Margin for Error (1943)

A Jewish policeman (Milton Berle) guards a Nazi diplomat (Otto Preminger) and his wife (Joan Bennett) in New York.

Bastards (2014)

Rabha El Haimer fights to have her sham marriage recognized, and her daughter legitimized by the Moroccan judicial system.

300,000 Kilometers Per Second (2013)

A crime syndicate captures an inventor to use his time machine.

Sole Survivor (1984)

The guilt-ridden survivor (Anita Skinner) of a big plane crash becomes the butt of a psychic's (Caren Larkey) deadly jokes.

They Are We (2014)

A family in Cuba searches for its origins in Africa.

Lady Gaga: The Art of Music (2014)

Lady Gaga's explosive, eccentric rise to fame and her reputation for revolutionizing music.

Hostile Witness (1968)

A highly regarded English lawyer, Simon Crawford (Ray Milland) is devastated when he finds out that his daughter has been killed in a hit-and-run accident. The driver is still at large, and Crawford becomes obsessed with tracking the person down. After a surprising turn of events, Crawford is put on trial for the death of a neighbor, who also happened to be a judge. Initially represented by a younger lawyer, Crawford eventually defends himself in court, despite not having an alibi.

Stiffs (2010)

A hearse driver (Danny Aiello) bonds with fellow Bostonians to keep a funeral home from closing.

Horse Money (2014)

When Ventura becomes lost in the woods, the people of Fontainhas search for him.

Darkest Africa (1936)

Famed animal trainer Clyde Beatty faces flying bat men and wild beasts in his search for the hidden city of Joba.

Not Now, Darling (1972)

A married British furrier gives a mobster's mistress a cheap mink coat.

The Little Shepherd Of Kingdom Come (1961)

After the untimely death of his parents in the 1860s, young Chad (Jimmie Rodgers) is sent to live in a remote Kentucky town where he's mentored by Maj. Buford (Chill Wills), a warmhearted old man. With Buford's help, Chad begins adjusting to his new life, eventually beginning a romance with local girl Melissa Turner (Luana Patten). When the Civil War starts, however, Chad joins the Union Army and finds himself on the outs with both Buford and Melissa, who favor the Confederacy.

Quellen Des Lebens (2013)

Erich, a veteran soldier, returns to Germany in 1949 and feels like a stranger in his homeland.

Extreme Honor (2001)

A decorated Navy Seal is forced out of retirement to save his son's life and bring down the man who destroyed his career.

14th July (2015)

An elderly couple stroll the streets of Paris on Bastille day and their emotions reawaken.

Black Angels (1970)

Members of a white motorcycle gang declare war on their black counterparts after discovering they were duped.

Rebellious Daughters (1938)

A girl moves out of her parent's house against their wishes. She gets a job in a dress shop and later gets mixed up with dirty pictures and blackmail.

The Snow Queen's Revenge (1996)

Freed from her enchanted imprisonment, the Snow Queen seeks to punish humanity by freezing spring forever.

Beck: Decoy Boy (1997)

A detective (Peter Haber) investigates the murder of a man whose body was burned in an incinerator.

Kandyland (1987)

A bored young woman (Kim Evenson) enters a bikini contest and becomes a student of exotic dancer Harlow Divine (Sandahl Bergman).

Captain Lightfoot (1955)

An Irish swashbuckler (Rock Hudson) woos a rebel leader's (Jeff Morrow) daughter (Barbara Rush) in 19th-century Ireland.

Becoming Bulletproof (2015)

Disabled people from across the United States take the leading roles in Western costume drama.

Hashtag ChicagoGirl: The Social Network Takes on a Dictator (2013)

In a suburb of Chicago, an American teenager uses Facebook, Twitter and Skype to run the revolution in Syria.

Puppy (2013)

A Minion befriends a small alien space ship, and helps it contact its home planet.

Capturing Dad (2013)

Sawa instructs her two daughters to visit their estranged father before he dies.

Minions: Orientation Day (2010)

Three cloned minions go through orientation and cause chaos on their first assignment.

Captain Tugboat Annie (1945)

An ex-con and a child violinist get caught up in Annie's scheme to discredit her tugboat rival, Capt. Bullwinkle.

Thundering Gun Slingers (1944)

A young man tackles the outlaw gang responsible for pinning phony rustling charges on his uncle and other local ranchers.

Primo Basílio (2007)

A married woman learns the price of infidelity after an affair with her childhood sweetheart.

Love Thy Nature (2014)

Filmmaker Sylvie Rokab examines the beauty and intimacy of mankind's relationship with the natural world.

Pancakes (2014)

The lives of three romantically challenged people intertwine in Tokyo.

The Cock-Eyed World (1929)

Marine Sgts. Flagg (Victor McLaglen) and Quirt (Edmund Lowe) leave Vladivostok for Nicaragua by way of Coney Island.

Shahram & Abbas (2006)

Hoping for a better chance at asylum, two Iranian refugees pretend to be homosexual.

The Borinqueneers (2007)

Comprised mostly of Puerto Ricans, the 65th Infantry Regiment becomes the only all-Hispanic unit in U.S. Army history.

The Dossier (2014)

A Tibetan woman keeps a secret dossier.

Last Stop Kew Gardens (2006)

Filmmaker and professor Robert Lieberman returns to his childhood home, a Queens, N.Y., community which became a haven for Holocaust survivors and their children.

The Tycoon - O Magnata (2007)

The life of a rebellious rock star (Paulo Vilhena) spirals out of control when he steals a Ferrari.

Men In White (1934)

Pressured by long hours filled with life-and-death decisions, medical intern George Ferguson (Clark Gable) grows increasingly exhausted and unsure about his career. After a night call forces him to break another date with fiance Laura Hudson (Myrna Loy), George takes comfort with nursing student Barbara Dennin (Elizabeth Allan) -- unaware that his mentor, Dr. Hochberg (Jean Hersholt), knows of the liaison. Later, when confronted by Barbara's botched abortion, George must decide his future.

Cross-Examination (1932)

A lawyer (H.B. Warner) defends a boy accused of killing his millionaire father.

From a Silk Cocoon (2005)

A young couple renounce their U.S. citizenship while being held in separate prison camps during World War II.

From Parts Unknown (2015)

A budding professional wrestler has to battle homicidal monsters spawned from a video game.

The Log (1996)

The lives of three police officers intersect on one fateful New Year's Eve in 1996.

El Polaquito (2003)

An Argentine street kid (Abel Ayala) incurs a vicious hustler's wrath when he tries to get the prostitute (Marina Glezer) he loves off the street.

Fool's Paradise (1921)

Arthur is blinded and tricked into marrying the wrong woman.

Honeymoon (1959)

A bride's honeymoon trip to Spain is complicated by a man who wants her to perform in his upcoming ballet.

The Swiss Conspiracy (1976)

Secret bank accounts lead to a major blackmail scheme in which murder becomes a part of the game plan.

Ti spiace se bacio mamma? (2003)

The arrival of a mysterious woman shakes up the lives of a single Italian lawyer, his sisters and his spunky father.

Inner Action (1997)

A private investigator meets up with his former friend, who is now a violent mobster who wants him dead.

Modern Love Is Automatic (2009)

A nurse moonlights as a dominatrix and her roommate live in a strange world.

Russian Coffee (2012)

In 19th-century Korea, the Japanese force two bandits (Jin-mo Ju, So-yeon Kim) to take part in a plot to assassinate Emperor Gojong (Hee-soon Park).

The Controller (2008)

To save the wife of a computer magnate (Bob Rue), a team of people must defeat an online video game within eight hours.

Lucky Night (1939)

The beautiful Cora Jordan (Myrna Loy) will one day inherit her father Calvin's (Henry O'Neill) steel fortune. One day, Cora sets out into the world, intent on finding a man and a job of her own. However, Cora is unable to find work, and quickly realizes the real world isn't as welcoming as she had imagined. But she is cheered up by Bill Overton (Robert Taylor), a charming homeless man. The two share a wild, night drunken night that ends in a way neither of them could have imagined.

Robbery (2015)

Two overnight clerks deal with a robbery, a gangster, a shoot-out, and a homemade bomb.

Baseball Girls (1996)

The women of baseball, from 7-year-olds just learning the rules to 50-year-olds still hitting homers in slow pitch leagues.

Petites notes à propos du film 'Je vous salue, Marie' (1983)

The inception and making of "Hail Mary."

So You Won't Talk? (1940)

A meek book reviewer (Joe E. Brown) loses his job, shaves off his beard and is soon taken for a gangster.

The Thief of Paris (1967)

Georges (Jean-Paul Belmondo) patiently awaits his inheritance while nurturing his love for his cousin Charlotte (Geneviève Bujold). But after discovering that his guardian uncle has frittered away his fortune and betrothed Charlotte to another suitor, Georges responds by burglarizing the family of his beloved's fiancé. The robbery is so exhilarating that Georges embarks on a crime spree, believing himself a righteous crusader against a bloated bourgeoisie.

The Auction House (2014)

Two brothers work to save their family business, the oldest auction house in India.

Love Hurts (2002)

Loe (Marieke Heebink) leads a Spartan existence dedicated to working with displaced refugees. When her friend Kemal (Tanar Catalpinar) -- an undocumented immigrant -- is killed, it solidifies Loe's dedication to the cause. But, as Loe's long-term boyfriend, Bob (Mark Rietman), finds increased success in his law practice, the couple's deep-seated ideological differences and Bob's desire to move up into a high social sphere begin to destroy their relationship.

Ana Ana (2014)

The inner world of four young creative Egyptian women.

Baby Love (1968)

A gay man wants a child with his partner who is against it.

Seachd: The Inaccessible Pinnacle (2007)

A young man visits his dying grandfather and learns of his families ancient secret.

LaDonna Harris: Indian 101 (2014)

The native political and social activism of the Comanche activist.

Why Not Home? (2016)

The stories of doctors, nurses, and midwives who choose to have home births.

The Cactus Kid (2000)

A boy fantasizes about robbing a bank in the style of his comic-book hero.

After the Dance (2015)

Filmmaker Daisy Asquith uncovers a family secret that is still causing shame and outrage in an insulated village in County Clare, Ireland.

Land Legs (2015)

Dom has to choose between being a commercial fisherman or keeping custody of his two children.

The Brooklyn Heist (2009)

Three criminal teams live in different movie genres.

Bridging The Gap (2013)

Members of the immensely popular Vienna Boys Choir perform and discuss what music and singing mean to them and others.

Murder in Soho (1939)

A London nightclub hostess (Sandra Storme) pretends to fall for the mobster (Jack LaRue) who killed her husband.

We Are the Indians (2005)

Filmmakers Philip Cox and Valeria Mapelman examine the culture of the Guaraní people of Argentina.

Thérèse: The Story of Saint Thérèse of Lisieux (2004)

Convinced that she must save souls, Thrse Martin (Lindsay Younce) joins a convent at age 15.

Smiley (1956)

A youngster raised in Australia's bush country tries to earn money for a bicycle and becomes involved with smugglers.

In Bed (2005)

Lovers (Blanca Lewin, Gonzalo Valenzuela) reveal more than intended during a steamy one-night stand.

Galapagos 3D: Nature's Wonderland (2014)

Among the remote volcanic islands, a remarkable collection of plants and animals have adapted to the unique environment.

The Last Enemy (1988)

Inspector Morse discovers that rivalry for a prestigious position at Oxford has led to murder.

Men Suddenly in Black 2 (2006)

Four women (Teresa Mo, Josie Ho, Gia Lin) develop a scheme to take revenge against their philandering husbands.

Varieties on Parade (1951)

Jackie Coogan, Eddie Garr, Tom Neal and Iris Adrian appear in a vaudeville show.

Thugs, Mugs, & Dogs (2011)

Danny and his pals find themselves trapped between a ruthless businessman and an ex-greyhound trainer.

Key Witness (1947)

An inventor (John Beal) becomes party to a murder with his buddy (Jimmy Lloyd) and his buddy's girlfriend (Trudy Marshall).

Isn't It Romantic? (1948)

A Southern major lives in circa-1900 Indiana with his three flirtatious daughters (Veronica Lake, Mona Freeman, Mary Hatcher).

Chega de Saudade (2007)

Patrons (Tnia Carrero, Leonardo Villar, Stepan Nercessian) at a dance hall in So Paulo, Brazil, search for companionship and love.

Split Infinity (1992)

A fall from a hayloft sends a teen back to the past, where she encounters her ancestors and learns a valuable lesson.

Walking Distance (2015)

When a morbidly obese man becomes friends with two people, his life changes.

In the Beginning There Was Underwear (1999)

Two gal pals (Teresa Saponangelo, Stefania Rocca) in Genoa, Italy, bounce around between fleeting love affairs and minimum-wage jobs.

The Quiet Woman (1951)

A British innkeeper's (Jane Hylton) smuggler boyfriend (Derek Bond) tries to sneak her fugitive husband into France.

Love Is All: 100 Years of Love & Courtship (2014)

Kim Longinotto celebrates cinema with extracts from movies.

Bag Boy Lover Boy (2014)

Albert, an oddball hot-dog vendor, is shocked when he becomes a photographer's muse.

Man With Two Lives (1942)

A man's (Edward Norris) behavior changes for the worse when a scientist injects him with the soul of a criminal.

Dinosaurs Alive (2007)

Dinosaurs from the Triassic to the Cretaceous period come to life on the giant IMAX screen through scientifically accurate computer animation. Take a journey with the world's top paleontologists as they find evidence that descendents of these creatures still walk, and fly, among us.

City Slickers Can't Stay With Me: The Coach Bob Larsen Story (2015)

The career, success and influence of coach Bob Larsen.

The Hazing (2004)

College students spending the night in a deserted mansion as part of a pledge are terrorized and murdered by a deranged professor.

Fonzy (2013)

Diego discovers he has fathered 533 children by donating sperm. Several of his offspring are suing to identify their father, and he seeks them out to meet anonymously.

Active Shooters (2015)

Four brothers are forced to save a city.

Inconceivable (2008)

A journalist (Elizabeth McGovern) investigates a doctor (Colm Feore) at a fertility clinic when a group of newborns bare a striking resemblance to one another.

Love Is the Perfect Crime (2013)

When one of his brilliant students disappears after having an affair with him, Marc is introduced to Anna, a woman searching for the missing student.

Some Interviews on Personal Matters (1977)

Sopiko, a young newspaper employee, interviews her mother after she writes a negative letter to the editor.

Musée haut, musée bas (2008)

Herds of ignorant tourists shuffle between galleries while a natural disaster lurks.

Call of The Yukon (1938)

A collie's courtship of a wolf-dog parallels that of a writer (Beverly Roberts) and a trapper (Richard Arlen).

Fugitive from Sonora (1943)

A traveling parson's (Don "Red" Barry) paroled twin brother is forced to join outlaws.