Tiger on the Beat 2 (1990)

Paul F. Tompkins: Driven to Drink (1998)

Three Moods (1980)

Le streghe, femmes entre elles (2009)

Othello (Shakespeare's Globe Theatre) (2008)

Family Values (2002)

Porky's Railroad (1937)

Porky's Railroad is a Looney Tunes cartoon starring Porky Pig released in 1937.

The Final Chapter: The Death of Xander Cage (2005)

Kamen Rider vs. Shocker (1972)

Hei ying di gu dao (1981)

Howd' Ya Like That? (1934)

Çalikusu (1966)

Sarong Aldaw (2012)

Canadian Ninja (2014)

Portrait (2002)

Landscapes of the Heart: The Elizabeth Spencer (2013)

Spirit: A Journey in Dance, Drums & Song (1998)

Angel Mine (1978)

Hawaiian Punch (2013)

Journey Through the Labyrinth (2007)

Good Night Elmer (1940)

Good Night, Elmer is a Merrie Melodies cartoon short released by Warner Bros. on October 26, 1940, directed by Chuck Jones, animated by Philip Monroe and written by Rich Hogan. The cartoon depicts the ill-fated attempts of Elmer Fudd, in a rare leading role, to extinguish a candle by his bedside so that he can retire for the night, with the flame always surging again in spite of Elmer's best efforts. Elmer finally succeeds, but only at the expense of wrecking his bedroom in the process, and no sooner than he lies down, the sun comes up, precipitating a nervous breakdown in Fudd.

Night of Vampyrmania (1993)

Monopoly Men: Federal Reserve Fraud (2000)

Feed Them to the Cannibals! (1993)

Emayam (1979)

Building No. 7 (2006)

Loulou's Snails (2006)

Rangbhoomi (2013)

Nuclear Nightmare: Japan in Crisis (2011)

Androides (2010)

The Foetus (1997)

Number 14: Late Superimpositions (1965)

Wide Angle Saxon (1975)

Kombinat 'Nadezhda' (2014)

Superflat First Love (2009)

Stick 'Em Up (1950)

Let's Have a Murder is a 1950 British comedy crime film directed by John E. Blakeley and starring Jimmy Jewel, Ben Warriss and Lesley Osmond. It was made by Mancunian Films at their studios in Manchester. Two private detectives are hired to clear a friend accused of murder.

Ray: A Life Underwater (2011)

Carta de amor de un asesino (1972)

The Breathers-In (2002)

Mirrored Measure (1996)

Shaka no shogai (1961)

Louis C.K. Learns About the Catholic Church (2007)

Cesta (2004)

I Am No One (2013)

Anvil - Live at Rockpalast (2011)

Peter Cetera - Live Salt Lake City (2004)

Negerboll (2010)

The Sound of Miles Davis (1959)

Running the Ropes (2011)

The River (1977)

'The Bully' (1932)

His Brave Defender (1900)

The Many Days of 'Day of the Dead' (2003)

Bloodsucking Cinema (2007)

Bloodsucking Cinema is a 2008 documentary about vampire movies and it has horror directors talking about the genre. It is an Anchor Bay Entertainment film and it aired on Starz fear fest. It was released on September 23, 2008.

Not Now (1936)

Not Now is a 1936 Fleischer Studios animated short films starring Betty Boop and Pudgy the Pup. It is now public domain.

Munted (2011)

Jazz Daimyo (1986)

Post Partum (2014)

Proximity (2013)

Calhoun: County Agent (1964)

Sea Racketeers (1937)

Sea Racketeers is a 1937 American film directed by Hamilton MacFadden.

Søsken til evig tid (2013)

Snowdysseus (2013)

Cookin' with Gags (1955)

Tweety's Circus (1955)

Tweety's Circus is a "Merrie Melodies" cartoon animated short starring Tweety, Sylvester, and various circus animals. Released June 4, 1955, the cartoon is directed by Friz Freleng. All the voices are performed by Mel Blanc. The cartoon is the last to use the 1945-1955 version of "Merrily We Roll Along."

Happy Holland (1952)

A Bergman Tapestry (2004)

Girl Power (1993)

Angst (2013)

Anatomy of a Liar (2012)

The Days God Slept (2013)

Cornelis (1997)

Made Backwards (2007)

Dupe (2005)

The Major Lied 'Til Dawn (1938)

The Major Lied 'Til Dawn is a Merrie Melodies cartoon released to theaters on August 13, 1938. This short was directed by Frank Tashlin. The short was written by Richard Hogan and animated by Phil Monroe.

Mao bian (1991)

Evercracked! The Phenomenon of Everquest (2009)

Grand Opera: An Historical Romance (1978)

Old Mother Hubbard (1935)

In Search of the Unreturned Soldiers in Thailand (1971)

Vicki (2012)

Orange to Black (2009)

Après le lancement: sortie des invités et du public (1900)

Wonders of the Deep (1920)

Emmanuelle the Private Collection: Jesse's Secret Desires (2006)

O Noviço Rebelde (1997)

O Noviço Rebelde is a 1997 Brazilian comedy film written, produced and starring by Renato Aragão. Directed by Tizuka Yamasaki, the film is an parody of the 1965 American film The Sound of Music. It was shot in Beberibe, Ceará.

Prisma (2013)

Swedish Nympho Slaves (1977)

Running Away with Blackie (2009)

Karusarû maki: yoru wa shî o nurasu (1974)

200 años después (2012)

Karagoez catalogo 9,5 (1983)

Hinein! Fussball - Weltmeisterschaft 1958 (1958)

Flying South (1937)

The Shell Shocked Egg (1948)

The Shell Shocked Egg is a 1948 Merrie Melodies cartoon directed by Robert McKimson. The plot concerns a baby turtle named Clem who is only partly hatched and looks for a place to finish hatching while running into a dog and rooster who break out into a feud over ownership of the egg while Clem's family looks for him at the beach. The plot of a partly hatched baby animal experiencing misadventures in completing his hatching is loosely based on Frank Tashlin's Booby Hatched, released in 1944.

Existence (2007)

Derzkie dni (2007)

Hip Hop: A Tale from the Hood (2003)

El encamado (2012)

The Dead (1960)