Hell House (2008)

Friends (Michael Carlisi, Sheila Kraics, Geof Libby) spend the night in a haunted house.

Lunch Line (2010)

The debate over school lunch reform.

Urban Roots (2011)

Residents of Detroit begin a program of urban farming.

Summer Story (2004)

During a war, 13-year-old Gal works as a postman in a neighborhood with no men left. On his daily route he meets Haya, a 19-year-old girl with heart disease, who writes letters to several soldiers in Lebanon.

Rosa: The Movie (2007)

A popular teenage singer (Anna Ryrberg) learns life lessons at summer camp.

In Search Of A Golden Sky (1984)

Three children escape into the wilderness to avoid being placed in an orphanage.

Almayer's Folly (2011)

Almayer's Folly (French: La Folie Almayer) is a 2011 drama film directed by Chantal Akerman, starring Stanislas Merhar, Aurora Marion and Marc Barbé. It is an adaptation of Joseph Conrad's 1895 debut novel Almayer's Folly, and tells the story of a Dutchman searching for pirate treasure in Malaysia. The setting has been relocated to 1950s. The film was a coproduction between companies in France and Belgium. It received four Magritte Award nominations.

Samson and the Slave Queen (1963)

The king of Nogara dies, leaving behind a will naming one of his nieces as his successor. Will it be blonde and virtuous Isabella or evil, dark-haired Malva? Each woman relies on a hero to locate the will. Malva hires the bare-chested strongman Samson while Isabella relies on the masked El Toro (a.k.a. Zorro) even though her heart belongs to the mild-mannered poet, Ramon. Malva's ruthless desire for the throne soon alienates Samson and he and El Toro then team up to bring about a proper resolution to the Nogara succession. Meanwhile, Isabella learns El Toto's true identity, an identity which both surprises and pleases her.

The Black Monocle (1961)

International operatives join forces to track down a group of neo-Nazis.

Wabash Avenue (1950)

Wabash Avenue is a 1950 Technicolor American musical film directed by Henry Koster and starring Betty Grable. The film was a remake of Grable's earlier hit 1943 film Coney Island.

Lost Angel (1943)

Margaret O’Brien plays an isolated child genius who sneaks out of her Institute of Child Psychology home for adventures in a wonderland called New York City. A little girl named Alpha (Margaret O’Brien) looks like a typical six-year-old. But to the professors at Pickering Institute of Child Psychology, she’s an experiment: an orphan raised in isolation to be a genius. After breezy New York newsman Mike Regan (James Craig) interviews the prodigy and gets her thinking about life beyond ivy-clad walls, Alpha flees her lonely institutional “home” for adventure. The enterprising tot tracks Mike to a boxing match and soon gets involved with his job (covering a prison break), his love life (with a pretty nightclub nightingale) and – maybe – his future, if the irresponsible Mike ever realizes that what this lost angel needs is a great new dad. A year after her breakthrough role in Journey for Margaret, O’Brien “acts with the authority of a pint-sized Garbo” (John Douglas Eames, The MGM Story) in a sweet, savvy comedy all about discovering that the world is a mighty magical place.

Adventure's End (1937)

Adventure's End is a 1937 American adventure film directed by Arthur Lubin and starring John Wayne.

Hana, Dul, Sed (2009)

A glimpse into the workings of society in Pyongyang shows the way ideology affects citizen's lives.

Tag: The Assassination Game (1982)

TAG: The Assassination Game is a 1982 film directed by Nick Castle and starring Robert Carradine and Linda Hamilton in her first feature film starring role. It is based on the game Assassin. It was also released under the title Everybody Gets it in the End.

How Do You Write a Joe Schermann Song (2012)

Joe and his girlfriend, Eve, want to make it big on Broadway. Joe is hired to write for an Off-Broadway musical and has to choose between hiring his girlfriend or his muse.

The Affairs of Julie (1957)

The Zurich Engagement (German:Die Zürcher Verlobung) is a 1957 West German comedy film directed by Helmut Käutner and starring Liselotte Pulver, Paul Hubschmid and Bernhard Wicki. A young woman working at a dentist's office falls in love with one of the patients. She writes down her fantasies about him, but problems arise when her words are discovered and are turned into a screenplay for a new film. It is also known by the alternative title The Affairs of Julie.

The Music Master (1908)

Two estranged brothers walk different paths in life; one becomes a poor but beloved musician, the other a wealthy but lonely industrialist.

Ninah's Dowry (2012)

Ninah runs away from her husband, and he goes to find her when he learns she is pregnant.

My Last Five Girlfriends (2009)

My Last Five Girlfriends, a 2009 film from Julian Kemp starring Brendan Patricks, is a British dark comedy based on pop-philosopher Alain De Botton's book, Essays In Love (U.S. title On Love).

Metal Messiah (2010)

The life of a head-banging rocker whose mission in life is to form the heaviest band in existence.

A Day In Black And White (2001)

In this comedic drama, two unnamed students -- an African-American man (Harold Perrineau) and a Caucasian man (Anthony DeSando) -- discuss a speech that the former will be giving in class. Focusing on race relations, the ideas in the speech spark a debate between the two men that eventually grows into a heated argument. During the intense discussion, they cover a wide range of topics, from dating to holidays to music, making numerous allusions to pop culture.

O Amor Natural (1996)

O Amor Natural is a 1996 Dutch documentary film directed by Heddy Honigmann. The film was shot in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil in Portuguese and examines Brazil's relationship with the poetry of Carlos Drummond de Andrade, and their own sexuality.

Thriller: A Cruel Picture (1973)

Thriller – A Cruel Picture (Swedish: Thriller – en grym film, also known as They Call Her One Eye, Hooker's Revenge and Thriller) is a 1973 Swedish exploitation film in the "rape and revenge" genre written and directed by Bo Arne Vibenius under the name Alex Fridolinski. It tells the story of a mute young woman who is being forced into heroin addiction, for which she has to work as a prostitute, and her revenge on the men responsible.

Invisible Temptation (1996)

A teenager battles dark forces in a war for his soul's integrity.

Poison (1951)

The writer, actor, and director Sacha Guitry emerged from the theater to become one of France’s best-known and most inventive filmmakers, and La poison marked his first major collaboration with another titan of the screen, the incomparably expressive Michel Simon. With Guitry’s witty dialogue and fleet pacing, this black comedy is the quintessential depiction of a marriage gone sour: after thirty years together, a village gardener (Simon) and his wife (Germaine Reuver) find themselves contemplating how to do away with each other, with the former even planning how he’ll negotiate his eventual criminal trial. Inspired by Guitry’s own post–World War II tangle with the law—a wrongful charge of collaborationism—La poison is a blithely caustic broadside against the French legal system and a society all too eager to capitalize on the misfortunes of others.

Kill Kill Faster Faster (2008)

Kill Kill Faster Faster is a 2008 thriller film directed by Gareth Maxwell Roberts, with the screenplay an adaptation by Gareth Maxwell Roberts and Joel Rose of Rose's novel of the same name. The film stars Gil Bellows, Lisa Ray, Esai Morales, and Shaun Parkes, and premiered April 16, 2008, at the London Independent Film Festival. It had its DVD release on July 28, 2009, which was followed by screening at the Helsinki International Film Festival September 18, 2009.

Airborne (1962)

Airborne is a 1962 American film written and directed by James Landis and starring Bobby Diamond. As of 2009 it is in the Public Domain and can be streamed on YouTube or downloaded via the Internet Archive. The film tells the story of a young man (Diamond) and his journey to become a US paratrooper. It was made with the co-operation of the US Army and was filmed entirely on location in Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the training ground of the US 82nd Airborne Division.

Rapture (1979)

Arrebato is a 1980 Spanish art house film written and directed by Iván Zulueta.

Wild West (1946)

A retired singing ranger named Eddie Dean (Eddie Dean) and his friends Stormy Day (Al "Lash" La Rue) and Soapy Jones (Roscoe Ates) are asked to jump back into the saddle to protect the construction of a telegraph line across the desert. However, a gang of ruthless thugs led by the villainous Drake Dawson aim to make sure that telegraph line doesn't stay up. In between the gunfights, ambushes, revenge and some valiant heroism, Dean sings a song or two.

Air Patrol (1962)

Air Patrol is a 1962 American CinemaScope drama film directed by Maury Dexter and written by Harry Spalding. The film stars Willard Parker, Merry Anders, Robert Dix, John Holland, Russ Bender and Douglass Dumbrille. The film was released on July 17, 1962, by 20th Century Fox.

Alaska (1944)

Alaska is a 1944 American crime adventure film directed by George Archainbaud. It stars Kent Taylor, Margaret Lindsay, and John Carradine.

Paris Manhattan (2012)

Paris-Manhattan is a French feature film, which premiered on April 2, 2012 at the Festival of French Cinema in Australia. This is the first feature film by writer-director Sophie Lellouche.

Alaska Passage (1959)

Alaska Passage is a 1959 drama directed by Edward Bernds, starring Bill Williams and Naura Hayden.

Christmas Rematch (2004)

La rivincita di Natale, internationally released as Christmas Rematch, is a 2004 Italian comedy-drama film directed by Pupi Avati. It is the sequel of the 1986 film Christmas Present.

Happy Is the Bride (1958)

Happy Is the Bride is a 1958 black and white British comedy film written and directed by Roy Boulting and starring Ian Carmichael, Janette Scott, Cecil Parker, Terry-Thomas and Joyce Grenfell. It is based on the play Quiet Wedding by Esther McCracken, previously filmed in 1941.

Harbor Lights (1963)

While investigating his mother's death, a gambler becomes involved with a smuggled diamond and a wealthy importer.

The Two Plates (2010)

Two hustlers who counterfeit money embark on the ultimate con.

Hard Guy (1941)

Investigators crack down on a gang of nightclub con artists that has been victimizing wealthy bachelors.

Harpoon (1948)

Harpoon is a 1948 American adventure film directed and produced by Ewing Scott, and starring John Bromfield in his film debut. Although described by some sources as a "documentary," it is a fictional feature film shot on location in Alaska.

Time Traveller: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time (2010)

A precocious high school girl gains the power to travel through time in order to save her mother in this long awaited live-action adaptation of the award-winning anime The Girl Who Leapt Through Time.

Arizona Colt (1966)

Arizona Colt also known as The Man from Nowhere is a 1966 Italian Spaghetti Western directed by Michele Lupo. Its stars Giuliano Gemma.

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai (1966)

Mohabbat Zindagi Hai is a 1966 Hindi movie produced by K. C Gulati for Roop Chaya, and directed by Jagdish Nirula. The film stars Dharmendra, Rajshree, Mehmood, Deven Verma and Johnny Walker. The music was composed by O. P. Nayyar with lyrics by S. H. Bihari.

Headin' North (1930)

Two ex-cons pose as vaudevillians to trap the man who framed them.

Stories of the Revolution (1960)

Three vignettes about war in Cuba feature a wounded fighter, guerrilla bombardment and a funeral cortege.

It May Happen to You (1937)

Mobsters convince an employee of a meat packing plant to steal a truckload of beef.

Hear Me Good (1957)

Hear Me Good is a 1957 American comedy film written and directed by Don McGuire. The film stars Hal March, Joe E. Ross, Merry Anders, Jean Willes, Milton Frome and Joey Faye. The film was released in October 1957, by Paramount Pictures.

Heart Punch (1932)

A young couple discovers that being in love has its unhappy moments.

December Kisses (2001)

Freddy takes shelter with a pastor and his daughter, but trouble ensues when he falls for her.

Mr. Peek-a-Boo (1951)

Mr. Peek-a-Boo or Garou-Garou, Le Passe-muraille (often shortened to just 'Le Passe-muraille') is a 1951 French comedy farce film, directed by Jean Boyer. The film is based on the novel by Marcel Aymé about a "man who could walk through walls". The film premiered on 6 April 1951.

Contented Calves (1934)

Two women are embarrassed by an advertising campaign for stockings.

Shelf Life (1993)

Three siblings (O-Lan Jones, Andrea Stein, Jim Turner) spend 30 years in the family bomb shelter they entered after the JFK assassination.

The Costume Designer (1950)

Edith Head and other motion-picture costume designers create outfits that capture the appropriate mood for the necessary scene.

The High Bright Sun (1964)

The High Bright Sun is a 1964 British action film directed by Ralph Thomas and starring Dirk Bogarde, George Chakiris and Susan Strasberg. It is set in Cyprus during the EOKA uprising against British rule in the 1950s. It was based on a 1962 novel by Ian Stuart Black.

The Counterfeit Cat (1949)

A crafty cat with eyes on the canary next door assumes the identity of a neighboring pooch in hope of fooling the bird's canine protector.

Country Boy (1935)

An unscrupulous agent thinks up a gimmick for an amateur musician (Randy Boone) trying to succeed in Nashville.

The Giant of Metropolis (1961)

The Giant of Metropolis (Italian: Il gigante di Metropolis) is a 1961 Italian film directed by Umberto Scarpelli.

Madonna's Pig (2011)

Madonna's Pig is a 2011 Belgian fantasy film directed by Frank Van Passel.

Choyleefut: Speed of Light (2011)

A young martial artist (Sammy Hung) must defeat an evil company's top fighters in order to save his academy from a corporate takeover.

Bay of Angels (1963)

This precisely wrought, emotionally penetrating romantic drama from Jacques Demy, set largely in the casinos of Nice, is a visually lovely but darkly realistic investigation into love and obsession. A bottle-blonde Jeanne Moreau is at her blithe best as a gorgeous gambling addict, and Claude Mann is the bank clerk drawn into her risky world. Featuring a mesmerizing score by Michel Legrand, Bay of Angels is among Demy’s most somber works.

The Night Comes Too Soon (1946)

Elite socialites gather to share haunted tales in Rashmon Hall.

Mushrooming (2012)

Mushrooming (Estonian: Seenelkäik) is a 2012 Estonian comedy film directed by Toomas Hussar. The film was selected as the Estonian entry for the Best Foreign Language Oscar at the 85th Academy Awards, but it did not make the final shortlist.

Fish Meat (2012)

Fish Meat is a 2012 documentary by Fish Navy Films that analyzes and questions current fish farming practices. It was an official selection at the Blue Ocean Film Festival, Idyllwild Film Festival, San Francisco Ocean Film Festival, Catalina Film Festival and. It has also screened around the country, including at the University of Colorado and at University of Massachusetts Amherst. The documentary examines different methods used in modern aquaculture from Atlantic bluefin tuna ocean pens, to trout closed system farms, to old fashioned carp farms and concludes that the fish from lower in the food chain is better for sustainable aquaculture.

Dancers in the Dark (1932)

Dancers in the Dark is a 1932 American pre-Code film about a taxi dancer (Miriam Hopkins), a big band leader (Jack Oakie), and a gangster (George Raft). The screenplay was written by Herman J. Mankiewicz (Citizen Kane), Brian Marlow and Howard Emmett Rogers from Jazz King, a stage drama by James Ashmore Creelman, and directed by David Burton.

Everybody Has a Plan (2012)

Desperate to begin a new life, a man (Viggo Mortensen) assumes his late twin's identity. He gets more than he bargained for when he unwittingly becomes swept up in his brother's criminal dealings.

Libertador Morales, el justiciero (2009)

An honest and law-abiding motorcycle cabdriver dons a disguise and becomes El Justiciero -- an avenging hero who foils the crime spree of a local gang in Caracas.

Silk 2 (1989)

A Honolulu policewoman (Monique Gabrielle) looks for Japanese scrolls related to an art-museum insurance fraud.

A Waltz Through the Hills (1988)

A Waltz Through The Hills is a 1988 Australian made-for-television adventure drama film based on the novel of the same name by Gerald Glaskin. It is the story of two orphaned children who run away from their home in the West Australia outback to go to Perth so they can sail to England to live with their grandparents. It was produced for the PBS series WonderWorks in the United States

The Paw Project (2013)

The Paw Project is a 2013 documentary film that focuses on the declawing of both exotic and domesticated cats in America. The film follows the crusade of veterinarian Dr. Jennifer Conrad, who campaigns to have declawing bans enacted in a number of cities. The Paw Project is also the name of the nonprofit organization founded by Conrad over the course of the film.

Outward Bound (1930)

Outward Bound is a 1930 American pre-Code drama film based on the 1924 hit play of the same name by Sutton Vane. It stars Leslie Howard, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Helen Chandler, Beryl Mercer, Montagu Love, Alison Skipworth, Alec B. Francis, and Dudley Digges. The film was later remade, with some changes, as Between Two Worlds (1944).

Submarine (1928)

Sailors and best friends Jack Dorgan (Jack Holt) and Bob Mason (Ralph Graves) receive separate assignments, and Bob remains at sea while Jack is sent to California. There, Jack meets and marries the vibrant Bessie (Dorothy Revier). But Bessie quickly becomes bored with marriage and looks forward to Jack's time at sea. While he is away, Bob arrives on leave and, unaware of Bessie's marriage, begins dating her. The men's friendship is severely tested when a life-and-death decision arises.

La fuga (2001)

La fuga (The Escape) is a 2001 Argentine film directed by Eduardo Mignogna.The picture stars Mignogna's friend and frequent collaborator, Ricardo Darin, as well as Miguel Angel Sola, Gerardo Romano, Patricio Contreras, Ines Estevez, Alejandro Awada and Norma Aleandro.

IMAX: Arabia (2011)

An Arabian film student showcases his society's development through history.

1313: Bigfoot Island (2012)

A woman summons a mythical beast to help her right the wrongs inflicted on her.

Dancing With Crime (1947)

A dance hall is the front for black marketeers who are exposed by a resourceful taxi driver, as he investigates the death of an army friend. Featuring Dirk Bogarde’s film debut as a bobby on the beat.

Titeuf: The Movie (2011)

Titeuf (French: Titeuf, le film) is a 2011 French 3D animated family comedy film directed by Zep, based on his Titeuf comic books. The film was released on April 6, 2011.

Rolled (2012)

Filmmaker Whit Scott returns to his hometown to track down the members of a secret club that threw toilet paper on houses. He meets with his old friends and he is shocked when he discovers the current members have changed the tradition.

Erreway: 4 caminos (2004)

Erreway: 4 caminos (English: Erreway: 4 Ways) is a 2004 road movie film by the Argentine group Erreway. It was released in June 2004 in Buenos Aires. The main actors in this film are the stars of Erreway: Luisana Lopilato (Mía), Felipe Colombo (Manuel), Benjamin Rojas (Pablo) and Camila Bordonaba (Marizza), who portrayed their roles from television hit series Rebelde Way. The movie released on DVD in 2005.

Pearl in the Crown (1972)

Pearl in the Crown (Polish: Perła w koronie) is a 1972 Polish drama film directed by Kazimierz Kutz. It was entered into the 1972 Cannes Film Festival. The film was also selected as the Polish entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 45th Academy Awards, but was not accepted as a nominee.

The Beads of One Rosary (1980)

An old miner refuses to sell his house to land developers.

Impasse (2009)

The father of a wannabe boxer owes a local mobster a substantial amount of money.

Another Perfect Stranger (2007)

Another Perfect Stranger is a 2007 film sequel to the 2005 Christian film, The Perfect Stranger. It stars Jefferson Moore, (reprising his role as The Stranger) and Ruby Marie Lewis as Sarah Cominsky, the grown daughter of Nikki. It is followed by another sequel Nikki and the Perfect Stranger. It was based largely on David Gregory's novel, Day with a Perfect Stranger, with a few minor plot changes.

Rompecabezas (2010)

An older housewife finds out she has an ability for solving puzzles.

The Great War (1959)

The Great War (Italian: La grande guerra) is a 1959 Italian film directed by Mario Monicelli. It tells the story of an odd couple of army buddies in World War I; the movie, while played on a comedic register, does not hide from the viewer the horrors and grimness of trench warfare. Starring Alberto Sordi and Vittorio Gassman and produced by Dino De Laurentiis, the film won the Golden Lion at the Venice Film Festival. Its crew also included Danilo Donati (costumes) and Mario Garbuglia (set designer). It was an Academy Award nominee as Best Foreign Film. In 1999 the critics of Ciak magazine chose it as one of the 100 most important films in history. It won huge success outside Italy, especially in France.

One Minute to Nine (2007)

One Minute to Nine is a 2007 documentary film written and directed by Tommy Davis and produced by Quinto Malo Films. It was later re-edited and screened on HBO as Every F---ing Day of My Life. The film chronicles the last five days of freedom for Wendy Maldonado before she and her son are sentenced for the manslaughter death of her husband and explores the years of domestic abuse the family experienced prior to his death.

Black Metal Veins (2012)

Five heroin junkies experience psychological, physiological and spiritual destruction as the addiction decays their bodies and minds.

The Montana Kid (1931)

The Montana Kid is a 1931 American film directed by Harry L. Fraser.

Fleurs du Mal (2011)

Gecko and Anahita fall in love over a long distance.

Tarzan and Jane Regained... Sort of (1964)

In a rare excursion beyond Andy Warhol's New York base, this home-movie-ish lark features an unlikely Tarzan, wandering around Los Angeles in search of his Jane.

Oggi Sposi (2009)

Oggi sposi (Just Married) is a 2009 Italian comedy film directed by Luca Lucini.

From Ararat to Zion (2009)

Filmmakers follow in the footsteps of Armenian pilgrims.

Slaughter Night (2006)

Kristels dad died in a brutal car accident following an argument the two had on her prom night. Racked with guilt, Kristel takes some high school friends to a museum, located in an old abandoned mine, in hopes of retrieving the manuscript her father was writing about eighteenth and nineteenth century serial killers. Her dad was particularly interested in Andries Martiens, a man sentenced to death for slaughtering several youths. Martiens died in a massive explosion centuries ago, but its rumored his spirit still haunts the mine and is ravenously hungry for another Slaughter Night.

The Rally (2010)

The Rally is a gritty drama which follows several families living in a town riddled with crime and corruption. As the local church works to bring positive change to the town, they are confronted at every turn by those that desire to keep the city in bondage…until today. God has sent a team into the city to bring change. One Event… One Church… One God… The Rally.

The Gay Deceivers (1969)

The Gay Deceivers is a 1969 gay-themed comedy film with a twist ending. The film derives much of its humor through the use of stereotypes. According to gay film historian Vito Russo in his book The Celluloid Closet, co-star Michael Greer, who played the flamboyantly gay Malcolm and who was himself gay, tried to work with the screenwriter and director to minimize the negativity of the characterization and present Malcolm in a positive light.[citation needed]

The Dreams of Sparrows (2005)

The Dreams of Sparrows is a documentary film about post-war Iraq, by Hayder Daffar of the Iraq Eye Group, an Iraqi filmmaking group. The film was shot throughout 2003 and 2004 with a hand-held camera, consisting of street level interviews with various Iraqi citizens and explores their feelings about the changes occurring around them. The film was produced by digitally sending footage to the United States via e-mail where it was assembled in rough sequences and posted on the internet. A DVD version of the film was released in 2005. Dreams of the Sparrows offers many differing viewpoints in its interviews. Some Iraqis place photos of U.S. President George W. Bush in shrines, while others oppose the presence of American forces. Some admit a longing for the days of Saddam Hussein's rule, while others, having survived torture under his regime, express happiness with his removal. The capture of Hussein occurred during filming and street interviews cover the topic. In the film, one of the photographers was allegedly killed by US forces before the film was completed.

Swirl (2012)

Swirl (Portuguese: Girimunho) is a 2011 Brazilian drama film directed by Clarissa Campolina and Helvécio Marins Jr.

The Boy Who Wanted To Be A Lion (2010)

A deaf boy sees a lion for the first time, which changes his life forever afterward.

Every Home Should Have One (1970)

Teddy, working at an advertising agency, has to come up with a campaign for frozen porridge.

I'm Dangerous With Love (2010)

Dimitri Mugianis advocates the use of the drug ibogaine to help addicts detoxify.

Noémie: Le secret (2009)

A curious young girl (Camille Felton) embarks on a quest to find hidden treasure in an apartment.

Stem Cell (2009)

A doctor's (Jason-Shane Scott) stem-cell experiments lead to a mutated virus that spreads through humans.