Pop Always Pays (1940)

A man (Leon Errol) says his daughter (Adele Pearce) can wed only when her boyfriend (Dennis O'Keefe) has $1,000 in the bank.

Gas! -Or- It Became Necessary to Destroy the World in Order to Save It. (1970)

After a chemical accident releases a deadly gas killing everyone over 25, the world is left in the hands of its youth. Sardonic hippie Coel (Robert Corff) takes off with his girlfriend, Cilla (Elaine Giftos), in search of better areas after inexperienced authorities overrun their hometown. Heading west, the pair is joined by Marissa (Cindy Williams) and Carlos (Ben Vereen), another couple looking for answers. Encountering freaks and eccentrics, the foursome forges ahead, trying to survive.

One Dark Night (1939)

After being kicked out of the family home, a lazy man (Mantan Moreland) discovers a radium deposit and uses his newfound wealth to buy a nightclub.

One Exciting Week (1946)

Con artists (Pinky Lee, Jerome Cowan, Shemp Howard) convince an amnesiac (Al Pearce) that he is a returning war hero, aware that their pigeon actually is the serviceman.

La mula de Cullen Baker (1971)

In the Old West Cullen Baker is a man outside the law and the entire town declares war on him.

Tom Sawyer (2011)

Mischievous Tom Sawyer (Louis Hofmann) and pal Huck Finn (Leon Seidel) witness a crime at a cemetery.

Five Bold Women (1960)

A lawman escorting five women to prison is ambushed by Indians and the outlaw husband of one of the women.

Closed Season (2013)

In 1942, childless couple Fritz and Emma hide Albert, a Jewish refugee, at their remote farm in the forest. Fritz offers Albert an unorthodox deal -- sleep with his wife to conceive a child on his behalf.

Midnight Manhunt (1945)

Two reporters (William Gargan, Ann Savage) search for a missing body in a wax museum.

Five of a Kind (1938)

Pursuing a story, reporter Chris Nelson (Cesar Romero) reaches a source before competitor Duke Lester (Slim Summerville), then tries to scoop him. Unaware that it's a fabricated the story, she calls it in to her paper, and is subsequently fired when it runs and a lawsuit results. Inspired by a newsreel on the Canadian Wyatt Quintuplets (Jean Hersholt), Chris proposes a radio program to another paper to rival Duke's. The show succeeds, and Duke races Chris to Canada to get the story first.

The Life of Vergie Winters (1934)

A small-town woman (Ann Harding) refuses to let her politician lover (John Boles) divorce his wife (Helen Vinson).

Twist Around The Clock (1961)

A promoter (John Cronin) tries to publicize a new dance, the Twist. Dion sings "The Wanderer" and "Runaround Sue."

Nightmare City (1980)

A TV reporter (Hugo Stiglitz) spreads the news of radioactive monsters, growing in number with every victim.

Colonel Wolodyjowski (1969)

In 17th-century Poland, invading Turkish troops are crossing over the borders by the thousands. The country's only hope to fight off the incursions of the Ottoman Empire is heroic Col. Michal Wolodyjowski (Tadeusz Lomnicki). But there's a problem: Grief-stricken following the death of his fiance, Wolodyjowski has decided to enter a monastery. Several soldiers launch an ingenious scheme to bring the trusted military man out of the cowl and back into his rightful place -- as their leader.

The House That Cried Murder (1973)

A new bride (Robin Strasser) with a weird customized home uses it to punish her husband (Arthur Roberts) and his girlfriend.

Mediterranean Holiday (1962)

A group of 20 young cadets from the Swedish Merchant Marines take a trip through numerous countries in the Mediterranean. This documentary, directed by Hermann Leitner and featuring narration from Burl Ives, follows the various adventures of the crew and their leader, Captain Skoglund. After stops in Portugal, the crew visits some of the historical sites of Egypt, such as Tutankhamen's tomb. From there, the ship travels to points in Turkey, Greece, Italy, Monaco and Spain.

Thunderhoof (1948)

Two men and a young woman in the Mexican wilderness are intent on tracking down a wild stallion.

Seven Were Saved (1947)

Seven struggle to survive aboard a raft after a U.S. Army plane is forced down in the Pacific.

The Human Scale (2013)

Thinkers, architects and urban planners discuss ways to increase human interaction in cities.

Chattanooga Choo Choo (1984)

A losing football-team owner (George Kennedy) can inherit $1 million by restoring an old train for one last run.

No Hands on the Clock (1941)

A private detective's honeymoon is interrupted by a kidnapping case.

Si Tu Meurs, Je Te Tue (2011)

Siba comes to Paris to live with her brother Avdal. She meets Philippe and learns Avdal has died, when her father comes to collect her, she refuses now that she has tasted freedom.

Royal Journey (1951)

Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Canada and the United States in 1951.

They Had to See Paris (1929)

An Oklahoma woman (Irene Rich) packs herself and her family off to Paris after her husband (Will Rogers) finds oil on their land.

Trader Games (2010)

A young Wall Street trader discovers a formula based on climatology to make money.

16 Photographs at Ohrdruf (2013)

Filmmaker Matthew Nash uncovers a family secret that began April 4, 1945, at a Nazi concentration camp.

King Frat (1979)

Members of a fraternity stage a farting contest.

Shaolin vs. Lama (1983)

Martial artists launch a high-kicking duel in defense of the Shaolin temple.

Memorial Valley Massacre (1988)

A popular campground becomes a battlefield when a crazed hermit (John Caso) declares war on vacationers.

Tugboat Annie Sails Again (1940)

Heckled by her rival (Alan Hale), a tugboat captain (Marjorie Rambeau) goes to Alaska and proves who's best.

OSS 117: Mission for a Killer (1965)

An American secret agent discovers that a rare drug is being used by a power-hungry society to conquer the world.

The Personality Kid (1934)

An arrogant boxer (Pat O'Brien) discovers his wife (Glenda Farrell) had a hand in his success.

Tender Scoundrel (1966)

A devilishly handsome ladies' man finds that his amorous ventures are getting to be more than he can handle.

Angel Baby (1995)

Harry (John Lynch) is a patient being treated for schizophrenia at a psychiatric clinic. He meets Kate (Jacqueline McKenzie), another schizophrenic, during their group therapy sessions. They quickly launch into a passionate affair. The intensity of their love stems from their conviction that they were made for one another. After they move in together, they believe their love is so powerful that it will enable them to discontinue their medication. But once they do this, disaster overwhelms them.

Brother of Sleep (1995)

Relationships with a woman (Dana Vavrova) and an adoring friend (Ben Becker) overwhelm a 19th-century Austrian peasant (Andre Eisermann), a musical genius.

Diamond Tongues (2015)

Edith dreams of being a successful actress, but cannot land any roles. When she can't figure out what she is doing wrong, she starts to mess everything up.

A Boy, a Girl and a Bike (1949)

Introduction of a new member breeds jealousy in a bicycling club in Yorkshire, England.

Sunnyside (1979)

A New York street youth plans to rid his neighborhood of a gang called the Savage Warlocks and then move to Manhattan with his girlfriend.

The Prince and the Pauper (1962)

Prince Edward trades places with a look-alike beggar boy (Sean Scully) in Tudor England.

Dance Little Lady (1954)

Ballet star Nina (Mai Zetterling) learns that her spouse, Mark (Terence Morgan), is cheating on her. While blinded by rage, she is involved in a car wreck that ends her career as a dancer. When the cold-hearted Mark finds out that Nina's days as a money-making ballerina are over, he leaves her. As Nina slowly learns to cope with life after the accident, she teaches her daughter to dance professionally. Unfortunately, Mark then comes back to try to seize custody of the successful young girl.

Five Fighters from Shaolin (1984)

A Shaolin monk and his four disciples attempt to recover a stolen temple scroll.

Sonatine (1984)

Chantal (Pascale Bussières) and Louisette (Marcia Pilote) don't feel like they have a place in the world. That's partly why the teenage girls feel such a close bond with each other. In an effort to make connections with others, they indulge in extremes: Chantal ingratiates herself with a solitary bus driver, while Louisette sneaks onto a cargo ship and attempts to befriend one of its crew members. As their respective plans go awry, the girls come to the brink of a deadly decision.

Raid On Rommel (1971)

Alex Foster (Richard Burton), a captain in the British navy, heads to the Libyan seaport of Tobruk during World War II. The city, which offers access to important trade routes, has been taken over by the Germans, and Foster goes undercover as a Nazi to reunite with British soldiers being held behind enemy lines and lead them to seize control of the port. When Foster discovers the soldiers are in fact sick POWs, he must find a way to lead the unhealthy men in a successful mission anyway.

The Mighty River (1994)

The environmental history of the Saint Lawrence River, which flows from the Great Lakes to the Atlantic Ocean.

Against All Hope (1982)

Abused as a boy, an alcoholic (Michael Madsen) marries, ruins his life, then turns to God.

The Virtuous Sin (1930)

During World War I, a woman offers herself to a general in exchange for saving her husband from a firing squad.

Moving Target (1996)

A seemingly simple job gets a bounty hunter (Michael Dudikoff) involved with Russian mobsters and framed for murder.

Nice People (1922)

The Somali bandy team lives and trains in Sweden.

Brass (1985)

A New York detective chief (Carroll O'Connor) hunts a power broker's hit man, and a sniper preying on the poor and elderly.

Bury Me in Niagara (1993)

A meddling mother (Jean Stapleton) comes back as a ghost to help her doctor son (Geraint Wyn Davies) solve a Japanese gem caper in Niagara Falls.

The Good Fellows (1943)

A married man comes to devote more of his time and interest to his lodge brothers than he does to his own family.

Mushi-Shi: The Movie (2006)

A traveling mystic cures the ill effects of the Mushi, who spread plague.

Catastasis (2015)

A man holds a pastor hostage to force him to practice what he preaches.

The Life of Jimmy Dolan (1933)

Champion boxer Jimmy Dolan (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) has cultivated a wholesome image for himself, but he's a boozer and womanizer behind the scenes. Intoxicated at a party, he punches a reporter who threatens to expose his hypocrisy, and accidentally kills him. Dolan panics and skips town, winding up on a farm that serves as a home for disabled children run by kindhearted Peggy (Loretta Young). As the cynical Dolan falls for Peggy, he begins to change his ways.

Early to Bed (1941)

Donald's loudly ticking alarm clock keeps him up.

Neurons to Nirvana: Understanding Psychedelic Medicines (2013)

A renaissance in psychedelic drug research includes its uses as adjuncts to psychotherapy.

At The Midnight Hour (1995)

Romance, unexplained events and a strained father (Simon MacCorkindale) /son (Keegan MacIntosh) relationship mark a nanny's (Patsy Kensit) employment at a widowed scientist's estate.

Them Who? (2015)

A man wants to earn the respect of the company president.

The Fabulous Joe (1947)

A henpecked husband looks to his talking dog for consolation. From the "Hal Roach Comedy Carnival.".

The Day of the Trumpet (1958)

In 1902, Sgt. Judd Norcutt (John Agar) is serving with occupying U.S. forces in a remote village in the Philippines. The United States is there to give foreign aid, but the villagers are terrified, the local military is combative and the native bandits are vicious. Slowly, Sgt. Norcutt, Sgt. Heisler (Richard Arlen) and Pvt. Haines (Bill Phipps) win over the locals. But, until they can turn back the resistance of Capt. Magno Maxalla (Pancho Magalona), they'll never be able to bring about peace.

Woman Avenger (1980)

A woman uses her kung-fu skills to get revenge against the men who molested her and killed her husband.

The Undertaker (1988)

A crazed mortician kills people to keep as friends in his funeral home.

The White Sheik (1952)

In Italy, small-town newlyweds Wanda (Brunella Bovo) and Ivan Cavalli (Leopoldo Trieste) embark on their honeymoon in the big city of Rome. Ivan dutifully wants to keep appointments with family and church, but Wanda is only interested in meeting her favorite photo-strip star known as "The White Sheik" (Alberto Sordi). While Wanda impetuously sneaks away to locate the object of her affections, disconsolate Ivan tries his hardest to keep up appearances with the couple's relatives.

Under Pressure (1935)

Bare-fisted, battling partners work as sandhogs, tunneling from Brooklyn to New York.

Office Love-In (1968)

A secretary (Kathy Williams) at a computer-dating company joins other randy employees as they make the rounds through management.

Fibra Optica (1998)

A journalist is hired to prove the real motive behind the murder of a prominent politician.

Bullets Don't Argue (1964)

Lawmen Pat Garrett straps on the six-shooters when bankrobbers disrupt his wedding day.