Wheels on Meals (1984)

The owners (Jackie Chan, Biao Yuen) of a mobile restaurant help a private eye (Samo Hung) locate a mysterious woman.

Mr. Muggs Steps Out (1943)

Muggs (Leo Gorcey) and the gang catch party thieves for a debutante (Joan Marsh) and her mother.

Green Snake (1993)

A mischievous snake (Maggie Cheung) who assumes human form interferes with the romance between her reptilian sister (Joey Wang) and a hapless man (Wu Hsing-kuo).

Sexting in Suburbia (2012)

A woman (Liz Vassey) uncovers painful secrets while investigating the suicide of her daughter (Jenn Proske).

House of Cards (1968)

Former boxer Reno (George Peppard) is bumming around Europe when he takes up with the rich and widowed Anne (Inger Stevens). When Reno starts getting to know Anne better, he finds that her late husband is connected to a nefarious fascist organization with its sights set on ruling Europe. After the heads of this group -- Dr. Morillon (Keith Michell) and Leschenhaut (Orson Welles) -- snatch Anne's young son, Paul, Reno finds himself in a dangerous situation with his new lover.

Lilacs in the Spring (1954)

A young actress (Anna Neagle) knocked unconscious during a World War II air raid dreams she is other women being pursued by her two suitors.

The Rites of Magick (2005)

The Order of the Temple of Astarte practices its ceremonies, meditations and magic in Southern California.

Stretch (2011)

A disgraced French jockey (Nicolas Cazal) travels to Macau to find work.

Two Flags West (1950)

A captured Rebel colonel (Joseph Cotten) and his men are posted at a Union commander's (Jeff Chandler) fort in Indian country.

The Count of the Old Town (1935)

Villagers unite to get their money back from a band of smugglers who swindled them.

Beethoven's Nephew (1985)

Old and paranoid, the German composer (Wolfgang Reichmann) fights for custody of his nephew, Karl (Dietmar Prinz), in Vienna.

Kapag langit ang humatol (1990)

A drama directed by Laurice Guillen, featuring Vilma Santos.

Dog Years (1997)

A tough young man (R. Michael Caincross) and his Dalmatian become involved with a gangster after walking into a drug deal gone bad.

Sukob (2006)

A Filipino couple working overseas return to their hometown to get married. But a deadly curse follows the couple, based on the superstition that marriage should not take place within a year of the death of an immediate relative.

Marco (1973)

The Venetian traveler (Desi Arnaz Jr.), his father and uncle (Jack Weston) meet Kublai Khan (Zero Mostel) in medieval China.

Jeepers Creepers (1939)

Sentenced to toil on a family's (Leon Weaver, Frank Weaver, June Weaver) land, a greedy man discovers coal and secretly buys the property.

A Harlot's Progress (2006)

A courtesan (Zoe Tapper) beguiles 18th-century British artist William Hogarth (Toby Jones), but his pursuit of her threatens to destroy his career, health and happiness.

The Purple Sea (2009)

A young woman (Valeria Solarino) refuses to give up her female lover (Isabella Ragonese), so her mother forces a priest to declare her a man.

Duo Shuai (2008)

A turf war, a trusted adviser's gambling debts and an enforcer's love of mayhem loosen a Hong Kong gangster's (Sammo Hung) grip on power.

The Witch (1966)

An Italian general's widow (Sarah Ferrati) tempts the palace historian (Richard Johnson) by turning into a beauty (Rosanna Schiaffino).

F.P. 1 (1933)

Flieger Ellissen (Leslie Fenton) is a celebrated pilot who has been instrumental in the construction of a massive airstrip on the ocean that allows planes going between America and Europe to refuel on the journey. When something goes wrong on the strip, which is known as "Floating Platform 1," Ellissen goes out there to snoop around and stumbles upon a secret plot to destroy F.P.1. While trying to foil the plot, Ellissen works on winning back his ex-girlfriend (Conrad Veidt).

Floating Weeds (1959)

The leader (Ganjir Nakamura) of a traveling acting troupe meets his former mistress (Haruko Sugimura) and their illegitimate son (Hiroshi Kawaguchi).

The Bell Boy (1918)

A hotel employee (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle) takes over a barbershop.

Son-Rise: A Miracle of Love (1979)

After Bears (James Farentino) and Suzi Kaufman (Kathryn Harrold) notice their young son Raun's (Casey Adams) problems with hearing and vision, they take him to be evaluated by experts. Doctors tell the Kaufmans that Raun is autistic, severely developmentally disabled and completely untreatable. But the couple refuses to accept his condition as permanent and struggles to help him develop his cognitive abilities using their own therapy methods -- an autism treatment program now known as Son-Rise.

Back Stage (1919)

Vaudevillians (Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle, Buster Keaton) run wild.

Dealing (1972)

Two Ivy Leaguers (Robert F. Lyons, John Lithgow) buy marijuana bricks in California for resale back in Boston.

Vaseeegara (2003)

Bhupathi in search of a job goes to the city and moves into the house of his father's friend, Viswanath. He gets close to the family and falls in love with Viswanath's daughter, who is already engaged.

The Groundstar Conspiracy (1972)

When explosions destroy the American Groundstar space station control center, only scientist John Welles (Michael Sarrazin) survives. Badly injured, he stumbles to the home of divorcee Nicole Devon, who is soon dragged into the investigation of the explosion by security head Tuxon (George Peppard). When Tuxon suspects John has masterminded the sabotage, John undergoes weeks of brutal questioning. Only when he runs away with Nicole does John begin to learn who's behind the conspiracy.

The Singer (2011)

The life and career of famous Puerto Rican salsa singer Hector Lavoe (Ral Carbonell).

Power (1986)

Once-noble media consultant Pete St. John (Richard Gere) is now employed by a number of corrupt politicians. A potential client is Jerome Cade (J.T. Walsh), a businessman who wants to run for U.S. Senate. St. John begins to suspect that Cade may have significant dark secrets and starts investigating. This causes conflict with Arnold Billing (Denzel Washington), a ruthless member of Cade's staff. Meanwhile, St. John's former friend and partner, Wilfred (Gene Hackman), questions his motives.

Terror from the Year 5000 (1958)

A female from the far-flung future arrives via time machine seeking males to rejuvenate her doomed race.

Gidget Gets Married (1972)

Newly married Gidget makes waves in her husband's company by taking a stand against the social caste system.

Remember Last Night? (1935)

A detective (Edward Arnold) stumps his smart-set friends (Constance Cummings, Robert Young) with a murder inquiry on top of their hangovers.

Star Hunter (1996)

A busload of teenagers becomes the quarry of evil extraterrestrials on an intergalactic hunting trip.

Torpedo Bay (1963)

An English captain's (James Mason) warship corners an Italian captain's (Gabriele Ferzetti) submarine in a neutral World War II port.

The Battle of Chile: Part 3 (1979)

Local groups form as a defense against strikes and lockouts by Allende government supporters.

The Ring Virus (1999)

A reporter (Eun-Kyung Shin) will die in seven days unless she can unravel the mystery of a cursed videotape.

Santo vs. the Vampire Women (1962)

A silver-masked Mexican wrestler (Santo El Enmascarado de Plata) battles female vampires trying to make an innocent woman their queen.

George White's Scandals (1934)

Producer White's latest show suffers from the backstage dallying of its stars (Rudy Vallee, Jimmy Durante, Alice Faye).

To Live and Die in Mongkok (2009)

Released from prison, a gangster (Nick Cheung) makes enemies of his former cronies.

Rage at Dawn (1955)

Private detective James Barlow (Randolph Scott) is sent to Indiana to infiltrate the ranks of the four Reno Brothers (Denver Pyle, Forrest Tucker, J. Carrol Naish, Myron Healy), a gang running roughshod over luckless locals. After attracting the Renos' attention with a staged train robbery, Barlow gets in deeper when he strikes up a romance with their sister, Laura (Mala Powers). Gradually, Barlow devises a strategy to set the brothers up for ambush in another train robbery.

The Big Dis (1989)

A Long Islander on his first weekend pass from the military spends his few days of freedom looking for women.

Boots Malone (1952)

Has-been agent Boots Malone (William Holden) is dodging his creditors and living on the edge of the horse racing world when wealthy teenager Tommy Gibson (Johnny Stewart) asks Malone to take him under his wing as a jockey-in-training. While trying to stay one step ahead of Matson (Hugh Sanders), a well-connected gambler he owes money to, Malone and his partner, Stash (Stanley Clements), introduce the idealistic Tommy to the seedy underbelly of horse racing, where cons and tricks rule.

Duelo al Atardecer (1971)

After five years of being in prison, a man hopes for freedom and is confronted with a forgotten love, revenge and mourning.

The Curious Female (1970)

In a society where sex without love is the norm, filmgoers are arrested for viewing a movie about sexual morality.

Gossip (2008)

A single mother (Kelli Williams) fights temptation when she encounters an old married flame in her hometown.

Breath Made Visible (2009)

American dance pioneer Anna Halprin helped redefine modern art through her belief in her medium's power to heal and teach.

Hustling (1975)

Fran Morrison (Lee Remick), a reporter for a New York City magazine, starts working on an in-depth expose uncovering the dangerous world of street prostitutes in the city. She investigates how the prostitutes work, who their pimps are and even who their clients are. As she learns more and more about the world of the sex workers, she discovers that many of them have powerful ties in the city's police department and even in city hall. This is based on the book by Gail Sheehy.

Belle Starr (1941)

After the Civil War, Union troops catch Belle Shirley (Gene Tierney), a Southern belle, harboring the wanted Confederate guerrilla fighter Sam Starr (Randolph Scott). In retribution, Union major and old friend Thomas Crail (Dana Andrews) must follow orders by burning down their home and arresting Shirley's brother (John Shepperd). Incensed, Shirley springs Starr from jail and joins his rebels. But after marrying Starr, Shirley discovers the outlaw life is not what she thought it would be.

The Funeral (1984)

The lives of an affluent and modern Tokyo couple (Tsutomu Yamazaki, Nobuko Miyamoto) are suddenly interrupted by the death of a parent and the desire to give a suitable, traditional funeral. Easier said than done, apparently, as a number of small-scale crises keep things from going smoothly, even with the help of an extravagant priest and a how-to video cassette. Tensions rise and boundaries are pushed in this satire about the clash between modern convenience and traditional culture.

Kitty (1946)

Cockney street urchin Kitty (Paulette Goddard) subsists on her meager takings as a pickpocket before the noted artist Thomas Gainsborough (Cecil Kellaway) stumbles across her and asks to paint her portrait. Gainsborough's noble depiction of the beautiful Kitty inspires the rakish Sir Hugh Marcy (Ray Milland) to groom the waif into a lady of regal bearing, with an eye to marrying her off to the Earl of Carstairs (Patric Knowles) for his own financial ends.

Her Third (1972)

As secretary and mistress of the wealthy Harris Chapman, Marian (Laraine Day) looks after his recently acquired fortune. But when Chapman falls for a new woman, cutting Marian out of his success, she decides to take her revenge. With the help of a mysterious hired gun (Edmond O'Brien), Marian develops a scheme to kill Chapman and appropriate his wealth. Hers isn't the only plot at work, however, and she soon finds herself involved in another conspiracy entirely.

The House That Screamed (1970)

A widow's (Lilli Palmer) son (John Moulder-Brown) tries to build his own girl at a boarding school in 19th-century France.

Under My Skin (1950)

A crooked U.S. jockey (John Garfield) cheats a gambler (Luther Adler) abroad to stake a new life with his girlfriend (Micheline Presle) and son.

Timber Terrors (1935)

A Mountie (John Preston) with a dog tracks the killers of his partner.

The Gay Bride (1934)

Mary (Carole Lombard) is a gorgeous chorus girl determined to marry into money. She finds a wealthy beau in bootlegger "Shoots" Magiz (Nat Pendleton), but his adversary, Daniel Dingle (Sam Hardy), has him killed. The unscrupulous Mary takes up with Dingle, who seems destined to meet the same fate as Magiz. Meanwhile, handsome bodyguard "Office Boy" Burnham (Chester Morris) remains devoted to Mary, despite her ever-changing husbands, hoping that he might win her over.

The Man Who Stole My Mother's Face (2004)

This documentary follows one woman's quest to get justice for her mother, who was violently raped and beaten in her Johannesburg, South Africa, home in 1988. Although 59-year-old Laura Henkel identified her assailant, a combination of police ineptitude and neighbors' conflicting accounts led to her attacker, a white teenager, being let off. Since then, Laura has been unable to heal from the trauma, so her daughter Cathy takes matters into her own hands, returning to the scene of the crime.

Get Christie Love! (1974)

A beautiful detective (Teresa Graves) goes under cover to investigate a huge drug ring in Los Angeles.

Bridge to Hell (1986)

Allied prisoners (Andy J. Forest, Jeff Connors, Francesca Ferre) escape and fight their way back, over a bridge and Nazis.

Mystery of the Maya (1995)

The Mayans live in Central America and develop a written language, mathematics and astronomy.

The Lost Republic (1983)

Filmmaker Miguel Perez documents Argentina's political history between the military coups of 1930 and 1976.

Stoney (1969)

An expatriated English arms dealer and his mistress learn of an amazing treasure buried during World War II.

Naked Among Wolves (1963)

A prisoner arrives at the Buchenwald concentration camp with a boy hidden in his suitcase.

Mr. Belvedere Goes to College (1949)

An author's return to college is disrupted by the attention of a journalism student who wants to write about him.

Gonza the Spearman (1986)

In feudal Japan, the country is experiencing a rare period of peace, in which the samurai has become obsolete. Gonza (Hiromi Goh) is one of these samurai, a warrior who must now find a new occupation. He tries to curry favor with the lord of his clan through an elaborate, traditional tea ritual. However, he must first scheme his way into the lord's inner circle by using his charms to woo various noblewomen, and he leaves a complicated mess of emotions in his wake.

The Daniel Project (2012)

Voice artist and self-proclaimed atheist Jeremy Hitchen talks with various experts and investigates the plausibility of ancient prophecies, especially those regarding the end of the world.

Wake Me When the War Is Over (1969)

A baroness (Eva Gabor) hides an American pilot (Ken Berry) and keeps him in the dark about World War II.

Code Two (1953)

Ambitious Chuck O'Flair (Ralph Meeker), married man Russ Hardley (Robert Horton) and shy-with-women Harry Whenlon (Jeff Richards) meet while cadets at the police academy of Los Angeles, and graduate together. A chance encounter with a motor squad cop entices the trio to transfer to duty as motorcycle patrolmen, which displeases Russ' wife, Mary (Sally Forrest). When Chuck and Harry pursue a speeding truck, it sets off a dangerous battle of wits with a gang of modern-day cattle rustlers.

Manslaughter (2005)

A schoolteacher's affair with a former student is revealed in the wake of a fatal raid.

The Shadow Strikes (1937)

The enigmatic crime-fighter uses his uncanny powers of perception to ferret out yet another evildoer.

Night Terror (1976)

A housewife (Valerie Harper) flees from a policeman's killer (Richard Romanus) on the road between Phoenix and Denver.

The Kindergarten Shuffle (2010)

A young mother discovers that the New York City school system is a gamble.

Under Eighteen (1931)

An innocent New Jersey teenager (Marian Marsh) lands in a New Yorker's (Warren William) penthouse with swimming pool.

The Widow From Chicago (1930)

A New York policeman's sister (Alice White) avenges his slaying by tricking the gangster (Edward G. Robinson) to blame.

Cinderella Jones (1946)

Struggling singer Judy Jones (Joan Leslie) discovers she's entitled to a multimillion-dollar fortune -- as long as she can live up to the terms of her late uncle's will. To collect her inheritance, Jones must marry a genius. Jones ditches her boyfriend, humble bandleader Tommy Coles (Robert Alda), and matriculates at an elite university for the super-intelligent. On campus, Jones struggles to win the heart of a dashing professor, Bartholomew Williams (William Prince).

Free And Easy (1930)

When Elvira (Anita Page) wins a beauty contest in her home state of Kansas, her clumsy manager, Elmer Butts (Buster Keaton), must take her to Hollywood for a chance at movie stardom. Forbidden to access the studios, Elvira and Elmer attend a film premiere and ogle at the many stars. In desperation, Elmer breaks onto a movie set -- and despite bumbling onto various active sets, wins a part as an extra. Meanwhile, Elvira attracts the attention of handsome film star Larry (Robert Montgomery).

The Man (1972)

A U.S. senator (James Earl Jones) runs the White House because the president, vice president and speaker of the house cannot.

A Million Colours (2012)

Apartheid tests the friendship between actors Norman Knox (Jason Hartman) and Muntu Ndebele.

Bad Bascomb (1946)

Outlaw Zeb Bascomb (Wallace Beery) flees from federal agents with his partner, Bart Yancy (J. Carrol Naish). After Bart kills a Mormon missionary, the men join the Mormon caravan, pretending to be converts. Dismayed at being put to hard work, they nevertheless maintain their cover, and Zeb befriends 9-year-old Emmy (Margaret O'Brien). When Zeb and Yancy discover the caravan is carrying a substantial amount of gold, Zeb's unexpected fatherly sentiment for Emmy hinders their robbery plans.

My Wife's Murder (2005)

After his wife, Sheela (Suchitra Krishnamoorthi), goes missing, Ravi Patwardhan (Anil Kapoor) files a missing persons report. When her body is discovered in a pond, police Detective Tejpal Randhawa (Boman Irani) investigates the murder and tries to narrow down the suspects, which include her husband and her father. Despite finding no clear motive or evidence, Randhawa slowly begins to piece together the mystery and draws closer to uncovering the identity of Sheela's killer.

Sweet Jesus, Preacherman (1973)

Holmes (Roger E. Mosley) is a hit man working for a mob boss, Martelli (William Smith), as well as a state senator (Michael Pataki). Martelli gives Holmes an undercover assignment requiring him to pretend to be a preacher. As Holmes becomes the Rev. Jason Lee, he finds that he has a knack for speaking to his congregation. Now Holmes must find information about Martelli's competition. However, he begins to discover that his employer is hiding something from him.

Bar, El Chino (2003)

Two aspiring filmmakers make a documentary about their favorite pub.

Bal Ganesh (2007)

Bal Ganesh relives Baby Ganesh's antics from his childhood.

Aliyah (2012)

A low-level Jewish drug dealer (Pio Marma) tries to save enough money to leave Paris and join his cousin in Israel, but his older brother's constant demands -- and a new love interest -- jeopardize his plans.

Ghosthouse (1988)

A teenager (Lara Wendel) and her boyfriend (Greg Scott) discover strange radio messages are screams from the future.

High Pressure (1932)

A man nearly loses all his assets, including his girlfriend, when a zany get-rich-quick scheme fizzles.

Gut Shabbes Vietnam (2008)

A young Israeli couple and their baby move to Vietnam to start a Jewish community.

The Carrier (1988)

Panicked townsfolk hunt the carrier (Gregory Fortescue) of an unknown disease whose victims sizzle to death.

Skeleton Coast (1988)

A U.S. colonel (Ernest Borgnine) storms Angola with commandos to free his CIA-agent son from an East German colonel (Robert Vaughn).

5 Card Stud (2002)

A struggling screenwriter (Lawrence H. Toffler) falls in love with a woman (Khrystyne Haje) stuck in an unsatisfying, long-term relationship.

Tan Lines (2005)

After the death of their father, three sisters embark on a holiday in France.

Like a Puppet Out of Strings (2006)

Two brothers (Felipe Rodriguez, Tom Rodriguez) wind up on opposite sides of the law.

Bróder (2010)

On the eve of his 23rd birthday, a young man holds a meeting with the help of his mother.

Pioneers of the Frontier (1940)

A cowboy (Bill Elliott) and his partners rope a land-grabber.

Navy Wife (1956)

Japanese wives try to run their households the way a Navy man's (Gary Merrill) wife (Joan Bennett) runs hers.

Blonde Bait (1956)

Washington and Scotland Yard let a killer's girlfriend (Beverly Michaels) escape, then watch where she goes.

The Vanishing American (1955)

A Navajo (Scott Brady) unites with an Eastern heiress (Audrey Totter) against a crooked trader (Forrest Tucker) in the late 1800s.

Can (2011)

A young married couple's decision to obtain a child illegally threatens their future together.

El Cafre (1985)

A man carries on his truck hazardous cargo, and when it explodes of refrigeration equipment must remain calm.