The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (2017)

A kindhearted doctor unleashes his murderous alter-ego.

Stealing Sunrise 2: Malibu Trail (2017)

Two strangers team up to track down the man responsible for a violent crime spree.

On the Night Stage (1915)

A stagecoach robber turns over a new leaf after he falls in love with a saloon girl.

Mais qui a tué Pamela Rose? (2003)

Two FBI agents investigate a stripper's death.

Inner Revolution (2017)

Three young men embark on a journey of self-discovery as they sail from northern Brazil to Ushuaia in Argentina.

Le Plus beau jour de ma vie (2004)

Before the announcement of the marriage of some friends, the members of a couple who live together for a long time begin to discuss and separate.

Dos Fantasmas y Una Muchacha (1958)

En un viejo teatro viven dos fantasmas que se odian, pues se mataron uno al otro por el amor de una muchacha.

La Tribu (1990)

A doctor investigates the needless death of a teenager who was denied hospitalization by local politicians.

Sojourn (2014)

A diverse group of surfers explores the Indian Ocean.

Dr. Sugarloaf (2016)

A frumpy woman joins a dating website and meets a mysterious stranger.

Gathering (2014)

Australian surfer Dave Rastovich explores the tension between the industrial and the natural.

Wrecked (2009)

A child suffers in the aftermath of a car accident.

The Bathroom Attendant (2013)

A bathroom attendant reveals the secrets of his trade.

All In (2016)

A girl from the city heads to a rural ranch to figure her life out.

The End of Meat (2017)

Philosophers, scientists, artists and activists offer their insight and progressive ideas about the role of animals in society.

The Trees of Eden (2016)

When Esarhaddon, a cruel Assyrian King, conquers an unsuspecting nation, a mysterious old man appears and forces the king to experience the life and memories of those he has sought to destroy.

Face (2014)

A man becomes enamored of his own image in the mirror.

Cindy (2015)

Cindy discovers that she has been cursed and must burn alive any boy who happens to touch her.

Sharon (2015)

Sharon, an ordained priest, discusses the role of women in the Church of England.

Leathermarket (2014)

Residents of Bermondsey, South London, discuss memories of the streets of their past.

Peace Breaker (2017)

A corrupt cop makes one wrong decision after another to cover up his misdeeds.

The Man From Mo'Wax (2016)

The life and career of electronic musician music producer and record label owner James Lavelle.

Bless Your Heart (2018)

A streetwise puppet and a con artist preacher compete for a woman's love and $25,000.

What Should I Do? (2017)

A mediocre student begins taking a drug to get better grades.

Carapace (2014)

Lili is in love, but she can't make love and has has no idea why. Leo is full of empathy, but Lili is frustrated, desperate, and scared that their relationship can't withstand the problem.

Summer in the Forest (2017)

Four people who have intellectual disabilities create L'Arche, a commune at the edge of a beautiful forest near Paris.

The Bomb (2016)

Filmmakers use archival footage and animation to explore the culture surrounding nuclear weapons, the fascination they inspire and the perverse appeal they still exert.

Amigos con derechos (2015)

Saldivar is being blackmailed by employee Godinez, who knows his dark secret. He will try everything to end with the extortion.

Cholos empericados II (2000)

The Tijuana cartel's leader learns Cholo has murdered several members of the Juárez cartel, so he orders his people to get rid of him. However, Sandy, the leader's sister, meets Cholo and falls in love with him.

Te amo y te odio (1995)

When Héctor and his secretary Lilia get married, she tries to make everyone else believe she is the perfect wife.

El federal, operación narcóticos (1991)

Carlos Guerrero is a cruel and ruthless police officer, but he suddenly has a life-changing experience.

Pena de muerte (2013)

Congressman José de la Fuente's secretary wants to inform against him, so the government forces the snitch to enter into the witness protection program.

Poker Face (2015)

Two friends play high-stakes poker.

One Shot: An Image and an Attitude (2017)

Surf photographer Russell Ord sets off to capture a single shot that speaks for his work.

Trouble With Women (2014)

A man's online dating profile has put him in several awkward situations. With help from his friends, he tries to overcome the pitfalls of online dating to have a real relationship.

Cacería mortal (1995)

A resentful young man decides to kill all the people who were involved in his brother's decision to commit suicide.

Prefiero a tu Papá (1952)

An aging patriarch who can't stand to see his sons marry lures their girlfriends to himself under the pretense of turning them into actresses.

Bajo el cielo de Sonora (1948)

A wealthy rancher wants to seize control of an enormous piece of land that once belonged to the Yaquis tribe.

Las nenas del 7 (1955)

Luz Mara Aguilar and Rosa de Castilla use their charms to seduce men in a nightclub. Their next victims are Manoln and Shilinsky.

She Will Be Loved (2017)

A CIA officer battles to overcome PTSD after she survives an IED strike.

Jesús, María y José (1970)

La vida del Señor Jesucristo desde que un Ángel le avisa a la virgen María hasta los primeros años de su vida adulta.

Le taxidermiste (2012)

An elderly woman handles the death of her taxidermist husband with a sense of nostalgia and dark humor.

Muertes Violentas (1998)

Confessions, dangerous games, hallucinations, and paranoia tangle up in a disturbed mind that may provoke violent deaths.

And the Same to You (1960)

The boxing-mad nephew of a pious clergyman embarks on an elaborate plan to keep his boxing career a secret.

Santo en el hotel de la muerte (1963)

A young woman visits a hotel located near an archaeological site where many women have been murdered and several hotel guests have disappeared.

El circo de Carlos y Raúl (2001)

Brothers Carlos and Raúl have an unrivalled power. Their network of shady business, like trafficking and smuggling, is so hermetic that any betrayer is automatically eliminated.

El regalo de bodas (2015)

Rubén and Sandra arrive at a house and discover the former owner's butler still lives there, however, the man is only waiting for the perfect opportunity to kill them and keep the house.

El vengador ilegal (1990)

After his brother and his friend die, Ángel confronts some criminals who belong to a sect. Ángel will not stop until he avenges the deaths of his loved ones and his family is safe.

Un mundo de locos (2015)

When Rubén hides in a psychologist's office after being caught by his lover's husband, he is taken aback when he sees the husband arriving at the office.

Just to Be Sure (2017)

A middle-aged bomb disposal expert faces a different kind of explosive situation when he learns that the man who raised him is not his biological father and the woman he is seeing may be his half sister.

El agujero indiscreto (1993)

A shy merchant and his Don Juan friend get together and cause a lot of trouble with every woman they meet.

Athos (2016)

More than 2,000 monks make their home atop Mount Athos on a Greek peninsula.

Kurtlar Vadisi: Vatan (2017)

A military coup begins in Turkey.

El mano de fierro (1992)

Capt. Estrada shoots a hit man in his hand. Years later, destiny crosses their paths again when Estrada's successor asks him to help him catch "Iron Hand".

An Ornament of Faith (2017)

Released on parole after doing time for attacking his father in defense of his half sister Yaz, Manny is given a second chance under the paternal guidance of a meddling parole officer.

Adios amigos (2016)

Three handicapped friends travel to Salou in Spain for their first sexual experience.

Diamante Negro (2004)

A man is capable of doing anything to win a woman's heart, and a black diamond causes war to break out.

Cuchillo (1978)

A native tribe believes that a newborn baby has been sent by the gods to protect them all when it grows up.

Amar fue su pecado (1950)

A woman becomes the victim of her own senses and, without realizing it, she gets into a world of passion.

El Tigre de la Frontera (1992)

A man wants to avenge the death of his brother, and after achieving his goal, he marries his brother's widow.

El Jinete de la Muerte (1981)

When a child made a promise in a moment of desperation, he never thought that, years later, he would have to keep his vow.

El Bronco de Durango 2 (2003)

Rigoberto is a model father, but drug traffickers are well aware of his past as the Bronco of Durango. They have a job for him and will not take no for an answer.

El Perro de Michoacán (2001)

A boy witnesses his father being murdered by a wealthy rancher. Years later, he decides to avenge his father's death.

Gente Violenta 3 (2011)

A former court officer wants to leave his violent past behind, so he finds himself an honest job at a modest ranch.

Bad Blood (2017)

After accepting an invitation to spend a weekend at a mountain resort with a male friend, a woman quickly realizes that something is wrong.

Chucho el Roto (1954)

The story of the legendary Mexican bandit Jesús Arriaga, better known as Chucho El Roto, who was born in Tlaxcala in 1858.

Quinto Piso (2014)

The story of three couples and two singles lodged in a hotel, where emotional and social problems arise one night.

Furry Nights (2016)

What begins as a carefree weekend for a group of camping teens soon takes a tragic turn when one of the campers shoots a grizzly bear. When the other furries realize what has happened, they will stop at nothing to make the teens pay.

El fantasma canta ópera (2013)

Federico finds his father dead and calls his brother, who decides to hire a medium to get in touch with the dead man. However, their father now seems to love opera.

El reflejo del espejo (2013)

In her room, Sara has a mirror that reveals grisly murders that will happen in the future. As time moves forward, she sees herself in one of them.

La vida es perra (2015)

After their mother's death, Marco and Gabriel set out to fulfill her last wish. They must scatter her ashes in their father's garden, but they do not know their father..

Los dos jefes en 5 seconds (2001)

After a deadly confrontation with DEA agents in the United States, two powerful drug lords have no other choice but to escape to Mexico to avoid danger.

American Circumcision (2017)

Activists protest the widespread practice of nonreligious circumcision.

El admirador secreto (2015)

A woman succumbs to depression when her husband abandons her, and her daughter takes on the duty of looking after her.

Aborto matanza de inocentes (2007)

Abortion has always been a complex issue to address. Throughout history, the Catholic Church has been its long-term opponent, condemning all abortion methods.

La Malnacida (2004)

A woman who leads a very miserable life stands to inherit a huge fortune, but her outraged siblings come up with a plan to kill her and keep her money.

Mamá Nos Quita los Novios (1951)

A widow finds comfort seducing every man in her path, including her daughter's boyfriends.

Ustedes los ricos (1948)

A poor carpenter comes under threat from an escaped convict seeking revenge while his adopted daughter struggles to choose between staying with her parents and finding a better life with her wealthy biological family.

El Chavo Banda (1998)

A young gang member is used to breaking the rules, but he suddenly meets a woman who is willing to help him.

Los Narcos de la Muerte (1997)

Four ruthless drug lords fight over big areas of land, and they are determined to kill anyone who stands in their way, even innocent people.

La Rubia y la Morena (1997)

Two beautiful women, a brunette and a blonde, know very well how to use their weapons and their charms.

Pasionaria (1952)

A wealthy young man does not want to go to university and, instead, dreams of becoming a singer. On the other hand, his poor girlfriend wants to become a dancer.

El billetero (1984)

The life of a man who scratches out a living as a lottery ticket seller changes forever when, by a stroke of luck, he finds a winning ticket.

Los Espadachines de la Reina (1961)

A young woman and her friends try to rescue a princess kidnapped by an evil queen who wishes to marry her to her son.

El As de la Mafia (2003)

A young man who lived his whole life watching his parents struggle against poverty decides to abandon them and become a drug trafficker.

Oaxaca en llamas (2006)

A savage confrontation to defend an ideal may put an end to a town and a nation's democracy and freedom.

Guys Reading Poems (2016)

A resourceful boy creatively uses poetry to survive when his mother, a disturbed avant-garde painter, locks him in a puppet box and builds an art installation around his imprisonment.

El cerdo (2015)

A man tries to deal with a tricky financial situation.

Almost Famous (2017)

Teenagers pay a heavy price for their all-consuming pursuit of fame.