The Debutantes (2017)

The Debutantes, is a 2017 Philippine supernatural horror film, directed by Prime Cruz, is an under production by Regal Films, starring Sue Ramirez, Miles Ocampo, Michelle Vito, Jane De Leon and Chanel Morales, and was released at nationwide on September 13, 2017, and its first released a trailer on August 30, 2017, under Regal Films.

Hooper (1978)

Hooper is a 1978 action-comedy film starring Burt Reynolds, based loosely on the experiences of director Hal Needham, a one-time stuntman in his own right. It serves as a tribute to stuntmen and stuntwomen in what was at one time an underrecognized profession. Co-starring in the film are Sally Field, Jan-Michael Vincent, Brian Keith, Robert Klein, James Best and Adam West.

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School (1988)

Scooby-Doo and the Ghoul School is a 1988 animated made-for-television film produced by Hanna-Barbera for syndication as part of the Hanna-Barbera Superstars 10 series.

Seasons (2016)

Seasons (French: Les Saisons) is a 2015 French-German nature documentary film directed, produced, co-written, and narrated by Jacques Perrin, with Jacques Cluzaud as co-director.

The Gorilla Man (1943)

The Gorilla Man is a 1943 American drama film directed by D. Ross Lederman.

Forbidden World (1982)

Forbidden World, originally titled Mutant, is a 1982 American cult classic science fiction/horror film. The screenplay was written by Tim Curnen, from a screenstory by R.J. Robertson and Jim Wynorski. It was co-edited and directed by Allan Holzman, who had edited Battle Beyond the Stars two years earlier. The cast includes Jesse Vint, Dawn Dunlap, June Chadwick, Linden Chiles, Fox Harris, Raymond Oliver, Scott Paulin, Michael Bowen, and Don Olivera. The film received three nominations for the 1983 Saturn Awards: Best Low Budget Film, Best Make-up and Best Special Effects. It was generally panned by critics as a cheap, exploitive imitation of the movie Alien, with sex, nudity, uneven editing, cheap special effects, and an audio track that some found unpleasant. It has attained a certain cult status among fans of grungy, cheap, sleazy science fiction.[citation needed] It is frequently paired with and compared to the previous year's Corman-produced Alien rip-off Galaxy of Terror, with which Forbidden World shares some of the same sets (designed by James Cameron). The movie also makes use of footage recycled from the 1980 movie Battle Beyond the Stars, which was also produced by Corman. It is notable for its gruesome violence, oddball electronica music score by Susan Justin (available in full as a DVD-ROM feature on the German release of the film), odd, choppy editing and a scene in which the two female leads take a shower together. Forbidden World has also been released under the titles Mutant and Subject 20. The film was remade in 1991 under the title "Dead Space" and starring a then-unknown Bryan Cranston. The remake has minor variations but still retains the plot and character set up of the original, even going so far as to refer to the mutated virus as a"metamorph" as the original did.

Araf/Somewhere in Between (2012)

Zehra and Olgun wait for something to change so they can escape from the monotony of their lives.

The Face of Another (1966)

A staggering work of existential science fiction, The Face of Another dissects identity with the sure hand of a surgeon. Okuyama (Yojimbo's Tatsuya Nakadai), after being burned and disfigured in an industrial accident and estranged from his family and friends, agrees to his psychiatrist's radical experiment: a face transplant, created from the mold of a stranger. As Okuyama is thus further alienated from the world around him, he finds himself giving in to his darker temptations. With unforgettable imagery, Teshigahara's film explores both the limits and freedom in acquiring a new persona, and questions the notion of individuality itself.

Murmur of Youth (1997)

A friendship evolves and leads to sexuality between two Taiwanese girls (Rene Liu, Tseng Tsing) working in a movie theater.

The Quiet Arrangement (2009)

The kidnapping of Walter's (Kevin M. Hayes) wife Sharon (Christina Simkovich) interrupts his career as a prominent lawyer. He quickly realizes that things are not what they seem and the abduction becomes more complicated.

The Unseen (1945)

The Unseen is a 1945 film directed by Lewis Allen that starred Joel McCrea. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Sound Recording (Loren L. Ryder), and is based on the novel Midnight House (US title: Her Heart in Her Throat) by Ethel Lina White. The film was Paramount's follow-up to The Uninvited (1944). Raymond Chandler was one of the writers of the script.

One Wild Oat (1951)

One Wild Oat is a 1951 British comedy film directed by Charles Saunders and starring Stanley Holloway, Robertson Hare and Sam Costa with a notable appearance by a pre-stardom Audrey Hepburn as an extra.

Intruders (2011)

Intruders is a 2011 Spanish supernatural horror film directed by Juan Carlos Fresnadillo and written by the Spanish duo Nicolás Casariego and Jaime Marques.

The Single Girls (1974)

The Single Girls is a 1974 exploitation film about a group of swingers at a Caribbean resort who are stalked by a mysterious killer. The film was directed by Beverly Sebastion and Ferd Sebastion, and stars Claudia Jennings, Jean Marie Ingels, and Greg Mullavy. Tagline: Searching for a man was a way of life.

Ivan the Terrible, Part I (1944)

Navigating the deadly waters of Stalinist politics, Eisenstein was able to film two parts of his planned trilogy about the troubled sixteenth-century tsar who united Russia. Visually stunning and powerfully acted, Ivan the Terrible charts the rise to power and descent into terror of this veritable dictator. Though pleased with the first installment, Stalin detested the portrait in the second film—with its summary executions and secret police—and promptly banned it.

Speed Sisters (2016)

Speed Sisters is a 2015 documentary film by Amber Fares that follows the all-female Palestinian racing team the Speed Sisters and explores the social issues surrounding their career. It was pitched at the 2011 MeetMarket part of Sheffield Doc/Fest.

The Desperado (1954)

A gunfighter (Wayne Morris) saves a framed Texan (James J. Lydon) from carpetbaggers, twin killers and corrupt state police.

Madras (2014)

Madras is a 2014 Tamil language political action drama film written and directed by Pa. Ranjith. The film stars Karthi, Catherine Tresa, and Kalaiyarasan in the lead roles while Charles Vinoth, Riythvika, V. I. S. Jayapalan, Poster Nandakumar, and Mime Gopi play supporting roles.. The film was produced and distributed by Studio Green in association with Dream Factory. Santhosh Narayanan composed the soundtrack and score, while the editing was handled by Praveen K. L.

Curious Worlds: The Art & Imagination of David Beck (2015)

The life and work of the sculptor, carver, painter and miniature architect.

Beyond Barbed Wire (1997)

Filmmaker Steve Rosen profiles Nisei who chose World War II combat over internment in detention camps for Japanese descendants. Pat Morita narrates.

Ivan the Terrible, Part II (1958)

Navigating the deadly waters of Stalinist politics, Eisenstein was able to film two parts of his planned trilogy about the troubled sixteenth-century tsar who united Russia. Visually stunning and powerfully acted, Ivan the Terrible charts the rise to power and descent into terror of this veritable dictator. Though pleased with the first installment, Stalin detested the portrait in the second film—with its summary executions and secret police—and promptly banned it.

Un chien andalou (1929)

Un Chien Andalou is a 1929 Franco-Spanish silent surrealist short film by Spanish director Luis Buñuel and artist Salvador Dalí. It was Buñuel's first film and was initially released in 1929 with a limited showing at Studio des Ursulines in Paris, but became popular and ran for eight months.

Big Executive (1933)

Big Executive is a 1933 American Pre-Code drama film directed by Erle C. Kenton and written by Alice Duer Miller and Laurence Stallings. The film stars Ricardo Cortez, Richard Bennett, Sharon Lynn, Dorothy Peterson, Barton MacLane and Charles Middleton. The film was released on August 8, 1933, by Paramount Pictures.

Don't Ask Me Questions: The Unsung Life of Graham Parker and the Rumour (2013)

The life, work and people influenced by Graham Parker.

The Perfect Man (2005)

Hilary Duff, Heather Locklear and Chris Noth star in this hilarious yet heartwarming comedy about mothers, daughters and the outrageous lengths people will go to for love. Holly Hamilton (Duff) is on a mission to find her single mom (Locklear) a perfect man… Even if she has to make that man up! Without other options, she creates an imaginary secret admirer based on a charming restaurateur (Noth). But this scheme keeps Holly on her toes more than it actually sweeps her mother off her feet. One crazy mishap after another leads the two of them to discover that sometimes what you're looking for is already right in front of you.

Inspired Guns (2014)

Inspired Guns is a 2014 comedy film. It was written, directed, and produced by Adam White who also plays a role in the film. It is distributed by Pitch White Entertainment. Most of the cast and crew are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and one of the primary goals of the movie as to "create good clean content" for family audiences. The film is about two Mormon missionaries who begin teaching members of the mafia who think the young men are messengers from "The Boss" with a hidden message regarding an upcoming hit.

Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father (2015)

Animal Kingdom: Let's Go Ape (French: Pourquoi j'ai pas mangé mon père), also titled Evolution Man and Why I Did (Not) Eat My Father, is a 2015 French-Belgian-Italian 3D computer-animated comedy film directed by Jamel Debbouze. The film is based on the novel The Evolution Man by Roy Lewis.

A Merry Friggin' Christmas (2014)

A Merry Friggin' Christmas is a 2014 American black comedy film directed by Tristram Shapeero and written by Phil Johnston. The film stars an ensemble cast featuring Joel McHale, Lauren Graham, Clark Duke, Oliver Platt, Wendi McLendon-Covey, Tim Heidecker, Candice Bergen and Robin Williams. The film was released on November 7, 2014, by Phase 4 Films.

Sudden Terror (1970)

International intrigue and murder in the stark, forbidding countryside of Malta, where 11-year-old Timothy (Mark Lester) is bored with his monotonous life. To help pass the hours he makes up far-fetched stories. So when he witnesses the assassination of a visiting President, his father and sister refuse to believe his vivid account. Only the assassin (Peter Vaughan) knows the story is true and he is determined to silence him permanently. By the time Timothy is able to convince anyone, it is almost too late. From the dark catacombs of Malta to the island's high cliffs, Timothy is stalked relentlessly as the assassin and his accomplice (Peter Bowles) pursue their victim on a hair-raising chase across the island.

Hi Diddle Diddle (1943)

Hi Diddle Diddle is a 1943 American comedy film made in directed by Andrew L. Stone and starring Adolphe Menjou, Martha Scott, Dennis O'Keefe, June Havoc, Billie Burke, and Pola Negri. The title is a play on the nursery rhyme Hey Diddle Diddle and the use of diddle as a word for confidence trick. The film features animated portions from Leon Schlesinger's studio with the fast moving screenplay frequently breaking the fourth wall. The film is also known as Diamonds and Crime (American reissue title).

Pokkiri (2007)

Pokkiri is a 2007 Indian Tamil action thriller film directed by Prabhu Deva. It is the Tamil remake of the 2006 Telugu film Pokiri, and stars Vijay and Asin in the lead roles with Prakash Raj, Nassar, Vadivelu, Sriman and Napoleon playing supporting roles. Mumaith Khan and Prabhu Deva make guest appearances. Nirav Shah handled cinematography while Kola Bhaskar was the film's editor. The story revolves around a thug who joins a local gang just for the sake of earning money while the police struggle to catch the criminals. Filming took place in India and Australia.

The Perfect Woman (1949)

The Perfect Woman is a 1949 British comedy film directed by Bernard Knowles and written by George Black, Jr and J. B. Boothroyd, based upon a play by Wallace Geoffrey and Basil Mitchell. The screenplay concerns a scientist who creates a woman in his lab.

Dr. Petiot (1990)

A physician (Michel Serrault) promises to help Jews escape France during World War II, but instead he gives them lethal injections.

Criminal Behavior (2013)

Nathan and Jewel endure financial and emotional hardship until criminal friends from their past force Nathan to help with a robbery. In the aftermath of the crime, they have to find a way to stop the past from destroying their future.

A Village Affair (1995)

A Village Affair is a 1995 British television film based on the eponymous novel by Joanna Trollope. It was broadcast by ITV on 17 April 1995. The film was directed by Moira Armstrong from a teleplay by Alma Cullen.

The Last Avatar (2014)

Psychics living on Mt. Shasta in Northern California help fulfill the prophecy of the Kalki Avatar.

Degrassi Goes Hollywood (2009)

Paradise City: Degrassi Goes Hollywood is a 2009 Canadian film adaptation of the popular, long-running teenage drama Degrassi: The Next Generation. The movie premiered in the United States on The N on 14 August 2009, and in Canada on CTV on 30 August 2009. It was directed by veteran Degrassi actor-director, Stefan Brogren. Degrassi Goes Hollywood is the first feature-length movie of the Next Generation cast, and the second feature-length film in the Degrassi franchise, the first being 1992's School's Out in which Brogren co-starred. Degrassi Goes Hollywood is the first in-continuity Degrassi production recorded and/or set principally outside of Canada. For syndication purposes, the film has been shown as a four-part episode titled "Paradise City".

I cento cavalieri (1964)

100 Horsemen (Italian: I cento cavalieri, Spanish: Los cien caballeros, German: Die hundert Ritter, also known as Son of El Cid) is a 1964 Italian-Spanish-German historical-adventure film directed by Vittorio Cottafavi. In 2004 it was restored and shown as part of the retrospective "Storia Segreta del Cinema Italiano: Italian Kings of the Bs" at the 61st Venice International Film Festival.

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (1972)

Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key (Italian: Il tuo vizio è una stanza chiusa e solo io ne ho la chiave) is a 1972 giallo film directed by Sergio Martino. The picture stars Edwige Fenech, Luigi Pistilli, and Anita Strindberg. The film uses many elements from Edgar Allan Poe's short story "The Black Cat", and acknowledges this influence in the film's opening credits. Your Vice Is a Locked Room and Only I Have the Key was Martino's fourth giallo film. The title of the film is a reference to his first one, The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (Lo strano vizio della Signora Wardh, 1971), in which the killer leaves the phrase as a note to his victim. The victim in that film was played by Fenech. The film has been released under several alternate titles, including Gently Before She Dies, Eye of the Black Cat and Excite Me!.

The Saturday Night Kid (1929)

The Saturday Night Kid is a 1929 American Pre-Code romantic comedy film about two sisters and the man they both want. It stars Clara Bow, Jean Arthur, James Hall, and in her first credited role, Jean Harlow. The film was based on the play Love 'Em and Leave 'Em (1926) by George Abbott and John V. A. Weaver. This movie still survives.

Backstreet Justice (1994)

A Pittsburgh private investigator (Linda Kozlowski) links decades of unsolved crime to real-estate projects.

Siempreviva (2015)

A couple lose everything when their daughter disappears during the guerilla attack on the Palace of Justice.

In Country (2015)

A platoon of Vietnam War re-enactors stage a battle in the forest.

The Tracker (2001)

Private investigator Connor Spears (Casper Van Dien) reluctantly revisits a past romance when he finds out that the Chinese Mafia has abducted his beautiful ex-girlfriend, Kim (Lexa Doig). Joined by her brother, Rick (Russell Wong), a martial-arts expert, Connor travels from Los Angeles to New York City to rescue Kim. On arrival, the two tough guys must contend with both Chinese and Russian mob factions, but they get unexpected help from Carmen (Francoise Robertson), a no-nonsense taxi driver.

Irish Luck (1939)

Irish Luck is a 1939 American film directed by Howard Bretherton. The film is also known as Amateur Detective in the United Kingdom.

Ravager (1997)

Ravager is a 1997 horror/science fiction film written and directed by James D Deck and starring Bruce Payne, Yancy Butler, Juliet Landau and Robin Sachs.

Pueblo de madera (1990)

Stories of adultery, friendship, separation and thievery make up life in a small Mexican town.

Speed Devils (1935)

Speed Devils is a 1935 American film directed by Joseph Henabery, coproduced by Perfect Circle Piston Company and Warner Brothers, and released by Warner Brothers. The film is also known as Thru Traffic.

Flyfishing (2002)

Two roommates become male escorts, then one falls for the daughter (Kate Ashfield) of a middle-aged client.

Courage (2011)

An aspiring author and his family become stranded on a small island after their boat crashes during a storm.

The Sisters (1969)

An astronomer (Lee Grant) stays close to her strange sister (Carol Kane) who likes to torment primates in a cage.

Double Tap (1997)

A druglord targets an undercover FBI agent (Heather Locklear) and the hit man (Stephen Rea) she falls in love with while tracking.

Miss Robin Crusoe (1954)

Miss Robin Crusoe is a 1954 Eastmancolor adventure film directed by Eugene Frenke, starring Amanda Blake, George Nader and Rosalind Hayes. One of many film variations of Robinson Crusoe, it features a female castaway. The film was shot on location in Palos Verdes, California.

The Invader (1997)

The Invader is a 1997 film directed by Mark Rosman.

Apeiron (2013)

A scientist strives to prove his theory that humans are ruled by chance.

Boogeyman 3 (2008)

Boogeyman 3 is a 2008 American supernatural horror film and the third installment of the Boogeyman film series, following Boogeyman and Boogeyman 2. The film stars Erin Cahill, Chuck Hittinger and Mimi Michaels.

Upstage (1926)

Upstage (also known as The Mask of Comedy) is a 1926 American silent romantic drama film directed by Monta Bell, starring Norma Shearer and New York musical comedy star Oscar Shaw.

Vandal (2013)

Chérif's mother makes a last-chance deal with a judge to send him away to his aunt and uncle's to attend vocational school after he is arrested. His efforts to go straight hit a roadblock when he learns his cousin is a member of a tagging gang.

The Devil Makes Three (1952)

The Devil Makes Three is a 1952 thriller film set in post-World War II Germany, starring Gene Kelly, Pier Angeli and Richard Egan.

The Flame Within (1935)

The Flame Within is a 1935 American drama film written and directed by Edmund Goulding. The film stars Ann Harding, Herbert Marshall, Maureen O'Sullivan, Louis Hayward, Henry Stephenson and Margaret Seddon. The film was released on May 17, 1935, by Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer.

Lady Bodyguard (1943)

Lady Bodyguard is a 1943 American comedy film directed by William Clemens. The film stars Eddie Albert, Anne Shirley', Raymond Walburn, Roger Pryor', Edward Brophy, Maude Eburne, Clem Bevans and Mary Treen. The film was released on January 2, 1943, by Paramount Pictures.

Subdivision (2009)

Subdivision is an Australian feature film, which was released on 20 August 2009 throughout Australia.

On with the Show! (1929)

On with the Show! is a 1929 American Pre-Code musical film released by Warner Bros. Filmed in Two-strip Technicolor, the film is noted as the first all-talking, all-color feature length movie, and the second color movie released by Warner Bros.; the first was a partly color, black-and-white musical, The Desert Song (1929).

4Play (2014)

Unsatisfied with his prior romantic conquests, a Chicago club owner (Wesley Jonathan) tries to juggle relationships with three women at once.

Bring on the Girls (1945)

Bring on the Girls is a 1945 musical comedy film starring Eddie Bracken, Sonny Tufts and Veronica Lake. It is loosely based on the 1940 French comedy The Man Who Seeks the Truth.

The Time Guardian (1987)

The Time Guardian is a 1987 Australian science fiction film directed by Brian Hannant.

Prison Farm (1938)

Prison Farm is a 1938 American crime film directed by Louis King and written by Eddie Welch, Robert Yost and Stuart Anthony. The film stars Shirley Ross, Lloyd Nolan, John Howard, J. Carrol Naish, Porter Hall, Esther Dale and May Boley. The film was released on June 17, 1938, by Paramount Pictures.

Cloudburst (1951)

Cloudburst is a 1951 British crime drama film, directed by Francis Searle, starring Robert Preston and featuring Elizabeth Sellars, Harold Lang, Colin Tapley and Sheila Burrell. The script is based on a play written by Leo Marks, a wartime cryptographer for the Special Operations Executive, and later the author of a memoir about his wartime work, Between Silk and Cyanide (1998). The film is about a World War II veteran, a former operative for the SOE, who seeks revenge on the driver and passenger of a hit-and-run automobile that struck and killed his wife.

95ers: Echoes (2013)

A woman (Alesandra Durham) who can bend time must use her powers to save herself and her loved ones from sinister forces.

Life at the Resort (2013)

Rumors and secrets affect a pregnant cashier (Vail Bloom), a valet, a chef (Adrian R'Mante), a bellhop and other staffers at a luxurious resort.

Ana Arabia (2013)

Ana Arabia ("I Am Arab") is a 2013 French-Israeli drama film written and directed by Amos Gitai. It was entered into the main competition at the 70th Venice International Film Festival. It consists of a single long take.

Children of Montmartre (1933)

La Maternelle (International title: Children of Montmartre) is a 1933 French film directed and written by Jean Benoit-Lévy and Marie Epstein. It was adapted from Léon Frapié's Prix Goncourt winning novel La Maternelle (1904). In 1935, it was ranked as the 6th best foreign film by the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures, and has received a 7.3 ranking (out of 10) by 71 reviewers at the Internet Movie Database. It has also been noted as one of the earliest French films to use speech.

When A Man Loves (1927)

A nobleman studying for the priesthood abandons his vocation in 18th century France when he falls in love with a beautiful, but reluctant, courtesan.

Sexo por compasión (2000)

Compassionate Sex (Spanish: Sexo por compasión) is a 2000 Spanish-Mexican comedy film directed by Laura Mañá.

Man From Sonora (1951)

Man from Sonora is a 1951 American Western film directed by Lewis D. Collins and written by Maurice Tombragel. The film stars Johnny Mack Brown, Phyllis Coates, Lyle Talbot, House Peters Jr., Lee Roberts and Dennis Moore. The film was released on March 11, 1951, by Monogram Pictures.

Tusks (1988)

An artist (Lucy Gutteridge) crusades for wildlife in Africa, where she finds a lover (Andrew Stevens) and fights a poacher (John Rhys-Davies).

Secret Flight (1946)

School for Secrets (also known as Secret Flight) is a 1946 British black and white film written and directed by Peter Ustinov and starring Ralph Richardson. In leading supporting roles were David Tomlinson, Raymond Huntley, Finlay Currie, Richard Attenborough, John Laurie and Michael Hordern. Developed with the full cooperation of the Air Ministry, the film celebrates the discovery of radar.

Lucky Partners (1940)

Lucky Partners is a 1940 American comedy romance drama film directed by Lewis Milestone for RKO Radio Pictures. The film is based on the 1936 Sacha Guitry story "Bonne Chance", and stars Ronald Colman and Ginger Rogers marking their only film together, and Rogers' eleventh and final film written by Allan Scott.

Journey Into the Beyond (1975)

John Carradine narrates a look at psychic phenomena: crying statues, levitation, a witch doctor's eye surgery.

The Assassin (1961)

The Assassin (Italian: L'assassino) is a 1961 Italian crime film directed by Elio Petri. It is the feature film debut of Petri. It was entered into the 11th Berlin International Film Festival.

Uncle Vanya (1971)

Uncle Vanya (Russian: Дядя Ваня, translit. Dyadya Vanya) is a 1970[citation needed] film adaptation of the Anton Chekhov play of the same title and directed by Andrey Konchalovskiy.

The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson (1990)

The Court-Martial of Jackie Robinson is a 1990 American drama film directed by Larry Peerce and written by L. Travis Clark, Steve Duncan, Clay Frohman and Dennis Lynton Clark. The film stars Andre Braugher, Daniel Stern, Ruby Dee, Stan Shaw, Paul Dooley and Bruce Dern. The film premiered on TNT on October 15, 1990.

Ten Gentlemen From West Point (1942)

Ten Gentlemen from West Point is a 1942 film directed by Henry Hathaway. It stars George Montgomery and Maureen O'Hara. It was nominated for an Academy Award in 1943. George Montgomery replaced John Payne ho was suffering an emotional upset at the time. The story tell a fictional story of the first class of the United States Military Academy in the early 1800s.

The Sporting Venus (1925)

The Sporting Venus (1925) is a silent romance film directed by Marshall Neilan. The film was the second MGM release of Neilan, and starred his wife, actress Blanche Sweet, who allegedly sported the lowest waistline of 1925. This is the first of two feature films that paired Ronald Colman with Blanche Sweet, the second being His Supreme Moment, which was released in May 1925. This film is listed as being extant (surviving) at silentera database.

Cage (1989)

Cage is a 1989 American martial arts action film starring Reb Brown and Lou Ferrigno.

Gunfighter's Moon (1997)

Gunfighters Moon is a 1995 Western film produced by Douglas Curtis, directed by Larry Ferguson and starring Lance Henriksen, Kay Lenz and David McIlwraith. Also appearing are Nikki DeLoach, Ivan Sergei and James Victor.

World Premiere (1941)

World Premiere is a 1941 American comedy film directed by Ted Tetzlaff and written by Earl Felton. The film stars John Barrymore, Frances Farmer, Eugene Pallette, Virginia Dale, Ricardo Cortez, Sig Ruman and Don Castle. The film was released on August 21, 1941, by Paramount Pictures.

The Mysterious Rider (1938)

The Mysterious Rider is a 1938 American Western film directed by Lesley Selander and starring Douglass Dumbrille, Sidney Toler, and Russell Hayden. Written by Maurice Geraghty based on the 1921 novel The Mysterious Rider by Zane Gray, the film is about a notorious outlaw who returns to the ranch he once owned and takes a job disguised as a ranch hand. Unrecognized by the ranch's current owner, he waits patiently for an opportunity to expose the men who murdered his partner twenty years ago, framed him for the crime, and then stole his ranch. The film was later released for television in the United States as Mark of the Avenger.

The Beast of Hollow Mountain (1956)

The Beast of Hollow Mountain is a 1956 Weird West horror movie about an American cowboy living in Mexico who discovers his missing cattle are being preyed upon by an Allosaurus. The Allosaurus would later attack local villagers in a town, and eventually be destroyed by getting lured into some quicksand and drowning. The first film to show dinosaurs and cowboys in the same picture, it is notable for being based on a story idea by special effects innovator Willis O'Brien. It used a form of stop motion called replacement animation to bring the dinosaur to life. O'Brien co-wrote the script under the pseudonym El Toro Estrella; O'Brien was also to have originally done the special effects for this movie, but this did not happen for reasons unknown. Jack Rabin, Henry Sharp and Louis de Witt ended up doing the effects, probably based on O'Brien's storyboards. This film was one of the few American/Mexican co-productions of the 50s. It was made in color and Scope. It starred Guy Madison and Patricia Medina, and was produced/ co-directed by Edward Nassour.

Excuse Me (2012)

A sailor and his would-be bride search their train for a clergyman to marry them..

Papa Hemingway in Cuba (2016)

In 1959, Miami journalist and aspiring writer Ed Myers travels to Havana to meet his idol Ernest Hemingway. An unexpected friendship develops as the legendary author mentors young Myers in deep-sea fishing, drinking — and finding his literary voice — while the Cuban Revolution ignites around them. Papa: Hemingway in Cuba offers an extraordinary glimpse into the life of a uniquely American icon.

Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man (1943)

After being awakened, Larry Talbot chips Frankenstein's Monster out of a block of ice. When Talbot changes to the Wolf Man, the two creatures battle each other.

Violent Summer (1959)

Estate violenta (U.S. title: Violent Summer) is a 1959 Italian award-winning black-and-white drama film directed by Valerio Zurlini, depicting a love affair between a prominent Fascist's young draft-dodging son, portrayed by Jean-Louis Trintignant, and a naval officer's widow, older than he, portrayed by Eleonora Rossi Drago. It is set in the Italian seaside resort of Riccione in July 1943, around the time of the dismissal of Benito Mussolini, during the Allied invasion of Sicily in World War II. Estate violenta is Zurlini's second feature film, with which he made his name as a director.

Two Bits (1995)

Two Bits is a 1995 American drama film directed by James Foley and starring Al Pacino, Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio and Jerry Barone. It was written by Joseph Stefano, who considered the film a personal project, with a semi-biographical story. The title refers to the American slang term "two bits", for a quarter dollar.

Apache War Smoke (1952)

Apache War Smoke is a 1952 American Western film starring Gilbert Roland, Glenda Farrell, and Robert Horton. The film was directed by Harold F. Kress and is based on the short story "Stage Station" by Ernest Haycox. It was released by MGM on September 25, 1952. An outlaw murders several Apaches and flees to a stagecoach station with the tribe in hot pursuit.

The Wandering Soul Murders (2001)

Ex-cop Joanne Kilbourn (Wendy Crewson) joins forces with old partner Philip Millard (Victor Garber) in investigating a series of prostitutes' murders.

Roxanne: The Prize Pulitzer (1989)

The 1970s Palm Beach, Fla., marriage of Roxanne (Chynna Phillips) and Herbert Pulitzer (Perry King) ends in a scandalous 1980s divorce.

Perry Mason: The Case of the Killer Kiss (1993)

A soap opera star, Kris Buckner (Genie Francis), is accused of murdering another actor, Mark Stratton (Sean Kanan), who also worked on the hit show and tried to get Buckner fired. The evidence against Buckner is compelling, since she threatened to kill the disagreeable Stratton when he almost got her axed. But Perry Mason (Raymond Burr) and his experienced investigative team believe she is innocent and do everything they can to prove it with the help of a die-hard soap fan.

House of Fury (2005)

House of Fury is a 2005 Hong Kong martial arts comedy film written and directed by Stephen Fung, who also co-stars in the film, and executive produced by Jackie Chan. The film stars Anthony Wong, Michael Wong and Gillian Chung. The film was released in the Hong Kong on 24 March 2005. House of Fury features a collaboration between Anthony Wong and Michael Wong, reuniting them for the first time since 1998's Beast Cops.