The Big Punch (1948)

A boxer turned minister (Wayne Morris) offers shelter to a tank fighter (Gordon MacRae) framed for killing a policeman.

Hamlet, Prince of Denmark (1980)

Indecision plagues a king's son when his father's ghost cries for vengeance. Adapted from William Shakespeare's play.

Let's Try Again (1934)

A husband and wife find themselves attracted to others and decide to dissolve their 10-year marriage.

Shutterbug (2009)

A man sees visions of a woman and sets out to find her.

Afsana (1951)

A runaway heiress stumbles onto a recluse's jungle mansion. She falls in love with him, but he has sworn off women, so Gopal, his domestic help devises a plan to get them together.

An Insignificant Harvey (2011)

A little person who is a janitor finds that his life has changed after he finds a husky puppy and falls in love with an exotic dancer.

Witness for the Prosecution (1982)

Sir Wilfrid Robarts (Ralph Richardson) is an ailing but brilliant criminal lawyer who decides to work on the intriguing case of Leonard Vole (Beau Bridges), an amiable young man accused of knocking off an affluent widow. Unfortunately, as Sir Wilfrid prepares to defend Leonard, he is startled to learn that his defendant's wife wants to divorce her husband just to testify against him. As Sir Wilfrid's kindly nurse (Deborah Kerr) tries to keep his spirits up, the case keeps getting stranger.

The Fall of the Louse of Usher (2002)

Convicted of his wife's murder, a rock star (James Johnston) receives treatment from an unorthodox doctor (Ken Russell).

Pandora's Box (2008)

When an aging matriarch develops dementia her family must deal with unresolved issues.

Embrujo de Rock (1995)

An apprentice witch is sent to Earth to help a Rock and Roll singer, but two women stand in their way.

Strangers in the Night (1944)

A war veteran's (William Terry) search for a nonexistent woman leads to deception and murder.

The Carter (2009)

The life and art of rapper Lil' Wayne.

Kulajo: My Heart is Darkened (2014)

The people of a small Kurdish community tell their extraordinary stories of surviving Saddam's 1988 campaign of death.

Winter adé (1989)

Filmmaker Helke Misselwitz interviews women in East Germany.

Pizzangrillo (2011)

A 65-year-old grandfather contemplates suicide.

He Did and He Didn’t (1916)

A doctor (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) becomes jealous of his wife's (Mabel Normand) male friend.

The Party Animal (1984)

Pondo Sinatra (Matthew Causey) is hopeless with women. A freshman in college, he hopes to finally be rid of his virginity, but finds a way of repelling every woman he attempts to seduce. His friend Studly (Tim Cahart) and his mentor, a janitor named Elbow (Jerry Jones), give Pondo advice and try to help him, but all their ideas fall flat. However, everything changes when Pondo asks the devil for assistance, meets the mysterious Miranda (Susanne Ashley) and creates a magical aphrodisiac.

The Zero Hour (2010)

A gang leader (Zapata 666) springs into action when thugs take hostages at a hospital.

Ninja Heat (1972)

A wrongfully imprisoned man seeks revenge against the true culprits.

The Cub Tiger from Kwang Tung (1973)

A young fighter (Jackie Chan) avenges his father's death with a secret style, the snake fist.

Storm (2005)

The life of journalist Donny Davidson (Eric Ericson) is turned upside down when he meets a mysterious woman named Lova (Eva Rse) in a taxi. She hands him a box and, unbeknownst to him, also passes along the burden and threat that accompany it. Once the box is in his possession, he is accused of murder and pursued by men who are willing to go anywhere -- including across time -- to get their hands on it. The strange object may even hold the key to answering the eternal questions of mankind.

Thundering Hoofs (1942)

A stageline employee learns of a crooked lawyer's plot to take over all the privately owned stages in the region.

On the Shore (2012)

Michel is a cop at the end of his rope, and he desperately looks for a way out of his life. After he finds the body of a beautiful woman, his grip on reality becomes even more tenuous as he creates an elaborate double life.

Pehli Nazar Ka Pyaar (2008)

After losing the man she loves to her cousin, a woman sees a chance to renew the relationship when her former lover is widowed.

Blue Moon (2006)

Accompanied by his son and grandson, a terminally ill man (Eddie Garcia) sets out to find his long-lost love.

Flat Daddy (2011)

Families use life-size cutouts of loved ones to fill the voids of their absence.

Our Burden Is Light (2005)

An artist (Denise Coates) bonds with a frustrated musician (Nathan Webb) after the suicide of her mother.

Jealous of the Birds (2011)

A small community of Holocaust survivors stayed in Frankfurt after the war.

Runaways (2004)

A teenager (Austin O'Brien) meets significant friends after his mother puts him in a mental facility for three months.

El Medallón del Crimen (1945)

A respectful husband and father has a sexual relationship with a woman that shares the same name as his wife.

Assisted Fishing (2012)

A lifelong loser gets help from abused senior citizens to beat his archrival in a big fishing tournament.

Ponga Pundit (1975)

A young man discovers that the bride his parents arranged for him years ago does not want to marry him.

A Rainy Knight (1925)

A 1925 short film.

The Mysteries of a Hairdresser's Shop (1923)

A lazy barber cares for his customers in bizarre ways.

Dam 999 (2011)

Two mariners return home after several years of traveling.

Free Radicals: A History of Experimental Film (2012)

Filmmaker Pip Chodorov pays tribute to some of the 20th-century's leading figures of experimental cinema, including Stan Brakhage, Ken Jacobs and Jonas Mekas.

La Détente (2011)

A French soldier in the trenches during World War I disconnects from reality and escapes to a world where wars are fought by toys.

Children, Mother, and the General (1955)

Several young boys go to fight for the German army on the Russian front near the end of World War II. When their mothers learn what they have done, they desperately try to get them back.

The Making Of West Side Story (1985)

Leonard Bernstein's composing of "West Side Story."

The Devil by the Tail (1969)

When a marquess (Madeleine Renaud) and her granddaughter, Amelie (Marthe Keller), the owners of a formerly grand hotel in the French countryside, get desperate for business, they scheme to have cars sabotaged, so that the drivers and passengers are forced to stay at their accommodations. Things get livelier when Baron Cesar Maricorne (Yves Montand) arrives with a big secret and an even bigger sum of money. When he entrusts the marquess and Amelie with his stash, they aren't eager to return it.

Burning Paradise (1994)

Shaolin monks use their deadly kung-fu skills against evil minions of China's Manchu Dynasty.

The Junior Olsen Gang and the Black Gold (2009)

After reading in the local newspaper about a company that plans to look for oil in the North Sea, Egon decides that it is an excellent chance to invest in stocks and become a millionaire once oil is discovered.

Onde Está a Felicidade? (2011)

After losing her job and marriage, a former TV host (Bruna Lombardi) travels Spain's Camino de Santiago.

Scorchy (1976)

An undercover woman (Connie Stevens) follows a mobster's (Cesare Danova) heroin traffic from Italy to Seattle.

Virgin Snow (2007)

Returning to Japan, a man (Jun-ki Lee) tries to find the beautiful woman (Aoi Miyazaki) who captured his heart.

A Night in Compton (2004)

Friends and relatives get in the way of a college student's (James A. Smith) planned romantic interlude with his girlfriend.

My Friend Irma (1949)

A dizzy blonde (Marie Wilson) and her level-headed roommate (Diana Lynn) have man trouble when the former's beau (John Lund) begins promoting a would-be singer.

Charge (2011)

Maniacs on motorcycles prove they are a force for good.

All God's Creatures (2011)

An encounter with a prostitute forces a serial killer (Josh Folan) to recognize the most-terrifying aspects of his own dark personality.

Por Tu Culpa (2010)

A stressed out single mother is suspected of hurting her child.

The Revolution of Immortal Technique (2011)

Rapper Immortal Technique tours the world to share his message and music.

Aaj Ki Awaz (1984)

A mild-mannered but conscientious citizen turns vigilante to counter police apathy, but pays a price for it when the mafia kill his family. Devastated, he takes on the criminals in a fight to the finish.

The Trans-Siberian Muse (2011)

A film gives the history of the Trans-Siberian Railway.

Thursday Till Sunday (2012)

As she and her family embark on a short vacation, a Chilean teenager slowly comes to the realization that her parents might be splitting up.

Punch Lady (2007)

A housewife challenges her abusive husband to a public boxing match.

Double Duty (2009)

A tough woman (Mimi Lesseos) discovers her feminine side when she leaves the Marines and adjusts to civilian life.

The Contender (1944)

A trucker (Buster Crabbe) becomes a boxer to earn money for his son's tuition.

The Troublemaker (1965)

Jack Armstrong (Tom Aldredge) throws both caution and his career as a chicken farmer to the wind and becomes a coffee shop owner in Greenwich Village. Unfortunately, he soon has to contend with gangsters, corrupt politicians and a variety of city slickers who want to take advantage him. Luckily, not every New Yorker is so unkind, and Jack finds some unexpected help in the form of hip local girl Denver (Joan Darling) and streetwise lawyer T.R. Kingston (Buck Henry), who help keep the cafe afloat.

Stranger with a Camera (2000)

An interrogation of the media.

Convict's Code (1939)

On parole after three years in prison, a football player (Robert Kent) encounters the man (Sidney Blackmer) who framed him.

Final Curtain (2005)

Actors become trapped in a locked theater as an unknown assailant kills them one by one.

The Two in Tracksuits (2008)

A Japanese father (Makoto Ayukawa) and his son (Masato Sakai) escape the troubles of their everyday lives through shared adventures.

Slaves in Bondage (1937)

A gangster (Wheeler Oakman) and a madam lure innocent women into a prostitution ring.

Cookies & Cream (2009)

A single mother (Jace Nicole) works in the adult-entertainment industry to support herself and her daughter.

Wolfy (2009)

A mother who wants to start a new life is followed by a daughter who can't live without her.

Bleach the Movie: Fade to Black (2008)

An eerie-looking girl and a gaunt young man with a scythe erase everyone's memories.

H2indO (2012)

Seven of the world's most prominent stand-up paddlers travel to Indonesia to paddle its most famous surf breaks.

The Gatekeepers (2012)

Six former heads of Israel's secret service agency, the Shin Bet, discuss their organization's successes and failures since the Six Day War in 1967.

Hawking (2004)

Stephen Hawking (Benedict Cumberbatch) contracts a degenerative disease while a doctoral student, but goes on to achieve worldwide acclaim as a physicist and author.

The Death Curse (2003)

Strange events unfold when eight siblings who have never met before gather in their late father's haunted mansion to claim their inheritance.

Within The Whirlwind (2009)

Abandoned by her husband, Russian poet Evgenia Ginzburg is sentenced to 10 years of hard labor in the Soviet Gulag.

Separation City (2009)

Romantic sparks fly between a man (Joel Edgerton) whose marriage is stale and a beautiful cellist (Rhona Mitra) who recently discovered her husband's infidelity.

A Harem Knight (1926)

A Navy officer rescues a girl from a harem.

Broke in China (1927)

A 1927 short film.

Secret of the Whistler (1946)

An artist's (Richard Dix) second wife knows he killed his first wife.

My Sucky Teen Romance (2011)

Kate and her friends head to SpaceCON, the local sci-fi convention. Kate meets Paul, a recently turned vampire and he bites her in the neck. Kate's friends race to stop Paul and save Kate before the other vampires can turn anyone else.

Master Q: Incredible Pet Detective (2003)

A mysterious force drags a pet detective and his friends into a cyberworld.

Train (2008)

Traveling aboard a Russian train, a college wrestler (Thora Birch) and her teammates fall victim to a gang of sadistic thieves harvesting human organs.

Yo hice a Roque III (1980)

A sad turn of events for Roque Tercero Gonzlez, the Melilla boxing runner-up who hit rock bottom living off of his good friend Federico, an ex-jockey whose excessive weight forced him to abandon a promising career.

Silent Sonata (2011)

A man and his children live in a half-destroyed house in a field and fear an attack by the military until a traveling circus stops by.

The Good Son (2011)

When his mother takes a shine to a man at a party, a young man begins to lose his grip on reality.

The Fatal Glass of Beer (1933)

An ex-convict (George Chandler) reunites with his father (W.C. Fields).

Le Cirque: A Table in Heaven (2007)

Sirio Maccioni and his family run an iconic restaurant in New York.

Burlesque Assassins (2012)

Superspies Johnny Valentine (David A. Crellin), Koko La Douce and Bombshell Belle (Rosalind Porter) seduce their way within killing distance of a villainous trio bent on global domination.

Pumzi (2009)

African life 35 years after World War III.

Selfless (2008)

Dylan's life is going great until an identity thief threatens to unravel the young architect's life. As everything he has worked for begins to collapse around him, Dylan is forced to discover who he truly is.

Nova Rex: Ain't Easy Being Cheesy (2011)

The glam band recalls riffing through the late 1980s hair-band era before crashing into a wall of early '90s grunge.

McLibel (2005)

Documentarian Franny Armstrong explores the infamous "McLibel" case, a lawsuit filed by the McDonald's Corporation that targeted two members of the London Greenpeace environmentalist collective who distributed a brochure denouncing the products and business practices of the massive fast food restaurant chain. Employing courtroom reenactments directed by prominent British filmmaker Ken Loach, the film reveals the extreme financial lengths McDonald's goes to in order to win the suit.

Stroke of Death (1979)

A martial-arts expert takes on a disciple who becomes a master of a special form of kung fu.

Beyond The Chair (2010)

A man with a degenerative muscular disease finds himself confined to a predictable job at the age of 29. He suddenly quits his job and leaves everything behind to backpack across the world and experience the adventures he dreamed about as a child.

Going Back (1986)

During one unforgettable summer a high-school grad (Bruce Campbell) finds a father figure in a lonely farmer, while his best friend (Christopher Howe) finds romance with a local gal.

Keeping the Kibbutz (2010)

Filmmaker Ben Crosbie returns to Israel and finds that the kibbutz his parents came from has changed from a socialist model to a capitalist model in which money is more important than commitment and sacrifice.

Dream House (2006)

Wanting to show his wife that he's not a tightwad, a man (Dany Boon) secretly buys her a second home, then gets in over his head financially in the middle of renovations.

Sun Ra: A Joyful Noise (1980)

Filmmaker Robert Mugge profiles Sun Ra, a musician, bandleader, prophet and self-styled poet.

Down on the Farm (1920)

A banker (James Finlayson) hatches a scheme to prevent a girl (Louise Fazenda) from marrying her love (Harry Gribbon).

Frankenstein: Day of the Beast (2011)

A priest is hired to perform a wedding ceremony on an isolated island.

And if We All Lived Together? (2011)

An anthropology student moves in with a group of seniors (Jane Fonda, Pierre Richard, Claude Rich) who have set up a household together so that they can take care of one another as their physical and mental health declines.

Sucker Punch (2003)

A pimp's (Will Sierra) lackey (Paris Campbell) fights for his life after he decides to reform and rescue the prostitute (Christina Caparoula) he loves from their employer's clutches.

Five Children And It (2004)

When their father goes off to war, a group of children that includes the mischievous Robert (Freddie Highmore) and Cyril (Jonathan Bailey) stay with their uncle, who has a greenhouse on his property. There, they discover "It," a creature they recognize from bedtime stories as being a sand fairy. "It" can grant wishes -- but as the children and their cousin, Horace (Alexander Pownall), soon find out, the more outlandish their desire, the greater the chance for disaster to result.

Tamanna 1998 (1998)

Tikku sees a woman leaving her child in the garbage and decides to take care of the young girl, whom he names Tamanna, but it turns out that the girl is actually the daughter of a well-known politician.