King of the Wild Horses (1947)

A mustang stallion runs swiftly to the rescue when the boy who befriended him is endangered.

The Devil's Mask (1946)

Private eye Jack Packard (Jim Bannon) and his partner, Doc (Barton Yarborough), solve the mystery of a shrunken head.

The Caretaker's Daughter (1925)

A man (Charley Chase) bickers and battles with his wife (Katherine Grant), but his life unravels when he sells his decrepit jalopy to a notorious gangster.

La sedia della felicità (2014)

A beautician and a tattoo artist try to recover jewels that are stashed inside a chair.

The Terror of the Tongs (1961)

Red Dragon tong leader Chung King (Christopher Lee) and his hatchet men capture a British captain (Geoffrey Toone) in Hong Kong.

The Love Lottery (1954)

While being raffled as a PR stunt, a Hollywood star (David Niven) jokingly says the winner can have him for life.

Two (2003)

Nick and Lizzie each long for a human connection and meet for the first time. They seem destined for a one-night stand until Nick starts acting bizarre, and Lizzie realizes he might want something she cannot give him.

The Wrecking Crew (2008)

The son of guitarist Tommy Tedesco pays tribute to his late father and a core group of studio musicians who played on some of the biggest hits of the 1960s and '70s, including "California Girls" and "Mrs. Robinson."

Ask A Policeman (1939)

To keep from losing their jobs, three British policemen in a quiet village stage a fake crime wave.

Amu (2005)

A 21-year-old Indian-American woman learns of secrets and lies that tie her origins to a horrifying genocide.

Almost Pregnant (1992)

Infertility leads to infidelity for a couple (Tanya Roberts, Jeff Conaway) having lots of trouble having a baby.

7 Days in Slow Motion (2009)

A boy finds a video camera and decides to make a film in just seven days.

A-list (2006)

A wanna-be actor finds his life in turmoil when he is mistaken for Hollywood's latest big-name thespian.

The Adventures of Tarzan (1921)

In the jungle, Tarzan (Elmo Lincoln), the son of a British lord stranded in the African wilds and brought up by apes, has rejected human civilization as empty but clings to his friendship with American Jane Porter (Louise Lorraine). When Jane is abducted by Arab slave traders, Tarzan comes to her rescue -- only to see her kidnapped again by Queen La of Opar (Lillian Worth). To save Jane, Tarzan must battle both the queen's minions and William Clayton, who seeks Tarzan's family title.

İtirazım Var (2014)

Imam Selman Bulut investigates a murder committed at his mosque after the police take little interest.

TBS (2008)

Convicted of murdering his father and sister, Johan (Theo Maassen) is living in a psychiatric prison. When he loses his parole hearing, he learns that he will be transferred to a long-term prison for the criminally insane, where he will spend the rest of his life. Out of options, Johan escapes from custody and goes looking for his mother (Pim Lambeau), who he believes can prove his innocence. When the police get close to apprehending him, Johan takes a young girl (Lisa Smit) hostage.

Valley of the Fangs (1970)

With her daughter, a woman attempts to free her husband.

The Human Condition 2: The Road to Eternity (1959)

Kaji does his best to help his men avoid death during WWII.

Nickel & Dime (1992)

A guy (C. Thomas Howell) in debt teams up with an accountant (Wallace Shawn) to locate an heiress (Lise Cutter) and collect the finder's fee.

Kids of the Round Table (1995)

A 20th-century boy (Johnny Morina) pulls the sword Excalibur from a stone, giving him power over bullies and bad guys.

The Skeleton Dance (1929)

When the clock strikes midnight, four skeletons come out to dance.

The Fox and the Chickadee (2013)

A fox (Paul Aspland) and a chickadee must work together to steal food.

Owd Bob (1998)

Bitter Adam McAdam (James Cromwell) lives on a small farm on the Isle of Man, taking pleasure only in his annual victory at the local sheepherding competition. Adam has long hated his neighbor and rival, Keith (Colm Meaney), and keeps to himself, with only his dogs for company. His solitary existence ends when his estranged daughter dies in a car crash, and he's left in charge of his grandson, David (Dylan Provencher). But when David falls in love with Keith's daughter, Adam becomes furious.

The Big Rock (1969)

A young man from a rural village turns to a life of crime to buy his wife what she wants.

Speaking in Strings (1999)

Documentarian and long-time friend Paola di Florio profiles legendary violinist Nadja Salerno-Sonnenberg, a hot-headed chain smoker and possible alcoholic, through a series of interviews and performances. Nadja's offstage persona confuses audiences, while at the same time her onstage virtuosity and unconventional interpretations of the classical violin repertoire amazes them. Outspoken, brash and controversial, Nadja struggles with depression and reflects on a life saved by music.

I'm Still Alive (1940)

A Hollywood stuntman (Kent Taylor) refuses to quit, not even for his wife (Linda Hayes).

Dale (2007)

Interviews and archival footage tell the story of legendary NASCAR driver Dale Earnhardt.

The Blue Tooth Virgin (2008)

Two writers have to re-evaluate their motivation.

A River of Skulls (2014)

Eula fends for herself after her mother dies amid the 1870s Gold Rush. With few people she can trust, Eula tags along with an outcast searching for his bandit father and quickly realizes that the world is more dangerous than she had imagined.

The Map Reader (2008)

A misfit New Zealand teenager (Jordan Selwyn) is confused and conflicted by his feelings for a cheery, young blindwoman and a friendly classmate.

20 Years of Madness (2016)

The makers of a mid-'90s public access TV show make a new episode and reconcile the dreams of their youth with adulthood.

Stardust (2010)

Images of celebrities in Las Vegas are edited together to make a thriller narrative.

The Empty (2014)

After the death of his wife, Ark takes refuge in a crumbling apartment building where all of his darkest fears come to life.

Forgiveness (2004)

A disgraced ex-cop's trip to a small town triggers a cathartic journey of forgiveness and revenge for himself and the family of the activist he killed.

Internal Combustion (2014)

Filmmaker Steve Faigenbaum compares Detroit's collapse to his family's history.

Jailbait! (2000)

A high-school athlete (Kevin Mundy) faces statutory rape charges after consensual sex with a 16-year-old.

Panic (1983)

A backfired genetic experiment turns a scientist into a bloodsucking zombie.

Midnight Flight (1998)

A woman trapped in an airport sees a man plant a bomb on the plane her ex-husband and son will soon be aboard.

Enough Rope (1963)

Two strangers suspect each other of murdering their own spouses.

Recovery (2007)

An accident changes a man's personality for the worse, leaving Tricia with a different husband.

Sunday in Peking (1956)

A glimpse into Mao's China in Beijing.

The Revolt of Mamie Stover (1956)

In 1941, prostitute Mamie Stover (Jane Russell) has no choice but to flee San Francisco when the police turn on her and want her out of town. Figuring Hawaii would be a great place to begin anew, Stover books a trip aboard a Honolulu-bound boat, where she happens to meet writer Jim Blair (Richard Egan), who is quite taken with the former streetwalker. However, when the ship reaches Hawaii, Stover soon falls back into her old ways and begins working at a nightclub, much to Blair's dismay.

Passinho Dance Off: The Movie (2012)

Kids from the favelas of Rio use dance as an alternative to drugs and crime.

Upstream (2009)

A mother-and-son relationship goes downhill after the son moves into an apartment and the mother moves in with a new boyfriend.

Nun at the Crossroads (1967)

A nun raped by Congo natives becomes pregnant and must decide whether to give up her baby or leave the order.

Can Go Through Skin (2009)

Marieke (Rifka Lodeizen) moves to the country after being assaulted and lives alone within her mind until she accepts help from her neighbor John (Wim Opbrouck).

Lovebirds (2008)

A young man's world turns topsy-turvy when the Spaniard he's fallen for online arrives in Manila.

Frozen Assets (1992)

Zach Shepard (Corbin Bernsen) is excited to find he's been hired as president of a bank. When he finally arrives in Hobart, Ore., he discovers to his dismay that the bank is actually a sperm bank. There he meets the cold Dr. Grace Murdoch (Shelley Long), the scientist in charge, whose disregard for him seems to mask romantic intentions. Meanwhile, in order to save the business, the sperm bank holds a fundraiser to find the man with the highest sperm count.

Hand of God (2007)

Growing up in Massachusetts in the mid-1960s, Paul Cultrera is molested by Salem priest Father Joseph Birmingham. Even though Birmingham is repeatedly accused of child abuse, Paul tells his family about being molested only a few years after the priest's death. Documentarian Joe Cultrera films his brother as Paul recounts years of anger and depression. Investigating the stories of others touched by Birmingham, the siblings find a pattern of the church ignoring multiple abuse allegations.

I Love You... Don't Touch Me! (1997)

Friends (Mitchell Whitfield, Meredith Scott Lynn) advise an aspiring Los Angeles singer (Marla Schaffel) searching for the perfect man.

The Desert Flower (1925)

Living in a boxcar in the desert, Maggie Fortune is cruelly treated by her stepfather; when she goes to a mining town, she falls for hard-drinking Rance Conway.

Shinobi Girl: The Movie (2012)

Falsely accused of murder, a Wall Street business woman (Alexandra Hellquist) creates an alter-ego and becomes a sword-wielding vigilante.

Salvo (2013)

A mafia assassin give his latest victim's sister her sight back.

A Long and Happy Life (2013)

Sasha and his workers reject state payoffs to sell land.

The Michigan Kid (1947)

A former U.S. marshal (Jon Hall) rescues an instant heiress (Rita Johnson) from an outlaw's (Victor McLaglen) gang.

A Dog's Life (1918)

Charlie rescues a stray from other dogs, and together they meet Edna after finding a wallet full of cash.

Early to Bed (1928)

Ollie the heir torments his new butler, Stanley.

Chatter (2016)

An unknown presence terrorizes a man (Brady Smith) and his wife (Sarena Khan) as they Skype.

Al Nisa: Black Muslim Women in Atlanta's Gay Mecca (2013)

Five women come together to establish a community for black Muslim lesbians in Atlanta.

Assignment Redhead (1956)

A secret agent (Richard Denning) falls for a cabaret singer (Carole Mathews), part of a gang out to steal bogus Nazi cash.

The French Detective (1975)

An aging gumshoe (Lino Ventura) and his young sidekick (Patrick Dewaere) try to prove that a corrupt politician (Victor Lanoux) killed a fellow officer.

The Hand (1965)

A massive hand torments an artist.

How to Get Rid of Others (2007)

The government eliminates citizens who take more from the country than they contribute.

Further Tales of the City (2001)

The continuing adventures of the residents of San Francisco's Barbary Lane. Based on the novel by Armistead Maupin.

Slaves of Babylon (1953)

An Israelite (Richard Conte) helps the prophet Daniel (Maurice Schwartz) work miracles to free their people from Nebuchadnezzar.

My Sweet Pepper Land (2014)

Baran, a war hero, becomes sheriff of the capital and refuses to bow down to a tribal chief.

Shepherd (1998)

In a futuristic wasteland, a mercenary (C. Thomas Howell) saves a woman and her son from lethal cultists.

The Amazing Mr. X (1948)

A rich widow (Lynn Bari) pays a fake medium (Turhan Bey) to contact her late husband, who, it turns out, is still alive.

Enter the Lone Ranger (1949)

A re-editing of the first three episodes of the television series explains the origins of the Lone Ranger.

Alias: The Bad Man (1931)

A cowboy falls in love with the daughter of a suspected cattle rustler while looking for his father's killer.

Palo Pinto Gold (2009)

The son of a murdered Texas Ranger hunts for the rogue Ranger who killed hi father.

Sand Dollars (2015)

An opportunistic young woman (Yanet Mojica) becomes involved with a wealthy matriarch (Geraldine Chaplin).

Freedom (1982)

An angry young Australian (Jon Blake) steals a Porsche Turbo and hits the road with a runaway girl (Jad Capelja).

Danielle Steel's Secrets (1992)

Private matters distract the cast of a producer's (Christopher Plummer) new TV show called "Manhattan."

La Guerra de Manuela Jankovic (2014)

When the Balkans conflict erupts in Europe in 1991, Manuela and her grandmother, a Serbian immigrant, relive anxious moments from World War II.

He Who Is Without Sin... (1952)

Stefano (Amedeo Nazzari) falls in love with Maria (Yvonne Sanson) after she saves him from guards, and when he moves to Canada, he marries her by proxy.

My Wife's Best Friend (1952)

Panic on a plane prompts a man (Macdonald Carey) to confess a sin to his wife (Anne Baxter) ; unfortunately they survive.

Se Me Hizo Agua la Canoa (1994)

Two men compete for tourist business in the picturesque canals of Xochimilco.

All the Sins of Sodom (1968)

Henning works on a volume of erotic images with his favorite model. His work goes well until a dark and sensual woman plays games with Henning's ego and seduces one of his models.

Hollywood Round-Up (1937)

Kindly, fading star Carol Stevens (Helen Twelvetrees) accepts a role in a two-bit Western movie and arrives for an on-location shoot in a small town. When Stevens has words with her pompous co-star, Grant Drexel (Grant Withers), Drexel's stuntman, Buck Kennedy (Buck Jones), steps in to defend her. Kennedy's honorable gesture costs him his job. After a group of gangsters posing as a film crew frames the newly unemployed Kennedy for the robbery of a local bank, he must struggle to clear his name.

Twisted Seduction (2010)

A mathematical genius (Tom Broadwell) uses his precise calculations to find a woman (Caroline Brassard) who he thinks is his perfect match. Hoping to make her fall in love with him faster, he kidnaps her.

Tiger in the Smoke (1956)

An Englishman's (Donald Sinden) bride (Muriel Pavlow) receives strange pictures from an escaped killer (Tony Wright) seeking a treasure.

The Redeemer: Son of Satan! (1978)

A sanctimonious killer in a clown mask attacks alumni attending a 10-year reunion at a spooky mansion.

Rigged (2008)

A corrupt boxing promoter engages in fight fixing with his prizefighter.

Young Giants (1983)

A soccer game helps a dying priest save his orphanage from being shut down.

Jaana ... Let's Fall in Love (2006)

Raju's aim is to marry a wealthy vacationer in Nainital, so he decides to woo the rich Madhu, little realizing her ulterior motives.

River People (2008)

Two Chinese cousins (Baowa, Laba) wonder what the future holds for them as the next generation of their family's fishermen.

Remous (1935)

The happiness of a newly-married couple (Jeanne Boitel, Jean Galland) is shattered when the husband is paralyzed in a car accident; the wife is drawn into a short-lived affair with a handsome athlete (Maurice Maillot).

La banda Picasso (2013)

Pablo Picasso (Ignacio Mateos) and his associates try to scam money from patrons, discuss art and become involved in the theft of the "Mona Lisa."

Holiday Rhythm (1950)

A TV producer's (David Street) dream of a global variety show includes Hawaiian singers and Chinese jugglers.

Lang tzu yi chao (1978)

Two martial artists are hired to transport an Asian emperor's treasure through dangerous territory.

Bengazi (1955)

Arab tribesmen trap seekers (Richard Conte, Victor McLaglen, Richard Carlson) of gold stashed in a mosque during World War II.

Actores, S.A. (2013)

Tomas and his theater troupe are hired to stop Rebecca's wedding, and when a romantic entanglement ensues, their mission's outcome is threatened.

Contour (2006)

After messing up an easy heist, a man resumes his old job as a tour guide, but before long his group must recover a video that will save a country.

Shadows From My Past (2014)

Gita Kaufman returns to Austria after 50 years to search for her past and understand the country of her birth.

Pray 2: The Woods (2008)

Exactly one year after his first appearance, a mysterious masked villain is on the loose and striking fear into the hearts of his targets.

The Hard Way (1979)

A hit man wants to retire, but his boss gives him one last job.

Maximum Security (1997)

An unjustly convicted policeman and others must save Los Angeles from a nuclear bomb planted in their prison.

Emilio (2014)

A young man leaves Mexico and must survive on the mean streets of LA.

Free to Leave (2007)

Distracted by the flirtatious behavior of Anna, station master Thomas causes a catastrophic train accident. He and Anna lie to escape blame, and their shared lie forges a bond between them.