The Human Family Tree (2009)

Join geneticist Spencer Wells and a team from National Geographic's Genographic Project as they trace the human journey through time, from our origins in the heart of Africa to the ends of the world. The Human Family Tree answers some of humanity's most burning questions-who we are and where we come from-and forces us to change how we think not only about our relationships with our neighbors, but ourselves. Narrated by Kevin Bacon.

Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate (1986)

Private Practices: The Story of a Sex Surrogate is a 1985 American documentary film directed by Kirby Dick about the interaction between a sex surrogate and her clients. It is Dick's first documentary film.

La Moustache (2005)

La Moustache (in English, The Moustache) is a French film from 2005, directed by Emmanuel Carrère and starring Vincent Lindon, and adapted from Carrère's own novel. The film features music from Philip Glass. The film was awarded the Label Europa Cinemas prize at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival and is currently distributed theatrically in the United States by the Cinema Guild with a DVD release handled by Koch-Lorber Films.

Ruby Blue (2007)

Ruby Blue is a 2008 British drama directed by Jan Dunn.

Darkroom (2013)

A woman (Kaylee DeFer) becomes trapped in a mansion with three psychotic siblings who are hell-bent on purging her of her sins.

Eternal Gangstas (2002)

Two men who have been involved in a brutal conflict through numerous reincarnations over hundreds of years end up as assassins pitted against each other in the year 2002.

Stay Until Tomorrow (2004)

An actress tries to sort out her life while those around her are busy doing the same.

Cruise Into Terror (1978)

Cruise Into Terror is a 1978 American made-for-television horror film starring Dirk Benedict, John Forsythe, Frank Converse, Ray Milland and Stella Stevens. Directed by Bruce Kessler, it originally premiered February 3, 1978 on ABC.

Playdate (2012)

After she befriends her new neighbors, Emily begins to suspect they are hiding a dark secret. When her daughter is hurt during a play date, she uncovers something from the family's dark past that they will do anything to keep secret.

Tin Man (1983)

Tin Man is a 1983 American drama film directed by John G. Thomas and starring Timothy Bottoms, John Phillip Law, Deana Jurgens, Troy Donahue, and Richard Stahl.

Bel Borba Aqui (2012)

Artist Bel Borba creates works of art around Salvador, Brazil, to breathe new life into impoverished neighborhoods.

Cleaning House (1938)

The first entry in the MGM animated series "The Captain and the Kids" finds the Captain faking illness and rambunctious children Hans and Fritz pretending to be doctors.

The Guns of Juana Gallo (1961)

Juana Gallo is a 1961 Mexican drama film written and directed by Miguel Zacarías. It was entered into the 2nd Moscow International Film Festival.

Faith in the Big House (2015)

As part of their rehabilitation, Louisiana inmates spend three days at an evangelical Christian prison retreat.

Loving Lulu (1993)

A California comedy writer (Charles Grant) falls for the wife (Sandahl Bergman) of his psychologist (Charley Hayward), who begins to suspect something.

Slumber Party Slaughter (2012)

One year after a group of strippers covered up their role in a client's death, a vengeful killer crashes their slumber party.

A Guy Could Change (1946)

A Guy Could Change is a 1946 American drama film starring Allan Lane and Jane Frazee. It was the final film of director William K. Howard.

The Wind Is My Lover (1949)

Singoalla is a 1949 Swedish-French film directed by Christian-Jaque, starring Viveca Lindfors and Alf Kjellin. It is a visually stunning film with a haunting score, based on the romantic novel The Wind Is My Lover by Viktor Rydberg. The story is based on a medieval legend of the love between a gypsy and a nobleman. It was produced in three language versions: Swedish, French, and English. The Swedish and French versions were entitled Singoalla. The English version had three titles: Gypsy Fury (USA), The Wind is My Lover (UK), and The Mask and the Sword (UK). The Swedish and English versions starred Alf Kjellin as the nobleman, but the French version starred Michel Auclair. All three versions were edited separately – even scoring is slightly different. The Swedish and French run over 100 minutes, the English only 63 minutes.

East L.A. Marine: The Untold True Story of Guy Gabaldon (2008)

The life and accomplishments of the soldier who single handedly captured over 1500 Japanese soldiers and civilians.

Buffalo Bill (1965)

Buffalo Bill, Hero of the Far West (Buffalo Bill, l'eroe del far west) is a 1964 Italian spaghetti western directed by Mario Costa.

Religious Racketeers (1938)

Women fall for a fakir (Robert Fiske) running a global crystal-ball racket.

Death on the Diamond (1934)

Death on the Diamond is a 1934 mystery film starring Robert Young as a baseball player who has to figure out who is trying to murder the members of his team, the Saint Louis Cardinals. It was based on the novel Death on the Diamond: A Baseball Mystery Story by Cortland Fitzsimmons, directed by Edward Sedgwick and produced and released by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Big in Bollywood (2011)

American-born Omi Vaidya, a struggling actor in Los Angeles, miraculously lands a dream role in the Bollywood film 3 Idiots. Within a week of release, 3 Idiots skyrockets to box-office success, becoming the most successful Indian film in history and transforming Omi into an overnight megastar. But being a national sensation in India is not all glitz and glamor.

Kings Go Forth (1958)

Kings Go Forth is a 1958 black-and-white World War II film starring Frank Sinatra, Tony Curtis, and Natalie Wood. The screenplay was written by Merle Miller from the novel of the same name by Joe David Brown, and the film was directed by Delmer Daves. The plot involves friends of different backgrounds manning an observation post in Southern France who fall in love with the same French girl. She proves to be of American Mulatto ancestry. Themes of racism and miscegenation provide the conflict elements between the leading characters, something that was out of the ordinary for films of the time, while the setting during the so-called Champagne Campaign remains unique.

Revenge on the Highway (1992)

A veteran trucker (Stacy Keach) turns avenger in the name of his son, killed by a hit-and-run trucker on drugs.

Man to Man (1930)

Man to Man is an all-talking American Pre-Code drama film produced by Warner Bros. in 1930. The film was directed by Allan Dwan and stars Phillips Holmes. The film is based on the story "Barber John's Boy" by Ben Ames Williams.

Red Flag: The Ultimate Game (1981)

Air Force jet pilots (Barry Bostwick, William Devane) carry their rivalry into precision war games over the Nevada desert.

Le ragazze di San Frediano (1955)

In Italy, handsome auto mechanic Andrea (Antonio Cifariello), who calls himself Bob, can't pass up the opportunity to make dates with the beautiful women around him. While on his way to see the fiery Tosca (Rossana Podesta), Bob considers chorus girl Silvana (Giulia Rubini), and later Bice (Corinne Calvet), a clothing designer -- and her assistant. Bob also finds time for schoolteacher Loretta (Luciana Liberati), all the time unaware that his neighbor, Gina (Marcella Mariani), pines for him.

Red Dirt Rising (2014)

Red Dirt Rising is a 2011 film starring Brad Yoder, Burgess Jenkins and Brett Rice based on the book Red Dirt Tracks: The Forgotten Heroes of Early Stockcar Racing by Gail Cauble Gurley telling the true story of race car driver Jimmie Lewallen. The film dramatizes the birth of NASCAR in the 1930s and 1940s.

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs (2009)

The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs (Portuguese: O Grilo Feliz e os Insetos Gigantes) is a 2009 Brazilian computer-animated children's fantasy film directed by Walbercy Ribas and Rafael Ribas and produced by Start Desenhos Animados. The film is the sequel of The Happy Cricket, released in 2001. The Happy Cricket and the Giant Bugs was nominated for best movie in the 2009 Chicago International Children's Film Festival." In 2010, the film won the Academia Brasileira de Cinema's prize for best animation and best children's feature film.

Gun Justice (1933)

Gun Justice is a 1933 American Western film directed by Alan James and written by Robert Quigley. The film stars Ken Maynard, Cecilia Parker, Hooper Atchley, Walter Miller, William Gould and Jack Rockwell. The film was released on December 11, 1933, by Universal Pictures.

The Woman Who Touched the Legs (1960)

A writer named Gomu (Eiji Funakoshi) and a police detective named Heita (Hajime Hana) are both drawn to an attractive female pickpocket (Machiko Kyo) who is fleecing fellow travelers on board an express train to the countryside. The cop, who is on vacation, falls in love with her despite her criminal reputation, while Gomu comes to her aid after her money is stolen by another pickpocket. Neither man can resist following the lady to her ultimate destination -- a remote village near an air base.

Retrato de Teresa (1979)

Portrait of Teresa (Spanish: Retrato de Teresa) is a 1979 Cuban drama film directed by Pastor Vega. It was entered into the 11th Moscow International Film Festival, where Daisy Granados won the award for Best Actress.

Fotos (1996)

Azucena and Narciso fall in love, but their dark pasts threaten to end their budding romance.

Go-Get-'Em, Haines (1936)

Go-Get-'Em, Haines is a 1936 American mystery film directed by Sam Newfield. It was William Boyd's last non-Hopalong Cassidy role.

Mabel's New Hero (1913)

Mabel's New Hero is a 1913 American short comedy film featuring Mabel Normand, Fatty Arbuckle, and The Keystone Cops.

Teenage Strangler (1964)

Teen-Age Strangler is a 1964 crime drama film directed by Ben Parker. It was made in Huntington, West Virginia. It exploits the popular concern with Juvenile delinquency of the American Cold War period. It was re-released in black & white in 1990, resulting in local screenings, newspaper writeups, and cast reunions. It was featured on a Season 5 episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000 (MST3K). Actor John Humphreys, who played the role of "Mikey" appeared at the MST3K first Conventio-Con in September, 1994.

Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939)

Torchy Runs for Mayor is a 1939 American drama-comedy film directed by Ray McCarey. The film stars Glenda Farrell and Barton MacLane. This is the eighth film in the "Torchy Blane" movie series by Warner Bros. It was released on May 13, 1939.

Thunder County (1974)

Four escaped women force a boat owner (Mickey Rooney) to take them into the Everglades, where they meet drug dealers.

Business and Pleasure (1932)

Business and Pleasure is a 1932 American Pre-Code comedy film directed by David Butler, starring Will Rogers and featuring Boris Karloff.

Funny Man (1994)

Funny Man is a 1994 British film written and directed by Simon Sprackling.

Mekhong Full Moon Party (2002)

Mekhong Full Moon Party is a 2002 Thai comedy-drama about the Naga fireballs that arise from the Mekong at Nong Khai on the full moon in October. Written by Jira Maligool, the film was also Jira's directorial debut.

Genghis Khan (1998)

Genghis Khan is a 1998 Chinese film directed by Sai Fu and Mai Lisi, produced by Inner Mongolia Film Studio. The film was selected as the Chinese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 71st Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Stuck to Your Pillow (2012)

After dying in a tragic accident, a man comes back as a ghost and vows to win back his now-remarried wife.

Rain or Shine (1930)

Rain or Shine is a 1930 American pre-Code film directed by Frank Capra and starring Joe Cook and Louise Fazenda. The film was adapted from a hit Broadway musical of the same name and was originally planned as a full-scale musical. Due to the public backlash against musical films (beginning in the latter part of the summer of 1930), all musical numbers were discarded before release. This move proved to be prudent as the film was a box office success, continuing the streak of hits Capra directed for the young Columbia Pictures studio.

Came the Brawn (1938)

Came the Brawn is a 1938 Our Gang short comedy film directed by Gordon Douglas. Produced by Hal Roach and released to theaters by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, it was the 165th entry in the Our Gang series.

Cat In The Cage (1978)

An ex-patient comes home to, among other things, a new stepmother and a satanic housekeeper.

Annas Sommer (2002)

A Jewish woman of Greek and Spanish background, Anna (ngela Molina) returns to sell her childhood home near the Mediterranean Sea. While Anna contemplates the many family members that she has lost, she looks back at various phases of her life, including her time in Berlin, where she was befriended by the kind Max (Herbert Knaup) during a tense political rally. As memories wash over Anna, she begins to reconsider selling the house that carries such significance for her.

Catch My Soul (1974)

Catch My Soul is a 1974 film produced by Jack Good and Richard M. Rosenbloom, and directed by Patrick McGoohan. It was an adaptation of Good's stage musical of the same title, which itself was loosely adapted from William Shakespeare's Othello. It was not a critical success.

Distortion (2006)

Porter's wild ride begins when his girlfriend, Rachel (Sarah Lahti) makes a deal with a sleazy internet porn producer to help bankroll their exit from LA. While Porter is in a back room with other “performers”, a drugged Rachel performs for the camera. When Rachel is forced to do an objectionable sex scene, she calls out for his help, and a whacked out Porter makes a futile attempt to rescue her. Instead, he wakes up hours later, left for dead on the banks of the Los Angeles River. When Porter reports Sarah's abduction to the police, they don't believe his drug-hazed story. So he goes it alone, relying on his cunning and detective experience to try and save Rachel's life as well as his own!

Love U... Mr. Kalakaar! (2011)

Love U...Mr. Kalakaar! is a 2011 Bollywood film. The film is directed by debutant S. Manasvi, who is an alumnus of Film and Television Institute of India. It is the first film in which Tusshar Kapoor and Amrita Rao appear together. It was released on 13 May 2011.

Sukiyaki (2011)

Five prisoners relate tales of delicious meals.

Illusive Tracks (2003)

Illusive Tracks (Swedish: Skenbart – en film om tåg) is a Swedish dark comedy thriller film from 2003 directed by Peter Dalle, starring Peter Dalle, Gustaf Hammarsten, Robert Gustafsson, Gösta Ekman, Lars Amble and others. The time is right after World War II, before Christmas of 1945. The story revolves around the passengers on a train heading from Stockholm non-stop to Berlin, and includes murder, adultery, religion, Santa Claus and a very angry train conductor. The film is in black and white to give it a more dramatic atmosphere. All of the scenes depicting Stockholm Central Station were filmed at the Krylbo railway station to resemblance the 1940s look of Stockholm.

Stag Night Of The Dead (2010)

Stag Night of the Dead is a 2010 low budget British comedy horror film, written and directed by Neil "Napoleon" Jones.

Dehraadun Diary (2013)

Dehraadun Diary is a Hindi mystery thriller film released in January 2013. This was the debut film for Ragini Nandwani who made the jump from TV to film industry. The film is based on a real life murder.

Murder with Mirrors (1985)

Murder with Mirrors is a 1985 British-American made-for-television mystery film starring Helen Hayes in her final appearance as Miss Marple and, as well, her final film role. It also stars Bette Davis, John Mills, Leo McKern, Dorothy Tutin and Tim Roth.

Rate it X (1986)

A revealing and scathing portrait of the various forms of male sexism existing in contemporary American society.

Yang Yang (2009)

Tensions rise when a young athlete (Sandrine Pinna) falls for the boyfriend of her stepsister (Her Sy-huoy).

A Ship to India (1947)

A Ship Bound for India (Swedish: Skepp till Indialand) is a 1947 Swedish film directed by Ingmar Bergman. It was originally released as A Ship to India in the United Kingdom and Frustration in the United States. The screenplay was written by Bergman, based on the play by Martin Söderhjelm. The film was entered into the 1947 Cannes Film Festival.

The Last Keepers (2013)

The Last Keepers (also titled The Art of Love) is a 2013 American fantasy film directed by Maggie Greenwald and starring Aidan Quinn, Virginia Madsen, Zosia Mamet and Olympia Dukakis.

Silicon Valley: A 100 Year Renaissance (1998)

Narrated by Walter Cronkite, this is the quintessential documentary on Silicon Valley and the emergence of a new golden age of civilization. This film visually captures the origins and essence of today's technological Shangri-La: Silicon Valley.

Odd Couple (1979)

Odd Couple is a 1979 Hong Kong martial arts comedy film directed by Lau Kar Wing, who also stars, alongside Sammo Hung. It was the first film to be released by Gar Bo Motion Picture Company, an independent production company set up by Hung, Lau and producer Karl Maka. The fight scenes are mainly weapon-based, with particular emphasis on the contrast between the dao (sword) and qiang (spear).

Bob the Builder: Bob's Top Team (2007)

Bob the Builder is hard at work finishing his workshop, building a new school and a visitor center. When Bob must build different houses for everyone, he realizes his Can-Do Crew really can do anything because they are BOB'S TOP TEAM!

Major League Baseball: All Century Team (2000)

One hundred years in the making, the 'Major League Baseball All-Century Team' was an all-time roster chosen from the more than 15,000 men who played Major League Baseball in the 20th Century.

Little Shaolin Monks (2007)

This acclaimed documentary follows the lives of a group of "Little Warrior Monks" who live in the famous Shaolin Temple and practice the highest form of martial arts known to man. The kids range in age from 6 to 12 years and lead lives isolated from the rest of the world. Each day their discipline includes rigorous training, dedicated prayer and a vegetarian lifestyle. Other children their age admire these legendary "Shaolin Monks." This film also follows the plight of one particular "Little Monk" whose dream is to venture out of the Temple to go to Tiananmen Square to see the statue of Chairman Mao.

Between Sisters (2013)

Aneesa's baby sister Serena is getting married, and she wants to give her the best wedding present possible. Yet, when she discovers they have two other sisters, Serena decides she wants to find them and have them participate. Can Aneesa and Serena find the two women? If they do, can they get them to care enough to come together, forgive their mother, and be excited about a sister whom they had no idea even existed?

Between Places (2005)

A love triangle between Nagib, an immigrant from Egypt, his beautiful co-worker Aisha, and his handsome neighbor Jeff. Nagib is caught between being true to himself and the ones he love, as he tries to survive in the U.S. after 9/11.

Paradise Recovered (2010)

A surprising source teaches a devout young woman about faith, living and love.

Disneynature: Wings of Life (2011)

Wings of Life (known as Pollen in France and Hidden Beauty: A Love Story That Feeds the Earth in the United Kingdom) is a 2011 French-American nature documentary film directed by Louis Schwartzberg and released by Disneynature. It was released theatrically in France on March 16, 2011, with narration by Melanie Laurent, and in home media markets across the US on April 16, 2013, with narration by Meryl Streep.

Sanctuary (2016)

Jan flees to Ireland after his wife dies and meets a woman who reminds him of happier times.

The Benders (2014)

An ordinary housewife discovers that reality is actually a computer simulation.

On Angel's Wings (2014)

A girl takes her brother and dog on an adventure after an angel grants her three wishes.

Black Wings (2012)

Pioneering black aviators, from the Tuskegee Airman to astronaut Bernard Harris, are profiled as they triumph over racism to reach their dreams.

Bloody Wings (2014)

A Thriller/Romance/Comedy - A mysterious man is sent to protect a woman against her sister's attempts to have her killed. In the process, the man and woman fall in love.

Bittoo Boss (2012)

Bittoo Boss is a 2012 Hindi comedy film directed by Supavitra Babul. The film features Pulkit Samrat and Amita Pathak in lead roles. It revolves around a man who records videos at weddings.

Believe (2009)

A grieving man undertakes a desperate journey after the death of his wife.

Believe (2007)

Believe is a 2007 mockumentary/comedy about the world of Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). This is the first movie by director Loki Mulholland, who is also credited for the screenplay. Believe was produced by Russ Kendall and Micah Merrill of Kaleidoscope Pictures

Moonlighting (1982)

Looking to cut costs on the remodeling of his new apartment in London, a Polish official brings in a handful of workers from Warsaw, using tourist visas. Their foreman, Nowak (Jeremy Irons), is the only one of the group who speaks English, and consequently the only one to learn that the Solidarity movement in Poland has just been crushed. Fearful that it will be difficult to return home, Nowak doesn't tell his crew, but initiates a series of petty crimes to keep them all financially afloat.

Steve Martin: A Wild and Crazy Guy (1978)

Steve Martin's first network special for NBC offers part concert footage (shot at the Universal Amphitheatre in Los Angeles) and part sketch comedy. Sketches include: Martin as "Turtle Boy," rodeo-riding a giant turtle; Martin hosting a variety show on which Johnny Cash discusses his research in astronomy; and Martin ten years later as a drunken bum.

Heartbeat (2014)

Heartbeat is a 2014 Canadian drama film written and directed by Andrea Dorfman. It was screened in the Contemporary World Cinema section at the 2014 Toronto International Film Festival. The film stars poet and musician Tanya Davis as Justine, an unfulfilled advertising copywriter who dreams of becoming a musician but struggles with stage fright.

Reckless (1935)

Reckless is a 1935 American musical film directed by Victor Fleming and starring Jean Harlow, William Powell and Franchot Tone. David O. Selznick wrote the story, using the pseudonym Oliver Jeffries, basing it loosely based on the scandal of the 1931 marriage between torch singer Libby Holman and tobacco heir Zachary Smith Reynolds and his death by a gunshot wound to the head.

Viking: The Berserkers (2014)

In Dark Ages Britain, a clan of fearsome Viking warriors capture some young Saxons and use them as them as the prey in a ritualistic manhunt.

The Viking Serpent: Secrets of the Celtic Church of Norway, Their Serpent Worship and Sacred Pentagram Geometry (2008)

What do the three most evil symbols for Christianity - 666, the pentagram and the snake - have in common? Quite possibly one of the most amazing discoveries of all time, The Viking Serpent reveals an ancient and incredible legacy placed upon the landscape of Norway. In this film, best selling author Philip Gardiner takes us on a journey into Norway to meet author, Harald S. Boehlke who has uncovered this amazing mystery in the land of the Norse.

Dinosaur Jr.: Live in the Middle East (2007)

This full-length concert features the band in its original line-up, was filmed at New York's legendary Irving Plaza in December 2005, and at other shows along the band's December tour.

Something To Scream About (2003)

Scream Queen Brinke Stevens (WITCHOUSE 3: DEMON FIRE) is your host for this engaging look at the careers of nine actresses, from their first break to their journey inside an industry where they are often viewed as little more than window dressing - or worse yet, with no dressing at all! The femmes bare their souls with a focus on the fans, aging, on-screen nudity and the advent of the digital video feature, all revealed with rare footage, photographs and extensive film clips! Spend an hour with the beautiful sirens of B-movie cinema who have screamed their way through the last several decades of your favorite horror and cult films!

Krzyk (1983)

Kazuo Akanuma, the main character, is a spitting image of the man from Edvard Munch's famous painting The Scream. Kazuo is isolated and bullied at school and unable to fight back. His only motivation to live is a classmate named Reiko and his affection for her.

How To Live Forever (2011)

Mark Wexler travels around the world, searching for the secrets to living a long time.

Beyond the Fringe (1964)

A TV version of the stage show originally performed at the Edinburgh Fringe, Fortune Theater in London and Broadway.

Reign of the Jaguar (2010)

Filmed on location in Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula, in the Mayan's language, with English narration, Reign of the Jaguar brings forth the Maya's culture, ceremonies, rituals and events, seen through their eyes today.

Kiri Wai, Inner Skin (2010)

Kiri Wai, Inner Skin is the story of Bruce, a young European-American who undertakes a journey to the South Pacific. He is on an identity quest that began in his adolescence when Inia Taylor (Maori tattoo artist, sculptor, and makeup artist for "Once Were Warriors") began a moko on Bruce's skin. Over the course of his quest, Bruce seeks answers to questions about the moko. In the process, he delves into Maori culture and the moko's place in other cultures. HDTV.

Only Human (2004)

Only Human (Spanish: Seres queridos) is a 2004 Spanish-Argentine film directed by Dominic Harari and Teresa Pelegri.

Trail Angels (2009)

'Trail Angels' is an inspiring portrait of unsung heroes who have made it their quest to help the seasonal thru-hikers of the Appalachian Trail, a pilgrimage of five million footsteps. Mala, Baltimore Jack, Miss Janet, and Trail Angel Mary are working class Americans who have embraced The Golden Rule in spite of the sacrifices it often requires. For those willing to go the distance, a community based on kindness and simplicity emerges from the backwoods of America.

Meddling Mom (2013)

A woman (Sonia Braga) urges her oldest daughter (Ana Ayora) to have a baby, while trying to play matchmaker for her youngest (Mercedes Renard).

I Love You Mom, Please Don't Break My Heart (2011)

The true story of one boy's journey through a childhood of physical, mental, and emotional abuse. At the age of 22, and after spending 5 years in prison, John is able to forgive his parents and find the peace he needs to fulfill his dream of helping other victims of abuse.

Saturday Night Live: The Best of Dan Aykroyd (2005)

SNL original cast member Dan Aykroyd, along with the other Not Ready for Primetime Players, ignited a comedy revolution in the 1970's with a mix of rebellious behavior and groundbreaking material that instantly turned them into "The Beatles of Comedy". See what started it all with the Best of Dan Aykroyd's amazing comedic performances as one of the Coneheads, Fred Garvin, Irwin Mainway, or selling hilarious products like the Bassomatic. And watch Dan's unbelievable ability to act like President Carter, Tom Snyder or just a "wild and crazy guy".

A Tribute to the Wizard of Oz (1999)

On September 12, 1998, a group of top makeup artists gathered in Studio City, CA, to pay tribute to Jack Dawn and his team from the seminal 1939 classic, The Wizard of Oz. In addition to appearances by makeup stalwart Rick Baker and feature film director Ron Underwood, the celebration was enhanced with an impromptu performance by "lollipop guild" Munchkin Jerry Maren, who was only 18 when he acted in the original Oz. Howard Smit, who was a Munchkin and Winkie Guard makeup artist on the film, spoke eloquently about Charlie Schram, a key makeup artist on Dawn's team, responsible for many makeups on the film, including the Cowardly Lion. Undoubtedly, the biggest treat of the tribute was the recreation of seven characters from the film, realized in stunning detail by a "dream team" of artists led by makeup department head Bill Corso. In fact, Corso's friend and voice-over actor Jess Harnell initiated the tribute with his enthusiasm for a local stage performance as the Cowardly Lion earlier in the summer of '98. Corso had created his costume and makeup for the stage performance, further enhanced for the tribute. Additionally, Corso oversaw the new fabrication of makeups for the Scarecrow, played by Ken DeShan, the Tin Man, Bob Stilwell, and Dorothy, Jeanne Castagnaro, with their makeup applied by Kenny Myers, Kevin Haney, and Deborah Patino, respectively. Matthew Mungle donated prosthetics for the Wicked Witch, Denise Moses, applied by Ve Neill, and for the Flying Monkey, Joe Grif...

The New Wizard of Oz (1914)

His Majesty, the Scarecrow of Oz is a 1914 American silent fantasy adventure film directed by J. Farrell MacDonald and written and produced by L. Frank Baum. It stars Violet MacMillan, Frank Moore, Vivian Reed, Todd Wright, Pierre Couderc, and Fred Woodward. The film had a troubled distribution history; it opened on October 14, 1914, to little success, though it was received as well above average fare by critics of the time. Early in 1915, it was reissued under the title The New Wizard of Oz and was slightly more successful. The film is loosely based on Baum's book The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, but in the screenplay Baum introduced many new characters and a large new story that later became the basis for the 1915 book The Scarecrow of Oz. Similar to The Wonderful Wizard of Oz, the Scarecrow's origin is revealed, although his life is now attributed to "the Spirit of the Corn", who appears as a conventional Hollywood depiction of a Native American. The Tin Woodman is found rusted stiff and oiled, but he is already Emperor of the Winkies. Dorothy is a slave to Mombi (Wells) who looks like W.W. Denslow's depiction of the Wicked Witch of the West. The Cowardly Lion is encountered only briefly, and battles The Lonesome Zoop, a character who appears in all three films. All of the animal roles are attributed to Fred Woodward, though too many appear in the same shot at once for him to have played them all.

Shield For Murder (1954)

Shield for Murder is a 1954 film noir co-directed by and starring Edmond O'Brien as a crooked police detective. It was based on the novel of the same name by William P. McGivern.

Kraftwerk And The Electronic Revolution (2008)

A documentary film on the influential band Kraftwerk and their contribution to the development of electronic music.

Shadowhunter (1993)

A Los Angeles police detective (Scott Glenn) and a Navajo tracker (Angela Alvarado) hunt a deadly tribal mystic (Benjamin Bratt) called a "skinwalker."