The Way Back (2015)

Two Brazilians living abroad, one in England, one in America, cherish their memories of home. The way home is uncertain, and the country that they left is no longer the same.

Homer's Disease (2014)

An elderly woman mistakenly believes that she is part of her neighbor's family.

Suddenly My Thoughts Halt (2014)

An actor searches for his character in a hospital.

Entrando Numa Roubada (2015)

A strange being bites a pregnant woman, turning her baby into something called a "pureblood."

The Hunger Artist (2014)

A boy recalls the embarrassing moments when his mother used to coax strangers to buy meals for her.

Tough to Kill (1978)

A ruthless bounty hunter infiltrates a mercenary group in South America, with hopes of finding the member whose capture can help him cash in on a hefty reward.

In the Footsteps of the Bremen Musicians (1973)

The musical adventures continue for a donkey, a dog, a cat and a rooster.

Robert Doisneau, le révolté du merveilleux (2016)

The life and work of the photographer.

Suh-Suh Pyoung, Slowly and Peacefully (2017)

A Presbyterian missionary establishes a school in Korea.

The Boys Who Cried Wolf (2015)

A stage actor makes money on the side playing roles for private clients. The mother of a murder victim hires him to act as a witness and give a false testimony to the police.

Adrift (1971)

A hitchhiker changes a young woman's life.

The Big Goofy Secret of Hidden Pines (2013)

A vacationing family adopts a baby Sasquatch, which becomes a treasured member of its tight-knit community. Years later, the town's greedy mayor hatches a scheme to get rich by trapping the domesticated Bigfoot and exposing it to the press.

Extreme Jukebox (2013)

A bloodthirsty heavy metal rocker rises from the grave to brutally murder the living.

Decay (2015)

Years after her husband's disappearance, a woman receives a phone call that he's been located.

Las Coronelas (1959)

Dos chicas son adoptadas por un revolucionario que las confunde por varones, creando amoríos y confusión.

Cabalgando a la Luna (1971)

La historia de los problemas económicos de una familia y la irresponsabilidad de sus miembros en aceptarlos.

Not My Day (2014)

A bank teller in his mid-30s lives an average, uneventful life. His monotonous routine is shattered when a bank robber takes him hostage and stuffs him into the trunk of a car.

La banda de la sotana negra (1983)

Un sacerdote se relaciona con delincuentes, cabareteras y contrabandistas para descubrir a la banda que le robó su sotana y que comete fechorías amparado en ella.

Reventón en Acapulco (1982)

Las vidas de cuatro familias de distintas clases sociales se entrelazan durante un fin de semana en Acapulco.

Khushi (2001)

In order to avoid getting married to Priyanka, Vinay uses a photograph of a deceased woman and claims her to be his ex-lover. However, the woman surprisingly turns up at Vinay's house.

El Satánico (1968)

Un enano ayuda a un ladrón en sus robos ocultándose en valijas y otros objetos, pero con su parte hace obras de caridad.

Pueblo, Canto y Esperanza (1956)

Un cura se niega a bautizar a un niño porque no le gusta el nombre que los padres le quieren poner, un hombre pierde todo por el amor de una mujer y otro juega su mina en una apuesta.

Hembra o Macho (1991)

Cuando un travesti abandona la obra de teatro, una vedette ocupa su lugar y finge ser hombre vestido de mujer.


Two brothers, Charles and Thomas, who feel they are of superior intelligence, concoct a deadly game of murder to fulfill their devious fantasies, but doing so derails their relationship with horrifying results.


Two women with aspirations of opening their own business borrow money from a loan shark, but when his terms turn violent, they're forced into bloody retaliation.

Žiletky (1994)

A young writer believes she has discovered the holly grail of terror, the knives used by Jack the Ripper for his notorious murders…when the knives are unearthed the spirit of Jack is awakened.

Maid in Sweden (1971)

A sheltered country girl's (Kristina Lindberg) values change drastically when she visits her liberated sister (Monica Ekman) in the big city.

Yemaindhi Evela (2010)

Two divorced people meet new love interests.

Les perruches (2013)

Lili, a seriously ill young woman, is confronted one morning with the loss of her hair. Her friend Laura proposes a radical solution: to remake her from head to toe.

Paandavulu Paandavulu Thummeda (2014)

A village is not allowed to have good events for 14 years.

Silly Fool, But Not Too Much (1972)

Una india decide irse a vivir con una prima a la capital y encontrar un buen trabajo, pero ella todo lo enreda.

El Caballo Bayo (1966)

Un jinete revolucionario y la mujer que lo ama y lo odia, buscan un tesoro de oro escondido en un lago.

Adiós Amor (1973)

Un millonario se enamora de una modelo, pero la deja plantada en la iglesia al enterarse de que tiene un tumor cerebral.

Feliz Año, Amor Mío (1957)

Un violinista de fama internacional está desilusionado con su vida familiar y recibe una carta de una mujer desconocida que tuvo un hijo de él.

Las Cautivas (1971)

Un hombre sin escrúpulos es chantajeado por su empleada cuando ella descubre sus secretos.

La Cárcel de Laredo (1985)

Un hombre poderoso separa a su hija del novio, un mecánico, y lo manda a encarcelar a pesar de que ella espera un hijo.

The Little Girl Who Was Too Fond of Matches (2017)

A girl's life is turned upside down when her father, who has raised her in isolated and shocking conditions, dies.

Putuparri and the Rainmakers (2015)

An indigenous man with a Western upbringing attempts to reconnect with his ancestral lands and traditional culture.

Confesiones de una Adolescente (1969)

La directora de un orfanato logra que un hombre pague los estudios de pintura de una huérfana, de la que él se enamora.

El padrecito (1964)

Father Sebastin is assigned to the church of a town where he is not welcomed. He will have to earn the people's trust.

Alivio (2015)

Blanca, Ángeles and Lupita live in different parts of Mexico and do not know each, but they share a painful past of different types of abuse; the three women find hope after becoming nurses.

Noche de circo (2013)

Ten people confess their secrets to one another when they find themselves trapped in room oddly designed like a circus.

La Cara del Diablo (2014)

A group of friends travel to the Peruvian jungle of Tarapoto, where the secret powers of the place will amaze them and make them experience extraordinary situations.

6 Nonsmokers (2011)

Dr. Henry Caldwell, the world's greatest mediator, faces the biggest challenge of his career when he takes on six roommates who have nothing in common.

Boudu (2005)

A homeless man (Gérard Jugnot) disrupts the life of a gallery owner (Gérard Depardieu) who saved him from drowning.

Consequence (2012)

A woman has one day to do whatever she wants to do, and there will be no consequences.

Bubbleman Superstar: Return of Blowfly (2011)

Bubbleman saves the president.

Alice... (2013)

Alice searches for her soul mate.

Zoetrope (1999)

Two robots wander through a labyrinth filled with extraordinary objects.

Kill Them All and Come Back Alone (1968)

In 1864 mercenary Clyde MacKay leads a squad of cutthroats on a mission to steal $1 million in gold from the Union Army.

Kriminal (1966)

A master thief known as Kriminal manages to stay one step ahead of the law with each new daring crime he commits.

Sanjay (1995)

Sanjay's father, a retired constable, has no problems with taking bribes, but his brother is an honest man. Sanjay realizes that something is not right when his family suddenly begins to prosper.

El Duranguense (2009)

The wife of a singer known as "El Duranguense" demands that the police investigate her husband's murder.

El último bazukazo 2 (2013)

The police try to break all links with the narco gangs, especially with two dangerous murderers who will not stop until they are dead.

Boj S Tenyu (2005)

A self-destructive teen learns to let go of her traumatic past through a new found passion for boxing.

El garrobo de la sierra (2003)

Garrobo De La Sierra is a dangerous drug dealer who defends his territory against the federal police force.

Traición con traición se paga (1996)

After spending 22 years in prison, a criminal wants to wreak revenge, but a woman and two police officers try to stop him.

Sí mentirás (2005)

A drug lord recruits young people to work for him, but one of them seduces the criminal's daughter and gets her pregnant.

Naná (1985)

A jealous rancher kills his friend's family, but a little girl escapes and hides in the jungle with a tiger cub.

Noche de buitres (1978)

A group of apparent well-bred youngsters work as drug traffickers, and resort to murder and all kinds of violence.

Solicito marido para engañar (1988)

A group of women cheat on their husbands with some handsome men while a large inheritance is at stake.

Resurrección (1943)

During the trial of a woman, a member of the jury realizes she is the woman he seduced and abandoned.

Up with Women! (1943)

A man sends his daughter to the capital city for her to become a lady and a good wife, but she joins a feminist group.

La sota y el rey (1944)

Expert card players go around towns scamming people out of money, seducing women, and killing their enemies.

The Gardens of the Devil (1971)

Allied commandos in North Africa come across three fortune hunters who claim to know the location of a pharaoh's treasure. The commandos abandon their duties and help the hunters in their search.

Saturday Girls (2011)

A woman awakens alone in the bed of the man she met and slept with the night before and is told by a young boy that she is expected to take care of him for the day.

El Hijo Pródigo (1969)

Una cantante famosa, ansiosa de dar cariño, es presa de unos estafadores; mas el impostor se arrepiente y salva su vida.

Hoy He Soñado con Dios (1972)

Una mujer tiene tres hijos muy diferentes: una hija fracasada, el otro un boxeador furtivo y su hijo el sacerdote.

A Billion Colour Story (2016)

Hari is a Mumbai pre-teen with a Hindu mother and a Muslim father, and when his father's faith is shaken, Hari vows to restore it.

La Máxima Felicidad (1982)

Dos hombres y una mujer están a punto de vivir la experiencia de estar juntos y el proceso muestra sus temores y barreras morales.

Elena y Raquel (1971)

Una joven está embarazada de un novio que la abandonó y odia al bebé,pero al nacer cambian sus sentimientos hacia éste.

Nobleza Ranchera (1976)

Un hombre es chantajeado por un hombre que lo contrató hace veinte años para matar a los padres de un muchacho.

La hija de Moctezuma (2014)

La India María, descendiente de Moctezuma, debe ir en busca del Espejo de Tezcatlipoca y evitar la destrucción de México. Un arqueólogo, un tramposo busca-tesoros y una ambiciosa gobernadora tratarán de apoderarse del espejo y del tesoro de Moctezuma.

La Viuda Blanca (1970)

Después que sus respectivas parejas son encontradas muertas en un hotel, un banquero y una viuda se enamoran.

Knock Outs (1992)

Coeds try to recover stolen cash by posing for a swimsuit calendar and battling women wrestlers.

Ullam Kollai Poguthae (2001)

Anbu, a dubbing artiste, falls in love with his sister's friend Jyothi, who actually loves Gautham. Just when they prepare to get married, an accident changes the course of their lives.

Clarence (2015)

Clarence Garrett, an 85-year-old World War II veteran, returns to college to earn his bachelor's degree.

Clínica de Migrantes: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (2016)

Puentes de Salud, a volunteer-run clinic, provides free medical care to undocumented immigrants in Philadelphia. Here, doctors and nurse work for free to serve people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Captive (1998)

Someone seeking a murdered man's fortune prevents his widow (Erika Eleniak) from leaving an asylum.

The Black Bear (2015)

Five friends have encounters with black bears in a national park.

El circo (1943)

A shoemaker makes his dream of becoming a circus artist come true after he meets the daughter of a circus owner.

The Kid With a Tattoo (1980)

Up! (1976)

Mujeres de grandes pechos se defienden de hombres ineficientes y surge la violencia en un pueblo.

Abajo el telón (1955)

A window cleaner witnesses the robbery of a valuable necklace belonging to a French actress, but he becomes the main suspect of the case and ends up in prison.

Texana 100x III (1999)

The Lpez brothers seek revenge against their father's killers, two men known as Chaval and Carbonero.

Fiesta privada (1997)

The story behind the never-ending conflicts over power among the people who work in the illegal drug business.

OK Cleopatra (1970)

A jockey believes his dead uncle's soul has possessed his mare Cleopatra, which belongs to a greedy rancher.

Me gusta pegarle al polvo (2001)

A drug dealer tries to seduce a teenage girl with the help of his drug-addict sister, who would do anything for money.

Trapped (2014)

A soldier becomes trapped in a combat zone after stepping on a mine.

Opium (2013)

Jean Cocteau sinks into opium addiction after Raymond Radiguet's death.

The Takeover (2013)

Jadin meets Ashley, the ultimate con artist.

Cómo le hago pa olvidar (2012)

After her aunt's death, Renata must take care of her sister Rebeca, who has hallucinations and has tried to commit suicide.

Y todo sucedió en Día de Muertos (2015)

Rodolfo runs into Ignacio, a high school friend who married his ex-girlfriend. On Day of the Dead, Ignacio throws a party and Rodolfo attends with a prostitute.

El día de mi muerte (2012)

Detective Vázquez leads the investigation of Sandra's death. When the last people to be seen with her are interrogated, they all lie.

Bum on a Bench: A Fight to the Death at Storybook Park (2014)

An upside-down spiritual allegory.

Playing with Fire (1975)

A banker hires a seedy detective to find his daughter and keep her safe from kidnappers.

El bruto (2002)

A creature from another planet determined to destroy mankind acquires human shape and plunges into the jungle to carry out the mission.

Papa (2005)

A father and son confront painful memories on a road trip through Provence, France.

Con su amable permiso (1940)

A thief and master of disguise robs a jewelry shop and tries to escape with the banker's beautiful daughter.

El Taxista Querendón (1996)

A taxi driver does not waste time and starts relationships with his most beautiful passengers, and his his partner covers for him.