Question of Luck (1996)

A shady French widow (Anna Galiena) helps an engaged man (Eduardo Noriega) after he finds a corpse in a car with jewels.

Caged Heat II: Stripped of Freedom (1994)

A CIA agent gets herself thrown into a hellish women's penitentiary in order to help a detained princess escape.

James Bond (2015)

James Bond is a 2015 Telugu action comedy film written and directed by Sai Kishore Macha and produced by Anil Sunkara under the banner A.K.Entertainments. It features Allari Naresh and Sakshi Chaudhary in the lead roles while Ashish Vidyarthi, Raghu Babu and Krishna Bhagavan appear in supporting roles.

The Unholy Wife (1957)

The Unholy Wife is an American 1957 color film noir drama film produced and directed by John Farrow at RKO Radio Pictures, but released by Universal-International as RKO was in the process of ceasing its film activities. The film features Diana Dors, Rod Steiger, Tom Tryon and Beulah Bondi. The screenplay was written by William Durkee and Jonathan Latimer The film is about a femme fatale named Phyllis (Diana Dors) who tells her sordid story from her prison cell in flashback.

How Dogs Got Their Shapes (2016)

With many breeds and countless variations, canines are one of the most diverse species on Earth. From ears to tails, coats to paws, every part of their bodies is uniquely structured to serve a purpose. How Dogs Got Their Shapes shines a light on a variety of canine shapes to explain how each aspect plays a pivotal role in the evolution, history, and behavior of distinct dog breeds.

Amama (2015)

A rebellious video artist rejects her father's desire to have his children keep and maintain the family farm and moves to the city to pursue her passion.

Runaway! (1973)

Runaway! is a 1973 American made-for-television thriller film directed by David Lowell Rich. It is an action thriller involving skiers trapped on a runaway train speeding down a mountain. The film was produced by Universal and originally aired on ABC on September 29, 1973. It was re-titled The Runaway Train when released theatrically abroad.

Helen Keller vs. Nightwolves (2015)

Night wolves terrorize a village by taking people's hearing and eyesight until one woman fights back.

A Cry in the Wilderness (1974)

A farmer (George Kennedy) bitten by a rabid skunk protects his family (Joanna Pettet, Lee H. Montgomery) by chaining himself in the barn, in a flood's path.

Vintage Tomorrows (2016)

The origins of steam punk and its impact on culture.

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi (2003)

Hazaaron Khwaishein Aisi is an Indian political drama film made by director Sudhir Mishra in 2003 but released in 2005. Set against the backdrop of the Indian Emergency, the movie tells the story of three young people in the 1970s, when India was undergoing massive social and political changes. The title is taken from a poem by Urdu poet Mirza Ghalib.

Divination (2012)

Successful artist and expectant father Jason is initially overjoyed when his old friend Dee returns for an unannounced visit, but begins to fear the worst when his vivid nightmares begin to bleed into reality.

Divine Souls (2007)

Through the eyes of Kerri, a compassionate nurse, we see stories of love and hope over adversity in the hallways of an AIDS clinic.

Cairo (1963)

Cairo is a 1963 American crime film directed by Wolf Rilla and written by Joan LaCour Scott. The film stars George Sanders, Richard Johnson, Faten Hamama, John Meillon, Ahmed Mazhar, Eric Pohlmann and the director's father Walter Rilla. The film was released on August 21, 1963, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Spenser: A Savage Place (1995)

An old flame involves the private eye (Robert Urich) in a risky case of racketeering in the Toronto film industry.

The Terror Factor (2007)

The Terror Factor is a 2007 American independent comedy horror film written and directed by Garry Medeiros and starring Matthew G. Hill, Nina Rusin, and John Sylvia. It premiered on October 30, 2007, and was completed on a US$2,000 budget. The film was voted "Best of New England" at the 2007 Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival and was later screened at the 2008 Fright Night and Rock & Shock Film Festivals. In 2010, it was released on DVD by Maxim Media International. The story follows Warren Wilcox (Matthew G. Hill), an escaped mental patient, who terrorizes a group of local teenagers he finds partying in his childhood home. Wilcox's killing spree is interrupted by an aspiring serial killer (Antonio Dias), who takes advantage of the panic created by the escapee, and leads to an eventual showdown between the two.

Bongoland II: There Is No Place Like Home (2008)

Juma returns to his homeland of Bongoland.

Damned River (1989)

Damned River is a 1989 American action film directed by Michael Schroeder and co-written by John Crowther and Bayard Johnson. The film stars Stephen Shellen, Lisa Aliff, John Terlesky, Marc Poppel, Bradford Bancroft and Louis van Niekerk. The film was released on October 13, 1989, by United Artists.

This Life of Mine (1950)

This Life of Mine is a 1950 Chinese film directed by Shi Hui.

Two Raging Grannies (2013)

Filmmaker Håvard Bustnes challenges the idea that we must continue to keep the economy growing.

Female Artillery (1973)

A rugged outlaw and a wagon train of bawdy frontier women are forced to take a stand against a villainous gang.

L'oreille d'un sourd (1996)

A married woman (Micheline Lanctt) plots with her sleazy boyfriend (Marcel Sabourin) to murder her father-in-law (Paul Hebert) for his money.

Return of the Dead (1979)

Three inmates in an asylum share their stories.

The Patriot (1986)

The Patriot is a 1986 action film directed by Frank Harris and starring Gregg Henry, Simone Griffeth and Stack Pierce with Leslie Nielsen.

Another Year (2014)

A guy makes money by giving rides to people at night, while his wife gets her first job as a graphic designer. As their unstable marriage evolves over the course of a year, their different goals prove fatal to their relationship.

Quite Ugly One Morning (2004)

A journalist (James Nesbitt) investigates the gruesome murder of a respected doctor.

The Roving Swordsman (1983)

A martial artist protects his clan's secret martial arts manuscript until a clan daughter is threatened.

Tollbooth (1994)

A Florida tollkeeper (Lenny Von Dohlen) dreams of a better life with his high-school sweetheart (Fairuza Balk) who pumps gas nearby.

Little Marines 2 (1992)

The teenage adventurers reluctantly enlist a girl when they enter a dirtbike competition for both sexes.

The Dark (1994)

During a midnight visit to his wife's grave, scientist Hunter Henderson (Stephen McHattie) hears shots and decides to investigate. When he gets a bit too close to the action, he is shot, but his wounds are miraculously healed by the mysterious creature that FBI agents have been attempting to kill. After losing his partner in the firefight, Agent Paul Buckner (Brion James) is determined to see the death of the unknown beast, but Hunter is just as determined to save it.

Drive (1997)

Drive is a 1997 action film starring Mark Dacascos, Kadeem Hardison, Tracey Walter, John Pyper-Ferguson, Brittany Murphy, and Masaya Kato. The film was directed by Steve Wang with stunt work and fight choreography done by Koichi Sakamoto. Like most of Wang's films at the time, Drive went straight-to-video but received a cult following afterwards.[citation needed]

Hei ying (1967)

Two female fighters unite to battle against a notorious Singaporean crime syndicate!

Big In Japan (2015)

Tennis Pro, a struggling Seattle rock band, take a final shot at making it by touring Tokyo.

Blackwater (2007)

Four big city girlfriends on an adventure vacation in the Florida everglades look forward to fun and excitement in one of the world's most legendary wilds, but what begins as the annual girls getaway they'll always remember descends into a terrifying nightmare they'll never forget when they become the prey of a depraved blackwater clan who know they have the girls right where the want them... alone and defenseless.

The World and the Woman (1916)

The Woman and the World is a 1916 American silent drama film starring Jeanne Eagels as a prostitute who seeks a second chance in the countryside. It was based on the 1914 play Outcast starring Elsie Ferguson. It was remade in 1922 as Outcast, starring Ferguson; in 1928 with Corinne Griffith, also titled Outcast; and with Bette Davis in 1935 as The Girl from 10th Avenue.The film is available on DVD and online.

Im Dschungel ist der Teufel los (1982)

A brush with disaster develops into a growing experience for a group of people weaving their way through Africa.

Out of It (1969)

Out of It is a 1969 American comedy film directed by Paul Williams. It was entered into the 20th Berlin International Film Festival.

The Thrill Killers (1964)

The Thrill Killers is a horror/thriller film released in 1964 and directed by low-budget film-maker Ray Dennis Steckler. It stars Cash Flagg (Steckler under a nom de plume) and Liz Renay. The story concerns several psychotic murderers who escape a mental institution and go on a killing spree in Los Angeles.

A Perfect Man (2015)

A Perfect Man (French: Un homme idéal) is a 2015 French thriller film directed by Yann Gozlan. The film tells the story of a struggling author who steals the text of a manuscript originally belonging to a reclusive man who recently has died. The film stars Pierre Niney and Ana Girardot.

The Glass Shield (1994)

J.J. is a rookie in the Sheriff's Department and the first black officer at that station. Racial tensions run high in the department as some of J.J.'s fellow officers resent his presence. His only real friend is the other new trooper, the first female officer to work there, who also suffers similar discrimination in the otherwise all-white-male work environment. When J.J. becomes increasingly aware of police corruption during the murder trial of Teddy Woods, who he helped to arrest, he faces difficult decisions and puts himself into grave personal danger in the service of justice.

The Ripper (1997)

Inspector Jim Hansen (Patrick Bergin) tracks a brutal killer in 1888 London while trying to protect the next victim (Gabrielle Anwar).

Killer (1994)

Bulletproof Heart also known as Killer is a 1994 Canadian-American drama film directed by Mark Malone.

Gui ma fei ren (1985)

A zany scientist accidentally creates a magic pill that gives him special powers.

Dichiarazioni d'amore (1994)

Dichiarazioni d'amore (Declarations of Love) is a 1994 Italian drama film written and directed by Pupi Avati. The film premiered out of competition at the 51st Venice International Film Festival.

Cool Runnings: The Reggae Movie (1986)

Even after the death of Bob Marley, the spirit of reggae music lives on in this documentary of the annual Reggae Sunsplash Festival, which is captured live at the Bob Marley Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, during the summer of 1983. In addition to backstage interviews, the film features live performances by the Melody Makers, Gregory Isaacs, Musical Youth, Third World and early Jamaican music pioneer Alton Ellis, as well as cameo appearances by Marley's widow, Rita, and 14-year-old son, Ziggy.

The Wisdom To Know The Difference (2014)

A man tries to bring his sobriety full circle by helping a young Latino woman kick a serious drug problem.

Wagon Trail (1935)

Townsfolk turn against their sheriff (Harry Carey) because of his outlaw son (Edward Norris).

Los Locos (1997)

Los Locos, also known as Los Locos: Posse Rides Again, is a 1997 Western film written by and starring Mario Van Peebles. It was directed by Jean-Marc Vallée and also stars Melora Walters, René Auberjonois, and Danny Trejo.

Sweet, Sweet Rachel (1971)

An ESP expert desperately tries to learn the identity of the person whose telepathic powers are driving a woman mad.

A Composer's Notes: Philip Glass and the Making of an Opera (1986)

Director Michael Blackwood received unprecedented access to composer Philip Glass as he prepared his opera "Akhnaten." The film follows Glass in Egypt and India, where he travels for research and inspiration. In New York City, Glass composes at his piano and his desk and meets with various collaborators and fellow artists. The camera is also present for rehearsals, as two nearly simultaneous productions are mounted in Houston, Tex., and Stuttgart, Germany.

Circus of the Dead (2014)

A man becomes entangled in a deadly morality game with a sadistic clown, and is forced to examine the things in life he takes for granted.

Mario's War (2006)

Mario's War (Italian: La guerra di Mario) is a 2005 Italian drama film directed by Antonio Capuano. Valeria Golino won the 2006 David di Donatello for Best Actress for her performance as Giulia.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow (1949)

Ichabod Crane encounters the Headless Horseman during a terrifying night-time ride.

Yi le ye (1973)

An old man dies from an overdose of virility pills, a cop goes on the run after extorting money from a hooker, and a mortician's ghost goes on the rampage.

Winter Flight (1984)

A film about first love, a romance between a young airman and a NAAFI girl.

The Illegal Immigrant (1985)

Chang travels to New York City and works illegally in a factory to repay the gangster who arranged his entry into the United States.

I Accuse My Parents (1944)

I Accuse My Parents is a 1944 American exploitation film dealing with juvenile delinquency. Produced by PRC, the film was used to teach morals, specifically that parents should take an interest in their children's lives, as well as the consequences (both emotionally and psychologically) of child neglect. It premiered on November 4, 1944 and was released generally on October 27, 1945.

Lobos sucios (2016)

Two sisters in Spain during World War II take different approaches to resisting the Nazis.

A Queen Is Crowned (1953)

A Queen Is Crowned is a 1953 British Technicolor documentary film written by Christopher Fry. The film documents the 1953 Coronation of Queen Elizabeth II, with a narration of events by Laurence Olivier. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Documentary Feature.

Alone (1997)

John Webb (Hume Cronyn) is recently widowed and living alone on the farm he and his brother used to share. He rarely sees his daughters, Jacqueline (Joanna Miles) and Grace Ann (Roxanne Hart), and his only company is Grey (James Earl Jones), the farm's longtime overseer. John's solitude is interrupted by his nephews, Carl (Frederic Forrest) and Gus Jr. (Chris Cooper), who have been approached about drilling for oil on the farm. Tensions rise as John clashes with his opportunistic family.

Yu mian xia (1971)

The Jade Faced Assassin is a 1971 Hong Kong film adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao. The film was directed by Yan Jun, produced by the Shaw Brothers Studio, and starred Lily Ho and Kao Yuen as the lead characters.

Merely Players (2014)

A video blogger and his musicians friend move in together for the summer. The musician's obsessive behavior and manipulative personality seems to be contagious as it pushes both towards becoming sociopaths.

Just Ancient Loops (2012)

Filmmaker Bill Morrison uses high resolution scans of ancient nitrate footage and CGI renderings to depict views of heaven.

The Kingdom and the Beauty (1959)

The Kingdom and the Beauty is a 1959 Hong Kong musical-drama film directed by Li Han-hsiang. The film was set in Imperial China, directed by a Hong Kong based-Mainland Chinese director and produced by the famed Hong Kong Shaw Brothers film studio. Although there was minimal Singaporean input in the film-making, the film was selected as the Singaporean entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 32nd Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Just Trust (2004)

Two career thieves (Ccile de France, Vincent Lindon) join forces, pose as domestic servants and fleece their unsuspecting employers.

The Unborn II (1994)

The Unborn 2 is a horror sequel to the 1991 film The Unborn. It was directed by Rick Jacobson and written by Rob Kerchner and Daniella Purcell.

Kelly's Hollywood (2015)

A man's quest to fulfill his disabled sister's Hollywood dreams takes an unexpected turn when his engagement is threatened.

The Tin Man (1935)

Thelma and Patsy stumble upon an eery old house inhabited by a mad genius who has constructed a robot to fulfill his whims.

Where the Hell's That Gold?!!? (1988)

Where the Hell's That Gold? (stylized as Where the Hell's That Gold?!!?) is a 1988 American made-for-television Western film starring Willie Nelson, Jack Elam and Delta Burke. It was written, directed and produced by Burt Kennedy and broadcast on the CBS Sunday Movie on November 13, 1988.

Just Like Brothers (2012)

Just Like Brothers (original title: Comme des frères) is a 2012 French comedy film written, directed and produced by Hugo Gélin.

The Dead the Damned and the Darkness (2014)

Mackinac Island (1944)

Logic on Fire (2015)

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery (2016)

A Lullaby to the Sorrowful Mystery is a 2016 historical fantasy drama film directed by Lav Diaz. It was selected to compete for the Golden Bear at the 66th Berlin International Film Festival. At the film festival, it won the Alfred Bauer Prize. The film was released on 26 March and was distributed by Star Cinema.

Felix Austria! (2013)

Trailer for documentary film about American aesthete Felix Pfeifle who sets out to find and save the last heir of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, but along the way discovers that the real ticking bomb is his own mortality.

No One Will Ever Know (2018)

Daibosatsu tôge - Dai ni bu (1958)

Confidential: Secret Market (1974)

Paris au mois d'août (1966)

We Shall Overcome (2015)

Gil Scott-Heron & Amnesia Express: The Paris Concert (2007)

Soldier's Home (1977)

Soldier's Home is a 1977 American short film adaptation of the 1925 short story of the same name by Ernest Hemingway which was originally broadcast as part of The American Short Story series on PBS on April 25, 1977. It was directed by Robert Young, adapted by Robert Geller and starred Richard Backus and Nancy Marchand. The musical score is by Dick Hyman.

Grey Wolf: The Escape of Adolf Hitler (2014)

Hold Hands or Hide (2018)

Great, My Parents Are Divorcing! (1991)

Acid Space (2015)

Fucking My Way Back Home (2018)

The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great (2019)

Archaeologist Pepi Papakosta is on a mission to find Alexander the Great’s lost tomb. Excavating in the center of Alexandria, Egypt, the city Alexander founded 2,300 years ago, she has discovered a rare marble statue of Alexander, along with Greek treasures and secret tunnels. But Pepi’s biggest find is an extraordinary discovery even she was not expecting.

Shark Kill Zone (2014)

Great White Serial Killer (2013)

Cougars Undercover (2015)

In Their Own Words: Deepwater Horizon (2019)

Nepal Quake: Terror on Everest (2015)

Lincoln's Last Day (2015)

Lincoln's Washington at War (2013)

Mission Critical: Amphibian Rescue (2011)

Behold the Monkey (2016)

George Fest: A Night to Celebrate the Music of George Harrison (2016)

Asian Tsunami: The Deadliest Wave (2014)

America's Yellowstone (2007)