Loving Couples (1980)

A Beverly Hills doctor (James Coburn) sleeps with a TV weatherwoman (Susan Sarandon) whose boyfriend sleeps with the doctor's wife (Shirley MacLaine).

Goldberg P.I. (2011)

Jackie (Jackie Mason) is at the end of his career until he helps a 16 year-old (Antony Del Rio) prove his mother's innocence.

Süskind (2012)

A member of the Jewish Council of Amsterdam finds a way to keep children from being deported to Nazi death camps.

Tranceformer: A Portrait of Lars von Trier (1997)

Danish screenwriter and director Lars von Trier rose to prominence in the 1980s and 1990s with a series of acclaimed experimental films, including his 1996 masterpiece, "Breaking the Waves." Von Trier is regarded as one of the most controversial and enigmatic filmmakers of his or any generation, and this documentary provides rare insight into his creativity. But there's also a lot of darkness in von Trier's story, including a string of crippling phobias and social anxieties.

Colorado Ambush (1951)

A ranger uncovers a connection between a liveryman and a hotel hostess while investigating three deaths.

Deadly Dancer (1990)

A Los Angeles police investigator becomes a suspect in a series of killings involving exotic dancers.

Cet Amour-là (2002)

French writer Marguerite Duras (Jeanne Moreau) begins a 16-year love affair with a much younger man (Aymeric Demarigny) who becomes her secretary.

The Most Terrible Time in My Life (1994)

Intrepid Japanese detective Maiku Hama is on the case in this adventure. Hama is suave, macho, and cold but he is a total klutz. His attempts at machismo always fall flat. When he's out on a case he spends more time getting beaten up than he does solving the case.

For Fun (1993)

A man (Huang Zongluo) starts a club for fellow retirees, but they soon discover their meeting spot will be torn down to put up a karaoke club.

Fortress (1985)

As the teacher at a small school in rural Australia, Sally Jones (Rachel Ward) leads a rather mundane life. However, for her and nine of her students, all of that changes when a band of criminals breaks into their school to take them hostage. Dragging the teacher and children to the outback, the kidnappers intend to hold their victims for ransom. But Jones has other plans. Leading her pupils, Jones turns on her captors and fights to first survive and then escape.

Our Relations (1936)

Sailors Stan (Stan Laurel) and Ollie (Oliver Hardy) have a beer-garden mix-up with their henpecked twins and gangsters.

Cleveland Vs. Wall Street (2010)

The city of Cleveland battles 21 banks in court over a devastating string of foreclosures.

11/25: The Day Mishima Chose His Own Fate (2012)

In 1970, famed Japanese writer Yukio Mishima (Arata Iura) commits suicide after leading a failed coup.

Final Payback (1999)

A former policeman (Richard Grieco) must prove his innocence in the murder of a married woman with whom he was having an affair.

A Killer in the Family (1983)

Three brothers help their father escape from jail, but their love is betrayed when he leads them on a murder spree.

The Sea Wolf (2002)

A mercenary is caught up in a mysterious woman's quest to find buried treasure before her rival twin does.

Delivered (2011)

Shane rescues a young woman and has to shoot a gangster's son in self-defense.

The Sheik and I (2012)

An American filmmaker is hired to make a film for a Middle East Biennial celebration and his movie is banned for blasphemy.

Isle of Forgotten Sins (1943)

In a South Seas bar and brothel called the Isle of Forgotten Sins, rough-and-tumble sailors Mike Clancy (John Carradine) and Jack Burke (Frank Fenton) meet old Capt. Krogan (Sidney Toler), who talks them into recovering $3 million in gold from a sunken ship. Mike and Clancy become rivals for the bar's lovely owner, Marge (Gale Sondergaard), as well as for the riches, not knowing Krogan plans to betray them both. But everyone's schemes are threatened by the onslaught of a devastating monsoon.

Confessions of a Psycho Cat (1968)

A deranged woman offers $100,000 to three men if they can survive a 24-hour manhunt in Manhattan.

The Cattle Thief (1936)

Cattlemen send a cowboy (Ken Maynard) undercover to catch a rustler (Ward Bond).

Ragin Cajun (1990)

Before a kickboxer (David Heavener) can go into show business he must rescue his girlfriend (Charlene Tilton) and fight Dr. Death.

Woman (2015)

A dark secret awaits a dance-hall girl when she goes to meet her former lover.

Teenage Monster (1958)

A desert community becomes a hunting ground for a student who has been changed into a monster by the rays of a meteor.

The Little Match Makers (2011)

A girl (Hannah Frantz) from New York and a boy (Julian Ortiz) from Mexico scheme to start a romance between their divorced parents.

Liberty And Bash (1989)

Two tough Los Angeles social workers (Miles O'Keeffe, Lou Ferrigno) eventually team up against crime and corruption.

Sky Commando (1953)

In the skies over Germany during World War II, an Air Force reconnaissance group is driven hard by Col. Ed Wyatt (Dan Duryea). War correspondent Jo McWethy (Frances Gifford) learns that Wyatt's men blame Wyatt for the death of his previous co-pilot, as she becomes friendly with the dead man's replacement, Lt. Hobson Lee (Touch Connors). An especially deadly mission turns Lee against Wyatt as well, but, when they are shot down over Yugoslavia, the two must depend on each other to survive.

Ironclads (1991)

A Southern belle's (Virginia Madsen) spying leads up to the Civil War battle of the Monitor and the Merrimack.

Krishna and Kamsa (2012)

In Krishna's early years, he is the nemesis of his tyrannical Uncle Kans.

Vice Raid (1959)

New York mobsters use a Detroit prostitute (Mamie Van Doren) to set up a vice-squad detective (Richard Coogan).

Egypt by Three (1953)

Tales of Egypt include a knife thrower's love triangle, cholera and Mecca, and con men and holy bread.

The Bandits (1967)

Three cowboys (Robert Conrad, Jan-Michael Vincent, Roy Jenson) saved from hanging join their Mexican savior south of the border.

The Night Mayor (1932)

The exploits of a womanizing mayor come into the light.

Fuzz Track City (2012)

Murphy, a down-and-out private detective, is hired by a woman from his past to track down her missing son.

The Bugs Bunny/Road Runner Movie (1979)

The "wascally wabbit" recalls escapades with Daffy Duck, Porky Pig, Road Runner, Elmer Fudd, Pepe LePew, Wile E. Coyote.

The Sound of Mumbai: A Musical (2010)

India's Bombay Chamber Orchestra recruits children from the slums to perform a choral version of "The Sound of Music."

Voice in the Wind (1944)

Arrested for playing music forbidden by the Nazis, a man (Francis Lederer) loses his memory and is separated from his wife.

Antarctica (1991)

Filmmaker John Weiley explores the continent and its animals, as well as the scientists who work there.

UFOria (1985)

A drifter (Fred Ward) and a tent preacher (Harry Dean Stanton) try to profit from a grocery clerk (Cindy Williams) who believes in UFOs.

Her Wedding Night (1930)

A popular songwriter hires someone to take his place and escapes to the French Riviera where he marries a woman who speaks only Italian.

Final Engagement (2007)

A Miami crime boss uses his daughter as a pawn to join his family to a foreign drug lord.

George & Mildred (1980)

Chaos reigns when a bumbling parking attendant mistakes a vacationing couple for a hitman and his moll.

The Shadow Returns (1946)

The Shadow (Kane Richmond) cracks a case of missing jewels, murder and plastics.

The Best Bad Man (1925)

A man tries to put a stop to his land agent (Cyril Chadwick) when he learns he has been harassing the farmers (Frank Beal, Clara Bow) on the adjoining properties.

Wherever You Are (1964)

A doctor's (Stefano Accorsi) life takes a mysterious turn when his ambulance plunges into a river.

The Plastic Age (1925)

A high-school football hero (Donald Keith) finds college life daunting, while his girlfriend (Clara Bow) becomes the school's sweetheart.

The Gift (1998)

A terminally ill housewife (Amanda Burton) tries to help her daughter before she dies.

L'air de Paris (1954)

An aging boxer (Jean Gabin) trains a young railroad worker (Roland Lesaffre) to become a fighter.

Zita (1968)

While taking care of her dying aunt Zita (Katina Paxinou), Annie (Joanna Shimkus) decides to make an evening of it and experience the nightlife of Paris. During her nocturnal wanderings, the teenage girl falls in with some of the city's grungier residents; this is not always to her benefit, as Annie learns when her aunt's physician, Dr. Bernard (Paul Crauchet), has to bail her out of jail. But when she meets Simon (Josep Maria Flotats), a young jazz musician, her life changes drastically.

They Shoot Divas, Don't They? (2002)

After a string of strange incidents, a rock star realizes her protge is a psychotic killer.

Iep! (2010)

A girl born with wings instead of arms flies south with other birds.

The Minister and Me (1976)

Cantinflas exposes the flaws in bureaucracy when he assumes a top job.

Magritte: Day & Night (2009)

An actor researches the life and career of the artist and uncovers the meaning to his paintings.

Pelo suelto (1991)

A girl aspires to become a famous singer and has the good luck to get to know a boy who can help her.

Alarm (2008)

A troubled woman becomes increasingly disturbed after she moves into a bedroom community.

Nedodržaný sľub (2009)

A Jewish boy named Martin chooses to go to a work camp during World War II.

Thor: Legend of the Magical Hammer (2011)

A brash teenager with a magical weapon joins a handful of gods to fight an evil queen and her army.

On Air (2012)

Claire Martin, a reclusive 40-year-old radio host, offers advice to female callers but is incapable of maintaining a normal life off the air.

Hell's Hinges (1916)

A saloon owner (William S. Hart) begins to change his ways when he meets the new preacher's (Jack Standing) sister (Clara Williams).

Crime on the Hill (1934)

When a wealthy man is found poisoned, the town vicar solves the mystery.

Wolf Call (1939)

Based on Jack London's novel of the adventures of a miner and his faithful canine companion in the frozen North.

Boy (1969)

Traveling from one Japanese urban center to the next, a family of grifters has developed a scheme to swindle gullible drivers out of their money. The father (Fumio Watanabe) convinces his young son (Tetsuo Abe) to run into the sides of cars on the street, tricking the drivers into thinking they've just hit a child. By threatening police involvement, the father gets his marks to pay him off, but the boy is increasingly resentful of his line of work.

Crime Takes a Holiday (1938)

A district attorney uses psychology to expose a criminal gang by publicizing the prosecution of an innocent man.

The Living Coffin (1959)

Terrified of being buried alive, a woman makes plans to have an alarm system installed in her coffin.

2501 Migrants: A Journey (2009)

People living in harsh conditions hope to find a better life across the border.

Sound It Out (2011)

A portrait of the last record store in Teesside, England.

The Borrowers (2011)

A scientist (Stephen Fry) tries to capture members of a miniature family who live beneath the floorboards of a house.

Clown Hunt (2012)

Clowns live in the wild and are harvested like animals until the hunters come across a rare albino clown who hunts them.

The Lost Zeppelin (1929)

An explorer is stranded with his wife's lover after their airship crashes in the Antarctic.

The Curse of the Yellow Snake (1963)

The theft of a Chinese icon sparks a battle between the authorities and a group of underground fanatics.

Magic Temple (1996)

Three teenage boys journey into the magical world of Samadhi.

Killing Spree (1987)

Reading his wife's (Courtney Lercara) racy journal sends a Florida man (Asbestos Felt) off on a manic course of mayhem.

Mapado 2 (2005)

Chung-su is hired by a dying executive to find a lost love and ends up stranded on an island inhabited by five grandmothers who will not allow him to leave.

Antilles sur Seine (2000)

With the help of his two sons and a policewoman (Chantal Lauby), a mayor (Med Hondo) tries to get his wife back from kidnappers in Paris.

Moving Target (1990)

Bad guys chase an amnesiac (Janine Linde) who thinks she's a tennis star's illegitimate daughter.

Live to Forgive (2009)

A minister teaches people how to forgive others.

The Silver Fleet (1943)

Considered a traitor for helping Nazis construct submarines, a Dutch engineer (Ralph Richardson) later redeems himself.

The Mountain Music Project: A Musical Odyssey From Appalachia to Himalaya (2009)

Two musicians from Virginia travel to Nepal to explore the remarkable similarities between Appalachian and Himalayan folk music.

Fambul Tok (2011)

The people of Sierra Leone try to heal the wounds caused by their civil war by returning to an old tradition of bringing together victims and offenders for ceremonies of truth-telling and forgiveness.

La spagnola (2001)

A teenager (Alice Ansara) must grow up fast after her father leaves her nagging mother (Lola Marceli) for another woman.

Fanny, Annie & Danny (2010)

A woman brings together her dysfunctional adult offspring for Christmas.

KJ: Music and Life (2009)

Filmmaker King-wai Cheung documents the life of pianist KJ.

The Cream Farewell Concert (1969)

Filmed in London's Albert Hall, the concert highlights the songs of the 1960s band Cream.

A Study in Scarlet (1933)

While investigating a secretive group of aristocrats, Sherlock Holmes (Reginald Owen) and Dr. Watson (Warburton Gamble) must contend with a number of murders related to the elite society. Suspects involved in the case include lawyer and socialite Thaddeus Merrydew (Allan Dinehart) and Mrs. Pyke (Anna May Wong), the widow of a deceased group member. The stakes become higher when the lovely Eileen Forrester (June Clyde) is targeted by the killer and seeks the protection of Holmes and Watson.

Stevie (2008)

A couple adopt a 6-year-old girl who has a malevolent spirit companion.

Slave (2009)

A man tries to find his fiancee after she has been kidnapped by a dangerous psychopath.

Submarines (2003)

The crews of two American and Russian submarines that accidentally collided must join forces to stop a band of terrorists.

Supernova (2000)

Supernova is a science fiction thriller that chronicles the high-stakes adventures of a deep space hospital ship and its six member crew. When their vessel, the Nightingale 229, answers an emergency distress signal from a distant galaxy, the crew soon finds itself in danger from the mysterious young man they rescue, the alien artifact he smuggled aboard and the gravitational pull of a giant star about to go supernova -- the most massive explosion in the universe.

The Sender (1982)

A suicidal amnesiac (Zeljko Ivanek) sends rats, flames and other nightmares by telepathy to his psychiatrist (Kathryn Harrold).

School Spirit (1985)

Hit by a truck, a college student (Tom Nolan) comes back as a ghost and spies on girls in a shower room.

Seven Doors to Death (1944)

An architect (Chick Chandler) studies the doors of six shops and an apartment house to solve a gem theft/double murder.

Swerve (2010)

A fatal car crash lands a young man (Shiloh Fernandez) at the line between reality and oblivion.

Sweethearts (1997)

A troubled woman (Janeane Garofalo) brandishes a handgun and bares her soul during an intense blind date.

The Truce (1997)

Based on his autobiography of the same name, the film details the long and arduous journey home of Italian prisoner of war Primo Levi (John Turturro), after the liberation of Auschwitz at the end of World War II. A chemist before being captured by the Nazis, Levi is one of the first prisoners to leave the concentration camp upon its fall at the hands of Soviet forces in 1945. However, his route back to his home in the Italian city of Turin is torturous, with stops throughout Eastern Europe.

The Last Party (1993)

Filmmakers Mark Benjamin and Marc Levin show Robert Downey Jr. at the 1992 Democratic National Convention.

Laws of Gravity (1992)

Tragedy follows a Brooklyn hoodlum (Peter Greene), his wife (Edie Falco) and his attempt to bail out his violent buddy (Adam Trese).

Leonard Part 6 (1987)

Leonard (Bill Cosby) formerly lived a life of danger as a CIA agent. After retiring, he opened a successful restaurant in San Francisco and is now a millionaire. As he revels in the pleasures of luxury and decadence, Leonard entertains little nostalgia for the perilous adventures of his past. But, when a nefarious vegetarian (Gloria Foster) appears poised to take over the world, Leonard resigns himself to saving humanity and takes up battle against the villainess and her army of killer animals.

My New Partner (1984)

Rene (Philippe Noiret) is a crooked cop in a crime-riddled Parisian neighborhood. Rather than fight crime, he's chosen to go with the flow, and he loves every minute of it: the kickbacks, the shakedowns, the drugs, the booze and the floozies. But when he's partnered with an idealistic new academy graduate, Francois (Thierry Lhermitte), determined to live up to the letter of the law, Rene has to find a way to corrupt his new partner, using gorgeous prostitute Natasha (Grace de Capitani).

The Prize of Peril (1983)

Contestants pit their survival skills against each other in a fight to the death for cash prizes.

Loophole (1954)

An investigator (Charles McGraw) hounds an innocent bank teller (Barry Sullivan) fired for robbing the till.