La Viuda Blanca (1970)

Después que sus respectivas parejas son encontradas muertas en un hotel, un banquero y una viuda se enamoran.

Knock Outs (1992)

Coeds try to recover stolen cash by posing for a swimsuit calendar and battling women wrestlers.

Ullam Kollai Poguthae (2001)

Anbu, a dubbing artiste, falls in love with his sister's friend Jyothi, who actually loves Gautham. Just when they prepare to get married, an accident changes the course of their lives.

Clarence (2015)

Clarence Garrett, an 85-year-old World War II veteran, returns to college to earn his bachelor's degree.

Clínica de Migrantes: Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness (2016)

Puentes de Salud, a volunteer-run clinic, provides free medical care to undocumented immigrants in Philadelphia. Here, doctors and nurse work for free to serve people who would otherwise fall through the cracks.

Captive (1998)

Someone seeking a murdered man's fortune prevents his widow (Erika Eleniak) from leaving an asylum.

The Black Bear (2015)

Five friends have encounters with black bears in a national park.

El circo (1943)

A shoemaker makes his dream of becoming a circus artist come true after he meets the daughter of a circus owner.

The Kid With a Tattoo (1980)

Up! (1976)

Mujeres de grandes pechos se defienden de hombres ineficientes y surge la violencia en un pueblo.

Abajo el telón (1955)

A window cleaner witnesses the robbery of a valuable necklace belonging to a French actress, but he becomes the main suspect of the case and ends up in prison.

Texana 100x III (1999)

The Lpez brothers seek revenge against their father's killers, two men known as Chaval and Carbonero.

Fiesta privada (1997)

The story behind the never-ending conflicts over power among the people who work in the illegal drug business.

OK Cleopatra (1970)

A jockey believes his dead uncle's soul has possessed his mare Cleopatra, which belongs to a greedy rancher.

Me gusta pegarle al polvo (2001)

A drug dealer tries to seduce a teenage girl with the help of his drug-addict sister, who would do anything for money.

Trapped (2014)

A soldier becomes trapped in a combat zone after stepping on a mine.

Opium (2013)

Jean Cocteau sinks into opium addiction after Raymond Radiguet's death.

The Takeover (2013)

Jadin meets Ashley, the ultimate con artist.

Cómo le hago pa olvidar (2012)

After her aunt's death, Renata must take care of her sister Rebeca, who has hallucinations and has tried to commit suicide.

Y todo sucedió en Día de Muertos (2015)

Rodolfo runs into Ignacio, a high school friend who married his ex-girlfriend. On Day of the Dead, Ignacio throws a party and Rodolfo attends with a prostitute.

El día de mi muerte (2012)

Detective Vázquez leads the investigation of Sandra's death. When the last people to be seen with her are interrogated, they all lie.

Bum on a Bench: A Fight to the Death at Storybook Park (2014)

An upside-down spiritual allegory.

Playing with Fire (1975)

A banker hires a seedy detective to find his daughter and keep her safe from kidnappers.

El bruto (2002)

A creature from another planet determined to destroy mankind acquires human shape and plunges into the jungle to carry out the mission.

Papa (2005)

A father and son confront painful memories on a road trip through Provence, France.

Con su amable permiso (1940)

A thief and master of disguise robs a jewelry shop and tries to escape with the banker's beautiful daughter.

El Taxista Querendón (1996)

A taxi driver does not waste time and starts relationships with his most beautiful passengers, and his his partner covers for him.

La Banda del Fantasma Negro (1964)

The band of the Black Ghost tries to take possession of the treasure in a farm, but things do not go as planned.

La banda de la Chiva (2001)

A powerful drug lord is willing to bribe everyone, even the police, but his own people are trying to betray him.

Una calle entre tú y yo (1952)

A football player for the IPN falls in love with his neighbor, whose cousin is the star of the rival team.

Pobre niño rico (1974)

A son born to wealthy parents runs away from home after learning they are divorcing, but he ends up getting sick.

La tierra del mariachi (1938)

A young rancher goes to the United States to work, and when he comes back, he finds out he must confront the man who was planning to steal his girlfriend.

El diablo a caballo (1954)

A man is capable of illegal acts in his pursuit of vengeance against the person who killed his sister and brother-in-law.

Al filo de la ley (2015)

Two former drug dealers work under cover for the police and infiltrate a criminal organization to destroy it from the inside.

The Second Sight (2013)

A psychic lawyer, cursed to see how others will die, uses his powers to help the woman he loves.

Priya (1979)

A leading film actress is controlled by her producer, who even refuses to let her get married.

El regreso de Camelia la Chicana (2000)

After an operation that ends with all the criminals dead, a captain finds out an enemy is still alive and plans to wreak vengeance.

La huella del olvido (2012)

Casandra wants her boyfriend Dorian to lift her out of poverty. He knows she is an ambitious woman, so he will have to work hard.

Aunque ya no me quieras (2000)

Ramiro witnesses the moment when the police chief kills a beautiful young stripper he is in love with.

Luces de Nueva York Night Club (2001)

A very famous cabaret in New York has teachers, tinsmiths and mechanics as regular clients.

Pandillas criminales (2002)

Criminal gangs satisfy their thirst for violence by wreaking havoc on the streets of the city.

Care Bears: Grizzle-ly Adventures (2008)

The bears have adventures.

Me Lleva la Tristeza (1983)

A young woman dedicates a song to the man who makes her suffer.

La Disputa (1974)

A theater company close to bankruptcy tries to trick a man into saving their business so that they do not lose their shares.

Placeres Divertidos (1990)

Carmen and her friends travel to Acapulco, Mexico, to have fun and enjoy the beautiful sights.

El Secreto Del Sacerdote (1941)

The owner of a casino kills a creditor and confesses his sin in the presence of a priest.

Ya tengo a mi hijo (1946)

A sterile woman kidnaps a newborn child and threatens to kill herself if her husband calls the police.

Lullaby to My Father (2013)

Amos Gitai interweaves historical events and personal memories to create a portrait of his father, Israeli architect Munio Weinraub.

The Bed (2013)

What would beds say if they could speak? A recently divorced man, a teenage girl and the beds of a motel share many secrets.

Conspiración y exterminio (1998)

An evil man opens a false rehabilitation center, but his hidden intention is to turn the clients into murderers.

Tres melodías de amor (1955)

A couple who are very much in love fulfill the dream of two families that are longing to be able to officially connect their surnames.

21 X New York (2016)

Interviews with 21 people from New York's subway system.

The Fix (2015)

A struggling waitress, straddling the edge of drug addiction, gets a wake up call when the daughter that she gave up at birth reappears.

Fosas clandestinas (2013)

Magdalena is in search of her brother Rodolfo, who is apparently hiding from an ex-convict who is chasing him.

División narcóticos (1991)

After a life-changing situation, Ramiro turns to his friend Arreguin and is driven to a world of dreams and visions.

Fui suya y que (2013)

Don Máximo calls a meeting with his sons to tell them he is getting married, but one of them is in for a surprise when he discovers the identity of the fiancée.

Noches en vela (2015)

Francisco and Karina move into an inherited house and want the housekeeper to leave, but she refuses to do so.

No desearás la mujer de tu hermano (2013)

A will forces brothers Adolfo and Federico to live together for a year. Though both are married, they sleep with each other's wives.

Sexo, pudor y drogas (1995)

A man hires a woman to be his housemaid and help him in his house, ignoring her hidden intentions to seduce him.

Yowamushi Pedal: The Movie (2015)

Sakamichi and the other Sohoku team members race against their rivals from Hakone Academy.

DC Super Hero Girls: Intergalactic Games (2017)

Lena Luthor launches her devious plan as the superheroes gather for the Intergalactic Games.

The Glamorous Lie (2011)

In an attempt to understand the complexities of a long-running relationship, YaVaughnie Wilkins will journey back into her past.

Painted Nails (2015)

A nail salon owner fights for safer cosmetics after being affected by toxic chemicals.

Sam Kinison: The Scream Continues (2016)

Comedy Dynamics sat down with Sam Kinison's brother, Bill, to set the record straight. Including his classic performances, rare TV appearances and photos, this documentary is not to be missed by any true Sam Kinison fan!

Chris Porter: Ugly and Angry (2014)

"Last Coming Standing" alum, Chris Porter, gives his look on drugs, growing old, women’s fashion, and his love for Taco Bell.

The Garden's Keeper (2015)

When friends search for a secret UFO sighting spot, they find something far more dangerous.

Fly Me to Minami (2013)

A fashion editor, a shopkeeper and a flight attendant experience life and love in three countries.

Reto Sangriento (2016)

Ghost hunters find a real haunted house.

Ghost Sweepers (2012)

Five powerful shaman and a reporter are the only people brave enough to stay in a cursed village to rid it of an evil spirit.

Tartarus (2010)

Two soldiers returning from the Napoleonic War find an evil lurking in the woods around a village.

I Do (2012)

Parents fulfill their little girl's final wish.

Triptyque (2013)

A dark-haired woman admires herself in a small mirror.

The Smoke (2014)

A woman returns to her hometown and is mortified by her family's behavior during a visit.

Everest (2007)

In October 1982, climber Laurie Skreslet becomes the first Canadian to scale Mount Everest.

FrankenFake (2014)

The producers of a reality show do everything they can, both legally and illegally, to make their show appear real.

Starlight (2012)

Circus performers find themselves entangled in dangerous love triangles, even as they begin to struggle with dwindling audiences.

The Photographer 2: Inside the Dark Room (2016)

A photographer and his cohorts kidnap young models and torture them to capture their fear on film.

You Have No Idea How Much I Love You (2016)

A mother and daughter's filmed psychotherapy sessions start out with anger, blame and grief, but those emotions slowly pave the way for understanding and reconciliation.

India, Daughter of the Sun (1982)

A policeman on a mission in the Brazilian jungle betrays the Indian girl (Gloria Pires) who saved his life.

Halleluja and Sartana Strike Again (1972)

Semi-reformed horse thieves protect a small-town church from a gang of crooks.


Exploring the activists and whistleblowers of the digital age who are fighting for privacy and transparency in the technological world.

Alzheimer's: A Love Story (2015)

Alzheimer's disease and it's impact on the 40-year relationship between Greg and Michael.

The Infamous T (2012)

A homeless gay teenager is given a chance for stability when he goes to live with gay foster parents.

Tomgirl (2015)

A look at the life of a gender non-conforming 7-year-old named Jake takes into account the role his parents' acceptance plays in his well-being.

Unanimated (2011)

A cartoon man seeks therapy because he feels he doesn't fit into the live-action world, and he must decide if he should adapt or live as he is.

Yeah Kowalski! (2013)

13-year-old Gabe wishes he could find a way to impress Shane, a classmate he has a crush on.

Home (2008)

The opening of a new expressway disrupts the lives of a rural French couple (Isabelle Huppert, Olivier Gourmet) and their three children.

Family Mission: The TJ Lobraico Story (2016)

The story of T.J. Lobraico, a soldier killed in Afghanistan in 2013, and his military family.

We Answered the Call (2015)

Based on the true story of Col. Jim Wilhite, a college professor and 35-year veteran who is unexpectedly called to active duty and deployed to Kabul, Afghanistan.

Dracula 0.9 (2012)

Lucy has a passionate and bloody affair with Count Dracula, and many years later, she begins to realize she has developed a thirst for blood. Occult expert Van Helsing tries to save her from Dracula's clutches before it is too late.

The Champion Brothers (2015)

Émile and Léon Champion are the season's hot favourites for the World Barbichette Federation. The brothers compete in the world championship final against Popov, a violent and cunning bearded terror who has never been defeated.

Last Chance (2012)

Five asylum seekers flee their native countries to escape homophobic violence.

Teens Like Phil (2012)

A gay teenage boy is bullied by a former childhood friend.

Greece: The Road Taken (2015)

A memoirist and a poet make their homes on the rugged island of Paros, Greece.

Sweet Blood (2011)

Cree communities examine the connection between diabetes and returning to a pre-contact diet.

Magnolia's in Spring (2007)

A French Creole-Choctaw woman settles in New Orleans.

Cassette: A Documentary Mixtape (2016)

The inventor of the audiotape digs through the past to figure out why they won't go away.

Ten Little Indians (1987)

Ten strangers are forced to confront their dark pasts after they are invited to an isolated island.

The Mad Whirl (1925)

A teenager gets caught up in a series of wild parties and the fast life.

The Way (2010)

After serving time in prison, a young man (Ademir Velasquez) finds it difficult to get a job and considers rejoining his former gang.