Loco Por Ellas (1966)

A man substitutes for his brother on a stage and suffers panic attacks in front of the women that can only be cured with kisses.

Way of a Gaucho (1952)

An 1870s cowboy (Rory Calhoun) leads rebels and courts an aristocrat (Gene Tierney) on the Argentina pampas.

Smartest Girl in Town (1936)

After trying on an expensive fur coat during a photo shoot for a magazine, struggling model Cookie (Ann Sothern) realizes she will have to marry rich to attain the lifestyle she so desperately desires. When Cookie arrives at her next gig, on a yacht, she meets and falls hard for impoverished fellow model Smith Stuyvesant (Gene Raymond). But when Stuyvesant -- secretly a millionaire in disguise -- reciprocates Cookie's feelings, the bewildered beauty struggles to choose between love and money.

Louisa (1950)

Successful architect Hal Norton (Ronald Reagan) urges his elderly, widowed mother, Louisa (Spring Byington), to find something to do besides tormenting his wife (Ruth Hussey), son (Jimmy Hunt) and teen daughter (Piper Laurie). But soon the Norton household is turned upside down when Louisa starts dating the grocer (Edmund Gwenn). Then things become much worse when Hal's boss, Abel Burnside (Charles Coburn), becomes smitten with Louisa as well, resulting in an intense love triangle.

Hold 'Em Yale (1928)

Ticket scalpers match an heiress (Patricia Ellis) with a bench warmer (Larry Crabbe) before a football game against Harvard.

Strike Me Pink (1936)

Milquetoast Eddie Pink (Eddie Cantor) takes a new job managing an amusement park run by the forceful Hattie (Helene Lowell), mother of Eddie's lunkheaded friend Butch (Gordon Jones). The local mob, led by crime boss Vance (Brian Donlevy), leans on Eddie to install some of their crooked slot machines in the park. Meanwhile, a love triangle develops between Eddie, Vance's torch-singer girlfriend, Joyce (Ethel Merman), and Hattie's lovestruck secretary, Claribel (Sally Eilers).

Mystery Ranch (1934)

A mystery writer's western vacation leads to a close encounter with gold thieves.

R.T.T. (2009)

Running from the police, a thief (Mlanie Doutey) hides a valuable painting inside a man's (Kad Merad) luggage.

Virginia (1941)

A New York chorus girl (Madeleine Carroll) comes home to claim her family plantation and must choose between two men (Fred MacMurray, Sterling Hayden), one rich, one not.

Samaritan (2020)

Nice guy Adam (Joseph O'Brien) stops to help a man on the side of the road. That act of compassion turns into something surreal when the stranger asks him to kill his wife -- or he will find and kill Adam's wife.

Mean Frank and Crazy Tony (1973)

A condemned man schemes to break free from a maximum-security prison.

Park Avenue Logger (1937)

A playboy wrestler (George O'Brien) finds bad guys and a pretty neighbor (Beatrice Roberts) at his father's Oregon lumber camp.

Runway (2010)

A young, unemployed Bangladeshi meets a radical Muslim at a cybercaf and is dragged into a violent underworld.

Freedom Road (1979)

A former slave and soldier (Muhammad Ali) becomes a U.S. senator from South Carolina after the Civil War.

Don't know why (2010)

A secretly gay husband (Kapil Sharma) has an affair with a male prostitute while his neglected wife contemplates an affair with her brother-in-law.

The Park Is Mine (1985)

An armed Vietnam veteran (Tommy Lee Jones) takes over New York's Central Park to publicize the plight of veterans.

Fraternity Row (1977)

Zac (Gregory Harrison) is an idealistic student who, after arriving at college, decides to pledge the Gamma Nu Pi fraternity. Unhappy with what he sees as the bigotry and abusiveness of the hazing process, he tries to reform the system, even though his steady girl, Jennifer (Nancy Morgan), doesn't approve. Zac eventually finds an ally in his pledgemaster (Peter Fox), but the head of the fraternity (Scott Newman) proves cruelly inflexible about preserving the uglier rituals.

The Legend of Valentino (1975)

In this fictionalized version of the silent film era superstar, Rudolph Valentino (Franco Nero), a young and impoverished Italian immigrant, is discovered as he's robbing the house of screenwriter June Mathis (Suzanne Pleshette), a somewhat older woman who is already a film-world insider. After forgiving the young man, Mathis soon comes to recognize his star potential and leads him into the world of movies. Eventually, Valentino becomes the biggest male sex symbol of his time.

As Good as Married (1937)

When a boss proposes marriage to his secretary, she discovers that the arrangement is solely for tax purposes.

Wake Up and Dream (1946)

Farmer Jeff Cairn (John Payne) loves waitress Jenny (June Haver), but she isn't impressed with his career choice. Jeff enlists in the Navy, sending his young sister, Nella (Connie Marshall), to live with a relative. But Nella runs away and returns to stay with an old man, Henry Pecket (Clem Bevans), whom she has befriended. When Nella receives word from the military that Jeff is missing, she sets out to find him in a boat along with Henry and Jenny, who has reconsidered her feelings for Jeff.

Youngblood Hawke (1964)

Sick of his job driving a truck in Kentucky, the ambitious Youngblood Hawke (James Franciscus) ventures to New York City to make it as a novelist. There he meets Jeanne Green (Suzanne Pleshette), an editor who falls in love with him as she helps launch his career. His first novel gets a moderate reception, but his second becomes a sensation. Hawke navigates his way through New York's vicious literary circles and ignores Jeanne for more fashionable company, which sets him on the path to tragedy.

The Phantom Planet (1961)

Astronauts (Dean Fredericks, Anthony Dexter) land on an asteroid and shrink to the size of its dwellers, who are under attack.

The Prime Minister (1941)

British statesman Benjamin Disraeli earns the respect and friendship of his peers, including Queen Victoria.

Whisper (2011)

A man makes a wish that a certain girl will fall in love with him, but he gets more than he bargained for when all the women he meets get very affectionate.

Scream (1996)

Weekend hikers stop off at a Western ghost town and stick around while someone kills them one by one.

Seamless (1999)

Disillusioned teenagers meet at a Los Angeles club for all-night raves.

Left for Dead (2005)

A hit man and a kick boxer team up to take down a ruthless criminal organization.

Brother of the Wind (1973)

Deep in the Canadian Rockies, mountain man and widower Sam Monroe (Dick Robinson) is determined to live in the wild despite warnings to the contrary. He observes the wildlife, and is particularly interested in a wolf named Jenny and her four cubs, whose father was killed by a bull elk. When he discovers that Jenny too has been killed, he decides to adopt the pups until they can be released into the wild again. The film includes footage of various wild animals, such as deer, bears and fish.

Secrets of an Actress (1938)

Fay Carter (Kay Francis), the daughter of a successful actor, has also gone into show business but cannot find good roles. After she meets architect Pete Snowden (Ian Hunter) one night at a bar, the two strike up a friendship, and she lets him read a play that she thinks would be a breakout role if she could find a producer. Pete convinces his friend Dick Orr (George Brent) to produce the play. When both men fall for Fay, she has feelings only for Dick, who, unfortunately, is married.

3 Ring Circus (1954)

Two ex-GIs (Dean Martin, Jerry Lewis) join a woman's (Joanne Dru) circus as assistants to a trapeze artist and lion tamer.

Anwar (2010)

Circumstances force Anwar to join a terrorist gang and he soon becomes their most trusted man and is assigned to plant bombs across Mumbai. At this moment Anwar decides to reveal his actual intention.

The Pagan Queen (2009)

A visionary Slavic queen (Winter Ave Zoli) and her allies take action to overthrow her despotic husband (Csaba Lucas).

Sky Full of Moon (1952)

An innocent cowboy (Carleton Carpenter) comes to Las Vegas for a rodeo and meets a casino girl (Jan Sterling) who shows him around.

American Dragons (1998)

When detective Tony Luca (Michael Biehn) blows his undercover gig with the mob, he's shipped off to the homicide department and given a new partner, Kim (Joong-Hoon Park), who has come to the U.S. from Korea to investigate a murder tied to the Yakuza gang. Their cultures and personalities clash, and the two don't get along -- until the mob and the Yakuza start a war, complete with hired assassins. Forced to keep the peace together, the partners try to put aside their differences.

Fatal Affair (1998)

A juror (C. Thomas Howell) learns that his former lover is the victim in a murder trial.

The View from Pompey's Head (1955)

An embezzlement case brings a lawyer (Richard Egan) back home to the South and the now-married belle (Dana Wynter) he left behind.

Legion of the Damned (1969)

A small team of commandos is assigned to destroy a powerful German cannon before it can be used against the Allies.

High School Girl (1935)

A biology teacher helps two teenagers who have strict and neglectful parents.

HairKutt (2007)

A heroin addict's friends make a daring move to save him.

Roughshod (1949)

Rancher Clay (Robert Sterling) and his brother, Steve (Claude Jarman Jr.), head out across the Sonora mountain pass, followed by Lednov (John Ireland), an ex-con seeking revenge on Clay for putting him behind bars. Clay and Steve unexpectedly cross paths with a group of dance hall girls -- including Mary (Gloria Grahame), Marcia (Martha Hyer) and Helen (Myrna Dell) -- whose stagecoach has broken down, and help them get to the nearest ranch, where Lednov unfortunately catches up to Clay.

Vansh (1992)

The feuding sons of a bigamist join forces to defend him from crooks who want to kill him.

Destiny (1944)

A wrongly accused fugitive (Alan Curtis) from the law arrives at the farm of a kind man (Frank Craven) and his blind daughter (Gloria Jean).

The Dude Bandit (1933)

An unlikely stranger (Hoot Gibson) causes a ranch swindler's downfall.

Downhill (2021)

A young man falls into the European underworld from boarding-school rugby stardom.

Code of the Cactus (1939)

A quick-on-the-draw lawman sets out to stop a band of truck-riding cattle rustlers.

The Ultimate Wave Tahiti (2010)

Professional surfer Kelly Slater and his friends search for the best waves at the surf site Teahupo'o.

Fear (1988)

A couple (Cliff De Young, Kay Lenz) and their children use ingenuity to defend themselves against four escaped convicts.

Lightning Raiders (1945)

When his mail doesn't get delivered one day, Fuzzy Jones (Al "Fuzzy" St. John) is suspicious. He enlists the help of his friend Billy Carson (Buster Crabbe) to find out what happened. The duo discovers that the postal stagecoach has been held up by Frank Hayden (Steve Darrell) and his band of thieves, and that the criminals are in hiding. It's up to Fuzzy and Billy to stop the thieves before they make off with the stolen mail -- and with the money and secrets that it contains.

Café au lait (1993)

Lola (Julie Maudech) is a beautiful and exotic young Parisian woman. When she discovers she is pregnant, Lola determines that the father is either Jamal (Hubert Kound), a wealthy Muslim from Africa, or Felix (Mathieu Kassovitz), a slightly awkward Jewish messenger. Soon the two very different men are competing to win the love of Lola. Eventually, Jamal and Felix realize that they must put their rivalry on the back burner in order to help Lola through the challenges of her pregnancy.

Choices (1986)

A retired judge (George C. Scott) reviews abortion when his second wife (Jacqueline Bisset) and unwed teenage daughter (Melissa Gilbert) become pregnant.

Excuse My Dust (1951)

Joe Belden (Red Skelton) is an enterprising, if eccentric, inventor who is determined to perfect his latest project -- an automobile that runs on gasoline. Supported by his girlfriend, Liz Bullitt (Sally Forrest), Joe finds that most of his friends and neighbors think that his efforts are absurd. Circumstances result in a misunderstanding between Joe and Liz, a situation that may hinder him in a big upcoming auto race. Can Joe and Liz reconcile in time for the competition?

To Sleep So As To Dream (1986)

Detectives seek a kidnapped actress as an elderly lady watches a film she starred in as a girl.

Ladies In Love (1936)

Three girls share move into a shared apartment in Budapest: Martha (Janet Gaynor) sells neckties and works for a domineering doctor (Don Ameche), Susie (Loretta Young) is under the spell of a handsome nobleman (Tyrone Power Jr.) and Yoli (Constance Bennett) is a cynic who is having an open affair with a wealthy man (Paul Lukas) she doesn't love. In their search for happiness and marriage, the girls fall in and out of love in increasingly bizarre and unexpected ways.

Charlie Chan In Paris (1935)

The Chinese detective (Warner Oland) and his No. 1 son (Keye Luke) trap three counterfeiters working out of the sewers.

Cat Girl (1957)

A psychiatrist (Robert Ayres) treats a young woman (Barbara Shelley) who turns into a killer leopard because of a family curse.

Wanted (1999)

A mob fugitive may get a second chance at life when a sympathetic priest shelters him at a home for wayward youths.

The Whisperers (1967)

Elderly Mrs. Ross (Edith Evans) loses her grip on reality when she begins to hear "voices" that seem to be conspiring against her. Separated from her dishonest husband, Archie (Eric Portman), and living alone, Mrs. Ross is patiently waiting for a windfall from her late father's nonexistent estate. When her thieving son, Charlie (Ronald Fraser), stashes a large sum of stolen cash in her apartment, Mrs. Ross finds it, assuming the money is her long-awaited inheritance.

Young Lovers (1970)

In London, American Ted Hutchens (David Knight) is a code breaker at the U.S. embassy. One evening at the ballet, Ted meets Anna Szobek (Odile Versois), the daughter of the Soviet ambassador. Attracted to each other, Ted and Anna realize that the height of the Cold War between Russia and the West makes their position precarious, but become involved anyway. When Tim's embassy learns of his involvement with Anna, he is labeled a traitor, and the couple enacts a dangerous plan to remain together.

Loose in London (1953)

When one of the Boys is summoned to London as heir to a dying earl, the gang finds a houseful of scheming relatives.

Unforgivable (1996)

Therapy helps an abusive husband (John Ritter) change his ways and mend his relationship with his wife (Harley Jane Kozak) and children.

La Domination Masculine (2009)

Filmmaker Patric Jean examines male views toward women.

The Battle of the River Plate (1956)

British officers (John Gregson, Anthony Quayle) chase the German pocket battleship Graf Spee to Uruguay, where its captain (Peter Finch) scuttles it.

Up in the Air (1940)

An aspiring young comic looking for his big break on the radio attempts to solve a series of on-air murders.

Harriet Craig (1950)

Harriet Craig (Joan Crawford) enjoys the married life but constantly tries to control those around her. She does not trust her husband, Walter (Wendell Corey), without checking up on him. When he is offered a promotion that will require traveling, Harriet tells his boss that Walter has a gambling problem. She also sabotages a budding relationship between her cousin Clare and Wes Miller, Walter's assistant. However, Walter discovers Harriet's interference, which leads to a confrontation.

Maluala (1979)

African slaves escape from their Cuban captors, hide in the mountains and forests and form thriving communities.

The Challenge (1982)

An American boxer (Scott Glenn) enters a ritual feud between two Japanese brothers (Toshir Mifune, Atsuo Nakamura) over two coveted samurai swords.

Welcome Home (2006)

A photographer (Alejo Sauras) lands a job with a magazine and works with a reporter (Ariadna Gil) to cover a murder.

The Crimson Canary (1945)

Two members (Noah Beery Jr., Danny Morton) of a jazz quintet are suspected of killing the group's singer in San Francisco.

Naked Angels (1969)

Motorcycle outlaw Mother (Michael Greene) and his gang want to stomp their rivals, the Hotdoggers.

Retreat, Hell! (1952)

A fact-based account of valiant American Marines who temporarily stemmed the Communist tide during the Korean War.

Sing Faster: The Stagehands' Ring Cycle (1999)

Director Jon Else focuses on union workers staging Wagner's 17-hour "Der Ring des Nibelungen" cycle.

The Legend of the Golden Gun (1979)

An Old West gunfighter (Hal Holbrook) turns a young farmer (Jeff Osterhage) into a justice fighter with a special gun.

Pals of the Golden West (1951)

A singing border patrolman (Roy Rogers) stops the smuggling of diseased cattle from Mexico.

Lucky Ghost (1942)

Two gambling buddies (Mantan Moreland, F.E. Miller) win a casino that's haunted by the ghosts of the former owners.

The Chinese Ring (1947)

Charlie Chan (Roland Winters) solves the murder of a Chinese princess who came to the United States to buy planes.

The Girl Said No (1937)

A bookie (Robert Armstrong) turns a dance-hall hostess (Irene Hervey) into a Gilbert and Sullivan player.

Pretend You Don't See Her (2002)

A real-estate agent (Emma Samms) gets a new identity after she witnesses a murder and tries to uncover the killer's motive.

Mountain Family Robinson (1979)

The government informs a family (Robert Logan, Susan Damante-Shaw, Heather Rattray) that, to stay in the Rockies, they must have a mining claim.

The Only Son (1936)

In 1923, widow Tsune Nonomiya sacrifices everything, even her home, to send her son Ryosuke to high school. However in 1936, making her first visit to Tokyo to see him, she is shocked to find that he has lost his important civil service post and is now a low-paid night school teacher with a wife and son he has never told his mother about. Only an unselfish action by Ryosuke redeems him in his mother's eyes.

In Old Missouri (1940)

A mutual agreement between a landowner and his sharecroppers results in a beneficial exchange of identities.

Bon Voyage, Charlie Brown (and Don't Come Back!) (1980)

Charlie Brown (Arrin Skelley) heads to Europe as an exchange student in this animated movie based on the "Peanuts" comic strip. Along for the ride are Snoopy, Woodstock, Peppermint Patty, Marcie and Linus. In London, Snoopy and Woodstock test out their tennis skills at Wimbledon before the gang heads off to France. Charlie has an invitation to stay at the chateau of a mysterious baron. But when they arrive on a dark and stormy night, it soon becomes clear that their adventure has only begun.

Bad Charleston Charlie (1973)

Inept Illinois coal miners Charlie (Ross Hagen) and Thad (Kelly Thordsen) become inept 1930s gangsters.

The Chilling (1989)

A security guard and a lab technician are stalked by zombies after an electrical storm strikes a cryogenics facility.

My Father, My Mother, My Brothers And My Sisters (1999)

A young mother has three children, all by different fathers who are unaware of their existence.

Top Cat and the Beverly Hills Cats (1988)

T.C. and his alley buddies move into a mansion inherited by Benny the Ball.