A Few Cubic Meters of Love (2014)

A Few Cubic Meters of Love is a 2014 Iranian-Afghan romance film directed by Jamshid Mahmoudi. It was selected as the Afghan entry for the Best Foreign Language Film at the 87th Academy Awards, but was not nominated.

Richelieu; or: The Conspiracy (1910)

Bosko the Drawback (1932)

Os Machões (1972)

Who the Hell's Bonnie and Clyde? (2004)

Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves (1902)

Tierra madre (1968)

Die Sklavenkarawane (1958)

Sambolico (1996)

Mudiyanaya Puthran (1961)

Mudiyanaya Puthran is a 1961 Malayalam-language film, directed by Ramu Kariat. It stars Sathyan, Ambika Sukumaran, Kottayam Chellappan, P. J. Antony, J. A. R. Anand, Miss Kumari, Adoor Bhavani, Kedamangalam Ali, PA Thomas, Kambisseri Karunakaran, Thoppil Krishna Pillai and Adoor Bhasi. It was the film adaptation of the popular stage play written by Thoppil Bhasi in 1957. The film was shot at Vijaya and Vauhini Studios. It is one of the best social movies in Malayalam, which told boldly the real life struggles of workers, projected social evils like untouchability etc. It won the National Film Award for Best Feature Film in Malayalam.

A tiro limpio (1963)

Hands of a Gunfighter (1965)

Hands of a Gunfighter is a 1965 Spanish-Italian western film directed by Rafael Romero Marchent.

45th Parallel (2014)

Karacaoglan'in kara sevdasi (1959)

Siin me oleme! (1978)

Siin me oleme! (Estonian; English: Here we are!) is an Estonian movie of 1979, written and directed by Sulev Nõmmik. The script was compiled on Juhan Smuul's motifs from Suvitajad (Estonian for Summer tourists).

Paddle to the Sea (1966)

Paddle to the Sea is a 1966 National Film Board of Canada short live-action film directed, shot and edited by Bill Mason, based on the 1941 children's book Paddle-to-the-Sea by American author and illustrator Holling C. Holling. The film follows the adventures of a child's hand-carved toy Indian in a canoe as it makes its way from Lake Superior to the Gulf of Saint Lawrence, through Canada's waterways. It was nominated for an Academy Award for Best Live Action Short Film at the 40th Academy Awards. Louis Applebaum composed the musical score.

Tkies khaf (1924)

La scuola più bella del mondo (2014)

I Got Plenty of Mutton (1944)

A wolf, deprived of meat by war rationing and starving, sees an article in the newspaper about a sheepdog leaving his flock to join the army and thinks it will be easy pickings...

Knife in the Back (1975)

Journey to Mars (2005)

You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown (1975)

You're a Good Sport, Charlie Brown is the 14th prime-time animated TV specials based upon the popular comic strip Peanuts, by Charles M. Schulz. It was originally aired on the CBS network on October 28, 1975.

When the Pheasants Pass (1965)

Mei to Koneko basu (2002)

Kapital, czyli jak zrobic pieniadze w Polsce (1990)

Kamień na kamieniu (1995)

Non c'è 2 senza te (2015)

Ah güzel Istanbul (1981)

Here There Be Tygers (1989)

I Love You, I Kill You (1971)

Trinity Plus the Clown and a Guitar (1975)

Nishi Ginza Station (1958)

Nishi Ginza Station is a 1958 Japanese film by director Shohei Imamura. This was Imamura's second film as director.

The Law of Pardon (1906)

The Kreutzer Sonata (1937)

The Kreutzer Sonata (German:Die Kreutzersonate) is a 1937 German drama film directed by Veit Harlan and starring Lil Dagover, Peter Petersen and Albrecht Schoenhals. The film's art direction was by Otto Hunte and Willy Schiller.

The Song of the Scarlet Flower (1938)

Fruit Punch (1991)

Break-Up (2014)

Break-Up is an independent German experimental feature film comedy directed by Alexander Tuschinski. It received awards at international film-festivals and had its German premiere at Berlin Independent Film Festival 2015. Although it is not part of it, it is connected to Tuschinski's informal Trilogy of Rebellion by one main character and some references in the storyline.

Accadde al Penitenziario (1955)

Pleasure (And Its Little Inconveniences) (1998)

Kanno kyoshitsu: ai no tekunikku (1972)

Perón: Actualización política y doctrinaria para la toma del poder (1971)

Trocadero Lemon Blue (1978)

King of the Roaring 20's: The Story of Arnold Rothstein (1961)

King of the Roaring 20s: The Story of Arnold Rothstein is a 1961 American, biopic, drama, crime film directed by Joseph M. Newman, produced by Samuel Bischoff and starring David Janssen, Dianne Foster, Diana Dors and Jack Carson. During the prohibition era the gangster Arnold Rothstein rises to be a major figure in the criminal underworld. It is also known by the alternative title The Big Bankroll. It was based on a book by Leo Katcher.

Hania (1984)

Hello, Fred the Beard (1978)

Izvinjavamo se, mnogo se izvinjavamo (1976)

The Christmas Tree (1968)

The Christmas Tree is a 1991 animated Christmas television special. It was produced and directed by Flamarion Ferreira, under her production company Flamarion Ferreira Films.

Comme les cinq doigts de la main (2010)

Final Exams (1983)

The Rose of Kentucky (1911)

A Pair of White Gloves (1908)

Ti stimo fratello (2012)

Fimfarum: The Third Time Lucky 3D (2011)

Blackout Journey (2005)

Bara to onna kenjû-ô (1958)

L'inventaire fantôme (2004)

Hungarian Rhapsody (1979)

Hungarian Rhapsody is a 1979 Hungarian drama film directed by Miklós Jancsó. It was entered into the 1979 Cannes Film Festival.

Flicker (2012)

Lyubit... (1968)

André Hazes, zij gelooft in mij (2000)

Entretien sur Pascal (1965)

Dead Landscape (1972)

Gunnar Rehlin (1999)

Wednesday, Thursday Morning (2008)

Una donna per la vita (2012)

Der Griller (1968)

Call Girl Undercover (2010)

And I'll Run to the Ends of the Earth (1979)

The Striker with Number 9 (1988)

The Striker with Number 9 is a 1989 Greek drama film directed by Pantelis Voulgaris. It was entered into the 39th Berlin International Film Festival. It is based on the novel by Menis Koumandareas and the screenplay was written by Vangelis Raptopoulos.

Tre donne - 1943: Un incontro (1971)

Hotel op Stelten (2008)

Stella di Mare - Hilfe, wir erben ein Schiff! (1999)

Yellow (2006)

Yellow or Adicolor Yellow is a 2006 futuristic short film by director Neill Blomkamp, written by Terri Tatchell and Blomkamp. It was produced at the request of sportswear maker Adidas as a part of its "Adicolor" viral ads campaign, in which advertising agency IDEALOGUE gathered seven directors, assigning a different color to each of them, and asked them to produce a feature based on their emotional and creative response to the given color, later to be distributed in the form of podcasts.

Záhada hlavolamu (1993)

Responsibility Comes Back (1945)

Arisha, der Bär und der steinerne Ring (1993)

Le a fejjel! (2005)

Une étudiante d'aujourd'hui (1966)

The Dealers (2012)

Alfred (1995)

Staryy naezdnik (1941)

Dalskabáty, hrisna ves (1976)

Quel ragazzo della curva B (1987)

Euch werd ich's zeigen (1972)

Everlasting Regret (2005)

Everlasting Regret is a 2005 Hong Kong film directed by Stanley Kwan, and produced by Jackie Chan. It is based on Wang Anyi's 1995 novel The Song of Everlasting Sorrow, about a woman's turbulent life in 20th century Shanghai.

De Rolling 2: Por el sueño mundialista (2014)

The Perfect Guy for My Girlfriend (2009)

Factory (2004)

Rapsittie Street Kids: Believe in Santa (2002)

Parlez-nous d'amour (1976)

Eva, the Factory Girl (1935)

Sergeant Klems (1971)

Okuni to Gohei (1952)

Vozdushnyy izvozchik (1943)

Taxi to Heaven, is a 1943 Soviet comedy film directed by Gerbert Rappaport.

The House That Never Dies (2014)

The House That Never Dies is a 2014 Chinese 3D thriller film directed by Raymond Yip. The story is based on that of a purportedly haunted mansion, Chaonei No. 81, which is located on No.81 Chaoyangmen Inner Street in Beijing, China.

Kamen Rider ZX: Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! (1984)

Birth of the 10th! Kamen Riders All Together!! is a Kamen Rider Series Japanese TV special that aired on January 3, 1984. It is a special meant to celebrate the birth of Kamen Rider ZX, the 10th person to don the Kamen Rider title. Prior to the special, ZX appeared in a Manga from 1982 to 1983.

Urutoraman Zofuii (1984)

Ultraman Zoffy: Ultra Warriors vs. the Giant Monster Army is a 1984 tokusatsu kaiju superhero film produced by Tsuburaya Productions and directed by Kōichi Takano.

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She (2005)

Middle Sexes: Redefining He and She is a 2005 American television documentary film by Antony Thomas.

The Day I Bought a Star (2006)

Hoshi o Katta Hi is a Japanese animated short film directed by Hayao Miyazaki and released January 3, 2006. It was produced by Toshio Suzuki for Studio Ghibli for their exclusive use in the Saturn Theatre at the Ghibli Museum in Mitaka, Tokyo. The film is based on a story by Naohisa Inoue.

The Egg Cracker Suite (1943)

The Egg Cracker Suite is a 1943 Easter-themed animated short produced by Walter Lantz, co-directed by Ben Hardaway and Emery Hawkins and animated by Les Kline, Laverne Harding and Paul J. Smith that features Oswald the Lucky Rabbit. This is the last animated short to feature Oswald until Get a Horse! in 2013.