Friends Don't Let Friends Date Friends (2014)

Coffee-drinking poets hang out in thrift stores and cemeteries while trying to find themselves.

Heads Up (1930)

A Coast Guard ensign (Charles Rogers) boards a family yacht suspected of running rum.

The Student and Mister Henri (2015)

An old man lets a student live in his apartment for free in exchange for ruining his son's marriage.

Spacejacked (1997)

A woman (Amanda Pays) who won an intergalactic cruise tries to stop a captain (Corbin Bernsen) from hijacking the spacecraft.

Archangel (1990)

Lt. John Boles (Kyle McCulloch), a British soldier fighting in World War I, is trapped in the icy Russian town of Archangel. When Boles meets a local couple named Veronkha (Kathy Marykuca) and Philbin (Ari Cohen), he falls for Veronkha because she seems to be his late wife's doppleganger. What follows is a twisted love triangle, as Philbin -- an amnesiac -- forgets that he is married to Veronkha, while Boles begins to think that Veronkha is his dead wife.

Wolf Creek 2 (2013)

A young man (Ryan Corr) matches wits with a sadistic killer (John Jarratt) who lives in an underground, booby-trapped lair in the Australian outback.

Jungle Assault (1989)

A retired U.S. general (William Smith) takes his own team to Latin America to rescue his daughter.

305 (2008)

A bumbling Spartan soldier (Tim Larson) and his equally incompetent comrades are assigned to guard a goat path.

Brother, Cry For Me (1970)

Three brothers resort to kidnapping, extortion and murder as they search the jungle for a fortune in Inca treasure.

The Things of Life (1970)

Pierre (Michel Piccoli) has a loving and devoted wife (Lea Massari) and the two have a bright and inventive son. Nevertheless, Pierre keeps a mistress, Hlne (Romy Schneider), and the two have a passionate-but-volatile relationship. After he's thrown from his sports car in a high-speed crash, Pierre is rushed to the hospital and, in between falling in and out of consciousness, considers his tangled relationships and the effect they have on him and his family.

Marry the Girl (1937)

A wacky brother (Hugh Herbert) and sister (Mary Boland) run a newspaper syndicate.

The Adventures of Tintin: Prisoners of the Sun (2018)

Tintin, Snowy, Haddock and Calculus hunt for professor Tarragon, who was kidnapped during the theft of a rare Incan mummy.

How the Toys Saved Christmas (1996)

Enchanted toys come to life to do battle with a holiday-hating villain who is bent on stopping Christmas.

It Pays to Advertise (1931)

A young man gets into trouble when he markets a non-existent laundry soap and then has to deliver on it when it proves to be popular.

My Breast (1994)

Wit and spirit help a New York journalist (Meredith Baxter) deal with her boyfriend (Jamey Sheridan) and with breast cancer.

All Fired Up (1982)

A young woman suspects that her father has an ulterior motive for returning to the family he abandoned long ago.

Come on Danger! (1932)

A Texas Ranger (Tom Keene) helps a woman (Julie Haydon) forced to rob to save her ranch.

The Dead Don't Dream (1948)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) figures out how and why three men died in a hotel room.

False Paradise (1948)

Hopalong Cassidy (William Boyd) and company (Andy Clyde, Rand Brooks) help some friends whose friendly banker is a crook.

In Dark Places (1997)

A vengeful woman (Joan Severance) lures her half brother (Bryan Kestner) into a game that may leave her the sole heir to their abusive father's fortune.

Search for Grace (1994)

Present-day lovers (Lisa Hartman Black, Ken Wahl) discover through hypnotherapy that their lives echo a 1920s doomed couple.

Kids' Rights: The Business of Adoption (2014)

During their attempts to adopt a child, a young couple deal with corruption and unfair laws as they journey through Nepal, Ukraine, China, the United Kingdom and the USA.

The Big Gamble (1961)

An Irishman (Stephen Boyd) and his bride (Juliette Grco) go into trucking in Africa with her family's money, audited by a meek cousin (David Wayne).

Summer Wishes, Winter Dreams (1973)

Middle-aged, middle-class New Yorker Rita Walden (Joanne Woodward), already prone to depression and nightmares, is thrown into an emotional tailspin by the sudden death of her mother (Sylvia Sidney). Settling her mother's estate dredges up memories of her idyllic childhood on the family farm, and of her adolescent crush on one of the farm workers, a painful contrast to her strained relationships with her two grown children and her war-haunted optometrist husband, Harry (Martin Balsam).

Pester (2014)

Two brothers in the pest-control business deal with family ties, personal identity, and two forms of addiction.

The Black Tavern (1972)

The down and dirty meet in a tavern to plot their nefarious schemes.

Amelia Lópes O'Neill (1991)

In Valparaiso, Chile, two beautiful sisters (Laura del Sol, Laura Benson) fall in love with the same doctor (Franco Nero).

Operación Fangio (1999)

In the months before the Cuban Revolution, followers of Castro kidnap an auto racer.

Half Moon Street (1986)

A London scholar (Sigourney Weaver) moonlights as a personal escort and becomes a pawn in a plot against a client (Michael Caine).

The Last Diamond (2014)

Simon, a burglar on parole, agrees to steal a priceless diamond and has a diamond expert help him with the heist.

Killer (1994)

A New York hit man (Anthony LaPaglia) falls for his latest target, a beautiful woman (Mimi Rogers) who wants to die.

Bleak Moments (1971)

A plump secretary (Anne Raitt) lives with her mentally impaired sister and hopes to marry a teacher with a secret.

The Revolt of the Slaves (1961)

A rich man's daughter (Rhonda Fleming) sides with a Christian rebel during the fall of the Roman Empire.

My First Miracle (2003)

A precocious 11-year-old girl (Henriette Confurius) develops a controversial relationship with a middle-aged man (Leonard Lansink).

Marche à l'ombre (1984)

Two struggling musicians journey to Paris for a shot at stardom, sharing numerous misadventures along the way.

The Case of the Velvet Claws (1936)

After Perry Mason (Warren William) finally ties the knot with his long-suffering secretary (Claire Dodd), their honeymoon is cut short by Eve Belter (Winifred Shaw), wife of newspaper owner George Belter (Joseph King). Eve wants Mason to stop George from publishing information about her affair with a local politician (Kenneth Harlan) in a gossip column. Soon, George is dead and Mason is the number one suspect. With help from his assistant (Eddie Acuff), Mason sets out to find the real killer.

The Porter (1949)

A porter falls in love with his pretty neighbor who is unable to walk.

Diamond City (1949)

A British miner (David Farrar) fights a rum trader for power in a rowdy makeshift city in 1870s South Africa.

The Last of Mrs. Cheyney (1929)

A jewel thief (Norma Shearer) posing as a rich widow corners British aristocrats at a country mansion.

Cool Runnings: The Reggae Movie (1986)

Even after the death of Bob Marley, the spirit of reggae music lives on in this documentary of the annual Reggae Sunsplash Festival, which is captured live at the Bob Marley Center in Montego Bay, Jamaica, during the summer of 1983. In addition to backstage interviews, the film features live performances by the Melody Makers, Gregory Isaacs, Musical Youth, Third World and early Jamaican music pioneer Alton Ellis, as well as cameo appearances by Marley's widow, Rita, and 14-year-old son, Ziggy.

The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse (1921)

In Argentina, Julio (Rudolph Valentino) is a smooth-talking, wanton man, and the favorite grandson of rich landowner Madariaga (Pomeroy Cannon). Julio is French, and his very large family also has a German side, but after Madariaga's death, Julio decides to desert them all for Paris. There, he takes up with married woman Marguerite (Alice Terry). But as World War I begins, Julio joins up with the French, and soon has an unpleasant reunion with his German relatives on the battlefield.

He Who Gets Slapped (1924)

After Baron Regnard (Marc MacDermott) steals both his greatest invention and his wife, scientist Paul Beaumont (Lon Chaney) loses all self-regard and joins a circus sideshow to become the most famous clown in France, known as "He Who Gets Slapped" by other clowns. When Paul falls in love with bareback rider Consuelo (Norma Shearer), she and her partner, Brazo (John Gilbert), mock him. He is heartbroken, but determined to shield Consuelo when Regnard shows sudden romantic interest in her.

Une vie à t'attendre (2004)

A restaurateur's (Patrick Bruel) plan to settle down falls by the wayside when he and an old flame (Nathalie Baye) rekindle their affair.

The Sea Hawk (1924)

Framed for murder by his own half brother, Sir Oliver Tressilian (Milton Sills) is impressed into service aboard a British ship. When that ship is captured by the Spanish Armada, he is put to work as a galley slave. Escaping to a band of Barbary pirates, he eventually becomes their leader. He gains wealth and fame during his adventures as "The Sea Hawk," but he dreams of returning to England to exact revenge on his brother -- and to reclaim his fiancée.

Something In Common (1986)

A Manhattan widow's (Ellen Burstyn) 22-year-old son (Patrick Cassidy) falls for a divorcee (Tuesday Weld) old enough to be his mother.

Isi/Disi: Rough Love (2004)

A lovestruck metalhead (Santiago Segura) pretends to be a friend of singer Joaqun Sabina as part of a plan to woo a pretty coed (Jaydy Michel).

Broadway Rhythm (1944)

Wunderkind producer Johnnie Demming (George Murphy) is having trouble finding an appropriate star for his latest Broadway attraction. When screen starlet Helen Hoyt (Ginny Simms) blows into town, he thinks she'd be perfect, but Helen isn't convinced Johnnie has a hit on his hands. To make things worse, Johnnie's vaudevillian father (Charles Winninger) doesn't want to be in the show, preferring to mount one of his own and steal away some of the very same talent Johnnie hopes to attract.

All Men Are Brothers -- Blood of the Leopard (1993)

Heroes and villains clash in their quest for power in a spectacle of swordplay.

Happy Old Year (1988)

A student activist who lost his arms and legs in an accident continues his efforts in memory of his father.

These Foolish Things (1990)

Heart surgery prompts a French screenwriter to mend her relationship with the ailing father who neglected her.

Electroboy (2014)

Florian Burkhardt seeks fame but becomes wrapped up in a complex search for identity.

Raw Justice (1994)

The mayor of a small town hires a bounty hunter (David Keith) to find his daughter's killer, but it turns out to be a very dangerous job.

The Dead Next Door (1989)

An elite government squad takes action when cultists and flesh-craving zombies unite to destroy the human race.

Sherlock Holmes & The Baskerville Curse (1983)

Sherlock Holmes (Peter O'Toole) and Dr. Watson delve into a family curse.

The Imperial Swordsman (1972)

A government official heads home after being charged with falsifying reports. Along the way, he encounters and recruits a swordsman and both must protect a fleeing bride.

I Accuse My Parents (1944)

The judge cites parental neglect in the case of a teenager (John Miljan) charged with murder.

Napoleon and Me (2006)

A writer authors the memoirs of Napoleon during his time in exile.

A Queen Is Crowned (1953)

Laurence Olivier narrates footage and the events leading up to and through the coronation of Elizabeth II.

In The Arms Of My Enemy (2007)

In the 1800s a man (Adrien Jolivet) embarks on a quest for revenge, after a thug (Grgoire Colin) kills his younger brother.

Dead Eyes of London (1961)

When rich men become the targets in a series of murders in London, detectives from Scotland Yard investigate the crimes. Soon evidence points to the perpetrators being involved with a home for the blind and further implies that those responsible may be sightless themselves. The beautiful Nora Ward (Karen Baal) begins to uncover the mystery as she determines that a person with sight is pulling the strings. However, this revelation just may put her life in danger.


After witnessing the horrors of religious persecution, a Roman centurion is converted to Christianity.

A Day Out in Paris (2013)

Complications arise when a young man tries to attend a writing workshop in Paris.

Wild Bill: Hollywood Maverick (1995)

Alec Baldwin narrates this account of the life of prolific Hollywood director William A. Wellman, first winner of the Oscar for best picture.

Hong Kong Rebels (2014)

A 16-year-old aspiring writer is lured into the Hong Kong underworld after his brother's questionable suicide.

Overland Trails (1948)

A cowboy's love for a young woman is threatened by her father's involvement in the deaths of several prospectors.

American Addict (2012)

The politics and big business that has made America the most prescription-addicted society in the world.

Nutcracker Fantasy (1979)

A girl's love and courage are tested while attempting to help a handsome soldier under the spell of a two-headed mouse.

Little Bigfoot (1997)

Children vacationing in the country meet a friendly creature who leads them on a series of adventures.

Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare (1975)

Alice Cooper performs his horror stage act in a concert in 1975.

Cyborg Cop II (1994)

A policeman (David Bradley) helps an anti-terrorist (Jill Pierce) combat a cyborg (Morgan Hunter) out to destroy the human race.

Night Siege Project: Shadowchaser 2 (1994)

An engineer (Bryan Genesse), a scientist (Beth Toussaint) and her son defend a nuclear base from terrorists led by an android (Frank Zagarino).

The Disciple (1915)

Jim Houston arrives in a lawless town to bring back order.

Algorithms (2013)

Three boys from different parts of India and a blind chess player compete in tournaments.

Revenge of the Teen-Age Vixens From Outer Space (1985)

Frustrated by Earth teens (Lisa Schwedop, Howard Scott, Amy Crumpacker), lusty aliens start turning people into garden vegetables.

Temptation (2009)

After a vampire (Rachel Waters) saves her life, a woman (Caroline Haines) has 48 hours to decide whether to kill herself or let the curse of eternal bloodlust take hold.

Photographing Fairies (1997)

A photographer (Toby Stephens) becomes obsessed with two British girls' contention that they cavorted with fairies.

Dryads - Girls Don't Cry (2015)

A teenager's life suddenly becomes exciting when a band moves in next door. When she falls under the spell of the lead singer, she learns that being cool comes with a price.

Midnight in Saint Petersburg (1996)

British spy Harry Palmer (Michael Caine) pursues a mission to recover plutonium stolen by terrorists.

La Maladie de Sachs (1999)

An unhappy French physician (Albert Dupontel) falls for a charming patient (Valerie Dreville) while maintaining a facade for the others.

Ellen Foster (1997)

In this TV movie set in the American South during the 1980s, 11-year-old Ellen (Jena Malone) enters a life of hardship after her mother's suicide. Fleeing her abusive father, she goes first to live with her bitter grandmother (Julie Harris) and then is shuttled to one strange household after another, always beset by new problems and difficulties but gaining strength and insight along the way. The title of the film refers to her misunderstanding the phrase "foster family."

Armi Alive! (2015)

A theater group creates a show about the iconic visionary.

The Las Vegas Story (1952)

On a visit to Las Vegas, the wealthy Lloyd Rollins (Vincent Price) goes on a gambling streak, much to the dismay of his beautiful wife, Linda (Jane Russell). While in town, Linda decides to stop by her old stomping grounds, a casino, where she runs into her former flame, Lt. Dave Andrews (Victor Mature). Though Andrews hopes to rekindle his romance with Linda, missing jewelry, murder and kidnapping hinder those plans, and he must get to the bottom of the crimes.

Aghet: A Genocide (2010)

From 1915 to 1918, the Ottoman Empire massacres over a million Armenians.

Go for It (1983)

Two secret agents (Terence Hill, Bud Spencer) must prevent a villainous inventor from detonating his bomb in a large city.

Saxophone Colossus (1998)

Combining concert footage with candid interviews, director Robert Mugge's look into the life of famed jazz musician Sonny Rollins follows him from New York City to Tokyo for his many performances. Rollins, known for his improvisational skills on the saxophone, speaks about his career and is also featured playing with the Yomiuri Nippon Symphony Orchestra in Tokyo. Archival footage and interviews with his wife and several jazz critics flesh out the portrait of this jazz icon.

Kingdom of Conquerors (2013)

A Taoist priest (Zhao Youliang), rumored to know the secret of immortality, sets forth to end Genghis Khan's string of bloody conquests.

Blue Skies (1946)

Aging New York radio star and former dance sensation Jed Potter (Fred Astaire) tells his life story on the air. It comes dramatized through a series of vignettes that recount a decades-long love triangle that started between a much younger Potter, his one-time Army buddy and show-business rival, Johnny Adams (Bing Crosby) and a spitfire showgirl and nightclub singer, Mary O'Hara (Joan Caulfield). Throughout, musical numbers featuring the songs of Irving Berlin punctuate the drama.

To the Last Man (1933)

In 1860s Kentucky, the neighboring Hayden and Colby clans have been at each other's throats for years, and the family feud turns violent when hotheaded Jed Colby (Noah Beery) murders an elderly member of the other family. Jed is put in jail for a long sentence, and most of the Haydens depart for the West to avoid further troubles, leaving behind only young Lynn Hayden (Randolph Scott) to watch the homestead. But when Jed is finally released, he goes after the Haydens, with Lynn on his tail.

The Man I Love (1997)

A nightclub singer becomes involved in an accidental death as a petty racketeer tries to force his attentions on her.

The Day Of The Cobra (1980)

A former narcotics detective is re-hired to track down an old nemesis working the streets and back alleys of Genoa.

3 Little Pigs and the Magic Lamp (2016)

Best friends follow a treasure map to a mysterious lamp that could unlock the secrets of the forest.

Thunder Warrior (1984)

Beaten up for defending a tribal burial ground, an Indian (Mark Gregory) arms himself for revenge.

The Witches (1966)

Gwen Mayfield (Joan Fontaine) suffers a mental collapse after a showdown with a witch doctor while performing missionary work in Africa. Once she recuperates, she starts teaching at a private school in England and gets to know Linda (Ingrid Brett), one of her students. Linda's boyfriend claims that there is a cult that is going to sacrifice her, and Gwen begins to investigate the wild rumors. This leads her to a confrontation with powerful cult leader Stephanie Bax (Kay Walsh).

Shouk (2015)

A sensitive, introverted teen cares for his controlling mother in their home outside Israel.

Henry Fool (1998)

An egocentric bum (Thomas Jay Ryan) transforms the lives of a shy New Jersey garbageman (James Urbaniak) and his sister (Parker Posey).

Alex And The Gypsy (1976)

A seedy bondsman (Jack Lemmon) bails out his Gypsy ex-girlfriend (Genevive Bujold), arrested for assaulting her current boyfriend.

Geographically Desirable (2015)

An overworked newswoman's life is derailed after she inherits a house and a dog in a small town.

A Place Called Today (1972)

A mayoral candidate (J. Herbert Kerr Jr.) sends two radicals on a bombing spree to justify his anti-crime campaign.

The Boys (1961)

Lawyers (Richard Todd, Robert Morley) debate British law itself in the murder trial of four juvenile delinquents.

After the Credits (2010)

The lives of two people after their happily ever after.