Don't Play with Love (1949)

Don't Play with Love is a 1949 West German comedy film directed by Hans Deppe and starring Lil Dagover, Albrecht Schoenhals and Bruni Löbel.

A Kingdom for a Horse (1949)

A Kingdom For a House or Een Koninkrijk voor een huis is a 1949 Dutch comedy film directed by Jaap Speyer.

The Haunted Drum (2007)

The Haunted Drum is a 2007 Thai horror drama film directed by Nuttapeera Shomsri and Sarunya Noithai.

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi (2015)

Kadavul Paathi Mirugam Paathi is a Tamil-language action-thriller film directed by Raaj Menon and Suresh. The film produced by Raj Zacharias, also features him in the lead role while Sethu, Abhishek Vinod and Swetha Vijay form the leading cast. Although originally planned with a different ensemble cast in 2011, the project finally materialised in mid 2013 and released on 20 March 2015 to negative reviews. The original score and soundtrack of the movie were composed by Rahul Raj. The film was dubbed and released in Telugu as Rahadaari in 2016.

Kamla Ki Maut (1989)

Kamla Ki Maut is a 1989 Hindi drama film directed by Basu Chatterjee. The film set in Mumbai, deals with issue of love, pre-marital sex and relationships in modern India. It stars Pankaj Kapoor, Supriya Pathak and Roopa Ganguly in lead roles.

Payal Ki Jhankaar (1980)

Payal Ki Jhankaar is a 1980 Indian romance film directed by Satyen Bose. The film was selected as the Indian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 53rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe (2014)

Nerungi Vaa Muthamidathe is a 2014 Indian Tamil-language road film written and directed by Lakshmy Ramakrishnan. It features Piaa Bajpai, Shabeer Kallarakkal and Sruthi Hariharan in the leading roles. The film, produced by A.V. Anoop, released on 31 October 2014.

Turn (2001)

Turn (ターン) is a 2001 Japanese film directed by Hideyuki Hirayama.

Kichiku dai enkai (1997)

Kichiku Dai Enkai (鬼畜大宴会) is a 1997 Japanese film. It was written and directed by Kazuyoshi Kumakiri.

Thumbtanic (2000)

Thumbtanic is a 2002 short film, directed by Todd Portugal and written by Steve Oedekerk, which parodies the 1997 film Titanic. It is a part of the Thumbs! series, created by Steve Oedekerk and produced by O Entertainment. The film runs approximately 26 minutes in length.

Snowdrops and Aces (1983)

Snowdrops and Aces is a 1983 Czech comedy film about a group of high school students learning to ski in the mountains. It was filmed with students from the Gymnázium Nad Štolou high school in Prague.

Rammstein: Lichtspielhaus (2003)

Lichtspielhaus is the German NDH-metal band Rammstein's second DVD, and was released on December 1, 2003. It is a compilation of all their videos to date and some live performances, commercial advertisements, trailers and "makings-of".

Pamela Congreve (1914)

Gottes mächtige Dienerin (2012)

Las constituyentes (2012)

La merveilleuse vie de Jeanne d'Arc (1929)

Saint Joan the Maid or The Marvellous Life of Joan of Arc is a 1929 French-German silent historical drama film directed by Marco de Gastyne and starring Simone Genevois, Fernand Mailly and Georges Paulais.

Policía (1987)

Sale Temps Pour Les Mouches (1966)

The Mysteries of Myra (1916)

Lacan parle (1982)

Ozzie of the Mounted (1928)

Mutant Species (1995)

Láska z pasáze (1984)

L'hiver (1969)

The 42nd Heaven (1962)

Kukla s millionami (1928)

The Doll with Millions is a 1928 Soviet silent comedy film starring Igor Ilyinsky.

Life (1993)

King Naresuan 5 (2014)

Arthur Conan Doyle (1929)

Minas-Texas (1989)

9/11: The Road to Tyranny (2002)

Aluga-se Moças (1982)

Max Takes a Bath (1910)

Cross of the Seven Jewels (1987)

Cross of the Seven Jewels (Italian: La croce dalle 7 piretre) is a 1987 Italian horror film directed, written and starring Marco Antonio Andolfi. Prior to directing the film, Andolfi worked in film in the amateur theatre and claims to have worked in developing stories for Lanciostory. He based the film on his work in theatre and comics and real life experiences. Among the cast includes Andolfi who is credited as Eddy Endolf and Annie Belle and adult film actress Zaira Zoccheddu. After the film's release, Andolfi re-edited the film in 1995 and re-released it under the name Talisman. This version of the film included footage from documentaries and newsreels and footage from The Serpent and the Rainbow.

Der Bockerer 2 (1996)

UK/DK: A Film About Punks and Skinheads (1979)

Saxofonhallicken (1987)

Toubab Bi (1992)

Boj na poziralniku (1982)

The Charioteer (1995)

The Wise Quacking Duck (1943)

The Wise Quacking Duck is a 1943 Looney Tunes cartoon released by Warner Bros. on May 1, 1943. It stars Daffy Duck.

A Fight for Millions: Episode No. 1, The Snare (1918)

Lycka till och ta hand om varandra (2012)

The Trolls and the Christmas Express (1981)

The Trolls and the Christmas Express is a 1981 animated Christmas television special produced by the Canadian-based Atkinson Film-Arts. It was originally broadcast on HBO on December 9, 1981.

Ya bon les blancs (1988)

V gorakh moyo serdtse (1967)

The Wild Growth (1963)

Trail to Mexico (1946)

Trail to Mexico is a 1946 American Western film written and directed by Oliver Drake. The film stars Jimmy Wakely, Lee "Lasses" White, Julian Rivero, Dolores Castelli, Dora Del Rio and Terry Frost. The film was released on June 29, 1946, by Monogram Pictures.

The Sleepwalker (1942)

The Sleepwalker is a cartoon released by the Walt Disney Company in 1942.

The Spirit of Charles Lindbergh (1984)

The Spirit of Charles Lindbergh is a short film made in 1984 by Orson Welles. The film was intended as a private video letter from Welles to his longtime friend and accountant Bill Cronshaw, who was ill. In the film, Welles sits behind a typewriter at his desk and speaks of the human spirit, quoting the journal of aviator Charles Lindbergh. Welles was in visibly poor health himself when the film was made, and he did not intend for it to be seen by the public.

Odin i bez oruzhiya (1984)

Alone and Unarmed is a Soviet 1984 crime drama directed by Pavel Fattahutdinov and Vladimir Khotinenko. A screen adaptation of the detective Nikolai Leonov's Agony.

The Heart of Wetona (1919)

The Heart of Wetona is a 1919 silent film adventure drama directed by Sidney Franklin and starring Norma Talmadge, Fred Huntley and Thomas Meighan.

Usatyy nyan (1977)

Mustached Nanny is a 1977 Soviet comedy film, feature film directorial debut of Vladimir Grammatikov. The film was a box-office hit, it was seen by 47 million viewers in 1979.

An Expensive Visit (1915)

An Expensive Visit is a 1915 American silent comedy film featuring Oliver Hardy.

Sleigh Bells (1928)

Sleigh Bells is an American animated short film featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. It was directed by Walt Disney and Ub Iwerks, and released in 1928 by The Walt Disney Studio. The film was thought to be lost until a print was discovered in the BFI National Archives in 2015, the film was for two years the last extant Oswald cartoon directed by Walt Disney; until 2017, when High Up, the last Oswald cartoon made by Disney, was rediscovered.

The Brahmin and the Butterfly (1901)

La Chrysalide et le Papillon d'or, released in the United States as The Brahmin and the Butterfly, is a 1901 French short silent fantasy film, directed by Georges Méliès. It is listed as numbers 332-333 in Star Film Company's catalogues.

Dharti Ke Lal (1946)

Dharti Ke Lal is a 1946 Hindi-Urdu film, the first directorial venture of the noted film director Khwaja Ahmad Abbas. It was jointly written by Khwaja Ahmad Abbas and Bijon Bhattacharya, based on plays by Bhattacharya and the story Annadata by Krishan Chander. The film had music by Ravi Shankar, with lyrics by Ali Sardar Jafri and Prem Dhawan.

Cairo 30 (1966)

Cairo 30 is a 1966 Egyptian drama film directed by Salāḥ Abu Seif, and based on Nagiub Mahfouz's 1945 novel Modern Cairo. The film was selected as the Egyptian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 39th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominée.

Untama giru (1989)

Untamagiru is a 1989 Japanese film directed by Gō Takamine. It is a magical realist story of the legendary Okinawan hero Untamagiru participating in efforts to form an independent Okinawa before the island was returned to Japan in 1972. Many of the characters speak in the Okinawan language and thus mainland Japanese spectators needed subtitles to understand it.

Abi and Rabi (1930)

Abi and Rabi is a 1930 Iranian silent comedy film directed by Ovanes Ohanian and starring Ovanes Ohanian, Mohammad Khan Zarrabi, Gholamali Khan Sohrabi Fard, Mohammd Ali Ghotbi and Amir Arjmand.

Waller's Last Trip (1989)

Waller's Last Trip, is a 1989 German drama film directed by Christian Wagner.

Molina's Culpa (1993)

Culpa, sometimes referred to as Molina's Culpa, is a 1993 film directed by Cuban film director Jorge Molina. It is a black-and-white film that pioneered a postmodern use of Noir, blood, gore and pornography genres in Cuba. It tells the story of a priest and a prostitute who start a relationship while a serial killer is on the loose. flirts It was Jorge Molina's thesis while studying at the EICTV.

Gui hua xiang (1987)

Osmanthus Alley is a 1987 Taiwanese drama film directed by Chen Kunhou. The film was selected as the Taiwanese entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 60th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Uttarayanam (1975)

Uttarayanam is a 1975 Malayalam-language film directed by G. Aravindan and written by Thikkodiyan. Aravindan, who is considered the doyen of Malayalam parallel cinema, debuted with this film. The film, which exposes opportunism and hypocrisy set against the backdrop of the Independence struggle, is inspired by Aravindan's own cartoon series, titled Cheriya Lokavum Valiya Manushyarum, which was published in Mathrubhumi for several years.

Ikitai (1999)

Will to Live is a 1999 Japanese film directed by Kaneto Shindo and starring Rentarō Mikuni and Shinobu Otake. It is based on the story of The Ballad of Narayama updated to the present day, with the substitution of putting a parent into an old people's home for the abandonment of the original. The film won the Golden St. George and the FIPRESCI Prize at the 21st Moscow International Film Festival.

Notre fille (1981)

Our Daughter is a 1981 Cameroonian drama film directed by Daniel Kamwa. It was entered into the 12th Moscow International Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Cameroonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 53rd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Women with Open Eyes (1994)

Femmes aux yeux ouverts is a Togolese documentary film directed by Anne-Laure Folly. It covers the lives of contemporary African women in Burkina Faso, Mali, Senegal and Benin.

Tômei ningen (1954)

The Invisible Avenger is a 1954 Japanese film directed by Motoyoshi Oda. The film is a loose adaptation of the H.G. Wells story The Invisible Man.

Road to Sampo (1975)

The Road to Sampo is a 1975 South Korean film starring Baek Il-seob, Kim Jin-kyu and Mun Suk. The final and posthumous work of director Lee Man-hee, it is adapted from an original short story of the same name by Hwang Sok-yong.

Aitaré da Praia (1925)

Aitaré da Praia is a 1925 Brazilian silent film directed by Gentil Roiz in the city of Recife. The romantic drama is also known as Raft of Death.

Bala (1976)

Bala is a 1976 short documentary film made by Satyajit Ray, about a Bharatanatyam dancer, Balasaraswati, fondly known as "Bala". The film was jointly produced by National Centre for the Performing Arts and Government of Tamil Nadu. The thirty-three-minute documentary features the life and some of the works by Balasaraswati in the form of narration and dance, starring herself. At the age of fourteen, Ray had seen a performance of Balasaraswati in Kolkata, then known as "Calcutta", in 1935, when she was seventeen years old.

Hitler from Our Street (1975)

Hitler from Our Street is a Yugoslav film directed by Vladimir Tadej. It was released in 1975.

Feed Me (2013)

Feed Me is a 2013 Chinese drama film directed by Yang Yazhou and Yang Bo. It was shown at the Montreal World Film Festival on August 29, 2013 and was released in China on May 22, 2015.

Prehistoric Beast (1985)

Prehistoric Beast is a ten-minute-long experimental animated film conceived, supervised and directed by Phil Tippett in 1984. This sequence is the first film produced by the Tippett Studio, founded by Tippett. Made with the go motion animation technique, scenes from Prehistoric Beast were included in the 1985 full-length documentary Dinosaur!, first aired on CBS in the United States on November 5, 1985.

Contested Ground (2016)

Evdokiya (1961)

Den mandlige husassistent (1938)

The Bare Wench Project 3: Nymphs of Mystery Mountain (2002)

La Belle affaire (1972)

Leedvermaak (1989)

Leedvermaak is a 1989 Dutch drama film directed by Frans Weisz. The film was selected as the Dutch entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 62nd Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

Kak poymat pero Zhar-Ptitsy (2013)

Should Second Husbands Come First? (1927)

Jailhouse Wardress (1986)

El negro que tenía el alma blanca (1951)

El Negro que tenía el alma blanca is a 1951 Argentine musical film directed by Hugo del Carril. It is based on a novel by Alberto Insúa.

Le Prince de ce monde (2008)

Lightning Hutch (1926)

Season's Greetings (1986)

Delwende (2005)

Delwende is a 2005 Burkinabé drama film directed by S. Pierre Yameogo about a mother and daughter resisting to succumb to a local sexist tradition. It was screened in the Un Certain Regard section at the 2005 Cannes Film Festival where it won the Prize of Hope award.

Immaturi - Il viaggio (2012)

The Yellow Cruise (1933)

Untouched by the West (2002)

Rustler's Round-up (1946)

Rustler's Round-Up is a 1946 American Western film directed by Wallace Fox and written by Jack Natteford. The film stars Kirby Grant, Fuzzy Knight, Poni Adams, Earle Hodgins, Charles Miller, Edmund Cobb and Ethan Laidlaw. The film was released on August 9, 1946, by Universal Pictures.

Lars Hård (1948)

Panopticon (2012)

Ask mabudesi (1969)

Boardwalk Poets (2005)

EXT. Night (2018)

Dertli pinar (1943)

Nightmare 2: The Nightmare Continues (2014)

Hansel e Gretel (1990)