part of a retrospective on Italian comedy at the 67th Venice International Film Festival.

Mothers&Daughters (2008)

Mothers and Daughters is a Canadian comedy-drama film, directed by Carl Bessai and released in 2008.

Neutralidad (1951)

Neutrality (Spanish:Neutralidad) is a 1949 drama film directed by Eusebio Fernández Ardavín and starring Adriana Benetti, Jorge Mistral and Manuel Luna. During the Second World War a German refugee is able to escape to America with the help of a neutral Spanish ship.

La liga de las muchachas (1950)

La liga de las muchachas is a 1950 Mexican film. It was written by Luis Alcoriza, who also stars in the film.

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi (2015)

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi is a Tamil-language action-thriller film directed by Raaj Menon and Suresh. The film produced by Raj Zacharias, also features him in the lead role while Sethu, Abhishek Vinod and Swetha Vijay form the leading cast. Although originally planned with a different ensemble cast in 2011, the project finally materialised in mid 2013 and released on 20 March 2015 to negative reviews. The original score and soundtrack of the movie were composed by Rahul Raj. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Rahadaari in 2016.

Spiritual Love (1987)

Spiritual Love, also known as Ghost Bride or The Phantom Bride is a 1987 Hong Kong fantasy comedy film directed by David Lai and Taylor Wong and starring Chow Yun-fat, Cherie Chung, Pauline Wong and Deanie Ip.

Chukkallo Chandrudu (2006)

Chukkallo Chandrudu is a 2006 Telugu Romance film, produced by Alexander Vallabha on Creative Commercials banner, presented by K. S. Rama Rao and was directed by Sivakumar, one of Mani Ratnam's associates. Starring Akkineni Nageswara Rao, Siddharth Narayan, Sadha, Saloni Aswani, Charmme Kaur in the lead roles and music composed by Chakri. The film story borrows shades of Jagapati Babu's Allari Premikudu.

Japanese Butterflies (1908)

Last Affair (1983)

Notes on Marie Menken (2006)

Fantasia sottomarina (1940)

Rainbow War (1985)

Rainbow War is a 1985 Oscar-nominated 19-minute animated/live action short film created for Expo 86, the 1986 World's Fair in Vancouver, BC. It was directed by Bob Rogers and cinematography was done by Reed Smoot.

Légy jó mindhalálig (1960)

Lachenite obuvki na neznayniya voin (1979)

Mondmann (2007)

The Last Volunteer (1914)

Das Mädchen ohne Vaterland (1912)

Donne... botte e bersaglieri (1968)

The Rise of Eve (2018)

Lucky Luke, la fabrique du western européen (2016)

Biznesmeny (2018)

Schicksalstage in Bangkok (2009)

Shooting at the Moon (2003)

Shooting at the Moon is a short Super-8 punk/Remodernist film directed by Jesse Richards and Nicholas Watson, starring Matthew Quinn Martin as Buddy and Leila Laaraj as Lana, and features music by Billy Childish. It was shot in the summer of 1998 and its final cut was completed in 2003. The film premiered at the New York International Independent Film and Video Festival in November 2003. On March 8, 2008 the film made its London premiere at Horse Hospital during their FLIXATION Underground Cinema event.

Libidomania (1979)

Warbirds (1989)

Mani Matter - Warum syt dir so truurig? (2002)

Valse brillante de Chopin (1936)

UFC 152: Jones vs. Belfort (2012)

Rocking Silver (1983)

Moon and Midnight (1970)

Soul Birds (2009)

Flådens blå matroser (1937)

The Fascination (2003)

The Way You Wanted Me (1944)

Uncle Jim's Dairy Farm (1960)

Spray of the Days (1968)

Hans en die Rooinek (1961)

Karma Cartel (2014)

Karma Cartel is a Multi-Award-winning, Avant-Garde, Indian debut feature film produced and directed by Vinod Bharathan. It is the first Indian film to be made following the Dogme 95 Manifesto set by Lars von Trier and Thomas Vinterberg. However, few of the Dogme95 rules were broken for the theatrical release in India, as requested by the distributors for the film to appeal to the Indian box-office audience.

Vulpe - vânator (1993)

Enola Gay: The Men, the Mission, the Atomic Bomb (1980)

Enola Gay: The Men, The Mission, The Atomic Bomb is a 1980 American made-for-television historical drama film about the B-29 mission that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima, Japan at the end of World War II.

Naissance d'un Golem (1990)

Pluto's Playmate (1941)

Pluto and the Armadillo (1943)

Canine Caddy (1941)

Mickey is heading out to the golf course with Pluto as his caddy. Pluto chases the ball and points to where it lands, but when the ball lands in a gopher hole, trouble begins. Pluto chases the gopher and the tunnels they make wreck the course. This program is presented as originally created. It may contain outdated cultural depictions.

Lovesong (2001)

The Banker, the Escorts and the $18 Million (2011)

Abba Ganuv III (1991)

Conspiracy Theory: Did We Land on the Moon? (2001)

Poor, Poor Pavel (2003)

Poor Poor Paul is a 2003 Russian historical film. It is a biopic of Czar Paul I of Russia and the final film of the historical trilogy of Vitaly Melnikov "The Empire. The Beginning".

Just Like Before (2007)

Tulad Ng Dati is a Philippine independent film released in 2006. Director Michael Sandejas, calls the film "an alternate reality musical drama". The film's plot revolves around the Filipino rock band The Dawn, and the film itself is part-documentary, part-fiction; an inadvertent tribute to The Dawn founding member and guitarist Teddy Diaz, who was murdered in 1988, shortly after the band achieved commercial success.

Eugénie Grandet (1994)

Eugénie Grandet (1994) is a French film directed by Jean-Daniel Verhaeghe. The film starred Jean Carmet in his last role.

Kita no misaki - Cap du nord (1976)

Cape of the North is a Japanese movie directed by Kei Kumai (1976)

The First Easter Rabbit (1976)

The First Easter Rabbit is an animated Easter television special that premiered April 9, 1976 on NBC and later aired on CBS. Created by Rankin/Bass, it tells the story of the Easter Bunny's origin. The special is loosely based on the children's book The Velveteen Rabbit by Margery Williams. Burl Ives did the narration for this special which also featured the song "Easter Parade". Following 1964's "Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer", this is the second Rankin/Bass special to be narrated by Burl Ives.

The Princess & the Marine (2001)

The Princess and the Marine is a 2001 American made-for-television romantic drama film based on the true story of American Marine Jason Johnson and Bahraini Princess Meriam Al-Khalifa, with stars Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Marisol Nichols in the roles of Jason and Meriam.

Trællenes børn (1980)

Au petit Marguery (1995)

For 30 years the title eatery has delighted its customers with good family style French cooking, but as with many good things, its time has come and it must close. This semi-autobiographical French drama, adapted from screenwriter/director Laurent Benegui's novel, chronicles the final meal served to 15 loyal patrons on closing day. Amidst affectionate humor and occasional pathos, much attention is paid to the conversations, personal situations, and emotions of the diners and the staff.

FBI Operation Yellow Viper (1966)

Manna (2008)

Deed Poll (2004)

Deed Poll is a German-made film, 2004, starring Barbara Kowa, Rainer-Maria Wittenauer and André Schneider, directed by Ingo J. Biermann.

The Red Elvis (2007)

Unterm Birnbaum (1973)

Sonntagsfahrer (1963)

Nelken in Aspik (1976)

Erkek Guzeli Sefil Bilo (1979)

Milyarder (1986)

Code of the Lawless (1945)

Code of the Lawless is a 1945 American Western film directed by Wallace Fox and written by Patricia Harper. The film stars Kirby Grant, Fuzzy Knight, Poni Adams, Hugh Prosser, Barbara Sears and Edward Howard. The film was released on October 19, 1945, by Universal Pictures.

The Reign of Terror (1914)

Alike (2015)

Alike a 2015 3D computer-animated short film directed by Daniel Martínez Lara and Rafa Cano Méndez. The animation production took 5 years to complete along with the help of ex-animation student using the free 3D animation application, Blender. The animated short is a story of the relationship of a father and his son who live in a society "where order and work ethic literally choke the colour and creativity out of its inhabitants".

Tiger on the Sunflower (1981)

Hilton! (2013)

Streamlined Greta Green (1937)

Rolli and the Golden Key (2013)

The Ring of the Buddha (2003)

Yaktin Beni (2015)

Advocaat van de Hanen (1996)

Punk Lawyer or Advocaat van de Hanen is a 1996 Dutch film directed by Gerrit van Elst. The film is based on the novel Advocaat van de Hanen by Dutch writer A.F.Th. van der Heijden.

Magic Lighter (1946)

Ballet Adagio (1972)

Les Revoltes (2014)

Popeye the Sailor (1933)

Popeye first appeared in a 1929 daily comic strip called Thimble Theater by Elsie Segar and caught the country by storm. Popeye had nothing but his wits, a funny way of talking, and a crush on Olive Oyl. His fame eventually caught the attention of the Max Fleischer Studio and by 1933 Popeye had made his big screen debut in a Betty Boop short entitled Popeye The Sailor. The WWII years brought change to the spinach munching sailorman. In 1942, Popeye's uniform changed permanently to Navy whites and the same year, Paramount took over the production studio from the Fleischer brothers and renamed it Famous Studios, which continued to produce some superb entries in the Popeye series.

Tøsepiger (1996)

Musen (2009)

Pigeon Toady's Guide to Your New Baby (2016)

Madame de Thèbes (1915)

Vem dömer (1922)

Tetra Vaal (2004)

Station (2001)

Jeffries Jr. (1924)

The Odd Sound Out (2013)

Recluta con niño (1956)

Twilight Phantom (2007)

Gunmen's Blues (1981)

Gunmen's Blues is a 1981 independent short film written and directed by Eric Red.

Running Blue (2001)

Yellow Hair 2 is a 2001 South Korean film, written, produced, and directed by Kim Yu-min. It is the sequel to Kim's 1999 film Yellow Hair, though it does not continue the same story or feature any of the same characters. The original film gained attention when it was refused a rating due to its sexual content, requiring some footage to be cut before it was allowed a public release. Yellow Hair 2 attracted no less attention from the casting of transsexual actress Harisu in her first major film role.

Jaguimo (1999)

Ghost in Love is a 1999 South Korean film written by Li Hong-zhou and directed by Lee Kwang-hoon. The film stars Kim Hee-sun in the title role as the girlfriend of a man she suspects of cheating on her. She throws herself underneath an oncoming train, and discovers that in the afterlife she can roam as a ghost and take revenge, if she wants to, on her former boyfriend, who has quickly moved on. Lee Sung-jae also stars as Kantorates, a ghost who befriends the protagonist. The film was released on August 14, 1999.

Mockingbird Lane (2012)

Mockingbird Lane is a 2012 television special developed as a re-imagining of the 1960s CBS sitcom The Munsters. It was developed for NBC by Bryan Fuller. The pilot episode aired on October 26, 2012, as a Halloween special, with the option for a series order. The special was viewed by 5.47 million American viewers and gained a 1.5/5 ratings share for adults aged 18–49, but was not picked up by NBC as a series.

Hunch (2003)

Kutob is a 2005 Filipino suspense horror film directed by Jose Javier Reyes; the title translates into "foreboding" in English. The film was a box office success in the Philippines, with both Reyes and Agustin also winning the Best Director and Best Actor awards respectively at the 2005 Metro Manila Film Festival; the film itself came third at the festival. The film contains elements of horror and the supernatural without being overtly of those genres, drawing comparisons in places to two US films; namely, Psycho and Carrie.

Great (Isambard Kingdom Brunel) (1975)

An animated film about the British engineer Isambard Kingdom Brunel, who spearheaded numerous engineering marvels of the early 19th century.

Peege (1973)

Peege is a 1973 American short student film, written and directed by Randal Kleiser, about a family's visit to an elderly relative in a nursing home. The film was named to the National Film Registry by the Librarian of Congress in December 2007.

David Loman (2013)

David Loman (大尾鱸鰻) is a 2013 Taiwanese comedy film directed by Chiu Li-kwan.

The Magic Touch (1992)

The Magic Touch is a 1992 Hong Kong comedy film written, produced and directed by Michael Hui, and stars Hui himself alongside Leon Lai.