Gestation (2009)

An unexpected pregnancy tests the relationship of a teenage couple (Adriana Alvarez, Edgar Romn).

Disgraced (1933)

In the course of her work, a model meets her fiance, but her bliss is tainted when she becomes involved in a murder.

Disobedient (1953)

A father and son both fall in love with the same woman, straining family ties.

The Angry Hills (1959)

Nazis chase a U.S. newsman (Robert Mitchum) paid to smuggle names of Greek resistance leaders to London.

The Horse (1969)

An elderly farmer (Jean Gabin) discovers that his grandson has become involved in drug trafficking when he happens upon a white substance hidden at the family farm.


The antics of an overbearing soon-to-be mother-in-law threaten to disrupt her daughter's wedding plans.

Gizmo (1977)

A survey of zany inventions, mostly 1930s, includes an electric spaghetti fork and passenger-plane ejection seats.

Legend of the Village Warriors (2001)

In 1765, under the command of the new Burmese king, an army of warriors sets out to attack Ayutthaya, the previous capital of Thailand. However, while en route, the army faces a challenge they'd never anticipated in the village of Bang Rajan, where men and women take up arms against the invaders. Nai Than (Chumphorn Thepphithak) emerges as the leader in battle, but after he's injured, Nai Jan (Jaran Ngamdee) steps up to take control, while the other villagers contribute to the effort.

About Face: The Supermodels, Then and Now (2012)

Carmen Dell'Orefice, Carol Alt, Isabella Rossellini, Christie Brinkley, Beverly Johnson and other models discuss their groundbreaking careers.

Don't Gamble With Strangers (1946)

A conniving gambler underestimates his young assistant when they set up a racket aboard a luxury cruiser.

Pier 5, Havana (1959)

Miami businessman Steve Daggett (Cameron Mitchell) arrives in Havana in the wake of the revolution, looking for his army buddy Hank (Logan Field), a hard-drinking mechanic who has suddenly vanished. Steve follows a trail that leads him to the apartment of his old flame -- Hank's current wife, Monica (Allison Hayes) -- and to a boat shop where he is beaten up by strangers and warned to leave Cuba. He discovers that Hank's disappearance is linked to a conspiracy to depose Fidel Castro.

Avalanche (1969)

Assorted people are subject to a mass of loosened snow.

Tomie (1999)

An immortal demon (Miho Kanno) returns to haunt her former best friend, who has amnesia as the result of a traumatic event.

Wizards of the Demon Sword (1991)

Ulric's (Russ Tamblyn) daughter unites with warrior Thane (Blake Bahner) against evil Lord Khoura (Lyle Waggoner), who covets the knife of Aktar.

The Naked Cage (1986)

A rural ingenue (Shari Shattuck) lands in a women's prison, where she must deal with a lot of sickos and a warden (Angel Tompkins) who's into fish and art deco.

International Settlement (1938)

An American drifter (George Sanders) is taken for a gunrunner and must flee Shanghai with a singer (Dolores del Ro).

Abhimaan (1973)

Subir, a popular singer, encourages his wife Uma to take up a career in singing too. However, their marital bliss shatters when Uma's popularity surpasses his own.

Convict Stage (1965)

Outlaw Jeb Sims (Joe Patridge) and his brother, Johnny (Eric Matthews), rob a stagecoach and kill the sister of gunfighter Ben Lattimore (Harry Lauter). Hunting down the killers, Lattimore is shot by their mother. He recovers and pursues the brothers, finding them caught and en route to prison. The marshal escorting them convinces Ben to spare the Sims' lives and help bring them to justice. Unfortunately, the Sims' mother is also on board and armed, plotting to free her boys.

Do Ankhen Barah Haath (1957)

A kind jail superintendent (V. Shantaram) affects the lives of six prisoners.

Godfather of Crime (1971)

A young man unwittingly enters the world of organized crime.

The Doomed Battalion (1932)

A wartime mountain-climbing guide is torn between concern for his personal safety and the rescue of his ill-fated men.

The Magic Riddle (1991)

Cinderella and other fairy tales get jumbled together when a grandmother tells a story.

Neulovimye mstiteli (1966)

The Elusive Revengers fight for the red army during the civil war in Russia.

The Girl in the Sneakers (2000)

Aideen (Majid Hajizadeh) and Tadai (Pega Hahangariani) are a couple of Iranian teenagers who hope to spend the rest of their lives together, but their plans are derailed when Aideen is arrested on suspicion of moral indecency toward Tadai. Although both teens' parents demand that neither sees the other again, Tadai refuses to acquiesce, and instead runs away from home in search of Aideen. However, on her journey, she runs into a variety of crooks and vagrants who put her in danger.


The history of a German theater reveals that it has been run by the same family for 140 years.

Sky Bandits (1986)

Two Western outlaws (Scott McGinnis, Jeff Osterhage) join the Army and chase a zeppelin as dogfighters in World War I France.

Live Like a Cop, Die Like a Man (1976)

Fred (Marc Porel) and Tony (Ray Lovelock) work as undercover cops in Rome with a special license to kill.

The Final Option (1982)

The British receive intelligence that an anti-nuclear militant group is planning to kill the U.S. ambassador at the Iranian embassy. The British Special Air Services enlists the help of Capt. Peter Skellen (Lewis Collins), who is charged with going undercover. But he is quickly found out by the terrorists, and his wife and child are taken hostage. As Skellen attempts to get word to his superiors, the terrorists begin to execute their plan, which leads to a siege at the embassy.

El Leyton: Until Death Do Us Part (2002)

Chilean fisherman Leyton (Juan Pablo Sez) and his co-worker, Modesto (Luis Wigdorsky), are best friends. After Modesto marries the sultry Marta (Siboney Lo), however, it's not long before she grows restless and sets her sights on Leyton. This leads to an affair between Marta and Leyton that threatens more than just her marriage and his friendship with Modesto. As the plot unfurls, Leyton must face up to his actions, which may carry dire consequences.

Demon Exorcism (2011)

Maxwell (Michael Mili) is plagued by uncontrollable anger and realizes he is grappling with Beelzebub, the lord of the flies, who wants Max to commit suicide. Many people help Max in his fight, but it culminates in a battle with Satan.

Crisis Point (2012)

A criminal psychologist (Rhona Mitra) must negotiate the release of her sister from kidnappers.

Welcome to L.A. (1977)

Carroll Barber (Keith Carradine) is a noncommittal, independently wealthy musician who spends his time drifting about Los Angeles from bed to bed. Carroll jumps in and out of relationships with Ann Goode (Sally Kellerman), a real estate agent, and Nona Bruce (Lauren Hutton), the mistress of his father, to name a few. Also in Carroll's orbit is restless housewife Karen Hood (Geraldine Chaplin) and her husband, Ken (Harvey Keitel), an executive who works with the senior Barber.

The Virgin Witch (1970)

Two sisters fall prey to a coven while pursuing modeling careers in London.

Old Mother Riley Meets the Vampire (1952)

An Irish scullery maid attempts to thwart a mad scientist's scheme to conquer the world with a monster robot.

A Jumpin' Night in the Garden of Eden (1987)

The musical genre known as klezmer, a heavily improvised celebratory form developed by Eastern European Jews, has a mysterious history. This documentary traces the evolutions of two pioneering klezmer bands, the Klezmer Conservatory Band and Kapelye, uncovering some of the genre's shrouded roots. Featuring a wealth of performance and compositional footage, the film also documents the transition from the old guard of klezmer to the new age that took off in America in the early 20th century.

Earl of Puddlestone (1940)

An elderly patriarch attempts to elevate his granddaughter's social status by fabricating her noble lineage.

The Earth Cries Out (1949)

Two Jews and their former British comrade land on opposite sides of the Palestine issue following World War II.

Drive (1991)

Two men (David Warner, Steve Antin) talk, one more than the other, while driving through Los Angeles on their way to work.

The Pee Wee: The Winter That Changed My Life (2012)

Janeau moves to a new city after his mother dies, and he joins a hockey team. His teammates are jealous of his talent, but he befriends the skilled goalkeeper as they prepare for a tournament.

The Sleeping Beauty (1964)

The Kirov Ballet performs the fairy tale of Princess Aurora (Alla Sizova) and Prince Desire (Yury Solovyov), with music by Tchaikovsky.

Boy (2009)

A poet sells his collectibles to hire a male stripper on New Years Eve.

Revolution! (1991)

Marxists (Kimberly Flynn, Christopher Renstrom, Johnny Kabalah) indulge their half-baked fantasy of a revolution on New York's Lower East Side.

The Plague Dogs (1982)

In this animation, Snitter (John Hurt) and Rowf (Christopher Benjamin) are two dogs trapped in a lab where they are repeatedly abused for testing purposes. One day, they accidentally find a way to unlock their cages and escape. In the wild, they must struggle to survive with the help of their guide, the Tod (James Bolam), a fox. Despite their hopes for a better life, they are discouraged by the increasing lack of food and vicious rumors the government is spreading that they carry the plague.

Aurelie Laflamme's Diary (2010)

Aurlie thinks she was left on Earth by aliens and is not interested in finding a soul mate.

Perfect Profile (1989)

A computer program selects a female basketball star as the necessary component to lead a men's team to the championship.

Free Birds (2010)

A sparrow changes his appearance and a canary escapes from her cage in two tales that are part of a collection of stories about birds.

Ride on, Vaquero (1941)

The Cisco Kid (Cesar Romero) puts a stop to border-town kidnappers who are using his name.

Insurance Investigator (1951)

An undercover man (Richard Denning) finds a double-indemnity racket behind a real-estate man's death.

The Pirate of the Black Hawk (1958)

A pirate and his loyal crew try to stop an evil man from taking over a throne and marrying the kidnapped daughter of a duke.

Oh, Doctor! (1925)

Thinking he is about to die, a hypochondriac (Reginald Denny) enters a sanitarium and falls for a nurse (Mary Astor).

No Secrets (1991)

Three teenage girls play dangerous games with a handsome stranger (Adam Coleman Howard) who has something to hide.

Watchtower (2001)

Serial murderer Art Stoner (Tom Berenger) kills a professor who was planning to vacation at a remote lighthouse in Oregon. Stoner assumes his victim's identity and moves into the lighthouse himself. There he meets Mike O'Conner (Tygh Runyan), a young man with a checkered past, whose caring older sister, Kate (Rachel Hayward), helped him get a job looking after the lighthouse. Posing as the professor, Art gets close to the siblings, but all the while he secretly plots his next kill.

Jailbird Rock (1988)

A young dancer in prison helps plan an escape using a musical show as cover.

The Last Riders (1990)

An ex-member (Erik Estrada) of a motorcycle gang seeks revenge on them and the police who have lied to them.

The Stationmaster's Wife (1977)

A woman (Elisabeth Trissenaar) destroys her civil-servant husband (Kurt Raab) by adultery during Hitler's rise in Germany.

Between Friends (2011)

Two generations of Trinidadians expose the hopes, secrets, lies and betrayals in their lives.

Two Days Back (2011)

Emma disappears with a feral boy when she is 5 but has no memory of the ordeal. Seventeen years later she re-enters the forest to help environmentalists stop illegal tree-harvesting. When people start to be killed off, she must face her dark past.

One Week (2000)

An unfaithful groom-to-be learns that he may have contracted HIV with just days to go before his wedding.

The Show Goes On (1936)

A former millworker (Gracie Fields) becomes a national sensation in Depression-era Britain, singing and sharing her wit.

The Enchanted Journey (1978)

A city-dwelling chipmunk leads his animal friends on a trek to their ancestral homes in the forest.

The Girl Who Had Everything (1953)

Jean Latimer (Elizabeth Taylor) has a very comfortable life, much of which is due to the efforts of her lawyer father, Steve (William Powell). One day, however, Jean falls for one of his clients, a dangerous gangster named Victor Y. Raimondi (Fernando Lamas). She leaves her boyfriend, the stable Vance Court (Gig Young), and tensions rise between her and her father. Will love triumph in the end, or will Jean do as her father wishes, abandoning Victor to justice?

Frontier Gun (1958)

The marshal (John Agar) of a helpless town stands up to an outlaw everyone's afraid of.

Island in the Sky (1938)

The nuptials between New York City attorney Michael Fraser (Michael Whalen) and his secretary, Julie Hayes (Gloria Stuart), hit a snag when a case inspires Julie to postpone their wedding in favor of trying to help save Peter Vincent (Robert Kellard), an innocent man accused of murder, from a death sentence. Upon discovering that the murderer is actually Peter's gangster father, Johnny Doyle (Paul Kelly), Michael and Julie attempt to clear Peter's name and get the truth out about Johnny.

Young Jesse James (1960)

When Union troops hang the father of young Jesse James (Ray Stricklyn), he joins the violently pro-Confederate Quantrill's Raiders, meeting gunslinger Cole Younger (Willard Parker). At first, Jesse is jolted by the bloodshed. But, when the Raiders bring in Union prisoners, and one of them is the man who lynched his father, the teen guns the killer down. His thirst for revenge is satisfied, but not his new-found taste for blood. The Civil War soon ends, but Jesse's crime spree is just beginning.

Twelve Hours to Kill (1960)

A murder witness must flee after he learns that the police assigned to protect him are in cahoots with the killers.

Sleepers West (1941)

Private eye Mike Shayne encounters a large amount of trouble while attempting to guard a murder witness.

History Lessons (2000)

Filmmaker Barbara Hammer redefines the history of lesbianism from the late 19th century to the present day with images from various mediums.

The Pit (2010)

Commodities traders try to make a living with coffee.

Hack O'Lantern (1987)

A young man under the influence of his evil grandfather can only achieve manhood through a Halloween-night murder.

Who Cares? (2012)

Sex trade workers become caught in a cycle of addiction, violence and prostitution.

The Duke Wore Jeans (1958)

A British nobleman tries to encourage a match between his son and the daughter of an oil baron.

The Vintage (1957)

Two Italian brothers (Mel Ferrer, John Kerr) flee to France and hide out as vineyard workers with two sisters.

The Italian (1915)

When fortune no longer favors Beppo Donnetti (George Beban) in his homeland of Italy, he sets off for the welcoming shores of America, telling his beloved Annette (Clara Williams) that he will send for her upon successfully settling into a new life. After Beppo secures a job as a shoeshiner, he and Annette are reunited and soon have a child, but their happiness is short-lived. Their baby falls ill, setting into motion a chain of events that finds Beppo in jail and Annette desperate for money.

Captain Kronos: Vampire Hunter (1972)

Debonair supernatural expert Captain Kronos (Horst Janson) and his hunchbacked assistant, Grost (John Cater), meet their match when they encounter a village where vampires have been stealing the vitality of young women, leaving them elderly and decrepit. Armed with his sword and formidable deductive reasoning, Kronos begins to solve the macabre mystery, with evidence pointing to the aristocratic Lady Durward (Wanda Ventham) and her family as prime suspects.

Pyar Jhukta Nahin (1984)

A wealthy man objects to his daughter's romance with a poor photographer.

Rataplan (1979)

A timid, quirky young man (Maurizio Nichetti) creates a robot-double to woo a woman he likes.

Conqueror of Maracaibo (1960)

A pirate accused of treason saves Spanish ships from other pirates and gets even with his enemy.

Pianomania (2009)

A piano tuner from Steinway tries to find the perfect pitch.

The Outskirts (1998)

Russian farmer Filipp Safronov (Yuri Dubrovin) is dispossessed of his land by a shadowy group of government officials who hand it over to a powerful oil company. So Filipp rounds up some of his angriest and most violent friends and hits the road, planning to figure out exactly who is in control and then exact revenge. They track down corrupt bureaucrats one by one and torture them until they reveal who gave them their orders, following the trail of rapacious capitalism all the way to Moscow.

Tonight We Raid Calais (1943)

An English commando (John Sutton) spotlights a Nazi munitions plant for RAF bombers in France.

Tres Muchachas de Jalisco (1964)

After a notice, two women travel to Guadalajara only to discover that the husband of one of them is getting married to someone else.

20,000 Eyes (1961)

An investment counselor turns jewel thief when the gangster he embezzled funds from demands to be paid back.

Blood on the Streets (1974)

An unlucky French gangster (Alain Delon) vows to avenge the slaying of his partner by a rival gang in 1930s Marseille.

You Have to Run Fast (1961)

Gangland killers catch up to a doctor (Craig Hill) hiding as a store clerk in a country town.

There's Nothing Out There (1990)

An alien monster eyes a cabin of teenagers, including a horror-film buff (Craig Peck) who sees it coming.

The Cosmic Eye (1971)

Maureen Stapleton and Dizzy Gillespie lend their voices to this story of alien musicians who come to Earth.

Nosotros los Chemos (2001)

Kids believe they can survive on the streets only by getting involved with drugs.

Alice in Wonderland: What's the Matter With Hatter? (2007)

Alice follows a white rabbit to a magic land of unusual characters.

Flirting With Fate (1916)

A man hires an assassin to kill him but, later, has a change of heart.

La Gaviota (1955)

A beautiful dancer falls in love with a painter, and learns that he is married when his wife visits him.

Freefall (1999)

An FAA inspector (Bruce Boxleitner) and a transportation-safety investigator (Jaclyn Smith) learn that a plane crash is the work of a madman.

Art Is ... the Permanent Revolution (2011)

The works of Rembrandt, Goya, Picasso and others are on display, as three artists and a master printer discuss the dynamic sequences of social reality and protest.

Beer Is Cheaper Than Therapy (2011)

Filmmaker Simone de Vries investigates the rise in suicides among young American veterans and soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The Second Wind (2001)

Ignored by her workaholic husband (Jess Ochoa), a middle-aged teacher (Lisa Owen) has an affair with a handsome student (Jorge Poza).

The Virgin, the Copts and Me (2011)

Filmmaker Namir Abdel Messeeh investigates apparitions of the Virgin Mary in the Coptic community.

Unbeatable Dragon (1978)

Evil Gen. Pu tries to destroy two Shaolin temples, but two martial artists hone their skills to defeat him.

Within Our Gates (1920)

In this early silent film from pioneering director Oscar Micheaux, kindly Sylvia Landry (Flo Clements) takes a fundraising trip to Boston in hopes of collecting $5,000 to keep a Southern school for impoverished black children open to the public. She then meets the warmhearted Dr. Vivian (William Smith), who falls in love with Sylvia and travels with her back to the South. There, Dr. Vivian learns about Sylvia's shocking, tragic past and realizes that racism has changed her life forever.

Calling Homicide (1957)

A police detective connects a cop killing with a baby racket and the death of the owner of a school for models.

The Law Commands (1937)

A doctor (Tom Keene) helps Iowa homesteaders defend their land against ruthless nightriders.

Red, Hot and Blue (1949)

Despite an understanding with honest theatrical director Danny James (Victor Mature), the determinedly ambitious and cheerfully optimistic Eleanor Collier (Betty Hutton) hopes for a career break and dates other, more prosperous men -- including Bunny Harris, who she doesn't know is a gangster. When Harris is murdered and Eleanor is questioned by police, then kidnapped by the gangster's mob, she leaves a frantic message for Danny and her actress friends, No-No and Sandra, to save her.