The Bear and the Beavers (1942)

Barney Bear decides the best way to obtain firewood for the winter is to steal it from a community of industrious beavers.

Walter & Carlo: Up at Dad's Hat (1985)

An airline steward (Ole Stephensen) and his dim-bulb friend (Jarl Friis-Mikkelsen) encounter diamond smugglers, henchmen and beautiful women during a trip to Spain.

The Interceptor (2009)

A special forces soldier transports a mind-control weapon.

The Beatles Come to Town (1963)

Beatlemania strikes England's Manchester on Nov. 20, 1963, when the pop band arrives at the ABC Cinema Ardwick to perform for more than 2,500 eager fans.

Voices (2012)

About to die soon, Ema tells her granddaughter about a grandfather she never met, a ventriloquist who was somewhat mad. The history reawakens the interest of the girl's mother to know about the father she never knew.

Forgotten Girls (1940)

A disillusioned factory worker is charged with the attempted murder of her mother's lover.

Forgotten Woman (1939)

A woman imprisoned for a crime she didn't commit receives unexpected help from the prosecuting attorney.

Do No Harm (2012)

A psychiatrist (Lauren Holly) kidnaps one of her patients, a woman (Deanna Russo) who bears a striking resemblance to her daughter.

Dragonslayer (2011)

A professional skateboarder drifts through life with seemingly little regard for adult responsibilities, preferring instead to skate in abandoned pools and camp in friends' yards.

Evenings for Sale (1932)

A poor Viennese nobleman alienates the lady he loves when he is forced to accept work as a cabaret dancer.

Fish Dreams (2006)

After his father's death, Jusce (Jos Maria Alves) finds himself working as a shellfish collector in order to get back the family boat while he also tries to impress Ana, a pretty girl who seems to have fallen in love with someone else.

Cone of Silence (1961)

A veteran airline pilot (Bernard Lee) comes before a court of inquiry to determine if aircraft flaws caused a jet to crash.

Eik Dasttak (2007)

Kshitij discovers his partner, Ankita, is on the take, and he tries to persuade her to give up her corrupt lifestyle.

Another Time, Another Place (1983)

A shy Scottish housewife (Phyllis Logan) risks a World War II affair with an Italian soldier (Giovanni Mauriello) confined to her village.

Francisca (2002)

In order to prevent his deportation from Mexico, a teacher (Ulrich Noethen) spies on a group of students suspected of radicalism.

Extortion (1938)

When a college quiz examiner is murdered, an investigation is launched to ferret out the killer.

Rift (2011)

Jennifer (Darcy Fowers) investigates unsolved murders to establish her journalism career and quickly finds out it's better to keep some secrets hidden.

Summer School (1978)

Bikinis, custom vans and teenage romances are required for the summer.

In Old Cheyenne (1941)

Newspaper reporter Steve Blane (Roy Rogers) is sent to Cheyenne, Wyo., to write about frontier outlaw Arapahoe Brown (George "Gabby" Hayes). But as Blane spends time in the cow town, he realizes that the conventional wisdom is all wrong. Arapahoe has been made a scapegoat for crimes perpetrated by power-hungry rancher Sam Drummond (George Rosener). As Blane attempts to report the truth, he finds himself caught in the middle of a dangerous feud between cattlemen and settlers.

Equinox Knocks (1999)

After vowing revenge on her cheating mate, a popular Texas teenager transforms into a boy.

Love Birds (1997)

A young woman (Naghma) sees visions of her dead lover (Prabhu Deva) everywhere she goes.

The Chinese Mack (1976)

A fighter takes on killers, including the Filipino Fighter, the Knuckler and the Iron Man.

The First Movie (2009)

Director Mark Cousins travels to a small Kurdish village in Iraq and gives hand-held cameras to the children so that they can document their daily lives.

Quiéreme Porque me Muero (1953)

An employee falls for the niece of the owner, and believes he will soon die because they mistook his clinical studies with someone else's.

Sunny (1930)

An English circus chorus-girl (Marilyn Miller) falls for an heir (Lawrence Gray), during a fox hunt and on an ocean liner.

Adventures of Popeye (1935)

Popeye the Sailor comes to life from the pages of a comic book to regale a bullied child with tales of his past adventures.

Firing Squad (1997)

A woman enlists the help of two friends in avenging the abuse her girlfriend suffers at the hands of an ill-tempered husband.

Outlaws of Sonora (1938)

The robber of a bank looks like one of the Three Mesquiteers (Bob Livingston, Ray Corrigan, Max Terhune).

The Illumination (1972)

Franciszek studies physics until he abandons his convictions to seek meaning in his life.

Black Jesus (1968)

After mercenaries capture an African pacifist (Woody Strode), the regime hesitates to assassinate him, fearing his martyrdom.

A Day in the Country (1953)

Joe Besser narrates the tale of vacationing family members who find themselves involved in all sorts of barnyard merriment.

Four Days in July (1984)

In northern Ireland, a pair of young couples find their lives beset by religious divisions. Eugene (Des McAleer) and Collette (Brid Brennan) are Roman Catholics, while Billy (Charles Lawson) and Lorraine (Paula Hamilton) are Protestants. Each pair is expecting its first child. Yet despite their superficial similarities, the two couples lead very different lives, colored by the region's political troubles. This becomes abundantly evident in the lead up to the Protestant July 12 celebrations.

Sabra (1970)

An aging Arab police inspector (Akim Tamiroff) befriends a young Israeli spy (Assaf Dayan) in order to gain information.

Carlitos and the Chance of a Lifetime (2008)

A boy fights to play soccer while trying to be true to himself.

Hamlet (1964)

In this filmed Broadway version of Shakespeare's play, in which the actors perform without period sets or costumes, young Hamlet (Richard Burton) is distraught after the death of his father, the king of Denmark. Hamlet is suspicious that the new king, his uncle, orchestrated his father's death in order to claim the throne and the queen's hand. Hamlet embarks on a quest for vengeance, and only tragic consequences follow -- including the death of his mother, Gertrude (Eileen Herlie).

Windbag the Sailor (1936)

A storytelling sea captain (Will Hay) commandeers a boat for an unscrupulous shipping agent looking to collect insurance money.

Exposed (1983)

Eager to escape her rural life in Wisconsin, the beautiful young Elizabeth Carlson (Nastassja Kinski) relocates to New York City. While acclimating to her urban surroundings, Elizabeth meets the enigmatic Daniel Jelline (Rudolf Nureyev), a handsome violinist. As she begins a romance with Daniel, Elizabeth finds out that he's much more than just a musician, and she gets involved in international espionage as he tracks Rivas (Harvey Keitel), a dangerous fugitive.

Men of San Quentin (1942)

A prison guard (J. Anthony Hughes) becomes warden and embarks on a program of reform.

Where Is Musette? (1992)

The making of the film "La Vie de Boheme."

InAlienable (2008)

A man discovers that he is host to an alien parasite.

Because of Her (1993)

After breaking his legs, an underachieving teenager (Antoine Hubert) gets help from a tutor (Olivia Munoz) and falls in love with her.

45 Fathers (1937)

A man provides a home for an orphan girl who helped him learn the true motives of a greedy woman.

College Kickboxers (1991)

A mild-mannered martial artist reluctantly agrees to train an assault victim in the deadly art of kung fu.

The Deadly Game (1977)

A stuntman dies during the making of a police movie; his brother (Robert Forster) takes his place to investigate.

Sleeping Man (1996)

An accident leaves a man comatose.

Four Bags Full (1956)

In Nazi-occupied Paris, despite a thriving appearance, many remain deprived of crucial food, including pork. In financial desperation, upright Marcel Martin (Andre Bourvil) begins working for the black market. On a night when he must deliver four bags of pig carcasses, he enlists the help of street artist Grandgil (Jean Gabin). Through a long night avoiding German patrols, the men make their way across Paris to deliver their goods, often more at war with each other than their actual enemy.

Frozen Heart: A Film About Roald Amundsen (1999)

Director Stig Andersen chronicles the Norwegian adventurer and his efforts to reach the North and South poles for his country.

Four Dollars of Revenge (1966)

A military officer in charge of transporting a gold shipment is accused of theft.

Se Alquila Marido (1961)

A young woman pays a man to pretend to be her husband and start a business, she signs a contract and they both fall in love.

Billy the Kid in Santa Fe (1941)

Billy the Kid (Bob Steele) is sent to prison on a bogus murder charge and vows revenge on the man who framed him, Steve Barton (Charles King). Billy escapes from jail with the help of his friends, Jeff (Rex Lease) and Fuzzy (Al St. John), and the trio set out for Santa Fe. When they arrive in New Mexico, they realize that Joe (Dave O'Brien), the man Barton bribed to lie about Billy's involvement in the killing, is in town. And Billy hatches a plan to exact revenge.

Lightning Carson Rides Again (1938)

After his nephew is falsely accused of murder, Lightning Carson (Tim McCoy) poses as a Mexican to get in with the gang responsible for the crime.

Freddie Steps Out (1946)

A college student's life is made interesting when he discovers an abandoned infant.

Blazing Frontier (1943)

Billy the Kid (Buster Crabbe) saves settlers from land-grabbing railroad detectives.

Into Our Own Hands (2010)

The employees of a bankrupt lingerie factory form a cooperative to take over the business.

Bataclán Mexicano (1956)

Miss Universe arrives in Mexico, unleashes a revolution among the male population and meets a Mexican man who impresses her.

Connected (2008)

A man (Louis Koo) tries to help a kidnapped widow (Barbie Hsu) after she contacts him via cell phone.

George Ryga's Hungry Hills (2009)

Based on the novel by George Ryga.

Cold Spring (2013)

Roy (Sean Patrick Flanery) and Sara's (Natasha Henstridge) marriage is heading for divorce due to Sara's infertility and Roy's secret affair with Diane (Jennifer Gibson).

Frisco Lil (1942)

A spunky girl comes to the aid of her father, who is accused of a crime he didn't commit.

Jimmy the Kid (1982)

An ex-convict (Paul Le Mat) and his three inept helpers kidnap a rich kid (Gary Coleman) who likes to talk.

Sexual Response (1992)

A talk-radio sexologist (Shannon Tweed) lets herself go with a sculptor (Emile Levisetti) but not with his scheme to kill her husband (Vernon Wells).

Tadas Blinda: The Legend Is Born (2011)

While the Russian army brutally suppresses a peasant revolt, a romance blossoms between a commoner and a noblewoman.

Parade (1974)

Combining music, circus acts and pantomime, much-loved French comedian and director Jacques Tati entertains a live Swedish audience in his last film. The circus acts range from clowns to magicians, but Tati also returns to his roots with a series of miming sessions, which include imitating a goalie, a tennis player and a fisherman. The spectacle also includes behind-the-scenes antics, sketches from backstage and a hefty dose of audience participation.

Love Unto Death (1984)

An archaeologist (Pierre Arditi) and a Frenchwoman (Sabine Azma) fall deeply in love, until his encounter with death shatters their lives.

The Man I Married (1940)

In the 1930s, successful New Yorker Carol (Joan Bennett) marries dashing German Eric (Francis Lederer). After having a son together, the happy couple decides to take the boy on a trip to Germany. Upon arriving, however, the prevalence of Nazism there horrifies Carol. Even worse, Eric is completely sympathetic to Hitler's cause and begins to adopt the dictator's philosophies. When Eric tries to instill Nazi values in his young son, Carol desperately tries to escape with her boy back to America.

Beauty and the Bus (1933)

Two women win a new car in a movie theater raffle, but their good luck disappears when they drive the vehicle home.

Because of Eve (1948)

A doctor (Joseph Crehan) uses films about venereal disease and the human reproductive system to educate a young married couple (Wanda McKay, John Parker).

Behind the Great Wall (1959)

Fishing cormorants, a tiger hunt, a ritualistic marriage, a holiday parade and other colorful events reveal touches of modern China.

Between the Teeth (1994)

Former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne performs with his band 10 Car Pile-Up at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank, N.J., on Oct. 31, 1992.

Shadow of Fear (1963)

An agent delivering a coded message to an operative finds his life in peril when word leaks that he has a photographic memory.

Before I Wake (1955)

No one believes a young woman's claims that her stepmother, a pillar of the community, is plotting her murder.


A bullied boy meets the father of one of his tormentors when his mother develops a relationship with the man.

Cruzando (2009)

Manny (Michael Ray Escamilla) flees from impending fatherhood to see his father one last time before he is executed.

Fugitive From a Prison Camp (1940)

An innocent man is arrested during a police raid at a known criminal's bunker.

Bands on the Run: The Rubber Band Movie (2011)

Five rubber bands fall off a delivery truck and make their way to a toy store so they can be bought by children.

There in Color (2010)

Fred Monosson, a Jewish-American businessman, records the birth of Israel in color.

Cop's Honor (1985)

A former police officer (Alain Delon) returns to his native France to take revenge on the vigilantes who murdered his teenage daughter.

Fury of the Pagans (1962)

A long-standing feud in sixth-century Italy erupts when a tribal chieftain kidnaps his rival's woman.

Machine Gun Mama (1944)

Two truckers from Brooklyn set out for Mexico with their pet elephant for some south-of-the-border excitement.

The Gruesome Twosome (1967)

A man scalps female college students so his elderly mother (Elizabeth Davis) can make wigs.

Meri Adalat (2001)

A loving brother gets his twin sister married to the man of her choice; he tries to expose the evil nature of her in-laws.

Men in the City (2009)

A Berlin gym sets the stage for this romantic comedy in which five men -- government agent Gunther (Christian Ulmen), music producer Jerome (Til Schweiger), train driver Roland (Wotan Wilke Mhring), restaurant entrepreneur Philipp (Maxim Mehmet) and ad executive Niklas (Florian David Fitz) -- bond over their continued failures with the opposite sex. After realizing that they're not alone in their romantic ineptitude, the guys form a support system to aid one another in their love lives.

The Archies in JugMan (2003)

Archie (Andrew Rannells) and the gang encounter Jughead's (Chris Lundquist) Neanderthal ancestor.

Off Beat (2011)

When a washed-up rapper wakes up alone in the hospital after an overdose, he begins to worry about his little brother, who is being groomed as his replacement.

Girl Loves Boy (1937)

A young playboy ignores the affections of a widow's daughter, only to marry a gold-digger.

Four More Years (2010)

David, a married politician, falls in love with Martin, the Secretary of State for the rival party.

The Fighting Guardsman (1945)

A French baron (Willard Parker) leads rebels like a Robin Hood, stealing Louis XVI's taxes to give to the poor.

White Elephant (2012)

Julian and Nicolas work tirelessly to help people in a shantytown outside Buenos Aires. After a project is ruined, Nicolas joins Julian in the jungle and finds comfort in Luciana, an attractive social worker.

The Girl on the Bridge (1951)

The life of an elderly jeweler takes a turn for the worse after he prevents a young woman from committing suicide.

The Man With the Synthetic Brain (1965)

A mad Los Angeles doctor (John Carradine) creates a hulking fiend with an electronic brain.

Little Ol' Bosko and the Pirates (1937)

While on his way to deliver cookies to his grandmother, Bosko's vivid imagination leads him to a tap-dance competition with a woodpecker and a run-in with hungry frog pirates.

Is She or Isn't He? (2010)

Growing up as a boy, Graham seems more like a girl. When he gets older, he becomes Ashleigh, who desperately wants to be accepted as female.

Boogievision (1977)

A struggling filmmaker shoots a cheap-jack science-fiction movie for his girlfriend's father, a porn producer who demands countless changes to the finished product.

The Girl on the Front Page (1936)

A society woman becomes the target of blackmail after she inherits control of a big-city newspaper.

Too White for Me (1991)

Sello "Chicco" Twala is a study in contrasts: He's a black music star in South Africa who is richer than many of the whites but cannot vote due to apartheid. Iconic filmmaker Nick Broomfield follows Chicco as he faces upheavals in both his personal and professional lives -- his brother has recently been murdered, so Sello goes about planning the funeral. Meanwhile, a concert featuring Tracy Chapman may not happen due to white backers' refusal to pay black and white musicians the same rates.

Girl on the Spot (1946)

A photographer comes to the aid of an aspiring nightclub performer who had witnessed a murder.

Latin Quarter (1945)

A sculptor holds a sance to find his wife's killer.

Serengeti (2011)

Gazelles, zebras, lions and leopards roam the plains of the Serengeti.

Man From Tangier (1957)

A stuntman is framed for murder by an undercover organization that sells counterfeit passports to unfortunate refugees.

Girls Demand Excitement (1931)

It's the men against the women after a campus battle of the sexes erupts into an all-out war.