Viaje A Surtsey (2013)

Sound of Heimat - Deutschland singt (2012)

Legend of Dinosaurs and Monster Birds (1977)

Legend of Dinosaurs & Monster Birds , also known in the U.S. as The "Legend of Dinosaurs" is a 1977 Japanese science fiction film produced and distributed by Toei Company.

A Road to Mecca: The Journey of Muhammad Asad (2008)

A Road to Mecca – The Journey of Muhammad Asad, also known as A Road to Mecca, is a 2008 documentary by Austrian filmmaker Georg Misch. The documentary traces the path of Muslim scholar and political theorist Muhammad Asad, which led to his conversion to Islam.

Heritage of Bjorndal (1960)

The Inheritance of Bjorndal (German:Das Erbe von Björndal) is a 1960 Austrian drama film directed by Gustav Ucicky and starring Maj-Britt Nilsson, Brigitte Horney and Ellen Schwiers. It is the sequel to the 1959 film The Forests Sing Forever. The film's art direction was by Leo Metzenbauer.

Champions (1997)

Champions is a 1997 American film, starring Louis Mandylor, Danny Trejo and Ken Shamrock. It was written and directed by Peter Gathings Bunche.

Shiverstone Castle 2 (2017)

It is time again: Schreckenstein and Rosenfels overlap with the annual competitions at the Kapellsee with elaborate sabotage acts. But shortly before the end, the Graf's zeppelin crashes! Although Count Schreckenstein saves himself at the last second, he now has to spend several weeks in the hospital- and is financially ruined. The representative of the count, his cousin Kuno, sees the sale of the castle to, Chinese entrepreneur, Wang the only solution. The guys realize that the Schreckenstein castle is to be relocated to China to become part of a medieval theme park. However, Diener Jean believes in saving the Schreckenstein Castle and wants to search for the forgotten treasure in the castle courtyard. Myth - or reality? The guys get to the bottom of the riddle - with energetic support from the girls of Schloss Rosenfels ...

Season in Hell (2004)

Music (2008)

Music (Slovak: Muzika) is a 2008 drama film directed by Juraj Nvota, written by Ondrej Šulaj and starring Ľuboš Kostelný, Tatiana Pauhofová, Dorota Nvotová and Jan Budař. At the 2008 ceremony for the Sun in a Net Awards, the film won in nine categories, including Best Film.

Shaheed: The Story of a CRPF Cobra Commando (2016)

Alien Creatures from Beyond: Monsters, Ghosts and Vampires (2015)

Champions Of The Deep (2012)

Baywatch: Forbidden Paradise (1995)

Panamericana - Life at the Longest Road on Earth (2010)

Panamericana is a 2010 documentary about the life at the longest road on Earth: a road-trip from Mexico to Argentina through 12 countries and for 13,000 kilometers.

Besser als nix (2014)

The Tribe (2015)

Dubrovskiy (2014)

How Big Is Your Love? (2011)

How Big Is Your Love is a 2011 Algerian drama film written and directed by Fatma Zohra Zamoum. The film had its North American premiere at the Palm Springs International Film Festival.

Georg Baselitz (2013)

Beautiful Bitch (2008)

The London Rock and Roll Show (1973)

The London Rock and Roll Show is a 1973 British-produced concert film directed by Peter Clifton chronicling a Rock and Roll Revival concert held at Wembley Stadium in London, England in August 1972.

Un Altro Mondo (2010)

Un altro mondo (English title: Another World) is a 2010 Italian drama film directed by and starring Silvio Muccino and based on the novel of the same name by Carla Vangelista.

Can It Be Love (1992)

Herbstmilch (1989)

Herbstmilch (German meaning "Autumn Milk") is a 1988 film directed by Joseph Vilsmaier. It is based on the autobiography of Anna Wimschneider. The film was bestowed awards at the 39th German Film Awards in Berlin: the silver Filmband for the film and the golden Filmband for new talent for the leading actress Dana Vávrová. It also won new talent awards for Dana Vávrová and Werner Stocker at the 10th Bavarian film prize. It was a great box-office success, with over two million viewers.

The Last Applause (2009)

Small Town Conspiracy (2003)

Small Town Conspiracy or formally known as Florida City is an independent feature film shot in 2003 in Orlando, Florida. The movie is based on a true story that took place in 1941 in a small city outside of Miami. The film stars Zen Gesner as Chief of Police John Haleran who is conducting a murder investigation. The movie was shot in Center Hill, Florida and Winter Garden, Florida towns near Orlando, Florida and was directed by Ralph Clemente. Clemente was a very well known person in the filming industry as director/producer and also known for being the Program Director at the Valencia Community College Film Production Technology Program at Orlando, Florida, "one of the best film schools in the country" as stated by Steven Spielberg. The film features and interesting array of antique cars and planes as the 1939 Buick Special 8 that the main character of the film John Haleran (Zen Gesner) drives as his official police car. Car remained in the property of director Ralph Clemente untoched for many years until sold to Florida's restorer and car collector Axel Caravias who has been performing a preservation/restoration job in order to maintain its value as being part of the rising filming industry on the east coast.

The Crazy Adventure Movie (2015)

Felix The Cat Saves Christmas (2004)

John Leguizamo's Ghetto Klown (2014)

Call It Democracy (2005)

Il Sesso Aggiunto (2011)

287th Hour (2006)

How much lack of sleep can a human body endure? Studies have shown that the longest someone has gone without sleep was 288 hours or twelve days before dying. A cold blooded killer takes a group of people hostage and forces them to stay awake for twelve days. Now anyone who falls asleep dies. Will anyone live to see the 288th hour?

The Rise and Fall of Black Velvet Flag (2003)

Puro Mula (2011)

Mission Hunter 2 (1996)

Verloren auf Borneo (2012)

The Mystery of Snow Queen (2015)

All Star Comedy Jam: Live from South Beach (2009)

Detektiv Downs (2013)

Twilight Dinner (1998)

Nils Holgerssons wunderbare Reise (2011)

Fora Do Figurino: As Medidas Do Jeitinho Brasileiro (2013)

Alice (2005)

Alice is a Portuguese film directed by Marco Martins, released in 2005. Alice stars Nuno Lopes as Mário, the father, and Beatriz Batarda as Luísa, his wife, as well as Miguel Guilherme, Ana Bustorff, Gonçalo Waddington, Carla Maciel, Laura Soveral and José Wallenstein. Alice was produced by Paulo Branco. Music is by Bernardo Sassetti. Shot in a dark, depressive undertone, Alice unveils a Lisbon whose mists, colours, alleys and moods are strangers, despite the familiarity of the locations. All seems odd, silently cruel, as cruel is the disappearance of a child from the path she'd traveled every day in (apparent) safety. The anguish is masterfully conveyed, and so is the loneliness of both parents.

Karsten og Petra lager teater (2017)

The Wiggles: Wiggle Around Australia (2017)

Tokyo Grand Guignol (2015)

Der letzte Kronzeuge (2014)

Em Nome da América (2017)

Elegy of a Crime (2018)

Crô: O Filme (2013)

In Dog's Words (2016)

Peixonauta: Agente Secreto Da O.s.t.r.a. (2012)

Galinha Pintadinha 3 (2012)

De Gravata e Unha Vermelha (2014)

Deep Purple: Come Hell or High Water (1993)

Come Hell or High Water, recorded in Birmingham in 1993, features Deep Purples famed Mk. II lineup celebrating their 25th anniversary with a hard-hitting show featuring Highway Star, The Battle Rages On, Smoke on the Water and many more.

The Ghost of Sierra de Cobre (1964)

Nelson Orion, ghost hunter for hire, is asked by a former screen beauty to break the curse of an abandoned movie studio.

The Strange Vice of Mrs. Wardh (1971)

Scream queen Edwige Fenech (All the Colors of the Dark, The Case of the Bloody Iris) stars in this violent masterpiece, the first ‘giallo’ film directed by Sergio Martino (Case of the Scorpion’s Tail, Torso). Fenech portrays Julie Wardh, a restless woman embroiled in a horrifying mystery that threatens to drive her to the brink of madness... or worse. Which of the men in her life is the vicious serial killer and will Julie become his next victim? Erotic, stylish and at times excessive, Blade of the Ripper remains one of the most celebrated and influential giallo of all times.

Saavat (2019)

Villmark 2 (2015)

Bullets of Justice (2019)

Bullets of Justice is a television series by Valeri Milev and Timur Turisbekov, its pilot episode was shot in 2017. After reconsideration of a concept in following years it was extended into full feature film premiering at London FrightFest Festival.

Raggarjävlar (Swedish Greasers) (2019)

Whitney Cummings: Can I Touch It? (2019)

In her fourth stand-up special, Whitney Cummings returns to her hometown of Washington, D.C., and riffs on modern feminism, technology and more.

Pompeii: The Mystery of the People Frozen in Time (2013)

Rogério Duarte, o Tropikaoslista (2016)

As Aventuras do Pequeno Colombo (2016)

Estive em Lisboa e Lembrei de Você (2015)

Concrete Circus (2011)

Risto Räppääjä ja pullistelija (2019)

Fever Mounts at El Pao (1959)

La fièvre monte à El Pao ("Fever Mounts at El Pao", also known in English as Republic of Sin) is a 1959 film by director Luis Buñuel. Gerard Philipe died during the filming. This was his last film and scenes had to be shot using a double, or rewritten to complete the picture.

Punk Never Ends! (2019)

Gateways to New York: Othmar H. Ammann and his bridges (2019)

13rd Sister (2019)

Reconstructing Utøya (2018)

Far til fire og ulveungerne (1958)

Father of Four and the Wolf Cubs (Danish: Far til fire og ulveungerne) is a 1958 Danish family film directed by Alice O'Fredericks and Robert Saaskin.

Simon Talbot: Talle alene i verden (2013)

Nebenwege (2014)

Carlos el terrorista (1980)

Rock The Paint (2005)

170 Hz (2012)

170 Hz is a Dutch film about the love of two deaf children. Although some dialogues are in Dutch, most of it is in Dutch Sign Language and subtitled. The film was first presented on the Dutch Film Festival in September 2011, and was released theatrically on 1 March 2012. The title refers to the frequency of 170 Hertz, the highest frequency which still can be heard by main character Nick.

I soliti idioti: Il film (2011)

Hell's Bells (1929)

Hell's Bells is a 1929 animated short film which was directed by Walt Disney and was distributed into cinemas by the film company Columbia Pictures, who would also distribute other Walt Disney films, such as Winter. The film, which was drawn by Ub Iwerks, follows Satan and the other devils' happenings in Hell. One of these devils revolts against Satan, and end up kicking him off the cliff of Hell at the end of the film.

Não Se Aceitam Devoluções (2018)

Last Days (2014)

A Great Lamp (2019)

Kill The Ninja (1975)

Black Veil Brides: Alive and Burning (2015)

Annika Bengtzon: Crime Reporter - Prime Time (2012)

King of Kong Island (1968)

Kong Island (Original Italian title: Eva, la Venere selvaggia; translated as Eve, the Wild Woman) is a 1968 jungle adventure film (with a science fiction element) directed by Roberto Mauri (billed as Robert Morris). The film was promoted in the U.S. as King of Kong Island.

Journey to Le Mans (2014)

Journey to Le Mans is a 2014 British documentary film directed by Charlotte Fantelli about British Privateer Team Jota Sport on their bid to win the 24 Hours of Le Mans in the LMP2 category in 2014. This film represents Charlotte Fantelli's directorial debut.

Adventure Coral Reef 3D Under the Sea of Egypt (2013)

Banjo the Woodpile Cat (1979)

Banjo the Woodpile Cat is a 1979 animated short film directed by Don Bluth. It follows the story of Banjo, an overly curious and rebellious kitten who, after getting into trouble for falling from a house to see if he could land on his feet, runs away from his woodpile home in his owners' farm in Payson, Utah by catching a truck to Salt Lake City. Produced in a shoestring budget, and created in Bluth's garage, the film took four years to make and it was the first production of Don Bluth Productions, later Sullivan Bluth Studios. It premiered theatrically in 1979, and at the USA Film Festival one year later. It was released on DVD in 2009.

João, O Maestro (2017)

Rammstein: Live from Madison Square Garden (2015)

Homens da Pátria (2015)

Hello Carbot the Movie: The Secret of Omphalos Island (2019)

Maybe Logic: The Lives and Ideas of Robert Anton Wilson (2003)

Invasion from Inner Earth (1974)

Invasion from Inner Earth (1974) is an apocalyptic science fiction film, starring Paul Bentzen and Debbi Pick. The film was directed by Bill Rebane, the same director of Monster A Go-Go (1965), and The Giant Spider Invasion (1975). The film, also known as Hell Fire and They, was inspired by the British film The Strange World of Planet X (1957), and filmed in the style of thrillers directed by Alfred Hitchcock.

Scarecrowd (2017)

Radiation from a nearby meteor strike turns farmer Tony Maio in a crazed mutant. He hides his appearance in the guise of a scarecrow, hunting down and killing nearby town folk to satisfy his newfound blood lust. The town will dread sundown and screams will be echo in the dark night when this Scarecrow hunts them down.

VeggieTales: Lessons from the Sock Drawer (2008)

Ludwig/Walkenhorst - Der Weg zu Gold (2016)