This Is Not An Exit : The Fictional World Of Bret Easton Ellis (1998)

When "American Psycho" was released early in 2000 it reaffirmed author Bret Easton Ellis as the controversial "bad boy" of contemporary American Fiction. "This is Not an Exit" reveals the world inhabited by Ellis. In HD.

They Meet Again (1941)

Dr. Christian takes time out from his appointed rounds to help clear a bank teller of embezzlement charges.

They Killed Sister Dorothy (2008)

In February of 2005, Sister Dorothy Stang, a 73-year-old Catholic nun and activist, is killed in the Brazilian rain forest where she fought against the exploitation of the land by powerful loggers and landowners.

Ambush at Cimarron Pass (1958)

Roaming ex-Confederates join a cavalry sergeant (Scott Brady) taking a prisoner through Indian country.

Adam: His Song Continues (1986)

Having lost a son, the Walshes (Daniel J. Travanti, JoBeth Williams) move to Washington to lobby in behalf of other missing children.

Escape From Zahrain (1962)

When the leader of an Arab country orders the assassination of captured guerrilla fighter Sharif (Yul Brynner), the attempt is thwarted by a group of college students. Led by the passionate Ahmed (Sal Mineo), the young rebels attempt to get Sharif to a safe location abroad, along with other liberated prisoners, including American swindler Huston (Jack Warden). Eventually, Sharif, Ahmed and Huston elude the authorities by stealing an ambulance, but can they make it out of the country?

Shouting Fire: Stories from the Edge of Free Speech (2009)

Director Liz Garbus' documentary delves into the history and current state of the First Amendment to the United States Constitution. Detailing how the protection and exercise of free speech has changed and how global politics influences these trends, the film studies a number of free speech cases, many of them post-9/11. With comments from a range of scholars, students and political pundits, "Shouting Fire" presents a fascinating insight into of one of the cornerstones of U.S. democracy.

What Price Crime (1935)

A G-man (Charles Starrett) poses as a prizefighter to catch a dealer in weapons stolen from arsenals.

The Girl Who Dared (1944)

A young woman seeking thrills meets with a mysterious death on a remote island.

My Six Loves (1963)

The frantic life of Broadway superstar Janice Courtney (Debbie Reynolds) catches up with her when she collapses before a throng of reporters. Fleeing to her rural Connecticut home to recuperate, Janice discovers six abandoned children squatting on her property. She takes in the scruffy but endearing kids, gradually becoming close to them and to the handsome local pastor (Cliff Robertson). But, when she returns to Broadway, one of the children runs away -- and Janice faces a life-changing choice.

My Refuge (2013)

The people of a small city in Arizona deal with the aftermath of a nuclear detonation on U.S. soil.

My Gun Is Quick (1957)

After private detective Mike Hammer (Robert Bray) defends a prostitute (Jan Chaney) from a violent thug, she's killed in what looks like a hit-and-run accident. But her ring -- once stolen by Nazis -- is again missing. After Capt. Pat Chambers (Booth Coleman) briefs Mike, he embarks on a search to find the ring and unravel the mystery surrounding the murder. Along the way, he meets a beautiful widow, Nancy (Whitney Blake), and must confront a gang of jewel smugglers.

Make Mine Mink (1960)

When Lily (Billie Whitelaw), a maid at Dame Beatrice's (Athene Seyler) boarding house, steals a mink coat to give to Beatrice, the other residents of the house organize to return the coat and save Lily from arrest. However, the excitement is a great change from their boring lives, and they decide to start stealing coats for charity purposes. Maj. Rayne (Terry-Thomas) leads the otherwise female group of unlikely thieves -- Nanette (Hattie Jacques), Pinkie (Elspeth Duxbury) and Beatrice.

Casting About (2005)

Filmmaker Barry J. Hershey documents the process by which actresses are cast in a dramatic feature he wrote.

Making Something Up (2001)

An anal-retentive author of children's books wrestles with personal significance and professional recognition while falling for an unemployed single mom whose old beau won't let her go.

Time Limit (1957)

Maj. Cargill (Richard Basehart) is accused of aiding his captors while held in a North Korean prison during the war and brought up on charges of treason. Col. William Edwards (Richard Widmark) has been assigned to defend the major in his court martial, but it's not an easy case for the colonel. More than a dozen witnesses are prepared to testify against Cargill, and the major himself admits his guilt. But Edwards begins to suspect that the major is innocent and covering up for someone else.

Good-Time Girl (1948)

A British magistrate (Flora Robson) tells the story of a wayward girl (Jean Kent) who joins two GI deserters in a crime spree.

The Children of Times Square (1986)

The mother (Joanna Cassidy) of a runaway (Brandon Douglas) tries to save him from a cocaine dealer's (Howard E. Rollins Jr.) youth gang in New York.

Time Indefinite (1993)

After documentarian Ross McElwee gets married, a series of misfortunes follow: his grandmother dies, his wife miscarries, and then his father dies less than a week later. Shaken by the sudden string of deaths, McElwee becomes depressed. After spending time with his friend and former high school poetry teacher, Charlene, he goes to meet his brother, a doctor. In a series of interviews, McElwee contemplates his morbid preoccupation with death and tries to figure out how to shake it off.

When Hell Broke Loose (1958)

A petty criminal hiding out in the U.S. Army is informed of a Nazi plot to assassinate an American general.

Dreaming Out Loud (1940)

Country storekeepers Lum 'n' Abner (Chester Lauck, Norris Goff) try to run things in Pine Ridge, Ark.

Hold Your Peace (2011)

Aiden is asked to be the best man at his ex-boyfriend's wedding.

Eternally Yours (1939)

Beautiful young Anita (Loretta Young) is engaged to the prosperous Don Barnes (Broderick Crawford) and headed on a path toward a comfortable life. Things suddenly change, however, when she encounters the Great Arturo (David Niven), a dashing stage magician, and falls head over heels for him. Easing into the role of both Arturo's wife and assistant, Anita eventually grows weary of the life of a world-wandering performer, causing a crisis in their marriage.

Here Comes the Groom (1951)

Reporter Pete Garvey (Bing Crosby), who has been running a French orphanage, is hoping to adopt two kids and marry his longtime girlfriend, Emmadel (Jane Wyman). But Pete, who has been dragging his feet on proposing, is unpleasantly surprised when he arrives in Boston ready to pop the question, only to find that Emmadel is engaged to another man (Franchot Tone). Desperate to win her back, Pete teams up with her cousin, Winifred, to convince Emmadel to finally marry him.

The Duke Comes Back (1937)

An ex-fighter comes out of retirement to prevent fixed fights and keep his father-in-law from going to prison.

More Than Blue (2009)

A terminally ill man (Kwon Sang-Woo) tries to find a suitable husband for the friend (Bo-young Lee) he has loved since childhood.

Millions Like Us (1943)

At the outbreak of World War II, Celia (Patricia Roc) and her family must join the domestic British war effort. Celia is recruited to work in a munitions factory, where her co-workers represent a variety of social classes. She falls in love with Fred Blake (Gordon Jackson), a young pilot, and the two are married. Fred is soon deployed to battle, however, and Celia must face the harsh realities of life as a soldier's wife, while continuing her crucial work on the home front.

Our Magic (2014)

An honest, passionate and revealing glimpse behind the curtain revealing the world of magic.

America the Beautiful 3: The Sexualization of Our Youth (2014)

America's sexualization of children and its effects on youth and society.

Two Sides of Love (2014)

Two heartbroken people (Ronnie Marmo, Emily West) who have all but given up on love meet on the subway and share a spark.

Rubbadubbers: Tubb's Pirate Treasure (2004)

TUBB THE PIRATE: Tubb wishes he were brave. If only he were a pirate, he wouldn't be afraid! But when Tubb the Pirate and Sploshybeard get blasted by cannonballs while searching for treasure. Tubb finds pirates aren't always brave after all. TERENCE OF ARABIA: Terence does not like being splashed! If only he were someplace dry like the desert - it's perfect for Terence of Arabia! But while Queen Sploshilla and the others cool off at their oasis, things heat up for Terence. SPLOSHY OF THE ARCTIC: Cooling off in the bathroom on a hot day sounds great to everyone except Sploshy! Discover what happens when Sploshy the Explorer travels to the imaginary world of the Arctic and meets up with some hungry polar bears! SUPER AMELIA: Wishing for superpowers, Amelia finds herself training to be a superhero, competing against Fintastic Finbar! Will her red cape, super sense of smell and stick string-shooting help her pass the most important test of being a superhero? DEEP SEA REG: Reg wants to play underwater games with his friends. If only he could get wet without short circuiting! Imagining that he's Deep Sea Reg guarding undersea treasures from a monster shark, he soon wishes he were back on dry land.

Seeking God: The Way of the Monk (2007)

In a remote canyon in northern New Mexico, the early morning stillness is broken by voices chanting praises to the Lord. And thus begins the daily cycle in the God-centered life and search of the Benedictine monks at the Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Seeking God is a monastic tapestry. The daily life of the monks is interwoven with the seasonal changes and celebrations, and the candid words of the monks as they speak of their life, their hopes and doubts, their hardships, fears and joys, their prayer. Weaving this tapestry together are the hauntingly beautiful chants, songs of praise and reverence, that echo through the darkness before dawn, throughout the day, through the solemnity of Vespers in the evening, and Compline at night. The majestic beauty of the environment, captured in every season, reflects a peace and tranquility that becomes an integral part of this monastic tapestry. The high red rock walls of the canyon where eagles fly cradle the valley whose stillness is broken only by the flowing waters of the Chama River and the winds that occasionally funnel through. Seeking God presents the on-going process of the monastic way through the words and activities of these Benedictine monks as they move through the day and through the seasons in their search for God through prayer, work, study, and song.

First A Girl (1935)

Aspiring actors Victor (Sonnie Hale) and Elizabeth (Jessie Matthews) each want a part in a musical show, but the casting people are quick to turn Elizabeth away. Victor, meanwhile, gets offered the role of a man who disguises himself as a woman. However, when he unexpectedly loses his voice, he convinces Elizabeth to stand in for him. Before long, a show business agent notices and helps get Elizabeth's career off the ground -- although he, and everyone else, still thinks she's a man.

Personal Services (1987)

Christine (Julie Walters) is a struggling single mother who reluctantly rents out rooms in her apartment to prostitutes to make ends meet. But when a financial jam forces her to sell her own body, Christine forsakes her reservations about her tenants. Soon, with help from veteran hooker Shirley (Shirley Stelfox), Christine transforms her apartment into a house of ill repute, her makeshift brothel servicing a passel of older male clients with decidedly kinky sexual appetites.

The Nightmare Never Ends (1980)

A cop (Cameron Mitchell) crosses paths with the seemingly ageless leader of a satanic cult.

One Man's Law (1940)

A township's battle to have a railroad built through its community is rallied and supported by the local sheriff.

The Whole Gritty City (2013)

In New Orleans, the members of three school marching bands illustrate the power of music as they prepare for the Mardi Gras parades.

Summer City (1977)

An Australian college student's (John Jarratt) buddies throw him a weekend bachelor party headed for disaster.

Carson City Cyclone (1943)

A Nevada cowboy lawyer (Don "Red" Barry) is accused of killing his judge father (Noah Beery).

Almost Love (2006)

A young man becomes jealous when his best gal-pal gets a new boyfriend.

5 Steps to Danger (1957)

Hitchhiking on a deserted New Mexico road after his car breaks down, John Emmett (Sterling Hayden) gets picked up by Ann Nicholson (Ruth Roman), who is in a rush to reach Santa Fe, N.M. The distraught Ann is being pursued by psychiatrist Frederick Simmons (Werner Klemperer), who has been treating her in Los Angeles since she had a nervous breakdown, but she tells John that she is in possession of nuclear secrets that she must deliver to Dr. Reinhart Kissel (Karl Lindt) at a Santa Fe university.

White Creek (2014)

Family members, separated by class, try to remain together amid their valley being plunged into complete chaos.

Alias Billy the Kid (1946)

An undercover Texas Ranger (Sunset Carson) proves a rancher's daughter (Peggy Stewart) is no rustler.

Bus Stop (1956)

Cowboys Beauregard Decker (Don Murray) and Virgil Blessing (Arthur O'Connell) attend a rodeo in Phoenix, where Decker falls in love with beautiful cafe singer Cherie (Marilyn Monroe). He wants to take Cherie back to his native Montana and marry her, but she dreams of traveling to Hollywood and becoming famous. When she resists his advances, Decker forces Cherie onto the bus back to Montana with him, but, when the bus makes an unscheduled stop due to bad weather, the tables are turned.

Slaughter Party (2005)

A mad scientist turns a dwarf (Mighty Mike Murga) into a murderer who targets half-naked lesbians.

Party Girl (1930)

A company president's son (Douglas Fairbanks Jr.) falls prey to a secretary (Jeanette Loff) and a girl (Marie Prevost) from a Times Square escort service.

The Killers Within (1995)

A man (Robert Carradine) encounters terrorists led by a congressman (Mike Farrell) as he searches for his missing sister (Meg Foster), a journalist.

Aravani Girl (2009)

Sixteen year olds Palani and Karthik want to become 'ladyboys.' They're bullied in school and beaten by their families. Their parents would like to see them grow up as normal boys, but they're falling deeper and deeper into the world of the 'Aravanis'. Loved as dance performers but hated as homosexuals, their stories emblazon the inner conflicts of India's gender culture today.

The Girl Rush (1955)

A gambler's daughter (Rosalind Russell) visits Las Vegas with her aunt and meets the new owner (Fernando Lamas) of her late father's casino.

The Girls of Pleasure Island (1953)

The lives of an Englishman and his three daughters on a South Pacific island are disturbed by a contingent of Marines.

Army Girl (1938)

An Army colonel's daughter must choose between two suitors: a cavalryman and a tank driver.

Love Happy (1950)

A detective (Groucho Marx) and a shoplifter (Harpo Marx) race a dangerous blonde (Ilona Massey) to recover the stolen Romanoff diamonds.

Forbidden Love (1982)

A San Francisco intern (Andrew Stevens) moves in with a rich divorcee (Yvette Mimieux) old enough to be his mother.

The Human Trace (2008)

An undercover county cop investigates a trail of murders where the victims died without a cause of death. As he gets deeper into the mystery he realizes something sinister is gripping the town.

Oh, Susanna (1936)

Wolf Benson (Boothe Howard) is a ruthless outlaw in search of a new identity. After chucking innocent cowboy Gene Autry (Gene Autry) off a train, he steals Gene's luggage and takes on his identity before continuing on a murderous and merciless crime spree. And soon it's the real Autry who is arrested. But his loyal friends Frog Millhouse (Smiley Burnette) and Professor Ezekial Daniels (Earle Hodgins) bust him out, and the three go in search of Benson to clear Autry's sullied name.

Short Cut to Hell (1957)

A hired killer has to kidnap a police detective's girlfriend after a double-cross puts the law on his trail.

Saga of Death Valley (1939)

When a crook raises the price of the water supply he controls in a cattle town, Roy gallops to the rescue.

The Grapes of Death (1978)

A young woman (Marie George Pascal) discovers that wine made from contaminated grapes is turning people into decomposing zombies.

A Brush with Death (2007)

Five cheerleaders spend the night in an abandoned farmhouse that has a horrific past.

Fanfare For A Death Scene (1964)

A federal agent (Richard Egan) tries to find a missing physicist who keeps a top-secret formula in his head.

Death Valley Rangers (1943)

The Trail Blazers (Ken Maynard, Hoot Gibson, Bob Steele) catch hijackers of stagecoach gold shipments.

Someone I Touched (1975)

Somehow a man (James Olson), his pregnant wife (Cloris Leachman) and a young woman have the same venereal disease.

Kill (2012)

Six people wake up in an old house and are terrorized by men in masks until they start killing one another.

Alien Blood (1999)

A mother travels to a distant planet to rescue her son.

Queen of Blood (1966)

Astronauts (John Saxon, Basil Rathbone, Judi Meredith) go to Mars and return with a green vampire woman.

Blood Hook (1987)

A killer tries to snag a Wisconsin teen (Mark Jacobs) and his friends during a "Muskie Madness" fishing contest.

The Dead Live (2006)

The Dead are beginning to walk! Alex and another survivor of an unnatural rampage must battle the rising dead and compete in a deadly game of cat and mouse...

Thunder in the East (1952)

A pilot (Alan Ladd) runs guns to colonial India and falls in love with a British minister's blind daughter (Deborah Kerr).

Seven Sinners (1936)

A U.S. detective (Edmund Lowe) and his girlfriend (Constance Cummings) abroad hunt a British gunrunner who wrecks trains.

The Dirty Seven (1982)

In this movie seven commandos lose their captain and are on a quest to survive. Survival won't be easy for this gang. They tackle the jungle, wild animals, and a brutal pack of head hunters. They have a hard time trying to navigate their way home to freedom. A few of them won't make it, but others are destined to survive. They find out exactly what it takes to meet the demands of the forest and its elements. They will hold on to life itself to make it home to the people that they love, but nothing is certain anymore.

The Devil's Eight (1969)

The Devil's Eight is a crime thriller movie. The United States government does not tolerate moonshiners. When a federal agent needs to go after a gang of particularly vicious moonshiners he enlists the assistance of eight convicts. The federal agent rounds up the convicts and goes after the moonshiners. The convicts don't get a choice, it is work toward the goal to survive for them. These are hardened criminals and they must beat the gang of vicious moonshiners in order to survive. Told through the view of the federal agent, this movie combines characters from the down side of life being used against each other.

Western Approaches (1944)

Serving officers, Allied navies, and merchant fleets gather for battle on a vast area of ocean control covering thousands of square miles in the Atlantic.

Meeting Resistance (2007)

What would you do if America was invaded?

Attack! (1956)

Lt. Joe Costa (Jack Palance) is a part of Fragile Fox Company, a National Guard unit sent to a Belgian town in the final stages of World War II. Costa harbors some serious doubts about the leadership abilities of Captain Cooney (Eddie Albert), a coward who only secured his position because of his ties to Lt. Col. Bartlett (Lee Marvin). Cooney's inexperience and his open contempt for Costa threaten the lives of his men as they draw closer to Battle of the Bulge.

Chinese Boxes (1984)

While in Berlin, a man (Will Patton) gets caught up in intrigue when a diplomat's daughter dies from an apparent overdose.

Trade Winds (1938)

Furious because she feels that Thomas Bruhme II (Sidney Blackmer) caused her sister's suicide, Kay Kerrigan (Joan Bennett) shoots him after a confrontation. Now wanted for murder, she dyes her blonde hair dark and goes on the run, boarding a ship for Asia. She's followed there by Detective Sam Wye (Fredric March), an ace sleuth and notorious womanizer. He finally tracks her down, and the two fall in love. As other detectives close in, will Wye protect her identity or turn her in?

Calling Wild Bill Elliott (1943)

A gabby cowboy (George Hayes) helps the hero (Bill Elliott) expose a crooked governor.

The Lawyer (1970)

A lawyer (Barry Newman) and a state prosecutor (Harold Gould) argue the cloudy case of a doctor accused of killing his wife.

Savage Sisters (1974)

Three women (Gloria Hendry, Cheri Caffaro, Rosanna Ortiz) of three races join the fundraising part of an island revolution.

Operation Bottleneck (1961)

World War II paratroopers stage a rescue mission in Burma to recover a wounded officer taken prisoner by the Japanese.

Sacred Stage (2005)

Filmmaker Joshua Waltezky tells the story of the Mariinsky Theater in St. Petersburg, Russia; narrator Richard Thomas.

Gun Fever (1958)

After growing up living a life of crime, outlaw Sam Weller (John Lupton) decides to go straight, but neither Sam's father, Trench (Aaron Saxon), nor his thieving cohort, Charlie Whitman (Norman Frederic), take the news well. After Sam invests in a way station with his friend, Luke Ram (Mark Stevens), Trench and Whitman convince a band of Sioux warriors to attack the station. Although Simon eventually forges a peace agreement with the Sioux, a final battle with Trench looms on the horizon.

Gun Brothers (1956)

Traveling to what he thinks is his brother's cattle ranch, Chad Santee (Buster Crabbe) meets pretty Rose Fargo (Ann Robinson) when he saves her from the clutches of bad guy Blackjack (James Seay). Together, the two visit Chad's brother, Jubal (Neville Brand), only to learn that he is actually a cattle rustler. They convince him to go straight, antagonizing his partner, Shawnee Jack (Michael Ansara), who feels so betrayed that he comes after all three of them with guns blazing.

Blue Ridge (2012)

A new woman (Audra Glyn Smith) in his life brings a trailer-park handyman's (Eric Sweeney) fear of change to the foreground.

Pride of the Blue Grass (1954)

A trainer (Lloyd Bridges) and a horsewoman (Vera Miles) find love and glory with a broken-legged Kentucky longshot.

Song of Arizona (1946)

Gabby Whittaker (George "Gabby" Hayes) runs the Half-a-Chance Ranch for boys from troubled homes. At the boys' graduation, Gabby's friend Roy Rogers (Roy Rogers) performs. Roy later grows concerned when one of the boys, Chip (Tommy Cook), receives a visit from his outlaw father, King Blaine (Lyle Talbot). Chased away by the sheriff, Blaine is shot and killed, leaving Chip a pawn between Blaine's gang and Roy -- who knows Blaine left the take from his last robbery with his son.

Marvin's Song (2011)

A surreal request pushes a widowed musician (Leon Florentine) to come to terms with his grief and figure out the next stage of his life.

Song of Texas (1943)

A singing rodeo star (Roy Rogers) loses half of a ranch and enters a chuck-wagon race to win it back.

Fatal Memories (1992)

Eileen Franklin (Shelley Long) is a woman who experiences a flood of repressed memories from decades earlier. These disturbing recollections implicate her father in her own rape as a child and bring about accusations that he also committed a murder in her youth. Franklin enlists Detective Robert Morse (Dean Stockwell) to investigate the case, and she also receives legal help from attorney Elaine Tipton (Helen Shaver), her representative in court.

The Crystal Ball (1943)

A beauty contestant (Paulette Goddard) fills in for a fortuneteller and changes a lawyer's (Ray Milland) future with a rich widow (Virginia Field).

The Electric Chair (1985)

A failed comic, now manager of a shoe store, encounters a particularly menacing stage prop while attempting to revive his stillborn career.

Fighting Fish (2010)

When David's sister comes home after a long absence, their complicated past comes back to haunt them.

Secret of Deep Harbor (1961)

A reporter (Ron Foster) covers the waterfront and catches his girlfriend's (Merry Anders) father (Barry Kelley) smuggling gangsters.

Alaska Seas (1954)

A crooked salmon fisherman (Robert Ryan) tries to steal his best friend's (Brian Keith) fiancee (Jan Sterling) and put him out of business.

The Sea Lion (1921)

Capt. John Nelson, a cruel man, hates humanity after his wife abandons him. His crew rescues a young woman, but he eventually forces her off his ship. When he realizes the young woman is his daughter, he tries to save her from a storm.

Love Talk (2005)

A Rong fell in upon A Ming on the road a night, he as a hero rescued A Ming, what resulted in a marriage.But a sudden change in the situation, the bride left without saying good-bye, A Rong had many misfortunes in his way to find his wife, however the helpless love was death relocation

Crime Against Joe (1956)

Joe (John Bromfield), an unemployed artist living with his mother, is suspected of murdering bar singer Irene Crescent (Alika Louis) during a drinking binge. His alibi -- that he ran into a sleepwalker (Patricia Blake) and helped her home -- is denied by the sleepwalker's father. A friend, waitress Slacks (Julie London), who is secretly in love with him, comes to his aid with a false alibi. When it doesn't hold up, Joe and Slacks must go in search of the real killer themselves.

A Place Called Chiapas (1998)

Documentarian Nettie Wild tells the story of the Zapatista National Liberation Army, which took over several indigenous villages and ranches in Mexico in 1994. For nine months, Wild and his crew travel around Chiapas, one of the Mexico's poorest regions and a stronghold of the rebellious group. The film focuses on the area's impoverished citizens and their deplorable living conditions, and includes a rare interview with the separatists' reclusive leader, Marcos.

Head Cases: Serial Killers in the Delaware Valley (2013)

Serial killer Wayne Montgomery is alleged to have committed 41 murders between 1979 and 2007, leaving behind an extensive found footage library of his work. Now, a new generation copies Wayne's brutal killings in the digital age. This is the fictionalized, docu-thriller account of one of the world's most prolific serial killers - and the devoted followers who are hell bent to carry on his legacy.

Two Weeks to Live (1943)

After Abner (Norris Goff), the owner of an Arkansas general store, learns that he has inherited a railroad from his uncle, his business partner, Lum (Chester Lauck), comes up with a scheme to sell stock in the company. When they realize the railroad company is virtually worthless, and they are broke from paying fees and taxes, the pair are in a bind. Abner suffers a fall and is misdiagnosed with a terminal injury. Lum has him perform dangerous stunts to earn their way out of debt.